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We are open to all views, but I warn you that blind patriotism and partisan rhetoric will get you eaten alive here. If you wanna dance, we are game.

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COTO  [Coalition of the Obvious]


1. You believe a better name for our “two party” electoral system is the “United Corporate Party of America”.

2. You didn’t vote for either Obama or McCain in the last election and instead voted for a third party candidate e.g.… Nader, McKinney or Ron Paul OR didn’t vote at all because your vote doesn’t count anyway.

3. You do not believe the official “fairytale” of 9/11.  You want a real investigation into what happened that day and know from doing your own exhaustive research that it was an inside job.

4. You know our govt. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for imperialistic and monetary gain & had nothing to do with 9/11.  You also know, for those reasons, the “war on terror” is a lie.

5. You know waterboarding is not “enhanced interrogation” but torture  & that the Bush/Cheney regime should be prosecuted for war crimes & crimes against humanity.

6. You also know that many democrats are complicit in these same crimes and that is why Dennis Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment ended up in the trash bin.

7. You know the new world order is a fact not “theory”, you know who is behind it and their agenda and you know Henry Kissinger calls us “useless eaters.”

8. You know that the chemtrails, that paint our skies daily, are showering us in toxic chemicals and bacteria and are making us sick.

9. You know Monsanto’s gmo frankenfood is poison

10. You own the movie “V for Vendetta.” and watch it for inspiration. You also know the words to Howard Beale’s spiel from “Network” by heart.

11. You wish Jesse Ventura would run for President in 2012.

12. You listen to Alex Jones.

13. You refuse to get a flu shot because you know their vaccines can be deadly and you still want to live.

14. You are disgusted that our civil liberties have been crushed under the boot of both the Bush and Obama administrations and know that 9/11 was the catalyst for the destruction of the Bill of Rights under the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act & FISA.

15. You know what the “14 Points of Fascism” are and you know the U.S. meets all 14.

16. You know “the federal reserve is no more federal than federal express” and “end the fed” is one of your favorite bumper stickers.

17. You believe that television is being used as a corporate government tool for brainwashing the populace.

18. You believe that the educational system is not designed to teach logic and critical thinking, but to indoctrinate our youth to the New World Order socialist agenda.



  1. I love to dance !

  2. well, well, well, a whole flock of fellow ex-O’Peders.

    Hello all.

  3. Count me in….

    Tom Degan

  4. Barbara.. I’ve loved reading every article you posted on oen. If you have any points to add to the above, please feel free to do so . I had to control myself while writing them down. There are dozens more still swirling through my head….

  5. Sorry Barbara.. I’m the anonymous poster below.. I didn’t realize I wasn’t signed in.. duh!

    • “… the New World Order socialist agenda.”

      So you think Team DLC Obama Brand is “socialism”?

      • Well, thanks for Webster’s definitions. I don’t think that was the question I asked you though. I asked if you think Obama is pushing us toward socialism.

        The has been no single group that has been more active in exposing the corporatist elitist efforts of Obama than the World Socialist Web Site


        This quote is from your recently posted article…

        “There are people for whom desperate economic times are forcing their ideological hand to reexamine support for a state that seems to work against the wealthy and self-employed, among others…”

        “reexamine support for a state that seems to work against the wealthy and self-employed”? This state we are dissenting from works against the wealthy?

        Socialism is single payer health care. Socialism is unions that don’t sell out the working men and women of this nation. Socialism is Social Security.

        Socialism is being able to take sick days, maternity leave, vacation days, collective bargaining, child labor laws, end of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and the North American Union.

        Socialism is not Obama nor is it the New World Order. It is the direct opposite.

        But I understand the point you make about indoctrinating the youth into the New World Order agenda. There is a great video of a small part of that process on my site…

        It’s on the front page… I can’t post the link because if I did, this comment would go into the spam bin and be lost. But trust me, it is very good.

        Deals with his Youth Core (City Year) and compares it to the Third Wave experiment done in the late 60s. Good stuff. Might want to put it up here.

        I also understand what you are saying about the educational system itself teaching children the value of conformity rather than of critical thinking. This is a serious problem. As has been said, the best defense for any free society is a well informed populous capable of critical thinking. I would agree with that.

        But, The New World Order is not attempting to install socialism, in my humble opinion. It is doing everything it can to topple any and all forms of socialism it can find.

    • Thanks Barbara, those are good
      I added 16. and 17. to “Are you a COTO?” page

    • Hey Jersey Girl – I am finally in the group and glad to be here! Vegas Dude Niemsong!!!!!!!

  6. I am looking forward to reading all those things Rob Kall bans on his website! Bring it on! Now we do not have to subject ourselves or our words to people such as he… Rob has lost a lot of great writers and contributors because of his personality- or lack of it!

  7. welcome levin 🙂 is this the same name you used to post on oen?

    • Yes, one of them. I was banned many times by Rob Kall. He don’t like me too much! And I don’t much like him either. He never treated me right from day one.

  8. OK, I looked at the questions and I’m pretty clearly COTO. I can’t follow you on all of the points, but pretty well the majority of them I will give at least some credence too. My pet issue is 9-11, since I regard it as the linchpin for revealing the truth to a great many people.

    What Rob and company have done leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. At the very least, it was extremely unfair and heavy handed.


  9. Good evening comrades …

    I’m still trying to figure this thing out …

    I would amend only one thing in #2, “anyone that did vote for either Obama or McCain, but now has seen the error of their ways and is willing to join the fight to make things right.”

  10. I feel like I’ve comehome.

    • You have. We at least gotta thank dimrob for that! I think we all feel like this is family. It’s possible that a small group of like minded people have endless potential.

      • Obviouslutely!

  11. I’d add another point. “You have come to the realization that we are just a small part of a much larger consciousness which could include such things as the truth about our real origins, the existence of other interplanetary beings, and parallel dimensions or realities.” There’s much more to life than meets the eye (or any other sense for that matter).

  12. Ok,

    Somebody take the joint away from Cinderfellah.

    He has smoked wayyy to much weed out there in Hawaii.


    Just kidding Brother. just fucking with ya.


    • Michael… you are too funny! Btw, we call it pakalolo – crazy smoke 🙂

  13. Hey kids….the site is lookin’ better and better every time I check in here.

    I am still on my lady friends computer until I get my stuff sorted out…and there is a problem with getting the fast thingy up here on the mountain, I am on dial up here.

    But I be watchin’.

    Willy Whitten

  14. A very nice blog keep it up!! 🙂

    would love to do a co blog thing looks like we are both along the same lines. http://www.newsworldwide.wordpress.com

  15. Perhaps change where it says “Afghanistan” and replace that with “Pipelineistan.”

  16. Bwaaaaaaa! I just had my first tete-a-tete with Rob today, y’all. Ha ha! He redflagg a post I made – and this is really funny. The topic was the white guys that got off in PA for killing the Mexican inmigrant and the whole jist of it was racism. My comment in essence was (not quoting verbatim) “yeah, that’s because it was white guys beating up a Mexican, if the shoe had been on the other foot and it had been Mexicans or blacks beating a white guy or a Jew…blah blah blah” – I got an e-mail telling me that it was an anti-Semitic comment. Ha ha! I laughed at him to his face and told him that I hoped he realized the irony of what he had done and thanked him for making my day!

    No doubt that will not go well…

    • Holy fuck, there goes the neighborhood!

      😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

      Welcome, sister B. Welcome fer sher.

  17. Surprised it had taken this long sister.

    dimrob(per cinder) who has become the Quintessential Pavlov Dog, goes into a feeding frenzy, every time the dinner bell rings in his head.

  18. What a great blog.

    May I join?

  19. It means a guaranteed slot in a FEMA camp! If we’re lucky, we’ll get to camp out together. Even if we flee the country, clandestine rendition will bring us back.

  20. If you want a President who stands for all that is COTO, vote for me in 2012!


  21. The first thing Rob ever said to me is, “What, are you some sort of cartoon character?”

    And he’s got that phony song and dance about ad lib homos and all that hypocritical shit…Lol

    He and his little Stalinist tag along Leser the lesser can be buttbuddies all on their lonesome now.

    Now how bout some of that COTO fried chicken?