We here at COTO have come together for one reason, and that is to expose the criminality and corruption in our government and lay it bare for all to see. In the course of doing this, there are likely to be disagreements. While we encourage lively debate and open discussion, we draw the line at cannibalism. Therefore, the following rules are in effect:

COTO Rules of Engagement:

1. Personal attacks are not allowed, and will be deleted.
2. Hate speech as defined in the WordPress TOS is not allowed, and will be deleted.

The first offense will result in a warning. The second offense will result in moderation. The third offense will result in removal from the site.

If you have a personal disagreement with another member, please take it to the members’ page to hash it out.

Please respect one another and feel free to debate subjects and offer differing opinions, but remember that this is a public forum, and what we say here anyone can access. So have fun, respect the rules, and happy posting!

COTO Admin