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Deadline 2025 – Bluebeam 3D


So what is the power of three that Tesla talked about? It’s the basis of the Masonic mathematics of Global power and unlimited ability to control. We have heard the saying control the food/water and you control the population. In the Illuminati formula, the TRIAD is true but the equation is open. Control the weather and you control the food and water.

Obviously they are attempting to control the food and water. As I have posted over the years we see the power elite taking control of real estate at unprecedented rates and setting up legal configurations to control water. From Nestle Great Lakes to T. Boone Pickins Ogalala Aquifer. This is happening n South America and is being controlled in Turkey/Syria micro projects. Jeff Bezos taking over Whole Foods is another microcosm of the global quiet war shifting the control of segments of life sustainability under UNESCO and their climate change agenda.


My theory prompted me to inform you that the TPP and Paris were created to be failures as I did as well stating Obamacare was created to FAIL. (false) Indeed it was a master stroke to the predictive programming and social engineering in which they were able to shift massive swaths of the lemmings into this scam. The TPP secret meeting and program agenda was the same as well as Paris and Trump.

NWO Vortex2

The formula is true that if you control the food and water you can lead the masses to a new world order. But unfortunately, we can grow our food and dig a well. Enter the UN sustainability goals and conspiracies from CODEX alimentarius to Zebranomics. So being true it is also true that if you control the weather you control the food and water. If the TRIAD formula is used properly, the Hegelian Dialectic is the power of three in science, political and social construction and engineering. You can take other conspiracies into consideration as well. I will refer to one of the 007 Spectre scenarios and choose Goldfinger. In this case the plan was for Mr. G to corner a position of the precious metal and then contaminate via radiation, the worlds largest single depository, which in this case was Ft. Knox Kentucky. Assuming a proper contamination for centuries, his personal holding would exponentially increase in value. So the Mafia figure Goldfinger had a great plan. Unfortunately the Mafia is now a global consortium of Bosses, Consiglieres, Enforcers and unwitting administrators. So things like the Hanford Nuclear Site and other nuclear facilities are just Goldfingers in waiting. What would the value of food and water be in the Fukushima of all Fukushima’s?

Natural Water

The new gold

In the Master plan, the obvious is clear. The axis where the war on terror meets Global Governance is you. You are the terrorists. When the game is over you will see how the whole of Agenda 21 is the vortex of 3, 6 and 9 in 3D, in EMR and in the psychological transformation that are needed to complete the equation.
They will use the technology to create, manipulate and synthesize the final solution. But instead of trying to ram draconian global legislation of 666 buy sell trade, they only create beta tests of these programs. These we have read in the news over and over again. Simply all staged events and media driven events are for the googleplex data mining surveillance system to collect and analyze. We are aghast and amazed at news of Parents going to jail  for the most erroneous of offenses. All predictive programming and beta tests for public reaction. This is also part of the strategy of tension which brings the enormous defense budgets and surveillance breaches to new heights. The reason that these fail is the people still would not stand for it.

With these kind of draconian mandates it would likely result in civil revolt and revolution which does not work in their favor. Our sheer numbers being the problem. But for the sake of the real agenda, it still provides the TRIAD of red, blue and yellow designations for our personal NSA dossiers. The depopulation (sustainability) fraud was all built on the models of those of us who would need to be eliminated based upon our faith, intelligence and courage of conviction. This planet could sustain billions more people and with proper environmental and resource management could increase those numbers far beyond the current six billion. The sustainability agenda is merely a eugenics based zebranomics reality of removing the uncontrollable who will no acquiesce to the mind control and assent to slavery and dependence. We are the Bush rejectionists, Obama extremists and Trump obstructionists.



There is nothing more important than to keep your eye on the ball. Like Dennis Rodman, the guy still has his eye on the ball. A CIA asset? Mind control puppet? Like the masses who sit and watch the NBA orange ball, I ask you to reject the mind control, look at the logical and historical markers of time that you have had to observe here on this plane. Turn off the Trump surrogate channel and Soros SJW stations and get to the core of the agenda. Even if your Christian faith and philosophical disposition tells you that what will be will be, the same vortex mathematics used in the 3D realm are true in the power of thought. Knowledge isn’t the all to end all but does provide a power equal to that of prayer. Be wise as the Serpent and as courageous as the Mongoose. Yes, harmless as doves to those blind sheep, the lambs of the slaughters is also important. Keep in mind they are victims. Unlike we the Mongeese who have the audacity to opt out of the neurotoxicity of NWO mind control substances and fields, we should not engage in the vitriol of the social media hypnosis of hatred and divide and conquer but instead, target the snakes at the top of the triad with no fear of their hypnosis.

Weather and Climate move synchronistically in the vortex. If you look at weather extremes and social unrest you see they follow the same sines and cosines over the twentieth century based upon data and likely did before recorded times. Why did they kill Prince? One reason. Here…..

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, formally known as Prince


He made the mistake of entering the Mafia, benefiting from the power and money, as a contractee to the Zionist based SPECTRE, the Illuminated council and then he violated the rules. Sanctions were then initiated. But he made it clear of what I have said over and over again over thirty years, that Project Bluebeam will encompass the connections of Tesla’s knowledge of the manipulators best kept secrets. This is the vortex mathematical synchronicity of human reality, the mind and body and the earth frequencies. The CERN science, particle science, electromagnetic in full spectrum is not seen in just the visual and audio spectrums, but now in their purview beyond 3D. The minuscule segment from which most people operate is so small, the HAARPist’s job is only that much easier. A snowflake in a tornado stands no chance. Prince hit the nail when he discussed this with Dick Gregory. The passive-aggressive frequencies and the nano chemtrail chaff is in us, on us and around us.  It’s just a matter of frequencies. I exposed this theory in the staged events of  Project Orange when the EM weapons could bombard the demonstrators of a staged event like Ferguson or Occu-Pi Wall $treet as a beta test of crowd control and manipulation. You have heard the Mafia Media and pundits say that Global Warming is causing ISIS and Terror. This is true, if and only if you add the EMR scalar and chemtrail ‘climate’ warfare. Not weather changes.

Easter Island, Inca’s and other cultures were victims of this synchronicity and natural or unnatural events (3) had similar effects on the human climate (6). Trust but verify what I say and take a look at the current climate and follow the logic of Obama-Trump and the rise of digital merging with analog systems in radar, radio, telemetries as well as cosmic changes and physical changes in environmental chemistries. The revelation of John uses these in descriptions of events as well as many other verses in Daniel and Old Testament Books. The request to read the Bible is one I would never expect to an agnostic or atheist but they could learn much about the future events and that of which I speak by decoding it in numerologically  and linguistically, verbatim.


From Trumpets to Angels, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is foretold by a narrative that many just cant seem to decode. The angels and archons do not equate to the acoustics and angles of audio visual references and escape out of the mind’s eye. A full spectrum dominance of the human domain is the endgame of the Project Bluebeam and those things like Wormwood will come to pass.  The rush to convert the analog to digital was a component so obvious to the agenda and equation that it flew over the heads of the public. The race to the digital connection of data mind targeting devices were obvious to the administrators and financiers but the goal of the social world wide web did not stick with the masses. The fact that Steve Jobs rejected the devices in the hands of his own children should have triggered some alarms but do you think the lemmings were going to forgo 24/7 entrainment masquerading as entertainment. Same for Facebook and the unholy hosts of other data mining and analytic portals, the synchronicity would be connected globally, thus a virtual real time universal petri dish. Now the science has laid the wires for global weather/climate shifting and monitoring and the D-Wave technology able to process and secure the volume.

What is left to complete is the Global Mesh Network, graphical display GUI interface from the magnetosphere below the 811 vortex will be set into place and connected through an enterprise that will deliver all the 3D illusions while opening the portal for the invisible spectrum and ether-nets to capture, connect and control the data of changing climate on a macro level with abilities to isolate micro level algorithms, anomalies and possible viruses to the network. Just as we the people do shape the programming, the program adapts to shape us. Any divergence from the script must be debugged during all  encoding, decoding and compiling. How we have been instrumental to this project is based upon our contributions to the matrix and purchasing and using the wares of the enterprise. and left to the binary reality of its makeup.  We may live in a 3D world but our existence is reduced to two,  a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb false dilemma

Now it’s a matter of setting up the global network, covering all terrain and domains in a wireless EM grid. The HAARP facility is just one of many now and the operations back in the hands of the MICC and the “N” team. If the Air Force is the architect head of weather warfare and they are back in control of Gaskona it creates a logical link. If it is truly a global agenda and conspiracy then we should take note of this.

I sent this to the Miami Surfer Boys and asked them to comment.
HAARP – EISCAT3D – Response: What a lie!

[Japan to develop ‘heart’ of huge radar to track space debris – ARCTIC]

An artist’s rendition of the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar system, which is planned inside the Arctic Circle by Japan and European countries (Provided by the National Institute of Polar Research)

Japan will help construct one of the world’s largest radars that will survey auroras, track global warming and also help protect satellites from solar activity and orbiting debris.

The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar project is made up of a total of 50,000 antenna set up at five locations inside the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The construction of a demonstration system will begin later this year in northern Norway, and the EISCAT is scheduled to start full operations in 2022.

Japan will be developing a transmitter–the “heart” of the radar.

The current EISCAT radar, the predecessor of EISCAT 3D, was developed by Germany, France, Britain and northern European nations. It started operations in 1981 to observe auroras and the atmosphere 70 to 1,500 kilometers above the ground.

Japan joined the EISCAT project in 1996.

The radio wave transmitting capacity of EISCAT 3D will be six times higher than its predecessor and can continue working automatically.]

An artist’s rendition of the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar system, which is planned inside the Arctic Circle by Japan and European countries (Provided by the National Institute of Polar Research)

369 – 124578

Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification ? – Stanford Research via Dutchsinse

Do you want to know about EMF, UHF VLF, RADAR and Mind Control?  I tell skeptics about this and they scoff. I remind them of simple effects and events. One I like to use often is what the audible spectrum does. In an example you may have already experienced. You get into you car and start driving.  You slide in your favorite song into the DVD player and it begins to play. The frequencies, amplitude set high and the next thing you know your foot has accelerated your speed and you get pulled over and ticketed. On the converse, your favorite ballad may bring tears to the eyes and sadness. Some of this may be memory triggers but much is the frequency of waves. All EMR is waves and then one can go to the science behind ELF, Schumann Resonance and the use of voice over sub-audible bands. Now you can graduate to the Utah State Prison experiments, the Iraq war “slam-dunk” use of ELF to make troops passive, disoriented, anxious, depressed and without a will to fight. An assault on the very ‘will’ to resist was gone.  This may explain why they do not force disarmament. There will be a time when they want us armed and aggressive followed by a time they want us passive and unable to pull the trigger.  This was first used in ancient times before a battle when the cadence of drums and the revelry of trumpets got the army into a killing mode. (Adding alcohol or a hangover  as needed back then has now advanced to far better compounds distributed by aerosol geo-engineering)


This new project only logically follows the same agenda 21 science and in terms of global recessions and huge needs for money spent to fix the problems, the need for tracking space trash is a higher priority. Can you believe that?  Can you believe that we are given our most dangerous enemies, ie: China, Russia, yet when there are never sanctions and only cooperation on the space based agenda between us and these so called enemies we are to believe it’s not just fluff and propaganda? The people are still falling for higher defense budgets due to threats from the same nations we are funding together to build this Bohemoth, this Leviathan, this beast.

If the 2025 date is the target for bluebeam and the greenlight for a go on a project orange mind control agenda, I’d say we very little time left.  It’s a false sense of security to think our pistols and police are going secure our survival.  I am only secure that nuclear proliferation is not a concern.  Neither is North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or any other state player who already have the warheads for they are all in the game, in the vortex, and have skin in the game.  What we have to find out is what countermeasures we need to prevent the Climate-Weather Owners from meeting their deadline and ultimate success.  May be a wave and prayer.



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This USGS Earthquake Alert came out at 8:18 PM today June 21 2017

Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.8
Date-Time 29 Jun 2025 14:42:16 UTC
29 Jun 2025 07:42:16 near epicenter
29 Jun 2025 08:42:16 standard time in your timezone

Location 34.300N 119.800W
Depth 10 km
Distances 14 km (9 miles) SSE (156 degrees) of Isla Vista, CA
16 km (10 miles) S (175 degrees) of Goleta, CA

An hour later this came

DELETED: Event ci 37161284


***This event has been deleted after review by a seismologist.***

Geographic coordinates: 34.300N, 119.800W
Magnitude: 6.8
Universal Time (UTC): 29 Jun 2025 14:42:16
Time near the Epicenter: 29 Jun 2025 07:42:16

Location with respect to nearby cities:
14 km (9 miles) SSE (156 degrees) of Isla Vista, CA
16 km (10 miles) S (175 degrees) of Goleta, CA
16 km (10 miles) SW (214 degrees) of downtown Santa Barbara, CA
145 km (90 miles) W (281 degrees) of Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

Panic!!   LA TIMES


False alarm: Caltech staffer accidentally sends alert for large 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake


A staffer at Caltech mistakenly sent out an alert for a large magnitude 6.8 earthquake off the Santa Barbara coast — from 1925.

The error happened when someone tried to correct the exact location of the Prohibition-era Santa Barbara earthquake, which happened 92 years ago.

From the Archives — June 1925: Earthquake devastates Santa Barbara »

The erroneous report went out at around 4:51 p.m. A closer look at the alert, however, would have shown that something was amiss. The time of the alert was dated June 29, 2025 at 7:42 a.m. But it corresponds with a real earthquake that occurred a century earlier.

“That’s a mistake. It’s not real,” said Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson. He said that scientists at UC Santa Barbara had recently complained that earthquakes from the region were actually located about 6 miles from where records indicated.

Someone on Hauksson’s team made a change, which inadvertently sent an email out on the U.S. Geological Survey’s email server that typically sends alerts of new earthquakes.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the USGS said the revision of the 1925 earthquake was “misinterpreted by software as a current event. We are working to resolve the issue.”

This is an amazingly bogus story. It is though a perfect vortex 811  with a HAARP signature. The quake would be initiated as a HAARP shallow 10km assault. They always use 10km when the attack is initiated by the NAVY NASA NOAA team.

This is a perfect 811.  1925=8 2025=9 2017=1

June 29 is 8

1925 Santa Barbara earthquake

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1925 Santa Barbara earthquake
1925 Santa Barbara earthquake is located in California

Paso Robles
Paso Robles
Santa Ana
Santa Ana
1925 Santa Barbara earthquake
Date June 29, 1925
Origin time 14:44 UTC
Magnitude 6.8 Mw[1][2]
Depth Unknown
Epicenter 34.3°N 119.8°WCoordinates: 34.3°N 119.8°W[1]
Type probably left-lateral reverse
Areas affected Central Coast (California)
United States
Total damage $8 million [3]
Max. intensity IX (Violent)[1]
Casualties 13 [3]

The 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake hit the area of Santa Barbara, California on June 29, with a moment magnitude of 6.8 and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Violent). It resulted in 13 casualties and destroyed the historic center of the city, with damage estimated at $8 million (about $111 million in 2017).

The requested event has been deleted.

cache image



Y2K: Note the date is 1925 but the alert went out as 2025.  The quake of 1925 was 92 years ago. That is 11.  The Y2K bug comes back in the original alert. This CALTECH error is not an error in my opinion. I am going to look deeper into the relativity of this as a False Flag, coded, pointed evnet as a hoax but more than just an error and a message.

Very possible that they cancelled an event somewhere else. I will check history, dates, numerology and antipodal points to see what come up but watch carefully for an event that may include SEVENTEEN and ELEVEN with 3, 6 and 9 markers.

The hotspots are really the Pacific and China Sea. The Destroyer collision with the container ship, North Korea rhetoric, and Phillipines are key events.  I know the swamp wants to get boots on the ground in Afghanistan for a record poppy crop but the Trump war machine would love to take out  targets in the land of Jong-Un. Did they call off a wall Street short, false flag or other insider event? Seems like busy panic across the Googleplex to give this little error big play.

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NWO Korean Brew: The Warmbier Hoax


The Otto F. Warmbier story is just too convenient to be true. Timing of events also is a perfect vortex run of 811-666 and Trump 7.

From the get-go this supposedly bright young man seemed to melt down from his arrest to his return. After investigating it, I conclude this to be 100% hoax. Considering there are no formal exchange programs with North Korea, any and all foreign student arrivals seem to be suspect.  Most are likely for information gathering and spying.  There are simple things to look at when faced with the PROJECT ORANGE Crisis Acting Program.

As I posted earlier all the Orange Projects go as far back as columbine and Clinton. The willingness of Freemasonic members to sacrifice their kids is a top Freemason’s oath. But other fake deaths and hoaxes are possible. The case of OFW is a possible sacrifice or just another staged fraud.  Either way the parents are very willing to be highly visible and helpful to move the agenda and narrative forward.


Im my post below, I offer a pictorial history of the Orange Revolution ala crI$I$ and the Media Color coding for fake news and staged events. In the opening graphic we see Otto arriving home in a wheelchair which is a hoax in itself versus being on a gurney which would be appropriate for a coma patient. Please note the 811 and 6 represented along with the ORANGE CONE insignia for fake news. Just like Gabby Giffords and other hoaxes the well placed orange cone is always in the shot.

HISTORY – From wikipedia captures the vortex but the links are all in the MSM psyops.

Warmbier arrives home on 6/13/17 (9) and dies 6 days later, 6/19/17 (6)

Warmbier is a member of Theta Chi [OX] (66)

Ξ University of Virginia (1914–Present)


Ξ has a value of 60

Monetary units of the Ethereum cryptocurrency

(5) Warmbier, [Otto Frederick] = (66)

Vortex series = 528 : 417 = 936 which indicates an event that was planned and then a trigger 6  to activate the staged event. Human asset is 6 and event is 3. The 9 manipulates the narrative and event.  Death and mind control can be considered with the Theta property.

UV University of Virginia is a CIA haven. Like other Freemason university fraternity chapters THETA CHI is no stranger to secret orders. The Z Society is one of these.

Theta Chi Xi congruence? OFW = 666

Please note earlier narratives  to the Warmbier event.

UPDATE: UVA Theta Chi Arrested In North Korea Was Allegedly Stealing A Banner From The Hotel To Join Secret Society

Zeta Society

North Korea also alleges Warmbier met last year with a member of Z Society, a secretive philanthropic organization at UVA which is known to paint their symbol “Z” around university grounds. Warmbier was allegedly told he could gain membership to the selective organization if he carried out his “mission.” North Korea alleges that the Z Society has links to the CIA.

A member of the Z Society at UVA told CNN the organization sought to anonymously recognize students who contributed positively to the university. The source said the group had never had any contact with Warmbier and he’d never been approached to be a member.

The source also dismissed suggestions the group had any affiliation with the CIA

Sorry to the Zeta’s but that dog won’t hunt.

Taken from, this image brings to mind that October 13, 2017 is Friday, the thirteenth. but beyond the connections to the CIA are the connections to other significant events. That is how a sacrificial event works. If indeed Warmbier is dead, the CIA Freemasons killed him in in Ohio. I doubt the death is real but either way I call them hoaxes.   I take notice of the Seven Society as a Trump indicator and this article mentions it. So the Z Society may be in the clear but there may be a much larger and more powerful group involved. Let’s look a little further.

While the Hot Feet drew widespread attention with their antics, the Seven Society quietly formed, and to this day remains the most secret of the University’s societies. Neither the exact date nor the circumstances of the Seven Society’s formation has been revealed, but its symbol first appeared in the 1905 edition of the student yearbook, Corks and Curls.

There are other secret societies listed in the article but none more secret than Yale skull and bones class society  and fraternal Phi Kappas, but maybe the Se7en is one we should note. The author notes;

I’m split on this accusation. On one hand, a secret society would certainly love to have their hands on a stolen banner from one of the world’s most isolated nations. Of course they would deny the claims. Putting the spotlight on a secretive organization is the exact opposite of how they’d like to operate. Yet, if we examine this from North Korea’s point-of-view, they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Attempting to drag in a well-known secret society and even a Methodist church could seemingly add credibility to their claim, regardless of its truthfulness.

Yes it might but we are to wonder what the esoteric and ritual kabbalah might be involved. Much like Geronimo and Skull & Bones is there a 322 here?

Otto Warmbier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

A 21-year-old American tourist has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by the North Korean government, the New York Times reports. (3) (6)

Warmbier was paraded in front of the media by the North Korean government on February 29 and “confessed” to the crime. (11)

He said during his statement that he took the North Korean propaganda poster from the staff-only section of the hotel to bring back to the United States as a “trophy” in return for a $10,000 reward. He said if he was detained, $200,000 would be given to his family

A nice chunk of change must be heading to the Warmbiers family. Do you think it’s just a small cache of a greater payoff?

Fred & Cindy Warmbier, Otto Warmbier’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Warmbier, 22 (11), was home in Cincinnati, his parents said after his return to America, but he was in a coma in the hospital. The parents worked with government officials to secure their son’s release since he was sentenced to 15 years (6) of hard labor in a North Korean prison camp after being accused of ripping down a propaganda poster while on a 2016 tour.

Fred Warmbier held a live news conference on June 15 (66). According to CNN, Otto has suffered a severe neurological injury. (11, 6)

It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home. Surrounded by his loving family, Otto died today at 2:20pm. (11)

“Disbelief. Couldn’t sit down,” Fred said in the news conference, describing his reaction when the parents learned Otto was in a coma. “We’ve been brutalized for the last 18 (9) months for misinformation, no information. We are proud of the fact that our family is basically happy, positive people, and we’re going to stay that way.”

In May, Warmbier’s parents went on television to praise Donald Trump and accuse former President Barack Obama’s administration of trying to keep them to remain quiet about their son’s plight. (swampy, you think?)

The Post reported that North Korea told the United States Warmbier was in a coma on June 5, (11)  and that Trump ordered his medical evacuation, which kept quiet until now. “This is a Trump-led effort,” the Post quoted a source as saying.

Fred Warmbier said that Dennis Rodman, who was in North Korea, the same day his son’s release was announced, had nothing to do with it, calling that angle a “diversion.”

MK Rodman

Forbes wrote a profile on Fred Warmbier that called him an entrepreneur.

“Warmbier owns a small business, Finishing Technology, located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The company finishes and anodizes metal parts –and is growing rapidly,” wrote Forbes.

Otto Warmbier graduated from Wyoming High School in Ohio in 2013 as class Salutatorian, reported

In high school, Warmbier was known as an outstanding student and a “great kid,” the newspaper reported, adding that he received a scholarship and was named a student of the year. “He qualified for the dean’s list at the University of Virginia, where he was also an Echols Scholar, an honor awarded to the top 7 percent of incoming first-year students, according to Warmbier’s LinkedIn page. Warmbier also serves as alumni chair for the Theta Chi fraternity at the university,” reported

Otto Warmbier Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

According to NPR, on camera, in a forced confession, Otto “said he stole the propaganda poster on behalf of a member of the Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, who wanted it ‘as a trophy.’ In exchange, he would receive a used car worth $10,000.”

How odd this Jew was going to steal a poster for a used car.  What changed from the initial claim? Let’s add the Christian Church and drop the $200K caveat. Who’s selling this? The used car salepeople parading as Main Stream Media journalists.

Warmbier begged for his release and broke into tears, saying the situation was “the worst mistake of my life,” reported NPR.

Heres what one expert has to say on the crI$I$ actor;

Australian National University professor labels Otto Warmbier ‘a liar’ and ‘a convenient actor’ – June 20, 2017

Dr Leonid Petrov, a Korean Studies researcher at the Australian National University, told he doesn’t buy Warmbier’s story for a second.

“He’s acting, you can see if you watch the videos,” Dr Petrov said. “One video after another show he’s obviously acting.

“(He) plays his theatrical role exclusively for the North Koreans to make them feel proud and powerful. He is a convenient hostage and will be rewarded for that. Welcome to a new form of A year in Korea: Self-imposed field work.”

Dr Petrov said Warmbier is smarter than people realise. The Theta Chi fraternity brother is on the university’s Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement.

“He was in North Korea (twice before), he obviously knew the place. He went to a restricted area, an area a lot of people don’t know exists. He’s not naive, he’s not a victim.”

He said Warmbier knew “more about North Korea than any of America’s previous detainees” and could be trying to find out as much as he can before he’s kicked out of the country.

“He is a victim in the eyes of Americans,” Dr Petrov told

“He’s trying to portray that he’s not a sympathiser but he also wants as much access to the system as possible. A foreigner who knows too much is a threat to the system so he may not stay there long. They may trade him (for a North Korean prisoner in America) but sooner or later they will release him on some conditions.”

If Warmbier is acting, the White House doesn’t know it or won’t acknowledge it. In a statement, White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Thursday called for the immediate release of the prisoner.

Certainly, they know it. It is the perfect “Always Trump” and anti North Korea “swamp creature feature” and we can expect more of the same play coming.  We have little time left and the American Sheeple do not know why Alex Jones and Megan Kelly teamed up to support the Sandy Hook Hoax as a real event.  It was the changing shift to add credibility just like this event will sustain the NWO just like INFOWARS.  As long as people believe this kind of fraud, the hopes for foreign entanglements and domestic unrest continue to shape the coming first amendment and second amendment transition to the Police State. Freedom in exchange for Security, the goal.  Watch Warmbier and remember that Steven Spielberg is a Theta Chi.

I wonder if Otto is on his way back to North Korea to get married and begin his financial career working for the Un.  Because South Korea’s new president is a Jesuit agent, I suspect he may go there as well. Good Luck Otto!


Five Fast Facts You Need to Know About

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Exorcising Climate as Religion

One of the Genesis 6 goals for Agenda 21.  Destroy all Religion. Not the Satanic Luciferian religion mind you, but transform it into a climate change, carbon based, planned parenthood eugenics worship of death.

From the Psyops MSM and the Project Bluebeam staged productions comes this new narrative and program from the Vatican and their Jesuit assassins. Even the Daily Beast has picked up on it as they have a heavy stake in promoting the manifesto of Global Order and neo-liberal psychotic policy.

(Please start the Exorcist “Tubular Bells” for effect before reading)

This Secret Catholic Exorcist Cult in Brazil Is Making a Deal with the Devil

The Vatican is looking into a group of exorcists who apparently made a pact with Satan on climate change and the death of Pope Francis

João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, 77, Superior General resigns but continues to be “father” of the institute. The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life is investigating for millenarian cults and exorcisms performed by invoking the names of the founders

From the dialogues and testimonies, a certain millenarianism emerges: the Heralds are convinced that thanks to the Virgin of Fatima there is going to be a sort of end of the world which will see Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias triumph. In the dialogue, the priests tell of exorcisms in which the devil announces that the founder will become Pope (“The Pontifical keys are in the hands of the devil but are going to pass into the hands” of Monsignor Scognamiglio) and that Satanic forces fear him more than any other in the world. A devil through an exorcised person would have said, “go ahead and throw holy water at me, but not water that has been touched by of Mgr. João.” The footage documented that the names of Donna Lucilia, Plinio Corrêa and Monsignor João are invoked during exorcisms as extremely powerful. To the point of being almost divinized. As we understand, there is enough matter for a due clarification, although there are those who have immediately sought to present the news of the Vatican inquiry as an act of empire of the Holy See to choke those realities closer to traditionalism.


In this video the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Scognamiglio Clá Dias is talking with about sixty of his priests. The video was shot during a recent papal journey and dates certainly after February 2016. Clá gives father Beccari some sheets of paper containing the transcript of a question-and-answer dialogue between a priest and a devil during an exorcism. The content of this delirious speech receives endorsement from the audience present in the room.


The conversation was stilted, as one might expect with the struggle for the possessed person’s soul, but the gist was that Plinio was randomly “breaking people’s computers so that they can’t go on the internet” and that he is changing the climate and was “therefore the author of the climate change, and the increase of heat. It is Plinio who does everything,” according to the devil as channeled through the exorcist. Then, the devil predicts that a meteorite will crash into the Atlantic ocean. “North America will disappear,” he warns.

The devil then turns to the fate of Pope Francis, which Tornielli was able to transcribe and translate from the somewhat distorted video. “The Vatican? It’s mine, mine!” the devil says to the exorcist, according to Tornielli’s transcript. “The pope does whatever I want, he’s stupid! He obeys me in everything. He is my glory, he is willing to do everything for me. He serves me.”

Then the devil, again as channeled by the exorcist for the Heralds of the Gospel, predicts that the pope will perish, not during a voyage, but at the Vatican. “The pope will die falling,” the exorcist’s transcript says quite clearly.

Entertaining stuff worthy of William Peter Blatty who interestingly passed away this year at age 89. It’s not surprising this would arise during the Jesuit Trump’s term and with death threats coming from Holyrood and Hollywood, it would be far better to stage the death of the Black Pope Bergoglio and then blame climate deniers and Trump type nationalists and Christian identities for such an event.

I recently posted the Fatima 100 year anniversary with the Ariana Grande Manchester Hoax, yet the signs lead to the whole game in progress. This is the consecration of Russia as we see the Russia attacks are winding down and the game is moving into new areas. Trump impeachment or worse. Remember that World Wars start over assasinations.  Watching the embassy move to Jersualem on Trump’s watch and the signs of the Trump 7 and Shemitah Heifers

What I have posted linking Wormwood to Trump would provide a star to fall to earth, as well I have covered the Canary Islands and the El Hiero event . La Palma Cumbre Vieja Scenario.

If the Pope dies from a fall it would be a fall from the Vatican Vault. It was in 2013 I wrote Begin Narration. This came the year I proposed Trump’s Bilderberg visit and vetting for the fake election and when Nazi Pope Benedict was relieved for the Jesuit Assassin Bergoglio. In this article I offer the reality of how Trump and Bergoglio, along with all the other Jesuit state players will climax the event of agenda 21. Obviously I have covered many possible scenarios that will trigger Project Bluebeam. War, False Flag, Tsunami, Economic Collapse and other possible calamities.  And yet I did predict the Japan Tsunami in 2011 but I have no psychic ability. But I have laid out the vortex system and enough predictive programming and correlation to events past and future to give you enough information to believe there will come this year or next, a major game changer.

We do not know what is in the Fatima secret third prophesy but the MSM and Illuminati and Freemasons use the vortex and the Holyrood MSM and entertainment are never short of putting it right in our faces.  This offering is one that I think may play into a coming swarm of events beginning with a financial or climate or cosmic episode., but I would never rule out an assassination, 911 terror or civil societal collapse. What would it take to exorcise one of these out of the deep state? One that offers a Religious Chaos, Climate Change and a World Crisis would work.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 15, 2017


Grenfell 911 = Greenfield FDI  (19)

(The second possible origin for the modern surname, found as Grenfell, Greenfield, Grenville and Granville)

When the obvious is clear,  811 Know what’s below.

Grenfell Tower: Conspiracy theorists blasted for saying Ladbroke Grove tragedy proves 9/11 was an ‘inside job’

Grenfell Tower erupted in flames earlier this morning

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Conspiracy theorists have provoked outrage on Twitter by suggesting the Grenfell Tower fire proves the September 11 terror attack was an ‘inside job’.

The tower in Ladbroke Grove erupted in flames at around 2am this morning and the fire continues to rage. The Met Police has confirmed six people are dead and fire crews remain at the scene.

A number of people have said the tragedy shows the flaws in the official version of what happened on September 11, 2001, when two of the World Trade Center buildings collapsed a short time after being hit by planes and erupting in flames, and a third collapsed later in the day.

The theorists suggest that, because the ‘twin towers’ collapsed after a much shorter fire than the one witnessed in West London this morning, this proves that the iconic buildings were in fact brought down by a controlled explosion – a common theory among those who believe the 9/11 attacks were carried out by US actors.

However these comments have brought a swift and sharp response on Twitter, with critics suggesting they are insensitive, offensive and wide of the mark.

Indeed it was an inside job and as in 911 WTC, the building was below code and needing a major overhaul. But not like 911 the building withstood the incredible heat and did not collapse proving that conspiracy theorists are correct and will never stop proving it. But what makes GRENFELL 911 so similar to WTC 911?

Grenfell = Greenfield and 19 is the FDI. So what is Greenfield FDI?

 What is a ‘Green Field Investment’

A green field investment is a form of foreign direct investment where a parent company builds its operations in a foreign country from the ground up. In addition to the construction of new production facilities, these projects can also include the building of new distribution hubs, offices and living quarters.

Grenfell Tower: A Tory Wicker Man ?

The week saw one of the worst urban disasters in recent history, as runaway fires consumed a low-income high-rise council estate in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. So far, police have confirmed 17 dead and are have indicated that they expect to find many more fatalities.

As the old adage goes, there are no natural disasters, only human ones.

But this horrific scene in west London symbolises much more than simple negligence. The image of a Wicker Man comes to mind.

Were low-income residents sacrificed at the altar of austerity, greed and corporate privatisation?

As North Kensington’s towering inferno continues to smoulder into the early morning, circumstantial evidence is beginning to emerge of showing how Conservative MPs  sidelined legislation that would have required higher safety standards. According to reports, a group of Tory MPs have consistently voted against tenants’ rights including voting down Labour’s amendment to the recent Housing and Planning Bill which would have required landlords to make their homes “fit for habitation.” Perhaps not surprisingly, the 72 Tory MPs who killed the legislation also just happened to be commercial landlords themselves.

Can you see the Greedfield? This is a very enlightening piece. It shows the usual false flag black swan and Hegelian Dialectic.  Don’t rule out the two party Tory Labour collusion.  I think the Ladbroke Grove, a haven for the Gladio ISIS Refugees would be happy to plant their new Sharia Law Center right on the footprint of the Grenfell Tower.  No the Grenfell Tower did not collapse in it’s own footprint but the World Trade Terror Organization and Larry Silverstein type fingerprints are all over this Wickerman. It amy be another Globalist Monument slated to fill the void at the Grove, but only time will tell. The vortex is clear for me that it will come to pass this was indeed an inside job that as usual provides multiple benefits to the consortium of criminal in the UK government and SPECTRE beneficiaries.

Greenfield investment into UK plunges 42pc after vote to quit EU

The Brexit vote has dealt short-term damage to the UK’s offering as a foreign direct investment location, a report claims, with the country experiencing a 42pc fall in greenfield capital investment year-on-year.

The number of projects dropped by 9pc, as did job creation, according to the data from the ‘Financial Times’ FDI Intelligence unit.

The UK remained at the top of the European league table by far, however, by project numbers and market share.

There were 1,039 FDI projects into the UK last year, compared with 472 in Germany, which was in second place, and 187 for Ireland. The Irish figure was up 6pc year-on-year. The UK has a 22pc market share in Europe, with Ireland on 4pc.

“What we can see already is that Brexit has done short-term damage to the UK’s once enviable FDI position,” said Courtney Fingar, editor-in-chief of fDi magazine, and head of content for fDi Intelligence.

“Despite admirably solid economic growth – at least in western terms – the UK experienced a 42pc decline in greenfield capital investment year-on-year and a 9pc decline in job creation via greenfield FDI. The number of projects has declined 9pc”.

Well we can see that the NWO collapse of the economy will not prevent this little Green agenda from moving forward. Adding refugees and subtracting jobs while continuing it’s economic contraction.  We can just sit back and watch what happens. Put this one on your backburner. for when the smoke really clears you will find 911 in a microcosm here  and the redistribution of wealth in building the new world for the deep state and it’s bankers and financiers.


The term “green field investment” refers to a project where a company builds the entirety of its operations in a foreign market starting from scratch, or a so-called green field. These projects are foreign direct investments that provide the highest degree of control for the sponsoring company. In these projects, the company’s plant construction is done to its own specifications, employees are trained to company standards and fabrication processes can be tightly controlled. This type of involvement is completely different than indirect investments, where companies may have little or no control in operations, quality control, sales and training

Oh yes, indeed we may see this very project. Surveillance, technology, Sharia, Islamic or worse. Something will find it’s way to this prime real estate.


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GOP Baseball Hoax – Trump hits the Homerun!

Let’s hear it for the Nationals!  (Globalists) The Joo-Joo-Bees are back to work.




This is as phony as Trumps Christianity.  Watching the Hollywood and Lame Stream nonsense from the anti-Trump movement has been really sickening. It really peaked over the latest 811 event today at the GOP baseball practice. Yes a practice just like the hoax itself is just a practice for the World Series of Bullshit coming our way by Trump & Co.

Gabby Giffords to Trump: Gun debate happens every day

Gabby Giffords to get ship named for her — joining Martha Washington

On January 8, 2011, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, Arizona, in the Tucson metro area.

Remember this 811 event (18 others on 1/8/11) and the hoax staging using J. L. Loughner, a friend of Giffords? No she was never shot and the rest is history. Crisis actors playing nurses and the whole charade exposed.

Well, it appears the good ship HOAX  was just christened today at the GOP baseball practice. Happy Birthday Trump, you low life con-artist. This must just fit with the staged left assaults on your way to gun control.  Just 7 days before summer and on your birthday no less. Don’t forget to blow out the candles, all 71 of them.

So Mr. MK Hodgkinson, are you related to Kathy Griffin? James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois makes me think they are part of the Chicago Crime Syndicate. The typical Joo-joo-bee center for false flags. So let’s go from homeplate to first.

GOP baseball shooting blamed on Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, Shakespeare

Yeah, perfect. Like I said, you knew it was coming after the Julius Caesar event and Kathy, the kook Griffin’s little show, it was primetime for a completely ridiculous  staged event.  Remember folks you can’t get to second base without rounding first.  Therefore they need to backdoor the gun control 2nd amendment until they kill the 1st Amendment. They also know by killing the first, the rage will bring the second amendment to a head when real freedom lovers really take it to them.

We know that Trump hasn’t done a single thing to have so many high profile haters come to the forefront like Snoop and Kathy but it sure makes for good comedy and tragedy, but here only the comedy is real. The vortex never fails as this marks the Gabby Giffords in 666 from the date of her performance, 6 years, 6 months and 6 days ago. And add the Stooge John T. at 66 years old and the 33 and you have the 811  and 911 vortex complete.


James T. Hodgkinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two others were shot, Zack Barth, a staffer for Rep. Roger Williams of Texas and a former staffer turned lobbyist, Matt Mika. The victims are all expected to survive, but Mika was the most seriously injured and was in critical condition Wednesday afternoon. Scalise was also in critical condition and had underwent surgery.

Zack = meaning

1. A 6 month or 6 year prison sentence.  2. A Sixpence

Mika – meaning

  1. Gift from God

Two Congressmen, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. Ron DeSantis, described an encounter with a man who asked them if those practicing were “Republicans or Democrats” before the shooting. DeSantis, when shown a photo of Hodgkinson, confirmed he was the man who approached him, CNBC reports

I got news for you John T, it doesn’t matter .

The shootout with police started at 7:14 a.m., the FBI says.

Perfect Vortes shaping up. Trump’s 71st birth date with the 714. The vortex runs 714-825=639

A 639 event always involves a human trigger versus a 369 event is a disaster event not by human cause and a 963 or 936 is a black swan by the covert unseen deep state 9.

How many of these triggers have we seen camping at the YMCA, a known MK-Ultra and Handler haven for mind control stooges.


‘Trump Is a Traitor … It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.’

On March 22 he wrote, “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

It’s a good place to start. Please note the SKULL & BONES 322 on March 22 his contrived facebook account was on cue. Too bad Trump had not been in office long enough to destroy anything or create anything but the divide and conquer for our coming collapse.  He along with loving Bernie Sanders was a fan of John Kerry one of our favorite Bonesmen.

He owned a company, JTH Inspections, also called JTH Construction, which he opened in 1976.

JTH = 11   (1,2,8)


It’s a perfect dossier they built here. Like others the trigger is always an unassuming, nice, happy guy. The kind of folks they want to disarm. The meme is that a gun in anybody’s hand is a terrorist in waiting. Making him out to be a “nice guy” who was passionate is really well thought out. It will drive the GOP mind control sheep crazy to see the MSMS downplay this neo-liberal democratic socialist as a nice guy who just got a little too passionate. Had the target been a DEM the shoe would not have fit on the conservative trigger man.

Just four days before the shooting, Sanders delivered an anti-Republican speech in Illinois. Heavy was there, and you can watch part of that below:

Hodgkinson wrote several letters to the local newspaper, which you can see above and read here.

And he was interviewed by a local news station at an “Occupy” protest a few years ago:

As I posted years ago, the OCCU-PI /_\ movement was a perfect casting call for crisis actors and mind-control stooges and this patsy seemed to make the rounds at more than a few casting calls.

He appears to have that dark side in the information which makes him a candidate for mind control. Bi-Polar or medicated (off meds)

Hodgkinson and his wife had several foster children, including one, Wanda Ashley Stock, who killed herself in 1996 at the age of 17 by dousing herself with gasoline and setting herself on fire inside a car, the Belleville News-Democrat reports. She had lived with the family for a few months, the newspaper reports.

According to the Belleville News-Democrat, his record also included charges for failing to obtain electrical permits, damaging a motor vehicle, resisting a police officer, eluding police, critical damage to property, driving under the influence and traffic offenses.

Most of those charges were violations or petty offenses. Other than the battery charge, the most serious he faced was in 1993, when he was charged with DUI, fleeing/attempt to elude police and resisting/obstructing a peace officer, class A & B misdemeanors. The case was dismissed after a period of supervision.

Signs of government or gangstalking are possible. Efforts to stress this guy are easy after a history of financial setbacks, driving privileges and court costs, attorney costs etc.

Police went to Hodgkinson’s Illinois home in March 2017 for a report of shots fired, NBC News reports. 911 callers reporting hearing 50 shots.

According to police, Hodgkinson was found with a weapon and a valid Illinois firearms license. The officers told Hodgkinson not to fire his weapon near his home because other residences were nearby. He was not arrested in that incident.

His neighbor, William Schaumleffel, who called police, told The Daily Beast, that Hodgkinson was firing in pine trees.

Perfect for the script.

4. He Didn’t Renew His Business License, Moved to Virginia a Few Months Ago & Was Spotted at the YMCA Several Times Near the Baseball Field

So what happened to his wife?  The YMCA is a dead giveaway.

An Alexandria resident and attorney, Stephen Brennwald, told the Washington Post he had seen Hodgkinson hanging out often over the past several weeks in the lobby of the YMCA near the baseball field where the shooting occurred. He would come to the YMCA first thing in the morning, take out his laptop or stare out of the window, the Post reports.

“He never worked out. He never talked to anybody. He never did anything,” Brennwald told the newspaper. “He’d just sit there and stare at his laptop. It didn’t seem right, but I figured maybe he’s a law enforcement guy monitoring something. He had this kind of faraway stare.”

An Alexandria resident and attorney, Stephen Brennwald, told the Washington Post he had seen Hodgkinson hanging out often over the past several weeks in the lobby of the YMCA near the baseball field where the shooting occurred. He would come to the YMCA first thing in the morning, take out his laptop or stare out of the window, the Post reports.

“He never worked out. He never talked to anybody. He never did anything,” Brennwald told the newspaper. “He’d just sit there and stare at his laptop. It didn’t seem right, but I figured maybe he’s a law enforcement guy monitoring something. He had this kind of faraway stare.”

Wow, can you see the script?  You even have a Mayor ex from CIA haven Alexandria dealing with this trigger. This is good stuff.

According to the Daily Mail, Hodgkinson also used a P.O. box in Alexandria and frequented a barbecue restaurant, Pork Barrel BBQ. Bartenders there said he came in and had a few drinks, Budweisers, alone, watching sports or staring out as if day-dreaming.

“He definitely creeped out all our female bartenders,” Jamie Craig, a bartender at the restaurant, told the Daily Mail. :I tried to shy away from him… just a feeling, he gave me a weird, odd vibe. He would always have one or two and leave. He did seem to be staring a lot out the windows.”

He didn’t talk politics there, she said.

Eurille, the former Alexandria mayor, told the Daily Mail that the YMCA manager said Hodgkinson showered there about 7 a.m., not long before the shooting

7 AM? Do you take a shower at 7:00 AM and then start shooting at 7:12 AM?  Would you even shower at all when going to kill people  and likely be shot? Please, let’s rewrite this part.

5. The Shooter, Armed With a Rifle, Began Firing From Behind Third Base as Congressmen Were on the Field Practicing

Sorry this story will never get to third base with COTO. Not going to happen.

Can you see the S.S. (Steve Scalise) coming? Warship Gabby Giffords is ready to start killing innocent people. Trump appears to be building his own Armada. Like the conman he is he has even a better shtick than Obama and his pre-written speech that came minutes after the shooting was really good.  The script was obvious and staged, a bit too good and anyone can see the scam.

Terry McCauliffe and the DC Gun Battle rages on, but we know what is really going on. As we watch America crumbling before our eyes, we still have to watch the same old Sandy Hoaxes and fake news narratives play out. What really sickens me is listening to the Alternative media promoting these as real events.

All the footage looks contrived, the particulars are too obvious, the connection to Gabby Giffords too easy to see and the timing too convenient to be believed. Don’t buy it. Rand Paul, the sellout saw it all.




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Who killed Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. and why?


Who killed Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. and why?

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. – Federal Prosecutor (immigration fraud)

The Far Right’s Fake News Story of the Week Has Hijacked the Tragic Death of Beranton Whisenant– Newsweek

Earlier this week, however, the far right found a new subject for its feverish theorizing, a young Florida federal prosecutor who, some are insisting, was murdered because of his role in an investigation involving former DNC head and current South Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The victim is Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr., and he was found early Wednesday morning on a beach in Hollywood, Florida, just north of Miami. A 37-year-old father of three, Whisenant had recently joined the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami, where, as part of its Major Crimes Unit, he investigated immigration fraud cases. He lived in Miramar, another suburb of Miami. (The U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami did not respond to a request for comment.)

Locals found his body in the water. “When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling, about a 35-year-old African-American man, very well-dressed, wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual,” one of them told the local NBC affiliate.


According to information provided to the Miami Herald by the Hollywood Police Department, Whisenant “may have suffered a head wound caused by a possible gunshot or other type of trauma.”

His death was plainly a tragedy. But to some, it is also a conspiracy. As the site Heat Street reported earlier this week, some of the same internet communities that promulgated the Seth Rich conspiracy theory—namely, Reddit and 4chan—are busy spinning a tale that involves the murder of Whisenant by operatives affiliated with Wasserman Schultz, the former DNC head who resigned from her position in disgrace last summer after leaked DNC emails showed her favoring Clinton over her primary rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Locals found his body in the water. “When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling, about a 35-year-old African-American man, very well-dressed, wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual,” one of them told the local NBC affiliate.

According to internet sleuths, Whisenant’s work into immigration fraud had led him to investigate the Awan brothers, because they are believed to have stolen vast amounts of data from members of the House of Representatives. The Awan brothers were already the subjects of feverish right-wing speculation; Whisenant’s death is, to this cohort, a compelling new plot development.


Passport Issues?

Talk about conspiracy theory, watch this clip from the Roland Martin laugh hour.

Passport fraud, immigration fraud, DNC voters registration, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jesuit President Donald Trump, Seth Rich, The Awan brothers, Russiagate, Pizzagate and the rest of the story…

Please note this from NewsOne Now, a Roland Martin DNC TV channel. You can see why they used Trump Hate as a possible factor in the deaths of the black judges and prosecutors but this is a “fence mending” of possible leaks to the secret immigration and terror procurement network flooding the US with “ISIS” operatives for a large scale event coming before years end or by the election in 2018. Roland Martin is a deep cover agent for Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro who is up to neck in the surveillance and assassination agenda to cover the Swamp on both sides of the isle.

The Media is Blackout mode on further information. Fence Mending is definitely at play here. The FBI says that they are not involved in the investigation. Ha! You can bet you ass that they are involved but keeping their operatives and spies carefully. Let’s get to the meat as it is connected to the following deaths and all the above mentioned parties.

If you have not followed George Webb on Youtube you may have missed the Awan brothers and computer hacking and deep state cover in election, the real meat is in the Visa Passport scandals that include possibly the Awan brothers and the ISIS fast & furious placement of MK triggers for a much larger event. Please search for details about secret flights from CIA and UPS aircraft coming into this country in the dead of night and landing in St. Louis as well as other parts of the country.

Sanctuary: Secret Sharia Smuggling

There are reasons after following all this for six months that I see some serious real information has gotten out. Not the Wikileaks, Putin Trump cover, but the deeper, deep state errors that may have linked the whole election as a staged event for Donald Trump. Yes, James Comey and Jeff Sessions may know and the fact of this information leak jeopardizes not the left and not the right but the SPECTRE group who had to make quick changes on the fly since November last year. It is why we see all the fake news intrigue and deflection with Russiagate, Pizzagate and other very likely complete hoaxes. I am not saying that children do not die or get raped by these deep seated psychopaths but that these conspiracies are bait and red herrings for cover and deflection off what may be the next 911 event.

from “who is killing black judges” files

These also include the similar deaths of two other black judges and these people.

Why are Black Judges being Murdered? – Posted by: Puddy Dunne on April 13, 2017

Seth Rich (may be staged)
Shawn Lucas
Victor Thorne
John Ashe

I think the Wikileaks, Guccifer 2 and snowjobs like Kimdotcom have run their course. Even after the Aaron Nevins farce, it appears they will continue to run interference for the con-game that is TrumpvsClinton. For myself, there is no room for doubt we are being conned by the NWO Trump show and anybody thinking Trump is just being harassed, set up or blackmailed is being very naive. After the near collapse of his empire and those who came to rescue him, the signs point to his Bilderberg vetting long ago and the whole stinking agenda was geared to hoodwink the masses that an outsider could really ever get elected to puppet in chief. Much of this is run by Roger Stone.

What killed Beranton Whisenant Jr. and was he  a victim or sacrifice, we may never know. The SPECTRE group never wastes an opportunity. Yes Donald Trump did cause his death but who caused Donald Trump? It is business as usual, post November  election and Hillary, Obama continue to work behind the scenes with Trump and Company, only to pop their sick heads out to play the anti-Trump con-game. Deep down they are confederates and Trump likes both of them.

The “Hollywood” Police are as crooked as any from Miami to Mar Lago. I know first hand and fled the crime syndicate turf in south Florida. This murder investigation will go the way of many other as unsolved or with some poor patsy placed in the mix. If this man is really not dead, even I would be surprised. This American Spring is going to happen. Those forces which have come across the borders, been flown in through the corrupt SB1 and other visa programs and those GLADIO operative who could never pass an immigration vetting are the ones we should really be concerned with.

If their hoax and crimes are revealed, so will the two party deep state collusion. Treason and spies can be hung. This may be the goal before the event. Civil uprising far beyond black lives and the LA riots but I remember what Kissinger said back then and it is a real possibility that the whole fake event seems real enough to provoke a staged alt-right, patriot game scenario. The real Trump agenda. These psyops follow the predictive programming of Jade Helm, UWEX and the greater goal of burning America to the ground and then rebuilding the NWO One World from the ground up.

“Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” (Henry Kissinger, at the 1991 Bilderberger Conference held in Evians, France. 1991.)

What were the 39 cases he was working on? What were the possible information leaks he may have been provided? What immigration visas and passport fraud files did he possess? As we know Trump refugee numbers are larger than Obama’s. This ridiculous Federal Court circus is a con as well. Trump could by decree )E.O.) simply reduce the numbers of entrees without the need to pass a law, bypassing the deep state congress and his own CFR traitor staff. It’s so obvious the game is to create the tension required to bring it to a boil.

Time to move beyond the dead or not dead and see the larger picture. These people like George Webb, H.A. Goodman and others are good at investigating but I think they fall short of the conclusion and the deeper program. You have to start looking at the connections to fast & furious, Benghazi, Scalia SCOTUS and the other events which all connect to the New World and Old Order.

They would not want to kill these judges and prosecutors and then bury the bodies, leaving them as missing persons as it would raise bigger suspicions and leave cases open. Therefore, the idea is to use their history against them such as in the case of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, trying to make it a suicide. Where Whisenant could not be made a suicide due to his history, a random crime would have to be employed. But the fact that Seth Rich and Whisenant had personals on them after the fact seems to make one think that they are “warnings” and sacrificed. This may mean the victims had no real insider knowledge or if they did, there were others who may have received a message letting them know not to end up like Salaam or Whisenant.

It’s the best conspiracy play I know of. You make it unlikely a random killing yet there will never be enough evidence to confirm it. You get the maximum benefit and in Whisenant’s case you get to add Donald Trump and the Russians into the mix as the haters who were the cause. Just like the idea that Climate Hoax is the reason for ISIS and the Refugee Crisis. Don’t kid yourself that a segment of the idiot population will buy it. The MSM narrative will play every angle to their benefit. It further fragments the base, divides the split even wider and adds more deflection to the real event and truth which is the primary goal or reason for the event itself.

This Hollywood area is rich with Mossad agents as Boca Raton is for criminal white collar operatives. It is also a haven for their consiglieres as major law firms. Those that covered the butts of 911 operatives were well known as firms like Greenberg Traurig and other DC and Florida based firms. Florida provides friendlier financing and property benefits for criminals and Boca Raton is a good one from the days of the pirates when the French would bring their loot to the “Rat’s Mouth”

Five Facts you need to know – HEAVY SNOPES:

The cause of death – including whether Whisenant was murdered – was still under investigation. However, The Miami Herald reported that the death “is being investigated as a crime” by the Hollywood Police Department.

Just remove the quotation marks and see who likely killed Beranton Whisenant. The Fraternal Order of criminal police in Freemasonry are always close to crimes. Much closer than the dumbed-down public could ever imagine. Add another body to the count.

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Who really killed Tiffany Jenks and why?

Here is one that won’t go away. It was on my list almost two years ago but I got sidetracked. I was interested in this when I found out where she worked. After watching these videos you have to suspect more to the story. It was after the Bonneville Power story I decided it was worth considering. After we lived through the Oregon Standoff which I claimed was a psyop and the Bundy ordeal which I thought was staged, we again see these events come and go and it is ever harder to track the enormous funded psyops that control the masses by deflecting the real agenda and possible links to a grander false flag.

Washington, Oregon and Northern California are hotbeds for the Bohemian Grove crazies and Fritz Springmier is a living testament to the harassment considering the railroading that sent him to jail. After the Oroville Dam event, I began to scour the web and bingo, Tiffany Jenks appeared again. So let’s revisit this event and consider the most recent information which includes the tape recording by the “Targeted” Jenks. Obviously a perfect candidate considering her “Meds” and history one would argue a candidate for a “suicided” victim, but not a random murder. How this played out certainly seems like a “FEDERAL” conspiracy which not only includes “insider trading” but a greater connection to a false flag event that could paralyze the notheast as we have been recently entrained with the Oroville Dam saga.

The MK-Ultra program is only one part of what may be a sacrificial slaying, a possible “fence mending” for a possible major fraud case and a scenario that greatly matches the film I have posted here and referred to often, namely TELEFON. This is the Charles Bronson movie that had my conspiracy antennae up during the first cold war. The movie was a real eye opener when you consider the current Soviet and West flip. To consider the 180 degree shift, you can begin to see how and why I predicted this shift after the fall of the Soviet Union. Once you piece it together with the universal socialist shift of the free world and add the refugee watering down, the New World Order is much clearer. The pillars of the scheme is to destroy the nations, sovereignty, inheritance, family, patriotism and religion. So the UN ICLEI will also end private property, ergo Bundy Ranch.

This predictive programming has been going on since TV began. Years of Mickey Mouse mind control through the New Disney psyop films of today. As Walt Disney, master mason and pedophile rings have shown us, pizza is abundant and traveling the streets of neighborhoods across America. How we choose to see the world at this point is a choice. Based upon the “fake” news, if you believe in it then you must believe the goal is to fake the real news as well. Or at least cover it up. I can psyche myself up to a point where I can imagine mind controlled victims at the helms (Jade) of the green projects. These include dams, power plants, bridges, nuclear installations and more. If you have not ever seen Telefon, it’s worth a look. Even Donald Pleasence as the Russian Handler for the sleeping triggers in the USA was a good choice considering his casting as Ernst Blofeld (SPECTRE) in the 007 psyops series.

I have added some links to round out the conspiracy with the official story. Of course the official story always has gaping holes. Just like Blackburn Lancashire, the Tavistockians filled holes with targeted individuals. Regardless of the phony stories regarding the holes, you can take my version to the bank. It’s mind controlled individuals. As we celebrate the fifty year anniversary of Sgt. Peppers mind control, I wonder this day, when the heads of the EPA, BLM, FDA and other agenda 21 orgs go the seminars at nice hotels and venues, do alcohol and drugs and mind control handlers arrive as well to pick the victims for their nefarious endeavors? Was Tiffany one such individual? Smart girl, a girl in trouble, a hydrologist who ran 21 dams for the Bonneville Power Administration,  I am not surprised that this is an affiliate of the DoE Department of Energy, a well known human experimentation entity within the USA Incorporation of Criminals and the idea of insider trading of power  and the manipulation of water flows could certainly be a money factor. The real 800 pound gorilla is the possibility of a false flag and enormous NWO event. You can decide for yourselves if her job made her a candidate for Manchuria or Russia or the NWO agenda 21. She dies at 35 during Obama who is the 8. While Trump the 7 wildcard prepares us for what is coming, this location would be a perfect place to start.  Terror can never be quite as exciting as a major power grid failure or dam flood at the “River of Power”

Illuminati kill Tiffany Jenks, Monarch slave running 21 Bonneville dams False Flag

Her life was possessed!

Tiffany Jenks murder case: ‘Her life was stolen’

Illuminati assassinated Tiffany Jenks, Monarch mind control slave running 21 Bonneville Power Authority dams for False Flag: Native American John S. Captain

Here’s a story full of holes

Scenes from a murder: The killing of Tiffany Jenks


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MSM Playhouse – Comey Testimony


Here is the replay of the Jim Comey testimony from HEAVY / SNOPES propaganda portal. More Mind Control from the two party  congressional crime syndicate.

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Those Pesky Little Lead Books

711-811 – Return of the Jordan Codices

Scholars begin to unlock mystery of Jordanian lead books, and say they are genuine – 15 May 2017


On the eve of destruction, tax reductions and the rest of the Agenda 21 to NWO transition, the timely return of the Jesus Codices and Jesuit programming is upon us. The appearance and disappearances of ancient artifacts continues.

The hoard consists of up to 70 ring-bound books (codices) made of lead and copper. Many of them are sealed on all sides. Scrolls, tablets and other artefacts, including an incense bowl, were also found at the same site. Some of the lead pages are written in a form of archaic Hebrew script with ancient messianic symbols. Some of the writing appears to be in a form of code.


PDF – What are the Jordan Codices?

Revelation 5 – The Scroll and the Lamb
5 Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. 2 And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” 3 But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it. 4 I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside. 5 Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Follow the plot – conspiracy

More evidence of the financial crash as step one in Agenda 21 and project bluebeam. The numbers consistent with the time. History in sync with the fake news and only knowledge and preparations are in order right now – Chaos

In case you have not paid too much attention to the religious and cultural agenda of CIA ISIS and the Arab Spring 911-811 a perfect primer is here.

Known as ASOR Heritage Cultural Initiatives and funded by the U.S. State Department declare the Cultural Heritage in Peril.

Certain objectives are in play. Cleverly initiated by the Joo-joo-bees the Vatican and Tel-Aviv crews have been busy controlling the narrative and by their mission of omission may look to suppress or co-opted for their agenda. Reshaping history and artifact alike. You can decide for yourself what the Jordan Codices are in the scheme of the program but there are many clues to the real or staged events of these books and the timeline since their release. Along with a massive amount of fraud and forgeries, this one won’t go away. What I see is an attempt of agents to get forgeries into the mix and scatter the books like Babylon and the nations.

#57 This state of division into many nations is at once cosmic, social and religious. It is intended to limit the pride of fallen humanity [10] united only in its perverse ambition to forge its own unity as at Babel.[11] But, because of sin, both polytheism and the idolatry of the nation and of its rulers constantly threaten this provisional economy with the perversion of paganism.[12] -33

10 Cf. Acts 17:26-27
11 Cf. Wis 10:5; Gen 11:4-6
12 Cf. Rom 1:18-25

The Jordan Codices are a mystery and conspiracy running since 2011 when made known through press release to date 2017.  The changes in ACOR-ASOR and the Department of Antiquities appear to be to reject the authenticity and quell any further investigation. If  Elkington actually has a tape recording of the threats he should publish it. If he is a fraud and running this scam for another purpose, it should be revealed after this year. The current tests done seem to indicate it is worthwhile to collect an impartial cross section of linguists, scientists and historians to complete an investigation.  But the first thing is to get the real collection together at one location and weed out fakes and those who will compromise the investigation.

Seems there is an increase in the thefts, destruction and news on possible discoveries like the Lead Books.  There also is a rise in the ancient alien agenda and more bizarre psy-ops coming from the Technocracy team. They do not have much of a problem putting their names on these research subjects, but they sure shy away from things like the Jordan Codices.  While they look to recreate the destroyed artifacts like temple of Bel in Palmyra Syria, it seems they would also like to recreate forgeries of genuine Christian antiquities and bury the originals and all provenance.  No telling what the Vatican Archives are holding that might be a game changer. But the evidence of threats to science and histroical researchers is documented.

“Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end” – Daniel 12.4.




ISSA – 911
Turkey 1500 year old bible (Barnabas)

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Jeff Bezos has had a ride similar to the NWO rise of Bill Gates Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and other corptocracies that are “made” by the NWO, Mafia Bankers, Wall Street and Media Manipulators. Like the Moguls of the past, the new billionaires are “made men” and their competition is “whacked” like the offers they cannot refuse. What it happening in Jeff Bezos empire is very interesting over the last several years.

He buys the Washington Post, a classic Skull and Bones Yale Media Propaganda rag and sets up shop with the CIA. He receives a $600 million dollar contract (no low bid) with the CIA, enforcer of Global Terrorism and then begins his Amazon Web Cloud Services for the Government Firewall, a mere protection racket for those who are up to speed on the secret government global grid operations.

What is behind this agenda other than the usual conspiracy of money and redistribution of wealth, is pretty frightening. Not that most of the covert operation under Bluebeam and Jade Helm are not as scary but the merging of the corp-technocracy to the CIA and Military Industrial Complex is especially sinister. After the staged leaks, hacks and crypto-currency agendas, the reality is set up as this cloud is the only safe place. Yes it is safe from everything but the nine eyes of the committee and their consiglieres and enforcers. These are the Masters of the Human Domain  and the World Wide Web is part of it.

Eventually Bezos will have to fork over foundation money after he takes the giant lead in cloud service hosting and enterprise computing.

Amazon shares break above $1,000 for the first time ever


MUST READ THIS (if not the other links)

Why Amazon’s Data Centers Are Hidden in Spy Country

Once in a while—not quite often enough to be a crisis, but just often enough to be a trope—people in the United States will freak out because a huge number of highly popular websites and services have suddenly gone down. For an interminable period of torture (usually about 1-3 hours, tops) there is no Instagram to browse, no Tinder to swipe, no Github to push to, no Netflix to And Chill.

When this happens, it usually means that Amazon Web Services is having a technical problem, most likely in their US-East region. What that actually means is that something is broken in northern Virginia. Of all the places where Amazon operates data centers, northern Virginia is one of the most significant, in part because it’s where AWS first set up shop in 2006. It seemed appropriate that this vision quest to see The Cloud across America which began at the ostensible birthplace of the Internet should end at the place that’s often to blame when large parts of the U.S. Internet dies.

The Big Players
AWS-Amazon Web Services – CIA
Microsoft – NSA
Google – NSA/CIA

If you look at the article above and the photos you get the same image of the FEMA camps, the nondescript facilities behind high fences and CCTV cameras. I find myself getting disconnected from sites of alternative nature all the time and get these messages.

We found one AWS data center surprisingly easily, through a news story rather than an obscure government document. Earlier this year, an under construction AWS data center in Ashburn caught fire. Conveniently, the exact address was included in the story.

Ingrid Burrington

The site may have been a project of real-estate investment trust, Corporate Office Properties Trust, a company that’s been a personal pet interest of mine for a while. Due to SEC regulations COPT hasn’t publicly disclosed the actual tenant or their particular role in building new AWS data centers in northern Virginia, but reports of COPT building an AWS data center in 2013 surfaced a few months before the CIA announced they’d awarded a $600 million contract to Amazon to build cloud services for the U.S. intelligence community. COPT only got into the data-center business a few years ago after focusing most of their efforts on building and managing office parks for defense contractors next to military outposts.

Amazon was no the low bidder but secured the contract. Why?

CIA Cloud over Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post, which launched the petition, said that “the Amazon-CIA deal is apt to be just the start.” The group added: “Amazon’s offer wasn’t the low bid, but it won the CIA contract anyway by offering advanced high-tech ‘cloud’ infrastructure. … Bezos is personally and publicly touting Amazon Web Services — and Amazon will be seeking future CIA contracts.”

Remember In-Q-Tel  #57 – Yes this is my theory why he got the contract.  I know the backdoors to Bezos and the CIA are connected by the  Bald Head Boys. Have you heard of the bald head conspiracy? Look at Jeff Bezos, John Clapper, John Brennan and Michael Hayden. Synonymous with power.

Scary Jeff, the book banner, propaganda peddler and information seller

What I really want to know is who laundered the drug,  child trafficking money before the contract was signed.


Cloudflare – CIA

‘Occupy’ poll server host has CIA connection
By China Daily in Hong Kong

Activists Target Cloudflare For Enabling Hate Sites
A San Francisco company providing security to websites is under pressure for the vitriol running through its network.


Cloudflare Secretly Gave White Supremacists Their Critics’ Contact Info for Years

Serious Bug Exposes Sensitive Data From Millions Sites Sitting Behind CloudFlare

So should we believe Cloudflare is not CIA? A nice Honeypot operation? Or are we watching the same kind of attacks that happened to competitors or independents that are not in the AMAZON Swamp?  There is something very chilling to me in the enterprise of NWO full spectrum dominance and the focus on setting up a major game changer online.  Whether Cloudflare is a patsy, involved in the deep state corporations or being used as a trap is unknown.  I know it’s one of the three but any of the possibilities just reminds up that the information grid and global governance surveillance state is here.

I have little doubt Amazon will come out on top in this pyramid Madoff Scheme and that  the whole thing stinks like the Swamp that it is.  When the day comes when we all know, the cloud will make America the darkest continent of all.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Quietly Visits Israel
read more:

After the CIA contract, can you say MOSSAD?

If you did not Know, now you will.  It should be Obvious to Americans and other populations that a CONSPIRACY does indeed exist for Slow Kill of useless eaters (term is generally attributed to Dr. Henry Kissinger).

Why would we believe a conspiracy exists at the highest levels?

  1.  We look UP, and see Chemtrails being sprayed almost daily world-wide, and especially over the U.S. and off our coasts to be blown.
  2. We look around us, and note Big Pharma with their grotesque Cancer-fighting “techniques”, and their ultra-dangerous Vaccine “programs”, and their Prescription drug “remedies”.
  3. We shop at grocery stores and note the hideous display of non-food chemically laden packaged “foods” and beverages.  GMO is “Banned” in Russia, why not the U.S.?  Why the fight over GMO labeling in the U.S.?  Shouldn’t people know what’s in their food?  Not according to the U.S. PTB.
  4. We note that America “Fluoridates” its citizens water supplies.  We don’t know what else they put in our water.  We note that our “government” allowed a massive operation spraying “Corexit” over the Gulf of Mexico after the False Flag oil gusher there.  Corexit is “Banned” in and around Europe.  Why would U.S. authorities allow this poisoning of already poisoned waters — with a Banned chemical.
  5. Etc., etc…

So many egregious and opposite-of-common sense activities obviously sanctioned by TPTB.

Enjoy your Count Chocula this morning.

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Who killed Zbig Brzezinski and why?


TRUMP 711 – DEAD AT 89

After Roger Moore 89, (5) a sacrificial  event, Zbig dies at 89 (7) May to October, the event is shaping up quite nicely for the Illuminati.  Take into consideration the RUSSIAN connection and how this is playing out.  There is only the critical thinkers that see the real Russian connection is to the liberal wing of the paradigm of DC.

The public sees the TRUMP team connections to business dealings with the illusionary Russia but it’s the Liberal wing that operated with the Soviet Era Putin FSB-KGB.  (612-272)  which is part of the 911 cycle that started back after the Reagan administration. Gorby Park: When the transformation of the Soviet Union met the NWO, the collapse happened the same way we are collapsing. Debt, Chaos, External pressure and a series of bankster frauds and psyops that crushed the union with little effort.  Watch TRUMP play the cards necessary to do the same.

Zbig’s death is not a case of natural causes but a specific numerology marker. If you think Joe Scarborough and Mika are not involved, you should refresh yourself on the tandem Vatican Assassin team.  Here is the quick scoop on the blackmail that holds Morning Joe in line.

I think it is still easier to control a million people than to kill them if you want a NWO. It may be easier to kill a million if you intend to kill them all. If you intend on transforming only then you have to control.  What was the deathbed confession or possible reason to take him out?   If Trump & Co. intend on the plan to take down the EU and put NATO (Arab) included, into the Global Governance scheme, then I think that would eventually become clear to the NWOrderphiles that the “control” method would be better at any cost. So we look to the complete media takeover, the digital takeover, graphics and staging entities and the demise of the libraries and newspapers as a means to accomplish it.

What is a cold war?  The strategy of tension and the CFR, Trilateral designs we have seen since the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. What a cost! If you look at this by itself in time and money, blood and treasure, the Risk Board movements are really off the charts.  Zbig was instrumental in 911 pre-ops, from JFK to the October Surprise. Similarly was Kissinger also a strategic player in the conspiracy.

When you look to the events from Eisenhower to our current puppet, the concept of conspiracy theory is now openly connected to these people and organizations and the creation of the term “CT” was planned as a tool to negate the truth or theories of how the Hegelian Dialectic works in geopolitical and NWO transformations.

If this is what we believe then we may have to see that the need to remove those who have had long histories of involvement and potentially risky retirees and possible threats should be helped to their resting places. The questions is, are there mathematical or ritual numerology involved in this process.  This CT says yes.

As I watch the geo-political programming and false flags via covert black ops by the GLADIO C teams, the information seems to always support it. Right now I would say the number one goal for the NWO and Trump Chump are to play the Russia card and ruin Iran. That is the CFR open overt goal.  While the Afghan triple cross plays out, the Ukrainian process is just another Afghan TRIAD all over again. Remember how Zbig played the role of Soviet Assassin during the war. How it transmuted to our war and how it will continue to bankrupt us while making the covert committee richer in opium.

Putin hates America, not the NWO. Zbig hated Soviet Russia, not Putin. The grand chessboard is in play, the King takes Bishop.  If you look at the Polonium Tea Leaves, you can find many reasons for the Trump con-game and how this instrumental administration must play out in order to create global crisis and conflict.  Compare to Obama’s time and the balance of counterbalance at work.  There are many clues to Zbig’s demise and timing.

I highlight these for relevance and impact. The BACKDOOR CHANNELS are here

I often use the term “incompetence” here. Please let me stress again the complete nonsense of this. In the big game, intelligence leaks are as important as the intelligence itself. If you do not have the intelligence, the agenda is to then leak the lie or false intelligence to go fishing for the real intelligence. This is why I have called Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and a few others like Greenwald as major psy-ops, just like Holyrood versus Hollywood. In fact the Hollywood versions are often better than the CIA operation and productions.

Tim Ossman (aka Osama Bin -Laden) was a Zbig deal in the future of the al-CIAda program coming from the Opium operations of the Mujaheddin to the current I$I$.  So did Zbig just openly say too much about his role in the big game? I think so.  SPECTRE seems so possible as we listen to the insiders. Revitalize the West? Wow, is this the TRUMP Plan or what? Does DEMONCRACY prove out to be the shining light of the world? I hardly think the case can be made in the Arab Spring. They did much better in the world wars and other regime changes during the last fifty years that preceded the Spring of the War on Terror.  Since that time the real agenda of the 21st century has been littered with clear evidence of how democracy sees massive deaths in the objective of order.


The “by design”  plan as stated was to invoke the “Awakening” which will lead the sovereign nations and their leaders into chaos, retaliation by the people who demand change and while this is all fine and dandy, the idea relies on the government corruption which are the “actors” and “insiders” who destroy the nations. Regime change and the global order are then installed and when the crisis comes the power shifts to a world authority. The ignorant masses yearning for their little piece of the piE are duped into what will be the hellish reality of the NWO.

With Zbig’s death we can look at the Media News and see when the royal lineage of sacrifices occurs you never get news until the death. There is no information regarding his health, no info on when he was rushed to Fairfax CIA HQ hospitality known as Inova Healthcare. Why is there no fifth floor at Inova Fairfax Hospital? Coto knows why. That’s where all McLean Fairfax CIA go to die.

In regards to the timing of Roger Moore’s death at 89, the clear numerology is just not another coincidence. There is Mathematics in their madness.  The Vortex must remain in sync.  His family announced his death in Switzerland from a brief battle with cancer on 23rd May 2017 = 5   (born 10/14/27)  = 7 , while Zbig also is a 57.

Funny that Roger Moore played Bond from “Live and Let Die until A View to a Kill. 7 Films in all.

Live And Let Die (1973)

The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Moonraker (1979)

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Octopussy (1983)

A View To A Kill (1985)

This was during the height of the Cold War. It is ever presently clear we are on a collision course with the Russian Threat. Seems that something is afoot with these two sacrificial ritual killings.  Death by rapid cancer or injection by NWO.

711 – 811



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Ariana Grande and Apparitions of the NWO



ANOTHER HOMEGROWN TERRORIST British-born bomber Salman Abedi, 22, was a Manchester United supporting son of Libyan refugees as cops search his home.

Cops revealed the identity of the lone wolf attacker, of Libyan descent, after raiding his house in Fallowfield today

ANOTHER HOMEGROWN TERRORIST British-born bomber Salman Abedi, 22, was a Manchester United supporting son of Libyan refugees as cops search his home.

Cops revealed the identity of the lone wolf attacker, of Libyan descent, after raiding his house in Fallowfield today

your 322 fatima I$I$ lone wolf completely staged event.


THE British-born suicide bomber who killed 22 innocent victims and maimed 120 others in a sickening terror attack at Manchester Arena was a Man U fan and the son of Libyan refugees.

Salman Abedi, 22, who was born in Manchester, was behind the deadly nail bomb massacre at the Ariana Grande concert that ISIS has now claimed responsibility for.

Cops revealed the identity of the attacker after raiding his house in Fallowfield today where a forensic officer was seen holding a “know your chemicals” booklet.

Dramatic footage shows the moment cops raided the suicide bomber’s home in the Fallowfield area of Manchester

When I$I$ takes responsibilty you should know the Smith-Mundt CIA crisis team is at work. The MI6 Tavistock Group and Jesuit Freemasons are at work. The Libyan and Brexit connections are obvious and the FATIMA 100 year anniversary. Perfect timing.


The Ariana Grande backdrop so suited for the Jesuit Joo-Joo Kabbalistic Rhythm of the Trumpster – May and Brexit cycle. There is tonnes of Numerology here and it will go in the comments sectio. As an Italian by descent, this is a perfect link to the Jesuit forces coming hard into play for this cycle.  Trumps visit to the to the Vatican is preceded by this Ritual Event.


As Trump lands in Rome, can all roads lead to peace with Pope Francis?

One man wakes up before dawn each day for hours of prayer and meditation, eschews television and vacations, and has decried the morally bankrupting temptations of wealth, vanity and pride.

The other begins each morning feasting on morning cable news shows, has played golf more than 21 times and visited his luxury Florida resort seven times since becoming the US president, and delights in publicly eviscerating his enemies.

The personal, political, intellectual, and spiritual differences between Donald Trump and Pope Francis are vast.

Oh, what an apparition. The Holy See in full view. The SPECTRE’s of NWO give us the optics and the narrative of real news, only to give the obvious clues of the false flag reality of an ever increasing dumbed down audience.  It is clear to me what will be discussed during this meeting. The actors, the protagonist and antagonists roles played by the virtual reality shape shifting landscapes are merely the Sun Worshipping axis of evil getting prepared for the main event. I have no doubt somewhere along this trip several innocents were likely throat cut, but they cannot show up those, so instead we get the fabricated fake crisis nonsense as a marker of the time.

Take solace in the fact that nobody died in Manchester but do take note of the hour.


As we approach the Global Crisis D-Day, the deliverance into the new world order by deception, please note the optics and narratives that the Gatekeepers and Guardians offer.

The pair had a rocky start to their relationship. Francis is a diplomat at heart, but when he was asked about a plan by then-candidate Trump to build a wall between the US and Mexico, Francis said that a person who “thinks only about building walls … is not Christian”. In turn, Trump called the remark “disgraceful” and said no man had the right to question another man’s faith.

That “PAIR” can handle all the details just fine as they are of one mind and faith. Just as coto is of one mind we can take see the Blue Apples and the Fatima as the ongoing fruits of the NWO.


The real meat is here for those interested in the real time.

Fatima, the Templars and the coming apparition:  Let’s stay on track for 2017 and September and look to Friday the 13th 2017 as a trigger date. Friday the 13th (October, 2017) and remember the financial and fates of Christians on those dates of importance. The American Spring turns to the Fall of American exceptionaism. We could not script it any better.  Trump trumps all. The Wild Card is revealed. This year gets real exciting real fas and next year 2018 is off the charts (711) the maximum for 811 cycle

You can set your watches to the Googleplex, the historical time and frequencies from the Fake Stream Media but the best clues come from the Prestige and Watchers who can decode these events and timeline the present situations. Though now it’s more difficult due to DDOS attacks, psyops and other chaos based deflection and diversions. NASA, Israel and the Vatican should always be on your radar.  Trumps trip is packed with ritual and he’s not royalty right? Wrong.  All roads lead to Black Nobility and the Merovingian’s.
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The Good Shepherd

I watched this last year but never got to complete the post I was going to write on 911, the 811 vortex and Freemasons-Jesuit Mind Controllers from Tavistock. It was one of several quick studies in the Vortex numerology and psychological operations associated with project bluebeam which will be advanced in the coming 611 cycle. As we now getting acquainted with Trump 711, a reminder of the eleven in the scheme where 11 is the fool or as we may know the flock, the sheeple, the lambs, the manipulated masses under the total spectrum of the electromagnetic visual audio network [EVAN] of the committee and council of nine.  Once you develop a strategic correlation of religious, political, social and financial goals by the Masonic Order, the ‘all’ of history becomes a complete FAB FOUR., but in fact it’s always the 3 and 6 ruled by 9 and anything over that is unreal excluding the financial slavers use of the base 10 system of tax.  For those of us Boomers who were born in the contrarian time of the counter-intelligence culture psy-op, we were unwitting mind-controlled of a Tavistock MI6 CIA program that until 1976 was just conspiracy. After the Church Committee hearings and numerous deaths of key members like the twin Johns, Heinz and Tower, KAL007 and Dr. Larry McDonald, the need to move these programs really went way underground and into private corporations.  What the Laurel Canyon ops and other later revelations bring to the forefront are more and more obvious as time marches forward. Unfortunately so is the lack of real information as the books and transcripts disappear and the Googleplex and Cloud obscure truth in an ever growing INGSOC system. How long we have any information other than the official story is only a matter of time. How long we are able to critically decode what is and what is not is not much further away if things go as planned.  Too much and too little time.

FOLLOW VORTEX MATH. 147-258-369 and look for 911-811 references and the continuum of the 1966 to 2001 (8) to  date use of the Freemasonic numerology. You can find it after this great video if you delve into Laurel Canyon Weird Scenes and look at the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison.

After the death (murder by cancer) of Dave McGowan in 2015 and other (hole fillings) from the music and entertainment industries of Illuminati alchemy and financial indices connected, the historical path is littered with bodies and conspiracies.

Now you know how many holes it takes to fill the Royal  Hall.

We are somewhere between 4000 and 5000.


{Your Sunday Daily Reflection —}

Come!  Enjoy vicariously the exceedingly expensive and opulent “Vacation” the ex-criminals are enjoying at your expense (for years to come).  Pictures & descriptions of the criminally rich & infamous will astound you — as you argue with your spouse about whether or not you should rent the $85/night room or the $95 with a free continental breakfast.  1 night or 2?  Should you fly or drive?  Check your “savings”!  Then — its back to work for YOU.

Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany

  • Barack and Michelle Obama flew into a Tuscany military base on Friday, escorted by six fighter jets
  • They were escorted in a 13-car motorcade to Borgo Finocchieto, a refurbished 14th century village
  • The five-building, six-acre space is owned by Obama’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips
  • It features 22 bedrooms, multiple saunas and Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, a gym and a basketball court
  • It’s also surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that can be explored by car, helicopter or even hot air balloon
  • The Obamas, who have been on multiple vacations since leaving the White House, will reportedly visit Florence and Siena during their vacation
obamas bird
Obama Greeting Trump
Obama Flipping Trump Off
Feel the LOVE!

Note:  Not that the couple are likely to have paid, as it’s owned by the ex-president’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips (As appointed by Obama).

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Who killed Roger Ailes and why?

TRUMP – 777


Roger Ailes Cause of Death: How Did Ailes Die? – CIA Heavy/Snopes disinfo via TMZ

What was his cause of death?

According to TMZ, Ailes died after he “fell at his Florida home 8 days ago and hit his head.” TMZ reports: “We’re told Ailes fell unconscious and his condition went downhill. Our sources say he fell into a coma Wednesday and died Wednesday night.”

New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman reported that Ailes died of a blood clot. “Per 2nd family friend on cause of death: Ailes fell in Palm Beach and had a blood clot from the fall. He suffered complications,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sherman noted, “Several days ago, Ailes called a friend and said, “Well, if you want to know if I’m suicidal the answer is no.” He tweeted, “Ailes suffered whole life from hemophelia, had multiple surgeries and joint replacements.”

THE PALM BEACH STORY – You can ask why the 8 Day blackout on the “FALL” but the seven day disclosure is clear. This was an assassination. A murder from day one to day eight. Whether he was knocked out and given the cardio-coronary or stroke clot like other assassinations for the Media is unknown. Like Tim Russert and others, the assault could have been poisoning, syringe or EMR assault. As a Palm Beach resident I can tell you the murders there are always interesting.

Ailes died on May 17, and Fox News, which he notoriously led until resigning in July over sexual harassment accusations, confirmed his death the next day.

In addition, Ailes had suffered a series of health issues over the years. At times, he had trouble walking on his own. New York Magazine reported in a profile about Ailes that Ailes, who was born in May 1940 in Warren, Ohio, “suffered from hemophilia.”

Perfect setup for a hemophiliac, hospital and hitman. Away from his wife is also very important when dealing with the narrative. If he was in New York after the time with wife in Palm Beach then there was a flight back and time there in New York to complete the assassination. The news blackout was good as well. This gives the stroke time to happen before the final script and treatment is finished.


Throughout his life, as a result, he “was often homebound from school, so he spent hours on the living-room couch watching variety shows and Westerns,” reported the magazine, which led to his fascination with television.

Ailes’ wife, Elizabeth, released a statement confirming that Ailes had died on the Drudge Report, which broke the story. Here’s what that statement said: I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger Ailes, passed away this morning. Roger was a loving husband to me, to his son Zachary, and a loyal friend to many. He was also a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise—and to give back. During a career that stretched over more than five decades, his work in entertainment, in politics, and in news affected the lives of many millions. And so even as we mourn his death, we celebrate his life…

Who’s  celebrating his death? The Deep State? Look at the sexual predator being helped to the car. The “horny hemopheliac” I always thought the crypto Jesuit-Joo Murdoch orchestrated all the hits on Ailes, O’Reilly and Trump. I think he leaked info for year, even before he was caught and went to court over surveillance. The extortion and blackmail were used heavily by the NEWS skull and bones and MI6, and Murdoch was a pro. Now his son comes to move out the last of the horses before they are completely operating under he coming INGSOC and Internet control we are waiting to emerge.

In 2008, Ailes bought The Putnam County News and Recorder (PCNR) and made Elizabeth, his wife, the paper’s publisher. He also bought the local Putnam County Courier in 2009, where Elizabeth is also publisher.

According to her bio on the paper’s site, Elizabeth was a veteran of NBC News and has a B.S. in Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. She was the first producer CNBC hired. She worked at CNBC until 1996, according to her website. You can read more about Ailes’ wife here.

What was the relationship? You can only guess but I suspect it was not as portrayed. We have wondered before why family members in these hits seem to endorse the fake narrative and propaganda published after the deaths that are far too suspicious. Seth Rich being the latest. It may be Sandy Hook style or real death but either way I always suspect the family. That is what any law enforcement investigator will tell you.

Note: Chris Cornell Cause of Death: How Did the Musician Die? (age 52 = 7)

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found dead while on tour, reports say. He was 52-years old at the time of his death. How did he die?

What else do we know?

Roger Ailes said the [DEEP] GOVERNMENT Was Trying to Criminalize Investigative Journalism during the Obama birther and exposure period. Those who were involved in the investigation were all silenced in some manner. THe question is whether Ailes had some information or some plan to emerge as another entity to promote this investigation. He was not a Trump fan we know and I reported back during the election that FOX was exposing Donald Trump and then the shit hit the fan. O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly and other Trump investigators who know Trump Liberalism in Conservative clothing were banished quickly after Ailes was assassinated. Roger Ailes is no hero but at least he would go after the frauds. But as you see now, FOX is all on board the Trump train.

He continues, “We reject the government’s efforts to criminalize the pursuit of investigative journalism and falsely characterize a Fox News reporter to a Federal judge as a ‘co-conspirator’ in a crime.”

“The administration’s attempt to intimidate Fox News and its employees will not succeed and their excuses will stand neither the test of law, the test of decency, nor the test of time. We will not allow a climate of press intimidation, unseen since the McCarthy era, to frighten any of us away from the truth.”

“To be a Fox journalist is a high honor, not a high crime.”

Shades of Watergate paranoia? Seems like this BS is more nonpartisan than everyone thought. Interesting now after recent Saturday Massacres and Deep throat leaks, wouldn’t you say? Maybe the NWO psychological operation is all scripted and Roger Aile’s and Seth Rich are having a beer in Tahit,i but this SWS, true or false is leading the edge of what is coming. Trump is looking at Lieberman for FBI post? Who’s kidding who? If this isn’t a Bif Burger for the Blue Team then I am an order of curley fries.

Who cannot remember the transient Joe Lieberman? AL Gore (D) buddy to independent and GOP loving McCain Maruader in a swift and obvious Joo-joo-bee assignment. A no label approach? Remember when he wanted to label Americans as Enemy Beligerents?

Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act

Ha ha! That’s a good one. No labels, no nothing, a new world order. I bet Roger Ailes would have a lot to say on the fake Trump presidency thus far if he had not been gagged, bound and assassinated. No labels can describe the Murdoch sons and their stakeholders. This is some form of conspiracy to role play the divide and conquer, same as Trump though we should follow the COTO tenets that the two wings are still one bird and that Fox has merely cleaned the last of the too powerful to risk in this agenda. Granted the game requires FOX to remain as the “conservative” wing of the Fake News, to say that the players must be willing to follow the rules and roles is clear. The power is gone. Tucker Carlson, the Alex Jones FOX connection is a real player. He was instrumental in the Andrew Breitbart assassination (SWS) and again that event may have been a psyop but either way it solved another “risk” and possible leak in their big plan.

The Ailes network that the Murdoch boys had vowed to reform is still the Ailes network and, in spite of their best efforts otherwise, they have saved $100 million.

Not really. The network is now in full control of the Murdoch’s and deep state directives. The real cons are still there, the too big to risk are gone. I have not seen Kelly on NBC but FOX has not missed a dollar beat and the new TRUMPERY has lifted ratings since Kelly’s departure. The Deep State wins, divide and conquer peaks and the game continues. You can expect the continuation of the paradigm. If you watch a CNN prime time and FOX prime time you will almost never see the same news. They have managed now to almost completely invert the props and points.

They continue to increase the fake news creation evenly to match the others “breaking” bad. It’s completely operating in the vortex with 3-9-6 precision. CNN will not even mention Seth Rich nor likely NBC and CBS, but now we can expect FOX to get more conspiratory and really heat up the divide and conquer as Trump is the change from divider Obama, times two. Trump mistreatment and attack should get so vehement and so outrageously staged that the lid will blow at some point. The question is why it was never reported that Trump was elated when Roger Ailes was canned. He even said he was treated better after the trio were gone.

Where is the smoking gun?
Fox’s Sexual Harassment Payouts May Be Under Investigation, Lawyer of Accuser Suggests

This is interesting.
Fox sex settlement probe expands to second agency, report says

and this too.
Feds Widen Investigation Into Potential Misconduct at Fox News

New York magazine writer Gabriel Sherman, who wrote a book about Ailes, has said that the former chairman maintained a kind of “black ops” team that was used to harass anyone Ailes didn’t like—including reporters—and that this team was paid using Fox News funds.

How deep this rabbit hole goes is intersting and how Comey, Lynch & Co. play into these investigations. We will have to see if further revelations regarding Ailes emerge and what other investigations may come to light in this mess. Roger may have become a major liabiltiy as long as he was alive and holding information.

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NWO: Global Bifurcations to Singularity


The Vatican Is Looking for God in the Stars – Daily Beast

ROME—If you think faith and science can’t share common ground, think again. Experts in both realms met last week at the Vatican Observatory to prove their theory that you can’t have one without the other. “If you have no faith in your faith, that is when you will fear science,” said Brother Guy Consolmagno the Vatican’s chief astronomer, whose works include such titles as “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?

Brother Consolmagno led the three-day conference called Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Spacetime Singularities at the Vatican Observatory’s Castel Gandolfo labs outside of Rome, the former papal summer residence that is remote enough to allow for clear stargazing with minimal light pollution.

He challenged astronomers, cosmologists. and other experts in the field who also believe in God to “come out” and talk about the intersection of faith and fact. What he ended up with are talks like, “The Internal Structure of Spinning Black Holes” and “The Big Bang and its Dark-Matter Content: Whence, Whither, and Wherefore.” Not once in the whole program does the word “God” or “religion” even appear, which is rare for a conference sponsored by the Vatican.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences is also absent from the scene, although it has sponsored similar events in the past to try to sort out the murky waters between hard facts and blind faith. The academy’s chancellor, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, told The Daily Beast in 2013 that the two are not mutually exclusive. “If we don’t accept science, we don’t accept reason,” said Sánchez, “and reason was created by God.”

On the question of climate science and climate change, Pope Francis is not only convinced, he’s vehement. After the election of Donald Trump’s climate-change-skeptic administration last year, the pope noted that politicians had “reacted weakly” to the needs of humanity on this score and deplored “the ease with which well-founded scientific opinion about the state of our planet is disregarded.”

Clearly, the Church has come a long way since it condemned Galileo as a heretic during the Inquisition.

Pope Francis is not the hard-core creationist some of his predecessors were (and many Evangelicals in America are). In 2014, he told a Pontifical Academy of Sciences conference not to always take the Bible literally. “When we read in Genesis the account of Creation, we risk imagining God as a magician, with a magic wand able to make everything,” Francis said. “But it is not so.”

“The Big Bang, which nowadays is posited as the origin of the world, does not contradict the divine act of creating, but rather requires it,” Francis said at the time. “The evolution of nature does not contrast with the notion of Creation, as evolution presupposes the creation of beings that evolve.”

In fact, it was Father Georges Lemaître, a Roman Catholic priest, who is credited with coming up with the first scientific equations and the “primeval Atom” that led to what we now know as the “Big Bang Theory” in the first place. The Vatican Observatory conference also honors his legacy. Lemaître, a Belgian who moonlighted as an astrophysicist, published an article in a scientific journal in about it in 1927, two years before Edwin Hubble gained widely accepted fame for the theory.

Lemaître had called his version a “cosmic egg,” which never really caught on. He was forced to straddle a tightrope in 1951 when Pope Pius XII started confusing Lemaître’s work with the Gospel, saying that the Big Bang actually represented the moment of God’s creation which, as any good Catholic knows from Catechism, took place in a matter of in six days, with God resting on the seventh day, the Sabbath, and that’s why most of us get Sundays off.

Lemaître never published his research again after that that.

“This fear of science people talk about is a myth,” Father Gabriele Gionti, one of the conference organizers said. “Lemaître always made a distinction between the beginnings of the universe and its origins. The beginning of the universe is a scientific question to date with precision when things started. The origin of the universe, however, is a theologically charged question that has nothing at all to do with a scientific epistemology.”

Nice, concise and clear. Bluebeam is a BIGLY, BIG LEAGUE,  BIG IDEA! This is not weakly vehement but I would guess mildly Nauseous for the Luciferians who have had a hard time convincing even the informed on the relativity of Global Warming to the Refugee Crisis. All the weather modification and fake data appears not to be captivating it’s audience.

The Book of Genesis gives essential blueprint of how the game is played. For biblical minded people, they can figure it out.  The new leaders emerge, the climate changes, the plagues and famine come and the leader provides food and vaccines. After you have lost everything else you are then slaves.

Project Bluebeam or the Great Delusion must deliver on all points of Lucifer’s plan. The godly ET, the Climate Catastrophe, the Mind Control, the corruption of  both church and state, The vaccines, the nanotechnology, the EMR and electromagnetic visual audio spectrum, holograms, UFO’s gravitation manipulation and the total surveillance and information grid.  If all things come to pass we will see the majority of people accept the lie, commit unspeakable acts and create armies against GOD.  The question is when and how will they open the portal necessary to usher in this deception?

That mystery may not be necessary if they have been able to create them in their labs. Deep underground, far out to the north and south poles, in space or just down the street, the pedophiles and christian killers have not been sleeping for the last hundred years. They are busy accessing all areas of science and the human mind and beginning the skirmishes of what will be large scale at some point. Trump and the Jesuit and Joos are carefully delivering this through their media analog to digital and sentient simulated reality and taking great pains to collect the data on our reaction as well as our personal dossiers in the global transformation.

Like in the days of Noah when “the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). Have we not seen enough of that with the current media and conspiracy blitz. Especially heinous since Obama arrived, not that Bush Clinton were not bad enough but we have moved to new levels of depravity. Fake news? Some. It’s not corrupting authorities as much as corrupting us.


As new generations arrive, the assault and advances in technology seems to generate and produce less and less civility, humanity but more importantly critical thinking. That’s not fake.  Political correctness is the kettle calling the pot deplorable. Is this all staged as well?  If we become wise to the art of fraud, the program’s “Wanna Cry PT” intentions and the technological magic and entertrainment aspects of Holyrood, we could easily come to the conclusion it’s all psychological operations and the same type software and hardware used for centuries with updates patches and a larger user base.  The idea is big indeed.  This is my takeaway from the Sandy Hookworm.  To this day we know that many still assume it was not a drill, a D-Wave simulation, Holyrood visual presentation and historical mind patch for the programmed public server. Like a bomb or landmine these staged events become a beta test to run on the macro level  groupthink and either complete successfully or crash on the coto based user network. We and others who block such faulty malware and reject these updates are likely to be more vulnerable at some future point. Either way it is a Bif Burger bifurcation.

To understand the bluebeam project and how it will eventually play as the rapture for all would have to cover the spectrum of disclosure for  each programmed identity. Theist, Deist, Atheist, Agnostic alike must be served.  If those who are to be left behind are then slaughtered that might solve a huge problem.  If we are to seek the truth we would have to consider these theories.

1. Are the fake news promoting and perpetuating the illusion of a false reality, assuming we are to believe that things like PizzaGate are true. Imagine they have orchestrated the whole program like Sandy Hook.  We often display our outrage that so many criminals in the elite combine escape justice. Well imagine that it is because it never happened.

2. Assuming number one, the tip of spear insured that the legality of complete propaganda would not indict them as we saw the Smith-Mundt Act repeal, NDAA and other information regarding surveillance made legal over the course of time since the Millennial change and the 911 vortex began.  Assuming one were to agree to play the antagonists of these outrageous plots they would have to have immunity, be paid handsomely or have had to have struck a plea agreement with the ruling authority.

3. This assumes that the intent as stated in the communist manifesto is to corrupt the authorities, then use them to destroy all confidence in the current government and with the ‘crisis’ engineering and total lack of confidence or trust, the masses would demand change.  The universal key is destroy to create. This includes all areas of three dimensional reality and focuses most energy on the human brains and bodies and a lesser extent on the earthly matters and societal aspects.

4. Assuming this, the change comes at the point of most critical life threatening circumstances they can engineer. It comes with the most fantastic revelation and convincing argument for skeptics by the Cryptocracy, the committee core and the new council of nine.  Adding the tenth at some future date is likely to happen soon. All paths leading up to this point were  perpetuated by years of disinformation, limited hangouts, staged events, historical fraud in education and the forces of the MindGuards who have been given far better tools than their predecessors with al gore rythyms and his fantastic internet invention.  No more wire services needed in our age of WiFi and mesh networks, now the information can be uploaded and downloaded with a Moriah breeze to conquer the mind like Metatron himself  recording, transmitting, dividing and conquering the masses in Kabbalistic ritual fashion.  This is the alter of Freemasonry and the Jesuit-Joo Cabal.

(I find INFOWARS as a good example of the MindGuards) I now find myself convinced that the Bohemian Grove event was staged for the purpose of creating controlled opposition in the form of the uncanny ride of Alex Jones & Co. From the very beginning, the demise of William “Bill” Cooper and events transpiring to 911 were almost magical or a devine miracle by the Moriah Conquerers and Jesuit-Joo Order .


5. Assuming this arrival is imminent, it is especially interesting on how they will collect the community of science who are not yet caught in the Moriah of the groupthink tanks of this singular world and  disclosure agenda. I love to decode the media and stagings of the fake news. It provides the biblical vortex code with the dianetics of media mind control to merge for the benefit of the singularity groupthink. Using the same dual edge technique you first divide, then merge, leaving the isolated to perish or assent under the slave system. We have seen this over and over again. How the vortex and fractal repeat the processes until it’s evolutionary or revolutionary consensus is completed.

Stephen Hawking And 32 Top Physicists Just Signed a Heated Letter on The Universe’s Origin 

I love the simple cryptic lexicon and numerical values in these groupthink programs. simple perfect clues to the components of Agenda 21 goals. #33 Heated Letter

In response, 33 of the world’s top physicists, including Stephen Hawking, Lisa Randall, and Leonard Susskind, have fired back by publishing their own open letter in Scientific American. The Cliff’s note version is this: they’re really angry.

Interestingly, one of Guth and Linde’s former colleagues, physicist Paul Steinhardt, is part of the trio they’re rallying against. Guth, Linde, and Steinhardt all shared the prestigious Dirac prize “for development of the concept of inflation in cosmology” back in 2002.

What a Bif Burger this is. The Dichotomy wreaks with the singularity of one world order.

But in the years since, Steinhardt has gone rogue, and has become an active critic of inflationary theory. He was one of the authors of Scientific American‘s February feature, originally titled “Pop goes the Universe”, along with Princeton physicist Anna Ijjas, and Harvard astronomer Abraham Loeb.

You can also note the referenced link in the Daily Beast’s Bif Burger as well.

Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Spacetime Singularities

An example of the Vatican move to coordinate the consensus for the consensus in an event horizon. The most complex of the programs is where the lack of evidence creates the most division. These are the more complex problems of transformation, those of the critical thinking and informed minds.

These things have huge implications in Bluebeam and require a “special”relativity if you will,  an appeal to authority by a unknown source. This may be where the rubber is to meet the road or where the event horizon meets the singularity. The opening door to the black hole and every dark matter in the arsenal of the alchemists and the Sci-Fi,  the predictive programming and cryptologists keep it incoming at amazing speed and regularity.  It is matter of time sequential transmission of an agenda that is going to break wide open at some time. The ultimate state of the universe will be less chaotic than the state of human minds when the forces of crytos and disinformation overload become so intense that we will be the ones committing the atrocities, destroying the planet and doing the bidding of the controllers. How are we doing so far?

Are the North Koreans, Congolese, Syrians the victims? Are their leaders anything like they are portrayed by the media?  How many alternative channels have you heard calling Kim Jong-Un a lunatic, a mass murderer and world nuclear threat?  Not a damned one of them ever met the man. I could call these channels and put forth he doesn’t even exist and they would call me crazy. Would it not be crazier to dress up, jump from an airplane land on the fields of Pyongpang and start killing Koreans? No,  it would not.


7 minutes and 11 seconds of a possible reality.

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NSA CIA Deep State Cyber False Flag


When the Russia Election Hack loses steam, the FBI head gets shown the door, the third stage begins. Mr Drumpf, the big brother of all surveillance drops a “Watergate” bomb. The TAPES. Meanwhile the NSA, CIA and Deep State operatives immediately get on the next chess move.   A False Flag Cyber attack.

SPECIAL: Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA Cyber Dabbling — and False Flag Cyber Attacks Blamed on Russia UPDATE 2

Since 2001 the CIA has gained political and budgetary preeminence over the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA found itself building not just its now infamous drone fleet, but a very different type of covert, globe-spanning force — its own substantial fleet of hackers.

The Snowden, Assange, CIA, NSA game continues with the perfect TRIAD for advancing the 1984 scenario. There are more tentacles on this Octopus than SPECTRE had. From FISA to CISPA, from Patriot Act to INGSOC, the game changer is coming. This appears to be a beta test for what could come as the October Surprise and another Black Monday.


WHAT WE KNOW: Nothing!


Wiki Leaks unveils Operation UMBRAGE

Well the CIA got caught with their pants down once again by Wiki Leaks. This time it comes in the form of 8,761 documents and files that were leaked in the first part of a series of leaks.For this article, we are going to look at the biggest piece of the leak. That is operation UMBRAGE. Below is directly from Wiki Leaks what operation UMBRAGE is.


CIA Training Handbook: How to Fake Intelligence Plus Case Study on Faking Russians Hacking US ELECTIONS

What an elaborate SPY vs SPY game we are witnessing.  What has taken years of setup and scripting is moving into hyper mode now. The SPECTRE game is on. Every agency and player a possible deep state member of the Organization.

So we can follow this latest episode of the reality show called TRUMP. This particular TRIAD ought to be called TRUMP DUMP MEDIA HUMP AND SHEEPLE STUMP.


I think I may call this full spectrum dominance and surveillance dialectic, Confucker. It’s the best tool for NWO transformation next to the financial crash.  While the Russia Hack and Election Fraud scam begins to lose it’s impact on the masses, the cyber terror by the SPECTRE group will carry a huge amount of force to shift the TOTAL AWARENESS SURVEILLANCE and BIG BROTHER  administration towards the ultimate mark of the beast scenario.  Buying, selling and trade, your banking cashless bitcoin con moves ahead and before you know it, you are a terrorist if you own an iPhone, Laptop or android device that isn’t embedded and programmed by the authorities.

Jeff Sessions want’s stiffer penalties, Donald wants to eliminate press conferences and questions by public news agencies, CIA want’s more power and the NSA just lies over and over regarding citizen warrantless spying.  Is the path not clear yet? Pull and re-read your copy of 1984 and watch some of the Holyrood productions like Enemy of the State, Eagle Eye, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report and dozens of other predictive programming films.

As Trump pushes this nation state, terror group, inside job operation, we will be bombarded by MSM, Alt Right and Alternate news all under the Global Governance cabal and all designed to create the endless conspiracy by a plethora of hacking backers, but they will never tell you it’s all of them. All of them inside the most private eye and with tentacles in every nation state, every terror organization and every US agency.   There are 7 billion people on this planet and we will be conquered by a group that may have less than 300 members. The rest of the enablers will do what they are told.  As we move closer to the big event, the climax of this production, the information will be less and less visible, the lines blurrier and the sound increasingly distorted. You are just going to have to draw your own conclusion. All I guarantee is your worst nightmare.

The NSA never gets robbed. They just loan stuff.


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The PROMIS Letter


The FBI, a known collaborator in the Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco Massacre and other false flags and Southern Poverty Law CIA  covert operations will now have new leadership.  As I have written over the years coming from the PROMIS – Inslaw affair in which Danny Casolaro was murdered before exposing vast intelligence compromises and the backdoor access to Law Enforcement Investigations nationwide which would be accessible by Israel Mossad and other foreign intelligence services.

The amount of Cointel put out on this conspiracy is not much less than JFK. There has been tons of shills writing bogus theories to this Octopus. Some may be true but the focus of most importance is the conspiracy was to provide surveillance of the most critical importance.  The matter is surveillance of the FBI, DOJ, Congress and the investigations by honest agents and investigators not to expose the deep state Zionist agents in high places and to make necessary repairs to the “Picket Fence” if necessary to control the information and prevent the horses from escaping.

As I have noted several times, the FBI has largely been reduced to this assignment. The Freemason infiltration of a second Bureau who work independent as “special agents” use all the tools of MK-Ultra, Patsy deflection and “official” disclosure.  Like the Secret Service, there goal is three fold. One, protect the family,  secondly, secure the information and thirdly, look for recruitment through surveillance to induct new tools for service into the deep state operative network. By creating the dossiers, evidence and blackmail documentation which can then go to outside third party covert agents to then force these involuntary recruits to act as players, patsies, informants and counter-intelligence witness players in staged events for the purpose of engineering criminal enterprises.  Not anything that was not used by Europe and Israel for years as well as Soviet agents.

Funny to see a top story on the day of this “staged” execution of extortion by the CIA-MOSSAD based Drumpf Justice wing was this;

Top stories

This is a 322 Event based on date and decoding. This makes it a Skull and Bones decision from the “Swamp” creature which is the Trump front office and the CIA-CFR and Media controlled operation.

FBI file casts doubt on Bureau’s investigation into the suspicious death of journalist Danny Casolaro

Newly released records shows Bureau lied to Congress about the case, and may have interfered in their own investigation

This article shows the common theme that runs through these investigations which is suicide. This is the same angle used for the Gary Webb investigation in which suicide was concluded when in fact there were two shots in the head of Gary Webb.  No one could conclude this except for the criminal fraternity of  corrupted foreign agents who hold Americas most sensitive positions. Positions of those like Jim Comey.  Andrew McCabe is probably more corrupted than Comey based upon information connecting the pay to play and money trail from the Clinton DNC commie fund pool and the run for Senate by his wife. It includes Terry McAuliffe another alleged criminal under investigations that are always stalled, redirected, buried or burned by the deep state agents in positions to do so.

Readers can look into Danny, Gary, and the ‘sorted’ details of the history of the law enforcement and Justice department. You can link  PROMIS, Iran Contra, Open Border fast & furious, Supreme Court Scalia, Justice Roberts, and all the dirt that has come from Pizzagate to Russiagate, but I want to cut to the chase here.

For Trumpers who still want to give this Joo-joo-bee a pass or any praise for the Comey soft assassination, please refresh yourselves on the McCabe and Mrs. Clinton Holyrood (Chinese)  alliance. Please note the Trump Clinton history prior to his Bilderberg vetted run for CIC.  Look at the investigations of Trump Ventures and his refusal to publish his financials. Look at the turnaround on Surveillance and Whistleblowers. Look at the Kushner pay for play and the extended family business.  Then look at the top ten investigations on Comey’s list. Ivanka is the best pay for play optic I see right now. Her businesses are flourishing while she lobbies as an unpaid advisor. Please….give me a break.  Ivanka will become the Forbes richest woman on earth. Move over Oprah.


Forget the Nixonian parallels and look at the left right collusion by the key foreign agents in Congress from both aisles who are working a perfect TRIAD.  Take a look at this letter and the absolutely ridiculous infusion of the statement “on three separate occasions” and think about why this is the most bizarre choice of words to use in a letter of this nature. Not only is it a pointless remark but to use this choice of the words to convey this pointless remark are even more suspicious.

Why did the Swamp choose to tell America Comey had told Trump on three occasions he was not under investigation?  What was Comey investigating that really bothered the swamp?  Trump said he did not want to investigate Hillary. I have since day one said the Clinton Trump connections are solid and that they overlap. If Hillary’s  involvement with the Global pay to play, child trafficking money laundering global fund is exposed, so will the entire DC Family and Trump’s involvement come out.

It is better that McCabe or another, more “secure” picket be put in place.  Regardless of Comey’s GOP past or his DNC fondness the DC Mafia is a two party family and the left-right paradigm continues to hook the dumbed downed partisans like no other secret service for the global crime syndicate.  The optics are clear and the media fake news consistent.  Even now the left-right reaction is being scripted and it’s not that easy to come up with the script considering all the insiders and swamp rats are scrambling to insure they do not dance or smile too much as they have likely avoided another big conspiracy and another assassination to keep the house of card from collapsing.

The Drumpf Letter is a symbol of the surveillance state. If you are a reporter, whistleblower, honest agent of the law enforcement community or a citizen journalist you are warned to put your information in a letter. From Inslaw to the Googleplex of today, the GRID and control of information is critical.  I have said Trump and Company will advance the war on information to new heights.  Jim Comey was reduced to a dear john  letter and a broken PROMIS for something he was doing or investigating.  Each day it becomes less and less likely we will get to the truth.  I am keeping my eye on Flynn.  He may get a letter too. One on the SPECTRE stationary.

Eye on the ball: Keep your eye on the Jesuit plated “Moon Jae-in” in South Korea, the soft assassination that took out the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.  The Jesuit trained Moon will play the North Koreans as pawns. This anti-West assassin will work to destroy the sovereignty of North Korea and work to remove Kim Jong-Un out of power.  Do not focus as much on the B.S. war hawking and see the Jesuit controlled takeover that will be played out here. All theatre.  It’s not the attack but a hard assassination at play here.  There is a deal for China is this. More of our blood and treasure. Our debt will skyrocket. 109 days and we added another trillion dollars. It’s likely the Chinese will get full access to the rare earth mineral rights and other resources in North Korea .

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Another Vatican Assassin



The secret journey and education of a Jesuit trained globalist.

Who is Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, and what does he stand for?

Clean-cut, pro-business, former minister Mr Macron heads independent political movement “En Marche” (“On the Move”).

Move On

Born in Amiens, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is the son of Françoise (Noguès), a physician, and Jean-Michel Macron, professor of neurology at the University of Picardy.[2] Raised in a non-religious family, he was baptized a Roman Catholic at his own request at age 12.[3]

I always get suspicious regarding Tavistock and MK-Ultra when parents are in the Medical and especially neurological fields of study and work.

He was educated mostly at the Jesuit Lycée la Providence[4] in Amiens[5] before his parents sent him to finish his last year of school[6] at the élite Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, where he completed the high school curriculum and the undergraduate program. His parents sent him off to Paris due to their alarm at the bond he had formed with Brigitte Auzière, a married teacher with three children at Jésuites de la Providence, who later became his wife.[7] He studied Philosophy at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, obtaining a DEA degree.[4]

Jesuit trained early and then in 2007 he marries Brigitte (marriage for optics) as his gay homosexual lifestyle becomes an issue for his NWO Bilderberg vetted run for the Presidency.

Around 1999 he worked as an editorial assistant to Paul Ricoeur, the French Protestant philosopher who was then writing his last major work, La Mémoire, l’Histoire, l’Oubli. Macron worked mainly on the notes and bibliography.[8][9]

He obtained a master’s degree in public affairs at Sciences Po, before training for a senior civil service career at theÉcole nationale d’administration (ENA), graduating in 2004.[10]

A pretty well rounded training for Vatican Assassins in the Order. Knowledge of the Protestant enemy is crucial and his political education may have included Islamic / Talmudic Studies as a protege of Paul Ricoeur while his marriage offers some thought about her role as a “handler.”

Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy between 2004 and 2008. In 2007, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French economic growth headed by Jacques Attali.[5]Macron paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008,[11] and left to work as an investment banker at a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque.[12]

The best opportunity to corrupt him and get him into the mafia as a high paid gun with David de Rothschild’s Rothschild & Cie Banque. This had the blessings of NWO Luciferian Francois Mitterrand, a known Illuminatist and close friend of the Rothschild family. and the force behind the Louvre’s Pyramid. See Operation Satanic which still to this day has conspiracy to deeper French involvement in Global World Order affairs and trade. He is implicated in several writings of those inside the Monarch program and mind control illuminati practices.


A long-held conspiracy theory about the famous pyramid states that when it was commissioned to be built by then-President François Mitterrand, precisely 666 panes of glass were used in its construction. This, in truth, was substantiated by an official brochure published around the time of the pyramid’s construction, which cited in two instances that 666 portions of glass were to be used in the completed structure. More famously, however, the pyramid was described in Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, in which the hero Robert Langdon discusses President Mitterrand’s strange desire to have a 666-paned glass pyramid built outside the world’s most famous museum.

Macrons visible optics of the Pyramid at the Louvre was not by accident as the French know what it means

Macron president: the 4 references to Mitterrand

LIGHTING – Louvre, “Ode to Joy”, walk alone … The victory ceremony of Emmanuel Macron, cleverly orchestrated, plunged some observers back in 1981.


Julian Assange has claimed to have dirt on French Presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron.

Assange told the Russian outlet little more than that as a junior economics minister Macron had a compromising conversation with Clinton.

It’s not the first time Macron has faced rumoured controversy during the French presidential election.

Nicolas Dhuicq, a outspoken member of the National Assembly, attempted to smear centre-ground Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in an interview with Russian government-controlled news agency Sputnik.

In the interview Dhuicq sought to play up fears that “there is very wealthy gay lobby” behind Macron with a number of “open homosexuals” close to him

The Russian-controlled outlet also attempted to question the politician’s private life, bringing up a “persistent rumour that [Macron] is secretly gay and living a ‘double life’.”

At an event on Monday, the married Presidential hopeful responded to the claims.

Mr Macron, who tied the knot with wife Brigitte Trogneux in 2007, said: “I hear people saying that I have a secret life or something. It’s not nice for Brigitte… she is asking herself how I could physically do that. She shares my life from morning to night.”

According to The Local, he denied the rumours, adding: “I am who I am, I have never had anything to hide.”

Of the aspersions that he is in a relationship with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet, Mr Macron joked: “If you’re told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet it’s because my hologram has escaped” – a reference to a rival candidate making an appearance at a rally by hologram.

Macron is the favourite to face far-right leader Marine Le Pen in May’s run-off election, following a scandal that that savaged the campaign of Republicans right-winger Francois Fillon.

The centrist candidate is the strongest supporter of LGBT rights among the top candidates.

Mr Fillon, who strongly opposed the introduction of same-sex marriage in 2013, has shrugged off calls to directly repeal same-sex unions if elected President – instead planning to pare back the rights of gay couples to adopt.

The candidate, who voted against an equal age of consent in 1982, says he wants to change the law to ensure “a child is always the fruit of a father and mother.”

Under Mr Fillon’s proposals, same-sex couples would be banned from fully adopting a child, under a new requirement that children must have both male and female parents.

Ms Le Pen’s party has previously maintained strong ties to the anti-LGBT lobby, and though she insists she has made “reforms”, many of her party’s most senior figures have expressed homophobic views.

Now we have the Panama Papers and a charge that he has offshore interests that may have not seen the income statements and taxing authorities. While the Rothschilds have been untouchable, not true of their minions who have been busted over and over again for not doing the bidding of the committee of nine and the pedophiles in the highest places.

The Criminal Media complied with the blackout of possible crime in the same manner that we have seen here in regards to leaked information. If one is to expect this to come to light after the fact, I would remind all to think about our status in the Clinton Foundation investigation, the meeting with Loretta Lynch and those like Lois Lerner, James Comey and other holders of information who fail to carry out their obligation and instead just MOVE ON.

There is not much expectation for Justice or truth, but there will be plenty coming out post election as we know. The French right will continue to work to expose this Left fraud Jesuit posing as a heterosexual centrist. It was not by omission that the Black Pope Bergoglio stayed silent on this fraud election.  He was more vocal for the Jesuit Trump but I suspect a closer tie to Macron was the reason for his silence. He also is getting busy to get Donald Trump in line for the final strokes before September.  The French are no smarter than Americans. That was proven this weekend. Based upon the results I lean even further to the financial reset and an October Surprise.

Macron the Jesuit and New World Orderphile. The French are used to occupation.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Invasion of Europe news…

The first thing I thought of when I heard the news that Marine Le Pen had lost to the globalist Emmanuel Macron was Mark Steyn’s predictions in America Alone.  If you have never read it, you must.  And while you are at it don’t skip The Camp of Saints (over 40 years old!) or, the very dark (nothing “funny” about it) novel Submission.

Ha! It seems that one can’t thoroughly discuss the issue of Islamic demographic dominance outside of a novel (well, except for ‘America Alone’).

Here are a few snips from Steyn on the results of the French election on Saturday:

The French have voted to postpone their rendezvous with destiny. But kicking the croissant down the road means another half-decade of demographic transformation that lengthens the odds against ever winning the numbers to halt it.


…with the…

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How Many Dr. Evils Can There Be?

PCR points out,

He says the Neocons believe that the U.S. would sustain little to no damage if “We” PUSHED THE BUTTON with a FIRST STRIKE.  EEEeeeGads, fellow humans, does this not sound like any of the James Bond 007 movie megalomaniacs?!

How many movies have you seen over the years with conspiratorial megalomaniacs as the villains?  Hundreds maybe.  A lot.  And here we have our modern version right in D.C., an absolute Circus since the sElection started.

ALL I KNOW IS THIS – Obama gets installed = Peace Prize?  Then, War Profiteering Galore goes on.

Now, Trump is ensconced, with a huge majority of Americans of course not wanting any “war” at this time {how can the working man survive with his family with a “worse” managed economy?}.

And lo and behold – the “nuclear foolball” is getting tossed across the Oval Room like at a Row House party!  It may even get kicked down the street — (Thanks to the ever flatulent Fox News for this one).

Trump gets installed = ? What ?  The War Hogs run amok like they just got let into a watermelon patch?

 Please Read

The insane part of this megalomaniacal musing is when we-the-people factor in the nuclear fallout facts.  Just because you believe you can win a war doesn’t mean you go to war (unless you’re an insane megalomaniac).  Risking possible world-wide annihilation by the FUBAR action of instigating a nuclear war you “think” you could win, qualifies as the ravings of soul-less lunatics.

In the Lamecherry blogspot above it is Not Noted regarding all the “incoming” that would be coming from other enemy allies (sic), and the universally pissed-off peoples that American “leadership” has mercilessly abused for political, geographic, and financial gain.  EVERYBODY that “hates America” would jump on the pile don’t you think?

Guerilla/insurgent/jihadi/lone wolf/ and every other kind of offensive action happening here in the “homeland” (sic again) at the hands of “those who hate us for our freedoms”.

Consider that this nuclear megalomania chest beating bravado is apparently a contagious disease, with “leaders” everywhere clanking their nuclear testicles and raising their missiles in classic teen male machismo.  It’s a freaking embarrassment if you look at it this way.  Take any of your old Hollywood Westerns with their dustups in the bar room, on the street, in the country side, and substitute in nuclear missiles.  Whether over land (geography), resources, women, gold, political power in the town of the day, we see a cast of characters playing their war games.

More modern movies of the NWO-type insane villain who wants to rule-the-world present similar examples of criminally insane psychopaths and debauched narcissists.

NOW, like those tearfully remembered “Reagan Years” (cry) with an Actor playing “The President”,we have Trump, an Actor with his “TV Game Show” — again playing “The President”.  Is this a co-incidence?  And this installed actor follows on the heals of an Obama regime of another color.  We’re (99%) all poorer following his “lead”.  And Obama followed on the heels of the disastrous freedom-crushing regimes of the Clintons and Bush clans.

And now, the Trumpian Cabinet of Neocons & Ziocons bandies on about blowing up North Korea because Kim Jong-un brashly brandishes his small nuclear testicles from his doghouse far, far away.  Netanyahoo is certifiable, and do you not think Israel would launch upon the USA?  Remember the “Liberty”?  Remember 9/11? Russia’s Putin is also clanking his materiel, mostly in reaction to U.S. provocations.  Pakistan hasn’t got much pub, but they are certainly a nation that is angry at America for our Obama-led drone bombings there.


Question?  If a “group” (Cabinet) is filled with a bunch of aggressive warriors and/or warmongers, and/or insane warriors and warmongers…will you get “peace” out of there?

Not out of That spring.

We are hearing the ravings of the insane amongst Trump’s rabid cabinet, from the insipid lips of “advisers” like Kissinger, Kushner, and other K-like droolers whispering wicked imaginings which can only have been conjured in Hell.

Note:  The dreamy concept of “Creating a Better World” has been cast aside.  And so quickly metamorphosed into the realm of the insane “Kill Them Over There Before They Come Here” meme, as to make the world’s populations heads spin.  The KTOTBTCH ruse is now even more blatantly insane as country’s “leaders” have been importing “Them” post haste with their treasonous “immigrant” programs.

If you cannot see that the Devil’s “Destroy & Destruction” program has kicked the “Create & Peace” program right off the bully pulpit, then you’re not paying attention.


Map of nuclear-armed states of the world.:

So, We-the-People-of-the-World must ask ourselves what must WE DO to keep ourselves safe from insane, megalomaniacal “leaders” fronting for the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) , the authors and Sky Writers of the World-Wide Geo-Engineering Chemtrail Program, from the “flouridators”, from the financial controllers of fiat money (and hence this Planet) , from Global Warming do-gooders, from proselytizing Vaccine & GMO ghouls and their Big Pharma and Big Ag aggregators,and, from the false Religious figures like “the Pope” (White or Black), from the Secret Societies and Not-so-Secret Societies, from the purveyors of mayhem and chaos against human life and environment?

What should YOU DO as world “leaders” publicly contemplate the truly insane premise of starting a thermo-nuclear War to “protect” us (Them)?

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Alex Says He Wants To Hire Me!

Now I’m really in trouble.

Seriously I’ve been all over Infowars the past two-days. AJ has said more than once that he wants me on the show, and to start working for him.

Okay. We’ll see.

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It’s a Bigly, Big League, Big Idea!


Law of the Jungle: The Constitution and Bill of Rights

The Rule of Law: Rule #1 – The Laws are for the Jungle Bunnies and not for us. We rule the law.



You are an asset of a bankrupt United States of America, Inc. A corporate Democracy which replaced a constitutional republic. Once the 1933 contract for Chapter 11 was completed you and everyone else were issued a contract under your birth certificate (all in CAPS) as were your other contracts which are fictional corporate entities under your insolvent corporate status as an asset of this bankrupt democracy. The  process, filing and trusteeship of this bankruptcy was as fictional as your corporate strawman identity. It is nothing more than a private coup and takeover of illegal international bankers who conspired to create a fictional currency printed on fiat paper and fraudulent laws granted by criminal agents for the purpose of enslaving you and having you working for an illegal consort of murderers, rapists and thieves many of which violated the oaths they took before assuming trusteeship.  Though appearing to protect and defend the constitution they have all committed treason based on consorting with enemies of the republic of a United States of America. Only by way of the District of Columbia are they able to commit these crimes without immediate arrest and execution due to the international laws governing the federal city of D.C.

So if Trump really has a plan to bankrupt the corporate United States, does he figure, the existing chapter 11 is completed? What a joke. Estimates of 60 trillion in negative red numbers should give pause to those who know bankruptcies. Donald knows.  Can we assume trustees have been selling assets to cover the interest on the restructured deal?   Is China, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia collecting on the debt? Some say there is no liquidation of Assets but maybe just payments in Flesh. Assuming the facts and some theory I would say they are both included.

Trump, my Jesuit arch enemy is the deal maker. Only Satan himself may be better. If what comes in September is a war chest approach to resolving the NWO reset or if it’s a formal chapter 7 can only be pondered, but the fact is clear that we have been defrauded for decades, the debt is not yours or mine, but the debt of the global bankers who have used the assets to finance other investments globally.  Not all those who perished in these sales and liquidations were assets of  the states but they died anyway.

The only two ways you can balance the books is to reduce the liability or increase assets. If you think there is a third way like I do then you may begin to see Zebranomics. There are those stakeholders who will willingly exchange barrels or dollars owed with human assets. Not only assets but liabilities as well.  This death and taxes or death or taxes. You will pay either or and both.

We will be educated on real Zebranomics this year. We have certainly seen small samples of what it looks like in microcosms of federal trustees and their psychotic acronym agency administrators.  How the macro event shapes up globally ought to be a real fire sale. Who will be servicing the debt?  A real good accountant knows how to make an asset a liability and vice versa.   We know they are working hard for the trustess and have seen their work at ENRON, GOLDMAN SACHS, DYNCORP, HALLIBURTON and other shareholder dens of iniquity.  The art of the deal is to cloud the identity of assets and liabilities and not to reveal the the third books to eyes.  Those are the real ledgers that reveal the value of the dollar and that of human life are two lines on the same flowchart and both red. One of the Rules of Law and one for which we battle everyday in the jungles of the New World Order.

IT’S A BIG LIE! Pronounced BIG-LY by the Joo-joo-bee!

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Look Who’s Laughing!

Are the American People Laughing Right Now? About Anything???  The Germans?  The MANY suffering in countries around the world, from Policy-Making Frauds?

This photo tells US a lot:

Very Strange Photo Op


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly am enjoying living on Trump Farm, the George Orwell analogy of the community organized order making castes of people and enslaving them into classes, because I have resigned myself to being the last of my generation, the Western Genocide will take place, there will be not any relief or escape, and I will pass like those fabled Atlantians of ages ago to mythical proportions. Perhaps someone might find these words years later and as their scientists wonder of the great meteor which destroyed America, will instead find the reality that instead Atlantis like America did not succumb to extinction events, but instead elected a series of self absorbed and witless liars who destroyed their prosperous and advanced peoples.

Behold the new Reverse Thought in the Germans are now protecting the Jewess Ivanka Trump stating she was not booed, hissed at and ridiculed in Berlin.

No booing, but two old brothel owner fraus of the world order made a pretty whore of bottled blonde Ivanka.

This headline simply left me laughing, because reading madness always brings that reaction to me. There is no sense in being furious or depressed, because one now hears insanity which was once reserved coming from communist dictators.

UPTDATE TO POST — May 02, 2017


Merkel Hitlers Daughter

“The Stasi File According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany.


“She is said to be one of the most powerful human beings on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8. More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach”.

{NOW — Perhaps we can grasp better why Europe and the E.U. and their “policies” on immigration and such have been implemented against common sense and their people}

TRUMP: 'I'm a nationalist and a globalist. I'm both'...

Extraordinary, as next Donald will be white and black at the same time, male and female at the same time, and sinner and saint. Of course you can not protect your Nation while you are absorbing it into a global system, but things just do not mean anything any more, because anyone can say anything…….as long as the state media and police state judge this day’s insanity appropriate…….as only the rulers can utter things like, “I am making war in bombing Syria for Peace”, or “I am breaking the law by bombing Syria to keep the law”.

More extraordinary in the disaster of the Trump economy, that Donald Trump says we need more Obama, Clinton and Bush globalism. Was that beautiful chocolate cake spiked with scopalamine or was Donald Trump simply the child with both hands full and wanting his feet in his mouth too.

Le Pen closes gap with Macron in latest poll...

Perhaps Americans simply have to look outside of America and back to her French ancestry and progenitors in Donald Trump is now the Jeb Bush in Hillary Clinton’s granny thongs, so will Marine Le Pen be the American leader, that the last 80 million Americans will sell all they have and return to France……..or if Le Pen is the Christian savior of Europe, perhaps the President of France might carve out an American Safe Zone in Africa, where Americans will once again carve out a nation in a desert waste and make it bloom.

Where does an American go when their President Donald Trump abandons them so completely. Will France be the salvation of Americans again, until perhaps a time that spaceships can fly Americans to some planet far, far, far away, where they can be a free people not criminalized and betrayed again.

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Last Tangle in Paris



Image result for Polar Bear Crossing

Number 57 – Water – Polar Bears

PROJECT BLUEBEAM must have it’s CRISIS. Many are coming but the largest is what I have been talking about (scorched earth) In the scheme of things the #1 tool is WATER!!!

You will likely not expend your time and energy into a deep research of what I claim will happen. If you choose to dig for water I suggest you follow a simple vortex model.

1. NWO
2. Control
3. Human Life
4. Necessities
5. Economy
6. Dialectic


Dr. Winn Parker has covered the waterfront of water law, health law, genetic engineering and research, testing and development and evaluations (RDT and E) made for projects that are changing our lives and environments. Advanced work is discussed concerning the Brain Project and the future world war for water.

I have taken his work over the years and tried to put it into the Agenda 21 – CLIMATE CON and WORLD GOVERNMENT MODEL for the purpose of crI$I$ and the “NEW OIL” It is here we will soon find out the value of what we take for granted. It is in my posts on the James Bond Psyops that I have shown clear evidence of disclosure through the Holyrood MSM mind control complex.


In this case I present SKYFALL (Nano-tech Chemtrail – full spectrum dominance) with the SPECTRE (Illuminati – Joo-joo bees- Full Spectrum infiltration) with the Quantum Of Solace (water wars under climate change. In the global drought the rain must fall. Let’s change the DNA and the molecular structure of our most precious resource. All you do now is add Casino Royale and you have the monopoly winner take all.

We have seen the globalists buying up lands, From China and deep ports to T Boone Pickens and the Ogallala Aquifer (at risk)
As President Trump’s top advisers prepare to hash out a final policy on the Paris climate agreement dumped onto their laps by President Obama, another option has hit the table: Declare the deal a treaty and send it to the Senate to be killed.


Donald Trump Just Put 57 National Monuments Up for Review

Both of these are important clues to the massive operations I have posted here regarding the UN, VATICAN, UNCCC, ICLEI, AGENDA 21, and NWO TRANSFORMATION. The ZEBRANOMICS are clear and openly obvious. Any reference to Federal Lands is as bogus as the Federal Reserve.  This is the same Crown International committee of elites and un-elected shysters that have pillaged, raped and tortured countries and their peoples for centuries.


Now they all wrapped in EPA, FDA, BLM, DOT, DOE and other non-American entities.  One can follow the schematics of this program far back but more recently to the Flint MI conspiracy, the Bundy Ranch psyop, the Fracking program which has nothing to do with gas other than a R.O.W. while the secret agenda and the attack to steal resources (water) or poison it.  Similarly there are ISIS trained water terrorists running around and doing midnight lake and stream dumps with a host of contaminants. But in the center of this H2O is the 2. The vortex 528 – 417 is at play with Trump the Wildcard 7.  It’s not a mystery any longer where he lies on the pyramid of past puppets in chief.


As the farmers in the US slowly die off, the agenda moves forward with the Trump China scam. As a Jesuit trained Pope sucking traitor, he will push the UN agenda 21 by double-cross.   We can expect his pathetically obvious ploys to convert the Paris Agreement to a treaty with the plan to have Congress kill it .  How about that backfire when the scumbaggery of Ryan and Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer get the ranks in file and ratify?


Obama behind the scenes is the Ace of Spades of UN advancement of the Paris Agreement and the real trade deal which is the Buy-Sell-Trade. Once set into place the independence and ability to control food production or water resources here will be gone and the people will be forced to to either buy 10 gallons of gas or one bottle of water.  $200 a barrel?  Who knows?  Buy your nano-filter water filtration system today because the fines for rain water catching will be steep. If you choose to wing it on chemtrail  runoff, deal with the truth and consequences of Gender Bending, Blood Brain barrier transference, Molecular DNA damaging contaminants,  Nano ionized radiation and chipping or the protein hacking of genetically modified live organisms.


We don’t need any more help but we can expect the EPA to continue to deliberately destroy ecosystems as they have done in the past, most recently with the Gold King Mine conspiracy and Flint MI terror. Now we can look to Oroville Dam, Sierra melt contamination and flooding to do their damage.  If one googles the PLEX they will see nuclear fallout as #1 but the Vortex is running on the wildcard Trump card. That mean #2 in play is for a nuclear contamination of a major water source. So we deduce the huge deflection and con game being played out in the same manner as the CIA created ISIS ME Spring using Kim Jon Un, the dimwitted tool of the Jesuit Joo-joo-bees and China’s the big winners for the posterity and prophecy of David Rockefeller and his dream for a NWO China model.

Oroville Dam: Mystery foam appears below damaged spillway – The Mercury News

I ask you, “Is it really a Mystery?” For me it’s as predictable  as heads or tails. The Vortex may give you -heads or +tails but you know more often you are going lose.


Watching the fear campaign take the sheeple to new depths of dumbed when a nuclear reactor melts down or terror dirty bomb goes off and their blindness to the predictive programming right in front of their faces is tragic . The stakeholders will relish the profits of the new currency and it’s obvious liquidity when America is at the mercy of a biological or radioactive nightmare. The dialectic triad will open many doors for the other profit centers to emerge. If the war on terror has taught us anything it is that any and all events have multiple opportunities and none of them are ever wasted. This one offers everything from Agenda 21 to Zebranomics or what we know better as a global governance and death panel depopulation program.

For me there is only a minor distinction between these left and right degenerates. The left wants death fast and furiously while the right likes a longer more profitable suffering before exiting. It makes sense for a New Madrid or midwest meltdown event, as that would bring the same boom to Obamacare that the Gulf Corexit has brought. A slow process of Ocean contamination has finally traveled into the deadened Gulf Stream where signs of the damage comes with the largest die off of ocean mammals ever. The MSM likes to brush over it but the information is there. From Florida to New Zealand, the work being done at the polar points is one we have to consider. At no time has the Arctic and Antarctic been so busy.

How Project Bluebeam plays into this is simply the matter of the what the Great Whore church and UN have been orchestrating for decades, coming to an extinction level crisis and at the point implementation of a desired die off, bringing in the savior to usher in the Genesis of Intergalactic life and religion.  But before it must come by way of the revelation.   Trump and Company may want to get their hands on the Federal Lands and get them in the hands of the destroyers. Even as a monument the Freemasons have designs for Land Grabs whether globalist left or corporate right the internationals win and we lose. Why do people ever expect the “this or that” ever works in their favor? As long as the committee of nine control the Three and Six we are slaves to system. There is never the third option for we the six.When we do finally get the three  it will be 666 in Buy-Sell-Trade and people will finally understand how Zebranomics really works and how they  see us as assets and liabilities. Liquidity is a fluid transition to death panels and higher taxation only.  Water is the currency and as slaves made up of mostly water, we are commodities like everything else. Water rights law are still in force from the days of the  Roman Empire. This holds true for much deeper and darker law that the majority never understand. If you expect to go to law school, the reality becomes clear and the bar will insure you follow the rules and not betray the crown. Your contract with them is in force.


Global manipulation of the News along with the covert operations can create the crisis of water wars with the same Hollywood Magic of mind control. This only needs to be done until the treaties and laws are ratified and enacted. Once those are done lies deceit and fraud disappear.  The only thing that does remain is the truth. This is what they have to resolve now. So we see the war on “fake news” which has kept JFK’s killers free, 911 conspirators in the money and criminals in the cabal working business as usual.  When does the truth surface? Never. Because like the water, it remains underground,  sequestered by the conspirators, only for their benefit and use.  Remember Peak Oil?  Where did that wind up? It found it’s way to the surface and the committee had to move to higher ground with the Climate Change and CO2 lie.  Now that that lie begins to surface, they again have to pivot to another crI$I$ and the vortex just recycles over and over again.  Knowing that they will never stop advancing their technology to fabricate evidence, the agenda has seemed to switch to the mind.  If they can find an easier way to get consensus it would save them time and money.  In the end it is easier to just liquidate the deniers of the new order and the rejectionist’s of the Royal Scam. They will deem us incompetent, unstable, dangerous and label us terrorists. That’s what will ultimately end the North Korean people and their sovereign nation. It will ultimately end America the same way.

REVEALED: Millions of Britons don’t know how to BOIL an EGG or change a lightbulb

Do we really stand a chance? I will be looking for the Paris Agreement and the French vote on May 7th for another nail in the coffin of independence. Macron – Trump. Just like brothers.


Macron, who comes from a medical family in Amiens, attended a Jesuit secondary school there and decided to be baptised at 12 years old. He says spirituality influences his thinking but he is an occasional churchgoer. He studied philosophy, graduated from the elite ENA school of administration and worked at the finance ministry and Rothschild bank before going into politics, first as an aide to President François Hollande, then as his economics minister.

I just do not know how to convey my argument in a way that does not turn the people in the wrong direction. It’s so simple. Trump, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Nieto, etc etc are a military order, Islam, a political system and the religion is Lucifer, end of story.  They control the technology, money, media, NATO, Space and it’s program is “whatever it takes” To those ends, the means will only become clearer to those who do not accept conspiracy as only truth to the agenda for a one world empire. Watch the French take the Guillotine. We did!



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All Aboard the Crazy Train? “Just Say, No.”

David Icke’s surmisings on Trump 12/19/17.  Icke points out the World-Wide REJECTION by The People, of the “Ruling Elite’s” management and administration of OUR WORLD.

Elite’s Deserved Grade for Their Continuing “Destruction & Chaos” M.O. = FUBAR

Trump fires ICBM from California in response to N. Korea materiel display off their coast (4-27-17).

ESCALATION (Strategy of “Tension”):  Amazingly, just today, we see the initial mutterings of madmen contemplating reinstating “The Draft” .  By Stephen Lendman

“On Monday, he called on Security Council members to impose “stronger sanctions” on North Korea, heightening tensions by claiming the DPRK “is a real threat to the world …and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.”

Pyongyang called the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group deployed off the Korean peninsula “an extremely dangerous act by those who plan a nuclear war to invade.”

China’s President Xi Jinping called for all sides to show “restraint, and avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation on the peninsula.”

“…Trump’s rage for war heightens concerns. Waging it on the Korean peninsula risks possible nuclear confrontation – what all regional nations want avoided above all else”.



Dave Hodges guesses North Korea is a “distraction”, same as Russia is projecting (Supposedly):

“The Russian media is beginning to make a lot of noise, the kind of noise that says North Korea is nothing but a distraction.

Russian Insider publication vehemently supporting the belief that the real action will take place elsewhere when everyone is distracted. And I have the distraction. In the morning, you will see clear and convincing proof of UN combat helicopters on American soil and I have them on tape carrying out missions”.



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You can’t miss the Nuclear family and Fallout in this extremely complex Illuminati offering by Katy Perry. The numbers, symbology, colors and references are intense and dense in this packaged mind-control A.D.D. mega scenic collage. They are almost subliminal they come so fast. But for the average hamster wheeling millennial lemmings, all seeing is unseen. I have to give this a A+ for massive clues to coming attractions while dumping it in a blisteringly rapid fire.

You could spend days pointing out the background players and objects that permeate throughout this mediocre melody and lyrical cut. The rhythm, though catchy is just overflowing with Trump Nuclear and flashback retro Russia Cuba missile crI$I$, alien and space and trans-formative human borg-like oblivion.

147 – 528= 666 Wildcard 7 in play (711) – It has UFO Bluebeam, Nuclear Event, Mind Control, ELF HAARP,  DNA, NASA, Pedophilia, Great Delusion tones and the color graphics are amazing. Extremely thick with the Illuminati messaging. This is the best to date production for what I believe is the imminent bluebeam project which will be complicated series of events “chained to the rhythm” of MSM and NASA, NAVY, NATO, NOAA and the rest of the covert science corp.

You will find more details in this 4 minute flat with 124 separate shots which is about 2 seconds average per shot. Premium quality Kabbalist production in which she changes form in over 2 dozens shots.

Enjoy the lemming beta mind meld and the clues to what comes from the Jesuit and Joo-joos in Holyrood. It does not get any better than this one. If the rhythm doesn’t get you the greatest ride in the world will.

Here is Tim Rifat’s PDF breakdown.   Please take note of the blue images and their meaning and the council of nine. Excellent work by the fabricators.

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Homeless Feed Rat-Poison

It doesn’t get much sicker than this.


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ParadISIS: Triomphe de Trump

Battle for the Élysée Palace


How to manipulate an already rigged election:

1. Send a pig to ParadISIS  – 8e Arr_t

Paris: Gunman kills officer before being shot dead – AlJazeera

2. Telegraph the Terror

How terrorism in France is having a huge impact on presidential election -Telegraph

3. Sacrifice a hero for Le Pen  and do it THREE (3)  Days before the polls open (Champs-Élysées)

Paris terror attack: Police search home after officer’s death on Champs-Elysees – USA Today

But most importantly, remain in and maintain the VORTEX

+852 – 741 = 3    A Trump Triumph Thursday

3 days, 3 shot by (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39

Police have searched a home in the Paris suburb of Chelles after Thursday’s fatal terror attack that left one police officer dead and two others wounded.

Authorities believe the residence that is home to (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39, is linked to the shooting that took place on the Champs-Elysees, the Associated Press reported.

Cheurfi has a police record and is known to authorities, according to the Associated Press and CNN.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting in which the assailant died in the exchange of gunfire.

The assault in the popular tourist area came just  three days before a critical presidential election in which security has loomed as a major issue.

The Islamic State identified the attacker as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki through its Amaq news agency, according to SITE Intel Group, a U.S.-based organization that monitors terrorists’ activity online.

Hoax, Staged, MK-Ultra, fabricated event.  Remember SITE Intelligence is a Jewess Rita Katz sitting in an apartment creating fake ISIS videos. She is famed for the beheading hoaxes and disinfo.  When the MSM uses her BS, you know it’s a staged hoax.  Le Pen can win, and the momentum may be enough but either way, the goal is chaos and unrest until D-Day. We watch for September after all the elections and divide and conquer is done.



I just finished reading this article linked below —

“Lucifer’s Banker: A Whistle-Blower’s Account of Exposing Massive Fraud at UBS – Brad Birkenfeld +Video”

There’s a video, or you can read the script.  VERY ENLIGHTENING!

The cast of corrupt characters mentioned include, Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton and their “Foundation”, Eric Holder, certain large Banks, and more.  I imagine Birkenfeld’s book, “Lucifer’s Banker” provides more names of the guilty.

This Whistleblower’s STORY is a real accounting of the “lack of accountability” Finance/Political Mafia-type SCAM being run on Americans, and insidiously infecting so many more populations around the world.


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Project Bluebeam is not ‘On Ice’

Truthstream Media – Aaron and Melissa Dykes

When you consider the coming Grand Delusion and Project Bluebeam you can figure what the many research projects were and how much has been completed over time. We have discussed many here. Most stemming from Project Paperclip and the Nazi -Soviet eras.  This is a very good researched video and helps to put the time and perspective on recent high profile visitations from government, celebrity, religious VIP’s.

Alien Disclosure Psychological Operations



Climate Control -Weather Modification

CERN (ICECUBE Neutrino facility)

COG Development – Elite Bunker Construction

DNA Research


HAARP Ionospheric manipulation

Magnetic Scalar Wave Science

MK-Ultra and mind control – MH-370 and other missing persons

Mining – private

NASA Research – Space based weapons and surveillance systems

Nuclear testing and Radiation Experiments

Plasma Energy Research/Discovery

Underground Bases

UFO technology – Materials Science

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Header: Thursday, August 29, 2014

CAPTION:“Any nation making a direct Attack to Destroy against another nation has tripled power. If it succeeds, the attacking Nation gets a Plot card, and another Action token immediately! It it fails, the attacker is destroyed and counts toward victory conditions of the defending player.”

[9-3-6]  (+8-2-5)  ^  (-7-1-4) = 3



So ask yourself if Russia, Israel and the USA can manufacture World War. Can they execute it like the others where we think the causality is that of a  M.A.N.I.A.C.?  

IRAN – NORTH KOREA – PAKISTAN – The Nuclear Option – CHINA syndrome?

Is it sanctioned now by the NWO NATO UN globalists? Sanctions coming for Russia and Iran and now Xi is turning the coal boats away from it’s ports.  Current oil and pipeline projects in Jeopardy. Can oil prices be the trigger? Is Trump looking for the dollar down trigger? A currency war?

We ought to look in all directions and maybe see Kim Jong Un as the decoy and see where the real heat is coming from.  I like the  Tomorrow Never Dies scenario with the Skyfall twist. This twist involves the hacking and staging of a false flag missile attack where the stooge gets bad intel and reacts.  Do you know a better example of such a person than that of the Jesuit joker, Trump?

A bit too obvious for the NWO? Maybe this is the reason he’s not in the committee. But there are other maniacs there.


Illuminati Card Game 1995 - ImgurIlluminati card game - IsraelIlluminati: The game of conspiracy Page 7





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Why are Black Judges being Murdered?


Image result for Judge Raymond Myles

Judge Raymond Myles, 66

4/10/17  Shot at 01:09PM

Police said the couple was targeted.
“We do not believe (the attempted robbery) is random, nor do we believe Smith acted alone,” Staples said, adding the shooting was not connected to Myles being a judge.
Staples would not say whether police think Smith, who has served six years in prison for armed robbery, was the gunman.

Prominent cases

Myles was involved in the case against William Balfour, who was convicted of killing singer and actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.
The judge was also involved in the case of the 1993 massacre at a Brown’s Chicken fast food restaurant in Palatine, Illinois, CNN affiliate WGN reported.
Decoded 1-4-7 (TRUMP) 3-6-9

There are other suspects not yet apprehended. Where is the details on these POI’s?

This is a Gabby Giffords hit! Judge Roll being the target. He’s dead she is alive. Wounded? Who knows. I do not think Giffords was ever shot but she and her NASA deep cover husband are back on the gun-control beat.  Is this another sacrifice for gun control or is there a reason the Freemasonic Fraternal order is keeping mum on the other suspects?  I’d have blasted descriptions, artist sketches and other details immediately.  Their behavior says it all for me.

Prosecutors: Girlfriend, not judge, targeted in robbery plot that turned fatal


Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam at the Court of Appeals in Albany last year.

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, 65


First Muslim Judge appointed to New York appeals court.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Judge on New York’s Top Court, Is Found Dead in Hudson River – NYT

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, an associate judge on New York State’s highest court and the first African-American woman to serve on that bench, was found dead on Wednesday in the Hudson River, the authorities said.

Officers with the New York Police Department’s Harbor Unit responded about 1:45 p.m. to a report of a person floating by the shore near West 132nd Street in Upper Manhattan. Judge Abdus-Salaam, 65, was taken to a pier on the Hudson River and was pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after 2 p.m.

The police were investigating how she ended up in the river, and it was not clear how long Judge Abdus-Salaam, who lived nearby in Harlem, had been missing. There were no signs of trauma on her body, the police said. She was fully clothed.

A law enforcement official said investigators had found no signs of criminality. Her husband identified her body.

Since 2013, Judge Abdus-Salaam had been one of seven judges on the State Court of Appeals. Before that, she served for about four years as an associate justice on the First Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, and for 15 years (6)  as a State Supreme Court justice in Manhattan. She was previously a lawyer in the city’s Law Department.

Decoded 1-4-7  666

Police Believe New York Judge Found in Hudson River Committed Suicide -MSN

Judge Abdus-Salaam was last seen leaving her office on Monday evening, and investigators tracked her to the subway — the No. 6 line (6)

Family tragedy surrounded Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam. About three years ago, law enforcement officials said, her brother committed suicide. Last year around this time, her mother died.

According to one law enforcement official, Judge Abdus-Salaam called her Midtown Manhattan chambers on Tuesday morning to say she would not be coming in because she was not feeling well. When the judge failed to appear on Wednesday, her assistant sent a text to her husband of eight months, who called 911 to report her missing a short time later. Her body was found that afternoon, floating in the river by the shore near West 132nd Street (6)

Since 2013, Judge Abdus-Salaam had been one of seven judges on the State Court of Appeals. Before that, she served for about four years as an associate justice on the First Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, and for 15 years (6) as a State Supreme Court justice in Manhattan. She was previously a lawyer in the New York State attorney general’s office.

In nominating her to the highest court in 2013 (6) , Mr. Cuomo praised her “working-class roots” and her “deep understanding of the everyday issues facing New Yorkers.” Her nomination was part of a push by Mr. Cuomo to diversify the court. When another judge, Rowan D. Wilson, joined the court this year, it was the first time the Court of Appeals had two African-American judges in its 169-year history.

Decoded 666

This judge was one of six siblings from a working class Washington DC family.

Last summer, Judge Abdus-Salaam wrote an important decision, in the Matter of Brooke S.B. v. Elizabeth A.C.C., that expanded the definition of what it means to be a parent, overturning a previous ruling. For 25 years, the court had held that the nonbiological parent in a same-sex couple had no standing to seek custody or visitation rights after a breakup.

But Judge Abdus-Salaam wrote that the previous ruling had become “unworkable when applied to increasingly varied familial relationships.” In a tightly reasoned decision, she determined that nonbiological parents did have standing to seek custody if they showed “by clear and convincing evidence that all parties agreed to conceive a child and to raise the child together.”

The Court of Appeals last heard oral arguments at the end of March and issued opinions on April 4. It is scheduled to be back in session on April 25.

Decoded 1-4-7  Vortex 2-5-8

A pioneering state judge found floating in the Hudson River likely took her own lie after a recent battle with depression, a police source said Thursday.

State Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam began taking medication for her darkening moods just a few weeks before her apparent suicide, a well-placed court source told the Daily News.

Police investigating the judge’s disappearance found her meds, according to the court source.

It was unclear if Abdus-Salaam left behind a suicide note, and cops were awaiting the results of an autopsy before saying anything more, the police source told The News.

Amazing the unidentified court source knows everything but the cops can’t say yes or no to suicide note.  So if you were going to end it all would you not leave a note and then hurl yourself into the Hudson River?  Hard not to tread water in a slow drowning, but much easier to OD or shoot or hang yourself. Maybe jump into the subway but really are we supposed to believe she decided “not to swim” in a drawn out water suicide? Also not to leave a note for her new husband of eight months seems so unlike a judge..

The court source said Abdus-Salaam appeared lighthearted as she laughed with colleagues last week at an annual lawyers luncheon.

Harlem neighbor Pat Miller, 56, couldn’t accept the idea that Abdus-Salaam took her own life.

“I could not imagine her doing anything to herself to harm herself,” he said. “She’s not that type of person … I’d like to know what happened. I would really like to know.”

I wonder how these two targeted african americans are connected and how the Trump sacrifices might play into this connection. I will be watching for the alt-media and some whistleblowers to bring additional facts to light.  It does have all the MSM vortex numerical clues to the Illuminati and to Donald Trump. It appears that Abdus-Salaam was a classmate of criminal globalist and ex-Attorney General Eric Holder. That might play into some effort to put the curse on Jeff Sessions or some other twisted Obama-Soros program but it will have to develop further to start piecing together this conspiracy.


The Jesuit Trump and his NWO Hospitallers are on record pace. As we watch the next crusade of regime change by the Knights of Malta, Refugeee Resettlement Watch keeps track of the numbers. Pay attention to these numbers.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It has been 4 weeks since President Trump announced his 120-day “moratorium” on refugee resettlement as part of the court-halted Executive Order.  And, for the umpteenth time, I repeat that the President did not have to even announce any “moratorium” or put it in an Executive Order!  He has the power to simply stop the processing!

GW Bush loved refugees, yet at this rate Trump will bring in more refugees than Bush. Bush’s average is about 58,000. At the rate of admission for this past week, Trump will surpass that number. Trump has already passed Bush’s lowest year (2003) of 39,554.

Then on March 30th we were stunned to learn that they were aiming to bring in 900 refugees a week through the remainder of the fiscal year that ends on September 30th.

If he and Tillerson keep that pace they will admit around 60,000 this year which is…

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Are You Getting That “Feeling” You’re Being Taken for a Ride?

Please Reference and Consider the information at this link —

  • Göring: Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. { REALITY CHECK FOR US TODAY.  THE “LEADERS” ARE FOR THE MOST PART UNSEEN.  THIS IS VERY EVIDENT AS WE WATCH AND STUDY THE “EVENTS” }.
    Gilbert: There is one difference. In a democracy, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.  { PROBLEM PARAGRAPH HERE }  ? democracy ? ? Congress declaring this possible war?  I understand CONgress is going on a 2 Week Easter “Break”.  Awful convenient and timely for “Events” to spiral further down.

    Göring: Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-13805,_Hermann_Göring “My measures will not be crippled by any bureaucracy.  I don’t have to worry about Justice; my mission is only to destroy and to exterminate; nothing more”.

Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göring [also rendered as Goering] (12 January 189315 October 1946) was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi party. He was founder of the Gestapo, and Head of the Luftwaffe.

A Military Man.  We see the same acting out now.  This guy also sounds a bit like the Legendary reptile, Henry “Heinz” Kissinger, who advised Obama and many before him, and he has met with Trump.

What to make of Trump’s significant “Reversals” of rhetoric regarding Russia, Syria, etc.?  Do you believe he is changing policy of himself, or is he speaking for the Zionist Warmongers within his cabinet, and those powerful entities without?

Literally just a month or so into Trump’s pResidency and the corporate UNITED STATES is seeking to foment war with Serious Repercussions for ALL THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE if this thing Blow’s Up.  Have we seen this script BEFORE?  Yes, WE have.

I do not see the American People in any way, shape, or form spoiling for a WAR with anybody.  So, it is the “Leaders” backed by the MIC, Banking, and Other WAR PROFITEERS whom are leading this parade.  It ain’t US!

Looking at parallels-to-the-past, it is interesting to see the Players past and present.  To note where on the chessboard the Zionists (Jews) are stationed and moving.  To watch the public “power brokers” political and other ilks act out in The Show.  The intrigue of all this is MASSIVE, yet we must step back and view this Show from a distance, from experience, from historical perspectives, from a gut level, from a instinctual fight or flight emotional level.  Gain perspective.

Will YOU & YOURS be Ubered into WAR?  That is the question that has come up.

WHO ARE these people behind the scenes that alter World Events by their personal, political, military, religious, and other power platforms?

The Mainstream Media (FAKE sNews) and ALT-Media are simultaneously posting stories on the extreme precipice the World is balancing on as “events” and “scripts” are put into action.  SOMEONE is directing all of this.  Probably on BOTH sides ala well-documented “Rothchild’s Style” war-making and war-profiteering.

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