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Money Where Your Mouth Is

I’m not out to just prove them wrong, I want to humiliate them.


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Weather Wars – Japan a victim again

Image result for Tsunami Strikes Fukushima,

Tsunami hits Japan after earthquake strikes off Fukushima

37km ESE of Namie, Japan 2016-11-21 20:59:49 (UTC)A shallow HAARP assault was perpetrated on Japan today. This 11Km depth attack comes after recent political events.

Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Fukushima, Japan: Imminent Tsunami Warning – Forbes

A tsunami warning off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, on 22 November 2016. (Credit: NHK World Japan)

A major 7.3 magnitude earthquake just struck off Japan’s coast nearby Fukushima, triggering tsunami warnings. You will remember Fukushima as the site of a 2011 earthquake which triggered a deadly tsunami that killed almost 19,000 people and took out the nearby nuclear power plants.

The Japan Meteorological Agency calculated the earthquake’s magnitude at 7.4, however, this disagrees with the U.S. Geological Survey’s calculation of a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. There is an ongoing tsunami warning for the Fukushima Prefecture and residents are urged to immediately evacuate low-lying areas. The first wave hit the Onahama port in the Fukushima Prefecture at 4:49 EST on Monday, luckily the initial wave measured 2-feet tall. However, there is an imminent threat of a larger 10-foot tall tsunami as predicted by the local tsunami warning center.

The variance in Magnitutde is always present with the space based  HAARP assaults. This one varies from 7.4 to 6.9 as reported by USGS.  Just like 2011 the same M.O. present during Japan political  movements. This one comes after the following points of interest.


45km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:10:21 (UTC)
10 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:28:25 (UTC)
10.0 km

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

Shinzo Abe Trump Have Secret Meeting: What’s Cooking?

A closed door meeting between Shinzo Abe Trump could be related to Trans-Pacific Partnership. Both have been tight-lipped on the specifics

Japanese Troops, Armed With New Mandate, Arrive in South Sudan

USE OF FORCE – A contingent of Japanese troops arrived in South Sudan on Monday to join U.N. peacekeepers — a mission with an expanded role that critics fear could embroil them in their country’s first overseas fighting since World War II

Watch a scalar plasma beam and the light it produces outside the vacuum

  1. A ‘meteorite seen across the sky shortly after the earthquake  (credits: )

    The Tsunami has done some damage to Fukushima Daiichi coolers according to this report

    Tuesday, 22 November 2016 | MYT 8:30 AM

    Tsunami hits Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant

    TOKYO: A powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Japan on Tuesday triggering a one-metre (3.3-foot) tsunami wave that crashed into the coast at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Public broadcaster NHK urged residents in the region to “flee immediately” to high ground, reminding listeners to heed the lessons of the “Great East Japan Earthquake”.

    A massive undersea quake that hit in March 2011 sent a tsunami barrelling into the coast, leaving more than 18,500 people dead or missing, and sending three reactors into meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters.

    An official from plant operator TEPCO told a televised news conference that a one-metre wave had hit the coast at the facility, but a spokesman for the company told AFP there were no reports of damage as a result.

    TEPCO earlier reported that a water cooling system at a reactor in the separate Fukushima Daini facility had briefly stopped but that it was back up and operating.


All the signs are here. This was a NASA-NAVY or other Actor assault. I suspect Obama & Co. were upset with Abe’s secret surprise meeting or his troops in Sudan under the new mandate, but maybe there is more under the radar here.

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Ping Pong and Pedophiles in High Places

Up to date info from PIZZAGATE NASAGATE Comet Coming….


From the Clintons, Obamas, Bush’s and Trumps, and bankers and corporates like Buffett and the Pentagon,  DOJ, FBI and NASA these rings have covered all positions of power. The Boystown scandal that never aired on Discovery was the RNC and the latest is the WikiLeaks DNC PizzaGate.

The Ties that bind them ….

This is an excellent video and all the Posts I have done on Project Orange. Pizza fits in well. I have covered the NASA money-honeyhole that has connected the Bush Crtime Syndicate from MaGog Bush , the Franklin Savings and Loan from the expose of JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratories and Jack Parsons and satanism through the Crowley SET. Coast to Coast from Bohemian Grove to Newtown Connecticut, from Hollywood West to Holyrood East, the corrupt law enforcement is not willing or able to expose and prosecute them. Comey and DOJ are totally compromised as was Justice Scalia.


From Boystown to LSJ Lolita Express and Pedophile Fantasy Island, the foundations of the Cabal, child trafficking is big business and how the Clinton’s made their fortune. Drugs, Sex and Sacrifice. It’s how they control DC and the criminals through the Joo-joo-bee blackmail operations.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza
Little Red Fox
Besta Pizza
Bucks Fishing & Camping
Spirit Cooking


Stanley Kubrick James Mason ping pong

Stanley Kubrick – James Mason  “Lolita” SET

Barack Obama David Cameron ping pong

Obama Cameron “like Bush Brown and Clinton Blair”

Lady GaGa singer ping pong


Queen Elizabeth Royal ping pong


Warren Buffett rich ping pong

Ice Cream Loving Warren Buffett

Kim Kardashian model ping pong

MK Kim Kardashian


Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

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LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers

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Dershowitz on the Defence

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i’s Wide Shut – pt2

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FInancial Crime, False Flag and Pedophiles

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Pedophiles in high places – Columbine Update

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Kids and Guns, the Predators want both.

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Who Is In Donald Trump’s Cabinet? Updated List Of Everything We Know So Far – IBT

This story will be continually updated as news of the cabinet nominees breaks.

Chief of Staff: Officially chosen. The appointment of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was confirmed by Trump’s transition team Sunday.

National Security Adviser: Officially chosen. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn has been offered the post, the Trump transition team confirmed Friday.

Secretary of State: Not chosen. Candidates include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former ambassador John Bolton and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, Reuters reported Friday.

Secretary of the TreasuryNot chosen. Applicants include ex-Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin, Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon — the last of whom reportedly rejected the job, according to CNN.

Secretary of DefenseNot chosen. Candidates include Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton, former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Politico reported.

Attorney General: Officially chosen. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions will be nominated for the position, Trump’s transition team confirmed Friday.

NYT: WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Representative Mike Pompeo, a hawkish Republican from Kansas and a former Army officer, to lead the C.I.A., his transition team said on Friday.

Of course this was arrived at after Trump met with transition team member James Woolsey ……Remember?

Woolsey told CNN’s “At This Hour” that he met with Trump on Friday and has agreed to advise the campaign “principally if not exclusively on national security matters such as defense, intelligence, maybe some aspects of energy … whatever he needs.”
One reason Woolsey said he supports Trump is that the Republican presidential nominee “seems willing to keep a secret and not to blab everything to the public and our opponents.


He also gave Trump a protege in Mike Pompeo and this is true for the other positions. Case in point.  Woolsey is a CFR Bilderberger and a NWO soldier. CIA heads are all CFR members , including Richard Helmes, James Schlesinger, William Casey, William Webster, Robert Gates, James Woolsey, John Deutsch, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, and Leon Panetta.

Michael Hayden gave us a clue in “Clear and Present Danger” and that’s the truth. Look at the Treasury and Jaime Dimon who rejected the offer but watch this Goldman Joo-joo-bee move by Trump for Mnuchin. But the real clue is in Henry Kravis CFR member and Bilderberg specialist for Finance. As noted in their 2016 meeting and as in all previous meeting the Kravis team is there. As a major Joo-joo-bee for Israel and the NWO, Kravis is going to decide the Treasury and Pentagon. I suspect David Petraeus gets in as State or Joint Chief. Watch Kravis and the Chertoff Gang here.

Bilderberg wants Romney in as well, but Kravis / Chertoff will decide on Treasury.

Rumors Of Henry Kravis For Treasury Are Trump’s Latest Attempt To Force Jamie Dimon’s Hand (bullllllllllshit!)

Of course Kravis won’t be the Treasury Sec. but he is the mouth for the deciders. Watch the final choice for Sec Treasury and State. Also watch for Bilderberger Peter Thiel a real new and coming big Joo-joo-bee. He’s the power behind Facebook and not sweaty Zuckerberg. As Paypal made him big he came into the picture for more than the Technology Czar position. Watch his two cents in the Joo-joo-bee arena including his ties to Kravis and Chertoff Group. (see  KKR Global Institute) This Petraeus link could be a bigger War Money Terror coup than Hillary and the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate.

We can talk predictions about the coming crash, Thiel Bitcoin crypto currency and the big NATO push by Trump who once said it was useless. Now he commits to it. Beyond Broadwell and everything else Petraeus has come out very clean. Like Hillary, no charges will be forthcoming. What a deal America.  We are going to get the best people Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral can buy with your money.

This cycle will be a bonanza for the NWO and elite billionaires. What we get is another con that too many do not see. Clinton-Bush ties to the KKR Chertoff is back in business big time and even George Soros will make money. Soros would like Mnuchin but I suspect another comes to deal the cards. The first hand will be to clear Hillary of all investigation and charges. That’s the KKR, Chertoff royal flush.

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

That backdrop is what makes Clinton’s new list of advisers so significant.

It includes Gen. David Petraeus, the major architect of the 2007 Iraq War troop surge, which brought 30,000 more troops to Iraq. Picking him indicates at partiality to combative ideology. It also represents a return to good standing for the general after he pled guilty to leaking notebooks full of classified information to his lover, Paula Broadwell, and got off with two years of probation and a fine. Petraeus currently works at the investment firm KKR & Co.

Another notable member of Clinton’s group is Michael Chertoff, a hardliner who served as President George W. Bush’s last secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and who since leaving government in 2009 has helmed a corporate consulting firm called the Chertoff Group that promotes security-industry priorities. For example, in 2010, he gave dozens of media interviews touting full-body scanners at airports while his firm was employed by a company that produced body scanning machines. His firm also employs a number of other ex-security state officials, such as former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden. It does not disclose a complete list of its clients — all of whom now have a line of access to Clinton.

This is the War Economy at it’s best. No doubt Trump will be the next stooge to front a criminal organization I fondly call Quantum. Kravis is man of stature near the power of  David Rockefeller, George Soros and close to the Rothschild’s. But the roads lead to Vatican and Tel-Aviv. We are in serious trouble.

tag: CFR, Trilateral Grp, Bilderberg, KKR Co LP., Chertoff Grp


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Owosso Moon?

From the timekeeping orb of our odd spatial reality. Check the time.


Predictions of Trump loss echo infamous 1948 election for Owosso native

Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s election may have had a familiar feel for fans of Owosso’s most famous politico.

With most of the polls predicting a win for Democrat Hillary Clinton, the outcome caught much of the world by surprise.

But if anyone can relate to Clinton’s disappointment, it may be onetime presidential candidate and Owosso native Thomas Dewey.

Dewey, who was governor of New York at the time, ran against Harry Truman in the 1948 presidential election.

It was widely predicted Dewey, a Republican, would win the election by a landslide — so much so that speculation in Washington centered around the make-up of Dewey’s cabinet. Owosso residents were preparing for a tourist boom.

Many Democrats had resigned themselves to an impending Republican win.

In a shocking defeat, Truman won the election, but that’s not what The Chicago Daily Tribune reported the next day.

The front-page headline: “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Similarly, polls in the 2016 presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton consistently showed Clinton as the victor.

Much of the country was shocked by Republican billionaire Donald Trump’s win.

Bridge magazine examined how the results from poll after poll led people astray, and, what ultimately lead to this year’s echo of the 1948 headline with an early online headline by the Detroit Free Press proclaiming Clinton won Michigan.

Trump ended up winning Michigan by 13,225 votes with all 83 counties reporting, according to the Michigan Secretary of State website.

While reasons for the 1948 polling errors are still a matter of debate, reasons for the polling miscues this time around included less money from news organizations for quality polls, the unpredictability of people and an increasing number of voters that no longer have landlines and don’t answer cell phone calls from unfamiliar numbers.

Read more about what may have led to inaccurate poll results and what led to the Detroit Free Press headline from Bridge Magazine here.


In Americas? Watch supermoon tonight

The full moon of November 14, 2016 is not only the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of this year. It’s the closest supermoon since January 26, 1948. Should you watch for this full moon on the night of November 14? Sure, and, if you do, it’ll be beautiful. But, for us in the Americas the moon is closer to full on the night of November 13.

The moon turns precisely full on November 14, 2016 at 13:52 UTC. This full moon instant will happen in the morning hours before sunrise November 14 in western North America and on many Pacific islands, east of the International Date Line. (See worldwide map below.)

In Asia and Australia, the moon turns precisely full during the evening hours of November 14. In New Zealand, it actually happens after midnight November 15. Around the longitudes of Europe or Africa, look both nights.

Better yet … everyone, look both nights!

The moon will look plenty full and bright all night long on both nights – November 13 and 14 – as it rises in the east around sunset, climbs highest up around midnight, and then sets in the west at or near sunrise.

The moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

This coincidence happens three times in 2016. On October 16 and December 14, the moon becomes full on the same day as perigee. On November 14, it becomes full within about two hours of perigee—arguably making it an extra-super moon.


syzygy – 1948 – 2017

Trade and Tariff GATT  – India and Pakistan – Marshall Plan – Israel recognized State – International Conference of American States COA

We can watch as we approach two more supermoons like October 16 a day for the Jesuits and new Black Pope Superior General. The worshipers from the Joo-joo-Bees and Khazarian ISIS moon worshipers should offer us some interesting syzygy for the next month. Also note we are prime for our Saturday December Sabado Saturnia sacrifice which should happen in anytown *USA*. Not necessarily Connecticut, but quite possible around the Great Lakes

3-9-6 : Sun-Moon- Earth

Next Date 12-14-16

Three large quakes in Two days

Added note : Seismic HAARP assault

Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 7.4
  • 13 Nov 2016 11:02:57 UTC
  • 13 Nov 2016 23:02:57 near epicenter
  • 13 Nov 2016 05:02:57 standard time in your timezone
Location 42.779S 173.129E
Depth 10 km

Trump is 7 and a Wildcard, so anything can happen now. As a Jesuit Sun Worshiper and with the shift from the Khazar Obama, Russia plays very “big League” in this transition to 2017.  Lots of things should happen and Mercury is the last Supermmon on Wednesday December 14.  Watch your calendar. Time for the big message? We are at high tide for the American Spring.

Image result for Puddy Dunne Freemasonry

BETTING:  Michigan wins NCAA football Championship

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Did HRC “Really” Win the “Popular” Vote?

Considering “whom” created this map, and the MSM outlet that put it out, We must be suspect of it.  It too has been “Rigged”.  For HRC.  Why?  Because there is no way in Hell she won the “Popular” vote across America.

It has been postulated that Trump was winnng with 85% of the vote.  The race was never anywhere near close.  So, figure it out.


“Popular” vote goes to Hillary?  No Way.

Why is this little fact important?

Because some individuals believe the “sElection” is still “in play” for Ms. HRC.


Better call BS on this “Popular” vote BS right now!

Trump may not be the answer, but HRC is a “Destroyer”, not a builder.

Today’s date, 11-11-16 may be significant.

Looking at what happened to the Precious Metals on Friday, the 11th is interesting.  Real money has tanked, while fiat has gone up?  There’s a WTF!!!? right there.  But then, a rigging cabal has had a hold of these markets for a long time.







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Now What, Voyager?

The Peso was up and now its down. The Wall Street fell but the Wall is not built. Nor will it ever climb up to Trump heights, no tower to be found on this voyage, no treasure.  Just a great wave of hysteria. soon to break on the banks of discontent.

She took the dive, deep into the abyss, like the champ she was eight years before, she took another one for the crew.  From her perch in the nest  of crows she swanned with such grace. The challenger thanked her for all her hard work and years of service, for who, gratitude, not attitude, this latitude of victory.  After such a change in the weather I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.

Hope and change again the coordinates say, this time change and hope under the skies of a storm and the guise of open seas but we know the trade and war ships and pirates will come to flank our shores, no borders for these voyagers, rough seas are their stock in trade and their cargo, full.

What port can we find to save our souls, not Russia, China or Mexico. Does Britain message for our Brexit from hell?, alas there is no call.  But what can we learn from voyages past, the sails full of wind to a promised land.  The captains and helmsmen of the brave new world will navigate us through the jaded seas yet again to the destination we just departed.

The Admiralty and Naval Lords call for calm blue seas, but the rogues and high crests to breach our peace and the ornament and perfume of war to adorn the TTIP  of the ship. Imagine the wreckage of this vessel on the rocks and know this final voyage and sails to be set.

The Black flag of her majesty’s ISIS, the pirates we are to fear, mock our dreams as mere mirages, yet pirates are real on the land and the sea, their John Hancock’s are canons and fodder for the quorum of transit to whom we must serve. Our captain has spoken and we elected our fate, if we could fly would we not see the peril of our heading, not remember the maritime strategy, like a familiar coast, one found using  a compass and rule.

The elite design and subtle lines should not fool us seasoned sailors, this ship is flagged for conflict and it’s new captain assuring a bligh over bounty, will master the art of illumination over the crew, but for this mutineer, before the perfect storm,  I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.

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Hillary Coughs, “Love Trumps Hate”.


In final rally, Clinton says NC ‘is key.


“Love Trumps Hate!”

WOW!!!  Just, “Wow…”  Feel the “Love”.

“Hillary Clinton stretched out her 2016 campaign schedule to the final moment, closing out the calendar with a post-midnight rally in Raleigh, N.C.

Flanked by her husband, President Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and pop music stars Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga, the Democratic nominee called on her supporters to help her sew up the key battleground state.

“Bring out your friends, your roommates, strangers on the street, just stop and talk to them about what’s at stake in this election,” she said.

“Because North Carolina is key.”

{Paraphrasing} Blah, Blah, Blah…

“Her closing argument echoed her stump speech, an optimistic appeal to better days ahead similar to the tack she took hours earlier in Philadelphia, where she stood alongside her family as well as President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

“We don’t have to accept a dark and divisive vision for America,” she said.

“Tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America.”

WOW!!!  Just, “Wow!”…

From Jim Stone Freelance at


See more on the “Rigged” American sElection at Stone’s site, or many other alt-media sites.  For fabulous coverage of a Hillary Clinton “Victory”, continue watching ALL 6 Zio-owned MSM News/Media outlets.  {This fact is well established}.

Understand — there are dual-realities being created and sold.  Actually, a Multi-Plex of “Paradigms” you can choose from to establish your “preferred” reality.

Somewhere…out there…in supine repose, rests the unadulterated and unchangeable TRUTH.

Only the diligent, the wise, the well-read, the historically experienced, the thoughtful, the morally superior “deplorables” can see through the “Fog-of-Psyops-War”, to make sense out of the nonsense.

For Alternate Realities presented in the Alt-Media, peruse:

Add sites you appreciate in the comments section…

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Clinton Surrogate Told Supporters Clinton Planned to Betray Labor on TPP -WFB

Clinton wanted to get ‘labor off her back,’ claimed surrogate Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Image result for Eddie Bernice Johnson and Hillary Clinton

WIKILEAKS (link attachments in WORD DOCX)


Date:            Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Location:     AFL-CIO, 815 Eye St. NW

From:          Nikki Budzinski, Labor Outreach Director

RE:              Meeting with AFL-CIO President Richard (Rich) Trumka

  • Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

I have received four calls from labor about a district meeting that Congresswoman Johnson (a HRC public supporter) held in Dallas, Texas where she discussed TPP.  She claimed in the meeting that she speaks with HRC 2-3 times a week and that she was told by the Secretary that the only reason she opposes TPP is to get “labor off her back” and that once she is elected President she will reverse position.  I have worked with our Western Political Director Jessica Meija, and she has connected with the Congresswoman’s COS to clarify the inaccuracy of what she said and push back on her comments.  This was not helpful with labor.


We knew it, now everyone should know it!!!  The American Death Knell.


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Election Week: Over and Under the Radar


  1. The recent near flyby of Asteroid 2016 VA is interesting considering it was only discovered on Monday. “Newly discovered asteroid 2016 VA snuck up on us last night, and crossed through the Earth’s shadow to boot.” Follow the tracking of the these stories
  2. False Flag CIA – NASA Bluebeam – Asteroid attack
  3. Alien UFO Invasion Will ‘Save Earth from World War III’: Latest Conspiracy Theory Shows People Really Want To Believe In Extraterrestrial Life – Apparently set to arrive September 2017.
  4. North Korea is preparing to launch an intermediate-range ballistic missile in the next three days, Fox Business Network reported on Tuesday, citing two unidentified U.S. officials
  5. Global Naval Ships distribution – Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, China Sea, Pacific Rim, Atlantic Sub Fleets, etc. You can track this easily that all the NATO-BRICS naval forces are distributed all over the globe under exercize cover stories and the Syrian conflict and China Sea aggression. (USS  H. Truman at Norfolk VA)
  6.  Wikileaks last dump #26 – The next one slated before election will be the dreaded #27. I posted a death for the week of Nov 1 to the election. Numbers said 11/2/16 but will open to the the 11th.
  7. Market Correction-Trump Election: Like Braxit, the googleplex is dumping the market crash/correction post Donald J – Dow Jones. Looking at the schizophrenic investor-trader history, this could be extremely possible as a trigger.
  8. WWIII? Unlikely. But watching South Koreas problems and North Korea psyop Kim Jong Un, the location for a major false flag is possible. Pakistan and India as well as the tensions there are at an apex. At least 19 killed in latest India-Pakistan border firing. I so strongly believe that WWIII will begin here. If nuclear war is imminent, this is where we begin. Perfect for a Trump induction to global crisis if not the expected financial meltdown.
  9. BLUEBEAM: Can’t escape it.  It just keeps popping up over and over again. Too much activity at the poles, too much magnetic possibilities over the  radiated, or electrical variety.  From the scalar assault we could have a very nice false flag to blame on climate and Russia. Sporadic outages over a global EMP would be more likely. Voter Results???
  10. Wild Card. Vortex (+147  -258) 369 – Arctic Russian and Antarctic NATO polar shift HAARP-SURA combine to create the same assault they laid on Italy for a location unknown. Large scale shallow seismic event with tsunami.


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Mafia Election: “Our Thing”

To me, being a gangster was better than being President of the United States. ~ Henry Hill

Not anymore Henry.


Money never goes to prison. – Mafia Manager

After a victory, sharpen your knife. – Mafia Manager

There are three sides to every story. Mine, yours and the truth. ~ Joe Massino

Vote early and vote often.Al Capone

Be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.John Gotti

Ours is a government of checks and balances. The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances. ~ Steve Allen

“Judges, lawyers and politicians have a license to steal. We don’t need one.” ~ Carlo Gambino

It’s about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.  ~ Rudy Giuliani

Liquor prohibition led to the rise of organized crime in America, and drug prohibition has led to the rise of the gang problems we have now. ~ Drew Carey

The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced. ~ Lucky Luciano

Terrorists are as big a threat to our future, perhaps bigger, than organized crime. ~ Bill Clinton


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Planet War – Scorpio and Leo


Masonic Lightening

You cannot avoid the astrological,  biblical  and political angles and alignments right now.  After Hillary’s exposure via emails and her deplorables and attacks on Catholics, the Jesuits have responded and so have the Khazarian Zionists.

Look at the current UNESCO decision, look at the assaults on Italy. Two earlier HAARPINGS near Rome and then today 10/30/16


Preliminary Earthquake Report M6.6 – CENTRAL ITALY
Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.6
Date-Time 30 Oct 2016 06:40:18 UTC
30 Oct 2016 07:40:18 near epicenter
30 Oct 2016 00:40:18 standard time in your timezone

Location 42.856N 13.089E
Depth 1 km
Distances 6 km (3 mi) N of Norcia, Italy
31 km (19 mi) ENE of Spoleto, Italy
33 km (20 mi) ESE of Foligno, Italy
39 km (24 mi) W of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
117 km (72 mi) NNE of Roma, Italy

This is a scalar ELF HAARPING from some facility. 1 km depth
is highly unusual for 6+ Magnitude. This is third quake less
hundreds of aftershocks.

Astrology indicates a Trump loss.
Seems Venus and Mars are not aligning with Jupiter
Jupiter by JunoOutbreak on Jupiter Solar activity high
CME’s recorded

We are primetime for CME / Geomagnetic phenomenon

Watching News for China’s space station and Antarctic/Arctic

Look for a big event on Monday Tuesday or Wednesday.

The numbers say Wednesday 11/2/16

but the three dates are all possible

Italy hit by strongest quake in 35 years, but no deaths reported

UNESCO decision

Tiangong 2 space station

I remind you not to be taken in by the bogus ‘research’ objectives of the ISS and Tiangong 1 facilities as they are pure weapons deployed instruments and the T2 is yet another component of the Joo-joo-bee preparations for bluebeam and the transformation of the One World Government.

Julian Assange & Co. are a timed operation given the dates of release of this “slo-leak” agenda. The polls are going their job as well to monitor the nation division. The powers that be are tweaking the completely staged and fraudulent race in order to split the electorate evenly (or as even as possible) in this Jade Helm style campaign by two certifiable megalomaniacs. I have said many times that Snowden and Assange are limited hangouts and completely operated by the committee and after the last release and James Comey’s 11th hour letter (disclosure) which was timed in typical Vortex Mathematical timing, it is certain to me that the November event will see the third stage before the 8th.November 2 is the date but UTC says 11/1 possible.

I am almost certain that the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum will be implemented in November, post vote and under the duress of a recount or legal action being played into the staged narrative by the completely corrupt MSM.

I also see a death for November 2 as well, but not necessarily a candidate psychopath, but a sacrificial ritual killing for Jupiter/Mars  as we will certainly see in December for Saturn. What we can watch for now is clear.  Why the POTUS 8 (SCOTUS) event was necessary. Why Scalia was murdered. Why Assange dumped his data in pieces.  Why Trump derailed so fast. Why a martial law national or global catastrophe is ready to be triggered. Who of the thousands of ISIS operatives in the country through VISA and open borders will stage post vote is  potential nuclear event.  [EMP]

 PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER – Treat this like the WAR ON TERROR, WAR ON DRUGS and WAR ON POVERTY. We know the UN Peacekeeping program runs concurrent with ISIS and GLADIO via NATO.  The Security Council is the Insecurity of our current situation and all recent military movement indicates war. But I am certain it will begin in India and Pakistan and like the planets, other nations will align accordingly. When is unclear though, and it may be well into the next 8 year cycle with whoever the puppeteers have at the Helm. Financial Armageddon and a Banking Holiday is where we begin in my opinion. Brexit and BRICS have to play a part in this.

Watch for Media clues. Be prepared.  The Media is hyping post election violence, gun sales peaking, Russian aggression and earthquake vulnerability. The Googleplex has the hits to prove it. More Kraftwerk to come.

tag:3369633 – 811 – 666 – 33 – 322 – 11

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THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE IS  Computer-generated imagery

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Who killed the Korkki Sisters and why?

Korkki Kocktails


Seychelles – Diego Garcia

I got immediately suspicious  when this story broke. Two high finance women die while on vacation at a luxury resort in the Seychelles.

American sisters found dead at Seychelles resort
OpinionSTLtoday.comSep 30, 2016

I immediately  connected their relationship to the banks but also and most importantly connected the mystery of Malaysia  Flight 370. But this reported death is really just too bizarre to be swept under the radar.  There are many strange things happening being deflected by the 2016 race to the bottom, and these Island events are happening from the Ascension Islands to the Falklands and Diego Garcia to the South China Sea. Along with the continuation of the buildup in Antartica, the Bluebeam factor continues to rear it’s head from the depths of the Leviathan.

Around the world, the MIC complex is rapidly working along with the rocket launches to get cargo (WMD) to the ISS and secret “earthraker” orbital island facility. But what about the lovely, healthy, physically fit sisters from Minnesota?

Robin and Annie Korkki

Resort management discovered Robin Korkki, 42, and her sister, Annie Korkki, 37, “unresponsive” in their villa on Sept. 22, according to Seychelles police spokesman Jean Toussaint.

922 – the double K (11) and the Korkki triple K 911 = SKULL AND BONES 322.  It is an easy decode by name, age and date to link this sacrificial death for the illuminati as a gift tho Lucifer for some  blessing on one of many of their projects. Whether the Banking fraud or the moving forward of world war chaos to a new world order is the difficult part of this mystery.

Thousands of miles away in the United States, relatives said they are looking for answers. In Minneapolis, their brother told a local paper that the family is getting no information on the case. Some family members have traveled to Seychelles to gather details and bring the sisters’ bodies home.

The GPS says the family sits right at the end of the bloody 1-35 corridor in Minneapolis  and yet they were living independently in Denver and Chicago, two key cities in the NAU program. Denver will be one of two capital cities according to documents and Chicago may be “carbon central” in agenda 21. The sisters

Strange Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue

It could be as simple as another banker sacrifice to the dollar lords, but there may be more to this than just JP Morgan wealth management lawsuits and maybe a deeper crime was exposed. Annie Korkki did not work for the Dimon Jim Madoff group but instead worked in Chicago where she was the Head of FX and Metals at Allston Trading.

Was there a link between JPM and Allston to manipulate or even cover tracks beyond the forex scandal?

Korkki Sisters Double Death Solved, But Not the Mystery

“A coroner announced today that the Korkki sisters died of symptoms related to high altitude sickness, solving part of their double death mystery, but not all of it.”  

Robin was living in Denver, a mile high city for years. Altitude sickness is a joke, a ridiculous assertion from a witch doctor indian coroner who just got a real nice paycheck. Seychelles Highest elevation: ‎905 m (2,969 ft)

Please spare us this drivel and let’s assume they were not free flying in the clouds that day or free diving to the depths of the Indian Ocean.  Let us assume the same old bullshit we get daily from Coroners from Sandy Hook and the MSM who regurgitate the NTSB and other forensic frauds.

No illegal drugs were found. The heavy drinking is bullcrap as well.  What is not bunk is that they were cremated quickly and privately buried and the family was likely paid off and this will evaporate as quickly as possible into the X-files of assassinations and sacrificial world order deaths. What poison or Breitbart weapons were used will remain a mystery.

They strangely extended their stay for a few more days. Did they meet someone who offered them a ride to Diego Garcia, the pivot point to Antarctica?  Maybe they decided during the Jet Flight to depressurize the cabin and kill them. This would cause findings of the edema  due to hypoxia  which causes a rapid uptake of water when oxygen is deprived to the lungs blood and brain. The cells panic so to speak and swelling ensues.

Rapid decompression could be at play here if the autopsy was not forged and fixed.
Were they then returned to their hotel room in the dead of night? Authorities said they were suspicious when the sisters had not been seen for a day.

We can check this destination and affluent resort of our list of vacations spots because for a few thousand dollars a night the accommodations seem a bit high even if they did have a private butler. Did the butler do it? Who knows now. Medications were found in the room?  They were not illegal drugs, but Pharma is as lethal as any. Were the sisters both on the same medications? Acute Pulmonary and Cerebral Edema. I think not.  

Why were the  bodies cremated before family arrived to take possession? Why? I think we know why. The autopsies were done in Mauritius nearby Reunion Island where supposed pieces of Malaysian Flight 370 were found. It’s all too fishy in the Indian Ocean these days but nothing is more fishy than the the Indian Ocean Vortex, one of several vile vortices like the Bermuda Triangle. There is much more here than the fiction we have received.


From Swedish kork.


  1. cork
  2. cap, top, lip (of a bottle)
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Abandon Ship!


Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 20, 2016

The Jesuit Bilderberg Dinner 2016

Masquerading as an Al E. Smith Dinner, the jesuit infiltrators come to celebrate death and loot money in the name of innocents. Watch the day of dead reference, see the Jesuit symbols, watch Trump and Clinton play their game and enjoy knowing this is another farce, another cult of the Illuminati and a royal flush for the NWO. The usual; roasting has some good zingers but the skulduggery is clear. The two clown puppets separated by the Black Pope’s hitman Archbishop Dolan and covered by the New York elite consiglieres like Cuomo, Bloomberg, Giuliani and De Blasio .

Enjoy the media dinner and entertainment.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 15, 2016

Trump, Clinton Leaks, Soros & Syria – Jay Dyer on Red Ice

The show begins with a discussion on the geopolitical quagmire that is Syria. Jay tells us that the American establishment has wanted Bashar al-Assad gone for some time; as such, allegations of chemical weapons use and human rights violations are nothing more than psyops. We then discuss how Russia, over the course of the 20th century, was ravaged by Communism and later plundered by the Clinton administration’s cronies in the 90s. Jay mentions that he doesn’t think a cataclysmic world war will erupt anytime soon but that we will instead see more regional conflicts similar to Syria. On the subject of Syria, Jay argues that most of these supposed jihadists are, in actuality, little more than mercenaries lured in by the promise of food and pay. The first hour also touches on the possibility of a globalist fifth column existing within Russia, fake ISIS propaganda, and the relationship between Evangelicalism and Zionism.

In the members’ hour, we begin by discussing how Trump, through being unapologetic, represents a break from the politically correct status quo. Jay also points out that Trump has effectively revealed the mechanisms of the New World Order: mass immigration, free trade, and neoconservative wars. We then shift gears to consider how the Clintons fit into the globalist power structure, with Jay arguing that they are simply part of a greater web of corruption. Jay then outlines how the Clintons have operated in a manner common to globalists, namely by creating a foundation to serve as a cover for the trafficking of arms, weapons, and money. We discuss how, in the past, psychological warfare has been often used against foreign countries; today, however, it is primarily wielded by Western governments against their citizens. The members’ hour also explores Milo’s antics, how to spread the Alt Right message, and the power of humor.

Jay’s Analysis
Tragedy and Hope
Gene Sharp
Former CIA Officials Admit to Faking Bin Laden Video
Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton
Aleksandr Dugin on the Russian fifth column
Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank
HSBC Judge Approves $1.9B Drug-Money Laundering Accord
Operation Mockingbird
Burn Notice: Milo Yiannopolous
Blaming Russia for everything
Putin 1 – International Vampires 0
Soros to invest 500 million in help for ‘refugees’
FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’
Soros-Sponsored NGO in Syria Aims at Ousting Assad, Not Saving Civilians
Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3
Christian Zionism
Staged ISIS Videos are the Plot of Iron Man 3

Best Video this week!!! Way to go Jay.

The Cold War was a fraud. The WWII axis of evil were Germany, USSR and USA. No nuke threats no WWIII just the technological war for the financial markets, EMP, Psyops, Secret deals and trade. Remember Soros works for the Committee. The RothRocks do as well. The deepest core of unknown names has manipulated all wars and all finance.

When Rockefeller praised the China model, the truth was seen as a global China model. Playing Putin up for another round of Cold War is as phony as the War on Terror. Just recycled to give a nation state front for the next wave of Hegelian dialectics.  As the ISIS scam plays out as another bogus al-qaeda, the move to a nation state enemy like in the Iran-Syria-Russia axis, is no different.  Watching people fawn over Trump is as sickening as playing Putin up to be an anti-globalist.  World Order is end of the game. All players walk  away with Boardwalk and Park Place and other real estate, all the railroads, utilities, energy and your luxury taxes.  Meanwhile we are left with monopoly money, eternal debt, carbon tax and derivatives along with the CDO’s of human death traded openly by the corporations. And then there’s those “get out of jail cards”

Now we can see the big deflection off the triad of Paris, TPP and International finance. Everything that comes to us is toxic from it’s packaging to the  core.


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Therion on the Horizon


Time to update the Revelation of the NWO and Weather Modification.  As we watch the timing and controllers go to work. We are a nation against all nations and current headlines indicate 4th seal.


2010 Haiti earthquake

Hurricane- Matthew 24:9

6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. 10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

The Hour of the Time: It’s not steered it’s just bizarre due to climate change.

Climate Change by the Therion is the Beast of Revelation. A Leviathan, a fabricant of hell.

Hurricane Matthew is just the beginning of the new 11 year cycle and the project to run their death campaign through the Caribbean and US south. Targeting Christian Populations.

As we saw with Katrina, Matthew is a developed and steered vortex taking advantage of the North Atlantic Cold Blob and La Nina ala HAARP  scalar  and ionosperic heating. What has aided this new heightened manipulation is of course; The Deepwater Horizon-Corexit con we lived through.  If you find it coincidental that Holyrood-Hollywood are pumping the NOVEMBER PARIS DEAL CLIMATE FRAUD on the world and that the mind controllers in Joo-joo-bee land are releasing the MACONDO PROJECT by the name of false flag Deepwater Horizon, another 2010 event courtesy of the committee military Industrial complex.

The purpose of which was clear in Macondo. This was to target and kill the Gulf and effect the Gulf Stream for the purposes of depopulation, weather manipulation and mayhem for a Paris Agreement on global warming.  This is the 4th seal of the New World Order transformation and appropriately Matthew is spawned.

From one of many Therions, the Daily Beast says

‘Immense Human Suffering’ Predicted as Hurricane Matthew Turns Toward Florida

Forecasters were sounding the alarms as the first outer bands of Hurricane Matthew approached South Florida on Thursday morning. They warned that the strongest storm in the Caribbean in nearly a decade may cause “immense human suffering” and “loss of life” if precautions are not taken. National Weather Service officials said the storm, which is expected to return to Category 4 strength

DEEPWATER HORIZON The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010

Deepwater Horizon: Disaster Movie with American Workers as Everyday Heroes

What a crock! The triple cross is easy here. The coverup of the coverup. All by design and after 6 years, the job is done, the damage done and the next 11 years of engineered African weather and steered cyclones will wreak havoc just as the Pacific Blob did on South Asia.

When the Climate Pimps started this con-game, they provided phony data and fabrications regarding the Atlantic currents disappearing and when that and other data were deemed manipulated through email evidence, the DW Horizon and Macondo event were there to assist in making the science needed for climate change. Now after years of experimentation, toxic eco-dumping (210 million gallons) and the course of the corexit wave through the Gulf Stream and up the Atlantic current, millions have been poisoned by  few only know, this mixture.

The thought of suffering through Mark Wahlberg and the propagandist’s version of this obvious softkill and ENMOD event nauseates me.  If you want to see the reality and true story, just watch the sick kids in TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL and look at the BP skin cancers, autism, respiratory diseases and brain tumors.

Paris Climate Treaty to Take Effect in November – WSJ

President Obama hails chance ‘to save the one [world order] planet we’ve got’

HAARP fingerprints shown with this scalar quake which always follow a scalar assault. Always shallow (approx. 10km) and aprrox. between 4.9 to 5.8 magnitude

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake
35 km from Imias, Cuba · Sep 30, 7:06 PM

Revelation 6:7-8

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.


Remember, Christianity dies before ISlam is destroyed. I expect Haiti to suffer the pestilence of Zika (bioweapon) and Cholera, Dengue and whatever else they can manufacture.  I also suspect another big payday for the Clinton Bush Soetoro crime syndicate.  I predicted in 2015, the re-emergence of the Atlantic storm season return and Matthew is a good start, followed by Mark, Luke and John in a series of weather related, terraqueous seismic events for the death knell of American Sovereignty and a nation under GOD.



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Why Would You Donate? Seeing What You Now Know?

This thread began with the question below:

“Where is Matthew?”, because when you look at’s radar screen there, Haiti looks pristine.

Subsequently, I input “Haiti” for the area for to find, and lo and behold I found the weather formations shown in the second photo below…

But, now I have to post my own “WARNING!” for kind-hearted folks to NOT DONATE to “The RED CROSS” to help the poor Haitian people STILL LEFT STRANDED IN TENTS from Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr.’s overseeing the Haiti Earthquake Fund administered by “The RED CROSS”.

On’s site you will now find a link to ostensibly “help” the Haitian people due to Matthew’s WRATH — if you click on “How You Can Help” you’ll get sent to

Why would you donate, since you have taken a few minutes to do a web search on what happened to the money donated for the earthquake funds?  Why did a forecaster announce last evening that 66,000 people STILL LIVE IN TENTS?!

I urge you to GO TO THIS LINK —

Read some of the stories PLEASE!

Make up your own mind.  But don’t donate to political parasites unknowingly.

“Where is Hurricane “Matthew” in this radar pic at 12:40EST on 10-04-16?”


All over they are warning about hurricane “Matthew”.  I don’t see squat around Haiti so what gives?

O.K., this pic off at 12:55pm EST to be exact shows actual cloud formations.  Why the other radar does not show much of anything I don’t know…?


I don’t know about Florida or Georgia or NC, but SC is closing schools and guv offices ahead of the storm —  Or see,

I do know for a fact that schools are being closed on Friday a full 4 1/2 hours inland from the coast in Upstate South Carolina.  Friday football games have been moved to Thursday night.

This story is still developing, along with the Precious Metals take down today, the war rumors, the political BS, etc.  Have a Nice Day!


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Americans are Being Taken for a Ride…to Nowhere.


Here’s how much Americans have in savings in each state:


I would have embedded the slide show, but don’t know how, so inspect it at the following link:


Bad “Policies” make Paupers out of you and me, while making Super Wealthy the “policy-makers”.  Isn’t this Obvious?

See articles at



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Reality is Unsettling. So, Who is Making “Reality”?

And, while the sElection Dog & Pony Show continues ad nauseum..

Events are happening domestically and internationally that folks should be watching and developing opinions on:

Media Black-out: Militarized Police Raid Dakota Protest To Break Up Peaceful Prayer Circle


This is what it looks like when corporations’ interests are at stake. protestors are being accosted by ND police, & “sprayed by air”

Story at:

Americans must ask themselves, “Is THIS Overkill?” for the situation.  Does it no remind us all of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Malheur, and the Utah dust-up prior?  While looking for a bit of info, I came across this — .  Look how the description of the event reads on Wiki.  Does that match the “reality”?  Its sure hard to get facts straight when those in authority and in charge of the media twist the facts to suit their agenda (Recall 9/11, and the recent 9/11 anniversary “events”).…_Tears_Followed_By_NATO_Bombs/54405/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Who Wants War?  Raise your hands!  O.K., we see a lot of MIC companies, bankers, and politicians all VOTING FOR MORE with their actions.  So, COTO looks at that, and considers the import.

You can’t believe everything you read, nor a lot of what you “see”, and often what we hear is allergic to the Truth.  Perception is what is being Sold.  So, COTO reads, listens, watches, and considers “What’s Going On…?”.

THIS is Impactful, and you should watch it!

Apparently, Double-Dealing and corruption is a standard operating procedure?

Government Is For Profit, Its Not Just A Few Bad Apples”.

The article above discusses the “hawkishness” of Ms. Clinton historically, up to today.  But then, we know this, or should.

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Hillary Body Double at Debate? Frog DNA!

She had a frog in her throat? No, likely one in her brain.


This was someone but not the good wife. Her makeup was excellent. Her smugness was palpable. Her euphoria was too. They accused the Donald of tooting cocaine before the debate. I’d rather know what Hillary got in her hypodermic.  She was higher than her cheekbones. Who the hell is this?

Bedridden, Sick Hillary Clinton Sends Body Double to Debate Donald Trump

Taking no chances of another collapse, say close associates. Pneumonia is far from her only problem.

It became clear to the entire world that the woman who appeared outside of Chelsea’s apartment building on Sunday morning 9/11, just an hour and a half after her collapse on camera, was not in fact the former First Lady.

The Gene Therapy appears to include Frog DNA or Hillary will be our first Exo-President. Forget the first woman to hold Commander in Chief position and look to as many as three firsts.

Stranger Things….


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A 3%er Dims the Light and Sends A “Warning!”

A 3%er Dims the Light and Sends A “Warning!”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I’m spiking the guns here on Sipsey Street Irregulars

A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core.  After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars.  Effective immediately, this blog not be updated or monitored.  I know this quite sudden, but I know you guys  will keep on going just fine without it.

Freedom is not like a game of cards where you can pick up and walk away when you are done playing.  But as it stands now, I do not know if I have any future high profile plans within the liberty movement.  Time will tell.  There is great potential here.  Everyone sees it, which is why it attracts so many people.  When you remove failure as an option, your way becomes much clearer.  The movement simply cannot afford to fail.  Doing so will put this country in a darkness that may take generations to come out from.  You can kill the man, but you cannot kill the idea.  The idea of the 3% of determined and armed men and women was universal because the idea of “liberty for all” is universal.  Mike reminded everyone that a gun in your hand is a preferable option to a life on your knees.  Take that lesson, and the many others on this blog and use them.

Goody bye and the best luck to you.  Keep it legal.  Keep it local.  Support small patriot/veteran run  businesses when you can.  Try to have fun once in a while.  And if the government is going to make of you a criminal, be the best one you can be.

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A Tale Of Two Europe’s

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 18, 2016

dEPOPULATION: Silencing the Lambs


I have been wanting to follow up on the ABG’s of Transformation for sometime but the crazies are so active that it’s difficult to keep up anymore. It was looking at the Hillary Event that made me think of Gene – Replacement as a possible vector of the stranger phenomenon we are seeing with the candidate.

Something is always pointing to life extension and Hillary would certainly make the candidate for this. Along with GH MaGog Bush, I suspect the research is all a TRIAD where the means to extend their lives are only foreshadowed by the DoD efforts to shorten ours.  Hardly a week goes by where I do not have the same waking dreams of how the “Disclosure Alien Agenda” has driven the necessary human guinea pigs required for research in Areas 52 and other clandestine research DUMB’s.

I have also posited that Malaysia Flight 370 was  another bulk buy of human subjects and they are in Antarctica, while possible 911 manifests found their way to Greenland with the Swedish Nazi witch doctors hard at work with the matters of gene-slicing and dicing.

Back in 2011, some very interesting research was published. It confirmed my suspicions of major transformation prospects for Agenda 2030 and the unlimited means to usher in Bluebeam with a host of natural calamities and staged crises to meet their objectives in order to reduce the Problematique

eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance laid out the Club of Romes first global revolution and at the time we watched eBola and the beta testing of what now is Zika. The Zebranomics involved are pretty clear.  The money and the assets are now liabilities to the establishment’s ability to govern. Independence and information are our weapons and they have to eliminate the threat. From Kratom, cannabinol and other substances offering us health and cures, there are major efforts to eliminate the very internal barriers and protection we have acquired over time.  Now they choose to change that to their advantage.

This goes far beyond just the food and water, environmental essentials and is focused at the very core of the genetics and signalling processes and it includes all my posts on the electromagnetic audio visual network as well as the genes and associated cellular synthesizing.

What comes from the laboratories of these compromised offensive weapons researchers is exclusively theirs until such time as it is disclosed under the MSM gatekeepers and firewalls. This specific research offers them a huge advantage in the Silent War against humanity, the virus that they loathe and do not bother to hide in their publications and at their cocktail parties.

How did Zika materialize?  How long has the research been ongoing? Not since the Human Genome project has there been such excitement by the committee as there was with CRISPrna discovery.  Now the fight begins for control.  Adding to the huge stride in what this means for the deep research, the TPP and associated Patent Protection is surely at play.  All of the factors paint the simple picture of Genesis 6 , my pet name for One World Order.

Zebranomics at play: $$$

Zebranomics and Human Assets

When Is ‘Gene Editing’ Dangerous? (Video)

Among the attendees was Jennifer Doudna, a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the inventors of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. A prime mover behind the meeting, Doudna has expressed her opinion that the research community should temporarily halt all gene editing in viable embryos, as well as in sperm and eggs, until scientists, doctors and the public fully know the implications of a change that will affect not only that one person, but all descendants of that person, in perpetuity.

I can once again point to the committee for reference to this agenda. I can no longer refer to them as committee but now Quantum and the associated SPECTRE agents working under the protection of the Mafia Rackets in government.

It was cleverly revealed in another James Bond psy-op film called Die Another Day where the mind-controllers include Gene-Therapy and a great deal of weather weaponry as a backdrop to Korean espionage. (2002)  Post 911, the dumbed down masses were scarcely talking GMO food or Monsanto, let alone looking into the scalar plasma technology and HAARP EM science.

Were I to write a script, I may include Hillary getting radical gene therapy and manufactured synthetic cell replacement with special signal targeting, a therapeutic strategy in which her lymphocytes are removed, modified or manipulated ex vivo and re-transfused back into the witch. Likely for her lymphoma, brain or other leukemia cancer.  It is  not news that brain cancer has replaced leukemia as the most prevalent in childhood cancers.  I have discussed the blu-ray microwave and other EVAN Spectrum EM that aid in the GM science that are already increasing the brain disorders of our population, but it falls on deaf ears of the corrupted media and science community who know that any attempt to discredit or expose the connection between  the cloud, wifi and growing smart-micro networks will mean instant blackballing. Autism and Alzheimer disease just the tip of the iceberg.

So even Steve Jobs would not let his kids use the microwaves of death, but you can see plenty of idiots allowing their kids to sleep with the i-Phones. What cell signalling requires does not include K band wave assaults up to TSA Terahertz ionizing radiation.  Consider adding synthetic gene Cuisinart and microwave oven into one unit and cook your goose until CRISPR?  Call it the dCAS9, a dead pool of cellular death floating in the cloud and your gravy.

811 The Code of Life and Death- The infinite for them and the end for the rest of us.

Today, behind a set of four locked and sealed doors in a lab at the Harvard School of Public Health, a special set of mosquito larvae of the African species Anopheles gambiae wriggle near the surface of shallow tubs of water. These aren’t normal Anopheles, though. The lab is working on using Crispr to insert malaria-resistant gene drives into their genomes. It hasn’t worked yet, but if it does … well, consider this from the mosquitoes’ point of view. This project isn’t about reengineering one of them. It’s about reengineering them all.

I do not think this ends well.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 12, 2016

Hillary: A Conspiracy Theory

The Good Wife

After much investigation and some research I have come to a conclusion that the Hillary illness is a complete fabrication based on the optics and typical poorly orchestrated MSM scripting.  It was hard to believe they did not want us to know the 911 and Sandy Hooks were staged. I mean considering the fact that they have managed to cover the Apollo to Zebranomics conspiracies so well, how can we buy into the dumbed-down obvious holes that permeate these other Hegelian dialectics?

Hillary is an actor just as the rest of the crew in DC Holyrood. She also is as intelligent if not more than her counterpart Bill. Rhodes Scholars do not always equate to brains but the commitment to the NWO and a real drive for power.  Hillary would be top of her class at Georgetown while Bill would be average. Neither are stupid but Hillary is a professional career criminal and her head count in the governors and presidential periods are proof. You could say that her career really started with “stand by your man

Clinton Body Count: Link ( I had to use a Startpage Quick Proxy or else the Googleplex will send you to


House of Cards

After posting the sequel to Bill Clinton Has AIDS?, regarding the health of Hillary and what her afflictions may be,  I began to wonder why this thing called love was so strong between Bill and Hillary, a couple who obviously had love but not for each other. It was apparent that she was not one to love anything but herself and her pursuit for power. Her staged episodes since this reality show started have been so scripted for a purpose yet to be determined, but please look at the beautiful timing and the quality of the photography.  What appears to be a serial of episodes is worthy of Ridley Scott or Jodie Foster for dramatic effect, this saga may be more a game of thrones buried beneath the house of cards and the good wife may be sacrificing her chance to sit in the round and instead be written out of the next season. I can now comfortable say she will not take office.


Medically speaking the MSM is right on cue coming to the script of Parkinson and Pneumonia, but the fact is her symptoms and observable antics could be anything from Graves Disease to HIV Neurosyphilis to Autoimmune Thyroidism.  If I were to write the final episode I would have her in hiatus getting full blood transfusions in a basement full of live babies but I am not bound by the vortex of virtual reality  and real life. Her illness is only life threatening to every member of the viewing audience.  I think it is time we show this hand.

The house of cards includes the Trump. This card is wild but it hard to see it being played this season and yet I cannot commit to anything except my prediction that there will be no election.  Whether I mean there will not be a vote or the elected never taking office I am still flip-flopping.  So what are the options?


Game of Thrones

Obama and FDR, Clinton and JFK, and Hillary and who? This is the question. Where does it go when the script has the country so divided by two of the worst prospects for leadership?  There is no law preventing Obama to run for Congress again. Speaker of the house #3 in line after CIC and VCIC. Wow that’s a stretch. What the 22nd Amendment is may be vague, but it is an eleven times two. There could be 322 here by the cabal to get this overturned after a major event.  By demand of the public in crisis to waive it entirely and have Barry win by a write in vote count.  The electoral college decides but the voice of America speaks as well.  So it is not out of the realm considering the man of change has been loose with constitutional law.


Add SCOTUS and the Roberts factor. It’s likely the place where this scenario would end up. Or if there were something to happen with some state of emergency the whole election could be cancelled.  What Obama said in his meeting is important. Law prevents him from running yet he would win. Also though he said he did not want to run if it were possible, this is what FDR said as well. That is a microcosm of the global fraud of political correctness where everything you say is a lie or exactly the opposite of the truth. That’s how the vortex works in dialectics . Hillary is a pro like Bill and Obama. Antonin Scalia’s death can go on the Clinton body count ledger.


A meeting held Thursday at the White House will likely allay some of those concerns. During that meeting, Obama Administration officials met with representatives of the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns to discuss the preparations for the “peaceful transition of power” in January.

There is no peace, it is not the right time. Why call it such? We are fighting proxy wars with every single country on earth in some fashion. Whether currency war, the fake war on terror, weather warfare or a silent one with death by omission and the actus reus of softkill. Therefore Obama needs little to exclaim a Jefferson moment and there would be little needed to include in the script to get this narration into a real event.  I have often considered Obama Act3 as a better  bet for America than the two party psychopaths on stage but it would be a lot less interesting watching a rerun than getting a fresh new and more exciting script.

Dial M for Murder

Watch the Alt-Right and Alt Left Media for murder of News and real journalism. Watch Alex Jones, CIA plant and  his counterparts like Rachel Maddow and see the joined forces of the cabal working in tandem. MSNBC’s Maddow is even helping Jones push his snake oil. You can’t miss this example of how the alternate media has been created to provide the vortex of the dual paradigm divide and conquer. Is anybody really able to listen to a full Infowars broadcast and suffer the ego of Jones and his incessant blather on Trump and his sophomoric ranting on the leftists.  Notice the lack of Paul Craig Roberts, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, etc. and his lack of having anybody discussing chemtrails, HAARP, Sandy Hook, the Black Pope and Zionist Joo-Bees. His shows have deteriorated to hours of self promoting hero worship, including his courage facing death enhanced by his juvenile personal  vendettas with the young turks, Maddow and other actors.

Take note he doesn’t talk staged events on any level as it would bleed over to the fact that this whole election is a farce and that Trump and Clinton could never have made it to finish line if it were real.  No possible way could these two dismal and deficient human beings ever have made it to this point had the producers not intended it to be a farce. Gene Wilder presented Springtime for Hitler and the Bilderberg producers surpassed that script by far with this treatment.  Now we are left to wonder our own sanity as we await the daily installments of Dial M for Murder. Would anyone even flinch if one were to end up dead?   If you have spent the time to review the Bush Clinton Soetoro Body Count chronicles it is a serial drama by serial killers and impossible to pass off as conspiracy theory.

Is it possible Hillary has a love so deep that her life and her health are secondary?  Is there a mind-control and handler relationship there?  Her health might include psychosis, but I do not believe her pathology is in the physical realm but if it is she and all involved know it is terminal and she is ready to die a martyr.  What the next installment and script will offer is anyone’s guess. I will not predict it. I will continue though, to try to stay one move ahead of all the global apparatus and their psy-ops and I will confirm the Clinton body count now includes Hillary herself. This event is not a disclosure and leak expose’  but a staged  operation meant for public consumption.









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A Proud Liberal Democrat

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What’s “Trending”? Or Not…



That’s a SERIOUS PROBLEM there with the candidate “Someone” is spending Billions on getting into the White House.  Their Meat Puppet is failing.  Whether human, clone, or biological whatever — this model is breaking down and ain’t going to make it to the Finish Line.  THIS IS IMPORTANT TO SEE FOLKS!  This has been known and covered up, just like 9/11, for a very long time, and with tremendous expense and energy.


Well, 9/11 STUFF is Trending today, on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 “Conspiracy”.

I like reading Jim Stone Freelance sometimes, because he too points out the Obvious.  And at times, it is almost laughable the psyops sold as “Real”.

Jim Stone Freelance —

Drumroll, please…


See?!  Its  Hilarious & Preposterous all at the same time!

But then again, COTO has been on this since 9/11, and the cached information on this FF is composed of incredible detail revealing The Truth of the Matter.

So, I for one, find it INCREDIBLY psychopathic for all those “insiders” who have continually gone before a microphone or TV amera, or on “the record” — and attempted to SELL US ALL BULLSHIT FOR ALL THESE YEARS!  It ain’t funny — its MURDER!  And an uncountable number of people out in the cheap seats see it this way.  There ain’t enough lipstick anymore for this pig to be sold as truffles.




Sheep Asleep…

“Corruption”, “U.S. Government Corruption”.  NOT Trending.  See below.

This phrase shows up at Google Trends Search — “Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”.

Phewww!  That’s a Relief!  There “ain’t no corruption”, ’cause folks ain’t seeing it — so it must not exist.  Thanks Google!  We’ll go back to sleep, then.  Not.

“Word Trade Center Building Complex”.  Google said it was UP 300%.  Naw…

“Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”

“9/11 Cover-up”?

“Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”

Class for the morning is dismissed.  There are no worries.  Google says so.

(This thread is an example of using an “instrument, a tool” against itself.  Filtering, and massaging the Truth into something it is not becomes evident by “selective” omission, or distortion of the facts).  This is a Test.  Only a Test.  Of the COTO form of investigative inquiry.  A legal remedy of questioning required as an antidote to MSM psyops).





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Who’s Hooking up with Whom?

Front & Center: Video from “The Corbett Report”.

2 Hours ago:

What’s This?!  “Donald Trump now finally believes Barack Obama was born in the United States, prominent campaign surrogate Rudy Giuliani says. Speaking Thursday evening with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the former New York City mayor said his friend Trump hasn’t held the “birther” position, which first made him politically famous in 2011, in several years”.

“Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, said this week that he, too, believes Obama was born in Hawaii”.

Make a mental note of the alliance above between Trump and Giuliani.  Giuliani would become head of the Mossad-designed, Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) at Mr. Trump’s invitation and appointment.  Chertoff helped design the “DHS” (imagine where he got his model for is?  Mossad/Israel), then Napolitano was installed.  Current head is Jeh Johnson, a NY-connected former lawyer.

For Review:  9/11 Suspects — .  Also,

“Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement”

“Most of my readers are well aware of my position on U.S. elections in general – they are an eternal farce meant to give false hope to the masses. They are designed to make the public feel as if we are participating in our own governance, when in reality, we are only ever allowed to choose from a list of candidates that the elites pre-select. This does not mean that all politicians are corrupted or controlled, but according to the evidence I have seen, the majority of government represents the desires of a select few, and not the majority of the citizenry. (Is this not self-evident?)

There is absolutely no chance of retaking our current government by working within the system. To be blunt, the system is now structured to protect itself and nothing else. To think that it can be influenced through “elections” is an absurd notion.

For the past decade, though, I have seen a powerful shift in the public psyche towards a realization that our government is built upon a fraudulent paradigm; the false left versus the false right. I also understand that if I can see this shift, so can the numerous think tanks funded by the elites. The elites do not always try to obstruct changes in public awareness; this would be an unrealistic and fruitless effort. Instead, they often work to co-opt these changes and exploit them to the benefit of the establishment”.

The U.S. economy (the one working people must navigate) is built on corruption, and is teetering ready to collapse by all observations…

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion; when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you; when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice you may know that your society is doomed.”
– Ayn Rand

Doomed.  That’s the operative word.  Chaos is coming –because it is designed in, and planned for by the elites, who use Chaos, War, Secrecy, Power, and Fraud to manipulate “events” to their profit.

COTO pays attention to the “Players” on the chessboard, and watches closely the movements that can be seen.  Others are inferred.  They read stuff like,

COTO forms opinions based on Truth as they can find it.  Some interesting discussion even here on this Wiki piece —


 We wrap up this thread with a salient piece by Paul Craig Roberts, who points out the Obvious —


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David Knight Does Decadence

I don’t get star-struck often. Matter of fact the bigger you are the more I tend to turn surly. But David Knight is arguably one of the most respected and listened to men in our world, if not the world. Sort of our Walter Cronkite, less the Illuminati shit.

Needles to say I was a little bit nervous, and thought of all the great questions I could have asked him and his wife after they had gone. All the fundamentals of doing a good interview (something I’m not that good at to begin with) went right out the window. All I could do was blabber-on about myself. As if anyone gives a shit.

Still it was a real surprise and honor to have meet David and his wife.

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Controlled Demolition -SpaceX = 911

Does X=15? From TechDirt:


NWO: Stakeholders – Mission Bluebeam

1. Damage Assessment

In this case, the rocket and the payload were destroyed, obliterating hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. On top of this, there will be significant damage to the launch pad infrastructure at Cape Canaveral. Luckily, there were no workers around the launchpad during the static-fire and no injuries have been reported.

Who foots the bill? Well, for rocket launches with pricey payloads: usually space insurance companies mostly. As noted here by CNBC, “There are only about 50 insured launches each year paying about $750 million in premiums to a handful of companies.”

Statistically speaking, about one in nine U.S. launches are expected to fail, so if you’re sending a payload worth over $100 million, it’s probably smart to get insurance. For SpaceX specifically, the failure rate is lower with just two out of their 29 Falcon 9 launches failing (the first one occurred in June, 2015).

…There is still much more to learn about today’s explosion to make any judgments regarding SpaceX’s reliability, but the big questions now are: what exactly caused the failure, who’s at fault, how quickly can it be fixed?

3-9-6 VORTEX – CUI BONO? Read the rest of the article.

Red Team Blue Team – Airbus Boeing??? ULA

NASA Selects ULA Mission Continues Heritage of Mission to Red Planet … NASA Selects United Launch Alliance Reliable Atlas V Rocket to Launch Mars 2020


Atlas V to Launch OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission

Mission Description: The OSIRIS-REx (little x)

Rocket/Payload:A United Launch Alliance Atlas V 411 configuration rocket will launch the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission for NASA.

Date/Site/Launch Time:Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, from Space Launch Complex (SLC)-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Launch is planned for 7:05 p.m. EDT.

The narrative and propaganda that will come out will be all bullshit. The insurance scams and other benefits will cover the waterfront but the deeper purpose and event are similar to World Trade anniversary 15.  The TRIAD’s are similar, the moneymakers and stakeholders are similar. The Global Information Grid and Enterprise system are still at stake. The Internet and WiMax, cloud and DODAF DARPA agenda will not be effected but continue vigorously as the ICANN takeover moves forward. It doesn’t matter how the transition plays out in the political fraud and staged theater, the agenda for the Grand Delusion continues without a hiccup and insurance matters, congressional hearings, Obama & Co. battles, etc. have no bearing on this coming sublime event.

MARS is now only a metaphor for WARS. It only means dominance of the slave ship earth. Even if they find gold on the Asteroid, it’s the Asteroid itself that will play out the coming staged Armageddon and it won’t be Billy Bob and Ben Affleck saving the planet, but instead, the trans-humanistic monolith and Exo-terrestrial new political correct savior. This asteroid is just another onion layered with tonnes of debris, clutter and crap diverting the attention to the spectacular coming utopia as promised by clues since JFK.  We choose to believe it because we have lived through years of programming and repetitive reinforcement by the Bluebeam team and associated disclosure agencies for we the mind-controlled “generations” of Space XY and Z.

SPACE INSURERS  When a rocket blows up, space insurers pay for it. When a rocket goes up YOU pay for it.  It’s on your credit card, it’s a funeral plan, it’s expensive, elaborate and deadly.  It’s worse than Elysium, nothing like Armageddon, but exactly like Revelation. Wormwood cometh.  This staged event was a timely as the 6/29/15 explosion and the NASA NAVY NOAA team were on the ball. If you think these events are faulty struts or O2 pressure events, I have a truckload of O-Rings for sale.

Officials evaluating OSIRIS-REx launch after nearby SpaceX explosion – Let’s watch September 8 and place your bets it gets off without a hitch. If the cabal and NASA satanists are on thier game they may delay it for THREE days.  This, considering the hundreds of TRIAD’s false flag and staged dialectics we have suffered through. I think Elon Musk and Trump are birds of a feather. Falcon 9.  Stay tuned.



related: deflection 911 (confirmation bias)

Trump, Clinton pledge to pause campaigns for 9/11

Muslim Holy Day on Sept. 11? Coincidence Stirs Fears

Israeli satellite lost during SpaceX test launch in Florida – Israel News





Well. I had a feeling this would end like the rest. It shows that they will never cave in to pressure and that eventually everyone who gets too far up the pyramid gets knocked off. I am glad that Halbig did not get ‘Wellstoned’ by the powers that be but had he not had the notoriety, it might have been different. I hope he will talk about this.

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“Donald Drumpf – Illuminati Jew”



Hmmm…are THEY just “playin” us?!

Read Makow’s piece at the link above, for additional “background” of der Trumpenstein.  The cozy pics above testify to a far more amicable “relationship” between these elites.

You don’t suppose…?



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This One Went Viral

Creative Multiverse and GOD Geocentric….who is this fine-tuner?  Wait for their answer

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Will Lochte’s Lying Bring Down the Serial Liars?

If the TRUTH be told, lies would not hold.

On every playing field of our world, we are witness to massive, ongoing, criminal fraud and deception.  Lies, lies, and more lies are a way of life for entire agencies, for banking finance establishments, for most if not all politicians.  Observation shows us that lies are literally a “foundation”, a business model, upon which Deceivers build entire super-structures upon — to fool the masses of people just trying to make a living.

Watch Hillary do some “Poll Dancing”?  Yech!

Question:  Why do people and institutions lie?  Because they have something to hide, or want something that they cannot get if the Truth was known.  (Ex — 9/11 and ALL False Flags, Obama’s background & past, Audit the Fed Reserve, Audit the Pentagon, TPP, etc., ad nauseum).

Remember 9/10/2001?

NOW, 15 years later — ANOTHER $6.5 Trillion Dollars is Unaccounted for!

Here’s a short sound bite of a young guy upset about “THE FRAUD OF IT ALL!”  This young man below at least manifests some curiosity and ANGER regarding the Unacceptable-to-the-American-People egregious LOSS of $6.5 Trillion dollars!

Do YOU have trouble making your monthly bills?  Got financial security in the “Land of the Free (sic)”?  MAYBE…if just some of the $8.8 TRILLION the Pentagon has LOST was to be spent on helping humanity instead of destroying humanity and our world, WE might all be able to live a little better?

LOST, since 2001, by “The Government” — $8,800,000,000,000?  And, WE KNOW, this number must be Way Less than the True number unaccounted for.


A listing here of “donations” to Clinton Foundation —

We navigate a gauntlet of lies everywhere, every single day!

So, what can WE make out of the lesson learned below?

RIO DE JANEIRO — As Ryan Lochte’s armed robbery story began to unravel, his perpetual frat boy image took center stage.

And it took hit after hit after hit, negative publicity that Lochte will not easily shed. It will potentially also cost Lochte from a monetary standpoint, in terms of sponsors.

“In this day and age, there’s one pretty important rule that anybody in the public eye should think about: Don’t lie,” said Joe Favorito, a sports marketing expert and professor at Columbia. “We live in a world where everything is going to be exposed. Brands are always looking for honest and authentic representatives because there’s so much competition. There are so many Olympic athletes who you can choose from. You don’t need any nonsense.

““Lochte’s shelf life was already limited as an endorser,” Dorfman said. “He’s now just fallen off the shelf.”


Some folks might want to know, “What Difference Does It Make?!”.

Hillary says so…

Does it matter if the installed U.S. Oligarch government “institution” lies to The American People and the World at every level, in every thing?  Is that what WE want?

WE are witness to the growth of Big Guv, of Big Biz, of all the duplicitous and deceiving purveyors of deceptions, propaganda, and lies.  This strange phenomenon of building upon a framework of continuous lies seems like it would inevitably CRASH to the ground by the very weight of the extreme bullshit slapped over the facade.

What beats lies?  More lies?  Or — just the plain ole TRUTH?

I guess what I’m asking is, “Do WE the People want Liars and Lies at every turn to direct and lead US?”  I just don’t know any people — parents, children, pastors, business associates, etc. who I would want to lie to me about anything!   Why would I want THAT?!  How can I operate and make good decisions based on incorrect and deceptive information?  What happens to “relationships” when one of the party finds out the other has been lying to them about important stuff?  Usually, if its serious enough, it ends the relationship.

What Lying IS — is a betrayal of “Trust”.  Its a “tactic”.

Do WE (the collective population) want a “relationship” of any kind with deceitful, lying individuals?  Can WE build anything good with a bunch of “Bad”?

Observation shows us, as WE look around, that OUR WORLD is in its present state because of corruption and fraud at every level.  Can we fix it with more of the same?  The Obvious answer is, “NO”.  Just like trying to fix markets by printing more counterfeit money has led us to the precipice of a global financial meltdown, more lies only make the situation worse.

So, WE should be able to forecast the sinking of the ship-of-state as it is bursting at the gunwales with lies and deceit.  It is now sailing into the headwinds of “Truth” and exposure.  More and more people are deciding everyday that they don’t want to be governed by lying leaders. They are turning off the lying MSM.

Should there be penalties for lying in life, like there will be for Mr. Lochte?  In the real world, yes.  In the “Reality TV” world, everything is scripted, edited, and reshot to achieve a semblance of “reality”.  But, it is not, nor can it ever be.  It is “entertainment” of a fake kind.

WE are NOT entertained.


Also gets schooled on 9/11.

Published on Jul 26, 2016

From H.B.C’s inside sources at Infowars is this lost installment of the Alex Jones show from the cutting room floor. Alex Jones interviews Charlie Sheen, Nicolas Cage and Jeff Goldblum for an update on the Bundy Ranch Standoff, George Soros’s secret DNA program to scientifically radicalize the Left. Metalhead Ted offers Goldblum’s Gold Doubloons way below market share price!

*John Adams as Alex Jones and Ted Anderson, Jay Dyer as Charlie Sheen, Nicolas Cage, Jeff Goldblum and Dr. Group.

Bumper Music: “Rise” by Skillet,”Cold Day in Hell” by Steeler, “Losing You” by Jan Terri,La Grange by ZZ Top (THROWISH REMIX),”Dick Dagger’s Theme” by PornoSonic.

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When Alex Jones Got ‘Pozner’d’

A face in the Crowd, Elmer Gantry and Meet John Doe – The everyman alternate media gets too big to fail eventually. Jones has become a snake-oil salesman and psuedo-politician. We have seen this from Art Bell and from coast to coast. Don’t lose your advertisers. This comes timely with the recent info regarding David Icke and Zen Gardner.,_Zen_Gardner,_Confesses_He_Ran_Pedophile_Cult/53412/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Heroes are hard to find. I ‘ll stick with William “Bill” Cooper and those who died before him, exposing the truth at a much higher price than a bottle of iodine.

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