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Look Who’s Laughing!

Are the American People Laughing Right Now? About Anything???  The Germans?  The MANY suffering in countries around the world, from Policy-Making Frauds?

This photo tells US a lot:

Very Strange Photo Op


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly am enjoying living on Trump Farm, the George Orwell analogy of the community organized order making castes of people and enslaving them into classes, because I have resigned myself to being the last of my generation, the Western Genocide will take place, there will be not any relief or escape, and I will pass like those fabled Atlantians of ages ago to mythical proportions. Perhaps someone might find these words years later and as their scientists wonder of the great meteor which destroyed America, will instead find the reality that instead Atlantis like America did not succumb to extinction events, but instead elected a series of self absorbed and witless liars who destroyed their prosperous and advanced peoples.

Behold the new Reverse Thought in the Germans are now protecting the Jewess Ivanka Trump stating she was not booed, hissed at and ridiculed in Berlin.

No booing, but two old brothel owner fraus of the world order made a pretty whore of bottled blonde Ivanka.

This headline simply left me laughing, because reading madness always brings that reaction to me. There is no sense in being furious or depressed, because one now hears insanity which was once reserved coming from communist dictators.

UPTDATE TO POST — May 02, 2017


Merkel Hitlers Daughter

“The Stasi File According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany.


“She is said to be one of the most powerful human beings on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8. More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach”.

{NOW — Perhaps we can grasp better why Europe and the E.U. and their “policies” on immigration and such have been implemented against common sense and their people}

TRUMP: 'I'm a nationalist and a globalist. I'm both'...

Extraordinary, as next Donald will be white and black at the same time, male and female at the same time, and sinner and saint. Of course you can not protect your Nation while you are absorbing it into a global system, but things just do not mean anything any more, because anyone can say anything…….as long as the state media and police state judge this day’s insanity appropriate…….as only the rulers can utter things like, “I am making war in bombing Syria for Peace”, or “I am breaking the law by bombing Syria to keep the law”.

More extraordinary in the disaster of the Trump economy, that Donald Trump says we need more Obama, Clinton and Bush globalism. Was that beautiful chocolate cake spiked with scopalamine or was Donald Trump simply the child with both hands full and wanting his feet in his mouth too.

Le Pen closes gap with Macron in latest poll...

Perhaps Americans simply have to look outside of America and back to her French ancestry and progenitors in Donald Trump is now the Jeb Bush in Hillary Clinton’s granny thongs, so will Marine Le Pen be the American leader, that the last 80 million Americans will sell all they have and return to France……..or if Le Pen is the Christian savior of Europe, perhaps the President of France might carve out an American Safe Zone in Africa, where Americans will once again carve out a nation in a desert waste and make it bloom.

Where does an American go when their President Donald Trump abandons them so completely. Will France be the salvation of Americans again, until perhaps a time that spaceships can fly Americans to some planet far, far, far away, where they can be a free people not criminalized and betrayed again.

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Last Tangle in Paris



Image result for Polar Bear Crossing

Number 57 – Water – Polar Bears

PROJECT BLUEBEAM must have it’s CRISIS. Many are coming but the largest is what I have been talking about (scorched earth) In the scheme of things the #1 tool is WATER!!!

You will likely not expend your time and energy into a deep research of what I claim will happen. If you choose to dig for water I suggest you follow a simple vortex model.

1. NWO
2. Control
3. Human Life
4. Necessities
5. Economy
6. Dialectic


Dr. Winn Parker has covered the waterfront of water law, health law, genetic engineering and research, testing and development and evaluations (RDT and E) made for projects that are changing our lives and environments. Advanced work is discussed concerning the Brain Project and the future world war for water.

I have taken his work over the years and tried to put it into the Agenda 21 – CLIMATE CON and WORLD GOVERNMENT MODEL for the purpose of crI$I$ and the “NEW OIL” It is here we will soon find out the value of what we take for granted. It is in my posts on the James Bond Psyops that I have shown clear evidence of disclosure through the Holyrood MSM mind control complex.


In this case I present SKYFALL (Nano-tech Chemtrail – full spectrum dominance) with the SPECTRE (Illuminati – Joo-joo bees- Full Spectrum infiltration) with the Quantum Of Solace (water wars under climate change. In the global drought the rain must fall. Let’s change the DNA and the molecular structure of our most precious resource. All you do now is add Casino Royale and you have the monopoly winner take all.

We have seen the globalists buying up lands, From China and deep ports to T Boone Pickens and the Ogallala Aquifer (at risk)
As President Trump’s top advisers prepare to hash out a final policy on the Paris climate agreement dumped onto their laps by President Obama, another option has hit the table: Declare the deal a treaty and send it to the Senate to be killed.


Donald Trump Just Put 57 National Monuments Up for Review

Both of these are important clues to the massive operations I have posted here regarding the UN, VATICAN, UNCCC, ICLEI, AGENDA 21, and NWO TRANSFORMATION. The ZEBRANOMICS are clear and openly obvious. Any reference to Federal Lands is as bogus as the Federal Reserve.  This is the same Crown International committee of elites and un-elected shysters that have pillaged, raped and tortured countries and their peoples for centuries.


Now they all wrapped in EPA, FDA, BLM, DOT, DOE and other non-American entities.  One can follow the schematics of this program far back but more recently to the Flint MI conspiracy, the Bundy Ranch psyop, the Fracking program which has nothing to do with gas other than a R.O.W. while the secret agenda and the attack to steal resources (water) or poison it.  Similarly there are ISIS trained water terrorists running around and doing midnight lake and stream dumps with a host of contaminants. But in the center of this H2O is the 2. The vortex 528 – 417 is at play with Trump the Wildcard 7.  It’s not a mystery any longer where he lies on the pyramid of past puppets in chief.


As the farmers in the US slowly die off, the agenda moves forward with the Trump China scam. As a Jesuit trained Pope sucking traitor, he will push the UN agenda 21 by double-cross.   We can expect his pathetically obvious ploys to convert the Paris Agreement to a treaty with the plan to have Congress kill it .  How about that backfire when the scumbaggery of Ryan and Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer get the ranks in file and ratify?


Obama behind the scenes is the Ace of Spades of UN advancement of the Paris Agreement and the real trade deal which is the Buy-Sell-Trade. Once set into place the independence and ability to control food production or water resources here will be gone and the people will be forced to to either buy 10 gallons of gas or one bottle of water.  $200 a barrel?  Who knows?  Buy your nano-filter water filtration system today because the fines for rain water catching will be steep. If you choose to wing it on chemtrail  runoff, deal with the truth and consequences of Gender Bending, Blood Brain barrier transference, Molecular DNA damaging contaminants,  Nano ionized radiation and chipping or the protein hacking of genetically modified live organisms.


We don’t need any more help but we can expect the EPA to continue to deliberately destroy ecosystems as they have done in the past, most recently with the Gold King Mine conspiracy and Flint MI terror. Now we can look to Oroville Dam, Sierra melt contamination and flooding to do their damage.  If one googles the PLEX they will see nuclear fallout as #1 but the Vortex is running on the wildcard Trump card. That mean #2 in play is for a nuclear contamination of a major water source. So we deduce the huge deflection and con game being played out in the same manner as the CIA created ISIS ME Spring using Kim Jon Un, the dimwitted tool of the Jesuit Joo-joo-bees and China’s the big winners for the posterity and prophecy of David Rockefeller and his dream for a NWO China model.

Oroville Dam: Mystery foam appears below damaged spillway – The Mercury News

I ask you, “Is it really a Mystery?” For me it’s as predictable  as heads or tails. The Vortex may give you -heads or +tails but you know more often you are going lose.


Watching the fear campaign take the sheeple to new depths of dumbed when a nuclear reactor melts down or terror dirty bomb goes off and their blindness to the predictive programming right in front of their faces is tragic . The stakeholders will relish the profits of the new currency and it’s obvious liquidity when America is at the mercy of a biological or radioactive nightmare. The dialectic triad will open many doors for the other profit centers to emerge. If the war on terror has taught us anything it is that any and all events have multiple opportunities and none of them are ever wasted. This one offers everything from Agenda 21 to Zebranomics or what we know better as a global governance and death panel depopulation program.

For me there is only a minor distinction between these left and right degenerates. The left wants death fast and furiously while the right likes a longer more profitable suffering before exiting. It makes sense for a New Madrid or midwest meltdown event, as that would bring the same boom to Obamacare that the Gulf Corexit has brought. A slow process of Ocean contamination has finally traveled into the deadened Gulf Stream where signs of the damage comes with the largest die off of ocean mammals ever. The MSM likes to brush over it but the information is there. From Florida to New Zealand, the work being done at the polar points is one we have to consider. At no time has the Arctic and Antarctic been so busy.

How Project Bluebeam plays into this is simply the matter of the what the Great Whore church and UN have been orchestrating for decades, coming to an extinction level crisis and at the point implementation of a desired die off, bringing in the savior to usher in the Genesis of Intergalactic life and religion.  But before it must come by way of the revelation.   Trump and Company may want to get their hands on the Federal Lands and get them in the hands of the destroyers. Even as a monument the Freemasons have designs for Land Grabs whether globalist left or corporate right the internationals win and we lose. Why do people ever expect the “this or that” ever works in their favor? As long as the committee of nine control the Three and Six we are slaves to system. There is never the third option for we the six.When we do finally get the three  it will be 666 in Buy-Sell-Trade and people will finally understand how Zebranomics really works and how they  see us as assets and liabilities. Liquidity is a fluid transition to death panels and higher taxation only.  Water is the currency and as slaves made up of mostly water, we are commodities like everything else. Water rights law are still in force from the days of the  Roman Empire. This holds true for much deeper and darker law that the majority never understand. If you expect to go to law school, the reality becomes clear and the bar will insure you follow the rules and not betray the crown. Your contract with them is in force.


Global manipulation of the News along with the covert operations can create the crisis of water wars with the same Hollywood Magic of mind control. This only needs to be done until the treaties and laws are ratified and enacted. Once those are done lies deceit and fraud disappear.  The only thing that does remain is the truth. This is what they have to resolve now. So we see the war on “fake news” which has kept JFK’s killers free, 911 conspirators in the money and criminals in the cabal working business as usual.  When does the truth surface? Never. Because like the water, it remains underground,  sequestered by the conspirators, only for their benefit and use.  Remember Peak Oil?  Where did that wind up? It found it’s way to the surface and the committee had to move to higher ground with the Climate Change and CO2 lie.  Now that that lie begins to surface, they again have to pivot to another crI$I$ and the vortex just recycles over and over again.  Knowing that they will never stop advancing their technology to fabricate evidence, the agenda has seemed to switch to the mind.  If they can find an easier way to get consensus it would save them time and money.  In the end it is easier to just liquidate the deniers of the new order and the rejectionist’s of the Royal Scam. They will deem us incompetent, unstable, dangerous and label us terrorists. That’s what will ultimately end the North Korean people and their sovereign nation. It will ultimately end America the same way.

REVEALED: Millions of Britons don’t know how to BOIL an EGG or change a lightbulb

Do we really stand a chance? I will be looking for the Paris Agreement and the French vote on May 7th for another nail in the coffin of independence. Macron – Trump. Just like brothers.


Macron, who comes from a medical family in Amiens, attended a Jesuit secondary school there and decided to be baptised at 12 years old. He says spirituality influences his thinking but he is an occasional churchgoer. He studied philosophy, graduated from the elite ENA school of administration and worked at the finance ministry and Rothschild bank before going into politics, first as an aide to President François Hollande, then as his economics minister.

I just do not know how to convey my argument in a way that does not turn the people in the wrong direction. It’s so simple. Trump, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Nieto, etc etc are a military order, Islam, a political system and the religion is Lucifer, end of story.  They control the technology, money, media, NATO, Space and it’s program is “whatever it takes” To those ends, the means will only become clearer to those who do not accept conspiracy as only truth to the agenda for a one world empire. Watch the French take the Guillotine. We did!



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All Aboard the Crazy Train? “Just Say, No.”

David Icke’s surmisings on Trump 12/19/17.  Icke points out the World-Wide REJECTION by The People, of the “Ruling Elite’s” management and administration of OUR WORLD.

Elite’s Deserved Grade for Their Continuing “Destruction & Chaos” M.O. = FUBAR

Trump fires ICBM from California in response to N. Korea materiel display off their coast (4-27-17).

ESCALATION (Strategy of “Tension”):  Amazingly, just today, we see the initial mutterings of madmen contemplating reinstating “The Draft” .  By Stephen Lendman

“On Monday, he called on Security Council members to impose “stronger sanctions” on North Korea, heightening tensions by claiming the DPRK “is a real threat to the world …and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.”

Pyongyang called the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group deployed off the Korean peninsula “an extremely dangerous act by those who plan a nuclear war to invade.”

China’s President Xi Jinping called for all sides to show “restraint, and avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation on the peninsula.”

“…Trump’s rage for war heightens concerns. Waging it on the Korean peninsula risks possible nuclear confrontation – what all regional nations want avoided above all else”.



Dave Hodges guesses North Korea is a “distraction”, same as Russia is projecting (Supposedly):

“The Russian media is beginning to make a lot of noise, the kind of noise that says North Korea is nothing but a distraction.

Russian Insider publication vehemently supporting the belief that the real action will take place elsewhere when everyone is distracted. And I have the distraction. In the morning, you will see clear and convincing proof of UN combat helicopters on American soil and I have them on tape carrying out missions”.



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You can’t miss the Nuclear family and Fallout in this extremely complex Illuminati offering by Katy Perry. The numbers, symbology, colors and references are intense and dense in this packaged mind-control A.D.D. mega scenic collage. They are almost subliminal they come so fast. But for the average hamster wheeling millennial lemmings, all seeing is unseen. I have to give this a A+ for massive clues to coming attractions while dumping it in a blisteringly rapid fire.

You could spend days pointing out the background players and objects that permeate throughout this mediocre melody and lyrical cut. The rhythm, though catchy is just overflowing with Trump Nuclear and flashback retro Russia Cuba missile crI$I$, alien and space and trans-formative human borg-like oblivion.

147 – 528= 666 Wildcard 7 in play (711) – It has UFO Bluebeam, Nuclear Event, Mind Control, ELF HAARP,  DNA, NASA, Pedophilia, Great Delusion tones and the color graphics are amazing. Extremely thick with the Illuminati messaging. This is the best to date production for what I believe is the imminent bluebeam project which will be complicated series of events “chained to the rhythm” of MSM and NASA, NAVY, NATO, NOAA and the rest of the covert science corp.

You will find more details in this 4 minute flat with 124 separate shots which is about 2 seconds average per shot. Premium quality Kabbalist production in which she changes form in over 2 dozens shots.

Enjoy the lemming beta mind meld and the clues to what comes from the Jesuit and Joo-joos in Holyrood. It does not get any better than this one. If the rhythm doesn’t get you the greatest ride in the world will.

Here is Tim Rifat’s PDF breakdown.   Please take note of the blue images and their meaning and the council of nine. Excellent work by the fabricators.

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Homeless Feed Rat-Poison

It doesn’t get much sicker than this.


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ParadISIS: Triomphe de Trump

Battle for the Élysée Palace


How to manipulate an already rigged election:

1. Send a pig to ParadISIS  – 8e Arr_t

Paris: Gunman kills officer before being shot dead – AlJazeera

2. Telegraph the Terror

How terrorism in France is having a huge impact on presidential election -Telegraph

3. Sacrifice a hero for Le Pen  and do it THREE (3)  Days before the polls open (Champs-Élysées)

Paris terror attack: Police search home after officer’s death on Champs-Elysees – USA Today

But most importantly, remain in and maintain the VORTEX

+852 – 741 = 3    A Trump Triumph Thursday

3 days, 3 shot by (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39

Police have searched a home in the Paris suburb of Chelles after Thursday’s fatal terror attack that left one police officer dead and two others wounded.

Authorities believe the residence that is home to (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39, is linked to the shooting that took place on the Champs-Elysees, the Associated Press reported.

Cheurfi has a police record and is known to authorities, according to the Associated Press and CNN.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting in which the assailant died in the exchange of gunfire.

The assault in the popular tourist area came just  three days before a critical presidential election in which security has loomed as a major issue.

The Islamic State identified the attacker as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki through its Amaq news agency, according to SITE Intel Group, a U.S.-based organization that monitors terrorists’ activity online.

Hoax, Staged, MK-Ultra, fabricated event.  Remember SITE Intelligence is a Jewess Rita Katz sitting in an apartment creating fake ISIS videos. She is famed for the beheading hoaxes and disinfo.  When the MSM uses her BS, you know it’s a staged hoax.  Le Pen can win, and the momentum may be enough but either way, the goal is chaos and unrest until D-Day. We watch for September after all the elections and divide and conquer is done.



I just finished reading this article linked below —

“Lucifer’s Banker: A Whistle-Blower’s Account of Exposing Massive Fraud at UBS – Brad Birkenfeld +Video”

There’s a video, or you can read the script.  VERY ENLIGHTENING!

The cast of corrupt characters mentioned include, Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton and their “Foundation”, Eric Holder, certain large Banks, and more.  I imagine Birkenfeld’s book, “Lucifer’s Banker” provides more names of the guilty.

This Whistleblower’s STORY is a real accounting of the “lack of accountability” Finance/Political Mafia-type SCAM being run on Americans, and insidiously infecting so many more populations around the world.


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Project Bluebeam is not ‘On Ice’

Truthstream Media – Aaron and Melissa Dykes

When you consider the coming Grand Delusion and Project Bluebeam you can figure what the many research projects were and how much has been completed over time. We have discussed many here. Most stemming from Project Paperclip and the Nazi -Soviet eras.  This is a very good researched video and helps to put the time and perspective on recent high profile visitations from government, celebrity, religious VIP’s.

Alien Disclosure Psychological Operations



Climate Control -Weather Modification

CERN (ICECUBE Neutrino facility)

COG Development – Elite Bunker Construction

DNA Research


HAARP Ionospheric manipulation

Magnetic Scalar Wave Science

MK-Ultra and mind control – MH-370 and other missing persons

Mining – private

NASA Research – Space based weapons and surveillance systems

Nuclear testing and Radiation Experiments

Plasma Energy Research/Discovery

Underground Bases

UFO technology – Materials Science

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Header: Thursday, August 29, 2014

CAPTION:“Any nation making a direct Attack to Destroy against another nation has tripled power. If it succeeds, the attacking Nation gets a Plot card, and another Action token immediately! It it fails, the attacker is destroyed and counts toward victory conditions of the defending player.”

[9-3-6]  (+8-2-5)  ^  (-7-1-4) = 3



So ask yourself if Russia, Israel and the USA can manufacture World War. Can they execute it like the others where we think the causality is that of a  M.A.N.I.A.C.?  

IRAN – NORTH KOREA – PAKISTAN – The Nuclear Option – CHINA syndrome?

Is it sanctioned now by the NWO NATO UN globalists? Sanctions coming for Russia and Iran and now Xi is turning the coal boats away from it’s ports.  Current oil and pipeline projects in Jeopardy. Can oil prices be the trigger? Is Trump looking for the dollar down trigger? A currency war?

We ought to look in all directions and maybe see Kim Jong Un as the decoy and see where the real heat is coming from.  I like the  Tomorrow Never Dies scenario with the Skyfall twist. This twist involves the hacking and staging of a false flag missile attack where the stooge gets bad intel and reacts.  Do you know a better example of such a person than that of the Jesuit joker, Trump?

A bit too obvious for the NWO? Maybe this is the reason he’s not in the committee. But there are other maniacs there.


Illuminati Card Game 1995 - ImgurIlluminati card game - IsraelIlluminati: The game of conspiracy Page 7





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Why are Black Judges being Murdered?


Image result for Judge Raymond Myles

Judge Raymond Myles, 66

4/10/17  Shot at 01:09PM

Police said the couple was targeted.
“We do not believe (the attempted robbery) is random, nor do we believe Smith acted alone,” Staples said, adding the shooting was not connected to Myles being a judge.
Staples would not say whether police think Smith, who has served six years in prison for armed robbery, was the gunman.

Prominent cases

Myles was involved in the case against William Balfour, who was convicted of killing singer and actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.
The judge was also involved in the case of the 1993 massacre at a Brown’s Chicken fast food restaurant in Palatine, Illinois, CNN affiliate WGN reported.
Decoded 1-4-7 (TRUMP) 3-6-9

There are other suspects not yet apprehended. Where is the details on these POI’s?

This is a Gabby Giffords hit! Judge Roll being the target. He’s dead she is alive. Wounded? Who knows. I do not think Giffords was ever shot but she and her NASA deep cover husband are back on the gun-control beat.  Is this another sacrifice for gun control or is there a reason the Freemasonic Fraternal order is keeping mum on the other suspects?  I’d have blasted descriptions, artist sketches and other details immediately.  Their behavior says it all for me.

Prosecutors: Girlfriend, not judge, targeted in robbery plot that turned fatal


Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam at the Court of Appeals in Albany last year.

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, 65


First Muslim Judge appointed to New York appeals court.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Judge on New York’s Top Court, Is Found Dead in Hudson River – NYT

Sheila Abdus-Salaam, an associate judge on New York State’s highest court and the first African-American woman to serve on that bench, was found dead on Wednesday in the Hudson River, the authorities said.

Officers with the New York Police Department’s Harbor Unit responded about 1:45 p.m. to a report of a person floating by the shore near West 132nd Street in Upper Manhattan. Judge Abdus-Salaam, 65, was taken to a pier on the Hudson River and was pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after 2 p.m.

The police were investigating how she ended up in the river, and it was not clear how long Judge Abdus-Salaam, who lived nearby in Harlem, had been missing. There were no signs of trauma on her body, the police said. She was fully clothed.

A law enforcement official said investigators had found no signs of criminality. Her husband identified her body.

Since 2013, Judge Abdus-Salaam had been one of seven judges on the State Court of Appeals. Before that, she served for about four years as an associate justice on the First Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, and for 15 years (6)  as a State Supreme Court justice in Manhattan. She was previously a lawyer in the city’s Law Department.

Decoded 1-4-7  666

Police Believe New York Judge Found in Hudson River Committed Suicide -MSN

Judge Abdus-Salaam was last seen leaving her office on Monday evening, and investigators tracked her to the subway — the No. 6 line (6)

Family tragedy surrounded Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam. About three years ago, law enforcement officials said, her brother committed suicide. Last year around this time, her mother died.

According to one law enforcement official, Judge Abdus-Salaam called her Midtown Manhattan chambers on Tuesday morning to say she would not be coming in because she was not feeling well. When the judge failed to appear on Wednesday, her assistant sent a text to her husband of eight months, who called 911 to report her missing a short time later. Her body was found that afternoon, floating in the river by the shore near West 132nd Street (6)

Since 2013, Judge Abdus-Salaam had been one of seven judges on the State Court of Appeals. Before that, she served for about four years as an associate justice on the First Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, and for 15 years (6) as a State Supreme Court justice in Manhattan. She was previously a lawyer in the New York State attorney general’s office.

In nominating her to the highest court in 2013 (6) , Mr. Cuomo praised her “working-class roots” and her “deep understanding of the everyday issues facing New Yorkers.” Her nomination was part of a push by Mr. Cuomo to diversify the court. When another judge, Rowan D. Wilson, joined the court this year, it was the first time the Court of Appeals had two African-American judges in its 169-year history.

Decoded 666

This judge was one of six siblings from a working class Washington DC family.

Last summer, Judge Abdus-Salaam wrote an important decision, in the Matter of Brooke S.B. v. Elizabeth A.C.C., that expanded the definition of what it means to be a parent, overturning a previous ruling. For 25 years, the court had held that the nonbiological parent in a same-sex couple had no standing to seek custody or visitation rights after a breakup.

But Judge Abdus-Salaam wrote that the previous ruling had become “unworkable when applied to increasingly varied familial relationships.” In a tightly reasoned decision, she determined that nonbiological parents did have standing to seek custody if they showed “by clear and convincing evidence that all parties agreed to conceive a child and to raise the child together.”

The Court of Appeals last heard oral arguments at the end of March and issued opinions on April 4. It is scheduled to be back in session on April 25.

Decoded 1-4-7  Vortex 2-5-8

A pioneering state judge found floating in the Hudson River likely took her own lie after a recent battle with depression, a police source said Thursday.

State Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam began taking medication for her darkening moods just a few weeks before her apparent suicide, a well-placed court source told the Daily News.

Police investigating the judge’s disappearance found her meds, according to the court source.

It was unclear if Abdus-Salaam left behind a suicide note, and cops were awaiting the results of an autopsy before saying anything more, the police source told The News.

Amazing the unidentified court source knows everything but the cops can’t say yes or no to suicide note.  So if you were going to end it all would you not leave a note and then hurl yourself into the Hudson River?  Hard not to tread water in a slow drowning, but much easier to OD or shoot or hang yourself. Maybe jump into the subway but really are we supposed to believe she decided “not to swim” in a drawn out water suicide? Also not to leave a note for her new husband of eight months seems so unlike a judge..

The court source said Abdus-Salaam appeared lighthearted as she laughed with colleagues last week at an annual lawyers luncheon.

Harlem neighbor Pat Miller, 56, couldn’t accept the idea that Abdus-Salaam took her own life.

“I could not imagine her doing anything to herself to harm herself,” he said. “She’s not that type of person … I’d like to know what happened. I would really like to know.”

I wonder how these two targeted african americans are connected and how the Trump sacrifices might play into this connection. I will be watching for the alt-media and some whistleblowers to bring additional facts to light.  It does have all the MSM vortex numerical clues to the Illuminati and to Donald Trump. It appears that Abdus-Salaam was a classmate of criminal globalist and ex-Attorney General Eric Holder. That might play into some effort to put the curse on Jeff Sessions or some other twisted Obama-Soros program but it will have to develop further to start piecing together this conspiracy.


The Jesuit Trump and his NWO Hospitallers are on record pace. As we watch the next crusade of regime change by the Knights of Malta, Refugeee Resettlement Watch keeps track of the numbers. Pay attention to these numbers.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It has been 4 weeks since President Trump announced his 120-day “moratorium” on refugee resettlement as part of the court-halted Executive Order.  And, for the umpteenth time, I repeat that the President did not have to even announce any “moratorium” or put it in an Executive Order!  He has the power to simply stop the processing!

GW Bush loved refugees, yet at this rate Trump will bring in more refugees than Bush. Bush’s average is about 58,000. At the rate of admission for this past week, Trump will surpass that number. Trump has already passed Bush’s lowest year (2003) of 39,554.

Then on March 30th we were stunned to learn that they were aiming to bring in 900 refugees a week through the remainder of the fiscal year that ends on September 30th.

If he and Tillerson keep that pace they will admit around 60,000 this year which is…

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Are You Getting That “Feeling” You’re Being Taken for a Ride?

Please Reference and Consider the information at this link —

  • Göring: Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. { REALITY CHECK FOR US TODAY.  THE “LEADERS” ARE FOR THE MOST PART UNSEEN.  THIS IS VERY EVIDENT AS WE WATCH AND STUDY THE “EVENTS” }.
    Gilbert: There is one difference. In a democracy, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars.  { PROBLEM PARAGRAPH HERE }  ? democracy ? ? Congress declaring this possible war?  I understand CONgress is going on a 2 Week Easter “Break”.  Awful convenient and timely for “Events” to spiral further down.

    Göring: Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-13805,_Hermann_Göring “My measures will not be crippled by any bureaucracy.  I don’t have to worry about Justice; my mission is only to destroy and to exterminate; nothing more”.

Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göring [also rendered as Goering] (12 January 189315 October 1946) was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi party. He was founder of the Gestapo, and Head of the Luftwaffe.

A Military Man.  We see the same acting out now.  This guy also sounds a bit like the Legendary reptile, Henry “Heinz” Kissinger, who advised Obama and many before him, and he has met with Trump.

What to make of Trump’s significant “Reversals” of rhetoric regarding Russia, Syria, etc.?  Do you believe he is changing policy of himself, or is he speaking for the Zionist Warmongers within his cabinet, and those powerful entities without?

Literally just a month or so into Trump’s pResidency and the corporate UNITED STATES is seeking to foment war with Serious Repercussions for ALL THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE if this thing Blow’s Up.  Have we seen this script BEFORE?  Yes, WE have.

I do not see the American People in any way, shape, or form spoiling for a WAR with anybody.  So, it is the “Leaders” backed by the MIC, Banking, and Other WAR PROFITEERS whom are leading this parade.  It ain’t US!

Looking at parallels-to-the-past, it is interesting to see the Players past and present.  To note where on the chessboard the Zionists (Jews) are stationed and moving.  To watch the public “power brokers” political and other ilks act out in The Show.  The intrigue of all this is MASSIVE, yet we must step back and view this Show from a distance, from experience, from historical perspectives, from a gut level, from a instinctual fight or flight emotional level.  Gain perspective.

Will YOU & YOURS be Ubered into WAR?  That is the question that has come up.

WHO ARE these people behind the scenes that alter World Events by their personal, political, military, religious, and other power platforms?

The Mainstream Media (FAKE sNews) and ALT-Media are simultaneously posting stories on the extreme precipice the World is balancing on as “events” and “scripts” are put into action.  SOMEONE is directing all of this.  Probably on BOTH sides ala well-documented “Rothchild’s Style” war-making and war-profiteering.

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The Trumpet Sounds Out-of-Tune?

The Marine above was a Trump Voter as he stated.  So, he has drunk the cool-aid already of the 2-Party “system”.  Still, he makes some obviously good points.

It is important for all of US to grasp how ridiculous it would be for Assad to “gas” his own people at this point in time (or any time for that matter).  It would be an INSANE action.

How many False Flags have WE SEEN over the last years?

So…WHO would benefit, and WHO would want to stir up MORE WAR in the ME?

Let’s just take a little look inside Trump’s Cabinet! 

What do you see?  What don’t you see?  Look for the Obvious.


Dear Trump’s Cabinet,

We the People wonder at the extra-Congressional “call” you made to strike Syria?

In fact, in Russia’s face, you’ve provocatively pissed them off by “acting” on impulse over an extremely controversial incident.  What is Obvious is you were seemingly quite cordial with Mr. Putin on your incoming, talking about peace between the U.S. and Russia.  Now, so soon after your inauguration you have reneged and changed direction 180 degrees in your direction?

Your public support came from American People who were sick of the status quo WE had seen under a line-up of Globalist “pResidents”.

The Obvious Questions rise to the surface, and WE ask WHY?  Starting another ME WAR based on a dubious and obvious “False Flag” event, while poking the Russian Bear in the eye with your missiles seems like a sure run-up to fomenting and creating MORE WAR which ONLY benefits the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and political power brokers.



The People quickly see — IT AIN’T US!




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APR 6 2017, 9:21 PM ET

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack

The United States launched dozens of cruise missiles Thursday night at a Syrian airfield in response to what it believes was the Syrian government’s use of banned chemical weapons blamed for having killed at least 100 people on Tuesday, U.S. military officials told NBC News.



Russia THREATENS Donald Trump with ‘negative consequences

BREAKING: Russia THREATENS Donald Trump with ‘negative consequences’ if he strikes Syria

RUSSIA has warned the United States to avoid launching strikes against President Assad’s regime or they could face “consequences”.


In response to a question on whether President Donald Trump may launch attacks in Syria, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Vladimir Safronkov said: “Think about negative consequences”.

He added: “We have to think about negative consequences, negative consequences, and all the responsibility if military action occurred will be on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise.”


“Saturation Strike” 59 TOMAHAWKS = 5


Defense Secretary James Mattis will present President Trump with plans prepared by U.S. Central Command for a “saturation strike” on Syrian military targets tonight at Mar-a-Lago, per The Intercept.

  • What that means: The U.S. would launch dozens of Tomahawk missiles at Syrian military targets to overwhelm their Russian-bolstered defense systems and cripple Syrian air capability against rebel forces, military sources told the Intercept.
  • The big risk: The saturation strike would almost certainly result in Russian deaths, which is the “sticking point” for Mattis. The risk of Russian casualties — plus the location of Syrian air defenses in densely populated areas — were big reasons why the Obama administration never went forward with such a plan.





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Who really murdered Trinh Huynh and why?

Atlanta Attorney Assassinated After Filing Request For I-85 Bridge Explosion Documents By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grim new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that Trinh Huynh, one of the most knowledgeable construction attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, was gunned down in broad daylight yesterday just minutes after she filed legal requests at a Federal Courthouse for all US and State of Georgia documents relating to the believed to be Islamic State(IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh)  terror bombing of the I-85 bridge—with Atlanta street sweeper, and eyewitness, Toney Booker telling local police about this assassination: “She was crossing the road, and he draws out his gun and shoots her three times.  She drops, and he takes off running.”—and whose “military bearing” assassin was captured on video surveillance recordings running away from the crime scene.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

911 ALL OVER AGAIN (811)


I -85 Bridge Collapse  Coordinates: 33.8136°N 84.3663°W

A bridge collapsed on Interstate 85 (I-85) in Atlanta, Georgia, after a massive fire on the evening of March 30, 2017. After the collapse of the 100-foot-long (30 m) section, I-85 was closed to traffic over approximately two miles (3.2 km) between its split with I-75 and the interchange with State Route 400 (SR 400). Three sections of northbound I-85 and three sections of southbound I-85 will have to be replaced. Repairs are expected to be completed in mid-June 2017.

Three individuals were later arrested for starting the blaze, which was described by a spokesman for the Atlanta Fire Department as having been “maliciously set”.

VORTEX -3-9-6 = 811  [1-7-4 (285) EVENT – STAGE – ASSASSINATION – The same sequences used in 911 and other Reichstag events, false flags.

Coordinates: 33.8136°N 84.3663°W = Matches up to a prefect 9 just like 911 WTC. CHEMICAL THERMITE FIRE.

There is no way polyethylene (HDPE) pipes could burn hot enough for a collapse and you do not have to be an architect or engineer to conclude this.

I-85 collapse: Three arrested after major fire under Atlanta highway

Atlanta (CNN)A man has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally setting a huge fire that brought down part of an elevated interstate highway in Atlanta, a collapse that is expected to complicate traffic for months in one of the nation’s most congested cities.

Basil Eleby and two other people — all believed by investigators to be homeless — have been arrested in connection with Thursday evening’s fire under Interstate 85, Jay Florence, deputy insurance and safety fire commissioner, said Friday.

When the homeless are mentioned, you should conclude the MK-Ultra targeted individuals program by CIA deep cover and FBI protection rackets. The Freemasons are involved from Church to Police as the recruiters of the patsies necessary to pull off these false flags. Also the strategically placed eye witnesses to corroborate the narrative. The CNN firewall is consistent in not using full names and no details of how they came to identify the perpetrators. This is always a dead giveaway to Fake News crafted for public consumption. Most people read headlines only anyway due to their Smartphone disease and attention deficits.

ELEBY: Suspect in I-85 burning said to have ‘mental capacity of 15-year-old …

Perfect Patsy!


Read this incredibly ridiculous story from DISNEY  of how Raylon Browning was caught and apprehended  for the shooting.

At 9 p.m. Monday night, Browning was pulled over for running a red light in Cobb County, police said. Officers saw the two warrants for aggravated assault and arrested him, police said.  (9)

Few hydrants, extreme heat – Target!

Firefighters were alerted at 6:12 p.m. Thursday to the blaze under I-85 in northeast Atlanta, north of the highway’s split with I-75. (322)


Your Sandy Spring clue: Sandy Hook, American Spring. The vortex in 911 was a -417 with +285. Like 911 this staged event was also in the same sequence and loop. The 285 loop and corridor split from 1-75 and I-85 reveal much about the long term goal and purpose of this event.  We can theorize many opportunities never wasted when the plan these numerically significant events.

The Environmental Protection Agency took samples of the air and of the water in a nearby creek; results will be available in about two weeks, EPA spokesman Larry Lincoln said.

The urgency to get corrupted authorities to the scene to divert other agencies or prying eyes to get the truth of the material science used in this Reichstag Event are ever present when the EPA is used. The quick assassination of Trinh Huynh is an indicator of “mending fences” when the risk of exposure would compromise the greater purpose of this Triad.   You can look to “Jack Reacher” and see the same kind of possible conspiracy here. If you are unfamiliar with the “Jack Reacher” method take a quick look at the plot summary from the movie.

In this case Browning (gunner) has supposedly stabbed and assaulted others on an earlier day. Setting the stage for deflecting intent of the real perpetrator or purpose of this targeted assassination. We may have to consider it all staged but if it’s a real hit then we continue to look for white smoke.


5 Cryptic Signs of Bullshit

Raylon Browning, 39 (3), has been arrested in the murder of Trinh Huynh, 40, Atlanta Policeannounced Tuesday at a press conference.

Huynh was in the crosswalk at the intersection of Peachtree Place and Peachtree Street about 7:40 (11) a.m. when she executed at close range by Browning.

1. Witnesses Say Browning Surprised Huynh From Behind & Shot Her (3) Times in the Crosswalk

“She was crossing the road, and he draws out his gun and shoots her three times,” street sweeper Toney Booker told the news station. “She drops, and he takes off running.” [Booker T]

2. Browning Was Already Wanted by Police in a Double Stabbing & Was Arrested After Running a Red Light

An investigator who was working the aggravated assault case told homicide investigators that he recognized Browning while watching the surveillance video on TV. He said “my suspect is your suspect,” Tolleson said.

After searching the vehicle a weapon was located.”

Tolleson said they believe the weapon is the gun used to kill Huynh.

“Browning was still wearing the shorts and tennis shoes that we see him in the video with,” Tolleson said.

Police are not sure what Browning did between the time of the shooting and when he was arrested about 9 p.m. in Cobb County.

“They had no idea at the time he was wanted for homicide,” Tolleson said. That wasn’t determined until the morning. “At the time, our detective didn’t even know Raylon Browning was our guy here. It was only after our aggravated assault detective looks at his picture of Raylon Browning and then he sees the video and says ‘this is the same guy,’ notifies homicide and that’s how we begin to put the pieces together.”



She worked on the advisory board of the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network, which provides pro bono legal services to immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault and other crimes, the news site reports.

“Huynh’s story of coming to this country as a refugee was so inspiring and she was a big supporter of GAIN’s work,” Cheryl Naja, pro bono and community service director at Alston & Bird, said in an e-mail to The Daily Report.

4. Browning Has a Criminal Record, but Nothing ‘Really Violent,’ Police Say

“He has about eight cycles (of arrests),” Tolleson said. “Some drug arrests, a DUI arrest, when the police have dealt with him in the past he would have a tendency to fight with the police, but nothing you would think that he would go out and do what he is accused of and what we believe he did yesterday.”

5. Police have released few details about the shooting, saying the arrest is just the beginning of the probe.

“This is investigation is not over. We have the person responsible in custody, but that only really begins the investigation,” Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson told reporters. “There is so much more apart of this case that we still don’t know. It is still ongoing, we are not closing this case up.”

He has not made any statements and police do not know the motive for the killing. They are also still working to determine if or how Browning knew Huynh.

“We’re still going through a lot of information to see if there is any kind of relationship with our victim and then what that relationship might have been,” Tolleson said.

Tolleson said they do not believe Browning was a hired hitman.

“He has about eight cycles (of arrests),” Tolleson said. “Some drug arrests, a DUI arrest, when the police have dealt with him in the past he would have a tendency to fight with the police, but nothing you would think that he would go out and do what he is accused of and what we believe he did yesterday.”


Her work with Immigration Human Trafficking does shed some light on another Georgia assassination, that being Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband who were assassinated and staged as a murder suicide after her expose’ of the Georgia CPS child trafficking, slavery and pedophile rackets

MARTA is no stranger to Conspiracy 

A “Conspiracy” to Bring MARTA to Alpharetta?

There are no loss for links to PixzzaGate and Politics when the NWO is involved. As an observer and numerology researcher there are always layers of motivations under the TRIADS of NWO events. In the case here you can understand why Atlanta plays a large role in the North American Union One World Order transformation. As COTO has published often, the Denver and Atlanta bi-capitol cities are a main goal of the elite cabals plans for the future NAU and Nafta WTO superhighway and transit network.

This I-85 event is certainly a part of this in my mind. As well as illegal immigration is to the purposeful influx of the dilution of white and black Christian America, so is the NAU merging of Mexico and Canada of the “Browning” of the population of America.



Top 8 places in Georgia you can’t visit


DR WILLIAM MOUNT: I-85 Investigator Gunned Down

FBI appointed Andrew
McCabe as chief investigator of the entire I-85 Bridge Collapse – – you know – the one who’s wife took $600,000 in donations for her campaign form Hillary Clinton that was not disclosed on their taxes???

What to watch for in this conspiracy

Atlanta City Councilman calls for investigation of I-85 collapse.  C.T. Martin, chairman of the council’s transportation committee is asking for answers so watch this outcome and look for more deaths possible.
Look to the Police Investigation and limited info on the relationship and motive for Browning’s murder of the UPS Force Majeure inquiry. Watch McCabe at FBI for interference and other related Russian Mafia clues. Jack Reacher can figure it out and so can we.  Denver and  Atlanta are only a few of the massive underground extermination and transport portals and more to point, these Russian accusations are real.  What the ISIS Gladio Mafia has in common with the Criminal Deep State US Government is the adherence to the vortex numerology which always lands on 811. My senses tell me the RATLINES are underground and the pedophiles railroad children to their deaths through this ATL.  Is it too much a stretch to link CPS Georgia with Comet Pizza in DC?  Denver can also take it’s place in Pedophile Clearinghouse activity. Nothing says it better than their art.


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ISIS is a Gas, Baby can you dig it?

Two Years Ago: How the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged

August 21, 2013: Obama’s insidious and criminal objective in August 2013 was to use these attacks with a view to justifying a humanitarian war against Syria.

This GRTV report was first broadcast in September 2013 in the month following the East Ghouta Chemical Attacks

In the wake of the Syrian chemical weapons attack, shocking footage of the victims of that attack were widely circulated in an effort to raise the ire of the public and spur support for military intervention.

Now, a new report on that footage finds troubling inconsistencies and manipulation with the video that calls the official narrative of the attack and its victims into question.

Just like this attack, the same place was hit with the staged Sarin attack once again. Also like the 2013 fake false flag, John McCain had just returned from a secret meeting.

McCain made secret trip to Syria | TheHill – Feb 22 2017

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) secretly visited the Kurdish-held region of Syria during a trip to the Middle East last weekend to meet with United States military officials, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A spokeswoman for McCain later confirmed the trip in a statement to The Hill.

“Senator McCain traveled to northern Syria last week to visit U.S. forces deployed there and to discuss the counter-ISIL campaign and ongoing operations to retake Raqqa,” the spokeswoman said, using an alternate acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“Senator McCain’s visit was a valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq. President Trump has rightly ordered a review of the U.S. strategy and plans to defeat ISIL.”

Defeat ISIS? McCain is ISIS and this is crISIS – I$I$, the defense money pit and NWO Jesuit Joo real estate grab.  The Manchurion Candidate, McCain is always present just before one of these Ghouta ghoulish and grim fairy tales take place.

Now you have all the Congressional Joos and the Trump Jesuit coadjutor and fake president turning his sights to Assad and kowtowing to the cabinet of Bush cronies.  Pence, Tillerson and that witch Nikki Haley, the UN NWO slimeball were on their marks.

Nikki Haley Says U.S. May ‘Take Our Own Action’ on Syrian Chemical Attack

UNITED NATIONS — Holding photographs of dead Syrian children aftera chemical bomb attack, the United States ambassador to the United Nations warned on Wednesday that her country might take unilateral action if the Security Council failed to respond to the latest atrocity in the Syria war.

“(Syrian President) Bashar Assad and his friends, the Russians, take note of what Americans say,” the Arizona Republican told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.” “I’m sure they took note of what our Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) said just the other day that the Syrian people would be determining their own future themselves — one of the more incredible statements I’ve ever heard.”
The Syrian people have already spoken. Only the Gladio al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries have yet to speak. We know McCain’s stance on the failing NWO and the need for another world war, but what will the Jesuit Prez do?  I think its clear by now that the remaining hundred days are going to see a full reversal just like Obama did after his first hundred days.  If the Sarin Hoax doesn’t work then I expect the Russian false flag gas attack here or at least another Russian Chechen  Boston Bombing (powder keg)
Image result for McCain posing with ISIS

When you realize how sloppy, sadistic, arrogant and insane these people are, you must see how precarious our situation is.  This is the same recipe of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. Watching Syria fall and then Yemen and the Congo etc, etc, etc, The technique is the same. You take out the stable leader, create chaos and murder/mayhem, send the refugees west and place a puppet regime to rape and plunder for the bankers.  A triad which never wastes any opportunity to depopulate, migrate and redistribute wealth up the Military Industrial Corporate Complex.

Why the Syrian Gas Attack Is Probably Fake | The Occidental Observer

After the obvious that Assad would have to be the most stupid man to walk the earth after the US stating regime change was no longer on the agenda, to gas his people you have to begin to come to my way of the thinking that Putin, Trump and the NWO are joined tightly at the hip and the fake conflict is all show. There are no other possible conclusions.

When the pictures show people without masks and HazMat protection you know it’s not Sarin Gas but instead a diluted Mace or some other mellow grazin’ in the gas. Was the whole thing a Russian, Syrian attack of an ISIS, McCain chemical plant manufacturing location?  That could be possible.  If Russia doesn’t expose this fraud quickly you should have your answer. My first instinct is a White Helmet Jesuit hoax. The Jesuit friends of distinction have a goal. Kill Christians in Syria and then everywhere else.


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FINAL FOUR FIX – Your Fake Sports and Prophesy Update




NCAA March Madness
NCAA men’s basketball CHAMPIONSHIP

North Carolina

Game was rigged as predicted. Gonzaga players shaved points. Ref made the bad calls at the end of the game AND unc SHORTARMED FREE THROWS TO MEET THE SCORE. and the total had 3 and 6 . total 136. it completed the vortex

Gonzaga – 65 = 11
UNC 71 = 8

There is the 811



NUMBERS – VORTEX 1-4-7 (+258)

154-149 77-77-73-76

Please note the semi finals of MARCH MADNESS were RIGGED!!!

GONZAGA – South Carolina – Gonzaga scored 77 points in Win
NORTH CAROLINA – Oregon – NC scored 77 points in Win.

If you watch the end of the NC-OR game you see missed free throws by NC (on purpose) and OR (failure to rebound/box out)

The games were both rigged. You could even see it in the after game player interviews. I swear you can see dejected NC players after their win. IT’S ALL FIXED by key players and refs.


Jodie Meeks Punctuates Breakout Season with 42-Point Outburst

South Carolina
North Carolina

Watch the short-arm FT (free throws) misses, watch the non box out rebound, watch the no foul call by refs.

Then after the game the CBS-TBS made excuses for all of it. So obvious folks.

Jim Nance, Ernie, Kenny, Charles and the rest of the team spin the fix. Watch Oregon’s coach explain the scoring failure by making lousy shots and easy missed rebounds.

There was no way that OREGON/GONZAGA (neo-libs) were going to win or that NC/SC (neo-cons) were going to win. The setup, the sting, the payoff! The triad.

FAKE NEWS, FAKE WEATHER and FAKE SPORTS!!! And the wealth climbs to the top!!!!

Mondays FINAL will be fixed too.  Watch JESUIT GONZAGA take the cake in rigging. Watch the refs no calls and point shaving by key players. Watch the score final tally.  3-6-9

Coach Says NCAA Bracket Seeding Is Rigged. Is There Any Truth To That?

Just the tip of the iceberg coach!



Holy Cow! Trump the Great?


7 – 7777 -7

JOO-JOO-BEES run the game

Real Life is a Conspiracy. We are all players in it. 


Refugee Resettlement Watch

We have increased the current pace of refugee arrivals to approximately 900 individuals per week.

(State Department spokesperson)

Oh geez! What the heck is the Trump Administration doing?

As we have said repeatedly, Trump’s refugee admissions are not at the mercy of two rogue judges. He can bring in any number under the CEILING set either by Obama (110,000) or his reduced ceiling (50,000).

As far as we know, Sec. of State Rex Tillerson has not chosen a political appointment to head up the Population, Refugees and Migration department that runs the USRAP, thus the program is run by long-time federal employees with close ties to the contractors and to media like the HuffPo!

After resettlement contractors reduced their staffs (their federal funding depends on a per head payment for each refugee they resettle), now, if the Huffington Post is right, their numbers will go up from a previously predicted…

View original post 452 more words

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World Trade Terror Diagnosticity Memo #11




Or better known as the Script for False Flag Staged Terror and how to bait those who reject the Military Corporate Industrial Complex (NWO rejectionists) The tool for false flag terror lone wolf recruitment, patsy initiation and recruitment.


 In 2014, NCTC’s Office of National Intelligence Management (NIM) formed an Interagency Analytic Focus Group, including experts from DCTC, DHS/I&A, DOE, FBI, NCTC, NSA, and cleared representatives of State and local law enforcement, who collaboratively developed the list of behavioral indicators and ranked them into three tiers of diagnosticity. The focus group created this list with law enforcement, homeland security, and public safety officials in mind. The focus group updated the list for 2017 based on new indicators observed since the publication of the original booklet.

That damned Department of Energy showing it’s face in the intelligence group again.  It should tell you much about the scam.  The three tiers  ABC are pretty obvious but what is missing are the precursors needed before you begin the recruitment and CIA-Mossad-MI6 mind-control and terror operations.  I will add  that is best to carpet bomb, hellfire drone strike  and IED as many women and children as possible before the al-CIAda diagnostics begin. This will increase the recruitment potential once the mark’s family has been dismembered. This is the best time to immediately process the marks into the refugee system and disperse them to various theaters through the agencies terror midnight flight program where sanctuary safe zones can process, indoctrinate and release to handlers.



It is important that the agencies and handlers do not confuse the marks with the key operatives and it is critical that they do confuse directors of terror with the recruitees.  During data collection and surveillance this may occur frequently, therefore essential to discriminate such occurrences.  We will example one here. Please note level A  are excluded but we will focus on level B and  C indicators. We will refer to such case as HRC.


Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Threatens War on Russia



Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening To Kill Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border


FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Primer on Bill and Hillary Clinton



Secrecy is the root of the Clinton email scandal | Power Line


Clinton aide left classified info behind on 2010 China trip

Bill Clinton’s 26 Trips to ‘Sex Island’

Was Hillary Clinton Seriously Injured in a Secret Plane Crash?


FBI Shuts Down Russian Spy Ring for Getting Too Cozy with Hillary

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats to Spy on UN

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Tweet Proves She Received Trump Tower Wiretap


WIKILEAKS E-MAILS: SOROS AND CLINTON Working Together On “Police Reform” And BLM…REMEMBER “Implicit Bias”?

On Benghazi, Hillary Clinton Lied and Four Americans Died

Hillary Clinton Was Responsible for the Waco Massacre?


Hillary Clinton Webster Hubbell criminal ties

Hillary Clinton’s guilt-by-association ad lives in a glass house filled with convicts


The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?

Why Hillary Clinton sold America’s uranium

Bill Clinton Collected Donations, Shipped Missile Tech To China


Report: Clinton mostly blames Obama for her loss

Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames ‘angry white men’ and Comey for wife’s loss

Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

Clinton blames Putin ‘personal beef’ for election ‘plot’



Hillary, “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses”


Hillary Calls Trump Supporters A “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Basket of deplorables


Here’s who was in the room when Clinton met with Soros at State Dept


FBI identifies 13 mobile devices Clinton potentially used to send emails



It is essential to do proper screening and identification to eliminate confusion of actual terror administrators and operatives as not to mingle with the key targets and marks in your surveillance, data collection and radicalization program.


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Spectres In The Fog


Pope to receive EU Heads of State and Government at Vatican

There is something afoot with the recent meeting of EU heads at the Vatican. As the Black pope has said recently;

Pope warns EU ‘risks dying’ without new vision (NWO)

Pope Francis decried a “vacuum of values” and lack of solidarity among EU states ahead of the EU’s 60th anniversary. He urged European leaders not to resurrect walls, in a message likely also aimed at the US and Britain.

London Bridge is falling down: It comes as the Queen E2 is going to die. I predict May one of several things will happen and trigger a series of events. Queen Elizabeth dies, Theresa May and Brexit will fail. How it happens is not clear to me but as Trumpcare met it’s fate, the conspirators of the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg CFR are sabotaging all exits from the Agenda 21 goals.

I said Obamacare was here to stay and that the Wall, Obamacare and refugee/illegal campaign would never materialize. I also said Brexit will fail.  Watch the clues and see that 60 years ago, after  the Bilderberg meeting in 1954 they created and planned the Treaty of Rome and the formation of the EU.  On March 25 1957 it was signed in the criminal realm of Prince Bernhard,  where 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans and CIA representation in what would be called Atlanticism, in terms of NWO Western domination.

Three years later the EU was formed. Along with the Club of Rome, Vatican assassins and the Joo-joo-bees from the US, the NWO was formed. Since then all subsequent treaties amending the original have bee done to centralize power, eliminate unanimity and taking control for the committee core elite.

“London Bridge is falling down” on secure lines….”May Fair Lady”


‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Queen gives Royal Assent to Brexit bill, allowing PM Theresa May to trigger Article 50

There are several keys to what must happen in Article 50. Theresa May has finally revealed that she will trigger Article 50 on March 29. That means Britain should officially leave the EU no later than April 2019. This is a long process requiring agreement, ratification, re-negotiations and other parts. But the key to this is what comes from the Cabal during the process.


I suspect there to be a major meeting if it has not already happened to orchestrate this hoax and staged Brexit.  It has to include the original access of evil  London, City of, DC and Vatican as nations US, UK Russia.  Much like WWII the axis power players are back and the recent French Marine Le Pen’s meeting with Putin just adds to the intrigue of what happens after the French election. We saw Geert Wilders miss the target, but I predict Le Pen could easily give a good run in the election. What remains a mystery to me is Merkel’s grip on a failing Germany. Aha. it’s part of the plot. Merkel is a drone for NWO but I never trust the French. Le Pen could be another Trump in a dress.

What the Club of Rome has in store for EU and US political theatre is coming into view but the trigger for a war has to play much like WWI and WWII, where false flags can bring the dumbed-down populations to fight for the globalists who are controlling all media and political intrigue solely for the purpose of psychological operations, deception and power grabbing for their own purpose. Lisbon was done in order for Brexit. I think it’s part of the plan for real economic change. The reset may need a war but for sure some fireworks. Someone needs to be assassinated or at least in theater or hoax. Some Reichstag before Trump gets tax reforms done. As soon as May I predict we get this trigger. I’d look to EU event that focused on Parliament. Was it a staged warning for Theresa May and Brexiters?

I suspect the Jesuit Black Pope will not poison himself, only previous non-Jesuit Popes were targets. But I never discount a Russia made Polonium pudding for Ms. May or a nice attempt on another Joo-joo-bee.  No doubt we can look at the Trump clan and the Jewish influence that has taken over the oval office but what the Jesuits and Jews play on is your ignorance to their collusion. Putin loves to be in the spotlight and I think he’s will to play Magog in the lead up to WWIII. Prophesy says we need one more so why not the coldest of wars. The climate is chilly to say the least and the weather outlook makes for a prefect storm. Merkel makes another great villain in this story. How could she effect Brexit and Trump exits? Watch the headlines for subtle clues.


I am certain that Mossad is entrenched in the family marriages of the Trump children and Ivanka now has  as much clearance as anyone.  I wonder if she is an agent. Mind controlled? Certainly possible. She’s not the only one married to a Jew.  It shapes up so well for the Left-Right game.  I am watching the last week on May for something large. 29-31 is indicated in numerology. We will see. Beware the Ides of March.



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America “Taken”


A Conspiracy Theory that became a “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields and America’s Growing Heroin Epidemic

Flood Of Cheap Afghan Heroin To Arrive Just In Time For Recession

Afghan Opium Pleases Taliban and Soros

How to fund a war Reagan style-March 1st, 2008

We have volumes of proof of CIA funded drug trafficking and have exposed it for years. Afghan was all about piplelines. Not just the oil black gold but the silverwhite poppy pipelines as well.  Masterminded by Zionist form the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Vatican Club of Rome committee, the CIA, DFR, Trilateral group incorporated the War on Terror to assist the War on Drugs. From Iran Contra, Poppy Bush Sr. the CIA mastermind to create the New World Order version of the British and Dutch East India Company.

What escapes most people is the meme “War on.”  Any thing succeeding this phrase is a global crime operation to promote the Hegelian Dialectic to crush the West and the power of independence. It promotes and funds the wars, surveillance and all the rest of the G6 agenda goals for a One World Order. As I have explained in  The Illuminati Formula Triad:

NEVER WASTE AN OPPORTUNITY – All Triads redistribute wealth to the top.


Drugs follow recession, recession precedes war and war shifts power to new brokers. It always plays out the same. We can now pretty much confirm Trump’s place in the collapse. The poor fool or clever insider will do the job. Meanwhile as the inflation and recession wait on the FED and interests rates the economy is in a condition so far from the manipulated MSM and government data that it has become a joke.

The inflation is coming, the recession, the retail, tech and housing bubbles will all repeat and the only thing that will not e effected is the cheap price for bumper crops of Poppy and Opium for Heroin production.  The fools that did not see why the Marijuana legalization campaign was directed by the Zionist an Jesuits (Soros) groups are missing how the Triad works.  How they use Islam as the vehicle in terror and refugee program only provides the cover for the specific agenda that was 911 and Afghanistan Iraq Libya and now Syria.

Trumps Defense budget is no less than the coffers for Poppy guarding and pipeline protection.  Al-CIAda and ISIS, the straw-men Gladio operatives to maintain the need for presence. We are at war at home.  We don’t need to fly to Paris or Amsterdam to be “TAKEN.”   It is happening in every town USA.   Time we started acting like Liam Neeson and take back our towns before the Congolese, Somalis, Libyans, Sudanese, Afghans and Iraqi’s and other criminal midnight arrivals set up shop selling horse to your daughter.  This will be epidemic soon and when the shit hits the fan, who will have the money.

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Sanctuary: Secret Sharia Smuggling

Non-Vetted Refugees Arriving in the Middle of the Night

DISEASED REFUGEES Obtain SSN’s and Passports Upon Arrival in US – Gateway Pundit

Six Diseases Return To US as Migration Advocates Celebrate ‘World – Breitbart

Obama Effectively ‘Barred’ Christian Syrian Refugees | The Daily Caller

I posted in 2011 that the largest migration in human history was coming. Adding EU and US as the venues, I said larger than the slave trade triad from historical records.

I also predicted the rise of TB as the major epidemic that would come to the US. Whether they have weaponized it with non-treatable strains is uncertain.  What we know is the corrupt CDC is not giving us the facts.

We remember 2012 and all the white UN vans found on the Tarmacs of Airports from google maps. We saw the coffin liners in Georgia. We saw the train cars, the large ammo purchases, redi-meals in the millions and the rest of the government purchases. So what now?

It appears Obama has set up shop and his mentor George Soros is not waiting for a Trump travel ban.  The secret flights from private aircraft contractors. Dyncorp, CIA, and maybe even UPS. Regardless the flights are coming in daily to points like St. Louis or maybe Mena airport where Bill Clinton smuggled drugs for the Bush Crime Syndicate.  This is the case in Germany as well. Funny that Trump met with Merkel recently and we know what they talked about in private.

What Really Triggered the Laptop Ban?

It’s great cover and deception for the secret smuggling of what are predominately male refugees being flown it at early hours without transponders and quietly landing in Missouri where unmarked vans bus them to central processing stations.  I wrote about it in the Royal Scam because this is a Vatican-Soros effort and you know Obama is running ops in his new digs when not golfing.

Do not be fooled by Trumps fight with Sanctuary cities and travel bans as while this huge staged left right con and theater continues, the flights will be coming in on regular scheduled frequency.  I would guess at 100,000 or more based upon State numbers say 38,000 so far this year. You can always triple the number but be aware this is a secret program and the sanctuary cities are fighting for money as it becomes big business and huge waste. Social Security cards are the tip of the iceberg of money coming from the Obama team during the eight years he doubled the debt.

American Gladio

These militants, GLADIO C  scum will be more of a problem than the mexico issue when the time comes. They will be trained, funded and focused.  You might wonder if Trump is true in his efforts to stop what he knows is happening. It doesn’t really matter to me. The fact is they will come regardless of a southern wall.

In case you are not aware Canada’s Trudeau, a trained Jesuit nation assassin will tear Canada to shreds with his refugee program and this is the border we should be watching carefully.  As these Gladio mercenaries are spreading out over the nation, we can also tie fast and furious and other means to arm them and their training in recruiting the hopeless dumbed-down, millennials to  join the project Agenda 21 I call “Trance-formation”

Don’t ever let a refugee use your laptop.

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The babies blood stopped working

March 20, 2017

Head Committee Member David Rockefeller dies at 101.

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Once, Twice, Three Times A False Flag


As I stated earlier, watch the Trump-Obama divide and conquer. Here’s the clue #1

Federal judge blocks new Trump travel ban

(CNN)A federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump’s new travel ban on Wednesday afternoon, hours before the ban was set to go into effect.

The  Hawaiian Judge, an Obama fortress, the place of the birther issue.  When you think about the WIRETAP SCAM, think about why Obama would really want to tap Trump.  How about way back when Trump was vetted at Bilberberg and began the birther campaign.

Not a day goes by without the Cap Hill Mob  talking about documentation of Obama’s wiretap order. Like Barry would actually go through channels to tap Trump. Even the dimmest of bulbs must brighten up when they hear this nonsense.

So Trump has said further information is coming out regarding the WIRETAP. “The next few weeks” is how he put it.  I suggest in the next few weeks we get another San Bernardino or Boston, staged event, false flag with or without real deaths.  Time to ratchet up anyway. The deflected news that they just increase the Interest Rates today and the rest of the cabal is ratcheting up the recession that Trump will have to deal with instead of Walls. Refugees., Illegals, Obamacare and the rest of his promises.

This is how they do it. Bush got 911, Clinton got WTC  bombing 93 and the beat goes on.  I suspect a sizable event would cover the Fake News homeplate and whoever or whatever is on third will be out.  That is of course unless the man on third has a finger on the trigger.

Fed rate hikes + low growth = recession, says stock-market strategist

Get ready to jump!


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Five Eyes and Seven Ears


December 1 2016

As I surmised after Trump’s entrance into the election , I stated that he would advance the police state and surveillance grid like no other before him. Regardless of whether you believe that they are spying on each other, you are the most surveilled citizens in the world  with exception to Great Britain.

My belief is of course that all the left right paradigm and players are staging, scripting and fomenting the news as well as the leaks. Snowden to Russia and back to Wikileaks and Mother MI6, the Israeli-Vatican Joo-joos are collecting the largest mass of data in an enterprise that can only be for purposes beyond the FBI dossiers of the J. Edgar Hoover era. Like Hoover, these twisted freaks are playing the game of deflection to get you thinking that they are still adversarial.

Russia says Clinton had more contact with Russian officials than Trump. Hell, Trump and Clinton had more meeting than they did independently with Russian ambassadors or Putin himself.  Now we get the fake MI6 dossiers, Vault 7, Trump Obama-gate and the GCHQ.


Yes, Five Eyes and Seven Ears. The mother ship of all cointelpro is British Intelligence along with Tavistock and Chatham House (RIIA)  This is where ISIS and al-CIAda were created. The Israelis run the surveillance sure, to make sure there are no whistleblowers with the inside core group, but the Vatican and their assassins may be called in anytime to clean the mess.  Watch carefully as the Trump-Obamagate Wiretap BS plays out.  Did you catch the Judge Napolitano or CIA analyst offer Obama’s go around for the US Intelligence and going directly to GCHQ? Yes GCHQ, the Defence Signal Intelligence group for Great Britain and the Lords of Full Spectrum wiretapping and eavesdropping.

Managed by the Mossad, most of the EU is under surveillance but the operations personnel know they are under watch.  Not likely they will do anything wrong considering they all got their jobs and promotions based upon the dirt the Israelis gathered over the years from the days of  SHAMROCK, BLACK CHAMBER, ECHELON, 911-811, INSLAW, PROMIS software back doors, AMDOCS, PRISM massive Honeypots and setups and damning evidence to blackmail them into service. It was  how they got the Mafia into the CIA in the JFK years and since that time the Mafia has just moved into government.  Michael Corleone went legitimate too, remember? It was Phiple Troenix, the Carnivore project that placed the FBI’s role in covering up 911. It was instrumental along with ECHELON to monitor the internet VOIP and landlines post 911 to insure they would mend any fences if needed. And they did. Hundreds died mysteriously in the eight years under Bush-Cheney.

With the real leaks that came out prior to Edward Snowden, the Master of the Human Domain had to reassess how they would avoid this problem. This was the enterprise system.  How they would take SIGINT, Cellular, land based data, internet and dark web and encrypted systems and collect ALL the data in a way where only EYES would have access to the data beyond the Justice Department and warrant segment of law enforcement. This is where we are now.  All, 100% of the traffic is being intercepted, run through the algorithms and keyword gauntlets and the being diverted to deep state servers with just trickles going into law enforcement servers.  It’s the law enforcement and Justice Department that were the targets of PROMIS software and Israeli intelligence to monitor the key traitors involved with PNAC’s New American Century and Pearl Harbor program created somewhere around 1990.  This is the expose that costed Danny Casolaro and others their lives for attempting to expose it.

Now, the only enemy is GPS. When I got information from ex CIA NOC informant, they did not carry a cell phone.  Like Trump said, if you need security, write a letter and deliver it yourself, but leave your cellphone at home and take a taxi.

Mr. Wiretap and his Honeypot

Today the news has indicated Intel is buying MobileEye. This is the new millennial version of PROMIS and AMDOCS. The Israelis will have the keys to your car and the Intel chipsters will oblige in all the NWO corporate rules. Remember you pay  up and keep your mouth shut or they shut you down. Only the Bilderberg 500 are going to be employers for the New World Order.

Trump and Obama is entertaining yes, but it’s only fiction like the whole house of cards.  Netflix can  offer only slightly better entertainment because they can use pedophilia, assassination, blackmail, etc. while DC Holyrood can only offer conspiracy  and third person narratives on these themes.

You should have heard the laughs I got when I said China was putting surveillance into furniture. lamps. refrigerators and other appliances in 1999.  Now these folks call me and I get to laugh now.  I found a GPS, GSM signal emanating from a Chinese UHF-VHF Antenna I purchased. It pretends to be remote receiver for mechanical control but it’s frequency and data is nowhere near 433Mhz and has a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) signal that I will attempt to decode using my dark web wireless cracking tools.  The only thing I do not know is whether this was in the antenna at production or was it modified just for me.

My advise is the same as it was in 2013. It is time to dump your cell phone and disengage your cars GPS. If you have a  new TV, unplug it’s power when not in use. If it’s connected to internet and gaming, recording, modem boxes disconnect the cable, phone line or wireless.  My new advise is for entrepreneurs.  You should consider opening a junkyard and thrift store and buy old TV’s appliances and used cars pre 1999 and go into business. Or learn how to do counter-surveillance and soon you will be in big demand. Remember the IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, Justice Department are listening and every Googler and Telecom is getting rich on your most private and public information.  Trump is Twitter, Obama is Facebook and the now 14 Eyes is SPECTRE.


The reality in this case is real. All the information is cheap to get. It is sold for money, collected for government targeting of citizens and the real stuff is delivered to places like Space, Utah, and other places unknown. It is encrypted and Eyes only for the deep state committee and their agenda.  How many people have said information is power?  Government Gangstalking is based upon this information. They know your family, friends, medical history, financial information, political leanings, religious affiliations and sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is a recruitment tool as well.   Real ID and chipped cards are tracking tools and your habits are important.  There are reasons beyond this though. Somewhere in the deep dark rooms there is a master plan where all the data will be used to provide you a special program, tailor made just for you.  No secret that bio-metric data is being collected and DNA identity as well.  I can get yours by rummaging through your garbage. They can get it with a scanner.


We suspect the nanotechnology and buckyballs are are the basis for Morgellons disease. What we don’t know is whether the Morgellons fibers are indeed radio transmitters. They are currently testing nano injections of these little assassins to target specific cells based on frequencies so why not let us breathe in these little circuits and voila, instant connectivity!

Now the mesh networks can go to work to collect the information at an even deeper level.  Likely we are already bugged and if needed we can be sent a special frequency and have a heart event or a trigger for a rapid fake cancer.  It was my contention that Fukushima may have been staged for public consumption so that they could chemtrail us with radioactive nano-particles. I suspect they really do not want to damage earth, because they consider it their property but instead rid the surface of the virus and bacteria known as human beings.  Uranium and Plutonium is a terrific sterilization idea it is a better means for communication.  So what is the surveillance state really up to in the final equation? I have to believe it’s a massive database for genetic and socio-political extermination. Seems to be irrelevant whether Obama wiretapped Trump at this point. We should be way ahead of that now.



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Voyage To The Bottom Of The See

It took fifty days…

Now What, Voyager?



By: Puddy Dunne on November 9, 2016
at 9:39 am

So we expect this, right?

1. Paris Deal – DOA
2. Obamacare – DOA
3. The Wall – massive deportation
4. VISA /Refugee moratorium
5. New DOJ investigation of Clinton Foundation and Email

Let’s poll on which never happens. AS far as SCOTUS goes and having the House and Senate, let’s watch to see how many establishment republicans vote no.

We won’t need a hundred days to out Trump.


NONONONONONO….NO, we don’t need 100 days.  Fifty was enough.

No repeal, no wall, no investigation into FBI and DOJ aka Clinton, no refugee moratorium.  No NATO exit and in fact a NATO boost. On and on it goes.

Wait for trade deals and Paris agreement to rear it’s dead head  out of Loch Ness  and sit back to watch more insiders joining the Bush Regime ala Trump.  Nice to see the FDA is now going to be handled by a vaccine autism denier and a Big Pharma friend.

F.D.A. Official Under Bush Is Trump’s Choice to Lead Agency

Gottlieb, 44? Sound familiar?

Case closed on vaccine-autism debate: Doctor

Picking apart vaccine safety net: Expert

Picking apart vaccine safety net: Expert  Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015 | 7:18 AM ET | 02:45

The scientific community has thoroughly debunked any association behind autism and the measles vaccine, and public statements that cast doubt on that make Americans less safe, Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Wednesday.

“I think for too long a lot of people’s public statements allowed these myths to propagate because they’ve said things like, ‘Well, we don’t think there’s any correlation, but we need more research.’ We don’t need more research. At some point, enough is enough,” the resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute said in a“Squawk Box” interview.

Kennedy on vaccines and then this?  I think Donald Trump is trying for a section 8 so he can bail out at the right time. That time is when he destroys any opportunity to fulfill a campaign promise.  I think the economy, what I call Zebranomics is his game. Economy at any cost. Unfortunately the cost will be massive death in false flags to vaccines. Deregulating the criminals is not the kind of retroactive action we had in mind, right?

I never expected it. I knew what we were getting and like Obama, we had him pegged quickly, but not as fast as El Trumpo.  The government is the old mafia and Trump is what El Chapo was to the drug cartel. Just a new figurehead for the old Clinton Bush crime syndicate.  Remember, deep down they are family.



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From Puddy’s Vault #7

Se7eN Years Ago…….

The Internet and the LART’s – Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 17, 2010

The Internet and the LART’s

As part of the massive  mind control, beta programming sequences comes the stimuli. Without the addictive LART’s (learned automatic responses to triggers) we would be better equipped for the looming endgame.

I am not a defeatist but my theory on the internet is that of a Heller-22 scenario. When in 1975 MIT was said to have coined the term LART, they were referring to LART  (Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool)  which in essence was to be used against particularly annoying local intranet users or “Lusers.”

A well structured triad requires the need, warrant and opportunity (nwo) to function properly. As a member of COTO, I wholeheartedly accept this dialectic process to achieve the desired results. For us Lusers who have bought into the world wide web hook line and sinker, we can look at the components of committee plans to use this to our disadvantage.

Scientists have shown that if you touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will surface.

With addiction it has been accepted that learned automatic responses to triggers are responsible for the actions we take in response to our addictive natures. Therefore tapping into these LART’s are the means to control our actions. As Lusers we are not aware of the computer-brain connections though we may know that they are one in the same in many of the operational systems and properties.

The subconscious, like the computer have hidden files, programs and functional responses we never see while working within its system. As in the function of the brain, the considerably larger portion of the system lies in the programming and coding laying under the sub-levels. These programmed LARTS have been implanted by committee programmers from our first years of life and even some may have been done prior to delivery or pre-packaged if you will.

Tapping into these trigger applications whether innocently or by designed does not alter the basic fact of mind control. We are 90-95% operating at sub-level subconsciousness and that represents the hidden files and processes that dominate our performance. As a computer operates similarly we must look to these sub-levels to understand how we along with computers will eventually evolve and in my opinion, dissolve.

Humans are believed to have three levels of consciousness. They are theconscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. The 90% subconscious is made up of a storage. This includes a list of things like greed, avarice, envy, violence, sexual latencies,  etc. as well as the programming experiences we dismiss, locked up and stored like so much junk in our garages.  But inside this hard disk are the superconscious conduits and circuits which we should be tapping into.

Superconsciousness is associated with higher potential, creativity, intuition, quantum reality and spiritual awareness. People who have developed mind powers such as being psychic are often attributed to being able to access universal consciousness or the quantum field. It is this sub-level that has been under attack by the committee since day one. It is the dormant atrophied segment that has been corrupted by years if GIGO, MK, PhRMA and Electromagnetic Frequency sabotage.

While the superconscious has been morphed to theoretical sci-fi, the subconscious has been hi-jacked, nourished and reared by the committee. As discovered in the MK-Ultra research and other Pavlovian experimentations, we are able to repress, reactivate and recall this subconscious sector through Alpha processes and be delivered to Beta and Theta stations with the use of multiple programming techniques. A contiguous series of mind altering and regenerating, repetitive syntaxes to design, exploit and render predictability and desired patterns.

MIT and the DARPA goons have effectively delivered such a vehicle in the World Wide Web. The internet has enabled global hypnotic entrances into Alpha hard wiring for our pleasures. Instant bell-ringing for connecting the conscious to the sub-levels. Isn’t the free porn enough to convince you? Would the global committee and under administrators not ban that first as a means to keep a healthier society?   The deadly unconscious aspects are being fed via violent video games, cyber bullying , con games, scams, tabloid character assassination, propaganda, pedophilia and browsing addiction are all available in this . This REALITY phenomenon goes unchecked and the internet offers all to a worldwide audience. Mostly free.  When money seems to be the largest motivator for most of the world, one must ask why the internet and it’s offerings have for the larger part been free.

I conclude the mission is of dependency, data mining, experimentation and destruction. It presents the same multiple opportunities for the global kings of human containment and enslavement.  When there is talk of the internet kill bills or rumors of the cyber attacks that could take down the networks, it would appear to me to be another programming meme to further the agenda of global control.

The carrot stick method is a particularly useful tool, especially when the carrot is less than what we deserve but the best of two choices. As in all Triads there are only two options. The concept is pretty simple.

An example for dope dealers to give away high-grade heroin, hooking the subject and then after dependence providing over cut crap at high prices.  Take it or leave it. Once the internet was free but not for long. What will it cost?  Well it’s like the bad heroin so how much will you pay? You need it for your work, research, shopping, banking and your entertainment.  Once the  hook is placed and the line is sufficiently allowed to run, it has nothing left to be done but reeled in. Another catch without release.

Heller’s-22 is a  perennial piece central to the global agenda in controlling ones compliance in that you require the need of the cellular phone, internet, GPS, digital transitions and other grid tools to bring you into the collective.  As you know this no win scenario leads to same end. Whether you opt out to find yourself  without your livelihood, your home, your income, your family or your connection to the grid or you opt to remain under the terms of committee compliance and manipulation you will eventually arrive at the same place. From birth and your contract certificate of serfdom to the state to your programmed education, race for the degree, the grey flannel wrapping paper and necktied silk leash, you have been programmed to fail.

Social engineering, service based economies and global economies were nice terms for what was in reality a critical designed program to reel the populations into the net. Independence, self-sufficiency, anonymity were the targets for this agenda and they have all but been completed.  At some date the future merging of elite based corporate supermergers and UN based global government will be the employers of everyone. This is not socialism, communism, free market or capitalism. It is reality and understood by all administrators and a small percentage of the worker bees.

Those in compliance are not about to quit their cushy government jobs with benefits regardless of how they feel about censorship, RFID chipping, taxes, chemtrailing, eugenics or any other tentacle of the OCTOPUS  and the corporate slaves won’t even see the correlation. When the first guidestone law is set into motion it will be administered without discrimination, impulse or prejudice. It will be done as coolly and calculated as you do when deleting files from your laptop.

I no longer have any problem with the kill switch. It will not be a part of any future plan other than to play you on the line as they reel you in for filleting. For all you Yossarian’s out there, I’d advise a major defrag and start looking at the grid, all the components of it and determine how you should adjust when down goes the internet, phones, DSL and satellites. I believe once they reboot,  the game is over.



I had some comments from John Kusumi, 2004 Presidential Candidate

Today, I arrived at a new acronym: WET. If you were newly arriving at a refugee camp, beyond food, shelter, and medical supplies, what three things would be top priority? Water, Electricity, Telecom. WET.

And who says that the internet is “free”? How much money do you send to telecom providers every month? Telecoms are big business. They rake in very healthy amounts of profit all the time.

I believe that everybody is spending for connectivity all the time. Lots of internet content is free, but if you have paid for connectivity, then you have paid for your use of the on-ramp.


Entrepreneur, Software developer, Acitivst, Politician
BIO: M, 44, AUG, 1966:
RELIGION: Unknown, Buddhist [inc]
PARTY: Independent [John Kusumi who ran as an independent candidate in the 1984 presidential elections]
EDUCATION: Holy Cross HS – 1984 ASU – 1985 -1991

1035 S. Main St., #230
Cheshire, CT 06410

717 S MILL AVE #339
TEMPE,AZ 85281

The China Support Network
1035 S. Main St., #230. Cheshire, CT 06410
USA 1 (203) 640-2715 mailto:

SN: LinkedIn, Facebook, My Space, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter:
CODE: 911 truth, Obama Deception, China activist,


He is to receive junk from college sports depot, Travel, trips to Far East and ski resorts, IPad, IPod, NetFlix, ………..

I wont include page two. But page two could indicate you are squeaky clean and the list of sites you visit don’t include any dirt. That makes you dangerous to the committee and their dirt dossier is weak. Your just too good a human being for the grid. They’ll have to keep an eye on you John.





I hope you didn’t pay millions of dollars for out-of-date information! 🙂

But you’ve got me curious – can you email me page 2 that you speak of?

By: John Kusumi on October 18, 2010


They have page two, not me. If you have a page three you should move to Theodore Kaczynski’s neighborhood and quietly. 😉


So, I had to laugh today with the Fake Late News about Vault 7 CIA leaks.  You have to think that they believe we are all fools.  Every time they get their pedophile panties in a wringer, all the perverts and criminals publish another WIKIMAN DISCLOSURE.

Today was no exception. I mean is this old news or what?  They know it’s news to the dumbed down sheeple but consider the fact that they already have all of our dossiers completed. They have data-mined for twenty years and gathered terabytes upon terabytes of data in Utah (fake news and credit data house) and all the info is in low orbit over mother earth.

So no big deal for COTO but the masses will eat this up and the CNN’s and other CIA mind control agencies will pound this like  Obama and Trump as they play out the Russian Boogeyman congame. Ed Snowjob must be running ops in Moscow at FSB while Assange runs MI6 front.  The same game that Trump and Obama are playing here at home.

I haven’t read a piece of real good news for ages. I realize now there is no real news anymore, You cant get it anymore. The LART’s have adjusted the whole news bureau and the most fake news on the web is alternative media.

Infowars is inside Vault 7. They are now becoming the spearhead for fake news. Along with the Drudges, Daily Beast, Daily Caller and other CIA paid In-Q-Tel drug money outlets in the great divide and conquer game, these outlets not only are publishing fake news, but they are republishing the same article they have posted years ago.  Knowing that the internet and memory holes go hand in hand, I see the twitter clowns reposting news as old as five and six years ago.  So obviously MIT and LARTMASTERS are having success in deleting and vacuuming the already vacuumed minds of the grunion.

It is with great sadness I post this again, not as old news but new news of old technology. The Masters of the Human Domain are well entrenched and have accessed all areas. It’s only a matter of time before the reset and then the Mandela’s and MK-Ultra are running in full Monte algorithmic majickal method.  All news will be new news, old news will be tomorrows news and real news will be only the reporting of staged events.  Like the Googleplex, the whole of everything will be entertainment and like Dark Matter, the substance will not be found.


Samsung TV Spies – From News in 2014


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Dream 57

Image result for Polar Bear Crossing


I don’t dream often because I do not sleep well enough to reach that state of REM where they are most common. What likely caused my dream on Oscar night was the chemtrail flu which has dogged me since the new year. It comes and goes but the lack of sleep it caused finally tanked me and I had a doozy of a dream on Sunday. It seemed long but I doubt it was a minute or two.

My friend Boomerang and I were riding four-wheelers down my mountain in what seemed to be a frantic state of urgency. Boomer was leaving me in the dust and I was unsure why we were in such a hurry. I slowed down because I hear something behind me howling. As I slowed, I look back and running towards me was a Polar bear cub.  As dreams go we never think twice about things that don’t add up. I assumed the NC mountains were full of Polar bears.  I realized he was running from something as well as he rambled by me so I looked back again and down the mountain, a wall of flood water was pouring downhill and taking the trees with it.

I cranked up and got the hell out of there. So fast was I going that in an instant I was on a highway.  I did not think twice about the fact there was not a single car or human in sight on a major thoroughfare, but looked back to see what else I would find behind me. As I looked back I caught a glimpse of another larger animal in the distance. I was looking for Boomer and the cub and they were nowhere to be found. It was moments later the mother bear  shows up and she speaks to me that she has lost her child. A normal  comment in a dream by a concerned mother.  I told her I was lost and looking for her cub and my friend and had no idea what road we were on or where we were. She said it was 57 as in State Road 57 or highway 57.

What seemed like an hour later with a gap in the dream, I was now riding on the back of the mother bear and no longer on my Polaris ATV.  We were now in the cold of the Arctic and on a desolate road like you see on Ice Truckers and in the distance we see what appears to be a man and a dog.  As we get closer we realize it is Boomer and he has the bear cub on a leash. Boomer tells me we are in South Carolina and not far from his home and we should go there now before it gets dark because the temperature drops below below zero.  I said I have to get home to my dogs and Boomer tells me that they drowned like all the rest of the animals and most of the human race.  And that’s all i remember as I awoke feeling a bit upset.

It seems odd that I remember 57 and that I recall a road sign with the number or at least I saw the number in my sleep. I tried today to think about the meaning of Polar bears, Floods and the frigid transition of earth, but more the number 57. There are lots of routes numbered 57, Hwy 57’s and Interstate 57. I could not come up with anything except for the fact that Feb 26, is the 57th day of 2017.  Since dreams are so rare in my insomnia, I always wonder why they  happen at all.  I have had several episodes where I am awake or aware with my eyes open yet I am in REM sleep or at least a state of nREM where my body is paralyzed. The first time it happened I was twenty one and in a motel in Houston Texas. I woke in paralysis as a train was barreling by the motel. I remember it was so loud it hurt. And I was paralyzed as well.  That was scary. Since then the episodes do not scare me anymore. I just close my eyes until I drift off again.

I still have a prescription and bottle of Ambien I was prescribed by a doctor who I explained this to in 1997 and he said it was sleep paralysis which I now know well. The Ambien I tried once and that was the end of that. I had dreams all night and woke up to a twelve hour hangover. I do not know why after twenty years I still keep the RX in my medicine cabinet. It must be to remind me that I enjoy an occasional dream and rare paralysis episode here and there but do not psychosis and stupor in exchange.  My mother told me that I was a world class sleepwalker as a kid and they would have to run for a block or two to catch up with me.  Of all the dreams I told them I had while cruising the neighborhood, I do not recall one where I was looking for a lost Polar bear cub. Dreams are great when rare.


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“Its Poop!”…from the Mouth of Babes

Stumbled upon this video below…

Say it with conviction…”Its Poop!”

It is a terrific analogy for the visceral reaction so many are having to the Bull Shit thrown at us daily.  The poop purveying entities; the multiplex of modalities for selling shit to the masses have now become exposed to the light of day via the Alt-Net.  TPTB jiving is readily and immediately seen for what it IS — POOP!

As this young boy exhibits suspicion, honesty, and rebelliousness against something being sold to him as “food” from his “higher authority”, the lad makes a case-in-point for Truthers everywhere.  Just like this child, telling him its “good for him”, its “food”, a “Sloppy Joe”, does Zero to convince him this poop-resembling shit sandwich on his plate is edible.

The People have come to realize that most of what WE are served from the Matrix Vampires is Poop.  No matter what they tell us.  No matter what condiments are added for product

Cute video with a deeper meaning for Adults.  We are NOT accepting POOP in place of nourishment for our brains, bodies, or souls.  Bet on it.

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Casino de CERN: Monte Carlo and Mandela

Gambling with the Algorithmcotohappycern


“Contrary to popular belief, the honour of being the first actor to play James Bond fell not on Sean Connery, but on American Barry Nelson, who starred in a live one-hour production of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. The performance on 21st October 1954 (8.30pm EST) was the first in CBS’s ‘Climax’ series of dramas”

Officially named “Casino de MonteCarlo“, the Monte Carlo Casino is a gambling and …. was used by Ian Fleming to describe a casino in “Royale-Les-Eaux”, a fictional resort featured in Fleming’s first Bond novel,Casino Royale (1953). “Royal Water”


NELSON MANDELA – Mandela effect sampling

Follow the clues I laid out in recent posts regarding James Bond psyops and the clues to the events from recent movies from EON.

Casino Royale – The Big Gamble

The Monte Carlo Method (MC Algorithm)

Quantum of Solace – The World did not end but it is fatally wounded.

We used D-Wave for computation and qubit for luck

Skyfall – Uh oh, something went wrong!

The Climate is Changing, not just the weather.

SPECTRE – Now we know. We unleashed the anti-Christ, uh… we unleashed the danti-matter.


1 Introduction The potential use of quantum computers for solving certain classes of problems has recently received a considerable amount of attention (see, e.g., [1, 2, 3] for a comprehensive review). Several quantum algorithms have been developed, such as quantum factoring [4], having the potential for revolutionizing computer science. The purpose of this paper is to explore the application of a Monte Carlo method that has been developed in the context of quantum many-body systems to the simulation of quantum computers [5]. Quantum computers can be seen as peculiar quantum many-body systems that evolve according to a non-local time-dependent interaction so as to carry out a “computation”. The component quantum bits (qubits) interact via a sequence of quantum gates, performing each a prescribed unitary transformation (rotation, Hadamard transformation, controlled not, controlled phase, etc.) [6]. Two-bit (or n-bit) gates therefore effect non-local interactions between qubits, and the “quantum algorithm” (characterized by a network of quantum gates) corresponds to a specific sequence of unitary transformations, i.e., a time-dependent interaction. Numerous methods have been developed for years in order to treat general quantum many-particle systems (see, e.g., [7]). It is therefore intriguing to examine whether the application of the same methods to quantum computers might be similarly successful. We focus here on a stochastic approach based on the Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation [8] which has been shown to be suitable for the description of quantum many-body systems (see, e.g., [9, 10]). The central idea of this approach is to replace the many-body propagator for the entire quantum computer (of say L “interacting” qubits) with L one-bit propagators in fluctuating auxiliary fields, thereby “decoupling” the qubits. More specifically, solving the quantum dynamics of the L-bit computer in a very high-dimensional Hilbert space (d = 2L) reduces to evaluating a high-dimensional – but polynomial in L – integral over auxiliary fields. The latter is then approximated by use of a stochastic method.

You should watch this entirely but at least find Geordie Rose @ 21 minutes

So I cannot decide on a major mind control psyop ala Tesla HAARP ELF, or the possibility of a GOOGLEPLEX D-Wave offering that effected a swath of people who are experiencing the Mandela Effect. I have not had any real ones. The Others shown in the video are likely staged, some have been debunked and yet something has changed.

I find it curious that when Mr. Hope and CHANGE was elected. CERN went off on a series of particle experiments all listed on their site. Using Quantum qubit technology and CERN used the Monte Carlo method and possible other algorithms from research either gathered since day one or from the secret sources we know exist in places we do not know.

There are  factors that compel me to believe they are for real. There are logical and personal experiences I have had over the last few years that I cannot explain. Something has changed. Whether they are using a natural occurrence and playing off that with the CERN psyop we have been assaulted with is pretty obvious. Anyone who watched the Gotthard Tunnel and CERN dancers cannot miss the occult “in your face” satanic tones.  But the fact is things are changing.  Obama came in and CERN took off. It started in 2009 and has not stopped except for the few failures they had. A fire or two in the tunnel but it was a minor shut down. It was in 2013 that the SHTF in my mind. Once NASA and Google had their own quantum refrigerators it seems we all have   some Delta wave issues.

This puts a whole new spin (pun intended) on the Silent War paper and the global shift to full spectrum dominance. As I have lectured in Vortex Mathematics, the +258 balances the electrons -147. Have they finally used Tesla’s  magic 3 to unleash the positronic brain to change the order?  The universe is livable in the negative charged environment but when the balance is shifted, hell is unleashed. They may still have the beast on a leash, but watching the CERN dancers at Gotthard clearly showed the veils coming off.  It was at that point in the production Satan made his entrance.

The MI6 Tavistock psychological operations group might be planning a new Bond movie soon. I  will be interested to  look closer at this one. For that matter, I will be looking closer at all media psyops and fake news with the microscope it deserves. If you have watched or read much about the John Dee’s of the occult you may be thinking about the forbidden knowledge. It may be accessible now through CERN and Quantum technology. It may literally be picking GODS pocket if you will.

The Higgs field  may be the mark and the Leptomaniacs at CERN are still happy. When they are too happy  I get sad and tend to worry.  When they play their mind games like this one last year I get angry.  The question is why?  It may be all in the random order of things or they may be gambling at Monte Carlo on Roulette on our dime. Have they already picked our pockets?











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The Dark Star and D-Wave. Are you con-CERNED?


(Trump-Head in a Jar – OSIRIS CERN)

I have been unable to post predictions this year because the vortex is so tightly running and the speed by which events are taking place is just too overwhelming. In my 2012 predictions I did confess to the 2017 Transformation year. I tried to explain the cycle from 2001 to 2009 and then the 2017 cycle would be the transforming year for the NWO.

Recently you may have seen this headline: “Russia looking for a post-West World Order”  And it was a real thump on the head.  You watch the news now and we have said since we started that the news was fake. Many now are finally starting to believe it. Headlines like this from the Jesuit team Russia section are as fake as the US CNN or BBC.  Again I remind everyone when Obama was running we busted him and paid the price of banishment for it. Hope and Change was nothing less than a NWO Bilderberg decided invention for the disillusioned masses who suffered Bush fatigue.  Trump was a perfect triad from Bilderberg 2013 to deal with the Bush Clinton fatigue. The anti-NWO candidate. Slowly but surely the realization is clear that he is a trained Jesuit Saturn worshipers like many in the high places of the invisible college. These Fabians and Pilgrims Kabbalah all high masonic, all knowing satanic worshipers. Satan’s Fraternitas Saturni , a Jesuit specialty group from the OTO. But without running through all the ALT MEDIA hype BS numerology and decoding’s, I will just timeline and use as minimal as possible the symbology and numerology. As much as the Main Stream likes fake news, the occultists love to present a complicated pile of crap to get you off the focus.


It’s bizarre to hear the Christians defending Trump, the fraud he is and yet it helps to point out that the huge family of Jesuit institutions that are at play. From Scientology to Mormon to the ridiculous evangelicals such as the Billy Graham clan and mystery behind the ‘coming of Trump’, you can watch the grand deception being exposed by their very words and actions.

PROJECT BLUEBEAM – D STAR – Where time stops and space disappears.



Jesuit Dark Star Saturn the Black Cube, the pyramid and underground shovelers Bank of America Charlotte, NC

And that moment proved to be even more interesting than anyone knew. No one foresaw a spat between the pope and Donald Trump, or a Best Picture win for “Spotlight,” the movie depicting the Globe’s quest to cover clergy abuse. In between, Crux turned out thorough coverage of the ins and outs of Catholicism. Allen said Friday that some of his proudest moments were the site’s coverage of anti-Christian persecution worldwide, which took him as far as Egypt and India.

The prophetic can be seen in Revelation Nine and in Ezekiel . And other places we can find wormwood and the coming Trump regimes cover for a deeper and MUCH DARKER agenda.

The town in France where CERN is located is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly“. The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it was a gateway to the underworld. It is interesting that CERN, whatever it actually is, is strategically built on this spot, to deliberately appear to fulfill a dispensational view of these verses in the book of Revelation(?):

You can observe the Triptych of prophesy at the BOA HQ in Charlotte NC and if you look carefully the reoccurring theme. As I research almost full time now, I have to point to what I believe is the core of the agenda, the polar facets of the conspiracy and the depths of the psychological operations that come from the “invisible college.” This is the science core of the committee. The Tavistock Group, MIT Stanford and a host of other OTO founded alchemists.

This committee, club, confederation or whatever you wish to call it, is the think tank and science of the NWO technocracy. A post-West NWO is just reinventing itself by transforming to a cosmic club.  The science is the religion and the father of this church is Lucifer. I have posted the Roman Jesuit Arch of Ba’al (Bel) and the meaning to placements to open the portals for the exopolitical disclosure coming in phase one of Bluebeam.  I have focused for years on the Jesuit order, society of Satanic Ritual in the name of Jesus Christ and the true worship of the unholy trinity. The TRIAD  does not fall far from the Tree of Knowledge. But there are several factors to consider. How much gamesmanship is involved and how much real threat it contains.

Image result for CERN

Yes CERN, 666, easy to see but not see fully. The BlackStar is missed. The Saturnalian symbology and vector rings. Where they lead to are Mars  Jupiter Venus Earth and the Sun. Yes Bluebeam and BlackStar are depicted and both official.  If you are a regular follower here you know we have focused on the Great Deception or prophetic STRONG DELUSION coming to our venue at some point in time. I predicted in 2012 that it would begin in 2017 and continue for the astrological cycle I am still not able to crack. But it comes and with each revolution it come faster and stronger.

Look at the Triptych BOA and see the shovelers. Remember this? The Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony in Switzerland.

SATAN’S NEW POOP-CHUTE Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 7, 2016

Robotic worker bees march through rail tunnel as if pre-programmed by an exterior force during recent ceremony christening Europe's historic rail tunnel.

There is a distinct and exact timeline to the events that correspond to CERN and Cosmic events, space missions, News cycles (fake and real) and other clear sacrificial and ceremonial markers.  They are freely and purposely displayed by the shadow media and main stream outlets for your entertainment but more importantly, prophesy, the power of GOD.

Earth changes beyond climate are real. Explanations and true information is not. Seismic disturbances especially do not link the EMR radio transmitting, microwave and solar events that are happening at this moment. I have plainly gone through the HAARP, Polar experiments, Antarctica Neutrino facility (ICECUBE) the new ISS station (Earthraker, unofficial name) the Quantum Group, How James Bond plays into it as a psyop, the SPECTRE agenda of CERN as a transformer of virtual reality for Project Bluebeam, Serge Monast and the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum that has caused both visual and audio phenomenon (beta tests) and other Illuminati sacrifical events that marked these events.

Image result for Vatican IHS

The Vatican and Jesuit controlled banks have been key to the covert money laundering and financial resources needed to extend the project goals. No winder BOA got to place the murals in their corporate HQ for all to see. The elephant in the room is clear. CERN is never restricted from their timeline and experiments. Not even Stephen Hawking and other worthy physics scientists warnings have ever raised the questions or discussions of safety or managed to delay the timeline. The algorithms continue, the D_Wave computers are created. The particles are flying fast & furiously and all NASA funding is on the table. As I have stated many times, space and sanctions never meet in the vortex. Nothing tells you more than this fact. While NASA has farmed out the rockets to other private moneyholes, the nations involved are never a national security issue while some  NWO punk’s email hacking  is a  national and global event. PIZZAGATE and hotdogs are higher priority on the security scale than the Defense and technology Clinton sold to China. No Russian sanctions on their rockets.

What the psychological agenda is may still be unclear to many. Even myself. But the connection to the occult, the timing of CERN and other markers cannot be shrugged off.

Image result for Vatican Saturn

To discover the relevance of Quantum Computing, Quantum physics, D-Wave and DSTAR and how they connect with Osiris, Isis, Set, Horus and rest of the Black Cube secret agenda you can begin to find material on it or watch this video from Anthony Patch with Stan Deyo.  I’ve watch hundreds of scientists and others researching the real agenda of CERN and I cannot trust them. But Tony Patch is honest about his credentials, as Stan Deyo as well. He shares the proper amount scripturally as well as scientifically. But most important he knows Bluebeam. Bluebeam is real.

The CERN experiments are not what they offer you in media or from the SHIVA dancers at public relations at the collider’s offices. The Portal arches are not as they are represented. Follow the CERN timeline and relate to other events at the same time.If you like the video I have posted a few more in the comments section. Connect the dots to Vatican Saturn, D-Wave, Black Star (Black Cube) and the connections biblically to the scriptures and then ask yourself if they are looking to open the darkest regions of the GOD particle’s encryption and unleash the dark knight. Some might conclude the staged event of all of it for a purpose of transforming the earth inhabitants into a borg collective as I laid out in the last post. THE GATES TO GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.  I still have not decided on show or go for this project but either way the agenda does not change in my thinking.

I had a waking dream a google algorithm and it connected me to this. Along with Prince I think CERN Vatican Assassins and the death of David Bowie may have been in play. One must decide on whether the visitors are coming from space or did they just come through the portal?  Shall we all begin the dance?


David Bowie dies two days after release of Blackstar

Jonathan Barnbrook on David Bowie cover art

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Will Trump Trip Over Bolton?

Trump considering John Bolton for NATIONAL SECURITY “ADVISOR”?  An aspiring Henry Kissinger, directly wrapped up in the Neo-Con Zio-Blueprint, the PNAC document?  Another Dual Citizen to whisper in the ear, or even “dictate” Israel’s wishes to the new POTUS?

CONSIDER — by Kurt Nimmo

Read — “A commenter I assume to be Gary Schmitt, the former executive director and current senior fellow at the Project for the New American Century, writes to take me to task for my characterization of the organization, saying that PNAC contributed no staff or board members to the Bush Administration. Schmitt is right. I was thinking of the signatories to its statement of principles and its letters on regime change in Iraq—Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Lewis Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, Peter Rodman, John Bolton, Richard Perle, and Richard Armitage—none of whom held formal positions in PNAC. I regret the error”. (Source: ).

John Bolton / DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP CONFIRMED — (You have to scroll down a ways to see the Dual Citizens named)

Former UN Representative and Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Bolton is also a Senior Advisor to President Bush. Prior to this position, Bolton was Senior Vice President of the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktank, AEI. He recently (October 2002) accused Syria of having a nuclear program, so that they can attack Syria after Iraq. He must have forgotten that Israel has 400 nuclear warheads, some of which are thermonuclear weapons (according to a recent U.S. Air Force report).

Some comments from the initial article link above:

“And thus the Israel firsters/zionists now have a reaffirmed that their complete control over US foreign policy is still in effect. Let this be a lesson to President Trump and all those moronic American Patriots who thought “their” government would ever really be allowed to put America and Americans before Israel….” ~ ddearborn

“Well at least we know why Trump drained the swamp. Wonder how deep in the muck and slime he had to dig to find Bolton. I doubt there is anyone worse than this asshole. If Trump is actually stupid enough to latch onto this leech, we will have war before the year is out” ~ zman

“Absolutely agree. Bolton is the worst-of-the-worst. Why does Trump have so much trouble differentiating between friend and foe?

1) Neocons are the enemy of the world.
2) Israel is a racist, apartheid parasite. (Many Jews protest Israeli behavior)

Trump is under the illusion he can drain half the swamp….”  ~ Tanq



SO — is it possible we get dual citizen Bolton up for Nat’l Sec. Advisor because of the reality of this entanglement?  “Jared Kushner -Trump’s Court Jew”, by Brother Nathanael Kapner January 4, 2017.

Who can know?  Questions do and should arise.  Why even consider John Bolton?  Because he is part of The Swamp.  What’s up with that?  The PNAC connection is an immediate Disqualifier in many people’s minds.  In fact, an Indictment of this man’s subversive allegiance to a manifesto deeply Anti-American in its hegemonic fantasies. ,

John Bolton was “deputy” to Paul Wolfowitz (architect of the PNAC document —  Wolfowitz? .  “visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, working on issues of international economic development, Africa and public-private partnerships,[1] and chairman of the US-Taiwan Business Council.[2]”

There’s that name again — AEI.  “Bolton was Senior Vice President of the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktank, AEI”. 

Wolfowitz — “He is considered to be a leading neoconservative.[3][4]”

PAUL WOLFOWITZ. Role In Going To War: Wolfowitz said the U.S. would be greeted as liberators, that Iraqi oil money would pay for the reconstruction, and that Gen. … He is currently writing a memoir of his Pentagon work and teaching …. in front of the United Nations for a United States-led invasion of Iraq, …  See:

Another “name” in the Snews — Senator John McCain.  Here, he publicly confirms his and Lieberman’s culpability in the Cover-Up of the Truth About 9/11.  Check it out:


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The Gates of Global Governance

Temple of Ba’al Arch Erected for World Government Summit in Dubai

A replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al was erected for the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, creating a scene that one rabbi claims symbolizes the dangerous fusion of Ishmael and Edom against Israel.

The Jesuit portal for a bluebeam blueplate special.

The original Roman Victory Arch stood for 1,800 years in Palmyra, Syria, until it was destroyed by ISIS in October 2015. A full-size 28-meter tall replica of the arch was created last year by the Institute for Digital Archeology, a joint project of Oxford and Harvard universities, and has been displayed twice before.

Manhattan Time square and Trafalgar Square.

Though Rome and the Arab Emirates appear in different parts of the world and at different points in history, Rabbi Winston sees them as connected ideologically and spiritually.

“Tradition tells of four exiles, the last being the Roman exile. Israel is being assailed by the Arabs but nowhere do we hear of a fifth, Arab or Ishmael exile,” explained Rabbi Winston. “This Roman arch in Dubai symbolically ties them both together: Ishmael, the Arabs, and Edom, which was epitomized by Rome.”

“Just like the Romans, the Arabs are trying to control the world, and succeeding,” said Rabbi Winston. “Even though it is the Arabs against the Jews, it is really the Arabs continuing the mission of Edom to conquer the world. This connection between Dubai and Rome is showing that Edom never ended. It just put on a different mask.”

Just like Obama and Trump.

Opening the portal and the Trinity of recreating the Temple of Baal as a energy vortex in New York,  London and Dubai will open a portal to dark matter(s) created at CERN and initiated in 2013 before the Temple was destroyed in Palmyra but at the same time., that the planets were be aligned in such a way as to expedite the the event. It was during that time that the LUCIFER observatory was very active and the Vatican was carefully monitoring the planetary positioning.  Aside from the Vatican’s creation of the political force known as Islam, behind the obvious Jesuit -Joo battle is the real threat of the crI$I$ team.

What is the real crisis?   Quantum! It is not just SPECTRE and the secret deciders, but the Q team and other quartermasters who in their compartments are following instruction from  the D-Star information. Too much?  Indeed. The fact that our life history can be summed up as a complete fiction is hard to swallow. From Nazi’s to NASA and from Ancilla  to Zeno we are entangled in a web of deceit so massive that it would obliterate the psyche of most mortals. Drive them mad. And that’s the real danger of the technocracy.  Those who have succumbed to it’s forces have already left this sphere and are totally operating in another realm. This is where we will face the challenge of Agenda 2030 and a total transformation as predicted by the likes of those we have discussed here often.

When science goes bad it does with a purpose. In vortex terms the problem solution is also a solution to create the problem.  A Hegelian algorithm is in this NWO for certain and runs through the technocracy from Tesla to Minsky, Hyman and Marvin. All equations are in play and every  system is part of the larger quantum state of this universe, no longer with boundaries, both ethically and philosophically.

Image result for CONTACT movie spaceship

The information is only transmitted in Media, the Electromagnetic Audio Visual Network. (EVAN) Only qubits from this point on and we get bits of the message in Hollywood and other predictive programming waves.  As in the movie Contact, the Arroway clue was a Sagan clue to the bluebeam project which is only a algorithm that must bring us to the final conclusion. In order to achieve this it must be both ancient and future science meeting in a space where all human consciousness intersect. All states are covered. If not then they must be transitioned or altered.  We know this is the case when we look at chemtrail, nanotechnology, chemical science and electromagnetic and particle sciences and add the quantum computing to the mix.  Once accelerated to speeds of light, the 4D and  DStar are confirmed. This is where the crisis comes.

It’s not that progress doesn’t have some value but the vortex tells us that it historically finds its way to the controllers and in the dialectical triad it uses its benefit to control and kill. From the Nobel to the DoD, this technology is dynamite.  When Contact the movie came out I believed it to be quite an extraordinary clue to the Agenda 21 blueprint and full of subtle clues much like Eyes Wide Shut. Both included deaths of Carl Sagan and Stanley Kubrick, which I find both were assassinations via the technocrats and committee.

A cancer-stricken Hadden, now in residence on the Mir space station, reveals to Arroway that a second machine was secretly made in Japan, and that Arroway will be the one to go. Outfitted with several recording devices, Arroway enters the machine’s pod which is then dropped into four rapidly spinning rings causing the pod to apparently travel through a series of wormholes.

Image result for Movie CONTACT "Hadden"

John Hurt “Hadden”

Some may believe the concept above but I speculate as to the conspiracy of the universal deceit.  This was a con-game, a financial moneyhole like NASA and 2001, a Kubrick Con, based upon Minsky  and not Minkowski. No space time 4th dimension wormhole but a guinea pig inside the collider and quantum superposition for a mind link AI download.  So Arroway does travel in terms of consciousness but nowhere in terms of space outside the matrix.  When the alien intelligence from Vega is in reality the psychopaths entrenched in CERN, MIT, Stanford and the rest of the channels in the inner circle of the Technocracy are playing with the algorithmic reality of total spectrum dominance.

Obviously the wormhole is not excluded as part of the whole psychological operation of Project Bluebeam but this merging of reality of Quantum physics, computing and spacetime does leave us wonder why the Roman Jesuit Arch replications appearing at points of interest. If it s an attempt to follow a specific algorithm from Lucifer himself I must say it is very clear that the squares are the portals and it’s purpose necessary for the big and grand delusion. While the Bilderbergs meet in Dubai to discuss replacing us with robots and providing us a stipend called Universal Basic Income, we can see the matters of the ‘mark’ and cashless full spectrum surveillance is a predictable pattern of the master blueprint and the equations are already in the system. We only need the universal leader to emerge, the borg mind adjustment bureau and the rest of the technocracy to get their programs debugged and ready to run.

Is robotics the wave of the future or is it transforming the population into robotic servants of the global one percent. Time will tell. This week…4dcontact

Global leaders are gathering in Dubai to talk about good government

Global Governance is more like it.

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When the volcano blows!


Volcanic Activity is like Climate data. Easy to manipulate.

On Alert: Several Major Iceland Volcanoes Rumbling With High Activity Levels

Has there been an increase in volcanic activity in the past few decades?

Chirinkotan Kuril Islands (Russia) New
Cleveland Chuginadak Island (USA) New
Piton de la Fournaise Reunion Island (France) New
Takawangha Andreanof Islands (USA) New

Bogoslof Fox Islands (USA) Ongoing
Colima Mexico Ongoing
Dukono Halmahera (Indonesia) Ongoing
Ebeko Paramushir Island (Russia) Ongoing
Fuego Guatemala Ongoing
Kilauea Hawaiian Islands (USA) Ongoing
Sabancaya Peru Ongoing
Sheveluch Central Kamchatka (Russia) Ongoing
Sinabung Indonesia Ongoing
Turrialba Costa Rica Ongoing


Why the USGS, Smithsonian and other .govs are lying about the increase is not suspicious but only a confirmation of a deeper agenda and possible global transformation event to usher in World Order. It’s possible that the increase is just the natural cycle of earth science climate, polar shifts, solar phenomena and plate activity but I am too suspicious when the FAKE NEWS and their government and elite sponsors lie and blackout the real news.  Independent watchers agree that the increase is documentable.

I have become more suspicious of the real reason for the China Sea disputes., man made Islands and other Pacific Rim goings on, adding to the Polar Arctic and Antarctic events and radio deployments of other projects on ISS and satellite technology. Add to this the FAKE NEWS focus on deflecting all this as a pre-emptive program to global war which I believe is all hooey and that makes me believe that the extinction crI$I$ and anthropological problem is coming to fruition as agenda 21 moves towards an ultimate global “reset.”

I like the “reset” term. As I have discussed in Zebranomics, the terms assets and liabilities, human variety are a matter of performance and those slated for liquidation. We have been programmed to natural events and black swans but to the real thinker, they are all beta tests for the Masters of the Domain.  Whether the events are staged or natural does not preclude the committee from acquiring massive amounts of data and critical information to use in a final solution, extinction event that they have had decades to plan, fund (illegally) and test on populations. (again illegally)  Whether they actually have a written signed treaty or just secret diplomacy based upon some bogus scientific doomsday scenario, they have been testing on humans for a century or more and much of it declassified or exposed by whistleblowers.


I cannot explain why the Yellowstone, Madrid or Cumbre Vieja scenarios are so locked into my psyche but I think it’s the catalyst for all things NWO. This means financial, depopulation and global authority agendas are all covered by this type of event. Along with biblical prophesies which must occur to get the revelation minded on board. That covers two thirds of the worlds population in Christianity and Islam.  Not that TPTB don’t want them at each others throats before they execute such an apocalyptic program.

Stan Deyo has been following the specific suppression of earth changes and government staged experiments for years. He offers good information on his site. There are also submarine volcanoes erupting as well unreported. Stan attempts to track these and not really being a conspiracy theorist can be objective as to what may be happening.  I suggest that it may be true and that the event happens at the peak of this activity on a date already picked by the numerologists, alchemists and astrologists in the deeper and higher levels of committee.



Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 6, 2017

Just like the Moonraker goes….coto knows


SpaceX will transport a deadly bacteria to the space station for study

A deadly Superbug that’s incredibly resistant to current antibiotics will be part of an upcoming SpaceX mission.

Sponsored by NASA and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), SpaceX will launch a lethal pathogen into space and deliver it to the International Space Station (ISS) in a near-zero gravity experiment to assess accelerated mutation rates of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Outer space offers an entirely different environment than earth, so the study can see if mutation patterns will occur in space that have not yet happened on earth. Of particular interest are gene expression and mutation patterns……read more

A deadly Superbug that’s incredibly resistant to current antibiotics will be part of an upcoming SpaceX mission.

Antibiotic resistance on the rise: Superbug infections found in Chinese hospital

This 2006 colorized scanning electron micrograph image made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the O157:H7 strain of the E. coli bacteria. New research suggests that a worrying number of people in China are infected with bacteria resistant to an antibiotic used as a last resort. Researchers examined more than 17,000 samples from patients with infections of common bacteria found in the gut, in two hospitals in China’s Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, over eight years. About 1 percent of those samples were resistant to colistin, often considered the last option in antibiotics. The study was published Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 in the journal, Lancet. (Janice Carr/CDC via AP)(Credit: AP)


(NaturalNews) It is only a matter of time before highly advanced biological weapons are unleashed upon humanity, if they haven’t been already. Former Soviet scientist Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov says genetically modified (GM) bioweapons made from super-virulent disease strains are par for the course when it comes to advanced weapons systems, and the use of such bioweapons is an ever-present threat.

Learn more:

The research involving Extremophiles is one thing but the  the human-borne bacterias and viruses are another. We must remember that ISIS and the ISS is one in the same. The  psychopaths in Science are working on the Earthraker program. It is in my opinion an agenda for depopulation and being fair minded psychopaths. the random release of atmospheric carbon nanotubes and bucky balls along with testing other transporters is only for defensive (offense) assaults on random populations. Bacteria’s and viral agents already exposed with the analysis of chemtrails from Clifford Carnicom and Sofia Smallstorm. Blood cells and fungi transporters and the new nanotechnology provides microdetonics and frequency based triggers.  Not too much news needs to be confirmed. The research this type is not science but warfare only.

The virus is human, the bacteria and pathogens are ours as well. Man-made GM versions created above ground in Ft. Detrick and Malaysia as well as underground in simulated environments. But it’s space where the  research, operations and weapons are based as it provides the best venue for Bluebeam and away from prying eyes or an attempted destruction.  But the Chinese government is working on satellite and missiles to reach these targets. Go figure.

Dr. Anita Goel, a Harvard globalist and TEDMED talk circuit mouthpice will head the research. She was involved with the beta-test on the eBola release in Africa and has awards and ties to the DoD, Darpa, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR); the US Department of Energy (DOE) the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Stanford Bioweapons consortium. There is no doubt here that the convergence of Physics, Nanotechnology and biological sciences, the ultimate transformation is death or such severe human changes that death looks good.  What the vortex has shown us is that good and evil are parallel sines that can be completed by the third angle and this angle is the ultimate synthesis of the problem and solution that is unrevealed.


According to whistleblower Corey Goode, who claims to have worked with one of the top government-ET space program alliances, a rival space program shot down the SpaceX rocket to prevent a space-based laser weapon, built and secretly incorporated into Facebook’s Amos-6 satellite, from being launched into space, Exopolitics reports.

So I have wondered about the 2016 Space X failure. When the MSM fake News comes out with this kind of crap I have to wonder why? I think I would suggest one of two scenarios.

Did China lose a spy satellite in a SpaceX-style launch failure?

Did China plant explosives knowing the cargo? Did the powers that be at NASA know the satellite was for counter attack purposes or surveillance?

Breaking: China Enraged After Obama Orders SpaceX Rocket Destroyed On Launch, Here’s Reason WHY!

This is more like it.

Federal Investigators Spot Flaws in SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets

The Government Accountability Office identified persistent cracking in turbofans that pump fuel to the rocket engines

The GAO? Please….the NTSB has more credibility. We can watch the launch on February 14th and wonder, and in my case hope this ones finds a similar fate. Nothing like deadly biologicals as a Valentine.  What we know is that they never wadte an opportunity and always benefit in multiple ways when these events are staged.  I’m certain the UFO and photos are photochopped. I can do better work than those. But I suspect the Fake News NWO folks love to push the coming Bluebeam event.  All signs are pointing to this.

My reasoning is research but even more simply, after a Trump Presidency we can no longer go any lower except for Hillary or even El Chapo who still runs in second place behind Hillary in murders.  But the NASA, NAVY and Science TechnoRats have killed more than all of them combined.  I expect their numbers will increase dramatically once this agenda is completed and on the launch pad.  I’d still like to know why Russia NASA cooperation is not on the sanctions table. I kid of course because I know it’s a  hollywood production and the whole of the fiction is just a diversion from the Global takeover by the real terrorists ISS.


Posted by: jerseyg | February 5, 2017

Just gonna leave this right here….

It’s as if this girl reads my mind.  She always says what I’ve been thinking.. and yes… saying.


Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 5, 2017

STOP THIS MASS POISONING NOW! And, the Other Obvious Criminal Ops

IF Mr. Trump is legitimate, he will SHUT DOWN the Mass (Worldwide) ongoing Chemtrailing over this nation and its U.S. Territories.  THIS is an OBVIOUS “operation” of anti-human, anti-freedom Conspirators.  At times, in the photos below, I could see a minimum of 5 jets chemtrailing at the same time.  This is a daily Blitzkrieg upon the American People, our Nation, and our environment in plain sight!  That these mass death operations are occurring in the skies over the USA daily, reveals a staggering amount of money is funding this criminal operation.  Stop the OP NOW, and we will believe you, Mr. Trump are watching out for our interests.  For our children, for our environment.

“Chemtrail Cough” Is Sweeping the Nation — Death by Respiratory Disease Has Skyrocketed

Saturday, February 4, 2017 21:48

 “Have you noticed that everyone around you is congested and coughing? I am calling this new syndrome “chemtrail cough.” My wife is coughing, I am coughing and now even our dogs are coughing. In just four years death by respiratory disease has skyrocketed from 8th in the world to 3rd and possibly even 2nd.

If someone in congress receives a letter with a little bit of white powder in it, the capitol is evacuated and the media freaks out and starts screaming “terrorists.” However, right over their heads, hundreds of tons of nano aluminum and barium are being sprayed on them daily and yet nobody seems to care.

(READ the ARTICLE at the LINK below)

1-25-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build Out Pic1:


1-25-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build Out Pic2:


1-25-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build Out Pic3:


1-30-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build Out Pic1:


2-04-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build Out Pic1:


2-04-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build out Pic2:


2-04-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build out Pic3:


2-04-2017 Upstate SC Chemtrail Build out Pic4:



To be considered a humane and legitimate “President” in the eyes of all the People, the following blatant and obvious Criminal Conspiracies require formal recognition, and must be DEALT WITH.  Allowing OBVIOUS Crimes-Against-Humanity to continue reveals your allegiances.  What will you do?  WE are WATCHING, and SUFFERING under these criminal operations and their fallout:

  • STOP GMO at every level, break up the Corporations like Monsanto, and hold their corporate officers accountable for their criminal death dealing mutant products.
  • STOP BIG PHARMA, break it up, stop their gouging of U.S. citizens, bring prices into alignment with other countries.  GET REAL about all of the corruption endemic within this huge industy that is NOT health-related, but seeks to profit in perpetuity by keeping people sick, killing them with their “remedies” procedures, vaccines, etc., and impoverishing families on a massive scale.
  • STOP the FEDERAL RESERVE and their gross Counterfeiting Operation which enslaves ALL those using this criminal banker “script”.
  • INVESTIGATE 9/11 thoroughly and honestly, and hold every individual and MIC company accountable who played a part, and/or profited off of this False Flag against our Nation, our People, and in fact the world.  Illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, and the ME countries must be acknowledged, and the Criminals behind them arrested and held accountable.



Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 4, 2017

Waiting for the Red Dawn Ратник

It’s here!


Conciliating the World to Order 3-3 Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 3, 2010

What can we expect for UN Peacekeepers (NWO mercenaries) A simple designed killing machine. Simple in the water that will fill the suit. Designed for IQ challenged killers, this technology is in the books and production.

From Head to toe:

Fully functioning Headgear with Carbon-Kevlar – titanium buckyball casing to include motor/sensory transmitter and receiving with instant directional command processing. No thinking required. Virtual reality hologram lenses with data readouts, GPS system provide for enemy positional tracking from drone and satellite systems. Outfitted with camera for exterior C-COM video recording.

Electrical, data and drug delivery included in the connector from Helmet to skull. Pharmacological super adrenaline, Resveratrol and steroidal compounds administered by C-COMMAND Center based upon situational requirements. Super endurance with PCP type reactions provide for mission success.

Voice activated command for platoon leaders to administer commands, programs, operational decisions as well as drone and troop movement. Audio translation for foreign language and coded data in real-time terabyte speed.

Bio-receptor identify immediate chemical or pathological bacterial weapons and substances. This is protection from the biological weapons they will be using. On you!

The carbon nano-tech multi weave forested body suit contains compounds for conductivity, pathogen protection, Kevlar strength protection from explosion or armour-piercing munitions. Substances include cobalt, carbon, titanium, fluidic armour with multi weave gold, copper yarn weave in cotton undergarment layered strata and polymer based pathogenic protective layer with sterile dressing. Full Faraday mesh protection from EM assault.

Voice activated signatured trigger XM-25 multi purpose laser guided rounds.  The soldier can set exactly where the 25-millimeter bullet will detonate by adding or subtracting 3 meters from that point. Then, the scope will send a radio signal to a chip inside the bullet telling it how far it should travel before exploding. Each bullet has a small magnetic transducer that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, generating a tiny alternating current every time it spins as it speeds toward the target. [Range: 3000′ – 1 kilometer]

Data command wrist module will enable a soldier to command air to ground drone attack, surveillance and GPS recon operations. It will also provide a  full systems, body suit and weapons check while maintaining contact with C-COM on all troop vital statistics and movement.

Smart Pad technology provides electrical and fluidic assistance in strength and endurance. With approx: 50 lbs additional weight the constant monitoring of stress and fatigue levels are adjusted with dopamine, lactic and corticosteroid infusions. Injuries are recorded and smart fibers apply immediate compression to injured area and smart pad technology compensates for mobility restrictions due to fatigue or damage to personnel.

RatNik Terminators

All Russian Land Force Soldiers to Become “Terminators” by 2020

By 2020 almost every Russian land force serviceman will be equipped with the Ratnik uniform kit. – read more

All Russian Marines Outfitted With Ratnik ‘Soldier of the Future’ Combat Gear

The first batch of Ratniks was shipped to the Armed Forces in 2015 following a series of field tests, with up to 70,000 kits expected to be supplied each year.

This ought to fit in well with the new Trump economy and foreign policy. I bet Gen. Mattis has some designs as well.  Conciliating the World to Order is a soft kill, slow moving process. Except for the technology which puts us useless eaters at the bottom of the totem pole.  I thought my body armor was cool. I sold it yesterday.

Posted by: volaar | February 2, 2017

Crossing the Borderland


By Volaar

Clarity is important in life. We need to know what we are doing, how it impacts the world around us and whether we wish to be a party to the consequences of our collective actions.

On a clear day a coyote inserted himself into a community far into the south of Mexico. He drove a nice car, wore jewelry and loved to explain to the local ranchito owners how much better their life would be if they worked a kush job picking oranges in Florida.  The price would be fair and he would hold their property in exchange so no cash would need to change hands.  Simple.  They could pay him back for his trouble from all the money they would make in Florida picking oranges, much more than they could ever hope to make sowing subsistence crops for the rest of their whole lives here on their ranchito.  Read More…

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 2, 2017


A riveting new book tells his disturbing story.

Masked by innocuous language like “pro-choice” and “reproductive care,” and protected by a media conspiracy of silence, the grim reality of abortion rarely surfaces in our cultural awareness, as it did with the recent undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s moral vacuum. But a new book about the chilling crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, America’s most prolific serial killer, highlights that ugly reality in an even more horrifying but compelling fashion.  read more

Why did the New York Times Omit ‘Gosnell’ from Best-Seller List?

This was all without any mainstream media attention—no reviews, no features, no author interviews.Gosnell’s meteoric success, and the New York Times’ denial of such success, is proof that the mainstream media has lost touch with the values of the American people—yet another extension of the “Trump Effect.” It is the media’s duty to report the facts, the whole truth…not merely the facts that align with their own biased agenda.

Suppression is the greatest form of fake news.


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