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Hey! We made it! Means I don’t win the pool.

 EndworldPool  When’s CERN kicking in? Can I buy back in?

What do you plan on doing in the last few days on Earth? I’m going too do what most others seem to be hell-bent on doing, act as if we really don’t get sucked into a black-hole, or unleash hell in one form or the other. But just in case it turns out that this might be one of the last transmissions coming from this planet, let it be known that it has been one of the privileges of an otherwise wasted, eventful, wicked, sad, wonderful and pathetic life to have crossed paths with those I have. Especially those of this rag-tag of discontented misfits known a COTO.

Here’s praying that we’ll all be back on the 24th.

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I got this feeling………

….the feeling that we have arrived at the end of the world.

It’s not just a feeling but more like the insomniac’s waking dream in a hallucination of a completely flipped reality.  When you can’t sleep, it’s a possibility you will hallucinate, but I am guessing it is real. As Jade Helm ended “officially” so did my sleep. For three days I am unable to find unconsciousness for more than a hour or so. It is something that I have experienced before and I have the decade old Ambien prescription in the medicine cabinet to prove it.

After the debate I realized that there are likely millions of people, Americans and worldly folks who are feeling the same thing.  The conversation of the candidates, which by the way, MSM has referred to as “the cast” and “players” on multiple occasions has admitted to the “bad actors” of the geopolitical realms and has offered “plots” to convince only an audience of what they think are the necessary attributes required to take us into the next 8 year cycle in the vortex of time and space. Unfortunately I have seen no matter, no substance of anything appearing legitimate or touchable since the time before the Jade Helm’s end.

What we were to have had was a magnetic storm peak and a changing of polarity from pole to pole during the 11-year solar cycle.  But something weird is happening. I think we have to look beyond the cosmic CMEs and focus on the terrestrial.  Have we reached our minimum? I think so.  I believe we have literally hit the bottom and are in a bounce. This may be due to the departing solar max to minimum and the perfect time for the departure of the Exo-savior from parts unknown to the destination of perfect landing here on Terra firma.

With the arrival of the trumpet Bergoglio to the Triumvirate, we may be seeing the formality of this newcomer.  It is certainly ridiculous to see any candidate as a real possibility of such a figure to take us into the next phase of transformation.  Even El Trumpo couldn’t really pull it off and I suspect it has to be a eunuch or female or possibly both.  Hillary can’t pull that off either unless we are to receive a HAARPING of unknown frequency and a chemtrailing unlike ever spewed across the unfriendly skies.  For some strange reason I keep feeling that the darkest part of this  agenda will be that we actually miss it.

Not that there is going to be a pre-press release regarding the trip but instead a series of subtle clues and innocuous cues and some form of latent subliminal triggers that will happen making us oblivious to the real terror arriving and instead keeping us in the Truman show for 2016.  I am still banking on no election, more than ever, based upon the caliber or lack of firepower of the castaways we are currently surviving.  I just cannot believe we are to flip for Bernie or gamble on a Trump card who seems to be bent on destroying what was left of the GOP.  The money has been redistributed, the monopoly game is down to few more rolls of the dice and the Demonicratics are best to usher in the new world considering the world is bankrupt.

It’s not in the cards for a new Reagan era or revived economic resuscitation.  ‎Trickle-down economics is the welfare faucet about to be shut off. Then the pain begins and then the arrival happens.  He/She should arrive with a holographic codex likely transcribed from the Vatican and with the blessings of all the Joo-joo-bees who have paid their way into the new world authorship or the historical sacrifices they orchestrated which brought the masses to the shores of change on the ship called hope.

Pumped, primed and provacateured into poverty, we are all but programmed for some great movement by the committee in charge. This is the thing that we cannot sleepwalk through. Sometime soon we will miss the most important clue or cue that will announce a change much larger than GW Bush announcing Obama as Bilderberg’s choice as a park in Botswana, the real moment I knew the Gods Must Be Crazy but like a fox.  If we could see the future I think we would be looking harder right now.

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9/11 Truth Reveals the Real Conspiracy. How Many Must Die for the Lies?

Where there’s smoke, fire, and money — there is a Conspiracy.

9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You

9/11 INTERCEPTED – Brought to you by Pilots For 9/11 Truth

Christopher Bollyn — “Solving 9/11 Ends the War”

While you’re at the above site, check out the titles of the other videos along the right side of your screen, for MORE revealing videos on the TRUTH of 9/11 — hidden by the real jackals involved in the Crime-of-the-Century against All humanity.

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Calling Daddy – the Global Warming Expert

Thank God she didn’t go on the other side of my cart and see the Planned Parenthood print. I might have had to call an ambulance.


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Lightening strikes Mecca? They heard HAARPS.



184 = 3
87 = 6 (=9)
811 = 9

Was this an active 911 HAARP event? I suspect it was. Too odd to be believed as anything else other than a Building 7 scenario. Something to start the September and October Illuminati season. We have so much religious activity from Schmita to the Hajj to the Jesuit Mass, one can only guess where the action will happen. I suspect the Levant and US Crescent. We will see.

The construction work was being led by the construction giant Saudi Binladin Group, but it is not yet known which company the crane belonged to.

From RT

At least 87 people have died after a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque of Mecca on Friday, Saudi authorities say.

According to Saudi Interior Ministry, at least 184 more people were injured in the incident.

The tragedy comes ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage which is due later this month. Millions of Muslims from around the world will converge on the holy city between September 21-26.

Local media reports suggested that the accident occurred due to heavy rains the Kingdom. The governor of the Makkah region, the capital of which is Mecca, Prince Khalid al-Faisal has ordered the launch of an investigation into the causes of the accident.

Photos taken from the scene and posted on social media show bodies lying in blood on the mosque’s floor surrounded by construction rubble and metal parts of the crane.

The project to expand the mosque was launched in 2011 by late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Earlier in 2015, King Salman bin Abdulaziz added five construction projects as part of the mosque’s expansion aiming to accommodate more than 1.6 million worshippers.

The projects cover 1.47 million square meters and include the construction of 78 new gates at ground level, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. The project and is being carried out by the Saudi Binladin Group at an estimated cost of US$26.6 billion, according to local press.

The Grand Mosque, or Sacred Mosque, surrounds the Kaaba – the most sacred site in Islam. The cuboid structure made of granite located in the mosque’s center is often called the House of Allah.

The Kaaba is the place of the Hajj – the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, which is one of the five Pillars of Islam. It is mandatory of all Muslims physically and financially capable to carry out the journey at least once in a lifetime. The period of Hajj in Mecca is considered to be one of the largest gatherings of people in the world.

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Flying Economy: The Eagle Has Landed

The Refugee Crisis Hoax and the Real Agenda for War

I have to post one of the best and most succinct rants of truth I have ever heard. From August 29, 2013 Ken O’Keefe, the ex-marine and expatriated American. It is appropriate as to the coming (D-Day) for a new war.  It is one I have played over and over when I get to feeling really bad. This is as good as it gets. What we see now with Putin ,Syria, Obama, Iran and Israel, the staged and ordered refugee migration is a hoax of the extreme order. It is a shift to war and merely troop movements. This is the real JADE HELM where the war is all created by the people with the NATO Gladio CIA as “masters of the domain”

There is no doubt that war is coming. The MIGRATION is a al CIAda and ISIS (Gladio) migration of I$I$ bankrolled mercenaries filtering through Europe. Make no mistake and blow off the MSM staged video, the facts are 70% of the refugees are males and they are coming to destabilize and crash the economies of the EU and US as well as battle in the streets to create the chaos necessary for Obama and the EU puppets to get the war they want.  Obama and Iran are working closely with the Joo-joo-bees and financiers for the combo of the war and economic shift.

Once the I$I$ Gladio are out of the region NATO will be responsible for the false flag and Puppet Putin will run the opposition for the battle in the Levant.  I expect as Obama brings in 40,000 or more of these rebels  into this country under the SPECIAL and EXTRAORDINARY circumstances we will get our false flag sometime in September of before years end.  What comes over the borders from Canada and Mexico will be less deadly than the scum of scum from the Gladio operatives who have trained under the CIA and NATO-OTAN since they were babies. This training was happening when Clinton was in office and these boys have grown up mean. They come from points all over the map. Libya, Yemen , Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan included while the real Syrians are in Turkey, Lebanon and they are now coming to the EU. They are the rebels, disenfranchised, yes and will like a virus they will create the same thing they did in Syria. But make no mistake those who remain in Syria are the Gladio I$I$ “stay behinds”  and funded and armed by the West, US EU, Israel and Saudi and Arab Emirates choice to kill swaths of religious peoples. Once this begins the flying economy will begin with the help of BRICS and Drones.

Get ready COTO, it’s going to be a bloodbath of universal proportions and no theatre from NATO will be out of the loop. I$I$ is Gladio, the bankers and NATO-UN in sync for the final and third war to create the third world, a new world…a new world order. This will make Bush-Cheney’s Iraq look like a bar brawl.

War Hawks are Vultures

The Eagle Has Landed

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The New World and Order of Hospitallers


Fox Lake Illinois Shooting of Police Officer is a Ridiculous Arch-Zionist Fake – NODISNFO.COM

Jade Helm Coordinates 42°24′15″N 88°11′00″W (666-811)

Fox Lake = 666 & 811 =  Hoax

Fox Lake officer to be laid to rest in Antioch, Illinois – CNN

Authorities have disclosed few details about the case

Antioch, the cradle of Christianity: The fall and siege of Antioch – Sacrifice to Syria fall, Siege of the Levant and the TPP trade negotiations.


THE CRUSADES: The Jesuit child slavery trade:

BERGOGLIO the BUTCHER: Ninth Circle Sacrifice (posted 2014)

Knights Templar: France, England, Aragon, Portugal, Poitou, Apulia, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Antioch, Turkey, Anjou, Hungary, and Croatia

Syrian, Aylan Kurdi, 3, – Antioch Turkey

Knights Hospitaller – Bodrum Turkey

Aylan Kurdi : Age 3

Pope Francis will visit 3 Cities, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia during September visit to U.S.

Time to get the global authority in Sync with the eugenics of the brave new world. Watch the Cultists from the UN, Vatican and Soetoro team get their ducks in a row for TPP, Climate Gate and Depopulation.  The Club of Rome, Knights of Malta and the Project Bluebeam team are ramping up for the crisis followed by the ushered buy-sell-trade mandate in the ultimate “Survivor” game. Bergoglio, the butcher, will as usual only select certain cuts as he dices up the US in divide and conquer. Expect a major event in the US Crescent and the ME Levant.

Rhodes to the Transformation

Upon the order of the Black Pope – The Migration begins

The US trip marks the coming of the Hospitallers to our shores.

Antioch Triad

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The European Spring and then came America

The Obvious

Its not about guns, knives, ammo, pressure cookers or fertilizer. It’s about BUY-SELL-TRADE  666 and Full Spectrum Surveillance under Jade Helm.  You can Windows shop and browse but you cannot buy. Not without the grade. The Mark is your grade. If you do not pass, you do not pass go, collect $200.00 and instead you go to Jail.



What the border fence will be about is keeping you in the largest SUPERMAX prison ever imagined by the infidels of I$I$ and committee of One World Order. As we watch Revelations play out coto, it is a good time to ponder the night raids, stealth BRICS and Drones and how your name is classified under the Great GiG in the sky.

The event for ISIS US, our American Spring should occur before September. It should assist in diffusing Clinton-gate,  Jade Helm psyop. The best move by the globalists would be to stage a real assault on a Military Base and make the Martial Law scenario much more palatable to the sheeple.



So let us review the Ukraine event and the Khazars running that operation (Globalist I$I$ funded) and see the Spring. EUROMAIDAN

Now jump to Syria and see the Arab convert to Ukraine and the movements of McCains I$I$ project and what is currently happening in the specifically targeted, Greek, German, Italians, Turkey, Hungary, France, the Czech’s and on and on…

Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Myanmar, Somalia and Ukraine and others handling the EU project transformation but we can look at the huge migration of Mexico, Honduras, Salvadore Guatamala with the same globalist funded rebel (mercenaries) from El Salvadore, Colombia, Peru and now wherever they can get the men from these countries to Join “I$I$ West”

It is I$I$ global and it’s IS east and IS west that make up this International Spring. But what’s really happening.


In this post I identified the Club of Rome which is the core of the Joo-joo-bee Khazar Zionist money managers for One World Order and their objectives.

Fiscal eBola is a Beta test for the mechanisms of Change / Transformation to the system of Agenda 21. It combines the Foundations, UN, Corporate, Banking, NGO and current international governments into an International Level Exercise of the One World Singularity or Solidarity if you prefer.  It explains why Obama is relatively missing in action.   This is a transition from sovereignty to global control and the ebola event  is based upon this transition which requires induction of the Third World to the Second World and the decline of First World to Second World status.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, the dialectic was termed as transition by collapse by design in prophetic disclosures in World Problematique’ and ‘World Resolutique.’


Operation Gladio – Arab Spring – Armed Rebels – State Sponsored Terrorist

All the pieces are coming together. The EU refugee crisis will be the US crisis. Adding to the dialectic and TRIAD is the Corporate takeover of all resources and continued oppression and terror until the committee can move in.  NEED WARRANT OPPORTUNITY (Never waste one) is perfectly suited for this agenda.  While the refugee crisis and coming American Event, soon to explode, comes, the redistribution of wealth  will soon begin flowing to the top, while the EU and US become second world and thereafter third world countries.

Also the Border fence gates will be one way. In only.

I believe that the HAARP SCALAR SIHF EMP attack on Haiti was the first step in the transformation of the Island to a UN troop base for martial law. Chinese troops are moving to Haiti under cover and they are already amassing in South American locations in UN support missions of good intentions of course.

This will be the largest migration since the European Dutch English Slave triangle to the colonies. They happen by warfare, climate change, and famine throughout history in all countries and our will be no different.

2010 Transformation

The questions remain what our event will be. I predicted Mexico City for a major event but any major seismic, Flood, Storm or other catastrophic event in the US or Central America zone could unwind the spring.  With Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Haiti and I$I$ movements from EAST to WEST (which have been confirmed by everyone except MSM) this could manifest the exact same program that Ukraine, Syria and Libya did in Fast & Furious.

Obama and Clinton can be assured of skating through any legal entanglements since they are witness and enablers of the agenda to create the world migration and conflicts that have ingeniously shifted not only the human assets en masse strategically to destroy what economies were not on the edge but they have cleared the way to move in on these vacated highly rich resource nations.  It is not by accident this headline has hit the googleplex and airwaves.

Gaza will no longer be “liveable” by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to improve water supply, power, health, and schooling, the United Nations’ most comprehensive report on the Palestinian enclave said on Monday. – Reuters

How much neglected infrastructure here must fail before we get our headline? Why are the rich leaving the US and giving up their citizenship?  As good investors, I’d have to say it’s strictly a poor risk. Why does this seem to escape the sheeple?  How long has it been since you have seen a PR sign announcing a new project in your town. A new road, bridge or water treatment? Not likely. At least not until the UNESCO and ICLEI have migrated the sheeple out of the wildlands and wetlands and into the crumbling slums of Detroit or Baltimore. I am sure once the Palestinians are eradicated, the Zionists will be building mighty fine settlements and state of the art water and energy facilities there.

It’s not hard to look at the world map and push some pins into the regions and see the specific and planned agenda to destabilize, invade, terrorize, false flag, poison and drive the eugenics culling of the herds onto the beaches of Normandy for the same reception in 44. Operation Overlord will bring the financial collapse to it’s conclusion at the same time that humanity are crammed into the Skinner rat model experiment where we will be forced to kill each other in a final episode of survival.

I see this shaping up in Indonesia and we should be hit at the same time. I can only guess it has to be a CLIMATE event. Why? It’s “never wasting an opportunity” to get a NWO in the bargain and a real nifty Global Trade Agreement. (TPP/TTIP)


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Shine – “All the World’s a Stage”

Music and lyircs by Steve Shine….another talented friend.

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Operation Bluebeam: Memory to Money in Mind Control

Image result for Ashley Madison

Alison Parker is Ashley Madison


THE DIVINE FEMININE OF NWO TRANSFORMATION (Funded by the new world Olympians and performed by crisis actors)

Joo-joo-bees in the News

Noel Biderman – Andy Parker

First I want to express how happy I am to see the  sisters :)   , Jersey Girl and Dawnatilla returning to coto at such a timely moment in our time. I need not stress the time as midnight for I have been a rabid prophet of the coming change.  It is not by accident or coincidence that Jersey Girl posted this;

A warning before the day of destruction?

Jersey said we need Ghostbusters, :) I agree but we need codebusters also.

Please note that we do not endorse or agree with the announcement of the Rapture in September shown at the end of this video. It certainly could happen then, yes, but we make no claims to know the date.


Image result for Hollywood Shhh!Image result for Hollywood Shhh!

Image result for Hollywood Shhh!  Image result for Hollywood Shhh!

Image result for Celebrity Shh!

Shhhh! Don’t leak the ending.

JADE HELM 15: Mastering the Human Domain: Operation Bluebeam and Genesys transformation of the universe to a new order, a new taxonomy a new autonomy, a new taxing system.

Illegal Immigration: Human Trafficking: Asset Management: Pornography: planned parenthood: Genocide: Sustainability: Pornography: carbon sequestration: Depopulation: genocide: Pornography: male emasculating: feminine sterilization. LGBT

Image result for Caitlyn Jenner Shhh!

The most hilarious revelation about the Ashley Madison hack yet

This is not hilarious though it is a revelation. Alison Parker like Robbie Parker (Sandy Hook) are the crisis actors of the I$I$ Jade Helm. Forget the code words and look at the motion of these sequences.  I implore everyone to see this graphic as the map to our final destination on this plane and 3D realm.


Know the codewords: Feminism, Black Lives Matter, I$I$, Jade Helm 15, War on Women, Agenda 21, Climate Change, Carbon Economy, Sustainability, Austerity, Quantitative Easing, Obamacare, Transformation, Political Correctness,


Time to refresh yourself on the Propaganda techniques used by the totally focused brainwashing that is all Main Stream Media. You have got to pull out of any and all regardless of things that may ring true as it is designed to place you in one of many boxes where you will find no answers.

Main Stream Media, Propaganda and You
January 12, 2009

Another very sighted bloggers mirror

9 Agendas revolving around Agenda 21 and Gang Stalking = Create 3rd World United States

Please follow any headline, event, staging, psyop or googleplex frequency and place it within one of the six keys to the NWO transformation. If needed you should refresh yourself on the definitions of each of them.  What comes tomorrow or sometime in the very near future will be the new universal treaty. From small arms to large vaccines, one is coming and the other is going.  You can figure it out from there. This is the feminine, a war on women which is a war on all men and conception.  Mnemosyne to Moneta , Kali to ISIS, the powers and assaults from the zionists transformers who see themselves as demi-gods and shapers of some psychopathic utopian glory by way of sadistic assaults on our body, mind and soul.

Image result for Mnemosyne

            The Fall of Hyperion – A Dream – John Keats

excerpt –

Then the tall shade, in drooping linens veil’d,
Spoke out, so much more earnest, that her breath
Stirr’d the thin folds of gauze that drooping hung
About a golden censer from her hand
Pendent; and by her voice I knew she shed
Long treasured tears. ‘This temple, sad and lone,
‘Is all spar’d from the thunder of a war
‘Foughten long since by giant hierarchy
‘Against rebellion: this old image here,
‘Whose carved features wrinkled as he fell,
‘Is Saturn’s; I Moneta, left supreme
‘Sole priestess of this desolation.’
I had no words to answer, for my tongue,
Useless, could find about its roofed home
No syllable of a fit majesty
To make rejoinder to Moneta’s mourn.
There was a silence, while the altar’s blaze
Was fainting for sweet food: I look’d thereon,
And on the paved floor, where nigh were piled
Faggots of cinnamon, and many heaps
Of other crisped spice wood then again
I look’d upon the altar, and its horns
Whiten’d with ashes, and its lang’rous flame,
And then upon the offerings again;
And so by turns till sad Moneta cried,
‘The sacrifice is done, but not the less
‘Will I be kind to thee for thy good will.
‘My power, which to me is still a curse,
‘Shall be to thee a wonder; for the scenes
‘Still swooning vivid through my globed brain
‘With an electral changing misery
‘Thou shalt with those dull mortal eyes behold,
‘Free from all pain, if wonder pain thee not.’
As near as an immortal’s sphered words
Could to a mother’s soften, were these last:
And yet I had a terror of her robes,
And chiefly of the veils, that from her brow
Hung pale, and curtain’d her in mysteries
That made my heart too small to hold its blood.
This saw that Goddess, and with sacred hand
Parted the veils. Then saw I a wan face,
Not pin’d by human sorrows, but bright blanch’d
By an immortal sickness which kills not;
It works a constant change, which happy death
Can put no end to; deathwards progressing
To no death was that visage; it had pass’d
The lily and the snow; and beyond these
I must not think now, though I saw that face
But for her eyes I should have fled away.
They held me back, with a benignant light
Soft mitigated by divinest lids
Half closed, and visionless entire they seem’d
Of all external things; they saw me not,
But in blank splendour beam’d like the mild moon,
Who comforts those she sees not, who knows not
What eyes are upward cast. As I had found
A grain of gold upon a mountain side,
And twing’d with avarice strain’d out my eyes
To search its sullen entrails rich with ore,
So at the view of sad Moneta’s brow
I ach’d to see what things the hollow brain
Behind enwombed: what high tragedy
In the dark secret chambers of her skull
Was acting, that could give so dread a stress
To her cold lips, and fill with such a light
Her planetary eyes, and touch her voice
With such a sorrow ‘Shade of Memory!’
Cried I, with act adorant at her feet,
‘By all the gloom hung round thy fallen house,
‘By this last temple, by the golden age,
‘By great Apollo, thy dear Foster Child,
‘And by thyself, forlorn divinity,
‘The pale Omega of a withered race,
‘Let me behold, according as thou saidst,
‘What in thy brain so ferments to and fro!’
No sooner had this conjuration pass’d
My devout lips, than side by side we stood
(Like a stunt bramble by a solemn pine)
Deep in the shady sadness of a vale,
Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn,
Far from the fiery noon and eve’s one star.
Onward I look’d beneath the gloomy boughs,
And saw, what first I thought an image huge,
Like to the image pedestal’d so high
In Saturn’s temple. Then Moneta’s voice
Came brief upon mine ear ‘So Saturn sat
When he had lost his realms ‘ whereon there grew
A power within me of enormous ken
To see as a god sees, and take the depth
Of things as nimbly as the outward eye
Can size and shape pervade. The lofty theme
At those few words hung vast before my mind,
With half unravel’d web. I set myself
Upon an eagle’s watch, that I might see,
And seeing ne’er forget. No stir of life
Was in this shrouded vale, not so much air
As in the zoning of a summer’s day
Robs not one light seed from the feather’d grass,
But where the dead leaf fell there did it rest.
A stream went voiceless by, still deaden’d more
By reason of the fallen divinity
Spreading more shade; the Naiad ‘mid her reeds
Press’d her cold finger closer to her lips.
Along the margin sand large footmarks went
No farther than to where old Saturn’s feet
Had rested, and there slept, how long a sleep!
Degraded, cold, upon the sodden ground
His old right hand lay nerveless, listless, dead,
Unsceptred; and his realmless eyes were clos’d,
While his bow’d head seem’d listening to the Earth,
His ancient mother, for some comfort yet.

Full text

The poem was abandoned before Keats’s death


tags: Vester Flanigan, Bryce Williams, Dylan Roof, Confederate Flag, LGBT Flag, War on Women, ISIS, Feminism, Race Wars, Jade Helm, Project Bluebeam, Master of the Human Domain, Psychological Operations, Social Engineering

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Joe Dashiell, left, Alison Parker, center, and Adam Ward, right, are show in photographs posted on Facebook.


Andy Parker, the father of the WDBJ-TV reporter who was shot and killed during a live broadcast Wednesday morning along with a cameraman, vowed to fight for stricter gun legislation that closes loopholes and ensures background checks. Parker told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly he would make it his “mission in life” to make sure “crazy people don’t get guns.” Former WDBJ reporter Vester Lee Flanagan gunned down Parker’s 24-year-old daughter, Alison Parker, along with cameraman Adam Ward while they were on the air. Andy Parker appeared Wednesday night on The Kelly File along with his daughter’s fiancé, Chris Hurst, who also worked at the station. Andy Parker said after an emotional day, “Anger is starting to creep in.”


WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 13:  U.S. President Barack Obama meets with President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain Mariano Rajoy Brey (not seen) in the Oval Office of the White House on January 13, 2014 in Washington, DC. President Brey is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Barrack Obama in the Oval Office. The two will discussed promoting economic growth and new jobs, support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, cooperation within NATO, Latin America, shared challenges in North Africa and the Middle East, and other topics of mutual interest.  (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)



Barack Obama calls opponents of Iran deal ‘the crazies’

Back from a notably uneventful and restful two-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama was immediately on the road for a short trip here, first to speak at a green energy [3] conference hosted by retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, then to raise money for his preferred successor, former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto….Ruddy from the sun, Obama described himself as “refreshed, renewed, recharged — a little feisty.”

And he delivered, recounting the ride he and Reid had just taken from the conference to the fundraiser in his up-armored presidential limo, where they talked about old times and getting back to Washington to “deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”


green energy – money – memory

In Roman mythology, Moneta (Latin Monēta) was a title given to two separate goddesses: the goddess of memory (identified with the Greek goddess Mnemosyne) and an epithet of Juno, called Juno Moneta (Latin Iūno Monēta). The latter’s name is source of numerous words in English and the Romance languages, including the word “money“.

Juno Moneta, an epithet of Juno, was the protectress of funds. As such, money in ancient Rome was coined in her temple. The word “moneta” is where we get the words “money”, or “monetize”, used by writers such as Ovid, Martial,Juvenal, and Cicero. In several modern languages including Russian and Italian, moneta (Spanish moneda) is the word for “coin”.

As with the goddess Moneta, Juno Moneta’s name is derived either from the Latin monēre, since, as protectress of funds, she “warned” of instability or more likely from the Greek “moneres” meaning “alone, unique”.


Moneta Virginia? What about Bob?

Moneta, VA was popularized as the filming location for scenes in the movie What About Bob?.

What About Bob film.jpgDSM-5 Cover.png

It’s time to get on board COTO. These hoaxes, stagings, and mk-ultra events are for us. The crazies are in charge. A sacrificial lamb for the muses of committee. The nine rules the roost. We are watching an actual event take place in geopolitical and geodesic global game of cards played by Illuminati numerology. Not often I see one so transparent. This tells me the time is near.

Once again I repeat the credo of committee in a TRIAD dialectic process. “Never waste an opportunity”, never deviate from the goal and always make it profitable. Barry Soetoro never wastes a movement from his “crazies” (handlers)

The crazies article from the POLITICO prop factory should really indicate the code and otherwise meaningless stringing of words. From Memory to Money, the bullshit only represents code for the crazies and crooks who operate at different levels of this JADE HELM Media reality show. The connections are clear, the numbers are always consistent and the only the names change for the purpose of true Illuminati vortex manipulation.

This specific TRIAD op runs the gamut of the DSM-5 manual, TPP, CarbonGate, the race war-UN transformation, the first and second amendment, Patents, internet and global surveillance and social engineering at it’s worst. But truly, the genius of the monetary and economics side is brilliant.  How they have managed to send the vectors of indices, currencies, commodities, jobs, bankruptcies, defaults and derivatives all flying in the direction that is destroying the working class is indeed impressive. But more incredible is the way they communicate through the code and how they get all the operatives working in sync to spew so much disinfo, diversion, deflection and interference is unbelievable. And then the real crazies start chirping and all the mind-controlled masses start mimicking the crazies like parrots.

Look at Barry’s and Harry’s last moves before they retire to Dubai. Right now Bankruptcies are up 80% this year with the energy markets leading the way. Coal, Crude and Shale leading the way. Manufacturing and orders falling like a rock. Market VIX peaking, while commodities sink and yet the dollar is so strong exports are dying in global trade.  What happens in September will only be confirmed by me, thanks to the vortex and decoding available to the masses who will look beyond the obvious and see the elegance.

It’s too bad sheeple I meet on the street are telling me they are too busy to decode and know their future.  I ask them about the past and they cannot remember.  That is the worst confine of the American penitentiary, when the mind is locked away in the moment of NWO mind-control.  Obama spent two weeks getting recharged, refreshed and a little feisty.  Does anybody think that is a good thing? I’ll bet he spent time getting the future’s report and remembering the past and then he and Reid got their orders.

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The Wednesday Memorandum



A serpent came crawling (but) it destroyed no one

when Woden took nine twigs of glory,(and)

then struck the adder so that it flew into nine (pieces).

There archived apple and poison

that it never would re-enter the house.

Sometime after the 2012 psyop which we experienced as mainly a Mayan Prophetic based end time scenario, we were assaulted by the Disclosure project’s massive arsenal of mind control.  Coming off Fukushima as a stressor, it was timely for the data collection of what I call Bluebrain. We may now want to use the timely “Jade Helm” artichoke segment of Operation Bluebird. Even a birdbrain can see the MK-Ultra of Jade Helm today.

When I first began exposing the GiG in 1990, I was certainly labeled a lunatic and though it cost me friends, I realized that they were only facebook facades before Zuckerberg brought bluebrain and braingate into the social media realm of 811.  Now the friends have come back and though I get the requests from facadebook and other NETworks after dark. Oh well, the jury has returned and it did not take Snowjobs from the ‘Little Blue Flowers’ to confirm what I already knew. But I had an advantage. An education provided through the newsletter no different from Mel Gibson’s “CT” variety. I just did not know if I were one of nine or nine hundred that may have been on the mailing list.

Was E.V.A.N. really Serge Monast or one of his disciples?  Obvious to me back then was that I had stumbled upon this like finding a blowing dollar in the leaves as a child.  The chance of me deciding to pay for a newsletter ad from an underground newspaper was not by accident, but by a wish of a child to know. We are children all our lives and it’s the curiosity that keeps us children. We will never know the truth while under the dome of the GiG and gatekeepers of the committee of nine. And nine is the sum of all numbers.

Had I not lost (by design) these letters, I would love to have posted them for COTO. My failing memory has misplaced many people, places and things contained in the letters but not the overall theme of bluebeam and the techno-reality of the transformation that we are skating towards on the ice of the Niflheim.  What Evan dictated in these writings was the core of Genesys Six and what the blue projects would entail. These would include the burgeoning intranets, networks and electromagnetic visual audio network. With the monumental monoliths of IBM, the Delphi Oracle and Sun Systems in tow, TPTB have proved out that the Trilateral Commission was joining the Mind, Body and World into a single system running independent of human domains. One in the darkly of deepest depths and without the full preview of any single human soul.


It is the joining of the three worlds, six domains and nine variables or maybe nine tolerances. In any engineering process whether mechanical, electrical or civil, whether bio, material or molecular or civil, social or EVAN, the tolerances must be recorded, the stressors determined and data, mined. Since 2012, it does seem to indicate a rapid increase in the stress in our human domain has occurred. It is only from this observer that this claim is made.  What Jade Helm 15 may be all about is the human civility thresholds and tolerances that will eventually play a major role in the new world reality of all domains for the children of (wo)men.

We have had a series of highly profiled stressors foisted upon our heads in recent years since Obamascare and the Masters of the Domain in the Network beta programs. From Black lives Treyvon to Planned Parenthoodies to VA, IRS, Immigrationgate and Snowbound NSA full spectrum spying.  Fast & Furious was a call sign for rapid and relentless media operations to stage, direct, apply and gather the intelligence of the events which I believe ultimately will be used in the hoax of the coming bluebeam event.


The eyes are the window to the soul? Possibly, but I would suggest they are the portals to the visual cortex and hippocampus. Beware this type of transcendence. Along with the chemical, biological and electromagnetic stressors, the audio-visual social beta testing may be the most fully misunderstood and detrimental to the human soul.  What appears to be a healthy human may be a fabrication of the dexter to the sinister based upon the POV. What the right may seem as correct is truly the left. We can see this in everything from the yin yang to the paradigm of Washington DC.

It may be time to start decoding the true purpose of these events that will come. We may be living on Wednesday but dead on Saturday coming and it’s Wednesday (Mercury) the messengers and Saturday (Saturn) when we die. What we glean from the vortex of the committee’s management the Helm of the Blueish hues of Jade 15 may be critical for our real destination or escape from this virtual imprisonment.  The eyes and ears are suspect. Smell and taste may be as well.  It is internally in our minds that we are receiving and transmitting. Be as wise as the serpent, kill no man, but shake the sticks and clear the house of the snakes for they crawl through our eyes, through our blood and into our thoughts in search of our souls.




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“Who Owns the Land?” Humanity Grossly Deceived on this Point.

Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!

Vitashoka — Guest Writer,

Article sourced from:

For PART 2 of this accounting go to —The History of our Enslavement/ Understand the History & Movements of “The Vatican” prior to watching and understanding the Pope and his upcoming historical visit to the U.S. of ?, and address to Congress (via the U.N. & “Global Warming” Agenda);

The refugee crisis has reached epic proportion as millions of uprooted, displaced humans, fleeing their homelands either due to economic, political or war-related causes; without homes, jobs, or access to food, medicine or education which is the birthright of all human beings. These same vulnerable people are also falling victim to thriving human smuggling and trafficking rings…the new slavery.

While the EU blathers over camps, quotas, repatriation (a death sentence for some) and the farcical military options of blowing up boats and “smashing” the trafficking rings (as if that would make the problem go away), none of them have offered any satisfactory and humane solutions.

Nor will they do so, for until serious discussions include topics such as paying reparations to the countries they have destroyed, taking responsibility for failed neo-colonial projects, stopping the endless imperialist wars, or radically reviewing the policies of land use and wealth redistribution, the pitifully inadequate “band aid” solutions, slapped over the gaping wounds of the world will simply refuse to adhere.

While discussing the fate of these unfortunate people (which tomorrow could be any of us), the words “overcrowding’, ‘overpopulation’, ‘scarcity” are the frequently used mantras, tossed around by politicians, such as David Cameron, among others, who fear a backlash from their angry citizens. The people are weary;  forced into the “multicultural” experiment, angry at involvement in unpopular wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya, and struggling to pay off bank loans and mortgages that can double the cost of their already overpriced housing, among many other concerns.

So, are the words “scarcity” “overcrowding” and “overpopulation”  the real issues, or are we missing the point here? And are these (now loaded) words being used to goad us into accepting a heinous plan to ” reduce the population” in order to “save the planet?” Possibly the following, sometimes surprising, information will help to bust open the myth of ” Scarcity”

Here are some facts about land use in the UK. (Much of this may apply, with local variations to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and NZ).

  • 90% of British people live in urban areas. That accounts for 3 million out of 60 million acres. The remaining 57 million acres?
  • Regarding the question of ownership it is necessary to understand that ALL land in the UK legally belongs to “The Crown”. One might assume that this refers to the ruling monarchy. It doesn’t.
  • “The Crown” is a private corporation owned by a small group of the world’s wealthiest people, directed by a committee of 12 men, from “The City” approximately 1 square mile at the heart of London.
  • “The City” is an Independent State. It is NOT part of England, London or the UK at all. It has its own flag, laws, courts and police. It pays NO taxes. It is a sovereign state.
  • It is the financial power centre of the world, dominated by the Rothschild (Zionist) controlled Bank of England, which is the centre of the worlds fraudulent debt based monetary system.  “The City” includes the London Stock Exchange, ALL British Banks, 385 foreign bank branches and 70 US banks.
  • “The City” also houses all major media and publishing monopolies
  • “The City” is the Headquarters of World Freemasonry
  • The Rothschild zionist banking cartel maintains control of the Global monetary system through BIS, Bank of International Settlements, IMF and World Bank, as well as the Federal Reserve in the American colony, (yes, it still is).
  • They determine values of all currencies, and control world affairs, including the manufacture and supply of weapons, arming both sides of a conflict, supplies of food, medicine and raw materials, as well as social engineering projects, wars, regime changes, population control (via)mass vaccination, geoengineering climate change etc.
  • Since the Crown owns ALL land in Britain, according to their legal fiction, ALL British citizens are tenants on the land. Property may be purchased leasehold (limited duration) or freehold (unlimited duration), but BOTH of these terms are legal doublespeak (according to medieval feudal laws that they have enacted upon us) denoting tenure NOT ownership.
  • These laws were established in 1066 to enforce a feudal system to uphold The Crown superiority and ultimate rights of ownership. Citizens (“serfs”) may hold the title of a deed, but according to their legal fiction, this denotes a lease, not ownership.
  • The size and price of housing is based on the myth of “scarcity” maintained by relentless propaganda to inflate prices by those who stand to reap massive profits (and ensure that many people spend their lives struggling to repay debt incurred by mortgages and bank loans with their hard earned wealth).

But back to the 57 million square acres of land – the agricultural plot – “unaccounted for”.

Enter,  Strange Fact 1 Land registries should record the names of those who own titles or deeds to the land but they do not. The information has been deliberately concealed.

Strange fact 2: A doomsday book that actually records land holding with names and acreage, has (been) disappeared.

In 1873, the publication of this book revealed that 4% of the population owned deeds to the total land mass of the UK. The 4% consist of  the descendants of the aristocratic ruling elite, the feudal landowners variously titled Barons, Dukes, Earls, Viscounts  and Lords, while 96% of the population owned nothing at all.

Some shifts have taken place until the present time, with over 50% of the population now owning titles to something, mostly their own dwelling, but almost entirely within the urban 3 million acres.

Until today, the identity of those holding titles to 40 – 50% of the remaining rural land remains unknown.

Some of these great landowners hold private estates of up to a quarter of a million acres, way beyond all possible needs of one family, some of which they may rent, or lease for farming or property development, and some of which will be kept for their own recreational purposes, hunting, fishing and the like. (Just for the sake of visualization and comparison , an  acre being just over half the size of a football pitch, a quarter of a million acres is enough land to theoretically house a minimum of quarter of a  million people very comfortably…putting paid to the myth of land scarcity).

They do not pay any taxes on these lands.

Land- related taxes paid by the 96% urban dwellers (originally intended to subsidize poor farmers) have now become a yearly handout to the rich landowners(!)

The British Government has so far refused to release the subsidy figures.

The Scottish government revealed that the 50 richest landowners received an average of 3 million pounds sterling each (from the pockets of the people) over 10 years.

Whether known, fully or partially understood or not, The establishment of the legalised fiction of Ownership of all land by the Crown corporation indicates that the feudal system of landowners and landless peasants (serfs or slaves) is still in operation, which in turn, enables the usury- based monetary system to operate successfully (for them).

To exit the matrix, it is necessary to understand it, for the power of the Matrrix lies in the fact that most people are completely deceived and deluded by it. Without understanding their cunning, subtle or hidden moves, their power to deceive and subtly shift colours like a chameleon, means that the unaware will easily fall into the trap again and again.

It gets worse. The CITY is part of a Triad.

The City, the Vatican and the District of Columbia in Washington DC are all independent sovereign states operating beyond the jurisdiction of the hosting countries, having their own flags, laws, courts and police.

While Americans are aghast at repeated violations of the US constitution by the US government, it would be wise to remember that legally, the District of Columbia is NOT under the jurisdiction of the US constitution.

Neither the government of the USA or the British Monarchy can act independently of them, rather the monarchy act as agents of the Crown.

Together they constitute one, interlocking empire “The Empire of the City”. The Empire has its own flag, with three stars, symbolizing the three “states”. They control the entire world:

  • Economically, through “The City” of London.
  • Militarily, through Washington D.C.
  • Spiritually through the Vatican. 

They operate in lockstep.

So how does any of this relate to the refugee crisis?

To solve the refugee crisis we must implement the following steps, basically overturning the power of The Empire of the City:

1.  Stop the war machine of the Empire of the City, which is running at full speed destroying sovereign states. Today it is the Middle East. If the warmongers have their way, tomorrow it will be Iran, Russia and China and the refugee problem will be increased not tenfold but a hundredfold.

2. Discussions of camps, quotas or repatriation (which is often impossible) should be considered only the most preliminary and temporary emergency measure. It cannot possibly be considered a viable solution.

3. Start to demand reparations from the NATO  governments for the unspeakable damage done to countries like Iraq or Libya, both thriving states that have been bombed to ruin in fraudulent wars. If people can rebuild their lives in their homelands, why would they suffer extreme hardship and risk their lives to come to European shores? By reparations I mean compensation for all the damage to property and lives as well as returning the money and assets stripped from those countries, (not  fat rebuilding contracts for the colonizers)

4. To open public discussion at all levels on the wealth redistribution and land rights. No corporation, banker, monarch, political figure, billionaire or aristocratic descendant of a feudal lord can claim the ultimate ownership of the land, which rightfully rests with the one who created it, the Supreme Creator, by whatever name one wishes to apply to that entity. All human beings, by birthright, can claim the right to own a home in accordance with genuine needs from where they can work, individually or in partnership with others to build their lives in a way that does not impinge on the rights of others. Additional land could be made available to those with the ingenuity, vision and capacity to develop it into projects which genuinely benefit the society as well as themselves, while giving due care to the environment.  The era of feudalism, long outdated, is about to be dismantled. The legal fiction permitting the lands of the Middle East to also eventually become “property of the Crown” cannot be allowed to happen.

By contrast:

In the Green Book of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (yes the Gaddafi the West loves to hate)  it states:

The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore is should not be owned by others“.

He believed that no-one should have to pay rent. He promised that all Libyans would be housed before he housed his own parents. He kept his promise, although his own father died before he was able to house him. Moreover, to encourage food self-sufficiency, the government provided farm land, a tractor, seedlings and livestock free of charge to anyone who wanted to start a farming business.

The land is no-ones private property. Rather, everyone has the right to exploit it……but within the limits of fulfilling their needs”

The Green Book

Social preceptor P.R. Sarkar highlights the fact that the ultimate ownership of the land is the Supreme Creator, but that all people have rights to access and utilise it for fulfillment of their individual and family needs, as well as for the good of the society. He envisioned that  wise, aware and awakened collective human management would  draw forth its abundance and benevolent potential, for the good of all.

It is up to us to ensure that future generations inherit the abundance of Earth, as a shared resource, and that the false meme of “scarcity”, and “overpopulation” be blown apart as the myths they are. The outdated feudal system of landowners and tenants along with its attendant usury based economy are destined for the dustbin of history, where they belong.


Who owns Britian? Kevin Cahill (Published in The New Statesman)

Who or What is the Crown? John Hardon


Sometimes God, working in His mysterious ways, makes it easy for you. I make no apologies for anything I say. I’m actually surprised I held my composer as well as I did. You see, it was just that morning I watched the latest PP film. I still had that sick acidity feeling in my stomach, and someone stopped by my booth and told me PP was right around the corner.

I looked up at the sky and said; “Thank-you God,” grabbed my camera and took-off after them.

Too have these millennial’s telling me, at 68-years old that I don’t know history, well, I wanted to bitch-slap that Pillsbury-dough-boy into the next parish. Especially when he “told” me too leave. Even if he had asked me nicely I wouldn’t have left, but my response would have been a little more tempered.

I particularly liked dough-boy exposing himself by saying the “millennial’s” couldn’t wait until we all “died-off.” Some times their own words condemn them. Not only will they kill you in the womb, they feel equally as compassionate if you’re old. How fucking humane of them. Death-panels anyone?

I’ll be ready for them next time. Next time I’ll have some people with me, and documentation. They want attention – good! I will make sure they get it. But not in a way they’ll like.

I just want to thank God once again for giving me the opportunity to face the devils minions, and pray He keeps protecting this – what was I called? … lunatic.

Guilty as charged your Honor. I admit it. I have to be nuts, because I’m living in an insane asylum. Everywhere I look I see people doing insane things, or at least not doing anything to stop the insane things, which I can understand, but not forgive. This Idiocracy meets the Third-Reich, meets Alice’s Wonderland on bad-acid world is living proof that there’s crazy people, doing crazy things, all around me. Could it be any worse being actually in an insane asylum?

Ah, God help me … God help all of us. Well, not all of us. You are God, you can forgive these bastards. I’m just your failed servant and a very bad one at that. I don’t have the will to try and change some people, or even the ability to forgive them. You God can do that if you so see fit. But if you would allow me more opportunities to improve, please … I need all the help you could give.

ay they’ll like.

I just want to thank God once again for giving me the opportunity to face the devils minions, and pray He keeps protecting this – what was I called? … lunatic.

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Aφollo 11: Not Aφφlicable

Postcards to COTO

DELPHI – Δελφοί

11 – the Grand Delusion
apollo – 11 NASA = 8
811 – ISIS
NASA(8)-NAVY(8)-NIST(8)=NSA(6)   [3^6 9 complex]
Δελφοί – Delphi [Coordinates: 38°29′N 22°30′E]

Delphi Experiment  – Delphi Method – Dedication to Apollo

“It’s a mutual, joint-stock world, in all meridians. We cannibals must help these Christians.”


Creación de Adán (Miguel Ángel).jpg

Axis mundi


Gardners' Hollow Earth (Public Domain Image)

occulted by or OCCU-Pi

iridology, mucous congestion, iris reading, iris analysis, eye analysis

The Universe is very small


Aug 2010

NOV 2011

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Time to taint the waters

I was not surprised to see the MSM go on the anti-politician Bilderberg planned candidate for the next wave (sine-cosine) of the human domain.  For the next eight year cycle will be the most extensive transformation in the Agenda 21 program. The reality of the two party lock will never be subject to a third.

 As we have seen, change with Obama was everything we could imagine and he was truly the trough for the crest of Agenda 21. After his transform and eight years, the powers that be have created the anti-political, next phase in El Trumpo.  He’s perfect. I never realized how stupid people really are until I heard the Mark Dice man on the street videos. Jay Leno’s as well.  But more important is the truly sickening fawning of the MSMS propagandists and their staged pundit salesmen’s BS on this dirtbag. Yes, dirtbag. Donald Trump is a crud and the perfect anti-human being for taking the last breath of humanity out of the country. Ross Perot said the sucking sound was jobs leaving the country and he was right on target. Trump will create the sucking sound of political correctness and policy out of the country. This includes foreign policy and constitutional protection.

He is the Nazi style candidate. He clears the Joo-joo-bee hurdle, the black barrier, the insider designation and taps the anger frequencies that Obama created by design in the trough. Now El Trumpo is the “in” guy. He’s the anti-pope Francis faker and a Jesuit shill. This is by design as well I believe. El Trumpo creates the MSM version of the Agitprops technique.

I have now carefully followed a dozen MSM and Alternate radio shows. There is no doubt he is the guy for the ‘crest’ of the 811 sine wave for our next eight years.  If we do get to the election which I still see as unlikely, the certainty of Trump and “X” is clear. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear real constitutional radio heads beginning to get sucked into this sound.  Have these idiots not seen enough to know that the COMMITTEE owns the machine. This includes the Industrial – Military – Congressional – Complex.  This was in Eisenhower’s speech,  They just made him take out the congressional part and so it became the MIC when he delivered the speech.  Listening to them talking about his helicopter going down or JFK style take outs is unbelievable.

Donald Trump is a silver spoon. Like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and all the rest of the faux rich, they are insiders propped up and allowed to flourish under the generosity of the real rich. Trump had half a billion dollars to start off his career.  He should be worth fifty to a hundred billion dollars now.  He’s a prick, a cutthroat and an arrogant ass. His business savvy is tin plated compared to the likes of his gold and silver peers. He’s got nothing going except the cosine of a false transmission of anger that resonates well. I admit to the his song and dance as refreshing with a new beat.  I think his lyrics are not well written but when talking to the black, white, women, blue collar men and moderate others, there is no better way to get them on the dance floor than calling politician idiots, government broken and illegals a danger.

That’s a testament to the accomplishments of Bilderberg and their agenda with Barry Soetoro, who fulfilled his duty with ‘Reagan like’ lapdog obedience.  Where Barry was the trough (v) El Trumpo is the crest (^).  The fact is that the troughs and crests are not really reality. The reality is the troughs and crests are undetectable in political theatre. We just hear the waves as they move in perfect pitch. Trump is a perfect pitch right now.  I have talked about the “slinky effect” where  the wave is a back and forth created by up and downs, but we never see the trajectory in terms of the slinky running down the stairs because we only sense the back and forth, troughs and crests.


The Last Pope, the last President, the last puff?

It’s a genius maneuver with hope and change and yet it always winds up at lower and lower expectations and less freedom.  This phenomenon was timed perfectly for transition. El Trumpo is as much a politician as a salesman. Regardless of his family information and his sisters connection with the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate in the circuit courts.

He will provide the Trump Card, wildcard flexibility of a foreign policy idiot, an amnesty proponent post election or a border war JADE HELM terrorist 911 Bush type responder using the NATO-GLADIO ISIS machine.  What we know now about the elite’s market manipulations and intentional gutting of global industrialization via commodities, currencies and Wallstreet gaming should be a alarm clock for El Chapo like corporate takeover of the World Trade Org. and TPP by creating an astronomically over valued dollar and bringing TPP nations to their knees. Whether China will collapse is a sure thing if El Trumpo gets his way.  He would get every illegal and American a min wage job and push China out via TPP passage. Trump likes Hong Kong when they work for him.

Sum ting Wong

We also could get the Joo-joo-bee action desired in Iran, the cold war in high gear and a decider who manged to lose more money that he made by way of his own ineptness and ego. YOUR FIRED!

There will never be a wall on the border just monolith sections for historic markers as we head into the North American Union and Trans Pacific third world existence.  I believe now that El Chapo would make a better president than Trump. He’d do the ISIS beheadings of the right criminals, shift the markets to truly independent free market segments and provide aid to the people who really need it.  We would just have to allow him to kick out the CIA the Bush Clinton cover for the globalist bankers. Joaquin Guzman is a misdemeanor guy compared to the Committee syndicate.

El Trumpo and La Fiorina make up and you have your ticket for the World Terror and the War on Trade for 2016.  I think our only prayer is Putin to start a war or China-Russia to collapse the economy, then wait for the roaches to scurry out of the crevasses and do a ready roundup on their asses. But we still don’t know for sure whether the China-Russian aren’t compromised. What we do know is that a real president is a dead president and it has not happened for some time now. El Trumpo is not a real president but a dollar menu gimmick made to order for a slave economy.


Hungry for the El Trumpo Grande?

“Political reality is a bitterness and ideals a deception.”

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Jeb Jabs the Fear Fork into the Eye of Americans One Too Many Times!

“Jeb Bush: NSA needs broader powers to combat ‘evildoers'”

Hypocrisy Stalks Like a Creeping Shadow

Hypocrisy Stalks Like a Creeping Shadow

© AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt Republican presidential candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks during a town hall meeting on Monday, Aug. 17, 2015, in Columbia, S.C.

Please read this Bush’s comments at the link below.

The hubris and out-of-touch with reality demeanor is astonishing from elites like this corrupt creature.  I would tell him him to “Look in the Mirror!!!” for the “Evil-doers”, or consider your own family and relatives like the Clintons, or Obama.  All humanity has to do to find the Evil-doers is to track who people like this hob-nob with.  Who donates to your campaign?  Who’s in the Carlyle Group, which Saudi’s do you do business with, who covered up your throwing of the election to your brother?

Evidently, there needs to be a new category delineated for real Evil-doers.  The “working” and out-of-work population of the U.S. is not even on the radar Bush Boy!  Who even listens to people like this?  And I use the word “people” mockingly there.

Why look elsewhere for Evil-doers when they’re in the same room as you, Americans ask?

More Powers, More Powers, More Powers is their siren call.  Sounds like extreme paranoia to me.  My typing this logical “questionaire” only echoes the 10’s of millions of Americans’ thoughts as the same questions flash into their minds.

What America needs is sanity and integrity.  And we ain’t seeing it anywhere close to candidates like this.

We’re all outta fear here by this time.  Few be buying anymore.

Resource Reading:

A prescient piece posted by James Kirwan on 8/17/15 — “Silence is Deafening” —

To add some color to the dark landscape, peruse his piece of 8/18/15 — “Bloodmoon Rising” —

Interesting “Slip-up” by Bill Gates on Vaccines —

Ben Carson throws “Individual Rights” into the trash can when it comes to Mandatory Vaccines —

The New America…Hanging At A USAF Base In Arizona — Sourced from


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The A, B, G’s of Depopulation


Patricia provided this link recently and this one I added to twitter today.

Covering the dead doctors and the autism and protein synthesis via added compounds to the vaccines is just one program in the massive arsenal of pogroms in current operation. In 2011 I posted;

The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signals

POPS and Apoptosis
Think of it as your army has mutinied and they don’t know it until they hear the bugle charge.Uncover the radicals who have infiltrated your ranks and turned your army against you. Go after them one by one in a kinetic action to restore peace and harmony in the body.
Killing humanity one cell at a time: It will cover:
Anti-aging science in the books – The mortality decline, (Why we are not living to a hundred and beyond) The link to economic growth plans and agenda 21 sustainability[insert headlines] Obamacare push for climate change legislation via TPPThe connections between HGP, the database [HapMap] Bluebrain, gene patents and money. The Guinea Pig files, their purpose in pathogenesis and OWO transformation

[insert headlines] Planned Parenthood late term full fetus brain intact vs crushed

TRIAD: 1. By creating the virus, mutation, protein/peptide introduction to targeted population [depopulation] 2. Inception [The Cure] before the Kill to the exempted 3. The double cross of delivering real vaccines with additional knock offs ie. sterilization, T-cell peptide introduced antigens and disease basedfree radical

Nagalase on VDBP transportation of vitamin D

The intentional deceptions of: Sun exposure benefits, Gamma rays, EMR replacement, it’s effects biosynthesis, deforestation ozone depletion and the CO2 fraud connected with the deception of chemtrails for twenty years and the nonsense of GW mitigation.  It will also point to sunblocks as another vector for delivering free radicals compounds into the organ systems of your body in a sequential systematic storage of cancer causing agents to be provoked and activated by electrochemical processes. These halogens and Polyhalogenated compounds are everywhere. Cosmetics, lighting, toys, insecticides and in the ground and water supplies from industrial emission, rain and big agri-combine farming.

BASF, Monsanto, DOW, and CHINA

Infant blood testing results from Project Guinea Pig using designed in vitro cell AML fusion and cell transformation studies from selected medical data based women pre and post natal studies

Planned Parenthood – Womens Health

Specific vector  utilization and other vehicles for delivery of gene mutation initiator’s, endocrine disruptors, viral and bacterial contamination and EMR fusion protein inducer’s from moldpersistent organic pollutants -chemtrail delivered / no storage necessary[insert headlines] Chemtrails and Environmetal disasters ( CHINA’s Tianjin port bioweapons, King Gold Mine planned contamination and secret nano=technology release into environment

The financial heist, loopholes of LLC, Ltd corporation and reduced liability to criminal and ethical research, the cost of research burden and the profit skimming

The legal shield, known as the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates.

To understand how this happened, we have to turn the clock back to 1982. That is when four big drug companies (Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, Connaught) blackmailed Congress by threatening to stop selling vaccines in America unless a law was passed giving them complete immunity from prosecution. 21

The connections of these corporations to NGO’s, UN Organizations, foundations, university grants, education system and media gatekeeping.

Secret TPP negotiations, United Nations, ICC, patent nazi’s, full spectrum dominance, mandatory vaccinations


There have been few headlines that have not fallen under these segments of the universal soft-kill (or thinning the herd) program in effect since Barack Obama walked into the oval office. But the program started many years ago. It’s just that they are losing the information war and their inability to kill all the whistleblowers even when they openly sign legislation to prosecute them when they see crime in progress. Open and obvious genocide is designed in such a way as they target softkill programs at large swaths but focus many on targeted individuals. Some may get a beneficial vaccine while others will not. This is the massive data-collection and full spectrum surveillance assisted by the googleplex, ATT,  Verizon and the ACA Obamacare and other AMA corrupted HIPAA violators.

Pretty soon important information will be gone and unable to find the internet for people to reverse this program. I suggest all look to certain supplements like Vitamin D and the organic seeds for herbs and vegetation to provide backup. An edible plant book is a great investment as well.  Limiting your exposure to microwaves should be immediate.

These psychopaths and sociopaths from Congress are  “all in” as are the candidates. They get the GcMAF delivered at the office.  We get the VA death panels.

 “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 15, 2015

“tRump Erectus to the Stage! Let the Games Begin!”

The following is brought to you by —

You can grab the entire enchilada of the article by going to the link above (recommended)…

‘Hoping for change’ from President Trump? Eight minutes of video to consider:

You should watch the entire 4:29 of the next, or at least skip to the parts with tRump:

We ask ourselves “how?” and “why?” America has turned into such a corrupt shit pile, full of “Actors” playing politicians and such like?  One reason is because “we let them” act upon the stage, with no repercussions.  Consider the billionaire “acting” above, and how that sits with you if he were pResident.  America has already lived through the Reagan acting years.

It is an incredibly bizarre time to witness the goings on around us.

Washington’s blog also proffers this insight into Jeb Shrub’s position on Torture:

“A candidate for President of the United States won’t rule out torture. Yeah, no big deal”.

At least he’s on record in the run-up to the Pale Ghost House, leaving “torture” on-the-table so-to-speak.

Do you get the distinct impression that these career politicians are like Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series, with a their own cloud of dirt/dust following them?  Ghosts in the closet kinda thing.  Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, on & on.

Amerika’s fake elections became bad sitcom “shows” years ago, even pre-TV.  tRump is Vaudeville reincarnated.  Examining his empire, it is likely he is a collaborator with various mafias.  We should ask the question, “How could he not be?”.

The People just haven’t known how dirty the candidates were.  How dirty the game is.  It is becoming quite plain to those paying attention that WE have been watching Bad Reality TV for years.  Sinking to the depths of depravity of “The Royals” across the pond.

Strong “Moral Character” is what is needed in leaders, to right the ship-of-state.  But it is evident, that only “players” who can be bought are allowed to live to be placed in policy positions.  The Matrix of the Controllers owns the levers of power domestically and internationally.  The Fix is already “in”; and it is apparent that there is no fixing the Power Matrix as it now stands.  Blather by any “candidate” spouting he/she will “do this/do that” is ridiculous, and simply propaganda and doublespeak.  With PTB in Obvious opposition to serving The People’s interests and well-being — We will be served the same as we’ve seen.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 14, 2015


National Security Archive News Alert
New Revelations

Posted August 13, 2015

For more information, contact:
Peter Kornbluh: 202/374-7281 or

Washington D.C., August 13, 2015 – On the eve of Secretary of State John Kerry’s historic trip to Havana tomorrow to raise the American flag over the newly reopened U.S. Embassy, the National Security Archive today distributed a ground-breaking article revealing key details of the behind-the-scenes political operations and secret negotiations that have led to the normalization of diplomatic relations.

The article appears in the September issue of Mother Jones magazine and was written by Archive analyst Peter Kornbluh and American University Professor William M. LeoGrande. The article is adapted from the revised edition of their book, Back Channel To Cuba: the Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havana, to be published by the University of North Carolina Press in October 2015.

Among the new revelations:

Prior to the ultra-sensitive talks conducted by the Obama White House to restore normal diplomatic relations, two of Hillary Clinton’s top aides conducted a two-year secret dialogue with Cuban Foreign Ministry officials focused on exchanging imprisoned U.S. citizen Alan Gross for the “Cuban Five” spies who were serving lengthy jail sentences in the United States.

The secret talks between White House officials and Cuban negotiators close to Raul Castro came to an impasse in June 2014 over the administration’s demand that, in addition to Gross, Cuba release a CIA asset who had passed intelligence to the U.S. in the 1990s that led to the arrest of the Cuban Five spy network.

The White House arranged a secret Rose Garden meeting between President Obama and the cardinal of Cuba, Jaime Ortega, who delivered a personal letter offering to assist on talks with Cuba from Pope Francis into the hands of the president.

When President Obama met with Pope Francis in March 2014 at the Vatican, the focus of their meeting was on Cuba policy and the role the pope could play as an interlocutor during the secret negotiations.

Prior to the Vatican meeting, Senator Patrick Leahy and key members of the policy/advocacy community enlisted several cardinals – including Cardinal O’Malley of Boston, and Washington’s Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – to brief Pope Francis on the need to help Obama change U.S. policy toward Cuba.

Senator Leahy’s office was also instrumental in putting together a legal briefing paper for President Obama identifying options for a prisoner exchange that would gain freedom for Alan Gross, and open the door to normalizing relations with Cuba.

“The United States and Cuba have opened a new era of relations,” according to Kornbluh. “The story of the Obama administration’s secret diplomacy and behind-the-scenes political efforts is crucial to appreciating how Washington and Havana have overcome years of hostility and aggression to normalize diplomatic ties.”

The story, “Cuba Confidential,” has been posted on the Mother Jones website:

* * * * *

Check out today’s posting at the National Security Archive –


Who’s kidding who?  Obama just opened another major FEMA camp. What about Guantanamo?  Like the Panama canal?  I remember Papa Doc and Baby Doc, I remember Noriega, I remember the Fox and Zepata. I remember Miami and the money laundering  Brickell Avenue banks.  I remember all of it.

Start mapping your future and decide what region FEMA will plan to route you through to get you to your final destination.  It’s closing in. As we watch China advancing from the JADE HELM west to the east on a floating fortress of advanced capabilities, you can see Haiti, Cuba and soon Puerto Rico Dominican as other floating fortresses.

When Rep. Hank Johnson made his famous “tipping” comment, I never realized how smart he is.  The World is tipping over now. Where the polar vortex lands is anybody’s guess but make no mistake it is a intricate program we are witnessing being reported by very clever rationale.  This bullshit like the above “psyop propaganda is a limited hangout like TPP, Climate Change, and other deadline transitions. If you feel this sense of claustrophobia you are normal.  At such time when the new government formally announces (the coup) a New World Order, we can at least gloat to the idiots that ignored these tipping points and could not see through the HOPEnCHANGE of 8-11.

When we saw the the last Pope vacate the premises, it was the prophesy. Bergoglio the butcher is the black Pope and Hand of ISIS.

He’s coming in September and it is Obama’s pen but it’s the Butchers knife.  There is little time left and the world will upend before the election.  Foreign troops (UN Peacemakers) will be arriving soon and we will be departing at Terminal 8 Gate 11.

Beware the NACIREMA and all of their BS.  It a war on identity. JADE HELM means to change AMERICA from the inside out. Perception is key.

“What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day”

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11

Originally posted on Memory Hole:

AA Flight 11 CraftNorth Tower explosion

I’ve been working on an extensive blog post called “9/11 for Beginners.” Although my 2013 book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior has a long chapter on 9/11, I have not written a blog post on it, because so much good material is already available from other online sources.

However, since fresh insights and information have emerged in recent years, and because we can never really say too much about this devastating crime, I felt I should contribute what I can to the discussion, in hopes of awakening additional people.

In the course of writing, I discovered a single piece of research that is so thorough, objective and edifying that I believe I should devote a post to it. The research is contained in a forum thread called “Fog, Fiction and the Flight 11 Phone Calls.” The URL is

View original 6,322 more words

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September 15th! What do I win?

EndworldPool So it is that we find ourselves looking into the abyss. Not even our HAM-radios and stored food will save us. And the only question that keeps resounding that is never answered is “what was all this for?”

What if indeed we go up in a blinding-light either from some celestial well timed strike, (last of the Blood Moons and on the Day of Atonement) or more plausible a nuclear strike, what difference would it make?

There is evidence that this isn’t mankind’s first rodeo when it comes to extinction-level-events. And maybe this won’t be our last? Maybe after the nuclear ash settles, and we start from scratch we evolve to come back to try this again and again until one day we either get it right, or forever blow ourselves and this planet into space-dust.

I don’t know. I wish I had some insight as to why all this is taking place.

As it is I can’t help but feel more than ever like a man on death-row. And I find myself strangely at ease. Of all the things predicted, I’m kind of hoping for a direct hit. Because all the other scenarios seem to be a slower death.

Unless of course there is a mass awakening and revolution between now and Sept. 15th.. Ah-ha-ha-ha!

Posted by: jerseyg | August 12, 2015

A warning before the day of destruction?

CERN IS RELEASING THE DEMONS………Personally, I think it’s time to call Ghostbusters.

The (bogus) “explanation”………..

The CERN connection…(remember the weird dance before they fired that monster up?)

Kali Dance…

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If its Broke, Throw it in the Shitcan.

So, I listen to this guy (Jeh Johnson) fear-mongering, and blah, blah, blabbering about “lone wolf” radicalization, and I hurl my formerly tasty breakfast into the toilet.  Which is where the entire facade of the world improvers belongs.  It crosses my mind, that I should look around for all of these people who magically turn into “lone wolves” that we should worry about crossing our paths, that we should be fearful are attacking US.  And the first thought that comes shrieking to the surface of my conscience is — THAT, the “People” that have harmed America and All Americans are all of these “people”, like Jeh Johnson and the litany of administration acolytes and polyps and swollen purplish personages whom have been in Freaking Control of the “levers” of government, of legislation, of ignorance and ignoring the obvious, in charge of protecting the pillars and institutions of our society, yet have steadily dismantled them, gummed up the processes, offshored the jobs, corrupted the courts, militarized the police, and parade fake “elections” costing Billions but which we can see are traveling circuses of chickenhead-eating geeks, freaks, and lower animals of no distinction save lying like hyenas.

Buffoons & Bandits — the next Hollyrood production is just around the corner.  A horror flick cum comedy with a cast of familiar icons whom should be languishing in jail.

Please, STOP the Madness!  The drivel is so repetitive, the actors so predictable, the rhetoric so ridiculous, that if I had a TV it would melt into a molecular froth brought on by rampaging electrons shrieking and intent on bolting from the insanity.

We the People obviously need protection from the ravening wolf packs rampaging round the halls of power and profit.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 11, 2015

The Bluebeam Projectionists


EVAN: Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network “Challenger”

projection: the act of visualizing and regarding an idea or the like as an objective reality.

In the E.V.A.N., the audio visuals are critical in progression of large scale psyops. Along with the usual green screens, deflection and smoke/mirrors the propagandist has to control all parts of the program. The tools of propaganda (or techniques) are as important as the message. The testimonials of Holyrood and government have lost much of their credibility over the recent times.

Therefore, the alternate (claiming to be truth) media had to be created. Easily the antagonist becomes protagonist by coming out with a single truth and dazzles the dancing fickleness of the media shallow masses who cannot allocate time for the research on the orators and projectionists of the MSM EVAN psy-operators. I talk about those like Donald Trump, Russell Brand and Alex Jones.

I pick Alex Jones because the history and information that lined up in regards to William Cooper and his death, the 911 predicted event dispute that AJ claims he owned that was Bill Coopers prediction.  It is since that time back in 2001 that this transition from Bill Cooper,  to Art Bell, Alex Jones, George Noory and others like these who follow the script.

It was John B. Wells, the latest victim of the Audio Visual Projectionists who have to fight on a daily basis to stay on-air. Those like Republic Radio (RBN) and Dave Hodges, who has struggled to remain online and on-air.

It was Bill Cooper who had embraced the UFO conspiracy and disclosure in the beginning based upon the M.I.C. and their “Disclosure” project. But it was also Bill Cooper who came to realize the hoax of this project and all the others who cash checks on this fraud today. It’s not that they don’t offer certain truths and as we know, the agenda works with limited hangouts but always deflects the true agents and institutions that are at the core of this special alternative. Just like the images themselves have an alternate source or link, these conmen, or in some cases “useful idiots” carry the muddy water of truth to the thirsty masses.

Alex Jones will not cover the dead doctors, will not cover the Joo-joo-bees or even speak the word zionist.  What his show has become is what I call FOXX. The FOX like studio and visuals have come a long way. Now a salesman of nutritional sups and along with this character Dr. Group, he flourishes.  It is now in between these constant ads that we get the new reporters covering the most ridiculous time wasting on the Trump debate, spending time talking about trumps comments to Megyn Kelly and other hoaxes like Ferguson where they have spent an enormous amount of time.

He will not call any of these staged events as hoaxes but merely social engineering of what he perceives and random events by random psychotics. Well maybe they are random, I just expect him to investigate, get real guests and independents who have information on the show.  That is what John B. Wells would do. That’s why they fired him from the Coast to Coast Bullshit Stream.  Stop blaming the Saudi’s for 911 and stop covering the nonsense.

Well today, he blew it again. After returning from his trip to visit his Jesuit handlers in Rome he comes back and begins his return with the interview of astronaut Story Musgrave. I don’t really care if Alex Jones wants to believe we landed on the moon and that Apollo 11 was not a hoax, but to entertain these guys from the NASA psyops team is like him having a NATO general come on and tell us all that Bin Laden died in Pakistan in Zero Dark Thirty.  I mean really Jones, how do you manage to psyche yourself up for a Project Bluebeam operator like Story Musgrave?

I wonder who the real program director is for Infowars and why the GCN  network is Genesis?  There’s no documentation left on the Genesis Project and limited info on Serge Monast and Bluebeam, but there are more limited hangouts on Disclosure than one can shake a stick at. I posted several posts using the Concilating the World to Order. The scientific realism approach to hoodwink the masses into bedazzlement of the greatest hoaxes of our time. CONciliation by CONsilience using social CONscience. 

Story Musgrave is another of the better and talented cover men for NASA. You have to spend 21 minutes to watch and listen and observe. This is a real treat for TEDDY’s and the NWO captured class but it is also a very good example with clues to the real NASA agenda. Post WWII paperclippers and  hangars at the Johnson Center.  He’s a very talented Ripley and Alex Jones claims he reached out to him but I propose he was scheduled by the real program directors.  Story Musgrave is a classic Bluebeam Projectionist.

Two videos (Todays Infowars interview and the TEDx scrambled presentation)

Alex loves celebrity and will not go after Hollywood or Holyrood Zionists. I’d love to know what he did for two weeks in the EU. It’s about money and planning I bet. Maybe Rupert Murdoch and the Vatican.  Story as a neurosurgeon provided the same mechanics for human brain modification as he did in Mechanical engineering for fixing Hubble. Project Management in Bluebeam.  I can now observe timing and clues to Alex Jones, Vatican Assassins, Jesuit General Francis and Story Musgrave’s appearance.


iNfOWars – “Make the vision so good people got to buy into it”

The Hegelian Dialectic of NWO will continue to bring the outlook so bleak when bluebeam arrives, everyone will board the shuttle. To where? I don’t know but the countdown has started.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 10, 2015


JADE HELM 15 = 811  – AUgUST diE wE mUst

The River of Lost Souls – Animas River on the 38th parallel

Live Quotes

Live Gold QuotesLive Gold Quotes

Live Gold QuotesLive Gold Quotes

Watch Tuesday August 11, 2015 for the Trigger Event. This is the marker today on the Markets and Commodity graphs.  PM spikes as the house of cards begins to collapse.



Do you really want to know what’s in this planned dump spill? You will find out soon enough. Time begins now. Watch tomorrow and see the ramping up for September 22rd – September 29th.

Don’t drink the water of JADE HELM 15.  – 3 million gallons. That is almost an ounce for everyone in the water table zone of the river and lake system.

Now you know why the government distributed 300 million rounds of ammunition to the EPA and BLM.  GOLD MINE AND SILVERTON! The EPA just unleashed a WMD in nanotechnology in the US water supply. BP and Mobile/Exxon should be jealous of this eugenics Jade Helm bluebrain event. Stay tuned for an exciting 6 weeks leading to Armageddon.


2015 Gold King Mine waste water spill[edit]
On August 5, 2015, while examining the level of pollutants in the Gold King Mine,[16] over three million gallons of toxic waste water, including heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, were released into Cement Creek and flowed into the Animas River in Colorado.[17] The EPA took responsibility shortly after the incident.[18] By August 10, the waste has reached the San Juan River, which flows through the Navajo Nation. The Native American group is making plans to sue the EPA for the short- and long-term environmental damage expected to be caused by the heavy metals. The waste is expected to reach Lake Powell by August 12.[17]

tag: death by Obamacare; Capstone 811; JADE HELM 15, Reconquista, Master of the Human Domain

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Serge Monast versus  Dr Steven Greer


Undertanding how all the big agenda’s TPP, Agenda 21, Disclosure Project, ClimateGate, Full Spectrum Dominance and One World Order Genesis Project are sub programs under the Project Bluebeam final solution. ISIS is the vehicle for war and world suffering only to formulate the Hegelian Dialectic problem which requires the interstellar solution. Once the agenda comes to climax the time of peace will be the true days of terror by the so-called peacekeepers under the Orwellian model. All associated psyops will become public knowledge but at that time the means and ways will be beyond criminal reproach, let alone prosecution.

THE TRIPLE CROSS – Like a Trump card, the idea of the end of banksters, finance and global warfare and suffering is quite attractive, but in the end, the Agenda proves out to be a hoax. It requires the end of the humanity we know for the transformational cyborg human they have in mind. Dr. Steven Greer is no reptilian, but just another snake in the grass of the master psyop and agenda in the Big Blue Omnibus, though he is one of the better agents and actors.

The limited hangout of the DISCLOSURE PROJECT

The story of Serge Monast

Coto Link to Project Bluebeam

TRUMP CARD TRUMPED – see the deception in the deception of a deception (a triple cross)

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Ascending K2 in the NWO Dialectic

Here’s the typical solution which coincides with the Marijuana legalization Ponzi. It was not long ago I posted the nano-tech versions of GMO, PhRMA and the CIA run drug trade from Paraquat to K-2.  [K-2 = 22]

In the NWO Triad (hegelian version) the problem reaction solution is to destroy from within any of our natural and beneficial countermeasures to the Monsanto-Big PhRMA conglomerate. As with any triad the problem-reaction-solution allows the redistribution of wealth in taxes, ponzi or associated market.

Now we have the introduction formally of K-2 to the masses. It can be seen as a segue into further police action powers and the billion dollar justice-prison system and pyschological realm of the DSM-V and emerging mental health AMA authoritarianism that will be joined to the hip of the Department of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile the illicit Marijuana trade will become even more scrutinized and harsher tactical counter-measures will be used to assure that beneficial natural cannabis is eradicated.  The rule of thumb is whenever the NWO throws you a bone it is likely that it is one of yours.

Based on this NYC staging area it confirms a rollout of a “more to come” event.

Raging, naked Brooklyn man symbolizes synthetic marijuana crisis in NYPD video – Video Link

New York City’s new drug threat: ‘weaponized marijuana’



REVEALED: Scaremongering NYPD video of psychotic naked New Yorker high on ‘weaponized marijuana’ was actually of Iowa man high on PCP in 2002



But the question does remain what will they eventually, if not already, add to the product coming over the border to really add value to their operations?  Only the Master’s know.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 5, 2015

Hospital ER Locked Down over Chickenpox

Originally posted on Memory Hole:

danville_lockdownTruthstream Media

Welcome to more vaccine Wag the Dog.

First, we had to watch this news report several times before we could even determine that it wasn’t a parody. Sadly we realized it wasn’t fake. Yes, they DID just lock down an entire hospital ER for nine hours and divert patients to other hospitals over a case of chickenpox. We haven’t seen this much fearmongering over a primarily benign disease since the Disneyland measles scarefest.

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El Trumpo. El Chapo and El Salvadore

Seems like the vortex is converging in NAU terms, I usually take things like this with a grain of salt but there are documented. La Reconquista

Too many clues going back to Clinton -Perot and since the time when the borders were all but gone.  El Trumpo in the mix makes perfect sense. Fire up the right with the fraud Donald Trump, Release the Chapo Guzman, who has a vendetta against the US and add the Gladio mercenaries of ISIS and create the perfect storm.  How this can play for the NWO transformation is such a false flag that under any circumstance the TPP and Financial con men can write their own ticket.

Jim White Interviews Dave Hodges on the Coming Paramilitary Strikes Within the United States

The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED’s, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD’s courtesy of last year’s immigration crisis.


41 Zetas arrested in Reynosa including two ex-military from Salvador

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Originally posted on waldopaper:

Soap-dish Madness   


“I have emotion about this.  I’m losing it…  We… have been waiting so long… for someone to listen to us.”  — Ruppert

It’s some sort of madness that goes with the collapse.  We all have it.  Some of us are carriers- others are immune.  Just realized that Mike Ruppert offed himself.  One of the great american writers of our time: apocalypse, man.  

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NWO: Cecil Rhodes and Roads to Cecil

Rhodes to Zimbabwe

Who could have predicted Barry Soetoro’s Obamacare campaign in Africa would climax with the Masters of the Human Domain dropping Cecil the Lion and I$I$ psyop.  I mean really, Who could have seen this genius operation unfolding?  Why not create a fictitious fantasy around a magic lion, a Dr. Evil and a gun.  So now Dr. Evil is in hiding and there are death threats and WH petitions for his head.  I$I$ is the BIG WHITE HUNTER!! And while your at it please remind African’s that they can’t hunt or own guns and only Afrikaners can have them. No guns no diamonds, no heritage or inheritance, no private property and no religion.

Two Zimbabweans freed on bail in death of Cecil the lion

Great for them. Hey fella’s now you can go to your rented hut and tell the family you have no food money.

Last photograph of Cecil with his pack friend Jericho (standing) a month before he was killed

Cecil #3 and #6

DEATH THREAT FOR CECIL KILLER!! But not for Veterans Administration Killers or Baby killers and Marketeers. They cut off his head!! Too bad they didn’t tear him limb from limb. No instead they beheaded him and skinned him and the vultures had a meal.

Wow, Imagine if Bill Clinton had sanctioned the death of thousands of Lions as he did Rhuwandans.  Oh, brother, that would have had George Clooney in tears along with Jimmy Kimmel.  Hey Jimmy, what ever happened to the MAN SHOW, you big  pussy? I hope Adam Carolla slaps you out of your holyrood stupor, boy.

Welcome America to MGM Main Stream Media and the Cecil Rhodes tour of the Human Domain. Here is the greatest joke ever played by eugenicists from Climate Gate Productions.

Be a pussycat, America

So what did I mean when I predicted the MH370 found days before it was released?

Agenda 21, the tip of the trans-humanist exopolitical agenda

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 19, 2015

Malaysia Flight 370 found in Sahara Desert.


What time is it? Midnight.

Agenda 21, the tip of the trans-humanist exopolitical agenda and the iceberg JADE HELM Masters of the Human Domain

Project Bluebeam. The incredible event coming from DISNEY MGM, Imagine pixar associates brought to you by bullshit beyond your wildest dreamworks.  It is already true the vortex does indicate the time and time is the essense of NWO agenda 21.  It is al predicated on the Masters science and your willingness to be forced and moved to action in their Domain, The unreal illusionary manipulation of the other domains.

As they bring out the exopolitical barkers and UFOologists and Climate Change Popes and dopes, you should absolutely reject each and everyone of them. That includes COTO, and all alternative media as well. It’s all completely artifact with a mission to make you believe. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the truth.

The Malaysian reappearance was predicted by me merely on vortex math and googleplex signals.  I just timed it to vortex numbers provided by their own code.  And now we will watch round two of MH-370 which was triggered by MH-17 reports and the NTSB, NIST and NASA boys.  When we watch the blue moon tomorrow night, think about project bluebeam and the day the earth stood still and ask yourself if you were a player in the movie and a stranger arrived on the lawn of the white house, and brought forth missing persons from some mystery like MH-370, would they sway you on vaccinations, chemtrails, Global Warming and a New Age Lord and Order?

Something tells me we will not wait long for this script.  Too many meetings with the Masters of Holyrood East and West and too many other clues and rhymes to be ignored. Meanwhile the US MSM is already humping this MH-370 fake debris field. They have turned it over to the Truffaut Hebdo team in France. That’s a problem in itself with the AIRBUS – BOEING conspiracy.

The narrative is clear. The plane parts, barnacles and all will be confirmed and the need for full spectrum surveillance on all aircraft will go as far as cameras in the johns. There goes the Mile High Club unless AIRBUS decides to make it their transatlantic movie selection.  So expect a CNNfest on another ridiculous premise of hijacking or pilot suicide.  You can decide the plot on your own but I already wrote my script and it says MH-370 sits in Hangar 11 in Antarctica and the passengers are in stasis (on ice) under the iceberg and a piece of the props we will get when Blue Moon productions finally beam us out of here.

I am sorry if Cecil really died but he got better than most.  Good Luck.


Posted by: Mr. M | July 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Butcher Shop

Walk-ins welcome.

Walk-ins welcome.

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 28, 2015

NWO AFRICOM: Tying up loose ends


A Libyan court on Tuesday sentenced Muammar Gaddafi’s most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, and eight others to death for war crimes including killings of protesters during the 2011 revolution that ended his father’s rule.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, attends a hearing behind bars in a courtroom in Zintan May 25, 2014. REUTERS/STRINGER

When Obama arrives in Africa, the numbers go with him. Nine slated for death. I have posted much about Muammar Gaddafi and his efforts to create SATO, a counter to the zionist Joo-joo-bee NATO and his efforts to run his country for his people by rejecting Western influence and exposing the false flags and corruption of the NATO-OTAN Gladio network, the UN Security Council and the powers behind the CFR and Trilateral.

The facts are there if you look  that confirm that Gaddafi was set up time and time again from the Lockerbie al CIAda false flag to Benghazi, the Bush Clinton Crime syndicate and front for the Zionist World Order architects had a mission. End the Chavez, Gaddafi and other NWO rejectionist’s who threatened the agenda.

In speeches Muammar blasted the zionists and even called for JFK assassination investigation as an Israeli Mossad hit. Even in a deal where he paid out for the Lockerbie incident, once elected leader to the African Union and going on his campaign to bring Africa to the same kind of prosperity he offered Libyans, the NWO cabal went to work.

Had Gaddafi survived and Chavez as well, the BRICS and Drones would have had a much more difficult time getting to the point where we find it currently. Obama’s trip to Africa is no different that the Obamacare we have received.  He is merely announcing the deaths of millions of Africans and those who survive, a life without prosperity but a rat race of global interference, regulation and order.  Planned Parenthood will come via the crop dusting and bio-warfare labs that have unleashed a host of TRIADS from HIV to eBola to the haemorrhagic fevers being developed as we speak in the Ivory Coast laboratories.

What future Africa had is gone and now they are tying up loose ends as indicated in this piece of trash propaganda by the MSM mill.  Every time you read a piece talking about freedom fighters, protesters or agents of change (obamaWatch) you can check your history book about operation Gladio and see the budgets that have gone into decades of radical recruitment by MI6, Mossad and CIA and the incredible obvious funding and arming by NATO and with the full knowledge of the UN oversight watchdogs.

The so called Protesters were the coup d’ etat for change. Just like all the previous from  the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SHAPE to ISIS of today. Now we can see the Castro regime has fallen as did Chavez and Gaddafi. What the Gladio team did in the “piggy affair” for John Kennedy was much like the Lockerbie and was finally disclosed and now like Iran the zionist banksters are ready to move in to “democratize” the nations.

“How can you rape a whore?”

When Gaddafi began this effort to take NATO and the bankers on it sent the al CIAda stay behinds into action. The usual processes of character assassination followed by false flag and then by direct assault.  Just like JFK himself who experienced all these. And like JFK, the need to kill the messengers and family comes as mending fences.  No Kennedy will ever become President again.  Neither will Saif al-Islam become President of the African Union.

The people of Libya and Northern Africa should take back their nation and continent and pull the same coup that was perpetrated on them.  Instead of the truth getting out in Libya they instead mended another fence with Benghazi and Hillary and Barry dodged another bullet with the use of the Gladio Team.  NATO, of course followed the same stand down they did on 911 in NorthCom. Just Like the Warren Commission, 911 commission and this Benghazi affair, the history will be written and the truth buried deep beneath the volumes.

History doesn’t repeat, it recycles and sometimes it rhymes.

Triad 3-9-6

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 26, 2015

The Lafayette Narrative is created

The NAZI Triple K


As the dust settles on this latest psyop in Louisiana, with the usual ever-changing and incredulous narratives, we get the final analysis being shaped for public consumption. Unlike the bill HR 1599 which just made Monsanto a bunch of money, the GMO genetically modified “White Male” Herr Hauser has been presented to propaganda loving sheeple from the laboratories of main stream media.

I predicted the event to be a side dish to Chattanooga as a white male I$I$ alCIAda and instead of this military 29 palms event, the Lafayette event was to target the race baiting, gender based, anti-semitic hater that the Southern Poverty team just love to unleash.  Obama has shown us that the gun grab is still on the table.

I said:

This was timely response to the Planned Parenthood event which is in my opinion another staged event.  I suspect the Southern Poverty team was involved along with the Fed crisis unit.  And once again you can see the target area of confederates is the venue.  NC, SC, TN and LA. The shooter from Alabama is a secret service and SPLC mecca.

Well we have the official details now emerging from the AP (associated propagandists)

Theater gunman built reputation as an angry provocateur

Movie Theater Shooting

For decades, Houser lived and worked in the same area where he owned that home, in Phenix City and the surrounding cities. Since the early ’90s, he had built a reputation as an oddball. It was then that he regularly appeared on a local television show, appearing opposite a Democrat as a radical Republican railing against women in the workplace and calling for violence against abortion providers.

So when I said this was targeted at women, was I right?  When I said the abortion expose was a staged Psyop am I correct? Years ago when I said the goal was lone wolf white male being the new ISIS, is it coming into view?

In April 2001, the LaGrange mayor and city council voted to revoke all of Houser’s alcoholic beverage pouring licenses based on five convictions of selling alcohol to minors in the span of a year from 1999 to 2000, according to a court filing. Houser appealed, but the court found the mayor and council acted correctly.

Houser put up the swastika banner in protest, according to an April 28, 2001, story in the LaGrange Daily News.

It’s nice for sheeple who do not read more than a tweet 144 to look at this photo and think he was pro-NAZI, rather than making a statement in protest for the government gangstalking which followed this guy for years. How many of these kind of stories do we hear by whistleblowers and other white American citizens?

“The people who used it — the Nazis — they did what they damn well pleased,” Houser told the newspaper, accusing police officers of lying on the stand during his trial.

It was not the last time he’d invoke that type of imagery, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, said he’d been on the group’s radar since 2005.

When the SPLC has you on their radar it means you are either exposing their bullshit or you are a McVeigh happy meal and you are targeted by the masters of the domain and befriended or harassed by agent provocateurs to help promote your instability and exacerbate your trials and tribulation.  MK-Ultra, gangstalking, entrapment and covert operators are able to manipulate these stagings in many ways. I have posted much on Morris Dees‘s Southern Poverty Law Center and Dee’s troubles with his pedophilia and divorce, forcing him out of the limelight. He has provided his replacement in the name of Mark Potok his twisted little minion to manage their Intelligence Project.

The connections between SPLC, the DOJ and False Flags are clear. Judicial Watch has provided it as well as other investigators going back to Oklahoma City

In April 2008, Houser’s wife, Kellie, his daughter and others filed court papers seeking a temporary protective order against Houser, saying he had “perpetrated various acts of family violence” and had a history of manic depression and bi-polar disorder.

It’s not as important to focus on the bi-polar disorder but the means by which it is created. We know how it is created,. Meds, Vaccines, GMO beer and other pharmakeia.  Having issues like these makes you a potential asset once you have picked up by the SPLC-DOJ radar.

Neighbors recalled Houser as being odd but said they never saw signs that he was violent or dangerous or had guns.

Houser flew a large Confederate flag on a flagpole outside his house for a time, said neighbor Rick Chancey, but Houser later replaced it with a smaller rebel battle flag.

Clearly a late modification. How the guns get legally into the hands of shooters is a question, but the question  I have is who did the shooting.  There is a reason for Aurora and Lafayette venues. It is dark and if you yell fire you can almost create any scene with the help of the actors and players.  These may be witting or unwitting. So really anybody could have fired shots including the fatal shot into Rusty Houser. As for the Confederate flag this just joins the master narrative I have discussed since day one. Merging ISIS with Lone Wolf White Male is the goal of the White House, Justice and globalists who fund and support the SPLC.

About seven years ago, Chancey said, Houser put a “doomsday-type” flier in neighbors’ mailboxes warning that a global economic collapse was about to occur and everyone should pool their resources and work together.

Yeah that’s terrorist behavior all right. 7 years ago Obamas handlers, the bankers, pulled off the biggest recession and rip off in America. So let’s applaud his foresight like we do the financial soothsayers who brag about their warnings. Since then we have had Aurora and Libor. Remember that connection?  We can see the timeline again of the next crash.

This AP piece delivers the same clues they all do. If I were investigating, I’d look for those he drank with,  check phone records and bank accounts for both his wife and children, I’d dig so deep into the SPLC records and would have the DOJ phone records checked as well. Unfortunately the FBI and bribed officials will do the same things they did in Waco, Ruby Ridge OK City and other crime scene investigations. Make it up.

If you ever wondered why MSM entertainment has a dozen shows called CSI something is to reinforce that they are the good guys exposing the truth and catching the bad guys.  If you don’t buy that then they have a problem. They had one with Rusty Houser.



Here is the final retouched photo shoot likely taken in August 2001.  It has some real actors as you can see. Perfect timing for the GOP flag party and RaRa 2016 campaign. Like Holyrood East and Hollywood West, the PR never sleeps.  You may want to have your barf bag handy.

Here is the expanded FLICKR by the US National Security Archives. Don’t Enjoy!


Soft Kill – Hard Kill. They do it all

James Jeffrey “Jeff” Bradstreet, was a controversial American doctor, alternative medicine practitioner, and a former Christian preacher who ran the International Child Development Resource Center, He was recently murdered for his efforts. So were these colleagues

Dr. Ronald Schwartz, age 65

Dr. Amanda Crews age 38

Dr, Teresa Sievers age 46

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal,  age 67

Dr. Lisa Riley age 34

Dr. Baron Holt, DC age 33

and several missing

FOCUS: Bradstreet

Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet has now treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. In 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of them 15% have their autism eradicated. In all 3,000 children have been treated with GcMAF with similar results.

And Dr Bradstreet has published a paper: Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections which is ground breaking in its discoveries.

No telling how many introductions we all are receiving and through how many vectors. Dr. Bradstreet was killed down the road from where I live Chimney Rock, NC and others have been silenced. The Powers that be are on high alert to kill this.  Better view and save. The FDA and NWO will kill anybody. Some deaths may be to divert off Bradstreet but they may also have been colleagues and collaborators. Either way the truth is on the video

I expect more deaths disappearances and many frightened  doctors under OBAMACARE and the genocidal government that is killing our children and veterans.

Even Disinfo government run snopes had to quell the conspiracy

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 23, 2015

Papillon in Lafayette


John Russel Houser  – JADE HELM 15

In the latest installment of “Trainwreck” better known as Agenda 21, we look for the usual peculiarities of a staged event.  Let’s take NRA happy Louisiana and the Lafayette  three-a-tre shoosting.

There is now enough evidence to consider the theory I have said in other postings regarding the constitutional dismantling process by Obama and the braintrust of Jade Helm Masters. From Sun Tzu to Saul Alinsky, the Chicago Mafia is running this show with the help of Holyrood, Police, Justice system and even the NRA. Yep, there is no doubt anymore the NRA is part of the psyops and engineering that comes from the collective research of alchemists (PhRMA) and the electromagnetic visual audio producers.


It’s not important to look at the marketing data and promotional value of Holyrood, though they will get a big kick start to their latest release “Trainwreck” and likely another big campaign membership drive by the NRA.   As Obama lands in Kenya to front the AfriCon project, a man walks into a Lafayette theatre (7) and supposedly opens fire. Along with a pistol he has wigs, glasses and other props to make this event interesting.

They were consistent on mentioning the trainwreck movie as if it has any bearing on the event for newsworthiness. We must keep in mind the marketing aspect of all the promotional and revenue in the TRIAD and remember there is always a redistribution of wealth to help fund the operations.

The Jindal for POTUS campaign gets a kick start as well and Bobby the Muppet, gets his chance to look presidential by getting to Lafayette in record time to hold a prayer vigil. We know Bobby J wants to be Bobby K in the Whitewash House for 2016 in a bad way. Just like Bubba the gangster wanted to be JFK.  We COTO know Camelot was Mk-Ultra.

Lafayette Theater Shooting: Jindal Calls for Prayers After ‘Awful Night for Louisiana’ – Awefull

At the very moment the  tweets and chirps began from the Jade Helm social boiler rooms, the messages were easy to decode like all previous staged productions. What’s interesting is the unique sequences and sub-routines that come out of the Googleplex. That’s where the real theatre happens.

This is an enigma that occurs often with these staged productions. It should be easy to link the event to the union of the Holyrood East and West connections.  Some may say why the hell go to Amy Schumer for reaction. Did the shooter open fire because he felt cheated for his ten dollars?  Is this right-wing WHITE MALE with a weapon of mass destruction unhappy with the insides of Amy Schumer?  Or is Amy Schumer another mind-controlled blonde-bot of the illuminati and we need to have quick consensus from coast to coast?
Apparently Amy Schumer makes her living as a comedic sexualized version of Joan Rivers in DSM-5 type neurosis.  I have seen her on Comedy Channels doing her stand-up. It is her schtick.  If you really want to get inside Amy Schumer you can read her transcribed speech
at the Gloria Awards and Gala, hosted by the Ms. Foundation for Women of Vision held last year on Mayday. I can see the marks of the Illuminati and Holyrood liberal agenda here. Were the victims women by design?
Mayci Breaux, age 21 [3] and Jillian Johnson, age 33 [6] are the reported fatalities along with shooter (of course)  These events now are best completed without the “trigger” surviving. It keeps the Sandy Hoaxes from becoming main stream false flags. They have learned their lesson.  But they have refined and improved the utilitarian nature of these events, psyops and stagings.  In the Political Theatre of this event and under the model of the TRIAD, never wasting the opportunity is maximized.  The war on Women benefits, the Obama fast & furious gun agenda is furthered along, the debate and campaigns are assisted and in this case the Clinton crime syndicate should be bolstered. The real war on constitutional and inherit rights are damaged and the war on Christian Right is once again hammered. The White Male baby boomer must die to paraphrase the racist Oprah Winfrey.
The same day of this event two brothers are apprehended by authorities in Broken Arrow Oklahoma after the gruesome discovery of five dead family members including parents and siblings. Where were the media and psyops on that story. There were knives and axes and even more gory details to tantalize the sheeple minds. It wasn’t a staged event, of course.  It’s randomness does not assist the agenda and would only kill the anti-gun debate when five people can be slaughtered with knives.   Oklahoma’s Governor isn’t running for President either. Scratch that news from the script.
This was timely response to the Planned Parenthood event which is in my opinion another staged event.  I suspect the Southern Poverty team was involved along with the Fed crisis unit.  And once again you can see the target area of confederates is the venue.  NC, SC, TN and LA. The shooter from Alabama is a secret service and SPLC mecca.
If you are still wondering what Jade Helm is really all about, I’d recommend decoding the recent activity from General and traitor Wesley Clark’s recent diatribe and the recent  Al CIAda shooster in Chattanooga, the connection from East to West is clear. The marriage of Hollywood to DC is solidified in MK-Ultra and crISIS studio theatrics.  Once Obama came in as change so did this mind altering universal psyop vortex of pre and post manipulating of the society in a Grand Theatre 2016 march to election. Obama’s eight year cycle has fast and furious final touches to be implemented and the Hand of I$I$ then will have to deal us a new Trump to replace their previous master of ceremonies.

Be the Helmsman of your domain

All the numbers appeared in this event from all the major MSM telecasters and transmitters. From the opening salvo of 2 dead 9 injured to the ages of dead in 3 and 6, to the Jindal #44 and 55th governor, the Illuminati cover the same sequences of 3,6,8, 9, 11 variants.  This one is loaded and as we moved from Bush 911 through Barry’s 811 we can move into ? 711 and ultimately the war.  What war? The war against the altered states. If the Civil war references and trends have not popped out at you then you were surely asleep during history. History is not repeating but recycling.

Not an ear but a portal for the googleplex of MK-Ultra

Think about it in terms of a B.F. Skinner experiment.  Do the rats know they are in a prison cage, a maze, or that someone or something is recording their every move?  Nah, they are just being rats and looking for food even if they have an enormous tumor or some other experimental control factor or alteration.  Seems like the research from MIT, SRI and Tavistock have provided the Helm with full control.  If you are truly seeing this Grand Theatre and are becoming aware, then thank your stars for it, because there are more complete slaves to this jade operation than we can possibly imagine.

To keep you in and not them out

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 22, 2015

Are you flexible?


Obama To Spend $8 Billion Waging War On Coal

White House secures $4 billion in investments for clean energy

Obama targets oil and gas industry, demands massive reduction in methane emissions

White House, Obama Blocked Congress From Reviewing Secret Aspects Of Iran Deal

West behind falling ruble, oil prices – Russian spy chief

Obama Saw Too Late Putin’s Return Would Undermine Reset

Get Flexible America. I suggest we try getting our anuses loose for a royal screwing.

So who is responsible for the Oil and commodities collapse?  It;s not the losers that is for certain. It’s a mere process of elimination to see the true I$I$ and it has no nation, no ethnicity or religion, but it owns banks.  The committee are invisible but we see the business and soon we will get the business. TPP, Trade Wars and World Terror

Obama is on the 15th green and he’s still very flexible.

Has it occurred to you that your government does not think The People worthy to know even what is in their food?  (this is pretty much global, except for Russia whom has recently said they WILL NOT allow GMO anything into their country!  Interesting no, that they would be 180 degrees from the “intelligent” Western countries?)  Since, they’re working on making more “Rules for You”, your ears should be perking up!

“This issue is quite serious. Just this Tuesday the House and Monsanto scored a critical victory regarding the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO and the prevention of cities and counties from banning GMO crops.”

So, what does this above tell you?  While waiting for me to make my point, don’t roll over, sit up, beg, or anything like that because then you will know your place.

It tells us — THIS =>  Our government(s) thinks we are dumb as dogs.  Truly!

I don’t tell my dog what I’m feeding her, nor do I explain the ingredients to her.  She doesn’t care.  Her food comes from Somewhere, and it is I her Master who procures the food, and feeds it to her when I choose to do it.  I decide what vaccines she needs, and it will be I who decides when she needs to be “put down”.

We see this same Master/Slave/Pet “relationship” with Governments versus their populations.  The “relationship” is rapidly moving towards “Total Skewry” as sold out legislators pile legislation upon legislation stabbing civil liberty to death thousands of times over every day.

So cute, or not?

So cute, or not?

This same perspective becomes quite clear to — US the populations — when we see that the elites hide all that they do in secrecy, live like Kings & Queens, and care not a whit about what happens to The People.  This is in fact, a general rule of thumb for them world-wide, though they don’t like to get their hands dirty.  If you think it is going to change, just observe your dog or cat, canary, or whatever.  When will it ever rise up, and put you in your place?  If it was thought to carry such a notion, would you, as Master, not de-claw it, file its teeth down, use a bigger chain, or shock collar to “teach it to behave”?  I hope you can see the parallels I’m pointing at here.

“Trained” to maim & kill.

All of the mayhem and chaos that we are witnessing around us is due to Attitudes of one group to the others.  Pathology if you will.  Will your dog teach You lessons?  Would you submit to that?  So it is, with the Paths versus the goyim.  Ain’t gonna change, unless a “Planet of the Apes” rearrange occurs.

So quit beating yourself up, wondering why the elites treat everybody but their own tribe like animals.  This is how they see it, and why they act without conscience in maiming, killing, culling, profiting, and all other activities done to regular ole working-class people.  Nothing personal I’m sure.

Don’t get to read or understand the TTP?  Why should they tell YOU about anything They’re doing?  You wouldn’t understand it anyways.  How do they know that?  Consider historically ALL They’ve done to US, and we haven’t rebelled or even complained enough to make them the slight bit uncomfortable.

9/11?  Shut up!  Just keep reading their “My Pet Goat” script.

MSM Snews?  Eat it — because we tell you to; and like it!

Elections?  Theater for dogs.

Fiat Federal Reserve “Money”?  The People are forced to use this counterfeit money because it subtly and continuously steals from them as a debt interest, makes the elites rich, and provides the ultimate in CONTROL.

Obama’s past, his birth certificate, etc.?  Not for you to know.

System of Goverment — Yeah, it is.  To keep the animals caged instead of enraged.  More flouride and aluminum for you!

Wars — They make em, We die in em.  And so do a lot of other innocent dogs in the foreign countries chosen.  So what?!  They’re all dogs.  Why do you think there exists the “Chain-of-Command” dogs?  To ingrain “taking orders” and acting without thought.  Pavlovian mutts!  Works like a charm.

Police State Brutality?  Shut up already!

TSA X-raying, caging, groping of your wife, child, grandmother, or your own precious jewels?  Shut up!  Its for your “protection”.

The air that you and your loved ones breathe?  You are told that Chemtrails don’t exist.  They are flat out denied, though they happen right over our heads in full view.  WE absolutely know what chemtrails are now, and what they are used for. So, get that “lying is policy” here.  See:

Fluoridation in your water?  This long running personal polluting agent Must Be working on Americans because they don’t even raise it as an issue for the most part.  Its not on their radar, because their survival instincts must have been chemically and socially erased.  Do note this gem of factual evidence — “Only 369 million of the world’s 7 billion people drink water that is purposefully fluoridated, yet the US ranks among the top countries that still fluoridates its water .  Do your “leaders” care?  Obviously not about YOU and YOUR loved ones!

I could go on.

But, you can clearly see now, EXACTLY WHY things are the way they are.  Even though, you’re not supposed to understand this concept.

Decide if you’re O.K. with this, and shut up, or start spreading the word about our pet status in the elite’s eyes, and act accordingly.

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