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Myron May “MK” or just mad?

Myron May Facebook

There’s an immediate sense this event was staged. I have quickly tried to obtain data before it disappears but heres the scoop so far.

Gunman killed, three students shot in Florida university library

REUTERS By Bill Cotterel

TALLAHASSEE Fla. (Reuters) – A gunman wounded three Florida State University students, one critically, early Thursday when he opened fire in a library where hundreds of students were studying for exams, authorities said.

Myron May has been named as the shooter who wounded three students during an attack on the Strozier Library on the Tallahassee campus of FSU. At 12:30 a.m. on November 20, May walked into the library and opened fire, wounding three students. Not long after the initial shots were fired was May shot dead by responding police on an access ramp leading into the library. continued

Myron May: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know:
1. He Was a Lawyer Who Graduated From FSU

May is a lawyer who graduated from Florida State, class of 2005, and attended law school at Texas Tech, according to his Facebook page. He also studied at Gulf Coast State College. His social media page says that he’s the “In-house Legal Counsel at Taunton Family Children’s Home.” He’s a native of Dayton, Ohio, and but last lived in Wewahitchka, Florida.

BREAKING: FSU shooter Myron May went to FSU, Texas Tech, Phi Beta Sigma member
– per African Amer Colleg. Schol. Fund
— Stacey Readout (@StaceyReadout) November 20, 2014
In 2006, he lived in Lubbock, Texas, before moving to Houston in 2010. According to, he was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2010 and worked at Kennard Law in Houston. His page at the Texas Bar website lists his areas of practice: Administrative and Public, Business, Consumer, Criminal, Insurance, Labor- Employment, Litigation: Commercial, Litigation: Personal Injury, Other, LGBT Law, Workers’ Compensation, Appellate: Civil, Appellate: Criminal, Disability Law.

2. He Had Been Staying at the Home of a
Nationally Renowned Charity Worker

Abigail Taunton and her husband David were questioned by police after the shooting. (Facebook)
Prior to the shooting he had been staying at the home of Abigail and David Taunton, Florida based real estate developers and head of the Taunton Family Children’s Home. Speaking to the Associated Press, Abigail Taunton said: We’re just all astounded. We had no idea that he would do something like this.Obviously, he was not in his right mind. He was a well-liked, real smart…My heart’sbroken. In a million years I wouldn’t have thought he’d do something like this. He was struggling, having decided that what he was doing out there was not good. He had some issues and just decided he’d come home. He was struggling, like we all do, financially and otherwise.

You can watch a video about the Taunton’s charity, which was featured on Oprah in 2000,

According to Abigail’s LinkedIn page, the charity is described as:
My husband David and I started the Children’s Home in 1981 and run it day to day as well as handle the financial aspects of the Home. We have 14 children presently with room for more. We have Summer Camps all through the summer for about 1500 children. It is a non for profit organization that exists solely on private donations, no government funds. It has been a real blessing.

The Tauntons told  Fox Tampa Bay that they were contacted by his uncle on the morning of his

3. He Was a Devout Christian

May’s final post on Facebook was the biblical verse, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” One his friends commented on the quotation with: There is a joke in there about freshman year but I’m going to refrain from being profane. Pound sign: maturity.

To which May replied:

I got it. You really need help.
The week before the shooting he posted this:
He frequently quotes verses from the Bible and in his About section, he writes his own proverbs, such as:
Beware the Good Idea Fairy: Her wings of passion and sincerity allow her to sore, but she is completely devoid of logic and common sense.

4. He Targeted & Missed One Student

One student, Jason Derfuss, said that he was targeted by the shooter but managed to get cover behind some book shelves. He posted about the ordeal on his Facebook page. He wrote:
Earlier tonight there was a shooting at FSU, right as I was leaving Strozier. I didn’t know this at the time, but the Shooter targeted me first. The shot I heard behind me I did not feel, nor did it hit me at all.
He was about 5 feet from me, but he hit my books. Books one minute earlier I had checked out of the library, books that should not have stopped the bullet. But they did.

I learned this about 3 hours after it happened, I never thought to check my bag. I assumed I wasn’t a target, I assumed I was fine. The truth is I was almost killed tonight and God intervened. I know conceptually He can do all things, but to physically witness the impossible and to be surrounded by such grace is indescribable. To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen.
He was shot dead after he refused to surrender to cops at an access ramp just outside of the library. The Associated Press reported that the body laid there for hours while detectives studied him. A close to his body lay a gray baseball cap.

5. ‘There’s No Profile of a School Shooter’

Broward College in Florida published an article, “The School Shooter: A Quick Reference
Guide.” In it, it reads:
There is not a “profile of a school shooter-instead the students who carried out the attacks differed from one another in numerous ways. Shootings are rarely impulsive acts. They are typically thought out and planned in advance. You can read the full article here:

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, students at FSU gathered at the Strozier Library for a vigil, reports the Tallhassee Democrat. Classes were canceled the day after the attack but the school is open for those seeking counseling.

The student newspaper FS View reports one of the victims is in good condition and another is in critical condition. Another victim was treated at the scene. The relationship between May and the victims is unclear.



Retired Judge Taunton wrote a book THE EYES HAVE IT.

The Children’s Home and the Taunton’s have won numerous awards throughout the years, these include:

President George Bush’s “1,000 Points of Light”
Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network “Use Your Life Award”
The Jefferson Award

This doesn’t fare well for the Tauntons. What we know now about the 1000 points of light and George Bush’s involvement with the Boystown Scandal and Conspiracy of Silence Franklin Saving pedophile scandal. I don’t think Oprah lends any credibility either except to promote the pedophile child sacrifice Network.

I can’t presume this was not a hit on the TTaunton’s for doing their work outside of the Federal/Sate run CPS Child Pornography and Snuff Film enterprise which Senator Nancy Schaefer was exposing before the ‘authorities’ murdered her and her husband, but it stinks and I know its one or the other. I will update in comments from here.

This may be just the war on whites and Christians, a direct hit in Linking religion to lunacy, a second amendment killing coming on the dawn of the UN Small Arms Treaty and Obama’s move to get this done like the immigration amnesty.  We can only wait for the truth to emerge from the awakened network of internet whistleblowers and growing movement.  I dread the day internet control goes overseas and we have no more network but instead a cloud of criminal child molesters running it.  This may be a race counter cointelpro op for coming Ferguson. Until we see all three white victims it will be theoretical only but I know how the committee operates and the opportunities to contain all these elements and results are never wasted.

Being from the Great Northwest, a pristine area (once), but where there are still vast areas full of nature’s marvelous beauty that infuses mankind’s soul — I am moved to post this revolting news:

Washington Mountain Meadow

WAR-GAMING. It sounds fun. Like a game. Only its not. Its practicing at WAR for deploying death at a proscribed time and place. That’s not fun at all for those downrange. I am sick of the BLATANT HYPOCRISY sold by our government on a foundation of platitudes aimed to warm a targeted population’s soft spot for say — a spotted owl, a tortoise, a salamander, a particular kind of tree, even a butterfly (tear jerker hear). Yes, worthy candidates to liver perhaps, preserve the few to save the many? A twisted WTF? perhaps? What about to holding off on eminent domain or some other illigitimate legislative scrawl to keep “real” indigenous people protected on their “homelands”? Huh? What about those apples that have been run over in every country around the globe when resources, profits, and power win the straw pulling contest. But here, in the new “homeland” which is actually a Rebuplic, we get more STUPID MILITARY WAR-GAMING AT THE COST OF DESPOILING MORE PRISTINE AREAS — COLLATERAL DAMAGE BE DAMNED.

So as you read and reminisce about your favorite places that you believe should be protected from the foolish machinations of government war-gaming, and other despoilage of the kind, feel free to spread the word. It doesn’t “start over there and come here”, it “is here, after we have already exploited other people’s backyards”, unspoiled oceans, you name it. Tack on today’s new E.O. by Oblammo regarding making mass illigal immigrations “legal” with the stroke of his pen. Government ruins everything it touches. If it didn’t, the world would actually look very different and work.

“Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest in Washington State are two of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States. Majestic glacier-clad peaks rise above temperate rainforest-covered hills. Gorgeous rivers tumble down from the heights and the areas are home to several types of plants and animal species that exist nowhere else on earth.

These protected national commons are also the areas in and near where the US Navy aims to conduct its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program, wherein it will fly 36 of its EA-18G “Growler” supersonic jet warplanes down to 1,200 feet above the ground in some areas in order to conduct war games with 14 mobile towers. Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area“.

As I said, I am from the Northwest, and have lived in Western & Eastern Washington for significant periods of time. Western Washington is home to many military bases, Fort Lewis dominates the Olympia region, Bremerton is/was (during war time / real wars) a large ship building area, there are submarine bases, Boeing (since their planes and technology are used widely in the military and for chemtrailing I’m sure) and other bases, such as the Coast Guard which practices where the great Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean near Astoria (Oregon/Washington border). Eastern Washington has large Air Force bases dominating great swaths of area, there is the Hancock Nuclear Waste dumping ground (built right along the Columbia river — don’t call the Japanese idiots for building next to the ocean — all nuclear reactors require great amounts of water for cooling and are built throughout the world and USA along major water courses). Yes — insane! Other Army bases dot Eastern Washington and are used for many reasons for practice, etc. Jet flying over the arid Eastern Washington landscape (much of it wheat producing and farming areas) has been done non-stop for well over 50 years.

So, why start now over with these types of jets and harmful penetrating EMR over a pristine area? About the only answer I can think of is — because its “there”, and no one is making a big enough stink about it!

Thus, my post. Below is a photo of my “backyard” when living in Eastern Washington, with the Columbia River in the background. We don’t need no stinking jets testing their EMR technologies ANYWHERE over pristine areas. There’s plenty of sand, and already destroyed areas in the Middle East where the USA knows the terrain, its charted, and nobody can or would want to live in the area anymore. GO THERE and practice your inhumane war-making garbage. And don’t tell US its for OUR safety or to preserve democracy, or any of that Bullshit. It don’t fly anymore! Like you shouldn’t be flying.

Eastern Washington Mountain Meadow

Eastern Washington Mountain Meadow

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i’s Wide Shut – pt2


9-11  124578    6-9-3 Life Force Power

124578 – 6-9-3
Life Force Power

Children killed, dumped in ocean by top Canadian clergy, politicians? –

The ICLCJ Court recently opened an investigation on members of the Twelve Mile Club, Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult and their Vatican Italian mafia arm Ndrangheta. There appeared to be connections to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s senior cabinet minister Denis Lebel’s and Quebec Cardinal Gerald Lacroix’s alleged Feb. 22 2014 participation in the human sacrifice in Rome of a small boy and girl; the planned sacrifice of two children in Westmount Quebec on Aug. 15 where Ninth Circle cult members were arrested; the Sept. 28 death of Head of Ottawa’s Human Trafficking Division Kal Ghadban who assisted in the Quebec arrests and the October 22 shooting of soldier Nathan Cirillo in Canada’s capital.

Kevin Arnett – ITCCS



This is a fence mending arrest – potential witness/whistleblower cover

Police bust ‘Ndrangheta crime ring – English –
Ansa3 hours ago 11/18/14

The Pope Excommunicates the Mafia, Finally JUNE 24, 2014 Jesuit Luciferian power shift

2014 shootings at Parliament Hill, Ottawa Oct 22 2014 –Warning, TRIAD, False Flag, ISIS, deflection, Sacrifice

Putin, the Jesuits, Obama and the Pope. Puppets for the Committee of nine.  The Edward Snowden factor – click here for dynamite
November 17, 2014. The Pope has accepted the resignation of Bishop Miguel Romano Gómez, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara (Mexico). He also accepted the resignation of thebishop of Apatzingán (Mexico), Bishop Miguel Patiño Velázquez, who will be succeeded by Cristóbal Ascencio García.
In Argentina, the Pope has named Bishop Juan Carlos Ares as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires and has also named Bishop Martín Fassi as auxiliary bishop of San Isidro (Argentina).

50,800 missing children, some of whom rest in 34 mainly Catholic-owned unmarked mass grave sites across Canada, Ireland and Spain. Their perpetrators continue to live lives free of responsibility for their ongoing crimes. Our prayers are with these innocents, and should be for ourselves if we allow this Child Holocaust by our global leaders to continue.


World Trade Organization – Terror Operations

Analysis for the core objective should not be ignored.  Keywords: NAU (North American Union) SPP (NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA,  Trans Texas Corridor, Blood Alley, Immigration, the recent Child influx from South America, The Last Pope Prophesy, Fast & Furious, CIA Drug Cartel Banking, BRICS Bank,

Past Events tie into the sacrificial Saturn Illuminati rituals

12 mile Club  (See Penn State Sandusky 2nd Mile )

Ninth Circle  Le Cercle  Club of Rome Freemason Jesuit

Philadelphia Scottish Rite


The links here are too numerous to mention but this paedophile, child slavery group goes so deep into Jesuit Freemasonry and connects the British Windsors, all past Presidents (masons) the death of Princess Diana, the Gay Agenda (destruction of the family) which is based out of the Philadelphia Valley Scottish Rite Lodges where it first came into existence from the year 1730. So goes the Philadelphia Freedom and City of Brotherly Love.  The Second Mile Penn State Affair just the tip of the iceberg.

What you can see is why the false flag psy-op in Canada and the shootings were staged, why the quick arrest of the Ndrangheta today and why there is unlimited power and protection to make sure the connection between the Vatican and a worldwide child torture and sacrifice murder organization thrives without impedance.

It all works in an orchestration of homage to the Luciferian Illumnists and their success in Agenda 21 and ultimate New World Order and control over the entire planet.

What you can expect?

“Primitive Rite” attached to the Lodge of the Philadelphus (see the Ninth Circle?) 8 with 9 in the center. The vortex and eternal power and life



November 17, 2014. The Pope has accepted the resignation of Bishop Miguel Romano Gómez, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara (Mexico). He also accepted the resignation of the bishop of Apatzingán (Mexico), Bishop Miguel Patiño Velázquez, who will be succeeded by Cristóbal
Ascencio García.
In Argentina, the Pope has named Bishop Juan Carlos Ares as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires and has also named Bishop Martín Fassi as auxiliary bishop of San Isidro (Argentina).
Expect continued shift in Jesuit personnel and some for Canada as well. There will be some sacrificing as well.  Please note the Vatican has confirmed Jesuit criminal Bergoglio will come to the US to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia next year,” But the Consecration of Russia plays into the prophesy and war or peace in the mix may mean the last Pope prophesy will come into play or Obama is sacrificed. Either case they are both Masons Prince Hall York and Scottish. I am certain one will fall next year. The visit of the Jesuit Bergoglio is scheduled for September 2015.
Regardless of the crimes of finance and trade, the pedophiles, child killers and eugenicists continue to operate with impunity in cults of genocide and infanticide. Their rules allow it and the laws of mortal men, do no apply.


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False Flag Frequency: Fukushima to Ferguson



Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.2
  • 17 Nov 2014 16:52:46 UTC
  • 17 Nov 2014 18:52:47 near epicenter
  • 17 Nov 2014 10:52:46 standard time in your timezone
Location 46.392S 33.794E
Depth 9 km  (shallow HAARP Assault)
  • 307 km (190 mi) W of Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands
  • 1537 km (952 mi) SSE of Port Alfred, South Africa
  • 1550 km (961 mi) SSE of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • 1562 km (968 mi) SSE of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
  • 1973 km (1223 mi) SSE of Maseru, Lesotho
Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 0.0 km; Vertical 2.6 km
Parameters Nph = 118; Dmin = 1387.5 km; Rmss = 0.80 seconds; Gp = 19°
Version =
Event ID us c000sy62

For updates, maps, and technical information, see: Event Page or USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
National Earthquake Information Center
U.S. Geological Survey



Ferguson EventFEMAKILL



Fukushima Radioactivity Discovered 100 Miles off Northern California Coast

Scientists have made a pretty unsettling discovery: Fukushima radioactivity is invading US Pacific waters.They have identified cesium-134, traceable only to Fukushima, about 100 miles off the coast of Northern California.



Climate Engineering Is Creating Increasingly Extreme Weather Fluctuations DANE WIGINGTON

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SECRET TPP: Flying above the Cloud


The TPP represents the largest Power Shift of Freedom to Slavery to date. It’s not a trade treaty but a legal blueprint for the global governance by the smallest base committee of deciders and corpo-banking cartel mafia enforcers. Secrecy is the transparency of this transition to World Bank Eugenics based Carbon Currency Economics.

PATENT rights and PROPERTY transfer
MARITIME and AIRSPACE regulation
TARIFF TAX REDIRECTION – redirection and/or elimination
CANCER COPYRIGHT – Softkill monopoly
CORPORATE TORT IMMUNITY – Corporate licence to kill
REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – Inheritance annihilation
CONSOLIDATION OF POWERS – anti-separation of powers
CIVIL LAW SUPERSEDE – “private law”
IMPORT to EXPORT IMBALANCE – dumping vs sanctions
TRAVEL RESTRICTION to PERMANENT OPEN BORDER – selective flow and ‘turnstile’ restriction
LEVERAGED DEBT REASSIGNMENT – toxic derivative assignment to nation and citizens
CLIMATE GCCI BANKING STRUCTURE – private exchanges, banks and charters
MOU’s, and IMPLIED CONTRACTS – secret diplomacy
and more……..


To decode the WAR on TERROR, FISA, PATRIOT ACT and how it all connects to the main objective AG21 is no more clear than the primary WTO and all its FTA’s prior to the TPP. It appears a common theme is a move to International legal system which will supersede all domestic civil, common law and religious canon that though, still functioning in the particular nation-state, will intrude in all monetary, trade and labor aspects of any and all nations.

As far as 666 and the mark of the beast, I find no better example than the six aspects of the Agenda 21 goals of Genesis 6 and the transformation to one system for all. There was a reason for the biblical scripture regarding buy/sell and these treaties and agreements are as counterfeit as the fiat monetary system itself, once it moved into paper currencies. The TPP (6) like GATT and all the other lesser agreements combine to create the larger reality of the revelation of One World Organization of the entire financial system and the absolute control over every aspect of your ability to detach independently from the system.

One has to look at the components from a broader view to see how they form an order in the chaos that is them, each this matrix. I$I$ is the current phase that was formed from the Base WTO known as al-Qaeda. It is not difficult to parallel the I$I$ merging with al-Qaeda as it is seen in the TPP to the WTO. It’s all terror and synchronous. Domestically we can look to all these issues as overwhelming. The MSM and co-opted AC (alternate currents) are working as one as well. We are privy to the DISCLOSURES of the criminal government on a regular basis and on all frequencies. From Internet, NSA and Surveillance to psychological, MK-staged propaganda and social engineering, the overload of all this information makes us unable to determine what is and isn’t pertinent to the transition of full spectrum dominance.


The simple solution is to look at the MSM frequencies on a regular basis and determine the source, amplitude and velocity of spin and at the same time, detect the intermediate frequencies and reception and as a receiver,  do a little data decoding. It all applies to the final solution. Some is clearly distortion, some deflection and some is interference.

The transmission is artifact, always artifact whether virtual or compressed or merely error. The dumbing agenda has had great success over the years in America, but more and more we are beginning to understand the brain computer and electromagnetics of the psy-ops. Those who can receive the hidden intermediate waves over the filtered primary waves will be better able to perceive the different modulations and messages.

The Internet is a good example of the WWW versus the true Internet or Intranet. Though different, the process of SKYFALL has delivered the CLOUD to finally synchronize the two into the vortex of full spectrum surveillance. (3) The Media psy-op and manipulations go deep here. From viruses, hackers and softkillware, the system has been manipulated by the same folks who created it and continue to manage it. The promotion of free porn, freeware, freemail, financial marketing and banking, social media free speech has all contributed to the data-mining purpose and control of the information agenda by TPTB committee digital overlords. Clearly regardless of the violations by these powers, very few are willing to disconnect. Of course if they were in a room with someone who was groping them and collecting information they may certainly object and put an end to the interrogation. So the answer is to regulate the activities. This process will include an international handler of the internet and it’s laws and rules for engagement. Protection from the spying, data-mining, free speech harassment, cyber-bullying, virus spreaders and hackers is a good thing. Problem -Reaction-Solution. The Cloud and Enterprise systems and Central Control grid will manage all this, correct? Patents Pending of course.


So this will then resolve the issue of I$I$ online recruitment and hate speech right? It will help e-Intelligence agencies to find and track down the terrorists and ‘shut them down’ without a problem. They will be able to track the financials through FinCen and other intelligence financial forensics. They’ve certainly managed to stop I$IS from selling oil and al-Qaeda from transferring funds for operations right? Yeah, right. Enter the Cloud and the Earthraker Enterprise. The Cloud is no different from the chemtrail terror engineering. It’s a web that coverts the NET into a total overcast and cover for operations. For we the people it’s a funnel into a single center able to be accessed by any of  TPTB and minions anywhere, anytime and complete in its content. The transition to the ultimate terror organization goes through the implementation of the World Trade Organization, Carbon Exchange (banking cartel) and United Nations Authority with a makeover for the IMF and converted currencies. The byteCoin scam is just another beta test and ops for the transition to a virtual currency and tracking system for any and all buying or selling.


There is a mountain of information regarding the massive violations of past trade agreements, none as egregious as NAFTA, but unreported by MSM, while the non-treaty trade with China has been pounded over the spectrum. This is how you operate in the cloud. Free trade is never free and always diminishes independence. Without a trade agreement, the process is to create the problems. No problem for the criminal and unethical interlopers to do. It’s their job to make money hand over fist and violate all aspects of the in force trade agreements, thus forcing the need for a formal agreement. Never mind the fact that the NAFTA agreement has been a sham and created the worst of our problems economically, the need and opportunity necessitate the agreement. Don’t expect partisanship when it comes to the trade agreements except in the deviled details of the distribution of wealth and concessions for the too big to fail corpo-bankers who elected our officials.

How transparent is the Cloud? The TPP is as secret as the national security apparatus and MOU’s and other backroom “gentleman’s agreements” will earmark the doha and bali-who’s in the TPP. Those who follow the Agenda 21 guidelines and components will be remunerated very well. Meanwhile we outside and under the cloud will get the benefits of the toxic derivatives, products and malaise associated with the new economy. What Immigration-Gate offers is a beta test and precedence to open borders of softkill tradecraft and the continuation of global wealth redistribution which operates under research by the techno-math science of global climate models. Depopulation is merely an offshoot of the science that says carbon and sulphur are reduced when all people have an iPAD and earn over $8000 a year. So considering the first world and third world averages, it’s easy to set the agreements, tariffs and trade sanctions to manipulate the welfare debt credit system to a median level of $8000 to let’s say $28000 a year for 90% of the world population. Congratulations America, you’re in the over $20k range. But you’ll have to concede a few thousand to someone in Bangladesh so that their level does not fall below the CO2 index and thus increase the footprint of the slave masses. Immigration-Gate was an essential component of the NAU Rockefeller Initiative and had bi-partisan support. Cheap domestic labor for those Corpo-bankers who did not go overseas for slave labor.

Border-Gate, the turnstiles of influx only will continue until all middle class entrepreneurs, small business and upper income plebes outside the cloud are forced under the tools like Obamacare and over-regulated tax and hurdles to succumb to the reign of the cloud. No one who attempts to work independent to the system will survive. As this turnstile is one way, it rejects those who see an opportunity to go elsewhere in order to achieve less regulation, an easier financial burden or less intrusive bureaucracy.


Amnesty is more than border-crossing crime and illegal status but instead a program to initiate amnesty for all government and corporate-banking criminal activity that aided in the NAU and planned de-industialized agenda from TPTB. Too big to fail is too many to jail. New prisons and privatization of these facilities are better filled by lone wolf carbon criminals who dare utter common law in lieu of global statutory laws written into the UN World Constitution being drafted for release before the year 2020. Forgiveness for the profiteers of Agenda 21 triads merely erased by the same type of process that gave Big PhRMA a vaccine pass free from lawsuits versus clinical trials and adequate testing. Similarly the criminals will have the same kind of immunity. Evidence just isn’t what it used to be. Now it’s all about thought crime and intent.  Eric Holder justice played this out  quite well.

Everything is now under a vague or secret agreement. The rules are independent of law. At some point the rules will be universal yet we will only have the laws. The Agenda has become bigger than the law. The LIBOR scandal, derivative Ponzi and “too big to fail” set the precedent.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is Obamacare which is the ‘executive action’ which is the ‘non-impeachable’ offense by the Congress and ‘defendable’ action by the Supreme Court. There is no separation of powers in America. That has been proven already. There is only the separation of -in the cloud- and under the cloud. All the traffic, technology and terror that operate above and below the cloud are separated by sender and receiver, immunity versus softkill, auto-immune and us, the deficient. Yes, they are immune in all ways and the means are unrestricted to which they accomplish their agenda. We the unfunded liabilities, the coto and those like are yet to see the way we fit into the TPP and WTO under Obamacare but I think we have a pretty good idea how they plan to correct the problem. We certainly see how leveraged debt they have is obtained and this should tell us how they expect to resolve the matter. You either get onboard the cloud and accept your slavery or die under Skyfall.  (secret TPP)
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Interstellar, Rockefeller and the coming Grand Delusion


A great analysis of the mind control movie  INTERSTELLAR here and the psy-ops  associated with the transformation of life as we know it.

Film poster. Cooper as Odysseus, preparing for his journey.

This supports my 1985 theory on World Government from my humble beginnings. I dismissed the purported explanations and claimed the Challenger space shuttle and KAL007 [Lawrence McDonald “hit”] as the process of tearing down America. This included the US Space program hoax for a more covert World Program into the dark arts of EMR HAARP DARPA and Chemtrail programs. The core element of this Agenda before the term Agenda 21 was the project Bluebeam and the power of the EVAN spectrum to advance the psychological research beyond the Church Senate Hearings [MK-Ultra]

They simply moved the project out to the University research, covert black military corporate sphere and under the cover of government expenditures and thefts. Certainly the drug money laundering has funnelled necessary funds to the project. A clever TRIAD has multiple benefits and wastes no energy in force when operating at peak efficiency.

The alternate flip from JFK to Obama in regards to American supremacy stands out better now we have had an opportunity to see it in action. Though JFK was a player, he had specific goals with regards to bringing down the Soviet Union as they were not in the globalist cabal at that infancy stage of transition to One World Order and the takeover we see to a UN based cover elite world dominance. Simply a committee of a 1000 points of light fronting a Cartel Mafia world ruling class. Genetics are the basis for who is of the bloodline. JFK was a mongrel though one of the bloodlines of the 13 illumni.

He did his part as his predecessors to push the fraud of ‘America to the Moon.’ This agenda took a cold war, several swindles and much blood until MaGog Bush #1 managed to orchestrate the fall with Gorbachev. The de-industrialized period would immediately ensue. What Bush I, Clinton and Bush II would do is follow up on the same financial tactics to bankrupt an already bankrupt sovereign nation. But they would assure it with tripling the debt per cycle. Now the door was open for the change, the transition of formal power to the global consortium ala Barry Soetoro.


War of the Mind is WWIII and anything else small potatoes in Regime change. No global warfare again will ever disrupt the revelation of the years of peace. Only under the subaudible and infrared will war rage. Above and below the human perception spectrum, the inception and deception thrive under the NASA-NAVY-NATO-NIST-NOAA-NGO (22) segment of the pyramid. From our tax dollars we have laid the funds at our graves, enough for a royal service and though we will never receive the kings burial, we will enjoy the fruits of ‘Troix Pommes Bleues’ in Project Bluebeam.


What Operation Paperclip provided to the New World Order was partially GLADIO and the continuation of the NAZI criminal empire in ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, BLUEBOOK, MONARCH, etc etc etc (see CIA wiki page) The truth always points to Germany, France, USA in the TRIAD geo-politically, while Italy, Britain and Switzerland were handling banking and financial ops. The European Union consolidating the centers including research paperclippings from the Dutch Nederlands, Austria-Hungary joiners culminating in the Polish coup killing the last remnants of that sovereign. The Skyfall meme I use always connects the financial to the airborne because bluebeam is all about the money and flying economy. All aspects of Bluebeam will be airborne and this includes killing nearly an entire government as was the case in the Polish downing of TU-154 (6) but not to exclude the real culprits of chemtrail aerial assaults and electromagnetic modulations.


The North American Union through the NAFTA War on Trade, World Terror network now consolidates the EU sister governments throughout Canada and South America. Geo-political borders are real but sovereign borders mean nothing to the maps of the NWO. Miss Teen South Carolina was wise not to waste memory on such meaningless data as sovereign borders and such, such as….such.

In the final analysis as we attempt to survive the coming remaining portion of this decade, I think the most important key to thriving will not be our external prepping but more the protection of our data and memory. What Kubrick wanted to impart was that it will be internal and not external where the odyssey will end. The elites have no plans to populate other planets or worlds, the NASA propaganda and holyrood presented theatre is all a hoax. We have nothing on Mars, nothing on an asteroid or comet but we are close to entering a wormhole in our mind. The global Mafia will vacuum our virtual reality into a singularity driven visual cortex and swept hippocampus. An American Spring cleaning of the terra firma in terror forma under the Grand Delusion will provide all the reality needed to migrate the masses into the abyss by an assault and a meaconing of the true cosmic awakening to our potential and understanding.


Obama will run the gauntlet with the GOP committee in tow like a comet and the TPP Trade War on Terror will tie up the Asian Union and put the final death knell to sovereign financial freedom, US Mexico relations with Immigration-gate and the NAU final touches at which time the bluebeam of ENMOD and catastrophic events will be initiated. A simple signature from the left hand of illuminati I$I$ will transfer the largest power to globalist centers of operations.  The only obvious clue has been the master undertaking of keeping the financial system balancing on the razor edge. Once it tumbles, the trigger for the seven plagues begins. All beta tests run to date will go live.

How long the cycle runs and NASA clocks the time is based solely on the planets, Saturn for certain the key to Vortex.  Pluto lost it’s ninth position in the vortex but the truth is Mercury will rise. Once we understand the winter of Climategate we will know the heat and alchemy of Mercury. Just know the vortex shift is already known by the remote viewers and they are simply playing off the advanced knowledge and running the psy-ops and manipulations based upon data from the “N-Group” stated previously (5) which is all Military Industrial Congressional Complex entities.


Once the et al. arrives ( extra terrestrial / artificial life intelligence) the masses will have been totally drained. The Feminine/Neutered variety is what I suspect in this hologram graphical vortex presentation.  Mother earth gaia will follow the power storm and massive events of the ENMOD variety. What the Macondo event in the Gulf and other locations provided was the cover for the N-Group to plant the necessary power sources of undetermined origin or makeup to be triggered. We will see the volcanic, oceanic and seismic phenomenon ten fold over the beta tests of tsunami and seismic earthquakes past.

All the holyrood productions to date will form a programming already in the heads of masses. Those who have life here who have not been completely programmed by the electromagnetic visual audio network will find a fast track download via the ISS and Terra Base Camp G.W.E.N. and Milstar network.  The constant barrage of ELF and the iPAD Microwave system will assist in this process.  It’s not hard to isolate the points I have made to why the transition from Analog to Digital was of the highest priority and happened in record time for our “incompetent not”  savvy Congress and CIC.  You can also point to the ludicrous aspects of sending android and I-products to Africans under Fiscal eBola when we can’t even send medical supplies and food to the hungry. Any argument there?  Simply know that Obama is asking for six billion more taxpayer debt for technology covert systems to be implemented in AFRICOM.

Certainly, most of the virus we think they refer to is eBola, HIV and Malaria when in fact the code is simple. When Obama gets a virus update it really is an update as to the eugenics and mass killing they have for the African people. They are the virus as we are now as well.  Simple Illuminati fiscal policy is depopulation. As an asset once, we are now a liability. The transformation of “change” was primarily the tipping point or realization of the histogram of  sustainability; resource value versus human value.


Please refer to Obama’s “you didn’t build that” and you have to understand without prejudice that they are correct.  They could have killed us  decades ago but they had a plan and they needed assets to carry them out. So they guaranteed us prosperity here in the USA, Incorporated foreign entity. We, in America were chosen to create the Force One for the global governing body.  They feel they paid us well for building the largest economy of soft and hard kill industries from Coca Cola to Patriot Missiles. We paid them back in taxes we were never obligated to pay as appreciation for their charity and benevolence and now the job is over. A transition to UN-NATO will only require a skeleton crew of a billion global slaves based upon willingness to accept the premise of grateful servitude, ability, genomic polygenic grading, but most importantly sycophantic to the concept of  World Order Transhumanism and it’s associated religion of  Technoscientism.

Don’t be bitter, don’t be insulted. “Yeah, We Lied to The “Stupid” American People to Get It Passed” is a tip of an iceberg that has been floating for over two hundred years here in this deception and Mr. Gruber is a perfect example of who we had help us build this. Let him take a bow. He’s earned it. And for those who cannot accept COTO tenants and bluebeam as true revelations that they have built, they will have to wait a while longer to see the fruits of their labor.

If one is to minimize their power and think they have come short in the ability to execute this plan without fear of failure and predicted failsafes, they also will have a moment of absolute clarity to come. The tragedy is that this calibration may be the delusion of bluebeam and not the true reality of the time. You have to believe it to see it.


The answer in every study so far is that interstellar space travel is still centuries away but the distance of human consciousness to cosmic intelligence are no longer light years apart ~Puddy Dunne (Zeropoint)


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I Voted for “WTF?!” Something I Can Believe in.

"Go Ahead -- Keep putting lipstick on the next pig, and the next pig, and the next...WTF?!  Its still a pig."

“Go Ahead — Keep putting lipstick on the next pig, and the next pig, and the next…WTF?! Its still a pig.”

Veterans Day just passed away. With so many wars going on across the Risk Board, so much subterfuge happening on an international scale, massive spying on supposedly “free” populations, and all of it twisted, painted, and pooped out of the most gigantic Propaganda Machines the world has ever seen — do you think there are any “Conspiracies” working in the background? For power, profit, and prestige? Do you think? Many would rather not…think, that is. My opinion is, is it not self evident? All I have to do is read the wind, by walking outdoors, and looking up, and the chemtrails tell me something is “Amiss”.

Yet, I’m just going to post this link for your persual:

Lots to read in there, aye?!

You’re supposed to make the “connections” when you read stuff like this. As in — the banks are connected to political bones. The political bones are connected to the, military industrial complex (MIC) bones. The MIC bones are connected to the, main street media (MSM) bones. The MSM bones are connected to the, _____________ bones. See — its much simpler for me to ask the question, “Where’s the Truth, the Real Story?” for everything that crosses my radar screen. What isn’t rotten and tainted? Since so little is legit, I save myself a lot of time by being very cynical about EVERYTHING.

Try it! Political Spectrum? Right. What doesn’t stink? Banking? What doesn’t reek? Wars & Rumors of wars? Which ones are could even be construed as resting on high ideals? Which ones aren’t absolutely corrupt examples of “resource” wars? With the same banking entities funding and supplying BOTH SIDES of these paroxysms of mass death. Even the MSM gives up enough information for a deaf, dumb, and blind person to see through the smoke to the true “reasons” for these human calamities dressed up as “works of democracy in action”.

Really, the joke is on us all for not getting up out of our recliners and withholding our consent from every single one of these criminal activities floated as “reality” to the masses. From the bankers to the politicians, to the large and small players in these dramas, we MUST withhold our consent that it is O.K. for them to lie to our faces.

So, the new proposed AG is gonna fix things? HAHAHA!!! Or the next “new” political figurine? RIGHTO!!! More freedom quashing legislation to “protect” us from some concocted Zombie Boogeyman? WTF?!

Perhaps that’s the newest and only alphabet agency I will endorse… THE “WTF?” guys and gals. I can probably believe what they espouse.

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The Navy Seal who shot a wormhole




Well I thought “Interstellar” was going to be the greatest holyrood fabricated fiction of the year. I was wrong.  Of course COTO knows Timmy Osman or Tommy Isisman died in 2002-2003, and we know how many seals and other whistleblowers died including Benazir Bhutto who would have blown the whistle on this scam had she made the election without a Pakman Obamacare bullet in her head days before.



Fox Central is running the full monty on this crock of shit and I can only guess on the hoards of loyals planning on tuning in to this fantasy.

Matthew McConaughey May Have Given Away The Ending Of ‘Interstellar’ In A Lincoln Ad

In one of McConaughey’s three Lincoln commercials, he rambles on about the past, the future and the ability to rather ambiguously move through both. “Sometimes you’ve got to go back to actually move forward,” McConaughey says in the ad. “I don’t mean going back to reminisce or chase ghosts. I mean, going back to see where you came from, where you’ve been, how you got here, see where you’re going.”

No Matthew, I think the GOP want’s to go back and resurrect a ghost over and over again until it is fully drubbed into the vacuum heads of American Sheeple so we know where we are going when we find ourselves in another money pit of our blood for their treasure.



Osama bin Laden died afraid, says US Navy Seal who ‘fired the fatal shot’

No wonder, the poor stooge was an insurance salesman. This must be a payback to Pakistan for their interference in the plan for World Order.



Navy SEAL thought ‘we’re going to die’ at bin Laden raid

No but remember you may die any day now like the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), also known as SEAL Team Six or like Chris Kyle. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.  Hey Bobby, play it safe and see if you can catch a ride with Matthew McConaughey and both crawl into a wormhole.

P.S. This Interstellar is a big fucking psy-op from Agenda 21 studios and is full of Climategate CO2 carbon death , Majestic 12 Bluebeam and  Saturnia Illuminati pageantry . Save your money America and watch the Lincoln Lawyer again.

Biocosmic Bullshit!


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NSA alive & well at colleges: code MDA-904

Jon Rappoport's Blog

NSA alive&well at colleges: code MDA-904

by Jon Rappoport

November 11, 2014

These days, students are, for the most part, oblivious to how their colleges and universities are funded.

I’m not talking about donations from graduates and boosters, or revenue generated from televised football games. I’m talking, for example, about secretive government agencies.

CIA, NSA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

At Wikileaks, Julian Assange posted an overview (10/7/2007), “On the take and loving it—academic recipients of the US intelligence budget.”

Consider Assange’s stunning conclusion: “Over the last decade, U.S intelligence funding of academic research has taken on cavalier, even brazen qualities. This article reveals over 3,000 National Security Agency and over 100 Defense Intelligence Agency funded papers and draws attention to recent unreported revelations of CIA funding for torture research.”

Torture research. If people need evidence that the CIA’s MKULTRA is still alive, there it is.

Assange: “The NSA has…

View original post 565 more words

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The Mexican Candidate



There was something flying under the radar for months. The ongoing event known as Andrew Tahmooress, the PSTD Sargeant from Florida who took a wrong turn and wound up in Boystown Tijuana, Mexico and on to jail in Tecate.


Mysterious is the keyword here. I have followed it and been forced to watch Greta Van Simpson on Fox News to keep up with this program of this very strange event. At every turn this theatrical event by the blue team psy-operators made me scratch my head.  There were obvious political aspects of this that made the weirdness seem logical. Obama’s failure to own it in anyway was obvious. The Blue teams political attack on the administration, as a tail runner to Fast &  Furious was obvious as well. But the event itself and the slow motion of the seven months was somewhat surreal.  The immigration issue seems as old as the Mayan Temples, yet this issue seems to be the top issue of contention for the battle on the hill.

Some snippets from the googleplex:

Reports of what happened leading up to Tahmooressi’s arrest are mixed, and the Marine’s story has also varied since the date of his arrest. Originally, it was reported that this was the first time he had ever been to Mexico. Later, it came to light that he had been to Tijuana on at least six occasions before.  Many people have called the marine’s credibility into question, while his mother and U.S. Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Scott Peters claim that regardless of Tahmooressi’s  prior visits he did not have mastery of driving around the border area and that it was an honest mistake. – See more at:


The twenty-five-year-old has maintained that he missed the last exit back to the USA and entered Mexico by accident along with more than four hundred rounds of ammunition in addition to the three [3] weapons.   Some of the guns were reportedly readily available to the driver, loaded, and ready to fire.   At Wednesday’s hearing, the Mexican officials’ statements of what occurred on March 31, along with what one would hope is well-documented evidence (including video footage of Tahmooressi’s arrival into Mexico), will be presented to the presiding judge. – See more at 

Tahmooressi’s mother claims that her son was recently diagnosed with PTSD, and is suffering from severe directional dysfunction. If that is the case, shouldn’t that lead to questioning as to whether he should be transporting weapons at all, and especially in close proximity to the border. Also, leaving loaded guns inside a pick-up truck, in a parked vehicle, with other items such as a ladder in clear view does not seem like proper and safe storage. One would argue that a former Marine has a higher duty of care to the general population, and that he should have carefully navigated his route, and properly stored his weapons and ammo. – See more at: 


Several weeks after Tahmooressi’s arrest, a 911 tape of a call that he made to his mother was released. What is surprising about the tape is the fact that it was made at approximately 11:30 pm, an hour after he reportedly entered Mexico (not immediately after as many media outlets report). Also, his choice of words seem strange coming from somebody that is reportedly concerned about trying to return to the US. In the tape, Tahmooressi explains that he missed his exit and that the Mexican officials are “trying to take my guns from me.” When the operator affirmed that if he was in Mexico she couldn’t help he said “so, they have the right to just take my guns.” It seemed like his main concern was being left gunless, rather than figuring out a way to get back in to the US. – See more at:

The Marine sergeant arrested for carrying loaded rifles into Mexico contemplated suicide during a harrowing 214-day imprisonment that included beatings, chains and being stripped naked for hours at a time, he said Thursday during an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

“I was vulnerable, feeling very vulnerable,” Andrew Tahmooressi said of his initial days inside the La Mesa prison in Tijuana. “I know there are some messed up people in this world, and prison’s a good place to find them.”

___________[7-7 months]

The Marine sergeant arrested for carrying loaded rifles into Mexico contemplated suicide during a harrowing 214-day imprisonment that included beatings, chains and being stripped naked for hours at a time, he said Thursday during an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

“I was vulnerable, feeling very vulnerable,” Andrew Tahmooressi said of his initial days inside the La Mesa prison in Tijuana. “I know there are some messed up people in this world, and prison’s a good place to find them.”


US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi recounted his attempted escape from the Mexican prison he initially was housed at, after he learned of a possible attempt on his life by fellow inmates.

“I felt extremely afraid,” Sgt. Tahmooressi told FOX’s Greta Van Susteren, “I felt like it would be the last night of my life– and that these guys would kill me.”

“I had maybe climbed over four barbed-wire fences, and scared away a few dogs..” he said of his escape attempt.

Hmmmm again.

Sgt. Tahmooressi later explained that, upon his recapture, prison guards beat him and handcuffed him to a bed for an extended period of time.

Later, Tahmooressi, who faced the prospect of being jailed for 21 years, tried to kill himself by smashing a light bulb and stabbing himself in the neck, though guards discovered him and brought him to a prison hospital in time to save his life.

Tahmooressi eventually was moved to a safer prison in Tecate, where he remained until a Mexican judge ordered Tahmooressi freed on Friday on humanitarian grounds after he’d spent seven months behind bars. Tahmooressi, who had been living out of his pickup in the San Diego area while he sought treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder when he was arrested, returned to his family in Florida on Saturday.

Although Tahmooressi’s supporters have blasted President Obama for not doing more to get him freed, several politicians, including former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, members of Congress Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.; Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla.; Ed Royce, R-Calif.; and Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., were among those who worked to secure his release.

“The totality of diplomacy, the judicial process, the legal strategy and the importance of the American-Mexican relationship resulted in Andrew’s release,” Richardson said after the announcement. “And now we have this great outcome. Andrew’s coming home.”

Richardson told Fox News Tahmooressi is seeking privacy and still needs to receive treatment for his PTSD, something that wasn’t available in Mexican prison– a key argument put forth by defense attorney Fernando Benitez

Double Hmmmmm.

Seven Months no SSRI’s for his PTSD, his flippy-flop stories and the facts don’t add up. Where was he going really? When did he decide to leave Florida?  How much time in So. Calif?  Seven months of trauma and programming?  You can watch the interview here at I have heard this man on the phone and earlier interviews five months ago. Watch his interview and listen carefully and look closely.

Two tours in Afghanistan and seven moths in Mexican hands. I know Mexican jails I was in one after a wild night in zonas de tolerancia Matamoros.  Hmmmm. I wonder what will happen with Sgt. Tahmooressi. I  HOPE he will be okay but you know hope.



Worsening Condition

The longer this ex-Marine stays incarcerated, away from the treatment he was seeking when he wandered across the border, the worse his condition will become. PTSD does not necessarily lead to violence, according to medical experts. However, jail time itself is a new trauma and only serves to keep someone already traumatized in shock. The consequences on Tahmooressi’s chance at a peaceful life could be devastating.


There was a full interview over the weekend and expect it will be available shortly.

“I was like this is going to bring our family closer together and this is hopefully going to bring Americans closer together and America and Mexico closer together.”

“I’m going to be OK, everyone. I’ll be just fine, I promise you.”

– Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

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With Your “Programming”, How Do You Like Your News? 1 Lump or 2?

Is her surname prophetic?

Is her surname prophetic?



Your standard MSM MSN version — Lump #1 Fake sugar for the probable black appointee to the nation’s leading pResdident-Protector position, blocker of anything that might stain an administration. We could call this individual “The UnJustifier” as they treasonously stand in the way of needed and required investigations of all things requiring true justice for the American People:

Alternative News version — Lump #2 Providing some of the needed background that turns the fake sugar a darker color of gray-to-black:

This is a glaringly Obvious example for those of your friends who sop up the MSM soup, and operate in willful ignorance (on pretty much anything important; i.e. newsworthy).

Go back over the recent list of AG’s from Obama back through Bush, Jr., to Clinton, to Poppy Bush. Consider the wavy gravy these individuals slopped over so many scandals (those that we actually know about). Can this latest AG top even these? Quite a contest and challenge for her!

I just ran across this morsel that begs many questions? Such as, with the Lynch lady’s Federal Reserve “Pedigree” (i.e. Banker ties that are more like heavy chains); how can she protect anybody but those institutions she is beholden too? How? It is not possible! We’ve seen it repeatedly. NO WAY can any promises by any administrations promise anything but status quo — more of the same.

“Six years after the crisis that cratered the global economy, it’s not exactly news that the country’s biggest banks stole on a grand scale. That’s why the more important part of Fleischmann’s story is in the pains Chase and the Justice Department took to silence her.

She was blocked at every turn: by asleep-on-the-job regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission, by a court system that allowed Chase to use its billions to bury her evidence, and, finally, by officials like outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, the chief architect of the crazily elaborate government policy of surrender, secrecy and cover-up. “Every time I had a chance to talk, something always got in the way,” Fleischmann says.

This past year she watched as Holder’s Justice Department struck a series of historic settlement deals with Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America. The root bargain in these deals was cash for secrecy. The banks paid big fines, without trials or even judges – only secret negotiations that typically ended with the public shown nothing but vague, quasi-official papers called “statements of facts,” which were conveniently devoid of anything like actual facts”. GO READ THE STORY AT THE LINK ABOVE, and consider…

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The Deep Blue Oracle: Show Or No Show



Regarding: The ENERGY Paradigm and POWER shift.

The recent election data tells us how desperate things are when they almost had a NO SHOW. Was it the scalawags and carpetbaggers that went to the polls?

If it’s all about that base – the base that showed up last night sure as hell wasn’t a Democratic base. According to the Elect Project we had record low turnout. So…shaming people into voting didn’t work this time. If only we’d received more emails from the DCCC….Lowest was in Indiana which saw 36% turnout and the highest was in Maine with 59.3% turnout. We had the worst turnout since the 1940’s, and that was at a time when a good portion of the population was off fighting in World War II!

Exactly! World War Three rages on with the ENERGY drain campaigns of Project Bluebeam and Agenda 21.   Like the fake economy and money has no energy, neither do the human assets.   What better way to usher in the NEW and IMPROVED economy.

Agenda 21 and the Global Governors are aligned for the grand finale of the dollar and final act of  SKYFALL.  Skyfall has two things going for it.  Global currencies and domestic assets woven into a parachute that will fail regardless of bailing out before the crash.  The manipulators make certain no markets, currencies or commodities are free from saboteurs.

What remains is the final energy drain from the newly elected assassins and saboteurs and the I$I$ regime currently piloting the Malaise mother ship Earth.   The turbulence due to climate as rough as its been is nothing compared to the downbursts coming during the final approach to Skyfall. Read More…

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Obama Gets Ebola /_\ Update From I$I$ Response Team

11/4/14 = 911 (IS)




Obama Gets Ebola Update From Virus Response Team

Officials meet at White House to discuss with president how things are progressing.


Obama invites congressional leaders to White House |

Washington Examiner11 hours ago



It takes 1300

The Capitol Dome Will Get A $60 Million Face-Lift




DECISION 2014 and DECISIONS for 2015


Now it gets real ugly America , real ugly


Illumni sings nati


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Waiting for the Majestic 12


Tesla and his merry ELF

Well I have a history on HAARP and Vortex. From my postings regarding EVAN (electromagnetic visual audio network) to the fall of the Soviet Union, I have earned the status of a targeted individual. I have spoken of the editorials I sent to south Florida newspapers regarding several events including KAL007, the Space Shuttle Challenger and several other events related to the testing of Directed Energy Weapons being tested by US and Soviet military industrial research and we have seen multiple assassinations of scientists and officials who have been dumped in junkyards. Read More…

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Why Not Think for Yourself? Asking Questions & Thinking…a Healthy Option.

cotowhom.jpgI suggest going to the site at the link below, because the layout is as the author intended.  Also, scroll down once there to see if there are any other topics that are “in play” on your radar:

Info below from

“Two space ship crashes in 3 days?
I do not buy it, it is willful sabotage
The first one, an Antares rocket which was sent to re-supply the space station was willfully destroyed after a “telemetry error” was detected. Six seconds into launch. SIX SECONDS? WHY SIX? Anyone who hits this web site ought to know the significance of that number, it is basically a code for lying/clandestine action.

The Antares rocket was willfully destroyed even though despite the “telemetry” error, which does not mean “flight system error” it only means a communication glitch, the rocket was doing a perfectly normal take off and had not done anything visibly anomalous AT ALL.

I am going to call it – someone is sabotaging the private American space program and it is a group of people who practically worship the number SIX, including with a star. If you think they want what is best for America just watch the Ebola psy op continue and think again.

The latest? A short while ago (minutes ago) Virgin lost their space plane due to a “serious anomaly”. I beg to question – what was it? a Stuxnet anomaly? Come on now, it was only a FREAKING AIRPLANE WITH A ROCKET MOTOR, HOW DO YOU CRASH AN AIRPLANE IN THIS DAY AND AGE?

1. STUPIDITY – rule that out.

2. SHOOT IT DOWN, BLOW IT UP OR SABOTAGE IT. THAT is what we are looking at folks, I was doubting the Antares explosion was legit, but Virgin’s space plane sealed the deal, these programs are being sabotaged and that is all there is to it.

Go to Youtube and watch the Antares rocket explosion. While watching what happens, realize that there was NO MALFUNCTION THAT CAUSED THE EXPLOSION, it was someone pushing an auto destruct button to blow the engines out. Perfectly normal take off and POOF.
Then ask yourself who would want such a spectacular failure at the expense of America’s image. There will be your answer as to who had that rocket destroyed, and a tip towards any murder investigations that should be launched to expose what truthfully happened in today’s Virgin Galactic crash.

To be PERFECTLY CLEAR: The rocket had absolutely NO hardware failures, six seconds into launch it was simply stated to have developed a “telemetry failure”. Scammers in the media are saying ground control hit self destruct after the failure and before it hit the ground, but in reality, the initial explosion WAS THE AUTO DESTRUCT, and the lies surrounding this prove something is being covered up.

DISCLAIMER: What is America doing using cold war era soviet surplus JUNK for Nasa missions anyway? See anything flaky with that? I SURE DO. Blow up Afghanistan. Murder much of Iraq. Run Gitmo years after claimed shut down. Stock DHS with a billion rounds of ammo. Give APC’s to all police departments. Screwball Lybia. Stage a few beheadings, and at the end of all of that, when the money is gone, STICK NASA WITH OLD SOVIET CRAP. See anything wrong with that? That’s OK, because it is OBVIOUS they are going to try to kill off the rest of the “American dream” with an “Ebola” outbreak, real or not, who will care about NASA then?

Setting the stage for forced Ebola quarantines
Peter wrote:

The media story about Kaci Hickox disobeying quarantine and travel restrictions is designed to make the public start debating….civil rights vs. “public safety.” The wording, and the story, is written to lean towards fear, that she is jeapordizing us. And if that public mindset sets in, it’s a short step to a mass policy that can detain anyone. The governor is taking this case to the courts now, and arguing constitutionality. Precedent will be set.

To do mass public detaining, they need to make the criteria to detain as slim as possible, and the risk of exposure as great as possible. First, she had no symptoms and twice tested negative. So anyone within X distance of ebola places is a public risk. As far as how it can be spread….Now CDC says dogs may be able to transmit, while themselves showing no symptoms because they have natural anti-bodies. This means anyone connected to a dog who has been around other dogs who have been near ebola patients, will now put people at risk. Im not saying this is exactly what they will do, but it exemplifies the ease they can take this case, make connections that link anyone to ebola, and recommend quaratine at risk of jail time. LA times just reported california will enforce this policy, as a misdemeanor criminal offense if disobeyed.

My comment:

It could not possibly be any more obvious that the people running America want either a real pandemic or plausible grounds for fronting a fake one. And despite being totally busted three times – even with Nana Kwame’s expose, Eric Duncan’s proven service as regional director of the Peace Corps for Liberia, and the girl saying right to the cameras that Doctor Spencer is NOT the guy they are pushing for the Ebola scam in New York, they are not giving up on this. They are going full steam ahead, truth and exposure be damned.

This means there is an agenda with this one that they will not back off on no matter how badly the scam and agenda is exposed. In the past, they would back off. Why is this one different? And why are they still allowing flights to and from the “Ebola zones”? Why are they now saying Ebola spreads like the flu, and thrives in the cold? What about the dog story? All of it is PATENT B.S., WHY are they not backing off?

ANSWER: They are religious zealots with a deadline to meet. Their recent actions proves something is amiss with them, and they are going for broke. Whatever the deadline is, it is now OBVIOUS that they HAVE TO get everyone “vaccinated” with a shot of dubious origins within a very short time window. The sheer brazen nature of it all proves that this is a do or die situation for them, and it totally discredits the entire “Ebola” meme. It makes it all obvious THEY WANT THIS, IT IS THEIR BABY and PROOF is in the fact THERE ARE NO HOLDS ON FLIGHTS FROM THE EBOLA ZONE.

It is the job of the government to act in the best interests of the nation it “serves”. When dealing with the safety of its citizens, America is NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT POLITICS IN AFRICA. The fact that flights are continuing unabated means one of two things, either: 1. Ebola is not real at all, and they need a ruse, OR 2. They really want this pandemic to spread as far and as fast as conceivably possible. Either way, they are playing the role of an enemy, AVOID THE SHOT AT ALL COST”.

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Election 2014 – Death & Taxes

The Two Party Paradigm and the Third Party NWO


     (think tank)

Klain2 Klain1


Third Way is a Washington, D.C.-based public policy think tank. – wikipedia

Founded in 2005 by former staffers in the Clinton administration,[1] the organization develops policy ideas, conducts public opinion research and hosts issue briefings. The organization has four policy divisions: Economics, National Security, Clean Energy, and Social Policy & Politics. Third Way develops and advocates for policies that it says represent the “vital center”.[2]

Third Way was honored as “2013 North American Think Tank of the Year” by Prospect, a British monthly current affairs magazine, for its “original, influential, and rigorous work on the most pressing challenges facing people, governments, and businesses”. In 2012, the first year that Prospect issued a prize for North America, the award went to The Carnegie Endowment. The judges commended Third Way for “making a real impact on debate in the center ground of American politics”.[3]

The board of the Third Way is made up almost entirely of investment bankers and other Wall Street executives.[4]

Contents [hide]
1 History
2 Areas of interest
3 Notable people
3.1 Board of Trustees
4 Examples of policy work
5 Specific topics
6 See also
7 References
8 External links
Third Way was founded in 2005 by Jonathan Cowan, Matt Bennett,[5] Jim Kessler,[6] and Nancy Hale[7] in the wake of the 2004 election as a policy, messaging and strategy “idea center” and think tank. The organization was dedicated to understanding the wants, needs and expectations of self-described Moderate left leaning Americans, who comprise 44% of the voting public.[citation needed].

Areas of interest[edit]
Third Way’s President and Economic Program director made the case that progressives needed to reorient themselves and set forth a modern agenda focused on growth and middle class success for the 21st century in an opinion piece published on the Politico website in 2010.

Third Way has four major policy programs: the Economics Program[8] focuses on helping the middle class in America in the midst of growing global competition. The National Security Program[9] aims at issues of security and the US military. Third Way has also undertaken a program on [10] clean energy intended to influence policy decisions on reducing carbon emissions. In the fall of 2010, it unveiled a new Domestic Policy Program[11] to examine issues including poverty, education and the politics of the center. The Domestic Policy Program also includes Third Way’s Initiative Culture Initiative, which examines how progressives handle contentious culture issues.

Notable people[edit]
CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider is a Resident Scholar and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Third Way. A few of the staff members for the organization now work in the Obama administration and several former Third Way Honorary Co-Chairs serve in President Obama’s cabinet including Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.[12]

In February 2011, Third Way announced [13] that Assistant House Democratic Leader James Clyburn (D-SC), and U.S. Representatives John Dingell (D-MI), Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) and Jared Polis (D-CO) would be joining as Honorary Co-Chairs.

On October 6, 2011, Jonathan Silver, the director of the Department of Energy’s loan office, and a figure involved in the Solyndra loan controversy, resigned and become a distinguished visiting fellow at Third Way; Department of Energy officials stated that the decision was unrelated to the controversy.[14][15]

A Third Way sponsored a report written by William Galston of the Brookings Institution and Elaine Kamarck[17] of Harvard University’s Kennedy School entitled Change You Can Believe In Needs a Government You Can Trust.[18] The report analyzed Americans’ trust in government and reported it was in serious decline and could present significant challenges to the Obama administration’s agenda.

Third Way contributed ideas regarding health reform debate that were eventually enacted into law. The often repeated message that health care reform would deliver “stability and security”[19] to the middle class traces its roots to a series of Third Way reports and memos issued in the spring and summer of 2009. Third Way’s work was described as having “really become central to the White House’s message”.[20] A Third Way op-ed published in Roll Call in late summer 2009 urged progressives, upset by early reports on the contours of the bill, “Don’t Pass on the ‘Next New Deal'”.[21]

Several policy ideas generated by the organization have been developed into congressional legislation. For instance, Third Way developed the policies framed in “Spurring Weatherization Investments in Rural America”, which was introduced by Representative Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) as the Rural Energy Savings Program.[22] The legislation was lauded by liberals.[23]

Third Way works with Senate Democratic leadership, including Senator Dick Durbin, to help define policy ideas and strategy.[24] In the wake of the loss of control of the House after the 2010 elections President Obama appointed former Third Way Trustee William Daley to replace Rahm Emanuel as White House chief of staff. This decision was intended to signal to the nation the administration’s prioritization of economic growth and a willingness to work with both parties.[25]

Washington Post columnist David S. Broder and National Journal political analyst Charlie Cook devoted columns to Third Way’s June 2010 poll on the economy, conducted with the Benenson Strategy Group, suggesting that support from the middle-class for the Progressive agenda might have begun to waver.

The shooting of Third Way’s Honorary Co-Chair, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in January 2011 sparked a national conversation about the risks of heated political discourse. Third Way attempted to reconcile the two parties in Washington during the 2011 State of the Union. Breaking away from the 98-year tradition of partisan seating, Third Way successfully pushed for members of opposing parties to sit together at the President’s annual address in 2011 and 2012.[26]




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A Thousand Points of Light – Agenda 21


crI$I$ and Fiscal eBola – A World Order Trade Organization and Agenda 21 Project: Decoding the International Military Industrial Complex



Safe Zone



 The IRC in Atlanta recently implemented a workplace LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer) Safe Zone initiative.  This initiative demonstrates the IRC’s commitment to being a safe, inclusive environment for all refugee clients.


AfriCON: The largest eugenics project to date

Before the outbreak of the deadly disease in Kenema, the epicenter of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Tamba was part of the International Rescue Committee’s reproductive health team, saving the lives of women with pregnancy complications and child birth. But when the first cases of Ebola started to appear in the district, he had to shift his attention to fighting the disease.


George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine






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The World Series of Eugenics – Decoding ISIS and Ebola


Who’s on First? (correct, WHOs on first)

WHO High-level meeting
on Ebola vaccines access
and financing
23 October 2014

Ebola – Industry Leaders Meet to Discuss Vaccine Trials, As UN Agencies Continue Aid Push

WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015

The World Health Organization says millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready for use in 2015 and five more experimental vaccines will start being tested in March.

WHO.ORG OCT 27. 2014

Main conclusions reached

Impact of vaccines on further evolution of the epidemic
The meeting concluded that vaccines will have a significant impact on the further evolution of the epidemic in any scenario, from best-case to worst-case.

Financing of vaccine development, clinical trials, and vaccination campaigns
The meeting concluded that funding issues should not be allowed to dictate the vaccine agenda. The funds will be found.

The meeting concluded that neither affected countries nor industry should be left alone to bear the burden should lawsuits arise following possible adverse reactions to an Ebola vaccine. To respond to this potential problem, a proposal was made to establish a “club” of donors, in collaboration with the World Bank.

The timing and quantity of vaccine supplies
The meeting concluded that the timing and quantity of vaccine doses should not constrain the design of clinical trials. Industry confirmed that enough vaccine doses would be available.

GlaxoSmithKline’s monthly production capacity for purified bulk vaccine was expected to rise from the current figure of 24,000 doses to 230,000 by April 2015, if they can be filled for release. NewLink’s bulk vaccine manufacturing capacity for the Canadian vaccine was noted to vary, according to the dose selected, from 52,000 doses to 5.2 million doses anticipated for the first quarter of 2015.

Design of protocols for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials
The meeting concluded that randomized controlled clinical trials were the gold standard in terms of yielding reliable scientific data for the analysis and interpretation of efficacy. A stepped-wedge design could also yield useful and meaningful data during the special circumstances of the current epidemic.

The first shipment of Ebola vaccines arrived in Geneva and were stored at the Geneva University hospital in October 2014.WHO/M. MissioneiroThe 1st batch of experimental vaccines, VSV-EBOV, arrived in October 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, and were stored at the Geneva University Hospital.
Priority uses of vaccine when supplies are limited
The meeting concluded that health care workers, including medical staff, laboratory staff, burial teams, and facility cleaners, should have first call on vaccine doses while supplies remain limited. Vaccination of health care workers in the three countries was judged feasible during the first quarter of 2015.

Regulatory requirements
The meeting concluded that the licensure and authorization requirements of regulatory authorities should be streamlined and harmonized, enabling the rapid introduction of vaccines for clinical trials and general distribution, yet with no compromise of scientific standards. In order to deliver the number of doses on the schedules proposed by the manufacturers, regulators must work closely with the manufacturers to find ways to overcome a number of regulatory hurdles.

Urgent measures to improve readiness for clinical trials and vaccines
The meeting concluded that two preparatory measures should be given the most urgent priority: community engagement and social mobilization to prepare populations to understand and accept clinical trials and vaccination campaigns, and the building of basic public health infrastructures, especially given the considerable logistical challenges facing health services in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Coordination and alignment among multiple partners
The meeting concluded that a mechanism or framework must be urgently established, relying on WHO’s convening and coordination powers, to get all partners working in tandem, according to a single agreed plan and aligned with industry’s “critical paths” analysis.

Determination to finish the job
The meeting concluded that all efforts to develop, test, and approve Ebola vaccines must be followed through to completion at the current accelerated pace, even if dramatic changes in the epidemic’s transmission dynamics meant that vaccines were no longer needed., read entire report

Decoding Fiscal eBola and ISIS is as easy as 123.  Avatar – Contagion – Hunger Games.

WHO’s on First?  The World Bank/IMF, UNESCO and the apparatus that will provide the global reconnaissance.  Example: Who is the lead team?  Why Doctors Without Borders, WHO else?


WHAT’s on Second? (that’s correct, WHATs on second)


crISIS ISIS Acumen

Who is The Independent Production Fund? And why do they no longer need funders?

Why did Obama send 1he 101st Airborne? (101 elementary Watson) To protect and move the Kenema Biological Research and Airborne eBola laboratory to a new safe house.

WHO is ISIS? (that’s correct, WHO is ISIS)

CSIS  Center for Strategic and International StudiesThe pipeline approach (stepped-wedge design)


ISIS or IS is simply the network of Global Think Tanks and key members and administrators through the upper echelon in the Committee of 300 and Club of Rome.  International Studies and United Nations apparatus. A global 1000 points of light that cover the Foundations, Think Tanks, Corporate Partners, United Nations Group and Elite Banking Interests. The crISIS group are just key members of the illuminati who rise to the top of the heap. IS is crISIS is International Studies for Agenda 21..

If you get a quick education on Prototyping, Protein Vaccines RNA and The pipeline approach (stepped-wedge design) you will see the reason for all the events that make no sense as a carefully crafted beta test and study of the bioweapons, the vaccine protein brain indoctrination, sterilization and softkill of a series of biological control groups being selected around the world. Not just eBola but the enteroviruses, chemtrail pathogens and other assorted HiNi variant viruses and the control groups though random are race specific, genetically focused and being operated in multiple segments and not just biological eugenics but also in environmental sustainability.  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), for example as well as World Bank financial data is what will drive the ultimate determinations for depopulation and global models.

The information I provide is from endless research into the connectivity of these organizations and the Octopus represented by the eight segments.  Governance, Financial, Food, Water (resources), Environmental impact , Sustainability, Climate CO2, Genetics, and  Psychological preferences. What Fiscal eBola is, only represents one agenda in the sphere of Agenda 21. George Soros and Bill Gates are consistent in Monsanto GMO even down to the Marijuana and war on drugs. The Open Society wants it legal but transformed to a product that will alter the user into the fold of mind influencing stimuli.  We are running out of time and options on a day by day basis now. I suggest heirloom seeds, water filters, storable food, information gathering for home remedies and planning. The WHO says the transmission target is 6 to 9 months. Eventually they will move from random assaults in small petri dishes to the larger laboratory..

The simple fact is that if we don’t have a crISIS or War, the Derivative Market will implode. As I have alluded to in past posts there are two ways to solve the matter. Kill the debt or kill the creditors. The Toxic Assets in Carbon terms are we the people not those hidden behind the LIBOR gang and sitting on a ledger. Death is the new economy and Carbon credits, the currency.

The Syrian Petri Dish – Sample proteotyping DNA extraction

If someone has a bomb and it’s ready to explode, do we care if they know it or not? Does it make the bomb any less dangerous? We are aiding in our own demise. Why? Why’s on Third.


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Obola Gay Flies

It’s all in the hands of the man in Austin now … had I been paying better attention I would have known that the contest ended today,

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eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance


History is Prophesy put into action – PD

It’s not hard to gather the material that formulated Agenda 21.   There are broad strokes on the vehicles and vectors of our present predicament. Just as history has shown, the vortex provides the mathematics and allegoric  symbology of the global shapers of the world.

The EnOLA GAY was nuclear and the EbOLA GAY is biological.  The E is Enterprise.  The Master Architects have offered us the material to understand the agenda but our current MALAISE has made it impossible to decode and absorb the matrix of psychological operations, propaganda, fraud, forgery and fabrication.  Thats represented by the I (eye) The eye is 9. So is the I.  Look it up on your I-Phone.   It’s the control of technology and information.

Let’s revisit the Club of Rome who represent members from every acronym we bounce around the blog. The CFR, TC, COR, KOM, ISIS,  CIA, RIIA, RAND, JASON, AI, SRI, BIS, IMF,MIT,  MITRE, NATO, UN, etc. etc. have managed to muddle the message through massive amounts of NGO white paper dumping. The Council of the  Club of Romes,  First Global Revolution is not one of those documents.

Fiscal eBola is a Beta test for the mechanisms of Change / Transformation to the system of Agenda 21. It combines the Foundations, UN, Corporate, Banking, NGO and current international governments into an International Level Exercise of the One World Singularity or Solidarity if you prefer.  It explains why Obama is relatively missing in action.   This is a transition from sovereignty to global control and the ebola event  is based upon this transition which requires induction of the Third World to the Second World and the decline of First World to Second World status.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, the dialectic was termed as transition by collapse by design in prophetic disclosures in World Problematiqueand ‘World Resolutique.’

Here’s how it works from their own words. I have chopped it up pretty well but the gist is there.  The missing pages of the document are fairly easy to decode.   Turn the prophecy into history. Aid it, abet it and use force where necessary or supply the energy to allow others to achieve it. Then institute the synthesis into a central power and solidarity that make the global governance a manageable and sustainable elegance.

Read snippets

Read More…

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Catch eBOLa at Fore – Kansas City Nightmare

“Made it just in time, boy you made it just in time”



Well what can I say.  This appears to be something I can pin to BLOOD ALLEY and the 38th Parallel.  811 Alert. It appears to be 6 to 9 months according to the Doctor WHO’s.

I have bored you all to tears with the maps and focus on the numerology of GPS  and what the COMMITTEE  RULES must follow in the program of operations. Whether staged or real events, they do follow the numbers. For those who do not believe you can skip this post.

I heard and watched this doctor speak and he seemed quite credible.

  • Missouri Doctor: Suspected Ebola Patient Witnessed ‘Bleeding Out of All Orifices’ Alex JonesInfowars: There’s a war
    Infowars7 hours ago
  • Doctor: Health Authorities Covering Up Ebola-Like Cases in U.S. Alex JonesInfowars: There’s a war on for your mind! Infowars8 hours ago

    I think the counter claims are a little to numerious. Here are a few.

    Not in Kansas City Anymore -Snopes

    Ebola crisis hits home for Kansas City’s West African community

    Preparing or staging???????????????????????????????

    KC area hospital prepares for possible Ebola outbreak
    Read more:

    I am reminded of the prophets words done in song. I can only tell you what I think and what is possible.  We are not done with 811 and never will be until the NASA clock sounds its bell.

    I don’t know what enterovirus mystery there is moving across the breadbasket right now and I can’t tell you if eBola is eBola or some cocktail weaponized brew of Black Plague and Marburg. But I can say its not over and we will get this and other EMR based assaults may they be the MAdrid Fault Earthquake or a big time EMP Grid assault to back this ISIS created TRIAD. I have heard from some Patriots in Missouri that they saw Lime filled Body Bags being unloaded from WalMart trucks in South Kansas City.  Ground Zero may be Overland Park.  I also realize that the WORLD SERIES will come back to KC for the 6 and 7 game if necessary. I think it might be necessary if they want to set off a fake bomb. I mean a powder Bomb like Boston and include some talcum of unknown source. Wouldn’t that be so typical of a staged or even a real event?  I’ll leave it at this with the song of the prophet.

    Catch Bull At Four:  Kansas City Nightmare – Yusuf Islam



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    “When you hear hooves, look for Zebras instead of Horses”

    Here are two news items related to the killing of the Malaysian Airlines flight to Ukraine, defendant did to Russia, and the death of a passenger especially important as an expert in infectious diseases such as AIDS and the Ebola virus. These coincidences too obvious to go unnoticed. also reported this news that can not ‘leave puzzled and suspicious.


    Glenn Thomas, a leading consultant in Geneva, an expert in AIDS and, above all, Ebola Virus, was on board the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines cut down on the border between Ukraine and Russia.

    Glenn Thomas was also the coordinator of the media and was involved in the investigations that were bringing to light the issue of trial operations of Ebola virus in the laboratory of biological weapons at the hospital in Kenema. Now that this workshop was closed by order of the Government of Sierra Leone, more details emerge about the interests that hidden behind its management.

    Bill and Melinda Gates have connections with biological weapons labs located in Kenema, the epicenter of the epidemic of Ebola developed from the hospital where they were going clinical trials in humans for the development of its vaccine, and now, following the opening of an informal survey, it appears the name of George Soros, through its Foundation, is funding the laboratory of biological weapons.

    Glenn Thomas was aware of evidence showing that the lab had manipulated diagnosed positive for Ebola [on behalf of Tulane University] in order to justify a coercive medical treatment to the population and to submit it to an experimental vaccine that, in fact, sent their Ebola. Glenn Thomas had refused to go along with the cover up, unlike some who work at our Institute of Health and are now are well aware that Glenn Thomas was murdered.

    The official channels of media have never reported a single news about the presence of the laboratory of biological weapons in Kenema, much less the disposal of closing or the order to stop the testing of Ebola by Tulane University. So, what other channels are left as this information becomes public domain, and are spread through social networks, even though the WHO and health care institutions refrain from releasing information and act?

    The billionaire George Soros, through the Soros Foundation Open Society, for many years has implemented “significant investment” in the “triangle of death Ebola” of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Therefore, George Soros avevaun motive to kill the WHO spokesman Glenn Thomas to stop the spread of news through official channels that the outbreak of Ebola was orchestrated at a table in a laboratory of biological weapons

    The Netherlands is a country stunned by the anger and the inability to explain the reasons for the disaster, so much so as to promote the investigation of war crimes. Even more confused is his Prime Minister who, after asking to repatriate the bodies of 40 victims MH17, states that “the remaining 200 victims will be repatriated by train.” But if the Dutch were only in 193, where they jump out of everyone else?

    Regarding the train carrying the bodies of the remaining victims remain many inconsistencies colossal numbers reported by different sources: international experts speak of 282 bodies while Kiev reports that the 5-refrigerated wagons there are 252 bodies. These figures suggest further to blows with the official list of 298 passengers.

    In all this chaos is particularly interesting is the total silence of the mainstream media about the news of the closure of the laboratory of Kenema published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health of Sierra Leone.

    News comes from

    Experiments top secret. A doctor who knows too much. A downed plane in order to silence those who might feel the papers. A mutant virus out of control. There is a “yellow” full of twists around the Ebola outbreak that has infected Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria, and now threatens the world. A long series of strange coincidences that depart from Kenema, the research center where he worked Shiekh Humar Khan, the doctor-hero who died on July 29 after being infected by the virus. Khan directed the laboratory where tests were carried out on the local population to find new cases. Laboratory which has a partnership with Tulane University in New Orleans, famous for the department of tropical diseases that searches sull’Ebola.

    The hospital in Kenema is also working with the Us Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, the sector of the American armed forces who is in charge of infectious diseases. Testing and experimentation, according to official statements, to find out yellow fever vaccines and Lassa fever to immunize soldiers. Testing of bio-weapons, new virus to be used in war, according to the local people that attacked the center of Kenema so that all those who came for the screening of Ebola came out sick. So much so that the Ministry of Health of Sierra Leone on July 23 has closed the lab and hospital, transferred patients in the treatment center of Kailahun and ordered the University of Tulane ‘stop the test on Ebola. ” What test? It is not explained. The ministry also ordered the CDC, Center for Disease Control USA, to “officially send the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation of the laboratory of Kenema.” About what is not clear. What was sperimentado?

    On a study published in July by the CDC and signed by Humar Khan, Randall Schoepp, Cynthia Rossi, and Joseph Augustine Goba Fair has reported that “the Ebola virus that has infected the Sierra Leone could be the result of a virus or a variant Bundibugyo genetics of Ebola. ” On July 31, the president of the small African country Ernest Bai Koroma has declared a state of emergency talking about the research of Dr. Khan and wondering if the virulence of Ebola has been obtained by a genetic mutation. Why is the virus that leads to hemorrhagic fever in Africa exists (and kill) for centuries staying within certain boundaries. On August also the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan began to wonder if there is a mutation of Ebola or a natural adaptation of the virus. Speaking of ‘variant man-made. ”

    Fourteen days prior to this declaration has died Glenn Thomas, an expert on Ebola and AIDS WHO. He was on board the flight to Malaysia Airlines MH 17 shot down by a missile. On July 17, he had embarked in Amsterdam to go to a conference in Melbourne, Australia, where apparently were announced important news. And, as was also the spokesperson for the organization in charge to speak with newspapers and television, there are those who see in breaking the Boeing 777 to the solution found to stop any revelations about his experiments without the knowledge of Africans to make vaccines and earnings millionaires with the spread of the epidemic. However, sacrificing other 297 lives. “Theses catchy but far from science,” according to Joseph Ippolito, Scientific Director of the Institute for Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani” in Rome.

    “The outbreaks occur systematically. May appear when we least expect it. ” And do not be surprised the United States President Barack Obama on July 31 has changed with an executive order the list of diseases for which it is necessary to quarantine inserting all those who present with fever and respiratory problems are contagious and so on risk to the pandemic. However, the influence is excluded. The mutant Ebola virus seems to move from person to person through sneezing and not just by coming into contact with blood, urine and body fluids of patients. Meanwhile, the California company Mapp Biopharmaceuticals is working together with the Canadian Defyrur at ZMapp, cocktail of antibiotics to treat Ebola. On 14 January, Tekmira, which has a $ 140 million contract with the US Department of Defense, announced the testing of vaccines in humans.

    Alessandra Zavatta

    Related Articles

    Russia accuses the US’ve created Ebola

    Ebola, can ‘someone do something?

    – See more at:

    Ebola, WHO, Bill Gates, MH17: The Connections
    Posted: 2014-10-08
    From: Source Share on TwitterFacebook

    Glenn Thomas was an AIDS and Ebola expert aboard flight MH17 on his way to an international conference in Australia when his plane was shot down and crashed in Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

    Was this all just an unfortunate coincidence? Or are there dots to be connected that mainstream news and media are keeping silent about? Who was Glenn Thomas and why haven’t we heard much about him?

    A sinister plot worthy of Hollywood

    According to my research, Thomas was a WHO media officer and coordinator investigating a US biological weapons lab in Kenema, Sierra Leone involved in conducting trial operations and testing of the Ebola virus.

    He was in charge of answering public and media inquiries about the World Health Organization’s view on this controversial bioweapons lab and what they planned to do about it.

    Dr. Sharon Schuetz of Lady Patriots mentions that Thomas found evidence of the lab faking positive results for Ebola through the help of Tulane University.

    Tulane University conducts bioweapons research on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

    They did this in order to pressure health organizations like the WHO to allow forced human testing with experimental vaccines, which would actually infect them with Ebola!

    In other words, there was a plot to infect human test subjects with the virus while at the same time experimenting on them to come up with a “vaccine”.

    The fact that the Sierra Leone government ordered the lab to stop Ebola testing and closed them down strongly supports the evidence of falsifying test results.

    A source says that Thomas refused to go along with the cover up. Another source said it was highly likely “that Thomas had become aware of the dangerous threat that the current Ebola outbreak coupled with the International Health Regulations represents.”

    He may have decided to do something to stop plans of using Ebola as a biological weapon to kill large numbers of people.

    Not the only target

    But Glenn Thomas wasn’t the only passenger on board Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 en route to AIDS 2014, an international conference in Australia where there was apparently going to be an important announcement to be made.

    He was one of more than 100 key researchers aboard, including Joep Lange, a leading AIDS researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society (IAS), and his wife Jacqueline van Tongeren from the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.

    According to Birdflu666 blog, “Lange was called a ‘giant’ in the AIDS research field, which means that he almost certainly knew that the HIV vaccine is a bioweapon causing AIDS. He would, therefore, have understood the implications of unleashing Ebola not just on Africa but on the world through experimental vaccines.”

    Eliminating all who stand in the way?

    I find it highly unusual for Thomas, Lange, van Tongeren and all these leading researchers on deadly and contagious diseases to all be in a single flight, which just so happens to be shot down killing them all.

    This reminded me of what my Physics professor at the University of the Philippines said. He quipped that whenever Physicists from my university attended conferences nationwide, they had to travel separately or else the population of Physicists in the Philippines would almost be completely wiped out.

    The question is, why has mainstream media been relatively silent about the sudden deaths of so many of these researchers in the aftermath of flight MH17’s crash?

    History repeats itself

    This “coincidence” in fact mirrors what had happened during the plane crash in Smolesnk, Russia in April 2010, when nearly half of the entire Polish government was wiped out – the president, top army chiefs, the central bank governor, the chief of secret service, and many more.

    Smolensk Plane Crash
    Image courtesy of The Guardian
    Again, why did the 100 top Polish leaders all fly on the same plane when this clearly violates security protocol common sense? And why were none of the journalists that usually accompanied the president in that plane?

    Well, Poland just happened to be the only country in Europe that refused to purchase and promote Swine flu vaccines during an outbreak in 2010.

    Connecting the dots

    With all these facts in mind, let us also consider the fact that reports on the Ebola outbreak started as early as December 2013, with red flags only being raised on March 2014.

    Where did the first Ebola cases originate from? Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Where is Kenema Bioweapons Lab located? Sierra Leone.

    Mainstream news had been very quick to cover this up by saying that the very first Ebola case started in Guinea and not in Sierra Leone. I’ll let you be the judge of that.


    I share the same perspective on “coincidence” as Jewish Rabbis do: there is no word for “coincidence” in the Hebrew language!

    Folks, this isn’t a Hollywood sci-fi movie. It’s real and it’s happening now. Let us not be deceived and distracted by those who are in power and who have an agenda of spreading Ebola and other lethal diseases through experimental “vaccines”.

    Breathe no evil

    Stephen Quayle, a well-known and highly-respected researcher and author, foresaw this happening and wrote about it in his book, “Breathe No Evil: Tactical Guide to Biological and Chemical Warfare.”

    During a recent interview about the Ebola outbreak, he mentions that he wouldn’t take any vaccine that the authorities would generate, even if they came after him with a bayonet.

    Liberian Scientist: US Department of Defense funding Ebola trials on humans in West Africa prior to outbreak

    Dr. Cyril Broderick, A Liberian scientist and a former professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry says the West, particularly the U.S. is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Dr. Broderick claims the following in an exclusive article published in the Daily Observer based in Monrovia, Liberia. He wrote the following:

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.

    George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine





    Additional Video from Dabboo77



    Connecting the Dots: Search COTO for Predictions

    WHO, CDC and the Detrick boys will advance this years Birddogpig flew H3N2 through aerial chemtrailing. The authorities will go into overtime selling the world on the ‘Everything Vaccine’ coming in 2013. It will be of the highest order and it will contain the most advanced eugenics and sterilization technology from previous testings.



    I think we can now connect the dots with a fairly clear picture.  I think the connections include ISIS,  Agenda 21, eBola and the everything vaccine, Both Malaysian Flights MH17 and MH370 (which is still flying) , 2012 Mayan psyop and Skyfall (the financial aspects of the TPP, WTO and World Bank derivative and coming crash.  Add the Ukraine and the TPP trading partners along with the WTO holdouts which include the key HOTSPOTS of Liberia, Syria, Iran, etc. and you can get a simple concept of what is a designed takeover that includes all the Mafia type persuasions. Extortion, Making them an offer they cannot refuse.   ZMAPP Rule One: “When you hear hooves, look for Zebras instead of Horses”  


    For Newcomers: Some history since July

    Zebranomics 101

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on October 19, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on October 16, 2014

    Runway 11

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on October 12, 2014

    Decoding eBola, ISIS and Agenda 21

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on October 1, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 30, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 11, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 10, 2014

    Agenda 21 from cradle to grave

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 8, 2014

    Malaise in the Haze 370

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 5, 2014

    Bella and the Jets

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on September 3, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 29, 2014

    CAPSTONE – 811

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 25, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 24, 2014

    One FORE! Seven and other illuminating Links

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 23, 2014

    The World According to HAARP

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 19, 2014


    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 15, 2014

    Dead Poets and other Illuminati Rituals

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on August 12, 2014

    eBola 911

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on July 29, 2014

    Malaysian Magic

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne on July 17, 2014






    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 21, 2014

    Who Writes the Executive Orders?

    When you consider the characters who have been President of the United States, folks will often assign them responsibility for the direction of the Nation, and perhaps the world. Policy and all that. But, take a look at the links below for the Executive Orders signed going back a fair piece. I think possibly sometimes we’re too hard on these cats. Do we really imagine that Obama and Bush, Jr. actually “thought up” any of these E.O.’s? Can we surmise that they read them all and “understood” them clearly?

    Point being — “Someone else” comes up with these pieces of paper, representing “policy” decisions, writes them, filters them through the lawyer bin, and spits them out for the PREZ to sign “into law”, going ’round Congress and all. Just my opinion. Which leads me to believe that surely there IS a Secret Government behind the Prez characters. That’s a Conspiracy I can believe in…

    Can you guess who might be the originators of these E.O.’s, and who greases the skids for them to end up on a President’s desk?



    When the levees broke


    Click on this link below and scroll down through all of these EO’s:

    Or View this site:

    “Barack Obama issued 191 executive orders between 2009 and 2014”.
    This is a good site, with Bush, Jr., Clinton, and Obama’s E.O.’s:

    Who took more “Vacation Days”, Bush, Jr. or Obama? This is an interesting article below:

    Posted by: Mr. M | October 20, 2014

    Ebola, the NSA and Lone Wolf

    It begins.

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 19, 2014

    Headless “Trojan Horse” Obama Galloping U.S. Over the Cliff

    Its not really Obama doing “anything”. He is a puppet of course. He spent Saturday GOLFING — did you? Could YOU afford the time and green fees? Most cannot.


    Today’s post provides a compendium of “Today’s Headlines 10-19-14” for readers to investigate in an efficient manner. You may also watch MSM outlets and compare information for “consistency”.

    What are WE missing on this subject?

    I will point to Puddy’s recent thread right below this one —

    I believe he is SPOT ON highlighting the Left-Handed BIG MOVE by the Globalists for TPP/TAP to be rammed through while the sheep are watching the Right Hand deftly producing (1) Problem, (2) Reaction, (3) Solution. In other words, WE are watching CHAOS being created for Obvious reasons, while the BIG STEAL/DEAL is obscured by the smoke, blood, mirrors, and seeming incompetence. You can bet the script was written on this drama quite some time ago. We are seeing a multi-pronged attack on humanity across many countries, no doubt scripted, funded, and fomented by those who are in the driver’s seat to PROFIT from the misery.

    James Kirwan is right on top of it and NAILS IT in his article for today — “The Exceptional Nation”

    Judge Piro “Goes Off!”

    Ebola ZOMBIE HOAX – ABC NEWS Richard Besser is former Director of CDC – BUSTED!

    Ebola is now in America, contrary to what Obama told Americans a few weeks back. And what is possibly more frightening than the incompetence of Obama and his administration, including the head of the CDC, Dr.Thomas Frieden, is the fact that ISIS commanders have said in no uncertain words that they will send Jihadists who are infected with Ebola to America”.

    Straight to the point: Liberian scientist nails Ebola cause (read and scroll down)

    Ebola hoax and the feared bleeding symptom – possible causes

    They are working hard to NOT enact a travel ban.

    Another unqualified bizCzar installed for “Homeland” management / Including Ron Klain’s curriculum vitae (Excellent info here, and Obvious questions asked):

    Obama goes golfing…

    While 101st Airborne (sic) won’t get hazmat suits, “because they won’t need them”.

    Also, National Guard troops get sent “out of U.S.” to Africa

    A travel “Ban” is said to possibly makes things worse?

    Obama giving 2,100 visa a week from Ebola Hot Zone:

    CDC Director Tom Frieden has admitted that from 100 to 150 people from the Ebola region are entering the U.S. each day. He reported the figure to a congressional committee:

    “Rep. Tim Murphy, a psychologist and founding member of the GOP Doctors Caucus, said the hysteria about Ebola reaching the epidemic level in the U.S. that President Obama is trying to calm is the result of people wanting answers and getting wrong information, which is typical in such situations”.
    “So many of those assurances have been inaccurate,” the Pennsylvania lawmaker told Fox News. “What creates panic is when people are given information that is proven to be false.”

    Murphy, as chairman of a House subcommittee on oversight and investigations, led a hearing last week on Ebola. He supports a proposed travel ban on West African countries that the administration opposes, saying some of its arguments are “absurd.” Murphy also said the so-called Ebola czar that the president appointed to oversee the federal response, Ron Klain, will not calm fears. “The American people are looking for knowledge and expertise,” he told Fox News. “He has none in these fields.”

    ‘Obama Seems To Want America Dead’

    Obamanation’s Illegal Czars

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 19, 2014

    Zebranomics 101


    Zebranomics 101

    World War II (aka GATT)

    GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade]
    GATT was signed in 1947, took effect in 1948, and lasted until 1994;

    THE NINE ROUNDS (aka assent to Agenda 21)

    WTC 1993 War on Terror (al-qaeda “the Base”)

    WOT War on Trade / WTO World Terror Organization

    Four other states, China, Lebanon, Liberia, Syria, were parties to GATT but subsequently withdrew from the treaty prior to the establishment of the WTO. The remaining WTO members acceded after first becoming WTO observers and negotiating membership. China has since acceded to the WTO.

    List of observers – wikipedia

    The following table lists all current observers.[12][29] Within five years of being granted observer status by the WTO, states are required to begin negotiating their accession to the organization.[12]

    Country Date of membership application
     Afghanistan 21 November 2004
     Algeria 3 June 1987
     Andorra 4 July 1997
     Azerbaijan 30 June 1997
     The Bahamas 10 May 2001
     Belarus 23 September 1993
     Bhutan 1 September 1999
     Bosnia and Herzegovina[a] 11 May 1999
     Comoros 22 February 2007
     Equatorial Guinea 19 February 2007
     Ethiopia 13 January 2003
     Holy See None[b] (Observer since 16 July 1997)[30]
     Iran 19 July 1996
     Iraq 30 September 2004
     Kazakhstan 29 January 1996
     Lebanon[c] 30 January 1999
     Liberia[c] 13 June 2007
     Libya 10 June 2004
     São Tomé and Príncipe 14 January 2005
     Serbia[a] 23 December 2004
     Seychelles[d] 31 May 1995
     Sudan 11 October 1994
     Syria[c] 10 October 2001
     Uzbekistan 8 December 1994
    1. :a b Successor state to a state that was a party to GATT.[13]
    2. The Holy See is exempted from having to negotiate full WTO membership.[12]
    3. a b c Was a party to GATT prior to withdrawing.[15][13]
    4. Membership terms agreed upon pending approval by the General Council in December 2014.[31]

    NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement (aka New America Free Terror Association)

    Intellectual Property (aka monopoly)

    TRIPS Agreement [Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights]

    WTC 911 September 11, 2001

    Doha Development Round (aka ISIS) 2001-2014

    Doha Declaration [Signed in Doha Qatar November 2001 [Qatar Terror Network and the country where the US has it’s largest Military Base of Operations] Qatar ISIS

    2013  Bali Package (aka Monsanto Monopoly GMO)

    2007 Bali Declaration (aka Climategate Hoax)

    Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPP (aka ISIS – Trade Profit Proliferation)

    PP Intellectual Property Chapter
    TPP Agreement Documents
    TPP Environment Consolidated Text
    TPP Environment Chairs Report
    Updated TPP Intellectual Property Chapter
    “Give your money to the ones who will spend it on jihad, not aid,” -Sheikh Hajaj al-Ajmi, Doha Qatar

    Do like the USA and Americans and spend your blood and treasure to support the ISIS effort

    AID = Jihad

    Zebranomics and the UNWO Mafia

    Behind the “thousand points of light”, the secret united nation world governing body, the foundations, NATO MIC and corporate sponsors and other corporate administrators operates the brain-trust of the transformation team. Behind the Club of Rome, Le Cercle, KOM and all the other enforcers and caporegime governments are the architects and designers of the global agenda.  Ultimately its about possession in all its true form.

    What separates the laws from the rules is possession. The degree of possession ultimately determines rank. Seeing beyond the Monetary aspects of the world financial hierarchy is where the real power lies. Though money is the root of all evil, the real rot of the root has nothing to do with money but the illusion of power over life and death. Money just facilitates the illusion and buys the energy needed to maintain the power and forces.

    When you look closely at the basis of the financial system and how it functions you can make your own decision about the reality or illusion it represents in your life personally and what degree you are willing to be possessed by its power and force.  Then you can go beyond that and see how it played out historically since the introduction of paper currency.  I have taken just the Market from World War II to date and corresponding Trade Secrets that illustrate the concept of Human Assets, Carbon Economy concepts and Slave Labor.

    World War II was an extension of WWI, an uncompleted process to implement a global framework that failed with the League of Nations. Obviously the wars accomplished the main objectives of population excesses, debt bubbles, and opportunity for central bank Rothschild  consolidation as well as treaty and declarations toward global authority and acceptance.  Never wasting opportunities the creation of the state of Israel and the balance of power for Japan and Germany were bonuses.  Possession of the hearts and minds were key elements of post war profit reallocation and redistribution to the global mafia and accountants.

    The inducements to join central power centers and globalist regimes are always monetary and history has repeatedly shown us that they always fail or at best come up way short of the assurances during the sales pitch.  It was necessary though in order for the Caporegime to be possessed by the Boss and its consiglieres.

    If you look at the GATT project (811) you see the Base of the Trade Terror network. You can review GLADIO as the foundation for the foundations to operated within the nation states for the ultimate possession of the sovereigns.  Further review should offer you a perspective to many events that were required to ratify the objectives of the Globalist Mafias agenda.  Though you may come up with slightly different players and avatars, the events always coincide with forces or power plays that were needed to move the agenda forward.  The Kennedy Round for example was the notable action taken to assassinate a president who risked the whole system. Not just the Silver certificate but the trade agreements and treaties that would form the present European Union. The French veto was a prelude to the Malta regime assassination. Later the Chicken Wars would have direct connection to LBJ and the Vietnam War.

    The WTO of 1994

    The timeline hits the mark at every pre-accession to the WTO by nation states. From the Marrakesh Agreement to the Doha Development Rounds of 2014, the observer states have had their persuaders and possessors applying the Terror Force Majeure that coincides with their adoption of the agenda and all it’s rules.

    [Four other states, China, Lebanon, Liberia, Syria, were parties to GATT but subsequently withdrew from the treaty prior to the establishment of the WTO. The remaining WTO members acceded after first becoming WTO observers and negotiating membership. China has since acceded to the WTO.]

    Time is Money and there is always interest to pay. In the fact above we have seen the action and forces that have shaped events and ultimately won the hearts and minds of the caporegimes in China, Lebanon, Syria, and  Liberia. Though China is complicated by Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau, the rest are easily identified by events and the timeline of Observer and the entry into force or forced to entry move. Regardless they all feel the hand of ISIS in play. Syria, Lebanon and  Liberia are either not meeting their obligation of accession  and are subsequently being targeted as the list above shows for prior accession observers. Libya, Bosnia, etc, etc etc, going back to 1948 and GATT can lay out a roadmap from Kissinger in South America Treaty of Rome to Herman Van Rompuy.and the Treaty of Lisbon, the underbosses and caporegimes are completing the Agenda 21 political and geographical design of the master architects for One World Government.

    The TTP Trans-Pacific Partnership aka ISIS will complete the Terror Trade Network and consolidate the Pareto Bretton Woods IMF global financial monopoly over the entire unsuspecting peoples of all nations.  Under the cover of chaos and confusion for the average citizen is a carefully crafted Declaration of World Order and dominance controlled by a United Nations based authority and international banking monopoly that will emerge from these seemingly separated regimes. The unifying process works the same as the process to induct the member states independently. Persuasion tactics and  possession will still dominate the force of entry into the world authoritarian council by way of financial, health and employment factors controlled by the intellectual rights, patents and trade regulations of this global development elite and the rules of force over life and death that have historically placed a value on a human being.

    The DOHA ROUNDS are a series of programs much like ISIS or  Fiscal Ebola presented as an audio-visual version of compliance to the Force Majeure of this invisible authority of enforcers who are funded, aided and promoted by the accountants of the Global Security apparatus and Mafia Bosses.

    The Bali factor has married the Climatology  of Weather Wars, Chemtrails, Carbon Economy, Food Supply and Control in such a way that the UN will have no problem getting the consensus of the Caporegime Unions formed by GATT, EEC, NAU-SPP and TPP to one mind. Population control, Climate change and Malthusian dynamics require drastic measures. What difference does it make at that point whether they accept it or not. The possession process is already complete. Comply or die under a Mafia Family ultimatum. We have seen this process in smaller micro-events around the world.

    We watch the famine in countries at the same time the farm subsidies are being doled out.  The TPP will make sure those subsidies will  remain in place, only under the TRIPS/DOHA scams that look to dump GMO, PhrMA and Toxic Products into the LDC’s (least developed countries) to eliminate the glaring reality of facts.

    The USA people have been the lab rats for eugenics and the health nazis for decades. The disease vectors and statistics follow the trade open markets of these toxic economies to the letter. The least developed countries have no disease excluding the Mafia’s pre-planned and aided campaigns from water contamination to GMO food imports under AID and the medicines and vaccinations and virus spreading programs from AIDS to Ebola. If not for these there would be no disease in lesser developed countries. Famine by  Environmental Modification have kept mortality numbers in sync but there has always been a glaringly obvious discrepancy to disease in First World and Third World nations.  This will be easily remedied by the DOHA AID and exceptions for third world dumping in exchange for their treasure and resources as payment.

    The Pareto Progression for Profit Proliferation has been modified from the original IMF based formula to the ancient Rothschild principle. Competition is a Sin. More like competing is a sin when you can monopolize the trade and hold the patents on life itself.  It helps keep the Pareto rule 80-20 in this crime family moving ever so higher as time goes on. The TPP will go further to assist the UN funding for the modified Pareto Efficiency in depopulation which is projected to be 80-90% reduction.

    The rule of allocation of resources in which it is impossible to make any one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off will work with extreme prejudice against those who fail to be persuaded or refused to be possessed and it’s the innocent people who will succumb. We the assets are assessed against the resources and though both are manipulated through the forces of the global syndicate we see the enormous numbers of citizens who have already been persuaded and-or possessed by the Zebranomics of the Master Architects and Magicians.

    There are coming events to time with the ongoing vortex cycling of the DOHA ROUNDS and TPP processes.  There are abundant disagreements by the twelve nation members as was the case with GATT and  WTO but the process continued to operate on the force and principles laid out here until they were put into force and the consensus had been reached.  Agenda 21 is the granddaddy of the TPP and all previous trade and environmental accords and if progress isn’t achieved at pace the level of force will be far greater than the WTO-911-Al-qaeda triad. We will see exponentially greater power unleashed and increased death as it works in favor of the main agenda anyway..

    Malaysia has been targeted as others previously. If you want a scorecard here are the Salt Lake positions in a well-formed document. This information from WikiLeaks is well presented and a very good initial education on a matter of life and death.

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 16, 2014



    I do not often repost a previous posting, but feel this one is of extreme importance. I want to stress COTO keep their eye on the ball.

    FISCAL EBOLA is FISCAL only. We can argue that the same form of Psyop as in Boston, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Ferguson and Benghazi are of the same variety only Dallas which sits on the I 35 corridor is GGroundZero USA for a Global Psyop right out of the Army Manual INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS 

    2-21. Counterinsurgency is those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic
    actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency. (JP 1-02) In counterinsurgency, HN forces and their partners operate to defeat armed resistance, reduce passive opposition, and establish or reestablish the HN government’s legitimacy. Military police units and Soldiers play a key role in counterinsurgency through I/R operations. (See FM 3-24.)

    FISCAL EBOLA is such an operation. I ask you to look at ISIS, eBOLA and Sandy Hook under the same microscope.


    Photos of our two infected nurses. Right out of CrISIS Central Casting?  Don’t expect the third to look like this;


    Nurse Ratched

    CNN Psyop Central and Faux News showed the second nurses arrival in Atlanta yesterday. She was in a Hazmat suit and walking on her own. No Gurney, no wheelchair. It’s funny that in all previous psyops there are never gurneys but an occasional wheelchair and falling prosthetic limbs flying about.

    We never saw any of the Sandy Hook kids who look like this;


    It is no surprise that Dallas was ground zero [index] as I have reported and sourced Dallas as a major hub  CIA and psychological operations.  We have also reported that Denver and Atlanta will be major Capital hubs under the North American Union NAFTA realignment. The I-35 Corridor the superhighway to connect the South America trade route to Canada. Read More…

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 14, 2014

    Airing Out Ebola

    So, WE gotta ask this OBVIOUS question — “If Extreme Lethal Danger is right outside my door, what should I do?”

    XXX If your answer is, “Open the door and let it in!”, then you qualify for a position in the current maladministration. You would also be guilty of a murder, manslaughter, or some similar criminal charge for “importing” the harm that came to everyone within your previously “safe zone”. One would think. If you can proffer any type of defensive “explanation” that would stand up in a legitimate court for the above scenario, then Please speak up in the Comments section here. — Carries quite a few new headlines everyday on Ebola. Can be used as reference material when forming opinion on this issue.

    Out of Africa

    Out of Africa

    Quote below from CDC chief in Dallas:

    “We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control,” Frieden said, “because even a single infection is unacceptable.” –

    Meanwhile, in the same article, we find the “chief of ?” meeting, talking, considering, consulting, and agreeing with “officials” that the “international community must redouble their resolve and commitment to stay the course and decisively address the Ebola crisis.”

    To this strategy of decisive wankering, wilst America’s borders remain OPEN to illegals of all stripes and spots, and while flights continue to “import” additional infected victims and vectors into the “Homeland” at 500mph + from a land far, far away…, Americans can say, “Good Job, Brownie”.

    A question of investigations being required for “criminal negligence” on the part of “officials” may gain traction should this Ebola Outbreak continue to expand in the “Republic of the Obvious”.

    Link from NeverAlways recently posted in comments section of thread here:

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 14, 2014

    Bad Weather Rising…Chemtrails, HAARP, Man-Made Catastrophes

    HAARP STATUS ALERT FOR SOUTHEAST was posted on 10-13-2014:

    Notice how Today, 10-14-14 has been looking?

    Check out this video on geoengineering. It is definitely worth your 15 minutes:
    “Rosalind Peterson addresses the UN on Chemtrails And Geoengineering”

    Recently posted by Puddy in the comments section of a thread here:
    Rating: Excellent!

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 14, 2014

    “So Where are We Now?” by Zen Gardner


    Click on it and go read it Toot Sweet!


    “It only gets weirder by the day. As the engineered ebola scare rolls out and ISIS supposedly closes in, the US and NATO are slipping into Syria as if no one is looking. Meanwhile, insane Israel is openly planning another Gaza massacre while the Ukrainian genocide continues. If that’s not enough, the economy is on the verge of collapsing, our food, air and water continue to be poisoned, our oceans and atmosphere are dying, communities are being fracked, and Fukushima continues to erupt while the massive Yellowstone caldera threatens to.

    Talk about engineered overload!

    Most people’s heads are spinning wildly and they’re trying to not think about this assault on their minds, hearts and senses. This is just the environment the manipulators want – an overloaded, stunned and compliant populace, ready to be swayed like limp seaweed in the tide of their polluted propaganda.

    This is a very important time to be aware consciously and not engage this news and information without remaining as aware and emotionally detached as possible. Keep an eye on things but do not partake of the poison between the lines. It is usually easily identifiable for the awakened but when there’s an avalanche of wave after wave of sensational events and news we can lose perspective and unwittingly fall prey to their toxic designs and intentions”.

    If you haven’t clicked on the link above and read this “on site”, then do it NOW!


    Perspective. Plus, WE ALL need to clean out the toxic fumes that have accumulated, and “re-orient” ourselves.

    Think about it?…

    We’re surrounded by a maelstrom of engineered of body, soul & mind-pollution 24/7 — unless we take definitive personal steps to disassociate, hide out, unplug, and regenerate “out-of-range” from the bombardment.

    WE actually need to sit back, chill-out, and think about WHO is sending all this “BAD VIBE” garbage our way?

    It Ain't Pretty Folks!

    It Ain’t Pretty Folks!

    I actually snicker to myself when I think about evil entities like Hillary, Anderson Pooper sCooper, Insane McCain, “Nobel Peace Surprize” Obomber, and the host of other digital scream Tribe Members trying to tell me how I should believe their lies. I mean — looong ago these scum bums earned my complete derision, adamant disbelief, absolute loathing, and righteous anger! You too dear reader, must “pull-the-power-plug” on ALL THOSE who are criminally anti-human. It really is — “You’re either for em, or against em”. To just sit wherever you are and withhold your own personal intellectual and moral support from creatures such as these — means “YOU WIN!”. THIS, is humanity’s STARTING POINT!

    When YOU CAN DO THIS — then, you have established your own personal Freedom of Your Own Mind, and Made a Choice “Not to Buy, and Not to Play”. This IS That Most Important Personal Freedom which is each of Ours alone to OWN. It is Our Choice to either Give or Withhold Our “Permission” for others to act upon us, act on our behalf or for us, act upon others of our human family, creatures, or environment. To give consent or assent, or to literally and figuratively say “NO!”.

    So…Have a laugh at these insane idiots expense. This ilk, that is ruining OUR world, fomenting and funding every God Forsaken travesty and tragedy we see going on around us, DESERVES OUR reproach, our “click-of-the-tongues”, our “wag-or-heads”, our complete and utter SCORN! They’re FREAKING CRIMINALS if you haven’t made note of it, and compared their actions to any moral laws that will always remain Universal.

    So go ahead! FEEL your righteous anger Burn. Laugh in scorn. Point, Puke, and ROTFLYAO at these puppets because their Show cannot go on. It cannot continue to roll from town to town. Their Big Top has got to come down. Because They have gone too far. Far beyond the bounds of belief required to keep humanity in thrall. Their entire Circus, the entire facade, their memes and momentum can be seen to be falling down around their ankles at every turn at the podium. That’s why I snicker and point, guffaw and tsk tsk. Because They are so hideous and ugly, and NAKED, and — They Know it Not

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 12, 2014

    Runway 11

    Malaysia  ebola = 8

    Fall Fashion


    777 = 21 (3) Flight 370 (1) MH = 3


    777  = 21 (3) Flight  17 (8) MH = 3


    SUM     6               6          9                6


    Missing flight MH370 may not have crashed in Indian Ocean, says Emirates

    Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

    Texas nurse who had worn protective gear tests positive for Ebola


    It can now be reported that the Saudi’s and Emirates are yet again behind 811. Just as 911, they along with the MI6. Joo MI5 Mossad and ISIS CIA are spearheading this false flag.  We have discussed to what level the psyop will be staged and how real the epidemic will go.

    It’s not going to pandemic in my opinion but represents the true form of the three eleven beta test with a huge Redistribution of Wealth (ROW)  I have published  the posts regarding the EVERYTHING VACCINE. This is the prime directive and agenda.  The trauma programming fear campaign will open the door for multiple opportunities.








    Under the cover of this INCOMPETENCE event, lies a deeper agenda. It always runs under complete ignorance and appearing to be a failure for Federal Government to do anything right. Yet the Left-Right paradigm is in pure synchronization to stage the GLOBAL cataclysmic event.

    I certainly know that Malaysia and Emirates are active pieces in this forming puzzle and because the numbers and vortex always returns to *11, there will be an event that includes the key GPS for Ukraine Russia and ISIS Syria. Iran still remains a mystery to me but it has been too quiet there for my taste.

    At some point these events will collide in a way that we will get our war.  2014 Election will bring some more light to the psyop and the coming major false flag. For the USA, it’s pretty clear we are living under the illusion that a single card played well will bring down the house.

    Meanwhile the DOW is tumbling and spiking like prior to the other October corrections of the past and the LIBOR and several other key events have yet to fully known.  When the Russians make a move it won’t be a small step but the current moves away from dollars tells me the Joos are going to stay home again real soon. Where, When and How we can only surmise.  What is clear is the MARKERS


    What do all these have in common?  Why your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt? Why are Police legally taking cash from people? What is Asset Forfeiture?  It’s all in the NDAA.

    I am keeping an eye on the 38th degree and the I-35 Corridor. It’s time for Barry to take the NDAA out for a test drive.  Dallas to Minneapolis.





    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 10, 2014

    WHO is Behind the Spread of Ebola? and other crises…


    What do WE think WE know?

    The supposed Ebola outbreak occurred in a tiny corner of a small African nation. It was isolated. It could have been quarantined and boxed in, made to die out out because no traveling vectors could transport it beyond the wall of isolation that should have been built around it.

    What has happened?

    For some inexplicable/nefarious reason(s) infected “carriers” of this supposed killer Ebola virus have been put on planes and ferried to outlying countries. Does this make any sense at all? Now, various nations have a supposed/possible epidemic on their hands.

    An Obvious answer for the rapid movement of the supposed Ebola virus is “It Has Gone Airborne!”…meaning Via Airplanes. It didn’t get its own wings. Is it not being Chauffeured right into countries and populations that it could never get to otherwise?

    You might read this short piece as an introduction to the history of this mess, and ask yourself if there are any similarities to other recent disasters (of various stripes) that raised questions about origin, strategic planning, administration by “authorities”, and other Obvious Questions most people should ask?

    Yet, there is a Back Story to this entire charade/escapade that you will not see on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other propaganda MSM outlets. Where can you find this supremely important information that will help you and your family, Americans, and others around the world, FIGURE OUT WHAT’S GOING DOWN?

    I suggest you read and follow various alternative websites (DAILY, as they UPDATE what THEY KNOW), consider, and attempt to form an opinion and game plan for the Agendas that will be coming your way. They are already unfolding!

    Here’s a couple. Readers can add their own in the comments section, as the World-Wide Population is NOT getting pure Truth or information. We know this for a fact, as we’ve been listening to liars now for years.

    Scroll Down Daily to keep yourself Updated on Relevant Stories: (Scroll — He has covered in VIVID DETAIL the Ukraine obscenity (latest post), and further down, excellent questions regarding the testing protocols for Ebola)
    >; one article you might pay attention to here is — that previewed an Outbreak such as Ebola.

    Questions that should be asked?
    Ask some of your own qualified questions in the comments section…

    > Why would the USA continue to keep their borders open? Why do we fly “into the country” suspected Ebola cases, when commonsense says to keep this virus “out”?
    > Why send 4000 U.S. Army soldiers INTO the heart of the infected area? Are they bio-experts, or test subjects as some have posited? Where will those that get sick/infected get shuttled to? We Know!
    > What other supposed OPS are going on simultaneously? ISIS/ISIL also coming over the open borders?
    > If WE line up the recent suspected False Flags, going back 5 years and come up to this date, what kind of picture resolves before our eyes?
    > Ukraine/Kiev dropped off the radar momentarily, but it is back with some interesting developments, aided by guess who?; and

    > Certain “elements”, people/groups are requesting Billions$ to combat this crisis, that initially was far, far away in a jungle on the African continent. Cui Bono? Who profits? Do WE believe that these “elements” are truly humanitarian-minded, or are working other Agendas?
    > The entire VACCINE MEME has been attempted almost yearly in the U.S. and other countries EVERY YEAR for the last I don’t know how many years. And certain “parties” own stock, patents, and other means of profiting on large scale roll-outs of Vaccinations, infrastructures build outs to combat disease break outs such as the latest named Ebola. WE KNOW THIS — it is documented. Haven’t we seen this drama play out before us already in various formats? Where in the mix lie Monsanto, Big Pharma, and other globalist-run “dispensaries” of world-improving products?
    > Let us NOT FORGET the Palestinian’s Plight, and exactly WHOM supports and funds the crimes against these captive peoples…A large contingent of Congress and even certain Presidential hopefuls have made their views public and they are documented.

    Ultimately, WE MUST DECIDE “Who Can Be Trusted?” And it is here, that humanity’s futures reside. By now, WE should have a pretty good idea of whom cannot be trusted, who lies to us continuously?

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 6, 2014

    Follow the Money — Your Money…Up in “Smoke”!


    “The liberal media pundits were shaking their heads at how the vast majority of Americans being polled indicated the country was “headed in the wrong direction” and a belief their children would not be better off than they were. This deep pessimism is the direct result of six years of failed policies from an Obama administration that remains willfully ignorant and antagonistic toward allowing the Free Market to do what it does best – create jobs and give people’s lives a sense of purpose and independence. If one needs to understand why so many Americans continue to feel negatively toward the future, look no further than this distressing graphic that clearly shows how tough it has become for Middle Class America:

    The Horrific Reality is WE get to "Keep the Change"!

    The Horrific Reality is WE get to “Keep the Change”!

    “It is a decline in over 30,000 dollars of net worth for U.S. households. Imagine how much better off YOUR family would be doing if it had that $30,000 back in its own pocket?

    Inflation – including the cost of goods like gas, milk, bread, and meats, has skyrocketed under Barack Obama. According to the Consumer Price Index, the rate of increase is over 40% higher under Barack Obama than it was during the Bush years”. But, each and every pResident and their respective CONgress and “advisers” are guilty of SELLING US OUT to Corporations/Bankers/MIC and Their ilk in innumerable instances.

    Obamanomics…The “Change” across the board for Americans and people on the other end of the War-loving Peace Prize pResident is most Obviously DISASTROUS! Let’s not make excuses. If YOU are not to blame for your household’s Asset Giveaway, if YOU are not Working Hard Enough or Smart Enough — then, the Administrators and Policy-Makers steering the Ship-of-State are at the Top of the LIST.

    Realizing, that the 99% have been decimated by a string of war-mongering Presidents, their Banker Friends, MIC cronies, enablers, and Their “Policies” — WE must assign blame where it rightly belongs. And WE “Don’t have to take it anymore!”. The Reality is Americans and all those suffering at the end of the “policy-making” simply CANNOT AFFORD TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

    Look around. PLEASE! Think and consider…

    More of the SAME, more status quo, more Left/Right Paradigm false Democracy will only provide more of the same — INSANITY!

    Are YOU AND YOUR FAMILY willing to continue to trade an absolutely false sense of “security” for the REALITY surrounding YOU?! Read some Freaking Headlines around the Web. I see a FAILED STATE of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. It is time for ACCOUNTABILITY, because Tragedy, Poverty, War, and Slavery are BANGING ON THE 99%’s very doors!

    What’s it going to take for People to say “Enough!”, and decide to no longer support and endorse these incredibly BAD Administrators? THEY must be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. If any surveillance, any investigations, any examination of criminality, any justice should be Targeted for the Benefit of Americans and Humanity — I think YOU KNOW where it needs to be begin and end. Quickly! It is a matter of SURVIVAL.

    Research web sites where you can follow the clues:

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 6, 2014

    Nobel Peace Prize and the Gatekeeper Project


    Operation BLUEBEAM

    As I have reported and documented over the years, the Bluebeam project under the Big Blue Omnibus has continued at a brisk pace. As the compartmentalists and Gatekeepers have monitored the progress in the usual way, there are still many things we can ponder in the Agenda 21 deadlines.

    In these entries I laid out the components of the Bluebrain, BlueGene and Braingate programs as well as the chemical biology in big PhRMA, vaccines and the connections to the brain through the blood barriers and into the mRNA and protein processes that effect mental as well as physiological health.


    I was interested to read the latest Nobel winners today from CNN.

    Two shared in the prize for their work in the GPS space mapping cellular processes of the human brain. Though independent of the Big Blue program they are all interconnected through “Gatekeeper” DARPA and the monitors of all research that interferes or jeopardizes their far more advanced agenda for the 21st Century.


    The goal, like in the physics realm of matter and the CERN research accelerator in Switzerland is to find the God Particle the agent of creation to finally put to rest the concept of an intelligent creator to a freak accident and the all omnipotent and present Lord unseen by the colliders. In this project it seems to tend to focus on the brains connectome to the spiritual GPS mapping of human faith and the comparative to brains that either don’t or cannot connect to those coordinates.

    Beyond this theory I have for long term goals are the lesser stage goals. If you have spent anytime following the progress of Blue Brain or Blue Gene projects then you have seen that the funding and efforts continue with the Aid of the EU Commission and a host of Defensive/Offenders like DARPA, NIH, Rockefeller’s and other very private donors.


    In the effort there are two paths these projects take. One is to create the artificial brain in supercomputer and micro simulation models of millions of neural networks. The Blue Gene computer (IBM) is now in the hands of the Blue Gene team.

    The Blue Brain project on the other side is a biologically realistic model and attempt to create a synthetic brain by reverse-engineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level. The Emergent Connectome has furthered the understanding of the same kind of God Particle mystery needed to further the ability to get to the core of brain science and how information is transmitted in thought.

    The Cajal project coincides with the Blue Brain project and DARPA SyNAPSE Program coincides with the Blue Gene program. The article here tells you a lot about the MIC’s agenda versus the compartmentalized science community. Though both are dangerous, one is more devious.

    Criticism of the cat brain simulation claim

    Shortly after IBM announced their cat-scale brain simulation, Henry Markram of the Blue Brain Project published a very strong criticism of the claim. He called it “a mega public relations stunt – a clear case of scientific deception of the public”. As Markram wrote in an open letter, these simulations do not come close to the complexity of an ant brain, let alone that of a cat brain.

    Markram’s first argument was that although the number of simulated neurons roughly equals that of a cat brain, the model used for each individual neuron was trivially simple. The neurons were modelled as single compartment “dots” completely lacking in biological realism. Genuine simulation of real neurons requires solving millions of times more equations than were used by IBM. Thus, not even a millionth of a cat brain was simulated.

    The second argument was that such large-scale simulations of trivial neurons have been performed a number of years previously already. Indeed, Eugene Izihkevich (now CEO of Brain Corporation), carried out a 100-billion neuron simulation back in 2005. The non-peer reviewed paper published by IBM was thus nothing new or interesting.

    The full letter from Henry Markram: IBM’s claim is a hoax

    This explains my postings on Protein and mRNA processes that are essential for healthy and productive brain function. It helps those to understand my theories on Autism, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, MK-Ultra, biochemical castration and other disorders plaguing us over statistics previous to the technology and medical advancements we have seen in the last few decades. This technology graph is exceeding the safe and ethical barriers regularly and we are witness to the crimes. How to explain the phenomenon is not very difficult.

    Agenda 21 itself provides a very clear outline of the emergence of man, machine and his environment. Adding the risks of anthropological climate change, peak resources and population models only support the planned parenthood and eugenics aspects and think tank publications of a need to advance a world order magna carta.


    The Committee, the eugenicists and rulers of the planet have no issue with the ethics side of any of the covert programs, while the Administrators have to appear to be concerned can easily be suaded by the Patents, Funding, Stock Inside tips and other inducements like a Peace Prize. It just depends on their particular deficient brain functions. The Enablers, the lower working clinicians and public at large can easily assist the effort under the pretense of good intentions and propaganda. Such the case in Braingate, where the effort is said to be the science of restoring the communication, mobility, and independence of people with neurologic disease, injury, or limb loss. Certainly a worthy effort such as this has no other Offensive motivation. Let’s say in the military robotics or law enforcement area.



    Cutting to the chase, the merging of all the research is certainly available to the committee. Whether by hacking, spying or open viewing of the progress from funding sources, they have the data. I have always contended that there are two purposes for Full Spectrum Surveillance. The first, to benefit from the best and brightest and glean the research for their covert operations and secondly to monitor all who may stumble upon these operations and fill any holes or mend the gate. Project Gatekeeper is a DARPA specialty along with the usual three letter watchdogs.

    So what is the ultimate goals of operation Bluebeam? Several opportunities and thoughts have come to the neocortex of this rat’s brain. I see a multiple opportunity and several long term goals.

    1. Robotics and Humanoid UN Peacekeepers for a NEW WORLD ORDER. An enforcement arm that requires no mind control, ethics or special programming beyond that of the Ant Brain. Insect politics require no special empathetic or sympathetic programming.

    2. Pre-natal or post-natal re-engineering (uploading / downloading) Einstein for their kids (a cocktail with a twist of Joseph Mengele) and Mickey Mouse rat brain for your kids. This may be biologic or simply data transfer and neural-network interfacing with limited connectivity.

    3. Preservation of the elite mind and preferred psychopathy – A well crafted cryonics cryogenics lab with the Rockefeller Database of Chinese modeled society and a blueprint for Big Brother predictive governance that would encompass the executive, legislative and judicial aspects of the One State Solution.

    4. Immortality – The elite model of Robotics with actual living tissue ala Terminator with the re-uploaded entire human neural network and Hippo-brain from donor. All memory intact but with added pleasure center chipping for maximum enjoyment.

    I assume in the deepest reaches of the laboratories are the cross sections and frozen samples from some of our greatest explorers in the dark regions of sociology. Those like Adolph, Dahmer and Bundy to provide some roadmap for the ultimate soldier or mind controlled WOT character for future psyops and 21st century reality gaming.



    Obama recently confirmed the agenda to reprogram society and kill the brain of independence with his going Public With Brain-Mapping Plan. I guess he’s earned his Peace Prize by now. It is important to remember that in the revelations it is during the time of peace that the worst terror occurs. It’s when the state of technology and lack of ethics becomes most cold. It is the Climate Change we were promised.

    Tags: Conciliating the World to Order, Big Blue Omnibus, Blue Brain, Bluebeam, Blue Gene, BrainGate, Blue Gene, DARPA SyNapse,  Transformation, NWO.

    VIDEO: Blue Brain Year Three A documentary coming in 2020 for ten years of documentation from 2009


    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 3, 2014


    I was reading around as usual, and came across perhaps the best explanation yet regarding EBOLA, “The CrISIS” — and how it might affect YOUR LIFE. I SUGGEST YOU READ THIS “TRUTH BOMB!!!” BELOW:

    I stumbled upon this while reading “this” story, and the links at the bottom of the piece:
    . “Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients, says advocate. Authorities block small shipment of nanosilver three times”. Why would they do that?

    Why might this information be important? Because it provides PERSPECTIVE! It is patently Obvious that the MSM front and those behind them are trying to sell Americans a particular perspective. And it appears to be based upon the most common basis and familiar basic reasons we’ve come to know and loathe — FEAR & PROFITS. Fear & Profits for the corpserations = Control. It has a particular Smell to it.

    I got to the TRUTH BOMB as I’m calling it, and other information, from reading Dog Poet’s thread — where he links to this information.

    With 24/7 MSM rantings and propaganda, and Infowars pretty much covered up with Ebola “stories”, and the bizarre “mis-handling” of the supposed first U.S. State-side Ebola victim’s spewings in Dallas — WELL? Is this Ebola “Thing” starting to look curiouser, and more curiouser like another False Flag CONSPIRACY?

    You have read about the history of this “OUTBREAK” in Sierra Leone, right? And, the continuing controversy of the origins and handling of this unfortunate calamity all-of-a-sudden threatening the entire world?! Well, good then. You should be well on your way to forming and educated opinion of the governments involved, the agencies tasked with “protecting humanity”, and they are ALL performing on this matter. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” should be ringing in your ears…

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” ~ Rahm Emanuel

    Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 2, 2014

    Do Your Police “Make the Grade”?

    Depending on your sense of humor (at this particular time in the “continuum”), and your associations to certain branches of “Public Servants”…this ‘story’ may peak your interest. Its pretty much guaranteed to elicit an emotional response of some kind. That’s your department. Don’t click on the link below, read the story, or watch the video if you can’t stomach irony and satire. And REALITY!

    “US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart”


    Go Here for the STORY and the “Live” embedded links:

    CAVEAT — Don’t Watch This with a Police Officer:

    Why on Earth would anyone ever think that this is a good idea?

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple
    – See more at:

    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 1, 2014

    Decoding eBola, ISIS and Agenda 21


    I ask readers who have not been members to connect the dots of Malaysia 370, 17 and the 777 Agenda 21 airliners and the ebola campaign.

    The EUGENICS cradle was a product of Prince Bernhard and Bilderberg
    “Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the organization’s first president. Prince Bernhard also happened to be one of the founders of the elite global think tank, the Bilderberg Group, which he co-founded in 1954; and he was previous to that, a member of the Nazi Party and an SS officer.[15] Sir Julian Huxley also happened to be the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In 1946, Huxley wrote a paper titled, “UNESCO: It’s Purpose and its Philosophy.” In it, he wrote that the general focus of UNESCO:”

    Read Jersey Girls piece:


    2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony








    The Bilderbergers PTB by Committee have set the stage for Bluebeam. The largest PSy-op and Agenda to ever hit the airwaves. The EVAN Network should go into high gear. Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why was the malaysian plane shot down before getting into Russian airspace. Flight 17 left Prince Bernhard [Amsterdam] for Kuala Lumpur?

    Weapon of Mass Destruction? Carrying ebola? Patent theft?

    2. Why is Flight 370 Missing? Why is Malaysia and Prince Crown Medical Research Centre working with the US Patented virus?

    Hmmmm.  Same as above? Yet to be used as WMD?   Carrying a whistleblower?

    3. Why the Patent?

    CONTROL! You can’t sell the computer without the software. You cant write the program without the language. You can’t make the antidote without the virus. Read and figure out how Patents Attack!


    4. How does Gates Foundation and other eugenics based foundations benefit?

    5. How does a patented virus turn into monopoly?

    6. How does “wag the dog” work??

    The Tax Free foundations provide protection from taxes but also criminal scrutiny and accountability to the power elite upon which they are based. This is the firewall.

    If you have a patent, you have exclusivity. If you have a foundation you have protection. The firewalls in ebola are there with CDC, DC and C (committee) GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and the other PhRMA eugenicist entities run under the foundation and firewall protection. They also benefit from the MICC (military Industrial Congressional Complex) Once the work is being done under the GOVT ‘National Security’
    firewall, they have assurances of protection. There are no delineations or demarcation in this process

    Along with staged theatre for the masses, comes similarly published fines incurred by these corporations. They are mere financial “slaps on wrists” as far as severity. It’s only for show if 100 million is fined on a boom that secured a billion dollars. Just a cost of doing business.


    7. I’m not a conspiracy theorist so how do I believe it?

    Read it and watch it.
    Figure it out!

    8. Cui Bono?

    The moneychangers, the eugenicists, the corporations, the Media Salesmen, the stockholders, the death merchants. They can all win in a scheme to raise Obamacare to the level fitting a plague. Let the non-believers go on thinking it does not all interconnect to an international takeover of all human beings.

    We may differ on how ISIS-eBola plays out but can we not see how the events and entities in this elite are aligned? Can you not see how they are always aligned to receive the benefits at the right time.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the two Malaysian airliner stories are part of the ISIS and eBola events and they, themselves are interconnected. The Islam religion is all about “obtaining knowledge” throughout life. “Be wise as Serpents” should be our rule of thumb. The rest is just a matter of following their tracks.

    Eugenics was born in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Malaysia is a center for biological sciences and then there was this I posted in the Big Blue Omnibus – DARPA’s BLUE ANGEL


    Kaiser Family Foundation

    The U.S. Government & Global Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response

    The U.S. Government Response
    The U.S. government (USG) has taken a number of steps since 1990 to address the threat posed by EIDs. Key U.S. policy milestones include: a 1997 Presidential Directive on emerging diseases that called for greater interagency support for national and global EID efforts, strong U.S. engagement in and support for revising and strengthening the IHRs (especially following the 2003 SARS outbreak), and new U.S. national strategies on health security and countering biological threats, both released in 2009.10 Most recently, in February 2014, the USG announced a new “Global Health Security Agenda,” a five-year (2014-2018)effort to accelerate progress toward a world “safe and secure from infectious disease threats,” undertaken in partnership with other governments, multilateral institutions, and public and private sector stakeholders.11

    Structure and Approach
    Multiple USG agencies support activities to prevent, prepare for, detect, and respond to EIDs, including: the Departments of State (global health diplomacy related to EIDs and technical assistance and capacity building for biosecurity), Agriculture (animal health and food safety capacity-building efforts as well as disease surveillance and research), and Energy (EID research and development) as well as the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense (DoD), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which are described below. (cont)

    I asked back then why the Department of Energy was so involved with EID Emerging Infectious Disease program?  We can research their own documentation and website and come up with some theory.  The DoD is a no brainer. The military takes control over all possible weapons for defensive research but now we know they are in the offensive business as well.

    The Department of Energy DoE website  is accessible and offers much insight to their research on a host of biological and energy based studies. My point is that the work is consistent with Project Bluebeam and the Agenda 21 eugenics program is one that applies not only the biological (pandemic/infectious diseases) research but the energy effects of radiation (Fukushima) and electromagnetic (EMR) on the cellular processes in regards to reproduction, brain sciences and cellular disease pathologies.  I assert that this is a program that would allow the type of WMD that would give the STAKEHOLDERS all the power, wealth and goals for a depopulated and controllable planet.

    I propose that the  programs are research in nature but are part of a pogrom project and that it requires the control over every vector of delivery into the masses.

    1. Brain Science (physics)
    2. Biology (Cellular, chemtrails, GMO, Environmental, radiation)
    3. Chemical (PhRMA, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Additives, Adjuvants, Metals)
    4. Psychological (EMR, RF Radio Frequency, Media Propaganda, Psychotronics, Psychotropics, hypnosis, mind control
    5. Management-Funding (patent, banking, surveillance, eugenics, sterilization)

    This is a structure far more elaborate than any of us can imagine or believe possible, but if you have spent thirty years reading incessantly and reading more of their material than that of the alternate conspiracy front, then you would see that they are literally telling you what is happening.  It’s not by accident that the Simpsons or Family Guy predict events before they happen when anyone can do it.   Who reading this did not expect eBola to land in the USA?



    A simple formula of MSM, Foundation watch, Corporate Watch and Financial news can tell you most of it.  The real part of the decoding comes when you connect seemingly separate events and news and match them to the proper END GAME.  They fit like fingers in a glove and the black hand of ISIS is the Secret Global Government.  The Bilderberg Group , Prince Bernhard, Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200, Huxley’s, Club of Rome, Sierra Club,  Iron Mountain Report iceberg will remain under the waterline for most sheeple but the ability to decode the procession now is clearly above the waterline and this Titanic event is on a collision course.

    I have been monitoring local emergency services and police by decoding digital transmissions and all day long I hear reports of shortness of breath, respiratory distress (cant breathe) 47 year old woman has headache and nose her nose is bleeding profusely, child collapses at school and a host of other emergencies calls that seem to mirror what we would expect in a pandemic symptom rundown.


    How the Black Swan arrives in the US, is the Phoenix. It is from the ashes of our cremated bodies they will build a NEW WORLD ORDER.  A Huxley Brave New World where those selected to survive will have to carry on with the knowledge of a universal conspiracy with intention and willingness to kill  81.1 or 91.1 percent of the 7.11 billion inhabitants.



    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 30, 2014


    Dallas eBola – Delta trigger


    Dallas Ebola – Delta Trigger

    As predicted the PTB in committee, running the Africom Egenda has shipped product through network and our package has arrived in Dallas Texas. As predicted.  The package is male and in Dallas hospital, in serious condition ICU and Isolation. CDC and Hospital have confirmed it Liberian eBola

    Alex Jones reports CDC sending messages to funeral homes to be prepared for eBola  and to refrain from blood draining embalming

    Then the other frequenicies about predicted millions and mass graves under preparation and dire predictions to mortality of the outbreak

    dirtytrafficking copy


    This is playing out as a delta type hoax with delta triggers . How far it will go is still unknown but it is a hoax as possible  US Pandemic. I would predict large enough MSM campaign tied to Flu season to raise the drastically declining VACCINATION market to be aided by the recent CDC Whistleblower Thompson and all the anti-vaccination material being reported since the Texas HPV event from 2007.

    Dallas Ft. Worth is a CIA hub and because of the ISIS Bordergate Agenda, the Texas location of the event was highly predictable.  Once we get the details of the identity of the individual , it should play out with him being an international. South American identity would be my pick for nationality with possible African or Latino ethnicity.

    I also expect the everything vaccine  campaign to go into high gear in Fall through the winter of 2015.



    Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 27, 2014

    The War on Drugs: Before WOT, WTO…

    …there was

                Gary Webb – the man with TWO heads


    Ever since the disclosures on the CIA running the Bush-Clinton Crime syndicates global drug trade and the subsequent vindication of Gary Webb’s expose, the fast and furious operation continues to run interference on the vast conspiracy and how what was  condemned as poor journalism is reconnecting in the coming light to be shed on the scope and range of Gunwalker and the US complicity in open “bordergate.”

    The MSM trashed Webb, his own company disowned him and his work and the hit team began it’s cycle of mending fences. As usual, it works in the TRIAD system of operation. 6-9-3 and 3-9-6

    It begins with the character assassination by the committee controlled MSM from the LA times to NY Times and ABC to XYZ in airwaves. This is followed by blackballing, blackmail and intimidation for those who would aid in the distribution of the damning frequencies. After the whistleblower has been fully marginalized and isolated, the gangstalking program begins. Designed to unhinge and provoke paranoia, the targeted individual is left to struggle with financial hardship, relationship issues and organizational and legal harassment. The IRS scandal currently in the news is really the tip of the iceberg as to the depth of targeting and collusion between the criminal elements in the Industrial Military Congressional Complex. Dozens if not hundreds of whistleblowers have testified to the financial apparatus attacks following their attempts to reveal evidence and truths behind the sinister ops of our elected executioners.

    Once these two operations have run the course, the final stage is set for termination. In the case of Gary Webb, after losing home, life and liberty and under severe stress and depression induced by the two previous phases, the door was open for the assassination. In this case the details bring the possibility of different conclusions. Did Gary have two heads? Two bullets were reported to have entered Gary Webb’s body. Would this case have been a mistake by the assassin or was it meant to push the envelope a little further as a warning to those who may be willing to come forward in this case or the many others that are in process at all times? I have concluded power and arrogance win out and the warning was intended with undisputable intention as a warning.

    Eric Holder can escape from prosecution for Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, his involvement with Sandy Hook and other staged frauds, but the others involved are not only complicit in a fraud but evidence is mounting that there are financial transaction involved which have real teeth in criminal proceedings. Even if no one was harmed in the making of the made for sheeple productions, the event and crimes fall under the RICO act and can put away any Capone where money was transacted. If there was somebody harmed, it just adds to the degree of these crimes regardless of participation.

    I believe the Fast & Furious program started during the Bush One regime and continues today even with the current investigation and the eventual disclosure. I think the confederates are beginning to feel like the spies out in the cold or potential sacrifices that end up just like Gary Webb.

    We can see many of the old faces today. Ollie North, Kissinger, members of the Bush Box Gang, Big Bubba “Mena” Clinton and a host of others in the post Carter era who managed the Bush CIA drug cartel as a slush fund for empire. What does not become so clear is the recent rash of banker suicides, the World Bank connections and the long string of Majoe Bankers who laundered the profits. From the BIS, BCCI to Goldman Sachs and AIG, the Fort Knox gold may be gone but the vaults are full of contraband.

    With the release of CIA (limited hangout) on the Managing of the Nightmare of Gary Webbs investigative revelations, it confirms a larger possible gap in the fence and a need to do some mending. I feel strongly that there is a major leak and the horses are subject to escape. Hence the release of FOIA redacted, the release of Eric Holder, the recent info from folks like Karen Hudes and other deflections of Golden nature that tie those at the top. Not the White House and Attorney General mind you but much higher to the halls of heavenly IMF, World Bank, Vatican and Jesuit joo run ECB and FED.

    Ten years after Gary Webb’s assassination and in light of the potential leaks, Holyrood West will be releasing it’s MK-Ultra version of the official story in usual fictionalized style with the release of KILL THE MESSENGER based upon the book titled the same. It certainly will retain the suicide official story. What is clear to me is that this murder only gains traction when you look at the sacrifices from William Casey to Judge Roll in the Giffords Affair, that you see the larger picture of Fast & Furious and how it all connects to the Big Game. When playing in the big game, you may find yourself on the Monopoly board, the RISK board or the chess board but make no mistake you are on one of them. Gary Webb made it to the Chess board. In the rules of the game the tools available are sanctioned by the rules of the game. We have laws and may uncover the truth sometimes but if we do we become pawns of the game. They play by rules we live by laws and they do not align but they do often intersect at death.


    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”― Dresden James


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