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The “Lords of the Flies” are just Maggots

The PRETENDERS by James Kirwan

The PRETENDERS by James Kirwan

“The time for the worm of the global-public to finally turn upon the warmongers and the hunters has been ignored by far too-many—for far too long. Now it has arrived!

Cerberus was an ancient three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the kind of Hell that we’re about to enter, unless the world reacts to all the threats, and brings an end to everything that has become the norm to this moment. Are you ready yet? The public outnumbers the Moneychangers and the Warmongers by millions to one. But all it takes to end them is just three percent of the public to stand up and end the massively-criminal-charade that’s almost finished killing life on the planet?

The time to finally see these creatures for what they have always been has arrived”.

We’ll let Mr. James Kirwan RANT for today. You may offer your own rant in the comments section or post your own RANT-OF-THE-DAY as a COTO thread.

ESPECIALLY REFERENCE James Kirwan’s recent article including the above quote at:

REFERENCE Kirwan’s complex Artwork sketch referred to at:

REFERENCE the recent COTO article:

If you are asleep regarding MONEY & FINANCE, you may not know what’s been going on for months with Real Money prices ( Gold & Silver ), and the stock market ( Rigged Game ). SEE for the extreme ugliness of Everything Manipulated by dirty, rotten, criminal scoundrels! Notice that the private corporation’s “money” (Federal Reserve – sic) is “lent” to the U.S. Government At Interest (since 1913. Also the year “Income Tax was instituted), in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution’s directive to invest the Treasury with the sole responsibility for coining “money”. WTF?! Again. And Again.

Culminating in a historic plunge last week leading up to Friday’s debacle, the manipulated rout of Real Money continues as the markets open this Monday morning.

At the moment, Gold is DOWN another $86 dollars or so, Silver DOWN another $2.28 at this time. All while the Rothschild Federal Reserve “Fiat” U.S. Dollar is UP? “WTF?!” We exclaim.

How’s that Guv Management Team doing with the economy and finances? As with everything, it appears that all is being inverted and turned Upside Down. Make of it what you will. One thing is for sure, as Mr. Kirwan and others hint — Things Cannot Continue in this Manner. They won’t.

Meta Bunk — That’s a Good One, HaHaHa!!! Its all Bunkum & Hokum from the cheap seats.

Debunked: “In politics, nothing happens by accident” – FDR

The claimed quote is:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is a FAKE QUOTE. According to Wikiquote:…#Misattributed

There are no records of Roosevelt having made such a statement, and this is most likely a misquotation of the widely reported comment he made in a speech at the Citadel (23 October 1935):
Yes. we are on the way back — not by mere chance, not by a turn of the cycle. We are coming back more soundly than ever before because we planned it that way, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.
Even that is a corruption, as the original is “we are planning it that way”.

“Yes, we are on our way back— not just by pure chance, my friends, not just by a turn of the wheel, of the cycle. We are coming back more soundly than ever before because we are planning it that way. Don’t let anybody tell you differently”.

History Repeats…

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Sometimes you just gotta laugh…or else you’ll cry.

UPDATE: Now, at 11:00am EST, Gold is down $114, and Silver down $2.56! The “Games” TPTB play are cruel indeed.

An Addendum to this Thread HERE:

New York’s ‘assault weapon’ registration to begin
By MICHAEL VIRTANEN Associated Press The Associated Press
Monday, April 15, 2013 3:03 AM EDT

INVERTING “Everything” was mentioned above, and WE have been watching how They do it for a long time now.

This latest treasonous obliteration and Inversion of Constitutionally GUARANTEED 2nd Amendment “Rights” {under the bogus “promise” and insane Theory of trading Rights for Safety} is a prime example:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls those and other provisions in the state’s new gun law common sense while dismissing criticisms he says come from “extreme fringe conservatives” who claim the government has no right to regulate guns”.

WOW! Just dismiss Guaranteed Rights under the U.S. Constitution (Law of the Land) as “criticisms”, and demonize those whom oppose as “extreme”?! Definitely a WTF! moment.

This creature continues, “Yes, they are against it, but they are the extremists and the extremists shouldn’t win, especially on this issue when it is so important to the majority,” Cuomo said in a radio interview Wednesday. “In politics, we have to be willing to take on the extremists, otherwise you will see paralysis.”

It is quite clear that the ASSAULT occurring is that which is being waged against The U.S. Constitution and those whom adhere to this Idea of Protections for The People. Who is the “Extremist” here? Rhetorical Question of course. So WE ASK the question — is not an ILLEGAL “LAW” no law whatsoever?

The Writing is certainly on the Wall, and WE SEE who thinks they have the legitimacy to write whatever They want on Our Walls. For many of US, our Fathers and Grandfathers fought and died FOR protecting the very FREEDOMS built into the ideas expressed in the U.S. Constitution. And now, a sitting governor can get in front of the media cameras and microphones, push blatantly treasonous “laws” — and NOBODY is arresting him for His Own Extremist Illegal Actions! The land of the Absurd…

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Walk !

Hahaha…speaking of keeping a sense of humor.   This is Alex Jones at his best in my opinion…...~jg

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be ‘cured’ against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level with those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. But to be punished, however severely, because we have deserved it, because we ‘ought to have known better’, is to be treated as a human person made in God’s image.” ~ C. S. Lewis, The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment

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Somebody Just Had To Say It

Nobody wants to talk about it but somebody is on fire.

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The People’s Intelligence Committee “Speaks”…

The People’s Intelligence Committee “Speaks”:

Rather…they have conveniently convened.

A quick pass past the MSM snews channels reveals the usual revolving heads spinning the latest concocted propaganda into the typical prescribed fear-inducing “web” of geopolitical terror events. I snore in boredom. Endless rounds of Bullshit are passed off as “working for the people”, then billed to Us, as the fat scats feign “people’s representative” status, and live like kings and queens while their “subjects” suffer. This is incontrovertible fact. Reflect, and Reject this Injustice!

Notwithstanding their obvious attempts at brainwashing the populace – “We the Folks” {To be known as WTF?!} ARE a gigantic BRAINTRUST of folks which are to be reckoned with as a determining factor in our OWN futures.

BACK TO OUR FUTURES! WTF calls BULLSHIT on TPTB. That’s good! Succinct, and scurrilous at the same time. Perfect!

So, here WE ARE – a COTO representing how many “intelligences”? Many, many, I would imagine. I noticed the degraded ones form up a whole lotta “committees” for this or that or dis or dat. The “House Ways & Means” committee for instance. Who dat?! WTF calls BULLSHIT!

Committees, shitmitties, they’re ALL “full-of-it”!

How can WTF project such projections? Observation and historical fact. Present day pretentiousness and preposterousness. Let us NOT forget WTF is dealing with “politicians”. If there is a lesser “class”, these parasites are surely one of them. Well, the Bankers pulling their strings are about the most bloated of blood-suckers.

THE POINT OF THIS POST IS – THE PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE; A VERY LARGE VOICE, A VERY LARGE MUSCLE WHICH CAN MOVE THE APPENDAGES IN THE DIRECTION NEEDED FOR “OUR” BEST INTERESTS. In the post below, you heard the Shrub shitpealing about its “his” job, its “the government’s job” to “protect-the-people”.

Utter Fucking Bullshit!

It is OUR job to protect OUR OWN. We are WTF!

We see what the game is here. COTO groks the genesis, and genuflects, guffaws, and hurls at the notion of politicians, bankers, lawyers, corporations, and all of their concocted “agencies” doing anything for the Public good, or in the interest of WTF.

Folks, it is plain to see.

The People’s Intelligence Committee has convened, and IS convinced that a gross conspiracy has been waged upon US. If there is ANY committee that carries any weight for WTF, then it MUST BE US! Should we “trust” CONgress to “help” us…with anything? Have you actually experienced this wondrous “promise” of THEM helping YOU? HaHaHaHa! WTF rests Their sorry kicked asses as Evidence to buttres Our case!

Ask yourself this most important question – As a bona fide MEMBER of WTF – WHEN would you ever “sell yourself out”? Or your family, etc.? When? Never, is the correct answer here.

Is there any time when They don’t sell out WTF? The odds are not in Their favor of standing up to such a critique and question.

George Carlin said, “We’re not in Their Club”. Well, WTF IS its OWN Club! A Really, Really LARGE CLUB, an actual NATION. And if you haven’t noticed, “They” ain’t in it!

Grok this Scenario WTF:

Obama Swears in 2013

Obama Swears in 2013

The People’s Intelligence Committee notices that only a few people have the microphones. Only a few people operate the cameras, edit the film, produce the “media”, and “frame” the propagandic events…

Look at the vast throng of WTF! Listening to a few elitist puppets and their entourages spewing their Lies. There is something Very, Very Wrong HERE folks! The POWER is in that THRONG of WTF! It can only be hypnotism, magic, delusion, and psyops that can control a vast throng via a few individuals elevated to a “stage”, using microphones and media to sway the masses with their propaganda. How is it that WTF have failed to see this FACT?!

The People’s Intelligence Committee HAS convened. And THEIR VOICE in unison rings {as folks pick up on the call, shout out in surprised attention to the reality before them, and join in a “mutually beneficial” front called WTF!}, saying:

It is NOT what the few people with the microphones, Your money, and the media outlets want.

NO!!! It is what WTF need and want! The vast THRONG of humanity deserves REAL FREEDOM. I heard Hillary was possibly going to run for the next pResidency? WTF?!!! Or maybe Jeb Bush WTF?!!! We can smell the foul stench of Oligarchy. WE the Folks deserve and demand real choices, not this same Joke played upon on repeatedly ad infinitum.

Not this deception, this illusion, this BULLSHIT of atrocities against our own nation and against red-blooded folks in other nations around the world!

NO!!! WTF — THAT CROWD of UNNUMBERED FOLKS don’t need a microphone. WTF IS the microphone when WE raise Our Voices. WTF is able to project our Own needs, desires, and justice without a ginned up media whore speaking in our stead!

Remember “The Wizard of Oz”? An Illuminatti psyop. Look at that picture above. It shows you the same illusions, the Delusions projected from behind the curtain by a little man (men) with levers. It is beyond BIZARRE to see a gigantic group of WTF enthralled, “hypnotized” by the Wizards.

Whatever you’ve got to do, do IT to “WAKE THE HELL UP!”.

When AWAKE; WTF Knows What Freedom Means — and it does NOT come from the few, the puny, the parasites with the microphones, media, and OUR money! REAL Legislative Power lies with WTF!

The 1% is 99% short of US.

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The VAMPIRES Have Come Out Into the Light!

READ IT, Folks!!! Its a Full Spectrum Attack if you haven’t noticed. The COTO has been “Bringing It!” to you for a long time now. Before TPTB come for your defensive weapons, they aim to WIPE YOU OUT by multi-pronged attacks on your emotions, your physical well-being, your spiritual well-being, your mental state of mind, ad infinitum — EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!

Yes, from a certain Puppet, from his cronies, and from Their media propaganda mouths WE heard — THEY “Hate us for our freedoms”. The “THEY” They pointed out as Americans’ enemy was far, far away in a distant land. A culture and people Americans did not know and did not understand, was fingered for the diabolical attack of 9/11. As with “War by Deception”, a “fall guy”, in fact, an entire ancient civilization was demonized, and then erased under this grotesque psychopathic deception.

As COTO knows, this ruse has been used and abused so often up to the present, that We the People have caught on to Their modus operandi.

WATCH IT RIGHT HERE!!! Listen to the figurehead demonize THEM, over THERE for the heinous crime of 9/11. Yet, now in hindsight, WE SEE that the very words, the dispersions cast, were in actuality the very HATEFUL and maniacal beliefs held by The Cabal against The American People. The Iraqis and Afghanis were just “used” to sell the deception.

YES, Mr. Bush, the Junior. We HAVE SEEN “THEIR KIND” before. You speak to The Mirror. YOU are the “THEY” you speak about. “Illegal we do immediately…Unconstitutional takes a little longer”
~ Henry Kissinger in new WikiLeaks document release

CHECK THIS OUT FROM 1:59 TO 3:12. Mind Blowing Stuff Here!

This is choice Puppet Ventriloquism of Truth & Lies right here:

What was that Mr. Bush said down below? Yes, you heard it correctly. Plug that into your knowledge base of “the Story” and “the Event”. These creatures Crap Out at times, and inform upon themselves.

He says this, “ – Bush says this, “For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”

So, before they take your guns, etc., they’re going to rob you of the little money you may have. It IS a heist in broad daylight! Get out your “pitchforks”, because by now, you should know Who/Whom is sucking The People’s life-blood from a 1000 different “cuts”! Be wise, stay small, and move lightly and briskly.

We The People must determine that WE, Will NOT Allow these blood-sucking parasites to feed off of us any longer. You know who they are. Let em know, YOU won’t stand for this a moment longer.

No Shit?! “This morning, without warning, and moments after Bitcoin achieved its all time highs, the currency collapsed over 50%, essentially vaporizing upwards of one billion dollars in value”. Imagine THAT?!

Now, what do you think “They’re” going to do to anybody still in this ridiculous rigged game called the Stock Market, which is at All Time Highs? Guess…

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Are You Hating Yet ?

After todays million meskin march and soon to be blanket (or should I say poncho)amnesty and fast-track citizenship will you be hating mexicans?  If you didnt hate blacks before 2008 do you not hate them now ?



  OK if you dont hate bankers after bailout and stimulus will you not hate them after the retirement and bank accounts are gone?  

If you didnt hate Monsanto after the failed California GMO labelling fracus when 90% of californians wanted GMO labelling and the legislature took the bribe and shoved the GMO cob up your ass will you hate them when your veggies are molded from acrylo-butyl-styrene or piss-phenol-A ?

What does it take to get you lethargic lower-classes to get a pisser on , HUH ?  If you dont hate a devalued and inflated paper dollar will you not hate electronic money that can be looted before you even freekin see it ? If you dont hate Disney will you not hate video feed from the Ministry Of Truth ? If you dont hate the U.N. now will you hate them when you live in a sixteen story shit-box with ten families to a toilet and a government monitor listening to you fart ?

If you dont hate ENRON now will you hate Ken when the lights go out six hours a day ?  If you dont hate Al Gore now will you hate him when the carbon-tax on your light bill wont even let you run a six-inch fan after your pension was cut?

If you dont hate something quick you might notice that big Rethuglican-Demwitcrat schlong up your six , pacifist.

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News around the 30th Degree


At least 14 hurt in stabbing spree on Texas campus; suspect believed to be student

Woodlands Texas – It appears the MSM like CNN won’t run with this story as it deflects the assault on assault weapons triad in full swing. Whats not too obvious is the CNN reports still coming from Sandy Hook and the line-up of guest survivors that come through on this endless parade.

Reminding myself of the the COTO confirmation that all polls are shit. This would include the mind control soundbite that 90 (9) % of Americans want tighter gun control. That’s too obviously erroneous to even consider as factual.

Once again I am convinced Gifford’s was never shot and that this ploy to constantly have her and her NASA CIA handler husband touting their support for the 2nd amendment while secretly pushing the Presidents bill is too obvious as well.


REGIME change? The SpringSpring? Hardly. Is it too obvious that Kim Jong Il is the player in this family? His brothers are losers like George was in the Bush family hierarchy but  KJI is a player. This is soft spring happening before our very eyes. He wants the Olympics there and the NBA.

Intelligence sources outside thew mainstream say the power struggle is communicating with the US and there are several key players who want to make the deal. AsiaPac committee team would love to turn this into a win-win-win for them so we should expect a typical  triad here.  Some redistribution of wealth, some fireworks for missile defence, star wars and surveillance followed by a transition to World Order Banking and WTO. This will come after enough strategy and opportunities have played out.  Completely financial program and more cost on our debt ledger.


Dozens die in quake near Iran nuclear plant

6.3 on the 9th. 33 dead.

This was a powerful HAARP ELF Assault near Iran’s only nuclear plant. A mere 10k deep and very strategic assault.  The Asians have said the Soetoro team has been too focused on Iran. Well of course. North Korea is a theatre while Iran is a war.   Two different games and completely different programs.

Embargos in all three arenas including America, but the sheeple cannot see it at home yet. It’s the vortex 6-9-3 and the focus is at Zero. Right between our ears and directly behind our eyes. Can you hear it or see it? If your coto, you can smell it.

Wait for the fifteenth on the 30th and hopefully we will get the show they have been promising.

More on the 30th in comments.

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The Primer Fields Part 1

Be prepared to have your perceptions drastically altered

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Where’d ALL the Bodies go Georgie Junior,

START YOUR DAY OFF WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT 9/11, AND YOU WON’T WONDER, “What Am I Doing Here? How’d WE Get Here?” any longer:

WE Also Note (from Rense) —

Just an odd coincidence I’m sure… Maybe I should look up the profits made since 2001 that BIG OIL, the other MIC companies, blah, blah, and blah, and the toadies in & out of these corporations/financial Clubs “harvested” up to the present? That’d be interesting reading, aye? Plum full of “coincidences” I’m sure.

What Was that about WTC7 again? Oh yeah —

Seque to NOW:

Wayne Madsen says, “Obama betrays America’s working class. That’s because Obama has never had a real job in his life. He’s a product of the CIA that merely waited for the right opportunity to insert a multi-racial “globalist” contrivance into the presidency. Obama will now undue Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, and veterans’ benefits”.

Wayne also points out — “Chiquita tries blocking access to SEC records showing firm’s links to Colombian right-wing death squads. And the attorney for Chiquita during the death squad days was none other than Obama’s Bajan cane boy Eric Holder”.

Just reading along…, another post at Wayne’s site —

Then, he adds this —

GEEZ! Read a bit, and REAL TRENDS begin to appear…

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A Silly Saturday Moment…..

Found this and just had to share it.. Made me laugh  :)  ~jg

THE POSSESSED TOASTER…………..”ya know,  when all is said and done, it makes good toast” ~~~~

A couple of days ago I heard a familiar, but mysterious booming I’d not encountered in a while.  Called “yamanari” (literally, “mountain roaring”) among Japanese mountaineers, it is an irregular deep booming sound, reminiscent of distant artillery.  I first heard it about 23 years ago in the mountains near Tokyo, and that timing is significant for reasons I’ll explain below. It is inaudible in cities, drowned out by the hubbub.  A wizard living atop Tokyo’s tallest peak (Kumotori, now highly radioactive, so thank goodness he had moved on) explained it as signaling the approach of a storm.


This was before the Net, and any respectable library in Japan had closed stacks, meaning you had to tell the librarian the title and author and wait while she got it for you; no browsing.  So the best I could do was guess at the cause. From my flying I knew a lot about orogenic waves, i.e., stationary atmospheric waves that form over mountains in a wind, a lot like rapids in a stream. These shift as the wind changes, so I guessed the shifting was the cause.  Probably in the ball park.


Yesterday, the Net turned up nothing about “yamanari,” except some guy’s Net name, but further searches brought up something called “acoustic gravity waves in the upper atmosphere,” and evidence suggesting they were related to earthquakes and auroras as well as violent storms.  Sound waves form in the upper atmosphere and interact with the ionosphere. Wherever there is a boundary with distinct changes, such as mesosphere to ionosphere, any perturbance of that boundary can cause moving waves driven by gravity, like a pebble cast into a pond.


Apparently, such disturbances were heard worldwide in the months following the March 11 earthquake, in places without mountains, and experienced more as a hum than a booming.


Because most of the sound is below the audible spectrum, i.e., very low frequency, what we hear is just the tip of the iceberg.  This seems to sparked further scientific interest in the phenomenon, but it still remains a mystery.  They’ve been reported in connection with atomic testing and earthquakes , severe convective storms (i.e., thunderstorms), auroral activity, solar eclipse, volcanic eruptions, and “the passage of the solar terminator” .  (The latter apparently means “twilight.”)


I think it could be expected as well with HAARP, but I cannot speculate as to the degree. What I can say is that the reason they were as clearly audible and frequent as they were 23 years ago, with no obvious connection to storms, was probably that we were approaching solar maximum.


When I heard the booming two days ago, it was distinct enough to be heard indoors, and it was followed by a minor storm.  At the same time, however, Japan’s weather agency began predicting a major storm due to a low pressure system approaching from China.  This one has all the power of a typhoon, with severe rain and wind forecasted for later today. I would expect the sounds we heard to be related to this larger storm.


I am conservative in my assessment of these things.  Spring storms have been getting bigger each year, and several have seemed like typhoons in recent years, but this is the first time the weather service has warned of hurricane force winds and rains in conjunction with a storm of mid-latitude origin.  Would any of you want to comment on why the powers-that-be might want to augment a storm heading to Japan right now?Image

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[­The Tenth Report of the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey, released earlier this week, with data up to January 21, 2013, revealed that 44.2 percent of 94,975 children sampled had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities. The number of abnormalities has also been increasing over time as well as the proportion of children with nodules equal to and larger than 5.1 mm and any size cysts have increased. ]

Fukushima kids have skyrocketing number of thyroid abnormalities – report

                                     ^^^      ^^^     ^^^

[Researchers have discovered that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had far-reaching health effects more drastic than previously thought: young children born on the US West Coast are 28 percent more likely to develop congenital hyperthyroidism.

In examining post-Fukushima conditions along the West Coast, researchers found American-born children to be developing similar conditions that some Europeans acquired after the 1986 meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.]

Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster

                                     ^^^      ^^^     ^^^

Dane Wigington : (5) Geoengineering ~ Chemtrails ~ Spingola Interview 2013



                                   ^^^      ^^^     ^^^

[Stanford’s transcriptor is essentially the biological analog of the digital transistor. Where transistors control the flow of electricity, transcriptors control the flow of RNA polymerase as it travels along a strand of DNA. The transcriptors do this by using special combinations of enzymes (integrases) that control the RNA’s movement along the strand of DNA. “The choice of enzymes is important,” says Jerome Bonnet, who worked on the project. “We have been careful to select enzymes that function in bacteria, fungi, plants and animals, so that bio-computers can be engineered within a variety of organisms.”]

Stanford creates biological transistors, the final step towards computers inside living cells

                                    ^^^      ^^^     ^^^

[Freeing the human race from disease is a noble endeavor, but perhaps President Obama should explain how the military’s super-secret research and development group (DARPA) is going to help.

DARPA answers that question on its own website. In a statement announcing its participation in BRAIN, DARPA declares: “Better understanding of human brain supports national security.”]

President Obama Wants to Get Inside Your BRAIN

                                    ^^^      ^^^     ^^^

A Ridiculous Number Of Americans Believe In Crazy Conspiracy Theories

–          37% of voters believe global warming is a hoax, 51% do not. Republicans say global warming is a hoax by a 58-25 margin, Democrats disagree 11-77, and Independents are more split at  41-51. 61% of Romney voters believe global warming is a hoax

–          6% of voters believe Osama bin Laden is still alive

–          21% of voters say a UFO crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the US government covered it up. More Romney voters (27%) than Obama voters (16%) believe in a UFO coverup

–          28% of voters believe secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order.  A plurality of Romney voters (38%) believe in the New World Order compared to 35% who don’t

–          28% of voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks.  36% of Romney voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, 41% do not

–          20% of voters believe there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism, 51% do not

–          7% of voters think the moon landing was faked

–          13% of voters think Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, including 22% of Romney voters

–          Voters are split 44%-45% on whether Bush intentionally misled about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 72% of Democrats think Bush lied about WMDs, Independents agree 48-45, just 13% of Republicans think so

–          29% of voters believe aliens exist

–          14% of voters say the CIA was instrumental in creating the crack cocaine epidemic in America’s inner cities in the 1980’s

–          9% of voters think the government adds fluoride to our water supply for sinister reasons (not just dental health)

–          4% of voters say they believe “lizard people” control our societies by gaining political power

–          51% of voters say a larger conspiracy was at work in the JFK assassination, just 25% say Oswald acted alone

–          14% of voters believe in Bigfoot

–          15% of voters say the government or the media adds mind-controlling technology to TV broadcast signals (the so-called Tinfoil Hat crowd)

–          5% believe exhaust seen in the sky behind airplanes is actually chemicals sprayed by the government for sinister reasons

–          15% of voters think the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry “invent” new diseases to make money

–          Just 5% of voters believe that Paul McCartney actually died in 1966

–          11% of voters believe the US government allowed 9/11 to happen, 78% do not agree

Full results here
Read more:

Cry for Happy




I am offensive. Michael Hudson is offensive. Gerald Celente is offensive. Herman Daly is offensive. Nomi Prins is offensive. Pam Martens is offensive. Chris Hedges is offensive. Chris Floyd is offensive. John Pilger is offensive. Noam Chomsky is offensive. Harvey Silverglate is offensive. Naomi Wolf is offensive. Stephen Lendman is offensive. David Ray Griffin is offensive. Ellen Brown is offensive.

Fortunately, many others are offensive. But how long before being offensive becomes being “an enemy of the state”?

Truth Is Offensive: How long before being Offensive becomes being “An Enemy of the State”?.

  1. Bradley Manning: Telling the Truth in a Time of Lies
  2. Bradley Manning is accused of leaking documents that described serious flaws in U.S. foreign policy in an effort to start a debate that would lead to a more perfect union.  This patriotism for America has resulted in him being denied…



“Hitting depositors” could become the “new normal” of this diabolical project, serving the interests of the global financial conglomerates. There are provisions in the US, Canada and the EU pertaining to the outright confiscation of bank deposits.


The 193-nation UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the first-ever treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70bn international trade in conventional arms.

The resolution adopting the landmark treaty was approved by a vote of 154 to three, with 23 abstentions.

As the numbers appeared on the electronic board, loud cheers filled the assembly chamber.

UN adopts landmark arms treaty – Americas – Al Jazeera English.


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The Auricles: A Feverish Frequency


Greetings comrades from the viral ward. While settling in for a few days of committee fever recently I was  replacing my second computer this year after a power surge spike episode unlike I have seen in the ancient Appalachian abberation zone. I was stricken two days later with a case of  earwig factory fever and the flu (w/o vax)

I had managed to get the poor baby to a new motherboard for care but I had to rough it out with my own virus. It gave me a chance to clear the channels and I used the boob tube as the colonic to purge the system. While in the grips of hallucinations I did catch a few  interesting visions. One was the History Channel’s,  The Bible series in its entirety.  About eight hours that holographic spectacle and though it was quite enjoyable and well crafted it had occurred to me that all channels were tuned to the passover frequencies. The Passion of the Christ ran 24/7 plus a multitude of biblical science NATGEO’s from the face of the shroud to the gospel of Judas.

It seemed during my last trip into the committee viral ward,  I succumbed to the  pre-apocalyptic ancient alien extravaganza with a dash of salt and few shakes of preppers, but alas the event has run its cycle and now it appears the next phase of the big blue flu and main stream macabre is now focused on reinvigorating the Christian outrage and the willingness to walk to mount olive carry our crosses after the thorough torture that comes before the large spikes to be hammered into the auricles of the walking dead public at large.

There’s nothing like watching a good Christ, like Caviezel getting bludgeoned with razor whips for an hour to make your vomiting and fever seem like a new Disney ride.  Herod’s taking of the head of John the Baptist almost had some appeal to me at that time with my current peak of blue flu fever. With the recent  Vatican concavity and vexing, and the heightened earwigging of the Aurora hologram,  Sandy Hoax and now the Texas and Colorado Southern Poverty white crime mobile unit in high swing I expect even atheists would want to see Paul of Tarsus kick some committee ass right about now.

For COTO,  I think it all fits the bill-0-fare for the bigger event coming after every grandmother in Arizona and elsewhere has received a free Obama shotgun. Just like food stamps the taxpayers money gives those who want free food a limited choice of big agri and big purveyors like Beatrice a kick in the wallet at our expense.  Why not the arms manufacturers?  They are on the team as well.  It’s their time to see some stock surge to help the peaking Dow hit the acme and they deserve to ring the bell too.

I heard Piers and his guests, discussing the Aurora hoax and James Holmes.  Dana Loesch and Grover Norquist state that Holmes should be executed twelve times. Certainly Christ like in the Passion sense. don’t you think, for these two republicans?  It had to make the party so proud.  Just coming off the review of  author and book “Killing Jesus” had the author defending his take on Jew on Jew crime as anti-semitic, which never has any racial overtones when discussing black on black crime and murder. More GOP from the JooGoo  I guess.

The father of Alex Teves,  Mr Tom Teves said about young James the Lesser;

 “I have no interest in understanding him – my interest would be to see him exterminated”

Pretty harsh for a kid who did not do anything?  I think so and now even Alex Jones said it was 100% psyops. Yay Alex, it’s about time brother. Yes all in all I have to say that the hallucinations and holograms I saw during the big blue flu were more real than what I have witnessed since coming back to 98.6 but I thought I’d check with you all in case I may have relapsed.

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Never would have guessed …

Never would have guessed ...

This is why I love what I’m doing. I wish I could have filmed the conversation I had with these two. And I will be able to soon – hopefully.

You should have seen the look on the white-liberals faces as these two were talking about Obama. It was all I could do to keep from losing it.

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Civil War and the Litmus Test- Will you shoot Americans

A very stark truth spoken here on the cusp of the collapse. How far will these criminals go to maintain their foothold. All the way it appears.

SAVING Banks, STEALING from Depositors

All of this sounds like “HISTORY” that has been buried? History Repeating Again in Countries Around the World. Vestiges of HOLODOMOR… The Holodomor — “Inspired” by Stalin. Who was he? Rediscover History, and Present Day machinations will suddenly “sync up” as repeated “policies” presented by the current crop of evil-doers. Read More…

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Agenda 21: Take No Prisoners


5 Mississippi Lawmakers Die In Months; Pro-Agenda 21 Legislator Jessica Upshaw Found Dead Of Gunshot Wound – Before it’s News

5 Mississippi state lawmakers have died within the past few months, including the recent death of Jessica Upshaw who recently took a great deal of blame for not allowing a vote to kill Agenda 21 in Mississippi. Upshaw represented a district that included the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and was said to have committed suicide. read more

Mississippi Legislature
2012 Regular Session

House Bill 801

Background Information:
Disposition:    Dead
Deadline:   General Bill/Constitutional Amendment
Revenue:   No
Vote type required:   Majority
Effective date:   Passage

History of Actions:
   1   02/20 (H) Referred To Conservation and Water Resources
2   03/06 (H) Died In Committee


RNC Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21 Read More…

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The War on [your] Consciousness

GH-The war on consciousness

Disclose.tvGraham Hancock – The War on Consciousness @ TEDxWhitechapel

The Dark Side of Ayahuasca

In response to the videos posted by Boomerang that included the offerings from Graham Hancock, David Wilcock and others who hang in the Project Camelot crowd, I have followed these characters for many years in the nineties and have finally concluded for myself they are Frauds and psyoperators.  I keep a running list in a database of the works, ideas and beliefs of these new ager, ufologists and pseudo-intellectuals and shaman wannabes and I find them dangerous to those trying to escape the matrix.

I also have studied the tryptamines and other amino acids and the benefits medicinally as versus the recreational abuser and DMT with a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor is very dangerous and MAOI’s in PhRMA are worse than the SSRI versions in the anti-depressants kingdom.  Dietary and chemical considerations can have deadly effects as noted in this recent case of Nolan in the article above. There are many benefits to Cannabis and psilocybin when used  medicinally. How it’s grown and cultivated are the of huge concern and when the government takes control of all of it, it will be unusable and contaminated or adulterated. Best you know and grow your own.

But to the subject at hand I’d like coto’s take on G. Hancock, David Wilcock,  Jordan Maxwell, Bill Ryan and others in that fraternity. Like the Fulfords, Kurzweils and Celente’s, I find them to be just as suspect, but that’s just my sense.  What’s yours?

After years of conspiracy research I can say most of it has been the CIA psyops and Psychopharmacology or  Psee-eye-a-r-us as the new ager model for this millenium. I warn those who will listen about getting in too deep with these most dangerous ladder designers.   From Leary, McKenna and Frank Olson to Jonestown and to Aurora, it’s the most potent of behavior control and social engineering.




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Senate Caves, Monsanto Wins!

cotolawyer.jpg monsanto


Senate Caves, Monsanto Wins!
Posted by Dave on March 21, 2013

We regret to inform you, but yesterday Monsanto succeeded in passing Section 735, otherwise known as the Monsanto Protection Act, in the Senate. This is outrageous and another sign of the betrayal of toxic leadership in Washington DC. read more

SOS: Last Chance to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act!


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Begin Narration

Lightning Never Strikes Twice -- Really?!

Lightning Never Strikes Twice — Really?!

When JFK was sacrificed, the New World Order, the final solution was in it’s final stages. On the astrological date of the assassination, the ultimate secrets of the illuminati were on the verge of exposure. What the architects did was mend a fence and shift the power from the transition to revolution.

The Ninth power as I have indicated from my recent seminars has led me to this ultimate reality of the temporal shifts and EMR dispersion. We have recorded multiple events around the world from strange audio, visual and electromagnetic events.

JFK’s famous secret societies speech [insert here]

dispersion: statistically  the degree to which values of a frequency distribution are scattered around some central point, usually the arithmetic mean or median. [9-3,6]


Survival will be evolution and not revolution. Revolution is not the zeropoint but the transformation to the abyss. The Choronzon has planted the seeds of entropy in revolution number nine and they have sprouted in the springs of change we have seen. It now is infiltrating the Masonic Jesuit realm and it will result in the same revolutionary changes. The recent events all have the markers of the arithmetic and numerology. Read More…

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Sandy Hook’s New Psy-OP

Sandy Hook’s New Psy-OP
Three months after the event!

By Jim Kirwan

Kirwan has written a post about Sandy Hook, unveiling startling New information:

Read It at:



This happened:

“The impetus for the initiative started on the evening of the shooting” Conway said. When he hosted a HOLIDAY PARTY with dozens of tech heavyweights as well as Mayor Ed Lee, former Mayor Willie Brown and Gabrielle Giffords, and her husband

Mark Kelly.” (1)

Did the grieving parents attend this PARTY? Maybe this was the reason the parents were kept in SILENCE & SECLUSION – away FROM THE PUBLIC for the last 90 days, (while the facts were SEALED by the state of Connecticut) WAS THAT DONE BECAUSE SOME PARENTS MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE GONE to this party?

Why else would the “privacy” of the parents and their statements about that day – have been kept from public knowledge?

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So Why Would a Government Act Like This? Who Will Be the Victims?

This is the 2nd from the top article at Infowars at 8:19pm, 3-16-13. It has 231 comments.

Why does Obama need 1.6 billion bullets?

Diana West / / March 16, 2013

I am still waiting to see ANY country’s leader do one thing to help his country’s People. What I have read about, and seen, by Actions (i.e. Policy) leaves me deeply cynical about the entire political spectrum and realm (and we cannot probably imagine what has gone on covertly).

Particularly in America, the pell mell march towards fascism, and the flagrant and illegal repealing of the protections afforded the population by the Bill-of-Rights and the U.S. Constitution are astonishing as “Policy” moves by supposed “elected” Representatives. With the rapid build-up of the Police State, Americans’ instincts for survival are more than tingling.

WE the People keep asking Why? I believe WE just don’t want to face the answer. Because it is so Obamanimble in its true motivations.

What’s to figure out anymore? The government and their owned media mouthpieces have STATED that American Citizens are considered “Terrorists”. They continue to work-up and update the defining criminal characteristics of this Nation-sized “terrorist” group. The Administration continues to ram through Unconstitutional legislation and Executive Orders whether Congress is involved or not. The Administration’s soiled “lawyers” manipulate legalese, and foment illogical extrapolations to make new “laws” and policy determining that NOW — America (the Nation, sea to shining sea) is a “Battlefield”. And the “Government” is AT WAR with the population of “terrorists”.

That is the most ridiculous attribution WE the People have heard yet!

But, its easy, once you’ve charted a course to HELL, based on Lies. Cheney, his Bush Boy Toy, and their crooked cronies “passed” the Patriot Act, as Act II, following Act I (9/11), and found sophistry so easy that they “legally” changed Torture into a Benefit. All you’ve gotta do is have weasel Attorney Generals write up the new definition changing criminal acts into legal acts. See how it works?

So what’s up with Americans living in DENIAL that THEY are the avowed ENEMY-of-the-State?

This WAR on Americans can’t be spelled out any clearer! When you see (cue the list of Agencies’ prepping) mobilizations of military hardware, stockpiling, Full Spectrum Dominance activities of your entire environment, etc, etc., you’d think the sheep would get the message?

I’m going to cut to the chase here. I’m going to conflate 2 separate articles, and ask YOU to see if YOU can grasp the “means” meant to be used to get to the END imagined by a truly sick pack of wolves. Read that article linked to at the top, then read this sickening account of what goes on in WAR. It is time we “Wake Up” to reality, no matter how hideous it is. Only with these Truths in mind can we make sure it doesn’t repeat again.

“A new film about to be released in Germany will force both countries to re-examine part of their recent history that each would much prefer to forget. Yet it is right that the ghastly truth should finally be acknowledged.

The movie, A Woman In Berlin, is based on the diary of the German journalist Marta Hillers and depicts the horror of the Red Army’s capture of the capital of the Third Reich in April and May 1945″.

Here’s the Link — Definitely NOT for the Squeamish:

Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

But NOT TO WORRY FELLOW AMERICANS! Read this terse explanation, and go back to sleep:


Your Buddy -- NOT!

Privates Invasion Team Captain

Snazi Outfit There

Snazi Outfit There

Snazi Outfit There pic borrowed from Tom Heneghan’s March 17 “Explosive Intelligence Briefing”:

In case you thought the financial world around you was not manipulated as everything else is, please read Washington’s Blog post:

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Fifteen from Pakalert Press: 3/14/13

On 14/03/2013 10:12 PM, Pakalert Press wrote:
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Fight Hunger — Take Back Your Roots! Grow a Garden!


This is great stuff by Mr. Ron Finley, a Guerilla Gardener in South Los Angeles. I located this story at Zengardner’s site —

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA

Most people cannot afford Organic “Designer” produce markets. The food is marked up 3X what it should be. You have to pay EXTRA so the food is not “Sprayed” with pesticides and chemicals. Why should only the elite be able to afford Organic food? Inner city communities (read — the poor and govt. dependent) can only afford the Non-Food, Drive Through, Dollar Menu “Fast Food” crap, that provides ZERO food value. This all exacerbates the obesity crisis in America.

In the inner cities (and elsewhere), people have to obtain “permission” to plant and grow their own food — How ridiculous is this?! SEE? Another system of “control”, keeping people down.

Let’s help educate our children what our grandmothers’ knew about providing food for their children? Growing food has become a “Lost Art”, and it needs to be rediscovered.

If people can learn to feed themselves, then WE can “Take Back” what Big AG (Monsanto) have taken away from people. This is the first time in history, when an entire society is relying on big corporations to feed us. And WE SEE what kind of food they desire for us to eat. Its like a feed lot with the animals, where they’re “fattened up” before going to slaughter.

Grok the parallels here. This is a deep subject. When a garden is planted, it not only provides food and creates and sustains healthy minds and bodies…it also attracts bees, butterflies, and birds. A former “dead” area, becomes “alive”. Gardens and healthy food are a beautiful thing to behold.

Do what you can in your own area. I’m going to begin where I live, helping folks plant gardens.

We all know that lack of food, and crap food is a huge problem, but it is also the Solution, as Mr. Finley states.

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Monita Privada


temporal transformation


Petrus Romanus Prophecy of the Popes.

Petrus Romanus  3/^9^\6

The Apotheosis ~ Predictions 2012

There will be the cosmic event from last year again in South America
and another move by the Vatican to call for a global political authority
and one will emerge from the continent to bring about the NAU.

“Jews and Jesuits will move heaven and hell against you.”
Kurt Lüdecke, in conversation with Adolf Hitler
  1. From European Anti-Jesuitism to German Anti-Jewishness: A Tale of Two Texts by James Bernauer presented at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (March 5, 2009)^

via Monita Privada. i=9

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Who’s BOMBING Who?
Who’s ARMING Who?
Who’s working hard to be DISARMING YOU? While simultaneously ARMING their “Agency” Protectors?
Who’s Torturing Who?
Who’s Robbing Who?

Who’s LOVING YOU? Yeah — Love’s got EVERYTHING to “do with it”!

Is “Tyranny” walking down your street?
Is “Tyranny” building up it’s forces behind your back? In Your supposed “Legislative” halls?
Is “Tyranny” In-Your-Face, or About-to-Be? Brought to YOU by TPTB?

If it ain’t “LOVE” that YOU’VE GOT – Then what would you call it?

COTO…Getting a Clue, Sending a Message Out of the bunker:

What I Got lyrics – by SUBLIME

“Early in the morning, risin’ to the street
Light me up that cigarette and I strap shoes on my feet
Got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong
Got to find a reason why my money’s all gone
I got a dalmation, and I can still get high
I can play the guitar like a mother fucking riot

Well, life is (too short), so love the one you got
‘Cause you might get runover or you might get shot
never start no static just get it off my chest Never had to battle with no bulletproof vest

Take a small example, take a tip from me
Take all of your money, give it all to charity
Love is what I got
It’s within my reach
And the Sublime style’s still straight from Long Beach
It all comes back to you, you’ll finally get what you deserve
Try and test that you’re bound to get served
Love’s what I got
Don’t start a riot
You’ll feel it when the dance gets hot

Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got

(That’s) why I don’t cry when my dog runs away
I don’t get angry at the bills I have to pay
I don’t get angry when my Mom smokes pot
Hits the bottle and goes right to the rock
Fuckin’ and fightin’, it’s all the same
Livin’ with Louie dog’s the only way to stay sane
Let the lovin’, let the lovin’ come back to me

Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got, I said remember that
Lovin’, is what I got, I got I got I got”


Soft Tyranny in the U.S.? Most Dangerous Form of Tyranny.

The End Of Sovereign America

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Bitcoins & Italy’s 5 Star Movement

Geez, I have some serious catching up to do. I didn’t know about either.   Max Kesier & Gerald Celente will fill us in on those fronts.  I’ll have to visit with two of my favorite internet guys Max & Gerald more often. ~jg

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Goosfraba …Goosfraba ….Goosfraba ….

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They Named the Storm Saturn….Are you Sirius?


The sounds of Saturn:

As I write this, the wind is howling outside my windows against the backdrop of the blackest of nights. That same wind is whistling through my front door & storm door and sounds like the eerie wind that blows through a haunted house in a horror flick. I don’t know why it does that but it scared the hell out of my 4 year old grandson when he stayed over one night two weeks ago.   I’ve gotten used to it.


But I digress. All that noise is being caused by the winter storm “Saturn.” Question… Why are we naming winter storms all of a sudden? Specifically, why is this one named after a planet? In particular that very mysterious planet with the bad reputation? One word… Illuminati. Yep, they are showing off again. It wasn’t enough that they regaled us with their rituals of this past summer’s Olympics with their all seeing eye pyramids, eye of sauron, children visited by demons in their sick beds etc. Then there was the super bowl blackout “coincidence.” Not to mention the music award shows with their ritualistic performances by the programmed drones for their craven masters. Yes, they’ve been quite busy this year throwing it all in our faces… throwing up in our faces would be a more apt phrase.


So, what’s so depraved about naming a nasty storm Saturn? First off, it’s geoengineered. Most storms today are. Even the stupid tv weathermen and women are at a loss when they try to explain the freaky, inexplicable weather patterns. I’ve been watching them struggling with the weird directions these storms take.  But enough blathering on about the weather. What you really need to know is what the planet Saturn represents to the monsters that rule.

Read More…

Once WE Soared!

Once WE Soared!

WE Were FREE to FLY!

WE Were FREE to FLY!

WE Believed in Ourselves, WE Trusted Those Who Represented US to the World

WE Believed in Ourselves, WE Trusted Those Who Represented US to the World

We've Waited, and WATCHED!

We’ve Waited, and WATCHED!

NOW, WE have something to say to YOU!

NOW, WE have something to say to YOU!



WE TOO have made a "CHANGES".  Our Patience has worn thin.

WE TOO have made “CHANGES”. Our Patience has worn thin.

Times have Change Alright -- READ OUR MINDS!

Times have Changed Alright — READ OUR MINDS!

“If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” ~ George H.W. Bush.

I attempted to locate a link for this quote…so I could re-quote it. Found one. At Except, the “snake” just keeps spinning around, and around, around, and never gets me to my destination? WTF?! Sound Familiar?

Many other quotes cross OUR minds…

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”. ~ Denis Diderot

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… if, during periods of mass arrests, … people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”
~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn

As we sit in our mortgaged houses {if we have a house, if we have a roof over our heads}, as we labor at our dead-end jobs {if we have a job, if it even pays our bills, feeds our kids, puts gas in the car — and WHO even HAS health insurance anymore?}, as we watch the lips move on the elite puppets who we certainly did not vote for, much less condone their actions, or agree to their retirement packages, and could only guess at the level of corruption and perversion they must have indulged in to get to the “public servant” position they have attained, as we contemplate the sewer that swirls and is called politics…called a “stock market”…called “life in the Homeland” — when WE HAVE BUILT THIS REPUBLIC!

WE shake our heads in disgust. And WE WILL DO WHAT WE MUST!

Because OUR DREAMS are GRANDER than your dreams. OUR DREAMS consider OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AROUND THE WORLD. OUR DREAMS SERVE HUMANITY’s BEST INTERESTS. THAT is what AMERICA’s “DREAM” was based on when it was first breathed. That breath shall never be humanity’s last. For it is OUR BEST!

This post is mirrored from beforeitsnews website, Monday, March 4, 2013 17:42

Please read at the link below, then watch the video. Have YOU heard of U.S. National Parks being ceded under U.N. control? “Russian” DHS troops? In KY and TN? We have busy, busy legislators illegally “selling out” American’s at every level evidently. The picture is getting filled in quite quickly, for those obtaining their news from Alternative News Web Sites, such as COTO.

Kay Griggs describes a “Secret System”, which manufactures the not-so-illustrious “Leaders” in politics + military + the revolving corporate doors. This Expose’ by Mrs. Griggs, details the sordid means of “control” hidden behind the puppets and players on the world scene. The video is not edited, so carefully skip through to the parts that are revealing in their matter-of-factness reality — which MOST of Americans are oblivious too. The culture of perversion described here is Ages-Old. Now we Know.

NAMES, NAMES, NAMES — I recognize many of THOSE NAMES! Many are NEW NAMES I don’t recognize. Nice to know there’s a People’s dossier on these Bad Actors!

This post is additive to COTO’s understanding of why OUR WORLD looks the way it does.

Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview. 1 of 4

Written by Charles Frith at 7/24/2012 05:16:00 pm

“I can’t recommend the Kay Grigg’s video testimony enough. It’s as dark as it goes but is totally necessary to understand how the world really ticks at an elite level. There are four of these videos but I’ll be posting the others too. Kay Griggs spills more secrets in these than imaginable but what makes them interesting for me is that I’ve corroborated them with a lot of other researchers and other testimony. This is real”.

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Carbon Waste


So Riddle me this Bain?

When do Sandy hooks go phishing again?
Why is too big to fail looking for the sequesters with QE infinity?
How do agenda’s like 21 get their “moll oir?”
Where do the “bocai rua” banksters launder their shorts?

In my boredom with headline chirpings of the extermination externs and other Comcastings by committee, I watched the movie “TAKEN.”  Taken as not to the cleaners mind you, but the moohlah and buckaroos of human carbonic sequestration.

There are a thousand posts by team coto here that have provided a bread crumb path from where we came. It’s always best to get to the destination by going back the way we came and meeting the progression in a frontal, head on fashion.

“It’s not personal, it’s just business” says the black marketeer to the sequestered party in a crypto International UN ICC type of asset management jargon. This line given to daddy Liam Neeson in regards to his Saudi sequestered asset daughter in a transaction of legal tender flesh. Hollywood’s inevitable site specific relation to the master agenda.

From postings on Hillary pledging USA Corp. assets to China via  to Agenda 21  in EUgenocidal orchestrations, the trail of crumbs and clues have been laid out as well here at coto as any other portal, if not better. Read More…

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A Lot of Firsts

A Lot of Firsts

There are just so many firsts, you can’t hardly wait to see what’s next!

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By Hook or By Crook We’ve Ended Up HERE

The Missing Links – Part One
March 2, 2013

The Missing Links – Part Two
March 2, 2013

Just Added 3-04-13:
The Missing Links – Part Three
March 3, 2013

From Here:
WACOFIREPHOTOS — APRIL 19, 1993. At 5:55 a.m. April 19, 1993 FBI driven tanks began their assault on the Branch Davidian home and church Mount Carmel Center…

Tanks at Waco "Negotiation"

Tanks at Waco “Negotiation”

To Here:

The Illusion of "Safety" results in "The Collapse of Liberty"

The Illusion of “Safety” results in “The Collapse of Liberty”

To Here: Sandy Hook LifeGuard Banner

Strike While the IRONY is HOT!

Strike While the IRONY is HOT!

Scorecard: “How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?”
Posted on February 21, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

Symbolism/Pre-curse-her/Grok the Queen Logo at the start of the video and in a number of places on their website…Grok the Lyrics

Circulated photo on this story

Circulated photo on this story

“UK: Queen hospitalized over stomach illness”
The Associated Press
Sunday, March 3, 2013 11:39 AM EST
LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has been hospitalized over an apparent stomach infection that has ailed her for days, Buckingham Palace said Sunday. The monarch will have to cancel a visit to Rome and other engagements as she recovers.

Let’s see who’s in HERE?

Lightning Never Strikes Twice -- Really?!

Lightning Never Strikes Twice — Really?!

Interesting discussion on the video located here:

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Out the window pictures

Morrison CO. 8:30 am

elk 003 elk 001 elk 002


Elk 028 Elk 062

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What’s Up with U.S. Politicians and the “Wailing Wall”?

I was just wondering…in a past thread, we’ve posted pics of most all of the top U.S. politicos doing their obeisance thing. I think some 135 congress reps were sent to Israel this last year for some reason or another on a taxpayer funded “field trip”. I wonder if they all made this stop?

Here’s the scoop and background on this “ritual”. What do you think now?

From Rense:

O.K., I went and dug up the thread with the photos of a number of U.S. “Leaders” wearing the yarmulke and “praying” at the Wailing Wall. Take a look here at the link to the thread:

Oh Bama!  Christian, Muslim, Jew?  Who knew?

Oh Bama! Christian, Muslim, Jew? Who knew?

So WE ask ourselves, “Just what is it that these ‘Leaders’, these ‘People’s Representatives’ {sic} have in common with (1) Each other, and (2) Israel/a certain branch of Religious Jewry? What is it?

The earlier thread posited it was Money & Power. But now, I don’t believe that THAT is the real “Hook” here. The religious aspect or the “sect” aspect, and what is behind it, is of much more interest, and most likely is the “tie-that-binds” these individuals together under a particular banner.

Brother Nathaniel proposes a link to the Demon of Demons, Satan. Most folks guffaw at that suggestion for any number of reasons. But I would also refer you back to this common hand sign shared by the exact same crowd.

Common Hand Sign Among "Elites"

Common Hand Sign Among “Elites”

So, these diverse individuals ALSO share another “Symbol-ism” highly important to them and other elites. Interesing, aye? I know there is a thread here on COTO depicting almost all of these same elites above flashing the “Devil’s Hand Sign”, but I couldn’t locate it with limited time. You can google and find these elites flashing quite easily. You WILL be surprised if you have not been paying attention.

UNDERNEATH the Covers Lie Things Undiscovered…

It is also interesting in going back over past threads, as Tie Ins become apparent from things going on not so long ago, up to the present. With the Pope “retiring” — the first Pope in 600 YEARS mind you — WE should be expecting a NEW act to emerge, following this quick and tidy Wash & Rinse cycle.

LOOK at THIS post from not-so-long-ago:

Pope Ratzinger Flashes the "Sign"

Pope Ratzinger Flashes the “Sign”

SEE THIS PAST THREAD: “What is This?”…Lucifer Rising

I propose that the SAME “SPIRITUAL POWER”, a BLACK ONE, stands behind the Vatican power, the Israeli power, the U.N. power, and all of the other Elite Strongholds around the globe. Brother Nathaniel alludes to this with the Jewish theme above. What WE are seeing is not “new”. It is just documented more readily in the “information age”. The Tie-In goes back to Babylonian alchemy and Demon worship, and the “power” bestowed upon those performing obeisance. The “power brokers” of this age are powered by the same power behind elites and royalty of old. The “old” banking “Families” that are continuing to pull strings even now, serve the same Masters. Slaves of these “Masters”.

Everyone will have their own beliefs on this subject, subject to personal bias, research or lack of it, and other factors. Continued observation and thoughtful consideration will assist in drawing conclusions. Consider what I propose as a “Theory”. MORE will develop on this concept Obviously.

And by the way — John Kerry (the NEW Sec. of State) just gave $60 million to the Syrian “rebels”.

This can be construed as typical Rothschild Banker’s funding while billing the taxpayers (Read: Rothschild — same DARK Power behind it). I ran across the previous post above. Notice the tie-in between Soros and the Israelis. The Syrian story is another sordid story of incrementalism and greed, rather than “helping the people”. That DOG don’t hunt anymore.

Posted by: jerseyg | February 25, 2013

A Chemtrail/Geoengineering Feature Film

The 2008 film stars Anne Heche and James Tupper (yum).  It’s only about an hour and a half.  When you get the time, watch and leave your comments.  I have my opinions about it but I’ll keep them to myself for now.  ~jg

The trailer:

The Full Movie:


What in the World are they Spraying?

Why in the World are they Spraying?

Posted by: Mr. M | February 25, 2013

Moochele Gets Bitch-Slapped by a Veteran

Moochele Gets Bitch-Slapped by a Veteran

The following was a comment in response to an article that appeared on Yahoo News (sic), headlined: First Lady to Press Governors on Veteran’s Jobs. Having stuck-out amongst the usual dribble I thought I’d share it here.

The problem with it will become obvious. Although I agree with everything that is said, I have a real problem deciding if it’s real. And if it isn’t real – what would be its point?


Mrs. Obama… I think you wasted money on that college degree, but let a 15 year military veteran give you some advice.

First off.

The Obama administration (your spouse) put hiring quotas in for government jobs. The newly minted “equal opportunity” hires are hispanics. That trumps veteran’s preferences.

The Obama Administration has said the military will be cut in half by 2016. That is going to be around 300,000 unemployed Veterans’/American citizens coming into the work force.

Then there is Affirmative Action polices that prevent highly qualified applicants from finding jobs.

The Obama Administration (your spouse) has been less than friendly to businesses of all sizes.

“Those evil rich people must pay” mantra your own husband has been preaching, is ignorant. And encourages those evil rich people to not take chances, like expanding in a hostile business environment.

The free ride into citizenship has over 11 illegals in this country staying put. Liberal policies say these immigrants deserve in state tuition, yet that farmboy from another state that served his country for 8 years, is forced to pay out of state tuition.

Let’s look past all that and move into reality. This “dog and pony show” you and your husband keep displaying with the help of the state run media is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. We have a good portion of the American public hanging on your every word. That dress and Jewelry you are wearing…. that new hairdo?

Could probably feed 5 families that voted for your husband for 6 months.

Simple fact is… Military service transfers to college credits. All the schools, training, deployments, are in there. All servicemembers can access that site to get those credentials. I had well over 86 college credits when I left the military.

Now about me?
44 year old white female
Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary and Restuarant Management (Texas Tech)
15 year military Veteran
14 Year Restuarant Manager

My husband?
44 year old white male
Master’s in Education, Master’s in Military History (Texas Tech & Austin Peay State U)
17 year Military Veteran (still serving)

3 Years ago we moved on a change of duty station, unfortunately for me? My 13 years with the same company ended. The closest area they had a position in was Dallas. I live 3.5 hours south of Dallas.

I have not had a job since we moved here. Not for lack of trying. I have Veterans preference, Spouse’s preferences, college degrtee in hand, 13 years in the field and 15 years in the military.

32 job interviews later? No job. Problem?

They can hire immigrants at lower wages.
The managers hiring only people of their skin color.
Federal job quota’s are not for white folks

It is what it is. 3 restuarants that didnt hire me went bankrupt the past 12 months. But hey… at least their manager hooked up people of his own kind right?

And Mrs Obama these facts are fromthe Bureau of Labor Statistics

In 2011, nearly 20 percent of employed African-Americans worked for state, local, or federal government compared to 14.2 percent of Whites and 10.4 percent of Hispanics

Is it time to drop affirmative action now? It is time to end Minority quotas? Because, you see….I am not able to file a lawsuit every time an employer doesnt hire me

Qualifications mean nothing of you are not the right skin color. You and your husband sure love to make the skin color of people an issue…..

Your daughters look nothing like me…..


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