This is Puddy Dunne;

Please follow the instructions on how to join the COTOCREW.  Please go to and sign up for a free blog account.

username   EG: Your Identity

create password

Select: Gimme a Blog

supply email address

Enter name and profile if you want. An email will be sent.  Confirm email and activate your site.

From there choose login to your site with username and password and go to your dashboard at the top then select users on the left series of tabs and select your profile.

Please add [upload] your Gravatar [avatar or photo] [the image for your comments] See for help.

You may go through all the set up for your personal blog, when and if you choose to. If you have a website or blog of your own and want it added to the COTO CREW blogroll, please provide it as well.

Once you have finished, please send us an email with the email you used for your account and then we will add you to the membership of this COTO Blog as an author and contributor. Send to

You may then post articles, thoughts, comments and we will all be connected to share and comment.

By signing up for COTO, you agree to the Terms of Service of WordPress and the Terms of Service of COTO. Comments and articles are not removeable should you decide to discontinue membership. If you wish to cancel memberhip, please contact with written request.





LOGGING ON When you come to COTOCREW, you should get there by logging into your personal account. Once you log in you will see your blogs on the left, e.g. [personal blog] and [cotocrew blog]. Select cotocrew and you will arrive at the dashboard.  Once there select ‘visit site’ for cotocrew  at the top of the page.

I WANT TO POST SOMETHING Posting – You can post article, diary, youtube, media, pictures, audio, links for other wordpress posts or articles we should attack!! Just Title it, enter your stuff  in the box and preview it and post it. Please insert the page break  [insert more] to abbreviate the article posting. This will allow easier viewing of all posts. (See below for detailed instructions on how to use INSERT MORE.)

IMPORTANT: You should use tags like News, Politics, and others like government, corruption, FEMA, etc.  You should also select a category that best matches the subject matter.


When you arrive at COTO dashboard just select “visit site.” There you will see abbreviated postings from the members. You may read and post any comments there.


Go to my account at top and select Once there select a tag you used [like news, politics, etc.] on the right side and find your recently added post for the world to see. There are 200,000 postings every day. Lots of traffic. Let’s get the word out by reading other blogger articles and turning them on to ‘COTO light.’

Alt+Shift+T (the “read more” tag)
How to upload pictures
Help with gravitars.

CONTACT INFO If you still need help, have articles you want to spotlight or have youtube videos that you think are exceptional, please forward to us.

Technical issues:


  1. Can you link to my new blog “Wake-up Call” at ? I’m talking to myself over there

  2. I tried to modify my nickname in wordpress. I already had a blog with the name ‘shrinkrat’ … so I am posting this as a test to see if my name is returned to medicis……ah, the lowly psych rat vs the wealthy ‘elites’ of pre Renaissance Italy. Ah, but my real name is that of one of the Medicis’ two major competitors…

    such a glorious history … of losers … at least given my economic condition…

  3. ahhh, it worked. Must’ve been that special incantation.

  4. Trusting one-trillion, two-trillion…..Trusting…Trusting
    ( Bankers mic-test ) Pa..Pa..Pay me

  5. Testing 2,3,4

  6. […] JOIN THE GROUP […]

  7. WordPress is so complicated that I doubt I’ll be able to figure it out again anytime soon. Now that I’ve made it here, I wanted to say “Hello” and I enjoy your posts everyday!

  8. Mr Dunne I have a suggestion for the list above . One that really ‘can’t’ be excluded . And it is this : ¥ A basic understanding or at least acknowledgement of the EXOPOLITICAL situation that encompasses the globe. Its the Wizard behind the curtain . know loosely as the Orion group. And one half of the shadow government .

    • Also wanted to say what a spectacular job u did with current banner.

  9. To Mr. Cati: on your You Tube video The Ritual Blood Sacrifices of July 22 and 24 – 8 on it’s side is the mobius strip, The mobius strip is a one-sided construct, so you could walk along it forever without ever reaching the end, hence it’s use to represent infinity!

    Also it sort of looks like a one strand DNA (non human) Read Corrupting the Image by Douglas Hamp.

    Numbers – Math – Sacred Geometry is the true language of God.

    Explain if you haven’t already (I have not found it yet) about the super computer please. Thank you.

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