1. I Would Like to Share One of My Poems With All of You ….


    Have You Seen the Swarms of Locusts,
    Darkening the Skies?
    the Wondrous Part is They Have No Wings,
    And, Yet, They Still Get By.

    They Walk by Day in the Thousands,
    Hide Themselves at Night.
    The Bible Never Told Us,
    Locusts Don’t Need Flight !

    They Surely Are the Locusts,
    We’ve All Been Warned About.
    Wherever They Go Is Turned to Waste,
    Until They’re Driven Out.

    We’re Forced to Overlook Their Crimes,
    and Bring Them In As Friends.
    How Many Millions Do They Need,
    To Bring About “The End” ?

    Until These Locusts Are Driven Back,
    Countries and Cultures Can’t Thrive,
    Europe Is Already On It’s Knees,
    It’s Time to Burn Their Hives !

  2. I Would Also Like to Add One of My Short Poems ….


    The Party Isn’t Over,
    Unfortunate For Us.
    They Steal and Lie …
    Complain and Cry,


    My Country Is In Danger,
    Stolen From “Within”.
    Not a Single Shot Was Fired.

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