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Who killed Aaron Traywick and why?

Traywick ran a biomedical company and was known for experimenting on himself.

In 2016, Traywick became CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, a small but very controversial biomedical company. Ascendance built its business ethos on eschewing U.S. government and industry regulatory guidelines in the hopes of getting treatments for viruses like HIV and herpes to the public faster.

Traywick grabbed headlines for making himself a guinea pig for these new and experimental treatments. In February, Traywick injected himself with an Ascendance-brewed herpes vaccine on Facebook Live at the body hacking convention BDYHAX in Austin. During the filmed panel event, he took his pants off and injected his thigh with a syringe on stage. You can watch it here, if you’re interested.

On top of flirting with breaking U.S. law by working on non-F.D.A. approved gene therapies, Ascendance appeared to be fraught with turmoil from inside its own ranks of biohackers and transhumanists. Later in February and following the Austin event, Gizmodo ran a story detailing how Traywick, facing conflict with biohackers working in an Ascendance-funded lab in Florida, had locked himself inside the lab alone for several hours, eventually dumping some of the biohackers’ equipment outside the front door. The following night, several of the lab workers and other individuals who worked for Ascendance went on Facebook Live to announce they wouldn’t be working for Ascendance moving forward. “Traywick, they said, had put pressure on them to cut corners on science in order to make arbitrary deadlines set up to reveal new therapies to the press,” Gizmodo wrote.

Tristan Roberts Twitter
biohacker Tristan Roberts – Patient Zero for Ascedance HIV cure

Biohackers Produce & Self-Administer Attempt at Gene-Therapy HIV Cure

DEATH: April 29, 2018 – [Vortex 811 @ 6-9-3]


Aaron Traywick, CEO of Ascendance Biomedical and a figure in the biohacking and transhumanist movements, was found dead this weekend in a flotation tank in Washington DC, according to Tristan Roberts. He was 28 years old.

Not a police blotter report but this information comes from Tristan Roiberts?

Update: The Metropolitan Police Department of DC released the following statement on Tuesday:

“At approximately 11:31 am on April 29, 2018, Aaron Traywick, 28, was found deceased in a spa room in the 1000 block of Massachusetts Ave, NW. Traywick’s body was taken to the OCME for an autopsy. The Metropolitan Police Department is conducting a death investigation. At this point, we don’t have any evidence to suggest foul play.”

11-4 + 4-11 = 811  Vortex [322] Freemason

Spa Says Police Found Drug Paraphernalia Among Aaron Traywick’s Belongings

DC police found drug paraphernalia among Aaron Traywick‘s belongings, a spokesperson for the spa in which the controversial CEO died tells WashingtonianHeather Shaw Menis says the detective who investigated his death told her twice about the paraphernalia. In an email, a spokesperson for the DC police tells Washingtonian the department is unable to confirm that detail.

Typical Freemason Police-FBI narrative leaks that are unconfirmed and cannot formally be substantiated.

Traywick led the biomedical startup Ascendance Biomedical and achieved some fame for injecting himself with a self-developed herpes therapy in front of a live audience in February, was found dead at Soulex Float Spa in downtown DC on Sunday.

Shaw Menis says Traywick scheduled a same-day float appointment for (9) 9 AM on Sunday and arrived 20 to 25 (9)  minutes late. This was Traywick’s first visit to Soulex, and he signed a standard waiver, Shaw Menis says. Soulex co-owner Pedramin Vaziri arrived at 10:49 AM and asked why someone was still in the float room, because float times typically last (6) 60 minutes. It became clear that more was amiss: The door to Traywick’s room was ajar, even though clients usually float in the nude and typically lock the doors. And the room was dark–its lights should have gone on when Traywick opened the tank’s lid. Vaziri went in to investigate and discovered Traywick unconscious and in the tank, which had automatically drained by then.

Why would this be an issue? 10:49 is in the 10-11 AM slot.  Why would a booking for 10AM be normal.  – [99]

Police responded expeditiously to the spa’s 911 call: “The first responders were here within four minutes,” Shaw Menis says. “They closed it out as a crime scene within 18 minutes. There were no safety concerns.”

The spa remained closed on Sunday “because the staff was so shook up,” Shaw Menis says. Soulex has since reopened, and Shaw Menis emphasized that there are no safety concerns with any of the equipment, adding that the spa owners have the “absolute highest standards for flotation therapy.”

Shaw Menis says a detective told her police expect toxicology reports in six to ten weeks.

Not only is 6-10 weeks a ludicrous time frame for toxicology, the numerology follows the Human Event (6) with Traywick,  age 28 (10) and the (3) Location of the Soulex Float Spa.

Soulex Float Spa  Address: 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Entrance is on 11th St., Washington, DC 20001

SOUL-EX Full Form

The esoteric meaning of this is perfectly symbolized by the six pointed star uniting the material with the spiritual triangle perfectly.

No Pearl

Feature film – Wikipedia

Traywick was the primary subject of a soon-to-be released feature film operating under the most recent working title Transhuman: Biohackers and Immortalists,[22] directed by Ford Fischer.

Conspiracy theories engulf the suspect death of a notorious biohacker

Looks like a cover story to me but maybe he was a threat to Big Pharma like Barry Sherman,. Maybe his option was death or a “fade away” in order to stay free and alive.  Not much info about his life, parents and other personal data which usually flows freely and quickly after a hoax.  Will be interested in autopsy and further steganography from the Fake News and Media numerology.

The indication based on the numbers tells me that this is a possible staged  fake death but that it has an underlying conspiracy and agenda that would include the deep state and sinister motive.  It also may be Traywick was a CIA asset which would  add some additional intrigue

masonic abide canceled




  1. acclaims DNA obedience – Ascedance Biomedical

    Billions of dollars are at stake, so the fight over who owns CRISPR is back in court

  2. After the HAARPinff in IRAN bu the cabal. it seems Russia gas hit Hawaii

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.9
    Date-Time 4 May 2018 22:32:56 UTC
    4 May 2018 12:32:56 near epicenter
    4 May 2018 16:32:56 standard time in your timezone

    Location 19.370N 155.032W
    Depth 5 km

    This is a huge scalar assault and extremely shallow while activating volcanic flow…..

    Iran earthquake latest: Magnitude-5.5 quake strikes near nuclear power plant. An earthquake has hit southern Iran just 60 miles from the country’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. It hit on Thursday morning and was also felt in Bahrain and other areas around the Persian Gulf.

  3. U.S. Transhumanist Party Official Statement on the Death of Aaron Traywick

    May 2, 2018: The United States Transhumanist Party makes this official statement to express its immense sadness, shock, and incomprehension over the recent death of Aaron Traywick, CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, who was discovered dead in a flotation tank at the age of 28. We are not privy to any special details regarding Mr. Traywick’s death, nor have we as an organization been in contact with him for several months prior. We offer our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

    While Mr. Traywick was not a member of the U.S. Transhumanist Party, he did have several extensive conversations with the current Chairman, Gennady Stolyarov II, during 2016 and 2017. The last such detailed conversation occurred at RAAD Fest 2017 in San Diego, California, on August 11, 2017, when Mr. Stolyarov and Mr. Traywick walked for an hour on the grounds of the Town and Country hotel as Mr. Traywick explained his goals for Ascendance Biomedical and the medical procedures it would advance. The U.S. Transhumanist Party does not itself engage in any medical research, but we do advocate for the rights of innovators in the medical sciences to develop procedures that may assist willing patients in combating debilitating diseases and potentially lengthening lifespans. Mr. Stolyarov found Mr. Traywick to be thoughtful, articulate, and sincere, and hoped at the time to see the results of Mr. Traywick’s endeavors manifest themselves over the course of many years – and to see the political and other structural barriers to those endeavors lifted over time.

    While we cannot comment on any specific aspect of Mr. Traywick’s work, we consider it a deep shame that he will not have the opportunity to further develop his vision for open-access cures for diseases. The entire transhumanist and life-extensionist community is saddened and confounded by news of Aaron’s death.

    The U.S. Transhumanist Party urges everyone to refrain from reckless speculations or conspiracy theories regarding Mr. Traywick’s cause of death.

    As far as we know, there is absolutely no evidence that his self-administered DIY herpes treatment (which was administered in February 2018) had any connection to his death 2.5 months later.

    There is also no evidence that Mr. Traywick’s death arose from any self-harm or foul play. Nothing about Mr. Traywick’s personality or prior behavior gave the impression of any suicidal leanings, and he was a committed life-extensionist, for whom suicide would have been anathema – the worst possible outcome.

    Furthermore, it is absurd and irresponsible to suggest that any manner of murder took place. Such suggestions need to cease immediately. Numerous biohackers and other transhumanist activists routinely work in the open, without apparent adverse consequences. If any established power had sought to crack down on Mr. Traywick or his work, there would have been far milder and more procedurally oriented ways of doing so. There is fortunately no conspiracy anywhere to kill ambitious biohackers.

    As far as we are aware, Mr. Traywick’s death was a tragic accident. U.S. Transhumanist Party Chairman Gennady Stolyarov II issued the following personal statement upon learning of Mr. Traywick’s death:

    “Flotation pods are inherently dangerous. I personally would never confine myself to a deliberately isolated, sound-proof tank, surrounded by water, where it would be easy to lose consciousness and lower one’s head into the water or turn inadvertently and obstruct one’s breathing – and no one would notice or be able to help. Whatever the ostensible benefits of ‘deep meditation’ might be (I am not a subscriber to that practice; I am always an advocate of being actively engaged in the world and receiving external feedback for one’s actions), it is not worth the risks of that particular procedure. The flotation pod is far likelier than any DIY gene therapy to have killed Aaron Traywick.”

    Regardless of the cause, the U.S. Transhumanist Party emphasizes that death is wrong. Mr. Traywick’s death is deeply wrong and will remain so. He will be missed by all of us. May his vision live on.

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  5. “masonic abide canceled”

    Donald Trump says US will no longer abide by Iran deal – as it happened

    Syrianna Round Three coming….. Joo attack too!

  6. CUMBRE VIEJA SCENARIO – La Palma Volcano Global Tsunami

    Canary Islands
    Volcano eruption fears as almost 300 earthquakes rock Spanish holiday hotspot

    TENERIFE VOLCANO: Mount Teide and (inset) earthquakes recorded in the past ten days TENERIFE VOLCANO: Mount Teide and (inset) earthquakes recorded in the past ten days Shutterstock / IGN

    MORE than 270 earthquakes have been recorded in just ten days near Spain’s Canary Islands raising fears of a volcanic eruption.

    The quakes have struck near Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands where there is a huge submarine fault between the two islands.

    Spain’s National Geographic Institute said the biggest recent quake reached a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter scale at only about 35km from Puerto La Luz in Gran Canaria.

    A report said the fault line has not been active in recent times, but it added, “What if it started spewing magma again? And what if it was reactivating the Teide volcano? That would be cataclysmic.”

    The Mount Teide volcano on Tenerife sits nearby. The National Park draws three million visitors yearly and the volcano’s 3,718-metre (12,198 ft) summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. The last eruption was on November 18, 1909.

    The government has been urged to step in amid calls for an urgent meeting to discuss why the quakes are happening again.

    But Emilio Carreño from Spain’s National Geographic Institute, said the majority of earthquakes registered in the past few days have been of tectonic origin, and ‘are not usually associated with volcanology.’

    Carreño pointed out that all earthquakes are reviewed, especially those in the Canary Islands, because “the situation of the islands makes precision in locating the source more difficult.”

    He added: “Right now in the peninsula there are quite a few places where these series of quakes are being recorded.

    “It is common during any single month to register between 100 and 600 earthquakes in areas like Jodar or in Jaen, whicHealthplan Spain

    mount teide Volcano Eruption earthquakes Canary Islands National Geographic Institute Spain involcan Tenerife Richter scale tectonic plates emilio carreno Jaen jodar

  7. The CIA Black Sites Program and the Gina Haspel Nomination
    Will the Hearings Fill in the Redacted Blanks in the Record

    Classification and redaction still cover key facts in the Gina Haspel torture story.

    * Was she still the chief of base when the Green site closed on December 4, 2002?

    * Did she supervise the November 27, 2002 waterboarding sessions of Nashiri?

    * What was her specific role in perpetuating the false claim that Nashiri’s information had come from torture (what the CIA euphemistically called “enhanced interrogation techniques”) rather than the Dubai interrogations?

    * Did she ever ask any questions about the qualifications and motivations of the contract psychologists, Mitchell and Jessen, to whom the CIA outsourced the entire torture program to the tune of $81 million in contracts? (Apparently not, because they still had their sole source contracts when Ms. Haspel served as chief of staff to the head of the CIA National Clandestine Service in 2005.)

    * Did she volunteer, or just accept assignment, to command the Green site starting in October 2002?

    * Did she review the cable traffic from the Green site in August 2002 before she took command, in which CIA officers complained about the brutality of the torture of Zubaydah and raised questions about the legality? Was she aware of the complaints?

    * Did she ever object to the torture, or express any qualms?

    * Did she ever review the CIA cables reporting on the torture sessions, compared to the CIA’s disseminated intelligence and the timing of information collected, to judge whether the claims of torture’s effectiveness were true or false – as the Senate Intelligence Committee did?

    * What was her role in reducing the amount of information in cables from the black sites circa December 2002?

    MaGpg’s Girl…………….


    Googleplex News Fake NEWS #57


    General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five …



    It’s back amd the googlplex is running 57 everywhere. This time I suspect a Syrian False Flag or Iranian event


    I suggest a Mossad Israeli evemt for sympathy or deflection. Possible missile attack Trump – Pompeo kiss the ass of the wailing wall and attack. Goodbye to Assad.

    Say Goodbye to John McCain and/or Georhe HW Bush as well on this day.

    COMING SOON! (33-57 DAYS).

    • DATE OF EVENT =: MAY 20 – JUNE 13

    • Well just as I predicted above in the #57, The game has begun,,,,

      Iran ‘fires 20 rockets’ at Israel army in occupied Golan Heights

      Who do you think fired missiles?

  9. Christian fury at Met Gala’s ‘blasphemous’ Catholic theme via @MailOnline

  10. The Babylon Whore is coming. The Jesuits and Satabists will deliver. The Feminine rise of Islam will be the precursor.

    Thanks for the message Madonna!

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