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The City of Fort Lauderdale uses CodeRED, a high-speed telephone notification system, to send mass notifications by phone, email and text to keep citizens informed. In the event of an evacuation, utility outage, water main break, fire or flood, chemical spill, or other emergency situation, the City may activate CodeRED to send emergency notifications to registered subscribers. The City may also use CodeRED to communicate non-life safety matters, such as planned road closures, water main repairs, water service interruptions, etc.

Crisis Drill Team (SAFE)

(S.A.F.E.) Teams

Emergency Codes

We have many codes that signal a particular type of emergency and what to do. The Plantation Fire and Police Departments worked with us to develop our procedures. Here are the codes used:

  • BLACK – Bomb Threat. Depending on the information and location, students may or may not be evacuated.
  • ORANGE – Evacuate the building due to strange odor or unsafe situation.
  • YELLOW – Lockdown. Only the school’s Safe Team may move about campus.
  • RED – Lockdown. Only the police may move about campus.
  • BLUE – Medical emergency. Call 911

Practice Drills

Plantation schools will meet with fire and police representatives to conduct tabletop drills to prepare for emergency situations. A date will be scheduled during this meeting for Plantation Middle to practice a Code Red or Code Yellow drill with the fire and police here to observe and give us feedback.

Safe Team

The school’s Safe Team consists of the Principal, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Reading Coach, ESE Specialist, IB Coordinator, Security and School Resource Officer. We meet regularly to review scheduled or unscheduled drills and discuss procedures. All Safe Team members have received special training on Emergency Preparedness.

Fire Drills (180 Day School Year)

Schools conduct at least 10 drills a year. Classrooms have primary and secondary routes for exit. Drills happen at different times of the day and this year, we will practice “thinking on your feet” scenarios in which a typical route might be blocked. Hopefully, parents are also practicing fire drills at home. Every home needs an escape route and a meeting place.

2 Fire Drills were conducted. I approx a week ago and the other the day of the CODE RED.

School Shooter Wore Gas Mask

Sen. Bill Nelson: Florida School Shooter Wore Gas Mask, Launched Smoke Grenades, Pulled Fire Alarm – Update

Where are the fire fighting trucks?

Florida: At least 17 dead in Parkland school shooting | USA News |

DONALD TRUMP #7 – 17 Dead


Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Allegedly Include Rosatom/UraniumOne Executive and Russian Source for Christopher Steele’s “Dossier” against Trump


Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre – 7 DEAD

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder in Chicago of seven men of the North Side gang during the Prohibition Era.


Watch Listen and Observe. The RED SPARROWS speak.


The Fake Wounded and Other Arch Phonies of the Ft. Lauderdale

Shooting Hoax – Fake News Video at Ft Lauderdale Airport — Steemit

Crisis Actor Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting HOAX!



Florida shooting: FBI and teachers warned about Nikolas Cruz

Of course they did. They made him, marked him and executed him….and yes warned them. Who is this guy on the right?. …Not the same as the guy on the left

Nikolas Cruz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nikolas Cruz’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

NOTE: Broward County Sheriff SCOTT ISRAEL

Meet the Fraternal Order of Freemasons Scott Israel

Broward County has had its share of colorful characters as sheriff.

In 1927, Sheriff Paul Bryan was arrested on federal bootlegging charges. Walter Clark served from 1933 to 1951, but admitted to the federal Kefauver Commission that he profited from illegal gambling.

Nick Navarro gained national attention in the 1980s by starring in the first season of “Cops” and having a crime lab that cooked up crack cocaine to use in stings.

Ken Jenne resigned in 2007 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and mail fraud.

So, there’s no wonder that current Sheriff Scott Israel has been under the media microscope since assuming office in 2013.

An ethics complaint said Israel should have declared a higher value for a trip his family took with campaign supporter Robert Pereira on his yacht.

The Florida Commission on Ethics didn’t take any action because Israel relied on advice from his attorney, who said $1,500 was equivalent to cruise ship pricing, and the sheriff lacked experience as an elected official.

Before the ethics commission ruled, Israel said, “Just the fact that some people looked at it a certain way … if I had it to do over again I wouldn’t have gone on the trip.”

Afterwards, he said, “If you have a problem with the valuation that was OK. I was in safe harbor because I acted according to what the attorney told me to do.”

Some other reports about Israel have been wildly inaccurate, including one that said he was in a luxury suite at the Super Bowl with Pereira when he was actually at a Sheriffs Association conference.

All American boy

Going beyond the headlines and meeting Israel in person, one is struck by how the former college quarterback is a grown up version of the “All American Boy.” Israel and his wife Susan, who helps manage his packed schedule, have a busy family life with three triplets, Brett, Blake and Blair. Brett was the junior starting quarterback for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, Blake was a midfielder for the lacrosse team and a safety on the football team and Blair was a sprinter on the track team before hurting her foot.

It’s not easy being the sheriff’s kid, Brett says, “You have to be on your best behavior.”

Susan Israel says her husband is a dedicated father and tells how he used to pack up the triplets and take them to the gym when they were infants so she could have a break.

“The girls would go, ‘My husband won’t even watch one. Does he have any brothers?”

Reaching the top

Scott Israel previously served as a commander at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and chief of the North Bay Village Police Department, but the sheriff’s department is much bigger.

The department controls just over half of the county’s $3.7 billion budget and has 6,000 members.

“It’s challenging, rewarding, it’s tough,” Israel says. “I don’t think anyone can anticipate the pace of being sheriff.”

There’s also the reality of getting called out of bed in the middle of the night if there’s a police involved shooting.

“It’s very important to me that I let the men and women know I care what happened,” Israel says.

Jeff Marano, president of the Broward Police Benevolent Association, said Israel always shows up if there’s a police involved shooting, which the PBA does as well.

“It’s a terrible thing to take a life, but with the current sheriff and the staff the shooters are treated with respect and not looked at like they did something wrong,” Marano said.

The PBA leader said he went to police academy with Israel 35 years ago and still describes him as a jock and an energetic individual.

“He has not changed one iota,” Marano said.

It’s tougher for Israel to work out now after having a spinal fusion eight years ago. While working for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, a fleeing suspect knocked into him and they both fell down a flight of stairs.

Second run for office

Israel lost in his first run for sheriff’s office in 2008 against Republican Al Lamberti, who had been appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist to replace Jenne. Lamberti blasted Israel with negative campaign ads and some political observers credited political strategist Roger Stone with helping out.

However, Lamberti made some enemies in Broward’s Democratic dominated politics. Ron Gunzberger, the son of county commissioner Sue Gunzberger, led Israel’s second successful campaign in 2012.

Israel told 28 members of Lamberti’s staff that they would be dismissed if they didn’t resign and Lamberti authorized the payment of $4.3 million to 53 departing employees.

“The place kind of got gutted. Who knows what walked out the door,” Marano said.

Israel said Lamberti wouldn’t allow him access to the department during the eight weeks between the election and his assuming office, so he spent a lot of time thinking about intelligence led policing. He says 6 percent of the criminal element commits 69 percent of the violent crime.

Israel’s Violence Intervention Proactive Enforcement Response (VIPER) program works to execute more warrants and cultivate sources to take down that 6 percent. The program resulted in 400 arrests in nine months and overall violent crime is down 12.3 percent since Israel took office, he says.

The bottom line is that the Broward County Sheriffs Office exists for two reasons, Israel says. “One is to reduce crime and the other is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Broward County. I understand the power of the position, but I’m just an old fashioned street cop who wants to make the streets safe.”

This has all the markings of a Freemason Jesuit targeted MARK and the narrative fits the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER / ADL optics with the Militia Movement and White Supremist covert operations. It is a hoax or at least a fraud.  I will theorize nobody died in Parkland but we know it is not the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

Crus used an UBER to get to the school and used an AR  rifle and ammo , smoke bombs etc?  Hmmmm? Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, a ready made patsy for this hoax.  Oh Jacob!

I expected a Red Sparrow but this fits the bill (pun intended) Now we get a long narrative on the fly (pun intended) and the trial for this MK Ultra, Patsy bird in a cage.

The goal is the same. FULL SPECTRUM SURVEILLAND, DOMINANCE, THE DSM 5 Agenda to make any of us unstable who do not follow the main stream ideology and to disarm us into the Hinger Games MockingJay world.






  1. RON PAUL:
    In just a few hours, the Senate will hold a cloture vote on Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s immigration reform legislation imposing the mandatory E-Verify National ID scheme on all Americans.

    Is Nick Cruz a DACA Baby?

    Is the Florida High School Shooter a ‘Dreamer’? –

  2. Oh boy! The Jesuit knows how to deliver!!!

    Trump’s pick to run the IRS was the attorney for “Girls Gone Wild” creator, because of course he was by @aidachavez

  3. VOICE TO SKULL PATENT 4,877,027
    Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

    School shooter claims he heard voices telling him to massacre the school.

    The DACA Orphan – MKULTRA and the witnessed second shooter. What was he shooting? 5G

  4. Meanwhile back at the ranch………people die, life goes on, and nothing good is happening.

  5. I see you mentioned ROGER STONE in your article. STONE admitted to being ARLEN SPECTER’S friend for Many Many years. This in itself should shine some light on the REAL Roger Stone, since Arlen Specter was on the WARREN COMMISSION and was also the one who came up with the Magic Bullet Theory on JFK’s assassination. Specter was NOT a Good Man … Quite the Opposite! Here in Pennsylvania, most people were ashamed to have such a Corrupt Politician represents us. He was right up there with John Murtha, Another Baddie! Anyway, this should show all readers to NEVER take Anyone at Face Value. We must listen to Every word they say, because within their words lies the Truth. Whether they like it or not. From that ONE statement Roger STONE made about Arlen Spoecter, shows us ALL “who” He Really Is! It can’t be Good! We already Know Alex Jones is ONLY in the so-called Patriot movement to get Mega-RICH. Never has such a Hypocrite been so falsely admired. Info War Commercials should be the Real Name of His Show! Sell, Sell and Sell some more ! Can you say PHONY?


    • Stone is a Guerilla Assassin and a Swampy character if there ever was one. He’s as dirty as Karl Rove and is pinned to DISINFO CIA. That so-called poisoning was a real farce. He used it to help Alex Jones sell his snake oil,


      M7.2 – OAXACA, MEXICO
      Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.2
      Date-Time 16 Feb 2018 23:39:42 UTC
      16 Feb 2018 17:39:42 near epicenter
      16 Feb 2018 17:39:42 standard time in your timezone

      Location 16.646N 97.653W
      Depth 24 km



      In Mexico City, where more than 200 people died in a large earthquake last fall, people streamed out of shaking buildings and into the streets. Video showed ceiling lamps swaying and people embracing after evacuating buildings.
      There were no immediate reports of injuries in Mexico City, which is about 348 kilometers (216 miles) away from the epicenter of the earthquake.

      Perfect timing as Trump sets a meeting with the Jesuit Drug Smuggler Pena-Nieto.

      Trump, Pena Nieto meeting planned for next few weeks: Mexican foreign ministry

      I am sure they will talk about trade. THE DRUG TRADE!

  6. I posted this year the return of downed airliners and commercial aircraft. It is the vortex that tells us this


    71 DEAD = 8

    Feb 11, 2018 – 811
    Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow; 71 dead

    65 DEAD =11

    Feb 18, 2018 – 811
    All 65 Aboard Plane Feared Dead in Crash in Southern Iran

    There are strong numerology here. Russia and Iran getting hit within a week. There should be a third event here and we need to find data on the passengers and determine motive over sacrificial or warning nature of these two events.


  7. School shooter Nikolas Cruz’s younger brother, 17, is ‘involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility’ following the massacre

    Who writes these lies?

    Who posted the stuff about wanting to be a school shooter. Hearing voices……


    Why us the FBI taking blame? Why is the Jesuit Trump blaming them? Why is the FBI seemingly without a care about it?

    BECAUSE IT’S A FRAUD and designed to bring down the American Constitution and Sovereign state. Russian involvement? Maye, likely because they all work together.




    Florida school shooting: Suspect was ‘a monster living under our roof’

  8. Intellihub
    ‏ @intellihubnews
    Feb 16

    Student who survived Parkland school shooting: ‘We were told the police would do a fake code red, with fake guns’ … via @intellihubnews #Parkland #schoolshooting #deepstate #falseflag #drill


    This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.

    TRANSLATION: This video has been removed for violating the CIA’s policy on leaking the truth.

  10. Dead Hero Coach of Parkland Shooting Hoax Aaron Feis Found Alive at Funeral?

  11. Not unless he comes and accepts it personally!

    Twitter movement wants Aaron Feis to win ESPN courage award

  12. Security guard caught on video pretending to shoot students


    All Drivers In Trump Motorcade Replaced After One Found With Gun In Bag


    Slain Teacher Told His Fiancee What To Say If He Died In A School Shooting

  15. I don’t have the link, but there is a guy out of CA saying that he graduated high school with the alleged Parkland FL shooter in CA and posted his picture from the yearbook. I wasn’t surprised to hear this when my roommate told me

    • We can only surmise that he is a sacrificial patsy. Mnay may find it hard to believe that the upper Mason echelons come with an oath to the order over family

      The Snead parents don;t really have any love for the patsy, right? They were handlers or scripted guardians for the narrative. For all we know James Holmes is sitting at a Tiki bar in St, Croix right now, right?

      What we know is that the official narrative is a complete fraud. I again remind everyone of Jade Helm which is the psychological operations we have seen since Project Orange and Virginia Tech. The CIA is capable of destroying America Sovereignty all by themselves. The 322 Mason Order is in Law Enforcement from the CIA to FBI to local Sherriffs and Police commissioners. They all travel to Global Law Enforcement Seminars every year in the EU. The Mother of all Psyops is the flaghip MI6 and Tavistock Institute and the Crypto Joo-Chatham House aka Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)

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