Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 16, 2017

Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman and why?

2 found dead at home of Apotex founder Barry Sherman

Toronto billionaire and philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their mansion Friday, and police said they were investigating the deaths as suspicious.

Apotex pharmaceuticals billionaire and wife found dead in ‘suspicious’ case

Canadian police are investigating the mysterious deaths of the billionaire founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife, Honey, who were found dead in their Toronto mansion on Friday.

The couple was found dead after police responded to a medical call just before noon local time at their home in an affluent section of north-east Toronto.

“The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” said police officer David Hopkinson. Homicide detectives later told reporters gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry.

Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the home and loaded into an unmarked van on Friday evening. The property is listed for sale for nearly C$7m (£4.1m/US$5.4m).

Does it seem strange to mention the property being listed for sale?

Murder-suicide now being investigated in death of Toronto billionaire

Police are investigating the deaths of Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, as a murder-suicide.

A Toronto police source told the Globe investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife and then took his own life

Eerily reminiscent of Ex Senator Nancy Shaeffer ‘s supposed murder – suicide which is total BS>

Police services spokesman Mark Pugash would not confirm any details of the case, only stating the homicide squad is involved in the investigation. “Homicide is working with 33 Division on this until we get the post mortem. When we get the post mortem result, that should give us a good indication of where the investigation goes from there,” he told The Globe.

There was no sign of forced entry to the home. There was no note left behind to explain what had happened, the source said.

The Shermans had just put their house on Old Colony Road up for sale for $6.9-million.

More home for sale information?

A Toronto police source said their bodies were found Friday at the edge of their basement pool, hanging from a railing that surrounded the pool. Investigators are working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife, hung her body and then hanged himself at the pool’s edge, the source said.

Creating the narratve is more like it.  Typical suicided by freemasonry where you have a happy couple in a murder suicide with no message or note and clearly not a random robbery where knives or guns would be the trauma tool.

Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at 11:44 a.m., Constable Hopkinson said. But he would not say who made the call. He said the pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Shermans, the family said, had just welcomed a new grandchild. Mr. Sherman was 75 and Ms. Sherman, 70. They had four children.

On Monday, Mrs. Sherman e-mailed friends to book social dates on the couple’s upcoming Florida trip.

Canada’s Riviera is Florida. As a forty year resident I can atest to it. Seems a great and fun trip for the holidays was at hand. Not likely a murder suicide would be on the itinerary, huh?

“Looking forward to getting together in Florida. I am coming south Monday, December 18 – Friday, January 12,” Ms. Sherman wrote in the email. “Barry is coming south for Monday December 25 & going home with me Jan. 12. Please let me know your dates south asap so i can place in my calendar… Looking forward to hearing back asap. Xoxo Honey”

Looking at the big picture, Sherman’s generic company was growing, moving into US markets heavily and would surely cut into the US Big Pharma profits. It also is important to note the Philanthropy angle and Pedophile angles that have been exposed in Canada. Refugee and child trafficking always a possibility.  The article is full of the Numerology of Freemasonry (33) using 11:44 time and 11,000 enployees and 4.77 Bln net worth. All three vortex points are covered in this article [2-6-9] with multi references to 11.

Mr. Sherman’s net worth was recently estimated to be $4.77-billion by Canadian Business, an online magazine, making him the 15th-richest person in Canada. He had donated widely to political and community causes after making his fortune in the pharmaceutical world.

This has all the Jesuit Masonic earmarks and Barry Sherman’s political ties could include Trudeau, Clinton and other Jesuit politico orgs.

The Sherman’s have handed out millions of dollars to hospitals, universities and the United Jewish Appeal. Honey was on the board of governors at York University, the Baycrest Foundation and Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also the past chair of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and former chair of the Holocaust Education Centre.

A nice sacrificial Joo-joo-bee killing for the Sabbatean Satrurnalia Season?

“We don’t know what happened. A family member got information and called me.… We don’t want to interfere with a police investigation, but on the other hand, the kinfolk want to know about their kinfolk.”

Lights were on inside the home last night, as police officers worked inside, illuminating what appeared to be a Frida Kahlo canvas.

Very important clue here. If you know Frida Kahlo art then you know her and hubby’s romance with the dark side. Illuminati? Yes, Freemasonry? Yes. Rosicrucian? Very likely. Next to Van Gogh, a very tragic life as well. A clue to a real murder suicide? Maybe.

There is more than meets the eye here. We can expect the 33rd Division to keep the truth from the sunlight. Maybe more clues to come will confirm more. Some more history and philanthropic connections will shed some light.

Big Pharma Boss With Clinton Foundation Ties Found Dead at Home

Sherman was one of the most powerful and highly-connected men in North America and was perhaps most well-known for securing a deal with the Clinton Foundation during to provide vaccines in Haiti. In September 2014, in response to the spread of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Apotex worked with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate more than $2.2 million in medical aid to the country.
Apotex struck a deal with the Clintons’ Direct Relief organization to provide drugs to treat victims of the virus, saying in a statement: “Apotex is in a position to help (in Haiti), and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief…”
Apotex worked with Direct Relief in Haiti, who was a “particularly active” member of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative community, supporting post-hurricane “relief efforts” there. The huge pharmaceutical company airlifted vaccinations and medical supplies into Haiti that was funded through charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation and other connected charities.

It just gets easier and easier doesn’t it?



  1. It certainly casts a wide net for suspects

    • Indeed Patrick. So many of the usual suspects to chose from.

  2. Possible connections I’m looking at:
    1. Definite Clinton Global Initiative (you’ve noted)
    2. Haiti
    3. Monica Petersen (Suicide by hanging a year ago in Haiti). She was investigating child trafficking/pedophile/Clinton ties
    4. Where were the Shermans moving? To another home in Toronto, out of the city, out of the country?

    • Right!

      Not to mention the fact that Big Pharma was not unhappy about this generic patent raider and producer. Many may have wanted him out of the picture. It’s just business!

    • This comes on the heels of yet another Holistic anti-PHARMA doctor death
      Dr. James Winer

      80th Doctor Dead: Holistic, Prominent and Outspoken

      and this

      FDA plans crackdown on homeopathic remedies – CBS News

      FDA plans crackdown on homeopathic remedies. The FDA says some homeopathic remedies can be hazardous to your health. istockphoto. Share; Tweet; Reddit; Flipboard; Email. U.S. health officials plan to crack down on a growing number of unproven alternative remedies, focusing on products …

      Time to wake up and smell the vaccines!

  3. Yet, Canada is going ganja in 2019 I just read somewhere.

    It is Obvious that a Billionaire does not commit suicide. Billionaires are Power Players at very high levels politically and usually belong to secret societies as well. Its a “Hit”.

    • Billionaires buy themselves out of any danger or trouble. When the words ‘murder-suicide’ and mixed, you know it’s a phony. Suicide is the way out yes but rarely or never does one chose to take a life other than their own. Part of the corrupt DSM and Tavistockian bullshit that allows them to ice a risk and deflect assassination using this technique. Only a Delta trigger and Theta assassin can be explained in this scenario.

  4. If Canada is legalizing cannabis, then a giant money-maker is happenung and certain people are going to be fighting for a spot. This might play?

    Someone sent me this?

    • I am not convinced they have not weaponized it. Canada’s history in MK-Ultra and mind control is lengthy to say the least. Finding heirloom seed is one thing but the pot market now has been completely GMO’d and one should be very suspicious of where they acquire it.

  5. Go Ixquick “UN vehixles reported entering Chicago”.

    • The UN is on my shortlist of the enemies of the Republic. We have been talking about this since we started COTO. Folks can npw see why Trump was vetted for President. It’s a congame and congruent with the Genesis 6 Agenda 21 movement.

      Climate Change includes all Congressional and constitutional changes. Obama gave us the change and Trump is in office to destroy the return of the constitution.

      We already know what the UN and White Helmets are all about. Murder and human trafficking. Everyone should follow the history of this from FEMA coffins, AMMO stockpiling, UN Train, Trucks on the Tarmacs of closed airports (converted FEMA camps and see the Russian and Chinese troops in the NAU. We have largely left out the North American Union but the program is still active as indicated by the DON’s constant reminder of building this ridiculous WALL.

      I said years ago the wall was to keep us in and not to keep them out!! I cant wait to see the showdown of Posse Commies, and the Drumpf! Too bad David Rockefeller didn’t hang on to see this.

      Too bad most sheeple will not even take notice or understand the implications.

  6. Dr. William Mount lives in Port Orchard, WA so he is close to this FF.

    First, watch yesterday’s video:

    His take: A sophisticated bomb blew the train off the tracks.

    His take: Bomb & a simultaneous Drill. He personally knows a victim, so real casualty event.

    The Whys???

  7. AMTRAK SCAM? 6 dead, 3 dead 9 dead…..

  8. However, doing a “Mass Casualty Drill” with a “new” train on its inaugural run is expensive and stupid, and a 1st degree murder charge.

    • True but the dead count traveled the vortex in 24 hours. The scene is less than irrefutable .

      The last AMTRAK scam I posted on the DC to New York line was likely a drone strike or Scalar heater assault from ISS-CoMSAT weapon system. Since Hutchinson, the Geller spoon bending is in the arsenal.

      They try to convince us we need more communication sats in low orbit. Due to age? Failure? Please………

      No atmosphere, no decay, no heat, no water, no weather, no corrosion, no nothing. Just updating RF IR X GAMMA technology.

      What we will see is a perfect killing machine. Not only that but remote controlled assassins will be able to call you on your cell phoneat the exact moment they put a beam right on your other ear.

      Assassins with calling cards. It’s all just, so special!


  9. [video src="" /]

    From Jim Stone at


    BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED. I tried to post this at 1 PM today but my bandwidth ran out. HERE IT IS.
    Three separate news anchors reported that the state and city were on scene ready to respond instantly to the train wreck because they were running an enormous disaster drill at the exact time and location of the Amtrack derailing.

    This confirms 100 percent that I was completely right when I said the train was going 30 and was knocked off the tracks on purpose. It might have been going less but was absolutely not going faster. The bottom line is that this train went off the tracks AS PLANNED by saboteurs who were operating via the shadow state at the state level. The following video proves it.

    In this video (which is served by this web site and not Youtube because it is sure to get censored) three different news anchors, two of them who are on scene, talk about “how lucky they were” that an emergency preparedness drill was happening at the train crash site right at the exact same time the train went off the tracks (obviously to make the drill as realistic as possible I guess).

    SEE THIS, and you can right click and save this video. I suggest you do.”

  10. Update:

    “Billionaire pharma couple were strangled, case being treated as possible homicide

    A mega-rich pharmaceutical company founder and his wife died of strangulation, and their demise is being investigated as a possible homicide, police in Canada have said”..

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