Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 11, 2017

Vegas Hoax: 527 Wounded And 0 Dead


Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake -Paul Craig Roberts

I appreciate the reader’s point that none of the 527 wounded have died from the wounds. This is not what happens in reality. I am posting the letter below from the surgeon in the hopes that knowledgeable surgeons, military medics, anyone with knowledge of gunshot trauma will assess it’s truth and provide their name and credentials. Not being a military surgeon who has treated gunshot wounds, I cannot attest to the validy of the letter. But there are those who can. Retired surgeons and former military medics can still speak their minds. So let us hear from you. I will compile your comments and present them without your name. read the article

See the black dude in this video? He is one of the 527 wounded. In fact he has a .223 or a 5.56 45 slug in his neck in this video.

CIA Youtube Googleplex will likely take this down again soon do watch this farce before it is too late.



  1. Continuing the Hoax-upon-us, read this which pulls Obama into the mix…

    • Thanks for the link Boom….posted below. worth the time for sure.

  2. Since Day one the Pilot reference in early details immediately rang the Barry Seal Bell. It is no news that Obama’s father Frank Marshall and his Grandfather maiden were CIA. The Volant news that came out a week ago was clearly a planted story to be used in the CIA controlled conspiracy theories and they are once again so obviously leaving the clues.

    I am a stupid man, but I am smart enough to know they are much smarter than we. These obvious Bread Crumbs are scripted for release, prepared for a narrative that they choose and the vectors are such that it will fragment the TRUTHER effort as it has with JFK, 911 and the rest of the STAGED EVENTS that may or may not be false flags or hoaxes. I understand that a hoax and false flag, though both frauds, are different when it comes to dead or alive but this HARVEST 91 VENUE was a hoax. I am sure. It does not mean that Paddock and others were not whacked for reasons that we will never ever know.

    I’d like to believe that when I refer to SPECTRE, I am not losing credibility. The idea of SPECTRE is that the assassin, murder, reason and sanctioner is never known even by those like Obama, Trump Hillary or other members. All they know is what the decode tells them. The communications and media are cryptic. Soewhere in the words and numbers of print and speech are clear sequences, vocabulary, numeric and alghorithmic points in which insiders can get the information without risking hacks, bugs or visual face to face meetings.

    The authorities here for example like the Sheriff, FBI (Rouse) and other certain contacts are getting their messages from some source as mentioned above. This appears to me to be true due to

    1. The bizarre content of media articles or speech that contain meaningless or unrelated sentences, terms and content. (Bush’s Park in Botswana)

    2. Titles of these reports often lead you to something that is not found in the article. No relation and misleading

    3. Consistent divisors of the Vortex numeric sequences that indicate a second language in a cryptic translated form.

    Example: Do you believe there were 22,000 people at the tiny venue? Impossible based upon images I have seen. They may have sold 20k tickets over the 3 day event but there was nowhere near that number there. 23 Guns? really? 32nd floor-2windows =322 (with two shooters? (Jesus Campos) I think Jesus Christ was more likely in hotel than this character. I have seen three different versions of this guy and each is different. None of the three are the same guy.

    When the Rouse FBI connection to Podesta LEAKED out of the Bay, the Obama Connection was sure to come. I expect Paddock Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Iran Contra, Mena Airport, and possibly a link to another CIA contractor who will be dead.

    Is it possible Paddock had dirt on FBI-CIA-NSA-WH and was extorting the USMAFIA Inc? Living on the edge, knows he’s walking dead, going to have fun before leaving and take care of his girl and family Danley? This means his dead mans switch may be out there and the truth will come out but again it will only be one of a few dozen theories that will ride the internet surf for thirty years. It’s truly a futile endeavor but I always hope I can break this code, but I think I am kidding myself. The thing most apparent to me is that they want us to believe its a fraud. They just don’t offer quality material and they are not stupid, at least not at the management level.

    Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen?

    i read cover to cover. Worth reading for the inquisitive.

    I already broke the ANAGRAM for BANAL MAYDAY (911) Header

    I also already connected the terms PADDOCK and CAMPOS. I advise all to refresh their word meanings as to what these are and then look again at the Harvest 91 Venue which penned the horses in. If you like Stephen Foster you can sing Camptown Races while reviewing this information.

    “Somebody Bet On De Bay”

    The information adds more of the likely fiction created by characters who do not exist or fake names, aliases, etc.

    My Addendum to this fine piece of work is PROJECT BLUEBEAM and DISCLOSURE. An MGM GRAND DELUSION that will happen for most of you in your lifetime.

  4. You may still want to consider the Tom Petty Sacrifice as the Confederate Cede. You have heard the reports of Mexicans telling people they were going to die that night and if you start looking into PADDOCK, CAMPO, BAY and the NFL Kneel down, the vectors all point to white supremacy and the coming civil war. If they want to shift the alt-narrative to ISIS or Antifa hybrid or reconquista Latino in a terror attack they can surely write this script with little effort. Ultimately we must be disarmed but this is just a blip on a very large screen. This is sooooo TRUMP!

  5. If folks want to judge if Trump is “for” or “against” the American people, or humanity at large they should think on these facts —

    Really, nothing more needs to be added. Figure it out for yourselves.

    • Something is coming soon. It will be a global event. Trump can’t keep his mouth shut. The meeting of German President and Vatican Jesuit pimp Pope is a real clue. Turkey is in this deal. The VIAS spat was something much deeper.

      Trump and the ‘Kiss’ are just as chummy as Hillary was with him. But as I said in 2015 Hillary and Trump were very close before the Election scripting began.

      Sad to see Trump still fooling his base. What a crushing blow they have coming.

  6. Let the recent Redwood Valley, CA “earthquake” be noted:


    Mandalay Bay security guard skips TV interviews after Las Vegas shooting

    Sign on Jesus Campos property

    • BE PREPARED!!! International union (SPECTRE)

      “The union doesn’t have any idea where he’s at at this time,” said David Hickey, international president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, which represents security guards at Mandalay Bay.

      Hickey said he had been with Campos for the last four days, along with another union member, helping him prepare for media interviews. He said Campos was staying in a Las Vegas-area hotel suite, with a living room and an adjoining bedroom.

      Another example of code – Why the hell do we need to know the layout of the Campos-suite where JESUS is sequestered? Living room adjoining bedroom? Is he living or dead?

      Yet another fake photo of fictional JC from the DAILY MAIL psyop team

      Where is Jesus Campos? First photo is released of ‘hero’ Las Vegas security guard who vanished just moments before he was scheduled to speak to the media about massacre

  8. Looks pretty good after an arterial mangling AR-AK gunshot would to the leg. Who are his buddies? Members of the Fraternal Order?

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