Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 11, 2017

I$I$ Weather weapons: 17 Fires Erupted in Just 24 Hours

Planes, Trains and Auto-combustibles

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 4, 2016

California Fire Experts to Probe Why 17 Fires Erupted in Just 24 Hours …

Gee……..? Let’s think about this one, hmmmmm? Could it be  Satan? Or Arson?
It’s time  to get into the refugee and fire department hirings and start a vigorous and torturous investigation of these I$I$ controlled arsonists who work and are involved in the Federal and state authorities. Forestry, BLM, Fire Departments and other entities who are destroying the bread baskets of America.
I posted the INSPIRE Al CIAda born magazine issue that specifically targets arson as a tool for easy damage to the USA Infidels.  Coming out of the Bay Area and Jesuit Gerry Brown’s transformation team, this is not even worth debating. It is arson and has been on a grand scale since 2012.  Hollywood told us that the fire department love to start fires but now we have the Mexican and Asian immigration as well and these illegals and terrorists under the SPECTRE group can literally burn us to the ground.  Like the Pheonix you have to burn it to the ground before it can rise.

A young man suspected of starting 8 fires in California

The firefighters identified him by his strange presence near the zones consumed by the flames

Young man? How about terrorist scum arsonist?

Name Jarrod Anthony Samra
Event Type Birth
Event Date 24 Jun 1994
Event Place Riverside, California, United States
Gender Male
Mother’s Name Villarreal




I had to go to the Mormon Latter Day Databse to find this AlCIAda Mexican loser because they never give you details from where these losers come from. This guy was a FIRE EXPLORER

Authorities said Samra was once a member of a Fire Explorer program, which gives youths up to age 20 some experience and training so they can see what it takes to become a firefighter. They didn’t say what agency’s program he was in, just that it wasn’t San Bernardino County’s.

Let’s take a wild guess and say he was in the NWO Home Grown terror program and his subscription to Inspire paid by the program

INSPIRE MAGAZINE 2012 – ISSUE #9 –  #fireIntifada

(from the boys at Langley)

So who is the Samra setting these 17 fires?  Let’s ask Gerry Brown, the NOAA NAVY boys and the rest of the criminals of this agenda.

How did Northern California fires become so devastating?

  • 17 separate Fires ignited quickly around the same time on Sunday night in Northern California

  • High winds, dry conditions have fanned the flames in wine country

But authorities point to a perfect storm of factors that have fanned the wildfires that began Sunday night, leaving at left 17 people dead, forcing 20,000 to evacuate and causing widespread devastation in Northern California.

The Perfect Storm is the Weather warriors, GLADIO American Spring terrorists and the controlled media and federal authorities. The outcome is redistribution of wealth to the rich, advancing the surveillance state, oppressive police state and as always the war on white. Tell Obama his $300 a pop Chardonnay just went up to $800 a bottle.


  1. Purveyors of Chaos: The Vortex Shifting Psyop

    Mandalay Bay Owner: ‘What’s being expressed (by police) may not be accurate’

    This is Mr. Sleazy Alex Jones using the term “owner” as he tries to write his own narrative. He has no clue who the owner is. This is just another spin when MSM uses “Authorities” or “sources close to”

    The video never confirms the OWNERS or anything else but it is just another one of his EGO DRIVEN rants that treats his fans like the idiots they are.

    I beg you to listen to a show and his planted and scripted callers. Especially the ones that begin by thanking him for his overpriced SNAKE OILS.

  2. YOU NEED TO READ THIS; This is commentary by
    Wayne Allyn Root, Gambler, oddmaker, activist and one time candidate
    August 30, 2017 – 9:00 pm

    Regarding the Leftist James Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts and his ties to the SPLC and the Cabla of Crisis actors from Islam. He is also the Jesuit Infrastructure teamate of Donald DUC Drumpf as well. If you look at the peripheral and scalars the core of the matter really gets much clearer.


    It all fits so well….

  3. UGH, It’s all just bullshit. Sad & unnecessary. Well, unless you have an agenda.

  4. Fire in my neck of the woods too. Very rural, 70 acres.

    • It’s a combo of timing. One arsonist and one reverse cyclonic Heating for the Santa Ana winds working from the Northern Jeat they have manipulated it from Alaska to NewFoundland.

      You can watch the convection and HAARP rings online and realize why firefighters are challenged to fight these infernos. Just as they are maniputaing the Trade winds and the Eastern US is gettin all the Gulf COREXIT toxic moisture moving the Vortex in a clockwise versus the Santa Ana Nina in a counter movement. These dry winds are perfect and easierr to steer than the Caribbean and Atlantic. The warm blob shift to the cold blob. pacific to atlantic are the anomalies that give the HAARP Heater gang away.

      Yo should read this Bullshit and see the Denver Post like the WAPO rag and realize the Nino/nina Jets santa Ana manipulators are right about MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE

      It is a group of men who are waging a death war on the planet in a depopulation eugenic based GODLIKE decider basis.

      Here come those Santa Ana winds again….and again….and again!
      with the Babylon Sisters spewing CO2 like fertilizer

      Listen to Steely Dan at 1 billion watts and hear HAARP

  5. You Are Right On Target as Usual Puddy !


  6. Scary, these fires to make the rural folks think they want to be in the city. NOTHING could make me move to a city. I’d starve first, and there is wildlife to live off of so……..lalala, they don’t scare me! Fire or hurricane or snow.

  7. You want to hear something fucked up? In my local paper today it said that the federal government has officially taken over the extinguishing of the forest fire in my area. What local retards would allow them to take over to make sure it goes out? Like they care if it goes out………!!!!! WTF???

    • Federal government started the fire, they want to finish the job. Its MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING! They are right about that. Time to hang some men with new hemp ropes,

  8. Folks should read this and “THINK!”. Scroll down a little bit until you see the photo of the car with “molten” pools of metal having run out of it. Even as the asphalt is NOT melted. A simple road flare laid on asphalt generates enough heat to melt the asphalt below it. Yet here, we see something very similar to what was found after 9/11 with the melted and toasted vehicles located quite some distance from the WTC Towers.

    Cars don’t melt when they catch on fire. Something BIZARRO and completely unnatural has occurred with the CA fires. Something “caused” this to happen, and it was not just wind blown fire.

    Look at the I-Beam at 13 minutes into the following video. Yes, it reminds one of 9/11.

  9. The gal’s most recent video with the “tree burning from the inside out”:

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