Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 10, 2017

Mirages and Spectres in the Desert




On October 2, 2017 as soon as I heard the word Pilot in the news I saw Barry Seal. The Fast & Furious images ran through my mind. It was Iran Contra all over again. Now the Gunwalker makes it’s entrance. This complex fraud is now moving into several new venues for mass trauma programming of the American Spring. This is the time when the lambs go to slaughter, right agent Starling? Is it clear the FBI and LVPD fraternal order are sabotaging their own investigation?

Connecting the dots here is quite difficult but the idea that Nobody Died in Las Vegas is still my theory. That means that nobody was randomly killed in a terror psycho assault. I do believe Tom Petty was sacrificed and if you need to review the contracts of the record labels, the fine print is so small you cannot read it, but it says that you are a UCC asset to the Illuminati house rules. Tom Petty was clearly the Confederate Cede for a burnt offering as we continue through the revelation 12 year 2017.

I will accept that multiple venue were active. Tropicana, New York New York, Bellagio and Mandalay Bay offer up certain interest in other key assassinations. It was important to create the staged event backdrop that was Route 91 “Harvest” as a focal point and lone gunman JFK type narrative. The fact that the intelligence angles of Stephen Paddock resemble that of Adler (Barry Seal) Berriman, the Jewish friend of the Bush Clan open doors as far back as Iran Contra, Mena Airport, Fast & Furious and even Benghazi moving forward. Who actually died in Las Vegas is not random and there are no coincidences considering the relationship between Holyrood, Hollywood, Organized Crime and the Joo-joo-bees.

There is no way that the ‘Committee’ expected us to buy into another single shooter scenario so therefore all the alt-new controlled opposition leaking multiple shooters must be a programmed and scripted disclosure much like JFK yet now largely run by the Googleplex controlled algorithm search filter. Recent news tells us Google has started this filter firewall but we know this has been going on as far back as 911. We can tag this as 411 and it requires we counter with an 811, digging to find out what is below. In this event like others, time spent on major alt-Trump Infowars sites must be excluded largely and treated as decoding the agenda going forward. Alex Jones said today on his show he has seen the gore of Las Vegas and it was real. He said he saw heads filleted by the gunfire. I have scoured the world wide web and dark web and I have yet to find and entry wound, blood pool or a fillet. Infowars is attempting to do the same thing that MSM and his Fox Cronies are doing and that is to convince you by repetition of the validity of mass casualties, but their are none.

He also is intricately involved in STRATFOR CIA limited hangouts as he pushes the DRUMPF agenda. Simple logic says a good gory video or photograph would go a long way to support this event as fact. The lack of expended brass piles, blood and bodies just exposes the deflection of this staged event. These events always have multiple benefits and never waste opportunities, while always deflecting other events or leaks that may be a problem if they gain traction. You may also note that they press the narratives fast and furiously and then “poof” they move on. This is a technique that also seems to be used as a tool to move on and not provide continuing focus on the fraud. In this case you will already begin to see the main stream media moving away from Las Vegas and back to general theater coming from DC Holyrood with Trump, Pence, Harvey W. and other meaningless maneuvers of this fake government wrangling. I predict this will go away in MSM and yet the controlled alt-paradigm will take control of continued ISIS and Lone Wolf angles to maximize the divide and conquer that perpetuates and aids the do nothing swamp stalemate that the Global Mafia has made into an art form.

The intelligence connections to Stephen Paddock MUST clue you in to this fraud. They love to make us think we are smart, smarter than they are. This is a dangerous assumption. They have so much money, control and intelligence as not to make these mistakes unless they are part of the honey trap. This event is the largest since 911 and we know they did a terrible job of executing this after a decade or more of planning. This is not incompetence as I have stated many times. You have to look at the disclosures as a feed from what is likely a well funded network of SPECTRE cryptic communication enterprises. Also you should consider it is made up of multiple cells that have no idea who are running the same enterprises elsewhere. Like the false flags, there may have been many separate CIA, deep state or foreign run cells and this provides cover for the real and live hit. The one that is the primary target. It may have been Paddock himself in this case but what was the game or risk?

So let’s watch the MSM coverage die off, watch the alt-controlled opposition limited hangouts and then follow the money and the agenda of government that reacts to the stagings with their scripted responses. Like the Trump Tower, the MGM Mirage is another empire state building and their holdings cover the Illuminati music, media and real estate enterprise held by the Mafia kingpins and MOSSAD. They are as diversified as any criminal enterprise. From their prostitutes to gambling and aircraft to theaters. All this links to Kirk Kerkorian (died 6/15/15 [666]), the connection to the MGM entertainment and the MGM resorts International. Directly or indirectly, the conglomerate links the event to the SPECTRE franchise who heads the Global Entertainment and the mind controlled masses in search of sin.


I find it special that MGM holds the Bond Franchise and as far as I can see they still have it. It does seem that the work of the MICC and Global Mafia is not a mirage but a true SPECTRE in a massive conspiracy that may include a SONY type redistribution of wealth. But still we have no idea what the main event actually was in Las Vegas. A careful review of the supposed dead would not likely offer us a key target nor would a financial beneficiary be forthcoming considering the Googleplex firewall. The stakeholders and stockholders are the names you have heard before such as Vanguard, Blackrock and other Hedge Hogs. Maybe some unknown truther will connect some dots, decode some of the MSM clues in their fake news but at this time the event can connect just like JFK and like 911, the CT’s are in the hands of booksellers and blog sites monetized for profit and disinformation. Meanwhile the MGM Mandalay Bay of Pigs can contrive a great Cuban conspiracy to take out Raul, but after the embassy HAARPing, the exit of officials may be in fact the next regime change working alongside the Iran and North Korean agenda to get the nations into the global NWO Rothschild central banking system. But certainly we will accept Russia, Mafia, DoD Pentagon, CIA-NSA or any other I$I$ money triad as well. I think Tom Cruise will give Barry Seal a nice face lift and American Made may someday give the same to this character Stephen Paddock. That is how the NWO works.

Meanwhile we continue as kites. dancing in a hurricane.



FBI agent Aaron Rouse in Vegas is son in law of John Podesta





  2. Hey Boomer

    This is the Las Vegas Homocide Squads Insignia

    The Dead Mans Hand!

    Remember the post and pic you delivered regarding JASON ALDEANS TATTOO



    • Interesting, huh? Coincidence?

      Today is 10-11-17 = 11.

      • Friday the 13th – Hollows Eve coming. Where is the Moneyball?

        Suggesting a big financial event. Since the August 7 lunar exlipse to the Solar Eclipse to the revelation 12, the lady has the moon at her feet. Friday the 13th event followed by a bigger one.

        Today is a good day, Friday is a good day. We might have another good day on 11/1/17 to 11-4-17.but the grandaddy day is November 18, 2017 (Sat) as 322 day of 2017. The perfect 811 day.

        This is Trump death day if they plan to take him out this year. Maybe an assassination of another foreign dignitary.

        What;s going on now.






        I just can’t get the numbers to work for this major $$$ $hift. I may look to the EMP, GRID or DATA Hack angle.


    The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is tasked with the investigation of all homicides, fire deaths, and suspicious deaths. the section is comprised of a Lieutenant and three Sergeants. Each Sergeant has six detectives assigned to them and work on a rotation basis. The LVMPD Homicide Section is committed to the unrelenting pursuit of those offenders who have committed murder and the successful prosecution of those involved. It is our hope that through our professionalism that the citizens of Clark County feel comfortable in contacting us with information related to any Homicide that has occurred county wide.

    CALL: (702) 828-3521

    PHONE NUMBER 702 (9) 828 (9) 3521 (11)
    DECODED = 911

  4. Report: Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

    Yeah, here is a money ball. This is another theft of tax money like the last cold war. Like NASA, this is a fraud. We have never had the warhead arsenal the GAO or oversight groups think we do.

    The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons Fraud

    Where is that infrastructure shovel ready optic Mr. Drumpf?

  5. FBI agent Aaron Rouse in Vegas is son in law of John Podesta

  6. cui bono? How does the FBI lose if they expose real terrorists killed? How does a arms deal gone bad and multiple sites of shooting get covered up? How does this movie script intrigue result in 60 dead at a concert and not one killed anywhere else? Is there not a witness anywhere with a photo or clip of a corpse?

    Where is Jim Stones video Boomer? His dark video I have already seen, I see no proof there.

  7. Is this the basis for belief?

  8. If this guy is a Marine I am a Ballerina

    Better watch fast Youtube is kicking it out.

    • This black dude idiot has a 223 or 5.56 45 slug in his neck? Where do these freaks come from?

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