Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 5, 2017

NOBODY DIED IN LAS VEGAS – But Tom Petty was assassinated!




The casualty was and still is the American Spring. Unlike the Arab Spring they are working from the bottom up. This was offered by CC and I think Pieczenik finally discloses a fact. Nobody died in Las Vegas.

Total Sandy Hook event says Steve. Let’s watch to see if he recants or if Rupert Alex Jones and Company (STARTFOR) blackball Steve like they did many others after the INFOWAR became top dog controlled opposition.

Let’s consider Tom Earl Petty as the only murdered person in this WEAR ORANGE event. We can see the Pink all over this deal. Tom Petty had heart problems? No.


Tom Petty’s death
from cardiac arrest
shines spotlight on
sudden killer  – CBS MICC News

The deaths of Tom
Petty and Hugh
Hefner: What is
cardiac arrest? – USA INC

Tom Petty’s death
draws attention to
dangers of cardiac – NY DAILY FAKE NEWS


Please skip these three anti egg, pro Statin stink tanks media whores and just look at these

Moscow’s Remote-Controlled Heart Attacks

Top secret CIA poison dart gun ‘gives targets deadly HEART ATTACKS’

Digitalis spp. foxglove – THE POISON GARDEN website



So we can go dumbed down all the way to the bank and then fork over more of our money to the illusionary victims of Route 81 I$I$ Crisis which have already collected millions to offset the costs of actors, false witnesses and props of this scam.  David Knight sad they spoke to a lot of the people at the event.  Yes of course they did. As a Jesuit Joo-joo-bee operation I bet all the calls came from the INFOWARS boiler room where phone trolls call  the hotline and give the firewall at Infowars a code word and then they get on the line.  I personally have never gotten on infowars because the first time I got screened I told them I was going to talk about a taboo subject. Since then never have I gotten through.

But Tom Petty the confederate son was the Joo-joo sacrifice for the WEAR ORANGE and PINK PROJECT that has been in operation since Columbine. There is a reason for the sacrifice as the movements are speeding up for this coming event that should unleash enough for a Martial Law edict from the Capital Swamp and Global Military. So long my fellow Floridian, I knew him well.

It’s too bad the real silent killers are not revealed.

Tom Petty on his ‘stupid’ Confederate flag decision

“I was born a rebel, down in Dixie/On a Sunday morning, Yeah with one foot in the grave/And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebel.”


MURDER BY NUMBERS – Thomas Earl Petty – 666 -322

Born: October 20, 1950, Gainesville, FL
Died: October 2, 2017 Santa Monica, CA

He was supposed to have died on the October 1 but the man was strong and held off until October 2, 2017. Tough Rebel.

And for Steve Paddock, Route 91 and he had no gun!

Why? Where is all the brass?



  1. license to kill

    Man thinks ’cause he rules the earth he can do as he pleases
    And if things don’t change soon, he will
    ‘Cause man has invented his doom
    The first step was touching the moon

    Now, there’s a woman on my block
    She just sits there as night grows still
    And she says “Who gonna take away his license to kill?”

    Now, they take him and they teach him, and they groom him for life
    And they set him on a path where he’s bound to get ill
    Then they bury him with stars
    They sell his body like they do used cars

    Now, there’s a woman on my block
    She just sits there facing the hill
    And she says “Who gonna take away his license to kill?”

    Now, he’s hell-bent for destruction, he’s afraid and confused
    And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill
    Yeah, all he believes are his eyes
    And his eyes, they just tell him lies

    But there’s a woman on my block
    She just sits there in a cold chill
    And she says “Who gonna take away his license to kill?”

    He may be a noisemaker, spirit maker
    Heartbreaker, backbreaker
    Leave no stone unturned
    He may be an actor in a plot
    Might be all that you got
    Till your error is clearly learned

    Now he worships at an altar by a stagnant pool
    And when he sees his reflection, he’s fulfilled
    Yeah, Man is opposed to fair play
    He wants it all, he wants it his way

    But there’s a woman on my block
    She just sits there as night grows still
    And she says “Who gonna take away his license to kill?”

    Yeah, who gonna take away his license to kill?


    NSFW Vegas Shooting Victims – Graphic and Gore

    • Graphic and gore???? You can see more carnage in a Simpson eposode than this. Who the F are they kidding?

  3. Tom Petty will be Sadly Missed. But, as he might say … “DAMN THE TORPEDOS” ! I wish I had known him. His music was Awesome.

    Rupert Jones has been a Huge disappointment and I doubt very much If Dr. Steve Pieczenik ever gets back on the air there. No Loss Dr. Steve. For ONE …. has A. Jones “Ever” talked about the place in Russia where all the mega rich “Allegedly Dead” dictators and others hide out ?

    Dr. Steve wrote all about it in “Pieczenik Talks”, but, to this day it’s still a Big Secret at the infowar camp. I’ve called into infowars several times and once they found out I have No Holds Barred Questions .. they’ve found ways of eliminating Me. I have a Private Number and wondered How They Knew it Was Me Calling? But, they obviously do have a way of knowing who everybody OR anybody is who calls in there. For example, the day after “Take a Knee” Sunday .. he called out for callers to give their opinions. He “Never” took “ONE” single call and I waited on the end of the line for over 2 hours. (Just Testing) Yep, I got hung up on. That wasn’t the first time either .. I got hung up on 3 different occasions other than the one just mentioned. There is something that just Doesn’t “Sit Right” with that guy ! Besides being a greedy narcissist, he’s outright Rude. Whenever somebody like him thinks they know it “All”, it’s just better to save your time and walk away. I wouldn’t spend another dime on is products to help enrich “HIM” and his Lavish Lifestyle. Pray For Him? NOT ! I know there are better places to direct my prayers.

    Whatever happened to Sgt. Joe Biggs anyway? Jonesy probably couldn’t make money Off him anymore. Let’s see how Fast Jones runs to his bunker when TSHTF !


    • I went through the same route back in 2008. I waited for hours and then realized it was never going to happen. Michael gets through though but he doesn’t enter the taboo realm.

      The alternative media are nothing but a click for money whore collective.

      TRY GOOGLING IT, NOBODY DIED IN LAS VEGAS and then go to the Dark Web outside the Googleplex. You can find what Google and CIA cannot filter.

      If you find this post in a search realize that they don’t care because we don’t get the traffic. But eventually they will get us all.

  4. Even Jeff Rense is towing the line on this being a real slaughter. Thank GOD for James Fetzer. He doesn’t believe it.

    So I will send Jeff this video on Live Leak and ask him where are Brass and where are the wounds.


    How do you decide Las Vegas after Sandy Hook, Boston, Orlando, Paris, Nice, and the rest of these MADE FOR TV – MADE IN AKERIKA B MOVIES?

    • Go to this link for info on multiple casino lobbies shit up by gumen in a car that night.

      Video here:


        Puddy, post the pic of Aldean’s tattoo (s) here.

        • Like I said in the post, they have taken over the professional Sports, Music, Entertainment Industry gradually but how many can break the bonds of captivity?

          I know you have turned it off Boomer. Slick CC as well, but we know what excrement it all is. Think about the Millennial’s who have known nothing but excrement.

          As a baby you were fed smashed peas and carrots, fruit and other good stuff, then your mom finally fed you a piece of a hotdog. You spit it across the room and on the third or fourth try, you finally chewed up, and swallowed. Thirty years later you are sitting in a chair at Dallas stadium eating the same shit except you paid $6 bucks for it.

          Oh Edward Bernays, you damned son of a bitch!

  5. Read Boomers link above: JASON ALDEAN

    The JA tatoo and the Illuminati game card!


    • Black sun, and Ace & Jack of Spades. And yeah, Aldean certainly should have said something over the mic as he ran offstage.

      Check this Puddy–

      • As you can see on the header byline, I already am convinced PADDOCK is a drug smuggler/arms trader. He is a fidtitious man like Osama bin laden/Tim Osman.

        It may be he (whoever he is really) is already in hiding away in some Asian hideaway. He will be able to gamble the rest of his life on the NWO government. I linked him to Barry Seal and the AMERICAN MADE Tom Cruise movie coming out to mind control theatres.

        What I can also say now os that TRUMP BILDERBERG 2013 was updated in June this year with this agenda. Considering Chantilly VA it is no stretch to assume this was planned since November just like Obama’s Sandy Hook and Orlando.

        The use of the Orange Flash stage lights just before the event really clues me to the WEAR ORANGE gun control agenda but there are always other opportunities to move agenda 2030 to it’s full and final outcome.

        COTO will know when the real Gun Massacre occurs because Patriots will finally have had enough. I think the real event will be when they go in CNN studios and blow Ms. Mockingbird Anderson Coopers brains all over the studio. Strategy of Tension is a volcano.

        Alex Jones and Donald Trump are Siamese twins. Both are sociopathic, megalomaniacs and consummate pathological liars. But they both could be totally under handlers and their fathers sold them into the “Program” Typical for upper Masonic and Jesuit insider. You just have to know the MK Monarch project is as real as hypnosis.

        Today Jones is parading a series of liars claiming to be there. This is as scripted as Jack Reacher. Scientology 101.

  6. Las Vegas survivors furious as YouTube promotes clips calling shooting a hoax

    YouTube alters
    search algorithm
    over fake Las
    Vegas conspiracy videos

    I am a Las Vegas survivor, how about you COTO?

  7. Cartoon for sure!

    FBI Aided, Abetted ‘ISIS’ Terrorist Attack at ‘Mohammed Cartoon Event

  8. Las Vegas gunman’s vast arsenal included tracer bullets _DISNEY ABC

    See how they run this narrative based upon truthers exposing the their con game.

    If PADDOCK wanted to kill, he would have used them. Muzzle flash would give his away almost as fast as tracers, so he would have used them to inflict more damage. So this is just another SCRIPT CHANGE.

    The next will have to be where is all the brass after this LONE WOLF single gunman photos which show no brass whatsoever.

  9. Unpack the info in this guy’s post!

  10. Ha Ha Ha! Go ahead and roll with laughter:

    White House Source: Vegas Shooter Pledged Allegiance To ISIS
    by Donald Jones and Alex Trump.

  11. Whaddaya see here on this vid?

    • I recall commenting to Deb back after the Gabby Gifford’s hoax that the lone wolf events are staged with this same kind of pre-scripting and there too were secondary or additional leaks of more than the single shooter.

      This has been the case since JFK. The scenario is much like Charles Whitman, in 1966. There is the 66 for Tom Petty. The benefit of creating the multiple shooters conspiracy is that it deflects the government involvement and gives more credence to the event being real.

      I do not think this was a real event, nobody died and yet if they manipulate the alternative media and release these clues and control the narrative, then people will finally begin to believe it. They also keep pounding the Sanfy Hook and Orlando repetitiously in an obvious desire to reinforce them as well.

      So I have mentioned the multiple opportunities here as a White Supreme Antifa and an ISIS Terror angle and a wealth redistribution ala Chertoff and Kroll Associates. Stock dumping, contract buying, shorting etc. But you can also add a chance to gain more credibility to Orlando Newtown and even 911.

      I told Deb Jersey Girl that they may run two, three or more teams in these events with each unaware of the other. This makes it such as -IF THERE WAS DEATH INVOLVED, all parties, teams would tow the line or face conspiracy to commit murder charges.

      It is conceivable that these teams are all hoaxers except for the one live GLADIO assassin group. These chumps think it’s a staging and then find out after the fact it was not. You think they are going to the police to file a report? I imagine JFK was a multi-team planned assassination, Team A Russian, Team 2 – French Mossad Team 3 – Mafia Team 4 – Cuban Team 5 – Pentagon and then Seal Team 6.

      In this case I cannot accept it as real. The boy has cried Lone Wolf too many times but it is always possible and I would not be surprised. But in my heart I know Tom Petty was whacked just like Prince, just like Houston, just like Jackson and others down the line. Good bye Buddy Holly.

      Vegas shooting: real vs. fake

  12. Local Man Says Mob Killed Buddy Holly

    by the Beach-Comber’s investigative reporter,

    Phillip Golding

    Everyone knows the first great loss in Rock and Roll history was the 1959 death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and “The Big Bopper” when their small airplane crashed in a frozen Iowa cornfield.

    But what if it was not an accident?

    Frederick (Fred) Newsome is a security consultant, who came to central Florida after retiring as Chief Inspector of the Las Vegas Police organized-crime unit. He has decided to come forward now with a story that seems utterly fantastic; he claims that a bomb was placed on the small plane that carried the legendary rocker, in a Mafia hit that had been ordered by the Hollywood recording industry.

    I recently spoke with Mr. Newsome at his home in the quiet suburb of Oldsmar.

    He gives the impression of a careful, methodical thinker, and as he talked I was drawn inevitably to the conclusion that the truth about Buddy Holly’s death had been concealed from the public, repeatedly and deliberately.

    “You wouldn’t think so,” Mr. Newsome began, “but the type of interrogation cops hate the most is when some perp decides to spill it all.

    “He’ll start out in the morning connecting a lot of dots in unsolved cases, and by dinner time he’s takin’ credit for killing Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.

    “So back in ’78 we had this mob hit-man name of Tony Rizzo, who was getting all giddy after a long day, and he starts trying to tell us he did the hit on Buddy Holly!”

    Newsome says the interrogators started laughing and ridiculing the prisoner, who immediately got offended and refused to say another word.

    So the officers all called it a night, hoping to get better information in the morning. But when they arrived they were transferred to other cases and told that Tony Rizzo had been handed over to the FBI.

    “I wouldn’t a thought nothin’ of it except for two things: when I pulled into the lot that morning I recognized Sam Caputo leaving the commissioner’s office.

    “Caputo was a Reprise Records exec that we’d suspected of mob activity but could never pin down. Rumor was the commissioner owed him a lot of favors.

    “And second thing, I had a drinking buddy in the FBI mob detail. We always traded favors and tips, but this guy never heard a word’a Rizzo neither. He just plain fell off the map.”

    In 1989 Fred Newsome left Las Vegas to go into the private sector, and he has quietly used his law enforcement connections to investigate what he concluded was a vast cover-up of the truth about the death of Buddy Holly.

    My first question, of course, was WHY? Why would anyone pay for a Mafia contract on this brilliant and talented young man?

    According to Newsome, Buddy Holly was hated and feared by the recording industry establishment.

    At the height of his popularity, Holly moved to New York and started his own studio. It was only a matter of time before he started producing other young rockers.

    “Just think about it,” he mused, “the big boys in Hollywood had those rock’n’rollers tied up in one big money making package.

    “The whole idea of a musician writing and producing his own music had them shakin’ in their boots.”

    All this made sense, but it sounded like a lot of speculation on some pretty thin evidence. But Fred Newsome is a professional, and evidence is his bread and butter.

    When he decided he really had a case was when he located Detective-Lieutenant Carl Long of the Iowa State Patrol.

    Officer Long had been assigned to the investigation immediately after that terrible crash in the snowbound Iowa farmland, and one small detail had really bothered him.

    “He told me.” said Newsome, “that there was confusion about who’d been around before the plane took off.”

    Apparently, some of the witnesses mentioned a man that’d gotten on, then right back off again. The local people thought he was with the tour and the tour people thought he was local.

    Long told Newsome that he reported this to his Captain and the next day he was pulled off the case. They said he was wasting time on a ‘wild goose chase.’

    For years Officer Long obsessed about this, and looked into the case quietly on his own.

    The most confusing fact that he uncovered was a visit to the governor’s mansion by some executives from Capitol Records, which is odd because none of the three on that plane had ever worked with that label.

    But here’s the real clincher — Fred Newsome told me that when the now-retired Long faxed him the composite police sketch of the missing witness, his heart skipped a beat.

    “I’m tellin’ ya, by God, it was Tony Rizzo!”

    (end of part 1)

    NEXT WEEK: I Interview Carl Long


  13. Video of 90,000 Gators fans singing a tribute to Tom Petty in unison is amazing

    • Yeah, that is cool. I’d like to see MILLIONS of Americans sing the same tune to “the Cabal”, “et al.”.

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