Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 18, 2017

Low Altitude Chemtrails: NALED

CHEMTRAILED, NAILED and BURIED! Get a free coffin liner while they last.

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Aerial mosquito spray operation planned for Harris … – ABC13 Houston
The insecticide, Dibrom (EPA-approved), will be used during the spray operation in Harris County. Dibrom is considered safe for the environment and is applied by licensed applicators, according to the label instructions.
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What you need to know about NALED (diprom)

The Germans invented nerve agents during World War II

Naled is a nerve agent

Must bear the signal words “Danger-Poison”Naled (trade name Dibrom) is an organophosphate with many of the same characteristics and concerns as malathion. Naled can cause cholinesterase inhibition in humans: that is, it can over stimulate the nervous system causing nausea, dizziness, confusion, and at high exposures, can cause respiratory paralysis and death. One of the byproducts of degradation of Naled is dichlorvos, another registered organophosphate. This compound is of toxicological concern.

   ================================== >->-

May result in:

  • build-up of acetylcholine
  • cholinesterase inhibition
  • constant firing of electrical messages
  • potential symptoms of: twitching, trembling, paralyzed breathing, convulsions, and in extreme cases, death.

Let’s add some WiFi 5G microwaves as well. What a cocktail. Do you feel like a Mosquito? That’s what they think you are.



  1. CAT1 to CAT5 in one day. Only the weather warriors could do this!

    Hurricane Maria now a ‘potentially catastrophic Category 5’ storm, latest forecast shows

    Read more here:

  2. The 1966 show “The Prisoner” was laden with MK-Ultra and occult Illuminati symbolism

    ****** #6 *******

    Freedom Is a Myth: We Are All Prisoners of the Police State’s Panopticon Village

    Read more: The Gilmer Mirror – Freedom Is a Myth We Are All Prisoners of the Police State s Panopticon Village–We-Are-All-Prisoners-of-the-Police-State-s-Panopticon-Village?instance=secondary_stories_left_column

    I Am Not A Number –

    We are all number 6 in the panoptic vortex


    • Cat1 to Cat5 in 14 hours

      • has a number of long articles today dealing with reptilian bloodlines, occult, MK Ultra, shape-shifting, amongst political leaders, royalty, business heads, etc.

        Spiritual beings of another dimension running world events. Not a joking matter during these dark chaotic times.

        • I have heard it also all over radio. There,s a psyop alt right agenda going on it seems. Inforwars is beating it up pretty good as well. In my mind the objective is clear that it moves Project Bluebeam forward.

          So let us see if they trigger something bigger than a pizzagate on September 23rd.

          It would make a good deflection of the geo-eugenics weather murder spree they have been on as of late. Plenty of floods killing people all over the world and the earthquakes will be rising as well.

          I predicted this massive quake in Mexico in 2014. I was off three years. Not very good. It was SKYFALL for those poor people and I see that their response was something worse than Louisiana got after Katrina 05.

      • I am beginning to think they are fudging these numbers like fake new. I have been listening to shortwave Cuba and do not believe they got CAT5 or 4 event.

        The Media faked images can come from anywhere. We have seen them use terror photos over and over again in the Middle East. CGI and Hollywood can amke this kind of majic easy. The Jason and Tavistock specialty.

  3. American McCarthyism: Neocon Warhawks’ Plan to Kill Antiwar Dissent in Media

    [[After 12 months of perpetrating one of the greatest political hoaxes in history – blaming Russia for the Presidential victory of Donald Trump – the Washington establishment is now wanting to take the lie to the next level by sanctioning not only Russian international media outlets, but any media outlet (see one of their guide lists here) who dare to violate the mainstream party line on the US war agenda by broadcasting to an America audience… forcing them the register as “foreign agents” under the FARA Act of 1934.]]


    Trump Envisions a Parade Showing Off American Military Might

    WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Monday that he was looking into staging a display of American military might in a Fourth of July parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    In remarks during a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron of France at the United Nations, Mr. Trump said he got the idea after watching the Bastille Day parade in Paris with Mr. Macron in July. During the parade, he could be seen gesticulating and whispering to Mr. Macron at the elaborate display of tanks, soldiers on horseback and military jets flying overhead.

    If the agendas begin to clash it is best to separate them. If the civil war is gaining steam then lets false flag the PATRIOTISM and secure the Rothschild monopoly.
    Let’s use the Russian Proxy and go after Cuba, North Korea and Iran, the remaining nations without the Joo-joo-bee central bank.

    So we stage the Cuba embassy psychotronic EM assault (CIA) and prepare the bay of pigs. Then we go to North Korea’s mickey mouse missile program and drop a mini nuke in Guam. Then Iran can play the role of Saddam and maybe they will enlist Mossad to drop one on the Syrian border. The TRIAD complete.

    Look at MACRON and TRUMP. Jesuit bedfellows. Trump kisses Macron and shakes hands with Melania.

    Donald Trump explains his missile size

  4. More on Trumps Jesuit landlords – operation GLADIO C

    Where did the missing 6 trillion go? To Tel-Aviv and the Vatican Banks. (RothRocks)

    US Catholic Bishops rolling in federal dough according to financial statements
    by Ann Corcoran

  5. Toys R Us files for bankruptcy protection as the holiday shopping season nears

    Huge death blow by Amazon and the NWO 666 Buy Sell Trade. Second Largest US Retail Bankruptcy In History. Walmart coming.

  6. How do all the Politicians and their “Spawn” Avoid getting sick from breathing in the chemicals contained in these chemtrails? I have seen there are quite a few comments and videos on Hitlery Clinton being a Reptilian “Alien”. I don’t know if I believe they are from Outer Space or anything like that, BUT, I Do Believe “THEY” are doing DNA Splicing. Perhaps it IS Reptilian Splicing. Afterall, it is the Alligators & Crocodiles who are remnants of Prehistoric times and these Evil people want to live forever! I know there are a Lot of people who laugh at the very idea of reptilian people, However, I have Personally witnessed “several” politicians and celebrities whose Eyes have turned “reptilian” on “LIVE” TV ! I’ve seen not only Hitlery’s eyes change, but, I have also seen Oprah’s change. Then, After a Long Absence from the public eye (no pun intended) I also saw John Kerry’s eyes change into reptilian looking eyes.

    Speaking of Kerry .. I’m from Pittsburgh (the Home of Heinze) I remember back to the time when Senator John Heinze was killed in a “suspicious”plane/helicopter crash. Although I wasn’t paying attention to politics at the time (I was young when he was killed) I do know that Everybody from the “Burgh” thought very highly of him. All he left us with was his wife Theresa, who as we all know ended up marrying John Kerry. Pennsylvania has had it’s share of “EVIL Politicians” .. ie: Arlen Specter, John Murtha, Gov. Casey, etc. Most people probably don’t know the Gov. Casey Story, so I’ll say a few words of what the peeps around here thought of “Him”. Casey had a bad heart and “out of the blue” there was a drive by shooting of a young boy who just so happened to be an “Exact” Match … he got an “Immediate” transplant. You are probably thinking … Oh, a drive by shooting! In those days (the 70’s-80’s) drive by shootings were Unheard of. Especially in “this” area. These days drive by shootings don’t even draw a flinch out of people. So you see it’s True … How “they” can make practically “anything” seem commonplace, almost mundane over a certain amount of time.

    On another Note … “They” are playing with GOD’s creations, and in doing so “they” are drawing GOD’s Wrath towards themselves that even “they” can’t Imagine! I’ve been spending my time “Getting Right w God” as we All should! Does anybody remember that old margarine/butter commercial from the 70’s , “You Can’t Mess w Mother Nature”? How TRUE that IS !


  7. Another HAARPING in Mexico. This stirs the pot some.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.1
    Date-Time 19 Sep 2017 18:14:39 UTC
    19 Sep 2017 13:14:39 near epicenter
    19 Sep 2017 12:14:39 standard time in your timezone

    Location 18.584N 98.399W
    Depth 51 km (too shallow for a normal seismic shift)

    Event Page:

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