Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 15, 2017

Parsons Green Hoax

This staged event is hardly worth the effort to debunk. The optics are crap and the vortex numerology crystal clear.

#11 (911)

29 people were injured at Parsons Green underground station in west London after an improvised explosive device partially exploded on a tube carriage. It has been declared a terrorist incident.


22 Injured In Explosion On London Subway Train At Parsons Green …

7 hours ago – Uploaded by TIME

22 Injured In Explosion On London Subway Train At Parsons Green Underground Station | TIME. TIME


#77 PARSONS GREEN – 7/7/2005


Parsons Green – the full vortex 369

Full Reduction
Reverse Full Reduction English Ordinal Reverse Ordinal

<> 36 <> 45

Full Reduction Reverse Full Reduction English Ordinal Reverse Ordinal

<> coordinates 911

Parsons Green : Coordinates: 51.4738°N 0.1991°W


Bus route 22 includes New King’s Road and the area is also served by Parsons Green tube station on the District line. The tube station suffered an apparent terrorist attack on a train in the station in September 2017.[8]


Police on Manhunt After 29 Injured in Explosion on London Subway Train

“I would say this was a failed high-explosive device,” Chris Hunter, a former British army bomb expert, said of the blast, which caused no serious injuries.

British media reported that the bomb included a timer. Lewis Herrington, a terrorism expert at Loughborough University, said that would set it apart from suicide attacks like those on the London subway in 2005 or at Manchester Arena in May, in which the attackers “all wanted to die.”

bad burka

Bottom Line: This is a deflection for Trump DACA, economy, debt ceiling theft and the rest of the NWO moves by Trump and Theresa May’s BREXIT (77)

It also is a reinforcement of the bogus Official Story and trauma programming for brits on the 7/7 event. Their 911 event. The Strategy of Tension is always in play and this may likely be a cover to get MI5 and MI6 in a mode to assassinate or infiltrate whistleblowers. Along with the usual surveillance and draconian dominace technique, this event was and will continue to be a complete hoax,

Jesuit traitor scum Alex Jones is cointelpro and his sources saying that people were killed or badly burned is 100% Bullshit. It was a Boston bomb with a timer that had flash powder and talc. Another big band flash grenade with a timex watch.




  1. We are down to Iran, North Korea and Cuba who are not in the Rothschild Global Central Criminal Banking Cartel.

    There was a real reason for steering Irma to nail the entire northern coast of Cuba while keeping it alive for Florida.

    Mysterious “sonic weapons” have been blamed for symptoms affecting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba.

    The question is whether this will be a nationwide assault in Cuba at some point and what the human health ramifications will be. We watch the last three nations bleed until the Joo-joo-bees and NWO steering committee wrap it up.

  2. 5 senators push for Cuba embassy closure, expulsion of diplomats

    All the signatories, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) Richard Burr (R-North Carolina), John Cornyn (R-Texas), James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida), are members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    Russia y Tillerson v SWAMP = Bay of Pigs?

    The Rothschild Banking Cartel has something up it’s sleeve. This is getting interesting. A major FULL BLOWN assault on the three IRAN-CUBA-NORTH KOREA with the RUSSIAN proxy????

  3. fyi: red head is Nora Kirkpatrick…she was also at Paris Bataclan Hoax

    • Hi Suzi

      Thanks for posting this. Yes, another wanna-be Holyrood actor. We have seen them here as well from Sandy Hook to Orlando to Boston. The Bataclan was a particularly sinister staged event. There must be some numerological significance to these and real crimes by the Mays, Merkels and Macrons of NWO transformation.

      • I have a 6 part series on the ataclan actor but you tube took it down and I need to reload it somewhere else. I follow about 150 government actors and have an extensive file of their appearances…if you are looking at someone just ask and I can see if I have anything on them. I have a BFA as well as a masters in cultural anthro so this is totally my game…lol. Yeah Nora Kirkpatrick from the office..she wore a big nose at the Bataclan. She hung with the Magnetic Zeros and the Mumford crowd. Cheers.

        • Well educated Suzi. This is something they aim to destroy. What was education (ie critical thinking) has been reduced to indoctrination. So Nora is a California girl? She got a career that offers travel. Good for her. 🙂

          I’m not up to speed on the MZ’s. Are they a reincarnation of the Woody Guthrie, Dylan anti establishment? Any alliance to the socialist cults, Bernie Sanders?

          Where can we find your work? Blog, channel etc. Thanks

          • The Magnetic Zeros are quite interesting…but let me explain…these actors work in cells where they plan and execute a news event. For example, the cast of Under the Dome HBO summer series is the cast for the Oregon Standoff. SNL does most of the ISIS stuff but there are more cells involved in that. The Spears family does the Trump family. The Bataclan was an international event…using international actors but surprisingly most still had Hollywood or New York (specifically SNL connections). I don’t know if you ever watched the Mumford documentary “The Big Easy Express” this is the crew that ran the Bataclan Hoax. It included the Mumfords and the Zeros and Old Crow Medicine show…now I know this all sounds improbable but it is what I found and what I see. And that is where I found Nora playing her accordion. I hope to re load the Bataclan series soon. Maybe to vidme instead of youtube. Anytime I try to show these videos on youtube I am quietly removed. In fact they are in the process of removing my Charlottesville videos right now. hahaha I am new to the blog business…thanks for talking to me.

            • Thanks Suzi, see my response below. – PD

  4. * Take Note of what just occurred in St. Louis *

    IN MY OPINION (of course I could be wrong) this is just the Beginning of the Unification of BLM, Move On, Antifa, Etc. under the direct supervision of Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Jarrett, the Clinton’s, Holder, Soros and co. to begin a Nationwide “controlled chaos” against police, business owners, etc. Let’s not forget about “the Generals” .. McMasters & Kelley either.

    This could very quickly lead to martial law in our cities one after the other, or all at once depending on how well coordinated they are becoming, compliments of social media, and eventually their ultimate COG. As you know Obama has been “bunkering” down 2 blocks away from the White House and has admittedly said it was for the purpose of countering/subverting Pres. Trump. Also, hasn’t Killary just recently moved within a few blocks of the W.H. as well? Consider that “They”

    are gearing up for their big October surprise we’ve been hearing about. Could this be the methodical city by city uprising of trust fund babies, cellar dwellers and other malcontents and anarchists under the noses and approval of libtard

    mayors. ie: Rahm Emmanuel for one?

    With the “Total Absence” of “ANY”

    fear of “Prosecution” of the DOJ (Thanks to Jeff Sessions … a Total Troll, in My Opinion) our Nation is Wide Open to these Traitors. “THEY ARE

    EVERYWHERE”. (You Only Need Fear Jeff Sessions IF You Are a Pot Smoker in a Legal State)


    • I stated after Sandy Hook 2012 that II$I$ was designed as GLADIO the “spring” board for the American Spring. You are correct IMO but keep in mind the marriage is that of Sharia radical Islam to these groups where they merge.

      I have posted this picture more than any on this site for 10 years. The Genesis of their manifesto is to destroy the 6 keys to America

      Private Property

      All the staged events, fake news, political correctness, etc etc can be filed under one of these “independence killers” As the Hollywood- Holyrood and Music Industry idols join the MSM Googleplex, they induct these idiot Millenials as the 60’s revolution inducted the baby boomers. The only difference is the level of insanity and the realization of the parallels to Adolph Hitlers NAZI YOUTH.

      Rahm Emanuel is an example of the Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, George Soros Tavistock Jesuit-Joo administrators who all work this transformation.

      Keep in mind that the marriage and merging is not complete until they get the Carbon eco-terrorists in this ménage à trois. The unholy alliance is a creation of the technigue by which you gain forces by including the factions by a common goal. I$I$ is Crisis with $$ and the final blow of complete financial slavery.

      The sheeple will follow. It is foretold.

  5. MORE FAKE NEWS – 911

    ‘significant arrest,’

    The Bucket List


    18-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Friday’s apparent bucket bomb explosion on a London Underground train.
    Following the arrest, police searched a residence in Sunbury-on-Thames.
    ISIS has claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack.
    The terror attack is the sixth in Britain this year.
    The blast sent at least 29 people to the hospital.
    Witnesses described a ball of flames and a loud explosion on the subway car.
    Police said the improvised explosive device did not fully explode.
    The U.K. threat level has been raised to “critical,” meaning an attack is expected imminently.

    add 18 (9) to the 29 (11)

    Kent Police arrested the man in Dover’s port area, about 75 miles from London, at approximately 7:50 a.m. local time under section 41 of the U.K.’s Terrorism Act, according to London’s Metropolitan Police Service. The section provides authorities the power to arrest a person suspected of terrorism-related offenses without a warrant.

    Reference 8-11 Full Spectrum Surveillance and no-warrant detainment (kidnapping)

    Setting the stage…..
    Terror chief Neil Basu warns of ‘home-grown jihadis’ | Daily Mail Online…/Terror-chief-s-home-grown-jihadi-warning.html
    Sep 4, 2017 – Terror chief warns of ‘home-grown jihadis’: Top police officer says isolated communities are fuelling an unprecedented threat from extremists ‘in our midst’ … Isolated communities are fuelling an unprecedented terror threat, a senior police chief warned last night

    9/4/17: So he made the warning (opener) 11 days before the event 9/15/17

  6. Great info. Suzi, you should offer reblog widget and maybe consider twitter too. I know it’s all part of the googleplex but will get your info out.

    I’d like to post the piece you did on Astin Family. Gabby Giffords was never shot. We tore that one to pieces. You can see Project Orange in events from Virginia Tech to Orlando Orange. There appears to be different Crisis Groupsused. I have spent an enormous amount of time linking Hollywood west to Holyrood east which covers DC and across the Pond to Edinburgh and the Tavistock Institute.

    Behind the Blue Door of the Chatham House and the New York Actors Studio (another blue door) There is a color code to their madness and it’s open for all to see that here in the US the repeal of Smith-Mundt and Exec Orders have cleared the way for propaganda (fake news) social engineering just as the weather modifiers treaty allows for weather mods ENMOD to be perpetrated on a nations own citizens. (1976 UN)

    COTO visitors should see your linked wordpress blog. I will be spending time there.

    I can offer you publishing rights here or if you set up RSS or add reblog I will post your stuff here. Thanks.

    PS Patty Duke just died. The Matriarch is gone but not the Patron.

    I cloud talk for days about the Tavistock Hollywood Fabians and Freemasons.

    I bet you would like the Myron C Fagan recordings RED STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD.


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