Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 9, 2017

Here comes Hurricane JASON

UPI –  (Nov 3, 2020) The aftermath of  Xaver, the super nuclear storm ushers in the BRICS, IMF, United Nations Security Council, UNFCCC Agenda 2030 COP23 protocols. President Trump reverses Paris US exit and signs the treaty in Paris.

Waiting for Jason Xaver, the new bright house, new dealer, the Monte Carlo science casino and rulers of the global authority is like watching a Jason Voorhees movie  and watching the audience glued to the screen of the unwitting babe heading for their death while an actual mass shooter enters the theater. I mean really, doesn’t everyone know what’s going to happen? We die, I mean they die. The actors die. We are the actors, the players, the plot is obvious, and final.

What is it about Irma that has captivated the Media? I mean Katrina, Andrew, Camille, Donna, Sandy….et al. , the whole world has seen something new. A Super Storm called Agenda 21.  It’s a nuclear conspiracy that we have covered here for ten years.

The BRICS Summit: What You Need to Know – Corbett Report

Like sitting in this theater, the reality is that it is full of Millennials. We have to understand the target group and 2030. Do the math and take a look at the current news on Millennials and Trump.  Look at the massive numbers of people wanting to come to the racist run, second largest polluter of the planet.  You can affirm that it is because in the global economy China and US have the chips.

What to Expect as U.S. Leaves Paris Climate Accord

One possibility is that, with the world’s second-largest emitter pulling out, other countries may feel less pressure to step up their own plans to curb greenhouse gases. “Other governments and industries could say, if the United States is being less ambitious, why should we take on these extra costs?” said Elliot Diringer, executive vice president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

The reality is pretty clear. The plan is to force the issue with the usual weather wars and Millennial recruitment. Just like sitting in the theater we watch the idiot audience waiting to get picked off while they watch Jason do his work. If you like a really good plot, just read the hundreds of  posts I have deposited here regarding the UN, UNFCCC, ICLEI, TPP, WTO, BRICS, Agenda 21, G6 protocols and all the Zebranomics involved in the Georgia Guidestone’s sustainability targets.

Fools, such a tool!

What is COP23?

COP23 is the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is the main annual meeting of all nations under the UNFCCC to build and strengthen intergovernmental climate policy. COP23 will be from November 6-17, 2017, in Bonn, Germany.

What is SustainUS?

At SustainUS, we believe that young people should have a voice in the policy decisions that will shape our future. We are a youth-led organization and have worked for years to build youth delegations to advocate for justice and sustainability in United Nations meetings on sustainable development, climate change, eradicating poverty, biodiversity loss, and women’s rights. We see attending these conferences as opportunities in holding our government accountable on an international stage, building and strengthening the youth climate movement, and supporting the work of frontline communities already facing the effects of climate change.

When the Greenpeace and PETA’s meet the Weather Underground and the Alinsky, Soros and RothRock funding groups you have the real Nuclear Storm and it should be on the radar for everyone to see. The weather modification  cabal can create produce and stage all the Irmas and Xavers but JASON is the the final scene and the end of life as we know it.

I never watched a Jason Voorhees movie because I do not like to watch slaughters but the plot of the JASON Group and the deepest of the elite science and mind control driven agenda will be the biggest bloodbath in human history. This Jesuit run, Knights of Malta organization has total control of the media, technology and funding and the unwitting dumbed down minions and everything you see the Media hammering out is all connected to the New World Order.  The vortex of everything just spins down to the eye of this megalomaniacal fraternal order and their economic eugenics, depopulation politics and sociopathic sustainable society.



  1. I find the “weather channel’s” continously running sell job to “Trust Us” programming to be a “tell”, and it’s interesting they’ve seized on this as their most recent mantra. Perhaps, they think it differentiates them from the rest of the lying loser MSM? But, the repetitive statements are off putting and rather make one wonder why the “Trust Us” hard press.

    Irma looks like its churning it way West into the Gulf rather than going North.

    So, Trump signed the Paris Accord, eh. That is not surprising. When have “leaders” in recent generations not been Cabal “players”? The Agenda is not liberty based, but control and profit based. The masses are as the seas, being shifted by the prevailing winds of megalomaniacs via their control grid.

    • John Coleman founder of the WC knows the crime syndicate. They pushed him out for his truth on the climate change hoax. The weather channel is a “ON THE 8’s” mind control repetition mind control op and global warming hoax psyop.

      They have offered the APP for those without power.

      I talked to several old friends from my Miami hometown who said power was going out long before the gale winds came. Don’t think that the Ft. Pierce and Turkey Point reactors and grids are not being manipulated by a skeleton crew of freemasons.

      As far as HAARP steering at this point I still wait for a move to turn westerly after they sufficiently nail Tampa for what they did in the HILLARY TRUMP election staging.

      The JASON Society is active in this SPECTRE group. They are the deep and dark protectors of the science and alchemy knowledge and the rest of the sellouts mere compartmentalized minions who sell out for money and celebrity.

      It takes 4 years to formally get out of Paris. It may be as long to get power back on in the Gulf of Mexico. Trump would have to get re-elected to complete it.

      My dream #57 about the polar bears and floods came true after HARVEY. I guess the 57 was the formal and final tally of how many inches of rain the east Texas Harris County area received.

      It is clear to me that the Jesuit-Crypto Joo JASON Grp is the Swamp at the very top where the scum rises it’s highest.

  2. Another huge solar-magnetic storm

  3. Can somebody/Anybody tell me WHY Jeff Sessions is NOT running Serious Investigations into things like the Clinton Foundation and Comey, Etc.?

    Also, Patriot Eric Bolling talked about this very matter only a few weeks ago. Since that time he has been fired from FOX News for alleged sexual harassment AND his young 18-19 yr old son just happened to die the very next day. There is No Word about it anywhere that I can find.



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