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Pefect Storm

Irma is a geo-engineered and steered vortex. The NASA, NAVY NOAA, NIST Haarpist’s have given this vortex the stadium eye. The Devil’s  eye. This is a deep eye wall and the spawning of Climate-Gate II as this will be a double header.

I believe this storm will be steered to Katrina or Camille spaghetti tracking. If you want to follow the the cold blob high in the Haarpist’s Atlantic arena, just look at the NOAA site and satellite. What I wonder is if the devil’s eye does not cover the full eye wall.

Camille’s 190 mph sustained winds at landfall were the highest winds ever recorded for a U.S. landfalling hurricane. … On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the same region of Mississippi coast, as a Category 3 hurricane with 130 mph sustained winds.

Note: Please notice the Climate Clan and Media whores giving Irma top billing. They think you are stupid and will not know the truth but follow the climate gate idiocy.

Logic from previous years during the 11 year quiet cycle always turned the storms and vortices north and east in the Atlantic but now that the 11 year cycle is over they moved the HAARP microwaving to the Atlantic to keep the cooler water in the Atlantic low to keep the storms generating a westerly track.  The Gulf Spill “Macondo” and the Corexit have also attributed to the reduced Gulf Stream warmer flow which also have reduced the chances of the storm turning north and then easterly.


Steering the storm can be done from Satellite or Superheater facilities. Ship or sub, from Arecibo in Puerto Rico. I will especially interested in what happens later today with the tracking.  I will be looking to see how the observatory and transmitters fare with the storm or if it turns at that point.  I suggest that the weather tracking over the last few months has been consistently coming from the lower gulf and sliding up northeast to the New England states. Unlike the usual west to east traffic the weather has moved south to north, This is aided by other heaters playing havoc on the jet stream and their “el haarpo nino” 24/7 assault.

That is why they choose the model from EU and US to have the storm turn sharply to the north.  If it stays on track and grazes Florida, the Keys, Monroe county and moves into the Gulf and forms into a northern track up through the Florida panhandle and Alabama, Mississippi, I will say they left it alone at that point. But if it stays on track to hit Louisiana-Texas corridor, it is being steered to do so.  Also if it turns to the north sooner and sharper to travel up the coast line of the eastern seaboard, then I will know for certain it is being steered through thermodynamic means.

There is a reason that the eastern seaboard is getting near record cooler temps right now.  Here in NC, we were at high of 60 and low of 46 Fahrenheit yesterday and this jet stream and cold blob holding that high pressure down as far south as they possibly can.

The current forecast is for the cooler temps to remain throughout Irma’s landfall.  This is a dryer  Haarpie than Harvey but the kind of stadium tunnel that can spawn the tornadoes that Andrew unleashed on Homestead in 1992.  This event will be complete through the 911 anniversary and will be the second of three events to play out through the September 23rd date. I can only guess what event number three will entail. With Jose on the heels of Irma, the models show the usual Atlantic swing but this one they may want to skirt the entire east coast from Georgia to New York. The perfect storm.


I successfully predicted the 2008 storm year with Eduardo with both landfalls yet now they can do things they had not done before.  My gut feeling is that it clips South Florida but regains the Gulf heating and slams the I-35 corridor. It is a good political move to decimate the Trump base Texas I-35 corridor and Delta. If the storm follows the model I will not be certain of Plasma or chem-cloud superheating. I figure the quick turn to the eastern seaboard would also be a significant Trump kill but much harder to manage. We will see.

Controlling Hurricanes

Can hurricanes and other severe tropical
storms be moderated or deflected?
By Ross N. Hoffman


  1. These Hurricane Irma Myths Have Gone Viral. Don’t Fall for Them

    “The biggest myth? Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane with speeds reaching 185 miles per hour, is going to be a “Category 6″ hurricane. There’s just one problem with that claim: There’s no such thing. The Saffir-Simpson scale of evaluating hurricane winds only goes up to a Category 5 range of 156 miles per hour and beyond”

    Reality: Cat 5 with HAARP1 = 6

    “Another false meme that was shared about 50,000 times on social media (before being deleted) paints a false picture of Hurricane Irma’s path, claiming that it could actually reach the already-beleaguered Texas coast and wipe out multiple U.S. cities. The National Weather Service has been warning people to keep an eye out for these kinds of deceitful posts for the past week.”

    Reality: I physically heard the criminal WEATHER CHANNEL” discussing potential Texas hit.

    Underestimated? We will see.

  2. IRMA Le Deuce: double whammy

    HAARP-IRMA (during the assault)
    Turn your phones – Wifi off! Radio Frequency heating occurs as the microwaves travel through water molecules. As microwaves travel through water molecules, the molecules rotate. This motion causes friction producing heat. The satellite motion around the Earth is similar to the internal cavity magnetron which is located inside the typical microwave oven. Communication satellite microwave frequencies penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface at high strengths. Even high enough for Satellite TV and Cell phones to receive high bandwidth signals. Some environmentalists claim that the microwave frequency mobile phones are harmful to human and animal health because of dielectric heating. Human damage will occur. The No Ozone field!

    No Ozone = No Magnetic Field – THE DEAD ZONE!

    “With the hundreds of satellites are sent into orbit, there are hundreds of enormous satellite footprints covering the Earth. These footprints overlap each other, creating a greater intensity of microwave”

    Add a kicker!

    Hurricane Irma: Sun unleashes most powerful category of solar flare, prompting fear of communications chaos

    That may be only the tip of the iceberg for those in the plasma zone of Irma Haarping.


    Pope urges forgiveness in Colombia after decades of conflict

    I bet he wants the same.

  4. It would seem then that Trump has not bent his knee low enough for the cabal. Maybe the Debbie Wassername Schultz investigation is going ahead somehow when it’s clearly not supposed to? Jilted Queen Hillary is having a prima donna moment next week that ought to disgust even hardened urbanites.
    Regarding microwaves, the sheer amount and continued explosive growth of this form of deliberate pollution would add to the heat load overall, but I am not sure by how much at this point.Still, it does directly heat water.
    What most activists are concerned with at this time, though, are the non-thermal effects that occur via cells’ means of communicating, with voltage-gated calcium channels being quite sensitive, and DNA damage occurring due to unanticipated electrical conductivity.
    I read a certain amount of disaster capitalism in the positioning and destructiveness of these monsters. There has been some expectation of economic benefits from this. Perhaps since they are having their war plans stymied by Putin and young Kim, who would ruin their weekend plans if they went ahead with their schemes, this is the next best thing for them. Declare a state of emergency and roll in the military hardware!

    • Pat, this tells me it is being steered.

      Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 8.0
      Date-Time 8 Sep 2017 04:49:18 UTC
      7 Sep 2017 23:49:18 near epicenter
      7 Sep 2017 22:49:18 standard time in your timezone

      Location 15.029N 93.807W
      Depth 35 km

      Way too shallow for a 8M seismic shift. And think of the purpose to bang out this assault in the Mexican zone. It will be blamed on the CME and geo-mag storm but that is BS. This is a scalar HAARPing.

      This is an attempt to deflect or direct or a after shock from previous HAARPing.

      M 8.1 – 87km SW of Pijijiapan, Mexico

      As Hurricane Irma churns toward Florida, Jose strengthens in the Atlantic and Katia nears Mexico. Watch this Katia churn.

      • Oh Idaho!:

      • Yes, the timing would suggest an attempt to provide cover for an assault.

    • Obviously Trump tax breaks and debt ceiling will be impossible. When FEMA fails and the MIC budget coming before all else shows it’s face the outrage and tension will be extreme.

      Now Trump and Pelosi are working on the Dream Act. This ought to add an earthquake to the Congressional storm.

  5. Friday 9-8-17 – 9-11-17

    SOHO scientists predict that a strong geomagnetic storm will hit on September 8
    X-Glare 9.3 approaches earths magnetosphere. While the sun is now heading toward the minimum level of activity in its natural 11-year cycle, these sunspots could continue to flare up in the days ahead.

    Bio-metric brain damage. It won’t be a rat cortex but eventually your brain will be this simple to hack and program.


    Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after …
    Video for Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after tremor
    ▶ 1:48

  8. I am serious about the TRIAD event.
    My post here i dekivered in June 26

    Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

    I laid out the vortex 11-22-33 and the days from August 7 to September 23 plus the added dates thru October 21.

    We have Harvey and Irma with Jose on the heels
    We have Yellowstone swarming
    Idaho quakes
    Mexico 8M HAARP quake today at 30 miles deep (unreal)
    Western Wildfires 72 separate fires
    Goldman Sach running scared
    Equifax hack of 143 million US Citizens
    FEMA funding and Trump Budget battle
    Peaking Market for a major correction
    North Korea – (a deserted Pyongyang?)
    Major Scalar activity (behind the active sunspots and solar flares)
    The 16th (Trump7) anniversary of 911
    And a host of markers that align with 9-11-2001

    I think the whole USA should be prepping like Florida. They are calling a NUCLEAR storm because the nuclear event is more than water and surge but EMP, Earthquakes, Market crash, Blackouts or Terror event (Black Swan)

    I would rate this way above what you may have thought December 2012. This has the year, month, weeks and day of a perfect 811-911 vortex. On Monday should you decide to act or hope.


    The totality line of 66 miles is your 3*22 666 clue and the line covers nuclear sites, the New Madrid Fault and other ports of call for the NWO Global Terror Network. We should note some key dates this year again.

    ECLIPSE (day 234 – #9)

    8/21/17 = 811 = 19 (referenced to ISIS crisis) and number #1



    9/23/17 = #4 (September 23 is the 266th day of the year – #5) (33 Days from Eclipse – #6)


    FRIDAY THE 13th (day 287 – #8)

    10/13/17 = #4 (54 Days from Eclipse – #9) (21 Days from September 23rd- #3)


  9. Hey Alex, How you like these apples, you schmuck!

    Hillary Trump – DOJ: No plans to charge Lois Lerner in IRS scandal

    We’d have gotten better from the witch bitch herself than you, the Jesuit traitor.

  10. Puddy … Don’t the Solar Flares play a part in these huge storms, or is that minute?


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