Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 4, 2017

Dark Shadows, the Game

This is an impressive compilation of al CIAda, the deep state, shadow government and the psyops of Snowden, WikiLeaks and these supposed CIA whistleblowers.

I will not claim that these characters may not be legit but will state that it is my belief that they are all part of the alt-right, alternative  and controlled opposition. It is based upon the historical techniques used in the past to usher in transitions, change and a vortex shift in human thought.  It also establishes one of the G6 new world order unification pillars by destroying sovereign government. You first have to destroy the current one. In this program you must obliterate all confidence in the current government system from all branches. It is clear that they have pretty well accomplished this in Executive, Legislative and even the Judicial with Obama and the change program. The Bush Clinton crime syndicate has pretty much completed the economic side of things since Reagan and we are now at event horizon for the debt bubble.  Only a One World Order can save us.

This is where the players like Shipp,  Kiriakou, Binney, Steele and others come out of the CIA deep disclosure committee to expose pre-scripted conspiracy theories which are just limited hangouts of old ones. A controlled opposition are the impressive leakers of part truth but mostly fiction and delivered to the masses to think that some invisible shadow group are in jeopardy of being exposed, possibly arrested, tried and convicted.  But in reality is this just setting the stage for a transformation to a new authority? If indeed, the players are genuine, is not the redacted and limited disclosure getting old and tired yet?


Do they ever leak anything you did not already read or hear from other parties offering conspiracy theories? If you think they offer any real revelations just listen to this and maybe check out a recent David Steele interview. Granted his alliance with Cynthia McKinney is positive, right? But I remember others as well who came out to expose 911 and the missing Trillions i$i$.  JFK is a good demarcation point, with the limited hangouts and controlled opposition in force to perpetuate numerous theories and limited named characters. Much like George Soros, these players are the firewall for the real operators.  The method offers to give the sheeple some sense of trust in the alternative truth movement and disclosure project yet none of these characters are arrested, investigated or criminally prosecuted.  I assume this because they really are not guilty or because they are only a pawn on the chessboard. Fake news via the lack of old laws against the use of lies by government and media have prevented open government information to the citizens and this surely would include the use of players in the whistleblower arena.

It seems to me that just like an artist, you have to die before you gain the notoriety and success you may have deserved in life but the clear design  of the agenda is not new. The war is on your mind and just like Alex Jones said this he is just one piece of the apparatus who is perpetrating this war. Just like the War on Terror, Drugs and Poverty, the phrases and terms  are created by the very same group who conduct the dialectic, control the information, staged the setting and profit from the program.  Let’s now include the War on Trump.  This is a War on Truth in disguise and an impressive opening salvo we have just witnessed.

Vortex science is working at it’s optimum peak right now and as we are being played by the Masters of the Human Domain, the larger vortex is increasing like Irma in the Atlantic.  The disclosures, limited hangouts, fake news, controlled opposition and deep committee are just fine tuning the machine and the transitional events to come.  Ultimately , as I have said for too many years to count, you are on your own.  Your mind under the control of this massive information grid is no different from your iPhone or laptop. It needs to be flushed, rebooted and cleaned for the viruses of the MIC. Not the Military Industrial Complex as much as the Media Induced Control that defrags your beliefs. Like the patterns that you see over and over the sequence and frequencies of this program just come in ever increasing volume and they do so with subtle changes. Over time they become habitual and routine.  I think this is the most dangerous part of the agenda.

If you begin to see these patterns and routines in your daily routine you might consider a personal change of thought versus their subtle graduating psyop and mind-control scheme.  Even the never Trumper’s are getting it from the alt -left. The paradigm is universal and it attacks both hemispheres of your mind. The logical reasoning and the creative critical processes.  As much as I like this video and presentation, I have to see , hear and decode the patterns and think way outside the box. This is what they aim to destroy. Along with family, sovereignty, religion, patriotism, inheritance and private property they have to abolish the truth. The best way is to obliterate it as the chemtrails do the sun with dark shadows


Question: Sophmoric, Freshman or Genius?‘X-Files’: FBI won’t reveal Clinton emails due to ‘lack of public interest’

They are not stupid.



  1. Like I said, the 11 year cycle is over and the weather weapons are in full operation.

    The players of the puppeteers are the ines wagin this war on your mind. So not get caught in the fake war on CO2

    Irma is now one of the strongest hurricanes ever ENGINEERED in the Atlantic

  2. LE CERCLE – Part of the Jesuit Freemasons

    I have written much about this SPECTRE GRP – It’s Quantum that we do not know. The deepest of organizations and behind the Jesuit Military KOM

    Zebranomics 101 | COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS

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