Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 29, 2017

White Christians taste like Chicken, Trump like Turkey

“Little Billy” Coq Au Vin and Sweetbreads


Remember when meat had to be Kosher?  Now the maggots do the work.  Our fearless leader ignores the sadistic and macabre white genocide and ritual killing and even cannibalism going on in South Africa.

‘Tired of eating human flesh’: Five South African men charged with suspected cannibalism

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Five South African men charged over suspected cannibalism appeared briefly in court on Monday (Aug 28) as scores of angry protesters gathered outside, police said.

The men from the rural town of Escourt, in KwaZulu-Natal province, were arrested over a week ago after one handed himself in to a police station, telling officers he was “tired of eating human flesh”.

His confession led to the arrest of his four co-accused. continue

UPDATE: Cannibalism case postponed to September

There is a very good reason to delay the court trial til September and it is not to give them time to digest their meal.

Hundreds confess to eating human flesh in South Africa

As the Shamans and Maggots sanctify the meat of these young white children the choice cuts might get on a jet and delivered to Hillary and the Podestas while very fine hotdogs make their way to Obama.  This must be why boys are choice over the girls, and the black market command double or triple  the price of your average Christian cuts. Too bad Trump intends to completely ignore the murder, rape, theft of land and the Black Apartheid that is putting millions of white Afrikaner’s in peril and reducing them to slum farms and slaughterhouse cattle.

No evidence is the best defense.





  1. I love the Agenda 21 media like TRUTHOUT. As I commented in HAARPS over HAVANA, the tropocal disturbance that was HARVEY was pummeled with scalar and possible space based microwave endothermic superheating to enhance the vortex creation and then steer the cyclone as they are doing right now.

    Hurricane Harvey Shows What Climate Disruption-Amplified Flooding Can Do – TRUTHOUT

    I appreciate TRUTHOUT, truthing about Climate Disruption and amplification not AGW Climate Change. The Global Carbon NWO is disrupting normal weather patterns into a weaponized ultimate control vehicle to usher in new world compliance.Thank you TRUTHOUT for putting the correct clues into your title.

    More like a guarantee! I am beyond claims. Energy through the Vacuum is the real Race to Space and Reagans Star Wars is here. If you wonder where the missing Trillions are forget it! Just focus on the trillions that went to NASA, NAVY, NOAA, NIST and the MICC for this Orwellian version of NOAH.

    WEATHER WEAPONS: UK To Build Worlds Most Advanced Space Weather Radar The most advanced space weather radar in the world to be built in the Arctic

    “Weather wars” theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered

    Nothing like a little “CLIMATE DISRUPTION” to turn around box office receipts.

    Al Gore’s climate doom movie drops 75% in weekend box office take, just 4% of earnings from 2006 original

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