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Another Staged Event from Start to Finish. George Soros to David Duke, the Virginia Crisis Actors (HAMS) and the White Power KKK Scam has landed in Charlottesville.  There was far more reality at the PGA Championship in Charlotte NC.

James Alex Fields, Jr. : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Toledo Blade talked with James Fields’ mom, Samantha Bloom, as did AP in the video interview embedded above. She said that Fields had texted her on Friday saying he dropped his cat off at her apartment and was going to an “alt-right” rally in Virginia.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying. (Charlottesville Car Attack Hoax)

I watched the video and there was nothing resembling harassment or bullying. Be aware of Youtube and the Googleplex  Purge in the news


Joo-Joo-Bee Ziegler

YouTube is Now Purging Evidence of War Crimes—Labeling it as ‘Extremist’ Content

Ive seen this before, the Zieglers and the Blooms. They come right out of the Greenberg Group. The Southern Poverty Law Center will be in the mix on any White Alt-Right staged event. The Jesuits and Crypto-Joos are on their game and Trump & Company will be in the game as well.  Terry McCauliffe is the perfect Bloomberg as we saw in the Connecticut Sandy Hoax.  Just more Divide and Conquer to get us ready for a big event and the Police State and Martial Law draconian patriot acts from the war criminals that Youtube and the Googleplex is now purging. When will the purge go live?


  1. Jesuit Trump loves it as much as Barry Soetoro did.

    David Duke you schmuck!

  2. Charlotteville Helicopter Crash?

    Whats this all about?

    Helicopter crash near Charlottesville white nationalist rally kills two cops

  3. The big picture is the erasing of history. The removing of monuments, the control of the news and the narration of everything under the sun.


    BY THE WAY: Glen Campbell, ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ Singer, Dead at 81 via @RollingStone

    This is a 811 vortex numerology and it ties into the KKK Charlottesville and Trump racist White Supremacist race war narrative. Glen was CIA guy from the days of Charley Manson and the Laurel Canyon MK-Ultra group and Terry Melcher. Charlie’s RACE WAR is a good timing to take out Glen Campbell who dies on August 8 2017 at age 81.

    888- 811


  4. IF you Only watched the Lamestream media reporting on Charlottesville, Va you might be one of those Lost Souls who still believes in the Tooth Fairy. All of that … Yet, George Soros is still untouched as the Main Hate Creator in the World. Isn’t it about time this Evil Man is SWATTED ?


    • Simple mathematics lay out Obama’s change to Trump with the BLM and Race War narrative. George Soros is one of the HATEFUL EIGHT.

      Add the SPLC, ADL, NAACP, KKK, CIA I$I$ and VATICAN to the SOROS’ OPEN SOCIETY and all the splinter groups under the Orange Revolution.

      BTW, Quentin Tarantino will be directing the “MANSON MOVIE” to come out next year. He’s another racist pot stirrer from the Joo-joo- Hollywood club of commies.

      Look at the SPLC and Baked Alaska video below. The whole scam is infested with these Tavistockian Crisis Social Engineers. Adding fuel to the fire of real Government Oppression to all us Ghetto Slaves.

      None of these splinter groups are legit. Not a single one.

  5. ACLU confirms that police were given stand-down order by Mayor

    Michael Signer – Mayor and Joo-joo-bee

    [Michael Signer is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia[1] and an author, advocate, political theorist, and attorney. He is a Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. He is a lecturer at the University of Virginia.

    He has worked for the Center for American Progress and worked with John Podesta on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team.[2]]

    ]Signer graduated from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia[3] and magna cum laude from Princeton University. He earned a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law, where he was a Clerk at the Legal Aid Justice Center and Research Assistant to Professors A.E. Dick Howard and Michael Klarman. He was also president of the Law Democrats and co-founder of the UVA Chapter of the American Constitution Society.[citation needed] While at UVA, he also founded the UVA Coalition for Progress on Race in the wake of a racially motivated attack on a fellow student,[citation needed] and went on to co-found the Center for the Study of Race and Law.[c]

    [Signer lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife, Emily Blout, and their twin sons.[citation needed] He is Jewish.[25][26]]

    Wow! Couldn’t find a better candidate to run this operation.

  6. and the ‘band’ plays on……………

    GODaddy boots white supremacist web site after offensive post

  7. Project Orange 2017

    UNICORN RIOT – Crowds on Demand

  8. and on and on anf on……….

    SPLC Member ASSAULTS Baked Alaska at Unite the Right, Charlottesville, VA – Steve Lemons

  9. 911 – 1 dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters in Charlottesville

    You can set your watch to the vortex and the MSM Fake News.

      • Maybe a huge scalar simulcast coming from the weather manipulators in Antarctica. If they created a huge oceanic vortex like they did in the indian ocean you could see both these anomalies.

        Very interesting and follows the timeline for a major event predicted this year and into the March of 2018.

        Creating an underwater vortex is just like they do in the air. The only natural occurence would be from Volcanic or methane fissure and an erathquake. Or both.

        • I don’t know if it has been posted on here or not, but was the Houston area HAARPED in order to make the hurricane unusually stall on land like that?

  10. #33 – 33 Days

    Will The August 21st Solar Eclipse Begin A Period Of “40 Days And 40 Nights” For America?

  11. Did Hillary’s holdovers actually set up Charlottesville?

    It’s not Purple yet, it is still ORANGE bur it goes PURPLE real soon.

    Trump is a Hillary Holdover and right out of Poppy Bush Central Intelligence Casting.

  12. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Beyond coincidental.

  13. Looked at the headlines under the red “Headline News” column in the middle of . What strikes me is the large number of corrupted elite political dinosaurs whom are in support of removing confederate statues, and historical monuments.

    I’ll tell you what — it is these very heinous scabby creatures that need to be torn down and removed from the political scene and the levers of power.

    Common sense tells us that “inanimate” monuments, flags, etc. are symbols that just sit there. It is the very “animated” corrupt individuals who make policy, squirm deals, run agendas for their shadow backers, sell out The People while enriching themselves and destroying liberty — it is these evil-minded individuals that need to be gone from before us.

    Those that quack like ducks, with the same ole PC fartage, whom run Israel’s agendas in our faces, who proudly wear the garments of war-mongering, surveillance-minded, control freaks; it is they whom should be pointed at as the instigators of “red” policies, chaos, and violence in the land of could-be-free.

    Those behind the microphones speak the loudest blasphemies.

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