Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 3, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax: What are the odds?

Sandy Hook Supposed Shooter

There is no legal recourse for the fraud that was the Sandy Hook Drill as far as the criminal code. Not since the FOX NEWS decision and the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act can the Media and Government be culpable. They have obviously covered the bases on the formality of the drill and the Media is no longer at risk for reporting for reporting fake news but this does not cover what I call the Capone Factor. Millions of dollars were collected by numerous entities and who knows how these were distributed or how these frauds were paid.  This is where this investigation should go.  It has teeth and can be the leverage to get this 911 exposed. Below is just another great piece of real truth and true mathematics that shoot another hole in the official story and ongoing narrative


From Jame Fetzer’s Blog – Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Carl Herman: Sandy Hook shooting mothers’ average age giving birth = 36 years old

Carl Herman I publish on Washington’s Blog. Other sites republish at will. Videos live at source.

Sandy Hook Shooting, the Mothers Average Age Giving Birth = 36 Years Old – Odds of 20 Such Elderly Mothers in One Group = 109,418,989,131,512,370,000 to 1 — that translates to 109 Quintillion, 418 Quadrillion, 989 Trillion, 131 Billion, 512 Million, 370 Thousand to one — Adds to Overwhelming Evidence of Official Fraud  read more


 The facts:

Average Age Of First-Time Moms Keeps Climbing In The US – NPR


Many women in the U.S. are waiting longer than ever to have their first child.

Fifteen years ago, the mean age of a woman when she first gave birth was 24.9 years old. In 2014, that age had risen to 26.3.


I figured out the only way this long shot could happen was a possibility that Satan  arrived in Newtown in 2006 and decided to have 22 babies with 22  forty year old Rosemary’s. Beyond this the narrative just continues to leak like a sieve.


Sandy Hook mom



  1. Oh that is just hilarious! Shoddy seams where narratives fall apart in the “spin” cycle.

    Fine over here. Just busy.

    • Any news thre on Fukushima Pat? Were getting ready for Solar eclipse here on Monday 8-21.

      Waiting for the 22K Dow Jones to implode. Good times.

      • Nothing much from Fukushima. They put the former TEPCO executives on trial, but it looks like it will be a closed session white wash. Here’s a report on that:

        Wondering what the eclipse will bring. I get the feeling America is on the brink of serious strife.

        • Stay dry Pat. I know you have some weather warfare going through there.

          • This one’s heading straight into Osaka/Kyoto/Nagoya, carefully steered and aimed. Wonder what they’ve got against that area? We’ll get a lot of rain out of it, but not the severe winds.

            • Osaka was where I first learned my business in 1978. Industrial place. Maybe they are not happy with Abe and the amount of Rhetoric on North Korea he is spewing. Maybe sanction busting. But likely the happy 72nd Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We must remember the psychopathy of the steering committee with their new toys, right?

              • Indeed, the typhoon hit the Kansai area on August 7, but I was concurrently getting Happy Birthday messages from the States, where it was still August 6. Whoever is steering (must be a bunch of American cowboys) has directed it to stay inland since it went aground just south of Osaka, and it is heading slowly up Honshu. Had tornado warnings here, but no damage. A couple of trucks overturned yesterday near the western border of our prefecture.

                Osaka is the capital of Kansai culture, more business-oriented, less of the samurai idealism, but I don’t know how that figures into Abe’s administration, which is now bickering among itself. He was born in Tokyo, but has family in Yamaguchi, which were relatively less affected by the typhoon.

                Just north of Vladivostok they had flooding which may or may not have been related to this. It put the Trans-Siberian railway out of service for a while and obliterated highway bridges. That would be a bigger, and more understandable, impact than that on Japan. America puts more sanctions on Russia, and Russia just laughs.

                • This is just the kind of idiotic government that I started on here in 2008. In order for people to happily accept ‘global government’ they have to destroy any credibility in the sovereign ones.

                  That is what we are watching. All paid off actors from Abe to Trump and Macron to Merkel. The decisions, laws and actions are so pathetically thought out, ill-conceived and backbitingly sophmoric that eventually we will vote in Bullwinkle J Moose as our next leader. Not that I think that we have not been under a global government (deep state) for some time now but the sheeple masses and groupthink is the goal.

                  Maybe this is a Russia job. Their SURA facility is powerful and their arctic antics could have some involvement. Seems like Russia has cotrol of the north pole while we are controlling the South. I beleive they are all in cohoots and Putin cares no more for his people than ours do us. I do not see Abe as any form of a humanitarian.

                  • Abe is quite the opposite of humanitarian, and I have no idea who is voting for him. I agree we are already under global government, and they are going to have to do more to keep that under cover, because people are starting to wake up to the reality of what the loss of sovereignty actually means for them.

            • M6.5 – Sichuan-Gansu border region, China

              Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.5
              Date-Time 8 Aug 2017 13:19:50 UTC
              8 Aug 2017 21:19:50 near epicenter
              8 Aug 2017 07:19:50 standard time in your timezone

              Location 33.217N 103.843E
              Depth 10 km


              M6.5 – Sichuan-Gansu border region, China

              The Weather and target may e China over North Koreas failure to join the Rothschild debt economy. This is a definite scalar assault. Powerful and extremely shallow.

              • Another HAARP assault or a aftershock

                M6.3 – northern Xinjiang, China
                Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.3
                Date-Time 8 Aug 2017 23:27:54 UTC
                9 Aug 2017 05:27:54 near epicenter
                8 Aug 2017 17:27:54 standard time in your timezone

                Location 44.323N 82.837E
                Depth 25 km

                • That quake did serious damage to one of the country’s most popular scenic tourist spots, meaning fewer tourists will come. Trump is leaning hard on China over NK, which might be relevant.

                  The damage near Vladivostok was related to the typhoon that came aground in Japan. Interaction between humid tropical air being brought north forcibly and the seasonal frontal line north of 40 degrees latitude.

  2. LUCIFER-11

    “Eleven southern and central European countries have issued extreme heat warnings amid a brutal heatwave nicknamed Lucifer, with residents and tourists urged to take precautions and scientists warning worse could be still to come.”

  3. All through the Month of August look for the number 11. It will play prominent into Fake News, Marketing and other symbology in the Matrix. Google will place it up on the search and it will play into September 11 on the 811 year to the 911 anniversary. Trump should be using this number as well along with the usual 7.

    Want a Pizza or 11 year old boy? Just use your google app.

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