Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 26, 2017

Who killed Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and why?

I have had the #57 Dream again and it keeps coming back since the murder of Prince at age 57.

Prince, 57 dead from NWO chemtrail flu

Posted by: Puddy Dunne on April 21, 2016

The reoccurring  theme is 57 and it has appeared in the deaths of many since Prince.  Inside the Vortex of Illuminati usual numerology 11,22,33 and the vortex 3,6,9 is this number 57.

Dream 57

Posted by: Puddy Dunne on February 28, 2017


It has been in many deaths from Roger Ailes, Brzezenski and Beranton Wisenant Jr. It also come in the form of the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington who died  in connection at ages 52 and 41, ergo 57. The Vortex indicates 5 as war and 7 as the wildcard. The unpredictable or “Black Swan” This is the also the prevailing media hype to include Russia Iran and North Korea.

90’s Singer Reveals What Chester Bennington Told Him At Chris Cornell’s Funeral: ‘We Hugged’

Filter frontman Richard Patrick told ABC News Radio that he saw Chester Bennington at Chris Cornell’s funeral, “I was absolutely shocked that Chester committed suicide. I was shocked. I mean, the reality is that he seemed to have everything going on.

Now the information is coming out. Here is some gematria and theory with the sacrificial Kabbalah that runs through the industry.  I know the #57 is Donald Trump and the grand scheme for the event under his conspiracy presidency. With the Dates I have laid out from the August 7th (7) to the September 23rd (5) date I suggest that some major shift, event or change is coming.

Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

Posted by: Puddy Dunne on June 26, 2017


Can they sell you on dual suicides?  There’s a big brew brewing and beyond the Clintons, Trump, the Jesuites and Crypto-Joos, the really big concert is about to start. Linkin and get ready for the real Soundgarden. If MK=Ultra is involved I would not be surprised but I suspect it all runs up to something much bigger in the scheme of the NWO transformation.




  1. #322 [7] – Skull@Bones – Bohemian Grove 2017

    Smith: Bohemian Grove entertainers for Monte Rio Variety Show named in advance for first time

    “ON TO THE SHOW: This makes 106 [7] years that one of the great, beneficial local impacts of the Bohemian Grove will be the benefit variety show in downtown Monte Rio.”

    I love the fact that Ray Benson of the nine-time Grammy-winning Western swing band, Asleep at the Wheel is wearing the Merle Haggard shirt. It was Merle Haggard who was named along with others in Cathy Obrien’s book Trance-formation as a CIA asset, pedophile child sex slaver in her book which is free to download here.

    MK-Ultra and Sacrificial killing being real or hoax deflections is secondary to the numerology and Kabbalist’s use of the alchemy of the science and magic for larger and more serious world events. Controlling the number, news and narratives are able to be decoded and connected to the business of New World Order transformation. Skull & Bones was the Yale based group that controlled CIA, publishing and Media. The Smith-Mundt Act now gone opens the Fake News and Hoax Stream Media complex and Propaganda wing while the Googleplex, Amazon, Facebook and the rest of the IoT cloud crew control access to truth.

  2. Puddy …Have you ever checked the numerology associated to Michael Jackson?

    I’m quite sure Michael Jackson figured into all this as well. In Fact he was one of the first musicians to die at the hands of the Pedophile Elite. He even spoke about things that were going on “then” quite often. However, at the time, nobody understood what was getting ready to “Amp Up”. You can still probably find him talking about them trying to recruit him on youtube unless it’s been scrubbed by now.

    It’s rather Ironic how they charged Jackson with pedophilia, yet, it was “THEM” who were the True Pedophiles. There was no “stronger” Black & White Uniting Force than M.J.! They couldn’t have that, since turning the races against each other was one of their Big Future Plans for America.

    First they schemed to turn Blacks against Whites and vice versa. Then the next phase was to bring in the Illegals to End Our Civilization as We Know It!


    • No. I was just developing the research on Vortex mathematics and date, sync numerology at that time in 2009. It was very obvious that Jackson, like Prince repressed a threat. The Gangstalkers of Government are openly visible now.

      The fact is Jackson’s birth and death represent the vortex as he was an 8-11 August 29 baby. The threat assessment teams went to work on him after he started openly talking about the Crypto-Jes Zionist that control Holly-Holyrood and the Music Industry.

      I believe many of these dead celebs were involved deeply into the PEDO Kaballah and Jackson certainly had skeletons. If you sign your name to the contract, it comes with the caveat that they will have your soul in bllod on the dotted line. The fact that you have your name in CAPS as the fictional strawman of the USA Inc. corporation has you under the UCC. But deeper is the contract are terms in the contracts that subtly possess you.

      Poor Michael, he was a mess. They will indulge every fantasy of those they look to extort, induct and control. It’s how they kept the Skull&Bones in line.

  3. #57 – Putin says U.S. will have to shed 755 from diplomatic staff in response to sanctions

    Watch the news, #’s 5 and 7 are all over the events. Why did they pick 755 expulsions?

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