Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 20, 2017

NWO Korean Brew: The Warmbier Hoax


The Otto F. Warmbier story is just too convenient to be true. Timing of events also is a perfect vortex run of 811-666 and Trump 7.

From the get-go this supposedly bright young man seemed to melt down from his arrest to his return. After investigating it, I conclude this to be 100% hoax. Considering there are no formal exchange programs with North Korea, any and all foreign student arrivals seem to be suspect.  Most are likely for information gathering and spying.  There are simple things to look at when faced with the PROJECT ORANGE Crisis Acting Program.

As I posted earlier all the Orange Projects go as far back as columbine and Clinton. The willingness of Freemasonic members to sacrifice their kids is a top Freemason’s oath. But other fake deaths and hoaxes are possible. The case of OFW is a possible sacrifice or just another staged fraud.  Either way the parents are very willing to be highly visible and helpful to move the agenda and narrative forward.


Im my post below, I offer a pictorial history of the Orange Revolution ala crI$I$ and the Media Color coding for fake news and staged events. In the opening graphic we see Otto arriving home in a wheelchair which is a hoax in itself versus being on a gurney which would be appropriate for a coma patient. Please note the 811 and 6 represented along with the ORANGE CONE insignia for fake news. Just like Gabby Giffords and other hoaxes the well placed orange cone is always in the shot.

HISTORY – From wikipedia captures the vortex but the links are all in the MSM psyops.

Warmbier arrives home on 6/13/17 (9) and dies 6 days later, 6/19/17 (6)

Warmbier is a member of Theta Chi [OX] (66)

Ξ University of Virginia (1914–Present)


Ξ has a value of 60

Monetary units of the Ethereum cryptocurrency

(5) Warmbier, [Otto Frederick] = (66)

Vortex series = 528 : 417 = 936 which indicates an event that was planned and then a trigger 6  to activate the staged event. Human asset is 6 and event is 3. The 9 manipulates the narrative and event.  Death and mind control can be considered with the Theta property.

UV University of Virginia is a CIA haven. Like other Freemason university fraternity chapters THETA CHI is no stranger to secret orders. The Z Society is one of these.

Theta Chi Xi congruence? OFW = 666

Please note earlier narratives  to the Warmbier event.

UPDATE: UVA Theta Chi Arrested In North Korea Was Allegedly Stealing A Banner From The Hotel To Join Secret Society

Zeta Society

North Korea also alleges Warmbier met last year with a member of Z Society, a secretive philanthropic organization at UVA which is known to paint their symbol “Z” around university grounds. Warmbier was allegedly told he could gain membership to the selective organization if he carried out his “mission.” North Korea alleges that the Z Society has links to the CIA.

A member of the Z Society at UVA told CNN the organization sought to anonymously recognize students who contributed positively to the university. The source said the group had never had any contact with Warmbier and he’d never been approached to be a member.

The source also dismissed suggestions the group had any affiliation with the CIA

Sorry to the Zeta’s but that dog won’t hunt.

Taken from, this image brings to mind that October 13, 2017 is Friday, the thirteenth. but beyond the connections to the CIA are the connections to other significant events. That is how a sacrificial event works. If indeed Warmbier is dead, the CIA Freemasons killed him in in Ohio. I doubt the death is real but either way I call them hoaxes.   I take notice of the Seven Society as a Trump indicator and this article mentions it. So the Z Society may be in the clear but there may be a much larger and more powerful group involved. Let’s look a little further.

While the Hot Feet drew widespread attention with their antics, the Seven Society quietly formed, and to this day remains the most secret of the University’s societies. Neither the exact date nor the circumstances of the Seven Society’s formation has been revealed, but its symbol first appeared in the 1905 edition of the student yearbook, Corks and Curls.

There are other secret societies listed in the article but none more secret than Yale skull and bones class society  and fraternal Phi Kappas, but maybe the Se7en is one we should note. The author notes;

I’m split on this accusation. On one hand, a secret society would certainly love to have their hands on a stolen banner from one of the world’s most isolated nations. Of course they would deny the claims. Putting the spotlight on a secretive organization is the exact opposite of how they’d like to operate. Yet, if we examine this from North Korea’s point-of-view, they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Attempting to drag in a well-known secret society and even a Methodist church could seemingly add credibility to their claim, regardless of its truthfulness.

Yes it might but we are to wonder what the esoteric and ritual kabbalah might be involved. Much like Geronimo and Skull & Bones is there a 322 here?

Otto Warmbier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

A 21-year-old American tourist has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by the North Korean government, the New York Times reports. (3) (6)

Warmbier was paraded in front of the media by the North Korean government on February 29 and “confessed” to the crime. (11)

He said during his statement that he took the North Korean propaganda poster from the staff-only section of the hotel to bring back to the United States as a “trophy” in return for a $10,000 reward. He said if he was detained, $200,000 would be given to his family

A nice chunk of change must be heading to the Warmbiers family. Do you think it’s just a small cache of a greater payoff?

Fred & Cindy Warmbier, Otto Warmbier’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Warmbier, 22 (11), was home in Cincinnati, his parents said after his return to America, but he was in a coma in the hospital. The parents worked with government officials to secure their son’s release since he was sentenced to 15 years (6) of hard labor in a North Korean prison camp after being accused of ripping down a propaganda poster while on a 2016 tour.

Fred Warmbier held a live news conference on June 15 (66). According to CNN, Otto has suffered a severe neurological injury. (11, 6)

It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home. Surrounded by his loving family, Otto died today at 2:20pm. (11)

“Disbelief. Couldn’t sit down,” Fred said in the news conference, describing his reaction when the parents learned Otto was in a coma. “We’ve been brutalized for the last 18 (9) months for misinformation, no information. We are proud of the fact that our family is basically happy, positive people, and we’re going to stay that way.”

In May, Warmbier’s parents went on television to praise Donald Trump and accuse former President Barack Obama’s administration of trying to keep them to remain quiet about their son’s plight. (swampy, you think?)

The Post reported that North Korea told the United States Warmbier was in a coma on June 5, (11)  and that Trump ordered his medical evacuation, which kept quiet until now. “This is a Trump-led effort,” the Post quoted a source as saying.

Fred Warmbier said that Dennis Rodman, who was in North Korea, the same day his son’s release was announced, had nothing to do with it, calling that angle a “diversion.”

MK Rodman

Forbes wrote a profile on Fred Warmbier that called him an entrepreneur.

“Warmbier owns a small business, Finishing Technology, located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The company finishes and anodizes metal parts –and is growing rapidly,” wrote Forbes.

Otto Warmbier graduated from Wyoming High School in Ohio in 2013 as class Salutatorian, reported

In high school, Warmbier was known as an outstanding student and a “great kid,” the newspaper reported, adding that he received a scholarship and was named a student of the year. “He qualified for the dean’s list at the University of Virginia, where he was also an Echols Scholar, an honor awarded to the top 7 percent of incoming first-year students, according to Warmbier’s LinkedIn page. Warmbier also serves as alumni chair for the Theta Chi fraternity at the university,” reported

Otto Warmbier Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

According to NPR, on camera, in a forced confession, Otto “said he stole the propaganda poster on behalf of a member of the Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, who wanted it ‘as a trophy.’ In exchange, he would receive a used car worth $10,000.”

How odd this Jew was going to steal a poster for a used car.  What changed from the initial claim? Let’s add the Christian Church and drop the $200K caveat. Who’s selling this? The used car salepeople parading as Main Stream Media journalists.

Warmbier begged for his release and broke into tears, saying the situation was “the worst mistake of my life,” reported NPR.

Heres what one expert has to say on the crI$I$ actor;

Australian National University professor labels Otto Warmbier ‘a liar’ and ‘a convenient actor’ – June 20, 2017

Dr Leonid Petrov, a Korean Studies researcher at the Australian National University, told he doesn’t buy Warmbier’s story for a second.

“He’s acting, you can see if you watch the videos,” Dr Petrov said. “One video after another show he’s obviously acting.

“(He) plays his theatrical role exclusively for the North Koreans to make them feel proud and powerful. He is a convenient hostage and will be rewarded for that. Welcome to a new form of A year in Korea: Self-imposed field work.”

Dr Petrov said Warmbier is smarter than people realise. The Theta Chi fraternity brother is on the university’s Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement.

“He was in North Korea (twice before), he obviously knew the place. He went to a restricted area, an area a lot of people don’t know exists. He’s not naive, he’s not a victim.”

He said Warmbier knew “more about North Korea than any of America’s previous detainees” and could be trying to find out as much as he can before he’s kicked out of the country.

“He is a victim in the eyes of Americans,” Dr Petrov told

“He’s trying to portray that he’s not a sympathiser but he also wants as much access to the system as possible. A foreigner who knows too much is a threat to the system so he may not stay there long. They may trade him (for a North Korean prisoner in America) but sooner or later they will release him on some conditions.”

If Warmbier is acting, the White House doesn’t know it or won’t acknowledge it. In a statement, White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Thursday called for the immediate release of the prisoner.

Certainly, they know it. It is the perfect “Always Trump” and anti North Korea “swamp creature feature” and we can expect more of the same play coming.  We have little time left and the American Sheeple do not know why Alex Jones and Megan Kelly teamed up to support the Sandy Hook Hoax as a real event.  It was the changing shift to add credibility just like this event will sustain the NWO just like INFOWARS.  As long as people believe this kind of fraud, the hopes for foreign entanglements and domestic unrest continue to shape the coming first amendment and second amendment transition to the Police State. Freedom in exchange for Security, the goal.  Watch Warmbier and remember that Steven Spielberg is a Theta Chi.

I wonder if Otto is on his way back to North Korea to get married and begin his financial career working for the Un.  Because South Korea’s new president is a Jesuit agent, I suspect he may go there as well. Good Luck Otto!


Five Fast Facts You Need to Know About



  1. Great Catch Pat … Hey, at least Dennis Rodman looks as “Fantastic” as ever. What a “Hot Mama” he is. Z Z TOP must’ve had Rodman in mind when they wrote the song … “WELL DRESSED MAN”.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Megyn Kelly & infowars, “BUT” .. IF Jones wanted to prove his point that the Sandy Hook Father’s were Actors (as he Originally proclaimed) … All he had to do was show the clips of the guy who was supposedly one of the fathers of one of the kids as he was joking around “Prior” to going on Air. In that one clip alone the man was smiling and joking around, then out of nowhere he went into “Method Actor” Mode!

    I started noticing a Big Change in Jones when Roger Stone came onto the scene. When did the rest of you notice AJ’s Big Turnaround? He supposedly despises the “Phony” Glenn Beck, Yet, he’s starting to act just like him. All he needs now is the Couch and a few more CIA guys on staff.

    What is this 811 666 Trump 7 thing? I must’ve missed the explanation on that one! Is it too late to buy the AR15 I’ve been saving for? Keep up the Good Work !


    • The best video is of David Wheeler, supposed father of Ben Wheeler playing FBI SWAT on the day of the shooting. Great video by Youtuber Barry Soetoro.

    • AJ got a big payday. He’s a neocon now. He’s the CIA Stratfor Joo-joo-bee “controlled opposition” and that comes with ‘hands off’ contract clauses. Apparently it is Staged Hoaxes, criminal Jews and the Jesuit controlled NWO swamp.

      He’s just another Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and he had to hire Roger Stone, as likely ordered by George Friedman of STRAFOR. I think this guy Owen Shroyer is George Friedman’s watchdog. Much like Kushner is for Trump.

      Read this from the guy who built the Infowars empire. He’s coming out like others. Alex Jones dumped his wife for a jewish yoga instructor who is an alleged call girl.

      Alex Jones’ Former Editor Trashes Him As A Trump Sellout Who Plays “The Race & Religion Card” For Business

      It’s a typical Fake Joo, ADL tactic. He targets Saudi Arabia, and Globalists while never calling out the Jew and Jesuit Zionists factions for what they are. He ought to be an equal opportunity exposer and accept the anti-semitic and anti-Vatican badge with pride.

    Public funeral planned for US student freed from North Korea

    CINCINNATI (AP) — A public funeral service is planned Thursday at a high school attended by a 22-year-old college student who was held for nearly a year and a half in North Korea and died shortly after he was sent home to Ohio in a coma.

    Meanwhile, a spokesman for Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammaraco said the office accepted the case of Otto Warmbier, who died Monday in a Cincinnati hospital. Justin Weber told The Associated Press that a news conference is expected later to provide more information.

    The coroner’s office daily report Tuesday included Warmbier in its listings with cause of death termed “pending.”

    Wambier’s parents did not cite a specific cause of death, but cited “awful, torturous mistreatment” by North Korea. Doctors had described Warmbier’s condition as a state of “unresponsive wakefulness” and said he suffered a “severe neurological injury” of unknown cause.

  3. Spot on Folks. Jay Dyer master of the esoteric Holyrood theater.

    Watch how North Korea, Syria and Iran (Russia/China) controlled opposition are played by the Joo-joo-bee NATO theatrical CIA intelligence. Very funny!

  4. Slick 74 should read Jim Stone’s description of Rodman getting so plastered in NK hotel, as to be found naked in the hallway crapping, pissing, and vomiting all over himself, etc. Sort of at odds with the ZZ-Top characterization.

    I vote for this — a suggestion from Ron Paul:

    Also, we should note J Stone’s posting on Princess Diana’s murderer’s deathbed confession. In this post, it is pointed out by the man that MI6 and the British MSM work “hand-in-glove”…

    We MUST understand that THIS is the situation certainly in the past in the U.S.A.

    What does this require of the countries’ populations against such Guv/MSM propaganda relationships?

    Why, TOTAL unacceptance of almost everything spewed by the two monsters!

  5. Here’s good evidence it is a hoax….MK-Cain speaks

    McCain: North Korea ‘murdered’ American student Otto Warmbier

    • I don’t even have to read the story at the link. That McInsane said “x”… results in the Truth & Reality being approximately 180 degrees in the opposite direction. How do we know that? C’mon!

  6. JUNE 30, 2017



    North Korea is sitting on a stockpile of minerals worth trillions

    This is a prime target for the Trump Swamp and global joo-joo-bees. It will play out just like Afghan Poppies, Saddam’s Oil, Gaddafi’s Gold and the rest of the treasure pirate’s regime changes. Africa is open game now as well.

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