Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 18, 2017

Exorcising Climate as Religion

One of the Genesis 6 goals for Agenda 21.  Destroy all Religion. Not the Satanic Luciferian religion mind you, but transform it into a climate change, carbon based, planned parenthood eugenics worship of death.

From the Psyops MSM and the Project Bluebeam staged productions comes this new narrative and program from the Vatican and their Jesuit assassins. Even the Daily Beast has picked up on it as they have a heavy stake in promoting the manifesto of Global Order and neo-liberal psychotic policy.

(Please start the Exorcist “Tubular Bells” for effect before reading)

This Secret Catholic Exorcist Cult in Brazil Is Making a Deal with the Devil

The Vatican is looking into a group of exorcists who apparently made a pact with Satan on climate change and the death of Pope Francis

João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, 77, Superior General resigns but continues to be “father” of the institute. The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life is investigating for millenarian cults and exorcisms performed by invoking the names of the founders

From the dialogues and testimonies, a certain millenarianism emerges: the Heralds are convinced that thanks to the Virgin of Fatima there is going to be a sort of end of the world which will see Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias triumph. In the dialogue, the priests tell of exorcisms in which the devil announces that the founder will become Pope (“The Pontifical keys are in the hands of the devil but are going to pass into the hands” of Monsignor Scognamiglio) and that Satanic forces fear him more than any other in the world. A devil through an exorcised person would have said, “go ahead and throw holy water at me, but not water that has been touched by of Mgr. João.” The footage documented that the names of Donna Lucilia, Plinio Corrêa and Monsignor João are invoked during exorcisms as extremely powerful. To the point of being almost divinized. As we understand, there is enough matter for a due clarification, although there are those who have immediately sought to present the news of the Vatican inquiry as an act of empire of the Holy See to choke those realities closer to traditionalism.


In this video the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Scognamiglio Clá Dias is talking with about sixty of his priests. The video was shot during a recent papal journey and dates certainly after February 2016. Clá gives father Beccari some sheets of paper containing the transcript of a question-and-answer dialogue between a priest and a devil during an exorcism. The content of this delirious speech receives endorsement from the audience present in the room.


The conversation was stilted, as one might expect with the struggle for the possessed person’s soul, but the gist was that Plinio was randomly “breaking people’s computers so that they can’t go on the internet” and that he is changing the climate and was “therefore the author of the climate change, and the increase of heat. It is Plinio who does everything,” according to the devil as channeled through the exorcist. Then, the devil predicts that a meteorite will crash into the Atlantic ocean. “North America will disappear,” he warns.

The devil then turns to the fate of Pope Francis, which Tornielli was able to transcribe and translate from the somewhat distorted video. “The Vatican? It’s mine, mine!” the devil says to the exorcist, according to Tornielli’s transcript. “The pope does whatever I want, he’s stupid! He obeys me in everything. He is my glory, he is willing to do everything for me. He serves me.”

Then the devil, again as channeled by the exorcist for the Heralds of the Gospel, predicts that the pope will perish, not during a voyage, but at the Vatican. “The pope will die falling,” the exorcist’s transcript says quite clearly.

Entertaining stuff worthy of William Peter Blatty who interestingly passed away this year at age 89. It’s not surprising this would arise during the Jesuit Trump’s term and with death threats coming from Holyrood and Hollywood, it would be far better to stage the death of the Black Pope Bergoglio and then blame climate deniers and Trump type nationalists and Christian identities for such an event.

I recently posted the Fatima 100 year anniversary with the Ariana Grande Manchester Hoax, yet the signs lead to the whole game in progress. This is the consecration of Russia as we see the Russia attacks are winding down and the game is moving into new areas. Trump impeachment or worse. Remember that World Wars start over assasinations.  Watching the embassy move to Jersualem on Trump’s watch and the signs of the Trump 7 and Shemitah Heifers

What I have posted linking Wormwood to Trump would provide a star to fall to earth, as well I have covered the Canary Islands and the El Hiero event . La Palma Cumbre Vieja Scenario.

If the Pope dies from a fall it would be a fall from the Vatican Vault. It was in 2013 I wrote Begin Narration. This came the year I proposed Trump’s Bilderberg visit and vetting for the fake election and when Nazi Pope Benedict was relieved for the Jesuit Assassin Bergoglio. In this article I offer the reality of how Trump and Bergoglio, along with all the other Jesuit state players will climax the event of agenda 21. Obviously I have covered many possible scenarios that will trigger Project Bluebeam. War, False Flag, Tsunami, Economic Collapse and other possible calamities.  And yet I did predict the Japan Tsunami in 2011 but I have no psychic ability. But I have laid out the vortex system and enough predictive programming and correlation to events past and future to give you enough information to believe there will come this year or next, a major game changer.

We do not know what is in the Fatima secret third prophesy but the MSM and Illuminati and Freemasons use the vortex and the Holyrood MSM and entertainment are never short of putting it right in our faces.  This offering is one that I think may play into a coming swarm of events beginning with a financial or climate or cosmic episode., but I would never rule out an assassination, 911 terror or civil societal collapse. What would it take to exorcise one of these out of the deep state? One that offers a Religious Chaos, Climate Change and a World Crisis would work.




  2. It Never Ends, Does It? I just got through responding to an email regarding Russia from my Senator (Pat Toomey – shill).

    My response is as follows:

    Dear Mr. Toomey:

    As our Senator … You took an OATH to Defend the Republic Against “ALL” Enemies “BOTH” Foreign & Domestic ! It appears to me and a vast Majority of other Americans, that you people in D.C. had better get your act together and Stand w Our Elected President! We’ve had Enough of this Russia NONSENSE! Our Biggest Threat lays “WITHIN” our Own Government and “NOT” with Russia!

    Isn’t it about time Loretta Lynch, Comey and the Clinton’s (among many others)

    are brought up on “Corruption” charges? What about bringing in a Special Prosecutor for “THEM? IF that isn’t done and “SOON”, many “Seats” Will Be Lost. And Much Worse will occur!

    You fellows down there need to put an “END” to ALL of this “HATE SPEECH” against the President! Freedom of Speech ends when it is Violent and Incendiary in nature. STOP it ALL NOW, we Are Sick of it! Have you ever heard of a “Crime” called Terroristic Threats “OR” Inciting Violence? IF you check, I’m Sure you Will find them in “ANY” Law Book!

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