Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 9, 2017

Who really killed Tiffany Jenks and why?

Here is one that won’t go away. It was on my list almost two years ago but I got sidetracked. I was interested in this when I found out where she worked. After watching these videos you have to suspect more to the story. It was after the Bonneville Power story I decided it was worth considering. After we lived through the Oregon Standoff which I claimed was a psyop and the Bundy ordeal which I thought was staged, we again see these events come and go and it is ever harder to track the enormous funded psyops that control the masses by deflecting the real agenda and possible links to a grander false flag.

Washington, Oregon and Northern California are hotbeds for the Bohemian Grove crazies and Fritz Springmier is a living testament to the harassment considering the railroading that sent him to jail. After the Oroville Dam event, I began to scour the web and bingo, Tiffany Jenks appeared again. So let’s revisit this event and consider the most recent information which includes the tape recording by the “Targeted” Jenks. Obviously a perfect candidate considering her “Meds” and history one would argue a candidate for a “suicided” victim, but not a random murder. How this played out certainly seems like a “FEDERAL” conspiracy which not only includes “insider trading” but a greater connection to a false flag event that could paralyze the notheast as we have been recently entrained with the Oroville Dam saga.

The MK-Ultra program is only one part of what may be a sacrificial slaying, a possible “fence mending” for a possible major fraud case and a scenario that greatly matches the film I have posted here and referred to often, namely TELEFON. This is the Charles Bronson movie that had my conspiracy antennae up during the first cold war. The movie was a real eye opener when you consider the current Soviet and West flip. To consider the 180 degree shift, you can begin to see how and why I predicted this shift after the fall of the Soviet Union. Once you piece it together with the universal socialist shift of the free world and add the refugee watering down, the New World Order is much clearer. The pillars of the scheme is to destroy the nations, sovereignty, inheritance, family, patriotism and religion. So the UN ICLEI will also end private property, ergo Bundy Ranch.

This predictive programming has been going on since TV began. Years of Mickey Mouse mind control through the New Disney psyop films of today. As Walt Disney, master mason and pedophile rings have shown us, pizza is abundant and traveling the streets of neighborhoods across America. How we choose to see the world at this point is a choice. Based upon the “fake” news, if you believe in it then you must believe the goal is to fake the real news as well. Or at least cover it up. I can psyche myself up to a point where I can imagine mind controlled victims at the helms (Jade) of the green projects. These include dams, power plants, bridges, nuclear installations and more. If you have not ever seen Telefon, it’s worth a look. Even Donald Pleasence as the Russian Handler for the sleeping triggers in the USA was a good choice considering his casting as Ernst Blofeld (SPECTRE) in the 007 psyops series.

I have added some links to round out the conspiracy with the official story. Of course the official story always has gaping holes. Just like Blackburn Lancashire, the Tavistockians filled holes with targeted individuals. Regardless of the phony stories regarding the holes, you can take my version to the bank. It’s mind controlled individuals. As we celebrate the fifty year anniversary of Sgt. Peppers mind control, I wonder this day, when the heads of the EPA, BLM, FDA and other agenda 21 orgs go the seminars at nice hotels and venues, do alcohol and drugs and mind control handlers arrive as well to pick the victims for their nefarious endeavors? Was Tiffany one such individual? Smart girl, a girl in trouble, a hydrologist who ran 21 dams for the Bonneville Power Administration,  I am not surprised that this is an affiliate of the DoE Department of Energy, a well known human experimentation entity within the USA Incorporation of Criminals and the idea of insider trading of power  and the manipulation of water flows could certainly be a money factor. The real 800 pound gorilla is the possibility of a false flag and enormous NWO event. You can decide for yourselves if her job made her a candidate for Manchuria or Russia or the NWO agenda 21. She dies at 35 during Obama who is the 8. While Trump the 7 wildcard prepares us for what is coming, this location would be a perfect place to start.  Terror can never be quite as exciting as a major power grid failure or dam flood at the “River of Power”

Illuminati kill Tiffany Jenks, Monarch slave running 21 Bonneville dams False Flag

Her life was possessed!

Tiffany Jenks murder case: ‘Her life was stolen’

Illuminati assassinated Tiffany Jenks, Monarch mind control slave running 21 Bonneville Power Authority dams for False Flag: Native American John S. Captain

Here’s a story full of holes

Scenes from a murder: The killing of Tiffany Jenks




  1. Uh huh, and lands a sweet job in Colorado

    Bill Drummond resigns from BPA, accepts new post with Mid-West Electric Consumers Association

    Drummond became administrator of BPA in February 2013. Six months later, on July 15, he and BPA’s chief operating officer, Anita Decker, were put on administrative leave. This happened on the eve of a preliminary report from the Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General that found widespread violations of federal hiring practices at Bonneville. The allegations in the report included discrimination against veterans and possible retaliation against whistle blowers.


    You don’t want wise Veterans in your corrupt organization, do you?

  2. Report: Department of Energy Discriminated Against Veterans –
    Oct 8, 2013 – Whistleblowers faced retaliation

    This was posted on the day Tiffany Jenks died.

    Bonneville Power Administration wasted millions on useless hiring

    The Bonneville Power Administration wasted at least $5.2 million on a software … after a complaint to the Inspector General’s hotline alleging fraud, waste and abuse in the acquisition of the hiring system and BPA’s procurement operation in general. … wasted millions on useless hiring software, audit says.


    The corruption goes all the way back to ENRON and Microsoft

  3. Trump proposes selling Northwest’s transmission grid

    Buried among the revenue-generating ideas in President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal is a plan to sell off publicly owned transmission assets, including those operated by the Bonneville Power Administration.

  4. Another hole to fill

    BPA connected to Hanford Nuclear where the tunnel collapse leaked radiation.

    Evacuation: Emergency Declared at Hanford After Tunnel Collapses


    3. Does BPA sell power from other sources?

    Yes. BPA has the responsibility to market power from a nuclear power plant at Hanford, Washington, owned by Energy Northwest (formerly the Washington Public Power Supply System). BPA also has signed contracts to market power from several wind power plants and other renewable sources. But these are relatively small parts of BPA’s portfolio. About 85% of BPA’s electricity comes from the network of federal dams in the Columbia River basin. For an interactive map of all power plants in the Pacific Northwest,
    click here.

  5. More from John Captain you tube site

  6. Necrophilia?

  7. Boss! Maestro! it is I dawnatilla! I saw the headline in my gmail about this article and wouldnt u know it I had just run into this here article.”Tiffany Jenks was my girlfriend and a Monarch Slave running the DAMS on the River here in Oregon.I do not want them to get away with this murder, Tiffany Jenks did not die how Police claim, its all a cover up., the fact is she left my home telling me “They wanted to kill her” and in one recording she called me crying for help, that sad recording came in less then 24 hours before she died! yet Police lied to the Public and to date they are not getting caught… but the key to why this is so important a robot running the Dams….. that new world order fact is not a conspiracy it was real….. now she might not even be dead im told….. and her family did driver her dead 5 hours to home….. and her mother emailed me a dead photo…. kinda strange… Tiffany Jenks deserves Justice and the lies told in her case by her so called Family and Friends is sad… they lied to the public and to her… Tiffany was shot in the head and the girl whos gun, whos car, who did not hear the gun…. is out of jail… and just a $200. fine…. Tiffany please help tell trump to help… i got proof shes monarch from her therapist..”

    love u guys..miss u guys. actually, just you P.D. me and Deb talk on fb. heehee

    • Dang, Dawnatilla. Just PD and J-girl?

      Jim Stone points out the obvious lately about the commin core brain drain affecting the U.S. infrastructure, and pointing out the insanity and feminism of Euro males, etc., and society in general.

      • Just read the communist manifesto and PoTLEoZ zionist texts and it lays it out pretty well. The gradual decay is structured as such to prevent the people from rebelling en masse. Instead, the assault is working in such a manner as to weaken the will each day. The longer we wait to strike, the lower the chances that men will get off the couch.

    • Hi DT! Glad you are still kicking up dust. You never looked better (lol)
      Don’t forget our Boomerang. We get the traffic but not the commenters. I am glad you and Jerseygirl are communicating.

      I agree with you. The only possibility other than a satanic ritual killing is a possible faked death and she has been sequestered to parts unknown.

      Take into account the three perps. Maybe the fact they heard no gunshot was due to the fact that the perps were setup. She was killed with a gun with the suppressor (silencer) by CIA-FBI hitman and the perps were just as mind controlled as she was. It’s not hard to find witches and dark religious folks in that part of the Bohemian Grove territory let alone anywhere in the US.

      But the fact that this historically troubled woman was running 21 of the 31 hydro dams is stunning. Ask yourself how many foreign mind controlled refugees and SB1 visa triggers are in this country at this time. Imagine a telephone boiler room and a few hundred calls going out…..

      TAP, TAP, TAP, ….The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep……click.

      John S. Captain is pretty convincing and he makes no bones how new he was to MK-Ultra and readily admits to attention deficit and poor writing skills which you can see in his videos. He is a bit scattered but appears sincere. Being native American also weighs in his favor for me.

      I think it’s the handlers/therapists who are perpetrating the “alien abduction” disclosure scams as well. Big Pharma -CIA is way ahead of us on the Monarck Programming but with hypnosis and trauma programming it is a real soup. Her fathers death (freemason) gives me the clue to the history of her targeting. We know the higher realms of the NY Scottish rites and oaths may include the ultimate sacrifices of their own children. I use Treyvon Martin as one example.

      The fact that Bonneville Power is part of the DoE is the icing on the cake. A very beautiful piece of Chocolate Cake!

      Stay well and don’t be such a stranger. And as always be careful and Boomer and I love and miss you and Deb too. – PD

  8. There is a real conspiracy to adulterate our water. The Columbia River is one that will effect millions. What the alchemists and Pharma assassins are doing is to set in place a scenario in which water fear will promote vaccines and the redistribution of wealth while introducing the halogens, methanes and other toxins with the human toxic fertility compounds. The huge diabetes increase are playing havoc with Ketones levels and fertility reproductive issues are off the charts. Introduction of synthetic proteins and damaging cell processes are both mind and body damaging.

    When you understand the DoE Dept of Energy and the connection with FDA, EPA and BLM, you see the synergy of the NWO from the human control and population control apparatus.

    Bonneville is a great cover for the experimentation and the fact they operate nuclear facilities just adds another dangerous caveat to the mix.


  9. Watch the “Water War” in Turkey –

    Watch SURA Russian NATO assault in Turkey

    6M – 10km Shallow Strong assault.

    What agreement Russia Turkey made to resolve matters is not a done deal. But the money is the driver. No one cares about the Syrian people.

  10. Hello, i found this thread while looking for other Tiffany Jenks topics. And found the need to respond.,.

    While it is true im not able to write well i can explain things much better in person… as you might imagine its not an easy topic for a person that before her death not once heard of the Illuminati or the NWO…. or believed it was real i should say…

    Then keep in mind Tiffany died Oct 8th 2013 and from that point all the way until Aug of 2014 i had zero clue why everyone was telling me lie after lie about her case… on that day i met Clyde Lewis…

    I played for him recordings i had of Tiffany talking to her therapist Johnathan in Portland… in those recordings i felt they were huge and important . You can listen now for yourself at Tiffany spoke of things outside my understanding. Dark Angles… Vampires and Mind Contol

    Its key that people understand all the way from Oct 8th to Aug 2014 i had all the facts… but no one would listen… not the Police, not the Media… and not her own Family..

    I was confused.. but i knew in my heart something was really really wrong here.. Police and her family kept telling me “Oh John we got this dont worry wait until the Court:” and as that came and went i began to go public..

    I was then given a restraining Order… by her family and Blocked in Courts from getting records i reqested..

    Then in 2015 i won in Court of apeals.. and left America..

    I stand by my facts.. and thank you all for talking about Tiffany Jenks

    The only thing i read that was not correct is the gun issue.. it did not have a silencer on it.. and Michelle Worden Brosey and Joshua Robbinett just claimed they did not hear the gun…

    Lastly in terms of my mess of facts… it is a mess for 3 reasons…

    1. Its not my job… and no one is really helping.. (Government)

    2. I have learned more then anyone can understand in just 36 months.. so things can only be understood when someone i show my facts to says to me “John Follow the yellow brick road is programming” so that intel changes from when i began until now… many many times..

    3. yes i have ADHD, Dyslexia and im a high school drop out.. but i think in the end it helped me to stay alive… and helped me to do exactly what they did not think i would do… CARE…

    Tiffany Jenks father ran the Los Alamos as lead scientist for nuclear.. so that connection is huge..

    Many times Tiffany told me crying. “John they are going to take me away and i will never see you again” i had no clue what she was talking about..

    This story needs to be investigated and im working on that issue each day.. i can be reached on FB so please like my page.. and at Tiffany Jenks murder (on FB) and at

    Again thank you..


    • Thinks for the comment John. We have seen your videos and we are in your court in this. Sorry for your loss and we have covered many like Tiffany here at this site. Some of us are targeted individuals and some of us have experience with gang-stalking, monarch and em harassment.

      Keep us posted on developments if you are able.

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