Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 28, 2017

Monsanto, the “Poison Expert” has been put in charge of American’s food production…

If you did not Know, now you will.  It should be Obvious to Americans and other populations that a CONSPIRACY does indeed exist for Slow Kill of useless eaters (term is generally attributed to Dr. Henry Kissinger).

Why would we believe a conspiracy exists at the highest levels?

  1.  We look UP, and see Chemtrails being sprayed almost daily world-wide, and especially over the U.S. and off our coasts to be blown.
  2. We look around us, and note Big Pharma with their grotesque Cancer-fighting “techniques”, and their ultra-dangerous Vaccine “programs”, and their Prescription drug “remedies”.
  3. We shop at grocery stores and note the hideous display of non-food chemically laden packaged “foods” and beverages.  GMO is “Banned” in Russia, why not the U.S.?  Why the fight over GMO labeling in the U.S.?  Shouldn’t people know what’s in their food?  Not according to the U.S. PTB.
  4. We note that America “Fluoridates” its citizens water supplies.  We don’t know what else they put in our water.  We note that our “government” allowed a massive operation spraying “Corexit” over the Gulf of Mexico after the False Flag oil gusher there.  Corexit is “Banned” in and around Europe.  Why would U.S. authorities allow this poisoning of already poisoned waters — with a Banned chemical.
  5. Etc., etc…

So many egregious and opposite-of-common sense activities obviously sanctioned by TPTB.

Enjoy your Count Chocula this morning.


  1. In this regard, I was not expecting anything good out of Mr. Trump. On the other hand, I felt it worthwhile to protest the monstrosity presented to us as the only proper choice. Mrs. Clinton never even made a secret of her support for Monsanto. Either way we were screwed.

  2. Like putting the Federal Reserve in charge on the money supply, the objective is to create fiat.

    Money Food War Religion Science Medicine and News. The Rackets make clear the objective is death and taxes. Time to “jump” The reality is in our face. The War is on population. Every segment is attacking and each in it’s own right a killer. This war of attrition. The TPP by any other name is still a weapon. Like the Big Pharma bill that prevents law suits in vaccines, the objective of the battles are pretty well defined. Preventing PROFIT attenuation while reducing liability in asset acquisition. – zebranomics 101

    I like this guy and video, much like James Corbett’s quick and concise delivery. It’s a keeper and one to go viral. Time to start the Victory Garden as war in on the horizon.

    MAY – OCTOBER – Nobody would have scheduled that trip to the axis of evil but Trump. His ego is a universe in itself. He made connection with the Joo-Joos, Jesuits, Wahabites, NATO and the Black Nobles and Rome Club. What an optic and media circus. You should watch body language.

    Funeral Service

    Expect More Syria deaths, higher Refugee Illegals and a Paris 180 for Drumpf

    Watch and you can tell the Jesuits from the Jews in this.

  3. This one is a riot! Watch the Manchester Hoax and the Bushisms at play here. Actors and Jesters. Trump LOSERS… so obvious

    I figured the play on words from TRUMP 777 CASINO and how we are being told the GLADIO staged “war on terror” will eventually lose when and “only when” the NWO global regime change and submission is universal. The Master Jesuit plan. ISLAM SHARIA based concession in a world order finale. Referencing 911 is the Trump wildcard for 711. When this clown Trump flashes the 666 hand signal…

    …we know the left wing Jesuits will call it the white supremacist racist sign. But COTO knows the casino is full of players, shills and pit bosses. All the gamesmanship obvious when watching the Masonic hand shaking and gestures.

    This is the best theatre in the universe and Hollywood is dead. Holyrood is giving us the best performances and nobels and pulitzers are better than oscars. When you hear LOSERS, just remember he is talking about you. The Art of War and the Deal have merged into one big sack of crap. But it’s very entertaining. Watch the farewell folks because it is coming to a theatre near you soon.

  4. Holy Cross College of Digos – Ateneo de Davao University – Society of Jesus

    Duterte is another interesting trained Jesuit Coadjutor for the Vatican. As an equal to Trump, the Putin China and Xi Russia game is open for all players. South Korea and Phillipines will likely be the triggers in the East while West plots the Middle East Asia coordinates with Polish Turks and Ukraine.

    After Trumps AXIS of TRIAD superpower trip, the final alignments seem to coming together for the showdown. Pakistan and India will play their own and AFRICA for the winner take all.

    The two strategic spots seems to link the China Sea and the Black Sea. One can look to Rothschild Central Bank placement and the Russia China shift to retach from it’s grip. Like Venezuela, the door is open for huge profits after the cabal staged collapse is done. Sudan, North Korea and Syria/Iran can follow.

    Here is the Bullshit Scripted Call from the Drumpf to the Duterte. Jesuit Brothers and Masonic Infidels. You can browse quickly and see this load of dung for the Mushroom public.

    Not up to the standard of psy-op that we get.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.6
    Date-Time 29 May 2017 14:35:21 UTC
    29 May 2017 22:35:21 near epicenter
    29 May 2017 08:35:21 standard time in your timezone

    Location 1.265S 120.478E
    Depth 9 km

    Huge HAARPING here. Powerful and shallow. Under 6 miles
    Antipode: Brazil.

  6. Rough Night in MK-Ultraland

    Police: Tiger Woods Arrested in Florida for DUI

  7. I wondered how “They” avoid breathing the same air. Their food & water is specially delivered to them “PURE” of all the toxins we have to buy.

    Perhaps the reason the “AIR” doesn’t affect them is due to the fact that “They” have all been genetically modified into “Lizard” people. Has anyone caught their 2 eyelids and flickering tongues lately. They usually come back that way after a long absence from the public eye. Just take a look at John Kerry for one example .. he can’t keep his tongue in his head for more than a few seconds. They are all nothing but Evil Treasonous Freaks of Nature.

    Does “Anyone” think “ANY” of them will Ever see Prison Life up close and personal? I think Not .. “They Are Too Big to Jail”. They sicken me and everything that our God stands for.


  8. WAR IS A RACKET! – The real refugee (women/children) get sunk and drowned. Meanwhile the GLADIO (Men) fighters come over on a pay to stay plan….Soros and the “Jesuit Vatican Plan” Destroy Christianity.

    Get ready!


    Congratulations To Venezuela – Goldman Sachs Bails Out The Country By Buying Bonds

    How Zebranomics and the “TRIAD” work….That’s why the hegelian dialectic operates with the two party Joo-Joo’s. A Rothschild dream of Tel-Aviv and Vatican.

    Listen to the sucking sound….swooooooooooooooooooooop!

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