Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 25, 2017

“ECO-TERRORISM”: Geo-Engineered Weather Wars, Weather “Creation”– Getting Up-to-Date on the Technology





    Everything on the WEB is a SYNERGY of the SINGULARITY for a NEW WORLD ORDER

    I love the rainmakers clip. NASA is the single most dangerous entity. The largest money theft blackhole in history. The Bernie Madoff x 1,000,000

    When I say NASA, it is the N Team NASA, NAVY, NOAA(NOAH) , NIST, NSA and newly developing NISTAR and NESDIS which are all cons and fake data extractions.

    WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE*******************

    Why do you think the NOAA-NASA team is under the DoC? Why is the human chattel under the DoE and why is the information under DoD and enforced by the NSA.

    Amercoa, Your fate will be dictated by your ignorance. COMMERCE=THE MARK


    Arctic and Antarctic – Electro-Magnetic manipulation. Chemtrails are the conductors, Scalar heaters are the energy
    Verb: an action taken to counteract a danger or threat.
    CHAFF – Chemical Human Assault False Flag

    note: I do not dispute other uses of chemtrails for nano-techno human chipping and toxic waste dispersion dumping.

  2. BTW I agree with Dane. WSAC is nonsense. HAARP and Chemtrails are not.

    Cooling towers can be used in power and recapture. Incinerator plants are key to using this technology and renewables. Don’t buy into this. I have seen and discussed this with an expert I trust through the brilliant Miami Surfers. I actually have a study for the Garbage problem. Fuel Burning CO2 Friendly and H2 power and Oxy emission.

    Beyond this

  3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught on tape earlier this week threatening the D.C. Capitol Police chief with “consequences” if his department did not return equipment that was part of an ongoing investigation into Pakistani staffer, Imran Awan.


    A new technique for controlling light with electric fields could make you disappear, or plunge you into a virtual world with no need for goggles.

    Controlling light with electric fields could create invisibility cloaks

  5. I really think this is a Trump ARAB NATO backed false flag. Whether the Coptic Christian deaths were staged or the GLADIO team set up Lobya is uncertain but I know the CIA and deep state are ready to move into Libya big time as part of AFRICOM.

    Egypt Christian attack a false flag? Egypt bombs Libya –

  6. NYC Mayor De Blasio Staffer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

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