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Ariana Grande and Apparitions of the NWO



ANOTHER HOMEGROWN TERRORIST British-born bomber Salman Abedi, 22, was a Manchester United supporting son of Libyan refugees as cops search his home.

Cops revealed the identity of the lone wolf attacker, of Libyan descent, after raiding his house in Fallowfield today

ANOTHER HOMEGROWN TERRORIST British-born bomber Salman Abedi, 22, was a Manchester United supporting son of Libyan refugees as cops search his home.

Cops revealed the identity of the lone wolf attacker, of Libyan descent, after raiding his house in Fallowfield today

your 322 fatima I$I$ lone wolf completely staged event.


THE British-born suicide bomber who killed 22 innocent victims and maimed 120 others in a sickening terror attack at Manchester Arena was a Man U fan and the son of Libyan refugees.

Salman Abedi, 22, who was born in Manchester, was behind the deadly nail bomb massacre at the Ariana Grande concert that ISIS has now claimed responsibility for.

Cops revealed the identity of the attacker after raiding his house in Fallowfield today where a forensic officer was seen holding a “know your chemicals” booklet.

Dramatic footage shows the moment cops raided the suicide bomber’s home in the Fallowfield area of Manchester

When I$I$ takes responsibilty you should know the Smith-Mundt CIA crisis team is at work. The MI6 Tavistock Group and Jesuit Freemasons are at work. The Libyan and Brexit connections are obvious and the FATIMA 100 year anniversary. Perfect timing.


The Ariana Grande backdrop so suited for the Jesuit Joo-Joo Kabbalistic Rhythm of the Trumpster – May and Brexit cycle. There is tonnes of Numerology here and it will go in the comments sectio. As an Italian by descent, this is a perfect link to the Jesuit forces coming hard into play for this cycle.  Trumps visit to the to the Vatican is preceded by this Ritual Event.


As Trump lands in Rome, can all roads lead to peace with Pope Francis?

One man wakes up before dawn each day for hours of prayer and meditation, eschews television and vacations, and has decried the morally bankrupting temptations of wealth, vanity and pride.

The other begins each morning feasting on morning cable news shows, has played golf more than 21 times and visited his luxury Florida resort seven times since becoming the US president, and delights in publicly eviscerating his enemies.

The personal, political, intellectual, and spiritual differences between Donald Trump and Pope Francis are vast.

Oh, what an apparition. The Holy See in full view. The SPECTRE’s of NWO give us the optics and the narrative of real news, only to give the obvious clues of the false flag reality of an ever increasing dumbed down audience.  It is clear to me what will be discussed during this meeting. The actors, the protagonist and antagonists roles played by the virtual reality shape shifting landscapes are merely the Sun Worshipping axis of evil getting prepared for the main event. I have no doubt somewhere along this trip several innocents were likely throat cut, but they cannot show up those, so instead we get the fabricated fake crisis nonsense as a marker of the time.

Take solace in the fact that nobody died in Manchester but do take note of the hour.


As we approach the Global Crisis D-Day, the deliverance into the new world order by deception, please note the optics and narratives that the Gatekeepers and Guardians offer.

The pair had a rocky start to their relationship. Francis is a diplomat at heart, but when he was asked about a plan by then-candidate Trump to build a wall between the US and Mexico, Francis said that a person who “thinks only about building walls … is not Christian”. In turn, Trump called the remark “disgraceful” and said no man had the right to question another man’s faith.

That “PAIR” can handle all the details just fine as they are of one mind and faith. Just as coto is of one mind we can take see the Blue Apples and the Fatima as the ongoing fruits of the NWO.


The real meat is here for those interested in the real time.

Fatima, the Templars and the coming apparition:  Let’s stay on track for 2017 and September and look to Friday the 13th 2017 as a trigger date. Friday the 13th (October, 2017) and remember the financial and fates of Christians on those dates of importance. The American Spring turns to the Fall of American exceptionaism. We could not script it any better.  Trump trumps all. The Wild Card is revealed. This year gets real exciting real fas and next year 2018 is off the charts (711) the maximum for 811 cycle

You can set your watches to the Googleplex, the historical time and frequencies from the Fake Stream Media but the best clues come from the Prestige and Watchers who can decode these events and timeline the present situations. Though now it’s more difficult due to DDOS attacks, psyops and other chaos based deflection and diversions. NASA, Israel and the Vatican should always be on your radar.  Trumps trip is packed with ritual and he’s not royalty right? Wrong.  All roads lead to Black Nobility and the Merovingian’s.


  1. Move Over Infowars – CNN Analyst Says Manchester Attack Could Be “Right Wing False Flag”

    Your halfway there.

  2. ISLAMIC STATE or IS is 19. ISIS is 1919. is 811 in the Vortex it is +258 to -147

    • That Gematria and the dude were very interesting!

  3. #322 22nd day – age 22 – 22 dead 3X22

    SPECTRE: 007 Roger Moore dead at 89


    TEMPLARS 710 = 8

    Friday the 13th October 13 1307 – October 13 2017 = 710

  4. Part II

  5. Once again others and myself see the economic collapse as the first event. I would truly prepare for the October surprise and watch the coming events for the same decoding.

  6. Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

    What else happened in the 30’s? 1933, 1939…..


  8. After exactly 27 Hours in Israel Trump arrives at Rome.

    Trump Has Inadvertently Given Corsica to Italy – and Italians Are Loving It
    read more:

    He is giving to the Black Pope as his present? Nice considering the Joo-joo-bees gave him Ariana Grande, the big surprise.


    • Every U.S. President for 20 years has done this same obeisance to Israel. There’s photos of everyone of them.

  9. May to deploy armed forces after Manchester attack

    C’mon Donald you are running in second place to a woman

  10. In Manchester, a Loud Bang, Silence, Then Screaming and Blood – NYTIMES

    Maybe in some Manchester Maternity Ward,

  11. Fake News from NASA-RT
    Astronauts carry out emergency spacewalk to fix International Space Station
    Astronauts have successfully completed an emergency spacewalk to carry out repairs on the International Space Station Tuesday

    Nice graphic Hollywood!


    Freemason, Jesuit convert, Joo by birth neo-con
    Branstad resigns governorship, takes office as U.S. Ambassador to China

    Branstad resigns governorship, takes office as U.S. Ambassador to China

    Watch how this effects the coming buy-sell-trade 666 and China’s currency manipulation and trade dumping, slave labor deals.I bet he gets 33 rd degree before he is done.

  13. Just take away all the FREE stuff they’re being given and I think a vast majority of them will leave. The Men of Military Age should ALL just be turned around and sent straight back.

    Have you heard of a man named Tommy Robinson ? This man brings tears to my eyes. He’s a Brit who loves his country, women and children and he is so frustrated by the “Powers That Be”. Although he is in Extreme Danger every day of his life, he Fights and questions “Where Are All The Men” and WHY won’t they Stop this Insanity? I ask the same of my country. For as most of you probably know, “WHEN” things like Manchester comes to our shores, sooner or later there will be the sounds of Gun Fire from Our Men. The frustrating thing about that is that will only signal in Martial Law ! I have one hope for a “PAUSE” to this Madness and that is for “TRUMP” or anybody for that matter to deal with George Soros and the Treasonous Rat that he IS !


  14. An informative Geo-Engineering video:

  15. Strange: Angry mother shockingly reveals that her dead daughter’s photo is being used in Manchester attack

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