Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 21, 2017

The Good Shepherd

I watched this last year but never got to complete the post I was going to write on 911, the 811 vortex and Freemasons-Jesuit Mind Controllers from Tavistock. It was one of several quick studies in the Vortex numerology and psychological operations associated with project bluebeam which will be advanced in the coming 611 cycle. As we now getting acquainted with Trump 711, a reminder of the eleven in the scheme where 11 is the fool or as we may know the flock, the sheeple, the lambs, the manipulated masses under the total spectrum of the electromagnetic visual audio network [EVAN] of the committee and council of nine.  Once you develop a strategic correlation of religious, political, social and financial goals by the Masonic Order, the ‘all’ of history becomes a complete FAB FOUR., but in fact it’s always the 3 and 6 ruled by 9 and anything over that is unreal excluding the financial slavers use of the base 10 system of tax.  For those of us Boomers who were born in the contrarian time of the counter-intelligence culture psy-op, we were unwitting mind-controlled of a Tavistock MI6 CIA program that until 1976 was just conspiracy. After the Church Committee hearings and numerous deaths of key members like the twin Johns, Heinz and Tower, KAL007 and Dr. Larry McDonald, the need to move these programs really went way underground and into private corporations.  What the Laurel Canyon ops and other later revelations bring to the forefront are more and more obvious as time marches forward. Unfortunately so is the lack of real information as the books and transcripts disappear and the Googleplex and Cloud obscure truth in an ever growing INGSOC system. How long we have any information other than the official story is only a matter of time. How long we are able to critically decode what is and what is not is not much further away if things go as planned.  Too much and too little time.

FOLLOW VORTEX MATH. 147-258-369 and look for 911-811 references and the continuum of the 1966 to 2001 (8) to  date use of the Freemasonic numerology. You can find it after this great video if you delve into Laurel Canyon Weird Scenes and look at the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison.

After the death (murder by cancer) of Dave McGowan in 2015 and other (hole fillings) from the music and entertainment industries of Illuminati alchemy and financial indices connected, the historical path is littered with bodies and conspiracies.

Now you know how many holes it takes to fill the Royal  Hall.

We are somewhere between 4000 and 5000.



  1. Katy Perry – Bon Appetit? Gee how obvious! What else would she sing after the Pizzagate psy-op

  2. *..3-6-9-6-3..* BITS and QuBITS – filling the holes

    Tavistock – The Nudge Team
    Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

    Where will it go? Bluebeam is real.

  3. Puddy … You are Truly one of the Brilliant Minds of our time. They parade Steven Hawkins around in a wheelchair as If he is Alive, but to me he appears to be a corpse pumped full of formaldehyde with piped in audio to represent his so-called voice. I have always thought that my senator John Heinz was murdered to make way for something. John Kerry? I think not because Kerry is Not that bright. All I know is that All Is Not As it Appears! You continue with the complex theories and numerology and I who am not so bright will continue to remain ever vigilant!


    • Thanks CC but way too generous. I can hear my brain cells dying these days.

      If you wonder about the Twin Johns Heinz and Tower you are on the track of the CIA and the real reason JFK and RFK were assassinated. You will also find the details of the MK-Ultra and massive funding of the deep state via drug trafficking. When the CT’s talk about the FED RESERVE, BANKSTERS and all the other agencies that wanted Kennedy’s to die you have a long trail of others that came after them. When you look at the group as a whole and look for the common denominators, the glaring one is CIA and assassinations. Post hearings (CHURCH) it becomes clearer that even McCartney may have been a hole fixing after JFK. Much of the operations during Mockingbird were geared to take over the media and silence the men who had knowledge that were outside the ‘brotherhood’ but it always goes and leads to the Vatican-Tel Aviv – DC axis. In this case one could look at John Kerry and widow and pull the Skull and Bones-Bush Clinton-crime syndicate which has been in the skin of the game for 60 years.

      [According to researcher Rodney Stich in Defrauding America, when George Bush Sr. and CIA Director William Casey engineered the October Surprise to bribe Iranian officials into retaining US hostages until after the 1980 elections, two of the passengers on Bush’s BAC 111 flight to Paris were Senator John Heinz, along with Senator John Tower from Texas.

      Even more intriguing is the fact that John Heinz chaired a three-man presidential review board that probed the Iran-Contra affair and had in his possession all the damning documents from that sordid affair, while John Tower led the infamous Tower Commission that investigated a variety of different CIA criminal activities and dirty dealings. Coincidentally, both John Heinz and John Tower died in plane wrecks on successive days in 1991 – Tower in Georgia, and Heinz in Montgomery County, Pa. Once again I must ask: what are the odds of such an occurrence, especially when both men had close ties to George Bush Sr., who was a former CIA director in the mid-1970s? Did both of these men uncover information that they refused to keep silent about any longer?]

      Then we may connect JFK Jr. who’s magazine “GEORGE” was a clue to his fathers death and his sure election to Senate in New York was shoe in until the Clinton Crime syndicate picked up where Daddy Bush left off. Yeah the Clinton DEMS who adored JFK right? What a joke. The trail always leads to CIA, Vatican Assassins. And you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to piece it all together. I just always wonder about Paul McCartney and JFK. The British Intelligence controls the CIA and Mossad.
      It always has. The SIS is Mother to all the black ops.

      Today you heard Theresa May talk about Trump leaks (intel) You just have to laugh at this shit. Real British deep state makes SPECTRE a joke. When the Jesuits planned “CHAOS” they used the CIA and Mossad and German, French services crazy. Obama used British Intelligence for Trump surveillance? Ha ha! Obama is surveilled by British. Merkel and the rest too. These actors and puppets are a trigger away from a bullet should they go rogue or screw up “bigly.”

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