Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 21, 2017

Its Vacation (payoff) time for the Obamas in Tuscany. Do you have your family’s vacations funded and planned for in 2017?

{Your Sunday Daily Reflection —}

Come!  Enjoy vicariously the exceedingly expensive and opulent “Vacation” the ex-criminals are enjoying at your expense (for years to come).  Pictures & descriptions of the criminally rich & infamous will astound you — as you argue with your spouse about whether or not you should rent the $85/night room or the $95 with a free continental breakfast.  1 night or 2?  Should you fly or drive?  Check your “savings”!  Then — its back to work for YOU.

Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany

  • Barack and Michelle Obama flew into a Tuscany military base on Friday, escorted by six fighter jets
  • They were escorted in a 13-car motorcade to Borgo Finocchieto, a refurbished 14th century village
  • The five-building, six-acre space is owned by Obama’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips
  • It features 22 bedrooms, multiple saunas and Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, a gym and a basketball court
  • It’s also surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that can be explored by car, helicopter or even hot air balloon
  • The Obamas, who have been on multiple vacations since leaving the White House, will reportedly visit Florence and Siena during their vacation
obamas bird
Obama Greeting Trump
Obama Flipping Trump Off
Feel the LOVE!

Note:  Not that the couple are likely to have paid, as it’s owned by the ex-president’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips (As appointed by Obama).



  1. Wow! He’s a perfect Jesuit gatekeeper. A trained spy. A perfect PROMIS freemason and cabal inductee. I wonder how deep his Felippi lineage takes him into the black nobility.

    22 Rooms huh? I’d look to see how many bathrooms there are. The American Academy of Rome and Aspen Institute references the Club of Rome. It’s likely Heinz NAZI Kissinger laid his fat swaety head on a few of those pillows.

    As we know there are NO RENTALS in Tuscany (Seinfeld)



  2. Congrats! You’re the first and only poster on this thread. I’m thinking folks don’t care about this subject, or it offends them. Another straw on the camel’s back so-to-speak.

    Its just offensive to me on a gut level, and their rubbing our faces in their excrement is over the top. I enjoyed the photos, because it is indeed a spectacular backdrop.

  3. We have lost more visitors since we have targeted the Vatican. The Freemasons are active in trolling and DDOS attacks. The reality is too diffuicult.

    It also holds true for the celebrity entrained masses who worship these people. I posted the FAUL PAUL and nobody is interested in that. Like Laurel Canyon when you find out the truth, the heroes are frauds and the sheeple don’t want to address it. Anger and sadness are replaced by denial. What we see is what we want to see. I do not suggest I do not have the same affliction but eventually I have to face it, accept the disappointment and move forward. The reason we do not suffer so much is that we refuse to adore or worship, let alone make heroes of these flawed icons as we do recognize it in ourselves.

    The end of Obama is a long way from over. Under the Joo-joo-bee brotherhood of death cult, these con-men are in for life. As you clearly display, they get all the fruits of their service but never retire from the mafia.

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