Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 10, 2017

The PROMIS Letter


The FBI, a known collaborator in the Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco Massacre and other false flags and Southern Poverty Law CIA  covert operations will now have new leadership.  As I have written over the years coming from the PROMIS – Inslaw affair in which Danny Casolaro was murdered before exposing vast intelligence compromises and the backdoor access to Law Enforcement Investigations nationwide which would be accessible by Israel Mossad and other foreign intelligence services.

The amount of Cointel put out on this conspiracy is not much less than JFK. There has been tons of shills writing bogus theories to this Octopus. Some may be true but the focus of most importance is the conspiracy was to provide surveillance of the most critical importance.  The matter is surveillance of the FBI, DOJ, Congress and the investigations by honest agents and investigators not to expose the deep state Zionist agents in high places and to make necessary repairs to the “Picket Fence” if necessary to control the information and prevent the horses from escaping.

As I have noted several times, the FBI has largely been reduced to this assignment. The Freemason infiltration of a second Bureau who work independent as “special agents” use all the tools of MK-Ultra, Patsy deflection and “official” disclosure.  Like the Secret Service, there goal is three fold. One, protect the family,  secondly, secure the information and thirdly, look for recruitment through surveillance to induct new tools for service into the deep state operative network. By creating the dossiers, evidence and blackmail documentation which can then go to outside third party covert agents to then force these involuntary recruits to act as players, patsies, informants and counter-intelligence witness players in staged events for the purpose of engineering criminal enterprises.  Not anything that was not used by Europe and Israel for years as well as Soviet agents.

Funny to see a top story on the day of this “staged” execution of extortion by the CIA-MOSSAD based Drumpf Justice wing was this;

Top stories

This is a 322 Event based on date and decoding. This makes it a Skull and Bones decision from the “Swamp” creature which is the Trump front office and the CIA-CFR and Media controlled operation.

FBI file casts doubt on Bureau’s investigation into the suspicious death of journalist Danny Casolaro

Newly released records shows Bureau lied to Congress about the case, and may have interfered in their own investigation

This article shows the common theme that runs through these investigations which is suicide. This is the same angle used for the Gary Webb investigation in which suicide was concluded when in fact there were two shots in the head of Gary Webb.  No one could conclude this except for the criminal fraternity of  corrupted foreign agents who hold Americas most sensitive positions. Positions of those like Jim Comey.  Andrew McCabe is probably more corrupted than Comey based upon information connecting the pay to play and money trail from the Clinton DNC commie fund pool and the run for Senate by his wife. It includes Terry McAuliffe another alleged criminal under investigations that are always stalled, redirected, buried or burned by the deep state agents in positions to do so.

Readers can look into Danny, Gary, and the ‘sorted’ details of the history of the law enforcement and Justice department. You can link  PROMIS, Iran Contra, Open Border fast & furious, Supreme Court Scalia, Justice Roberts, and all the dirt that has come from Pizzagate to Russiagate, but I want to cut to the chase here.

For Trumpers who still want to give this Joo-joo-bee a pass or any praise for the Comey soft assassination, please refresh yourselves on the McCabe and Mrs. Clinton Holyrood (Chinese)  alliance. Please note the Trump Clinton history prior to his Bilderberg vetted run for CIC.  Look at the investigations of Trump Ventures and his refusal to publish his financials. Look at the turnaround on Surveillance and Whistleblowers. Look at the Kushner pay for play and the extended family business.  Then look at the top ten investigations on Comey’s list. Ivanka is the best pay for play optic I see right now. Her businesses are flourishing while she lobbies as an unpaid advisor. Please….give me a break.  Ivanka will become the Forbes richest woman on earth. Move over Oprah.


Forget the Nixonian parallels and look at the left right collusion by the key foreign agents in Congress from both aisles who are working a perfect TRIAD.  Take a look at this letter and the absolutely ridiculous infusion of the statement “on three separate occasions” and think about why this is the most bizarre choice of words to use in a letter of this nature. Not only is it a pointless remark but to use this choice of the words to convey this pointless remark are even more suspicious.

Why did the Swamp choose to tell America Comey had told Trump on three occasions he was not under investigation?  What was Comey investigating that really bothered the swamp?  Trump said he did not want to investigate Hillary. I have since day one said the Clinton Trump connections are solid and that they overlap. If Hillary’s  involvement with the Global pay to play, child trafficking money laundering global fund is exposed, so will the entire DC Family and Trump’s involvement come out.

It is better that McCabe or another, more “secure” picket be put in place.  Regardless of Comey’s GOP past or his DNC fondness the DC Mafia is a two party family and the left-right paradigm continues to hook the dumbed downed partisans like no other secret service for the global crime syndicate.  The optics are clear and the media fake news consistent.  Even now the left-right reaction is being scripted and it’s not that easy to come up with the script considering all the insiders and swamp rats are scrambling to insure they do not dance or smile too much as they have likely avoided another big conspiracy and another assassination to keep the house of card from collapsing.

The Drumpf Letter is a symbol of the surveillance state. If you are a reporter, whistleblower, honest agent of the law enforcement community or a citizen journalist you are warned to put your information in a letter. From Inslaw to the Googleplex of today, the GRID and control of information is critical.  I have said Trump and Company will advance the war on information to new heights.  Jim Comey was reduced to a dear john  letter and a broken PROMIS for something he was doing or investigating.  Each day it becomes less and less likely we will get to the truth.  I am keeping my eye on Flynn.  He may get a letter too. One on the SPECTRE stationary.

Eye on the ball: Keep your eye on the Jesuit plated “Moon Jae-in” in South Korea, the soft assassination that took out the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.  The Jesuit trained Moon will play the North Koreans as pawns. This anti-West assassin will work to destroy the sovereignty of North Korea and work to remove Kim Jong-Un out of power.  Do not focus as much on the B.S. war hawking and see the Jesuit controlled takeover that will be played out here. All theatre.  It’s not the attack but a hard assassination at play here.  There is a deal for China is this. More of our blood and treasure. Our debt will skyrocket. 109 days and we added another trillion dollars. It’s likely the Chinese will get full access to the rare earth mineral rights and other resources in North Korea .



  1. FBI Acting Director McCabe is also under federal review

  2. White House Lawyers Warned Trump: Stay Away From Michael Flynn

    Just tweet him Lord Trump. Or send him a bon voyage card.

  3. Senate subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia investigation after James Comey fired – live

    I can set my watch to this drama. “Let’s give it to Mikey!”

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.8
    Date-Time 10 May 2017 23:23:36 UTC
    10 May 2017 21:23:36 near epicenter
    10 May 2017 17:23:36 standard time in your timezone

    Location 56.416S 25.738W
    Depth 10 km
    Powerful shallow HAARP assault – M6.8 – depth 10 kilometers

    This one came from HAARP Alaska Gaskon or from Russia SURA. The antipodal.
    It arrives at Sandwich Islands test range near Antarctica (off Argentina) Visokoi Island. I wonder if they targeted a ship or submarine.

  5. So, the KISS has been a “friend” of Trump for a long time (near end of the video). THAT is very problematic for America’s future, and any country focused upon by the reptile. This toad must be wearing a skin suit like QEII, HWBush, because they have “lived” far past their “spoiled rotten” date.

  6. You point out the obvious. The Club memebers have been breaking bad for years. Anyone who does not see the committee and how they pick the puppets is beyond belief.

    Wasn’t Trump the perfect pick after Obama. I still could not have come up with a better one other than Rand Paul.

    Alex Jones is talking with Michael DiBari, MisterM today. I just flipped over and there he was talking about NOLA and the INFOWAGON. I’m glad he’s getting some real publicity. I do worry about him being a target though.

    The crazies in NOLA are worthy of the Voodoo that is the Illuminati. They are tearing down the heritage sites as we speak. Jeff Rense’s channel has resident show speaker David Duke who is protesting the destruction of the American Black and White identity.

    If you wish you can hear the replay podcast all day and night.

    One thing I can say is that if Michael had not made this video explicitly referring to the death of Alex Jones, he would not have given him the time of day. You can expect alex to say again for the millionth time that he is “not a hero”

    Go Michael, Mr. COTO.

  7. “Macron has the profile of a narcissist. He does not like France or the French, “says psychiatrist Adriano Segatori

    The top qualification, supercedes a legal degree and Bar Admission.


    Your backdoor Globalist traitor scumbag alert of theweek:

    Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, signs a commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to extend scientific cooperation in the Arctic region

    This is from where the ENMOD climateGate technology is run. This Tillerson Jesuit dirtbag will use the same for the TPP. There are only illusions and Trump anti-Paris and TPP is one of the best illusions ever!

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