Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 7, 2017

How Many Dr. Evils Can There Be?

PCR points out,

He says the Neocons believe that the U.S. would sustain little to no damage if “We” PUSHED THE BUTTON with a FIRST STRIKE.  EEEeeeGads, fellow humans, does this not sound like any of the James Bond 007 movie megalomaniacs?!

How many movies have you seen over the years with conspiratorial megalomaniacs as the villains?  Hundreds maybe.  A lot.  And here we have our modern version right in D.C., an absolute Circus since the sElection started.

ALL I KNOW IS THIS – Obama gets installed = Peace Prize?  Then, War Profiteering Galore goes on.

Now, Trump is ensconced, with a huge majority of Americans of course not wanting any “war” at this time {how can the working man survive with his family with a “worse” managed economy?}.

And lo and behold – the “nuclear foolball” is getting tossed across the Oval Room like at a Row House party!  It may even get kicked down the street — (Thanks to the ever flatulent Fox News for this one).

Trump gets installed = ? What ?  The War Hogs run amok like they just got let into a watermelon patch?

 Please Read

The insane part of this megalomaniacal musing is when we-the-people factor in the nuclear fallout facts.  Just because you believe you can win a war doesn’t mean you go to war (unless you’re an insane megalomaniac).  Risking possible world-wide annihilation by the FUBAR action of instigating a nuclear war you “think” you could win, qualifies as the ravings of soul-less lunatics.

In the Lamecherry blogspot above it is Not Noted regarding all the “incoming” that would be coming from other enemy allies (sic), and the universally pissed-off peoples that American “leadership” has mercilessly abused for political, geographic, and financial gain.  EVERYBODY that “hates America” would jump on the pile don’t you think?

Guerilla/insurgent/jihadi/lone wolf/ and every other kind of offensive action happening here in the “homeland” (sic again) at the hands of “those who hate us for our freedoms”.

Consider that this nuclear megalomania chest beating bravado is apparently a contagious disease, with “leaders” everywhere clanking their nuclear testicles and raising their missiles in classic teen male machismo.  It’s a freaking embarrassment if you look at it this way.  Take any of your old Hollywood Westerns with their dustups in the bar room, on the street, in the country side, and substitute in nuclear missiles.  Whether over land (geography), resources, women, gold, political power in the town of the day, we see a cast of characters playing their war games.

More modern movies of the NWO-type insane villain who wants to rule-the-world present similar examples of criminally insane psychopaths and debauched narcissists.

NOW, like those tearfully remembered “Reagan Years” (cry) with an Actor playing “The President”,we have Trump, an Actor with his “TV Game Show” — again playing “The President”.  Is this a co-incidence?  And this installed actor follows on the heals of an Obama regime of another color.  We’re (99%) all poorer following his “lead”.  And Obama followed on the heels of the disastrous freedom-crushing regimes of the Clintons and Bush clans.

And now, the Trumpian Cabinet of Neocons & Ziocons bandies on about blowing up North Korea because Kim Jong-un brashly brandishes his small nuclear testicles from his doghouse far, far away.  Netanyahoo is certifiable, and do you not think Israel would launch upon the USA?  Remember the “Liberty”?  Remember 9/11? Russia’s Putin is also clanking his materiel, mostly in reaction to U.S. provocations.  Pakistan hasn’t got much pub, but they are certainly a nation that is angry at America for our Obama-led drone bombings there.


Question?  If a “group” (Cabinet) is filled with a bunch of aggressive warriors and/or warmongers, and/or insane warriors and warmongers…will you get “peace” out of there?

Not out of That spring.

We are hearing the ravings of the insane amongst Trump’s rabid cabinet, from the insipid lips of “advisers” like Kissinger, Kushner, and other K-like droolers whispering wicked imaginings which can only have been conjured in Hell.

Note:  The dreamy concept of “Creating a Better World” has been cast aside.  And so quickly metamorphosed into the realm of the insane “Kill Them Over There Before They Come Here” meme, as to make the world’s populations heads spin.  The KTOTBTCH ruse is now even more blatantly insane as country’s “leaders” have been importing “Them” post haste with their treasonous “immigrant” programs.

If you cannot see that the Devil’s “Destroy & Destruction” program has kicked the “Create & Peace” program right off the bully pulpit, then you’re not paying attention.


Map of nuclear-armed states of the world.:

So, We-the-People-of-the-World must ask ourselves what must WE DO to keep ourselves safe from insane, megalomaniacal “leaders” fronting for the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) , the authors and Sky Writers of the World-Wide Geo-Engineering Chemtrail Program, from the “flouridators”, from the financial controllers of fiat money (and hence this Planet) , from Global Warming do-gooders, from proselytizing Vaccine & GMO ghouls and their Big Pharma and Big Ag aggregators,and, from the false Religious figures like “the Pope” (White or Black), from the Secret Societies and Not-so-Secret Societies, from the purveyors of mayhem and chaos against human life and environment?

What should YOU DO as world “leaders” publicly contemplate the truly insane premise of starting a thermo-nuclear War to “protect” us (Them)?


  1. PCR should stop calling it “Washington” It is an afront to the current District of global henchmen and Criminal cabal. Sauron the alchemist cannot sell the nuclear threat to me. He must use it as the tool for implementing the deeper and darker sorcery that will ultimately come in the form of bluebeam. Hoiw many doctor evils exist is debatable but the eye is one.

    Only one knows the game. It’s creator. The rest are the compartmental components of master blueprint. Big box of screws. None by itself terminal until the final screw is fastened. I never thought the nuclear threat was anything but the psychological operations of tension for the system. An important one thogh, while they were able to fund the real components of the NWO master plan.

    One Million Dollars! Let’s try one quadrillion.

    it is too large a project and too many dollars for human minds to grasp or fathom. The chaos and complexity is an organized order and sequence of a formula and design no much less than the creation of the universe itself. When confronted with the information of ancient aliens, advanced technology, other worlds and dimensions and the big bang, intelligent design the atomic factor seems almost archaic and so uninspired as a function of the system and event. Many scholars and researchers say we have passed that time-space continuum and it may have already occurred. Where the threat is to me is in complete control over the current dimensional reality and the human conception of the visual audio and invisible spectrum augmented to create a false reality and dictate human perception and motion. That is where the Matrix meets man.

    conCERNED? you bet. Nothing is as it was. Everything has changed. Food, Water, Light, Sound, Human Consiousness and behavior all in ‘change’ and it may noit be perceptible to most but it cannot be denied. Those in the criminal sciences and arts will call it COSMIC in nature but I know it comes from the EVAN spectrum and the manipulations from the eye of Sauron. They had the brains and the budgets for centuries, they did not waste much of it.

  2. Setting a precedence for Malice damages – Where does this go?
    Joo-joo-bees – Can you guess?
    Federal Suit Hits Soros For $10 Billion For “Political Meddling…Motivated Solely By Malice”

    • One can hope these lawsuits will do some good. Hopefully, more people will be inclined to file their own.

  3. \

    [A graduate school for would-be spies faces a civil complaint from three young men who say they endured rectal exams and other sexual abuse from a school official with a largely fabricated spy resume.

    The complaint in D.C. Superior Court offers a glimpse at the shadowy underworking of the Daniel Morgan Academy in downtown Washington. Funded primarily by the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, the school purports to launch students into the fields of national security and intelligence.]


    Washington, D.C., May 3, 2017 – A Rand Corporation 1967 paper predicted many of the cyber dilemmas faced by policy makers today, and a 2017 expanded analysis of the “GRIZZLY STEPPE” hacking by Russian cyber operators disclosed key findings about the techniques the hackers used and ways to mitigate them, according to the National Security Archive publication today of 40+ highlighted primary sources from the critically-praised “Cyber Vault” at

    Compiled and edited by noted intelligence historian Dr. Jeffrey T. Richelson, the Cyber Vault collection of primary sources is growing by a dozen or more documents every week, and includes the declassified briefings provided by the National Security Agency to the George W. Bush and Barack Obama transition teams in 2000 and 2009, respectively. The collection also includes a 2016 order from the U.S. Cyber Command to set up a unit with the mission of debilitating and destroying computer and communications operations of the terrorist group ISIS.

    The Cyber Vault team obtained the 2016 order under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The project has filed scores of other FOIA and declassification requests as part of a multi-year documentation contribution to the growing field of cyber studies, with the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

    The 2000 transition briefing explicitly foreshadowed the Edward Snowden controversy, warning the new White House team that the 4th Amendment-protected communications of Americans were inextricably mixed with those of foreigners on the Internet. The 2016 U.S. Cyber Command order established a joint task force designed to bring the resources of the Defense Department, Intelligence Community, and Justice Department to bear against the terrorist group that the Trump administration has since designated its top foreign policy priority.

  5. All I can say about TRUMP at this time is this:

    ‘Trump’ We elected a brand new President, His name is Donald Trump. He made us lots of promises, Were they true or just more funk?

    I believed him in the beginning, I’m far from being naive. But as I see who surrounds him, I wonder if we’re being deceived.

    He’s still much better than Hillary, By now, we’d be in chains. She’s nothing more than a liar, Whose agenda is power and fame.

    So all we have is a man named Trump, Is he for real or playing a game? All I know is time will tell, If he brings “Honor” or more of the “same”.


    • There is thought that you are better dealing head on with a known enemy than trying to defend yourself against an unknown enemy. This is what many are facing now. It is just an added superposition

      I know there are at least two ways to skin a cat. Schrodinger’s way brings us Trump. We will never know until we can look in the box. The entanglement is a guess only. Trump Merkel Macron May Trudeau Nieto …x…y…z

      If you live in Copenhagen like me, you may accept the many worlds supposition that it does not matter whether the cat is orange or blonde, the experiment is not predicated on the quantum system but merely the unobserved state of superposition. A carefully balanced multiple state scenario. Each observer seeing something different, the reality of the competing multiple combination interacting with the subject.

      So we have the defenders [pos] and attackers [neg] but still have no measurable outcome. We do have the science and ability to reason which requires an “unconscious observation” and not solely on the conscious. In this manner we can effect the controllers and reality.

      But assume the quantum system in entanglement. Nothing is clearly observable while the uncertainty of manipulated movement. We have to go on previous observations of past recorded outcomes. Therefore does it not lead one to the ultimate conclusion?

      If we go beyond the Copenhagen to Many Worlds, would Hillary have us anywhere different at this point in time? Are they running dual simulations with both states? Do they run the systems congruently? Is the system running another simulation totally based upon our collective input? Is the algorithm running on D_Wave Super Quantum computers and being transmitted through some time portal for feedback and adjustments? Is CERN predicting outcomes? Are the Angles and Archons receiving this data?

      When the whole of the universal nature and advance scientific technology is compared to the social and political systems, it should begin to form some idea that the latter have little to do with reality and have even less to do with the outcome. They merely capture, control the conscious in a waveform, measuring eigenstates, on manipulated masses of people in momentum to positions by the use of spin and maybe ultimately to the crash of the wave.

      I have said many times here (hundreds) “You are on your own” What is at the core of this statement is that only you can set yourself free from the system and not be a predictable particle in the system. When you finally reach this state, you care not about Trump or Hillary, Law nor Rule, Positive or Negative but free moving power connected to the Zero-Point GOD of everything and by pass the Vortex of Three which dominates the closed system of control. Your world opens significantly to observations unimaginable by those who stare at iPads and react to Chirps and Tweets.

      I personally do not give a friggin shit what that man does because it has no effect on the ultimate conclusion, the ultimate collapse and the remaining state of transformation. Instead I want to be independent, negatively charged and moving at light speed out of the vortex wave heading for the zero-point destination. They will never be able to predict my outcome or box this cat.

      Trump on the other hand is completely boxed in and purring next to the geiger-counter, but controllers are deciding the rate of decay of the system and the outcome of his world, not mine.

      • I think that Trump’s election and subsequent behavior should serve as ultimate proof to any remaining doubters, so long as they’ve paid attention, that our political choices have any bearing whatsoever on the government. Like you, Patrick, I think it is up to each of us to free ourselves in any way we can and enjoy our lives without paying attention to that unholy circus.

  6. The point of this thread was actually quite simple…look around, see, smell, and acknowledge the rampant corruption “at all levels” of this place called America. And, we see the same thing as we look around the world at the installed “leaders”.

    Puddy, you just rec’d Fulford’s blog. In it, it is rumored that Le Pen is the daughter of a Mossad agent. Yet, I note Fulford says something about the Pope’s actions against “Satanists”. Ha, Ha, Ha! The Papacy IS the Beast Power, 666, on 7 hills, has sought to change laws, and is boldly Anti-Christ while calling itself a “Christian” religion. Its dogmas make people hate God, as a Monster, with him supposedly enjoying torturing the sinful “forever”.

    But…pay some coin, and you can lessen their pain. An obvious (no)confidence game.


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