Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 5, 2017

It’s a Bigly, Big League, Big Idea!


Law of the Jungle: The Constitution and Bill of Rights

The Rule of Law: Rule #1 – The Laws are for the Jungle Bunnies and not for us. We rule the law.



You are an asset of a bankrupt United States of America, Inc. A corporate Democracy which replaced a constitutional republic. Once the 1933 contract for Chapter 11 was completed you and everyone else were issued a contract under your birth certificate (all in CAPS) as were your other contracts which are fictional corporate entities under your insolvent corporate status as an asset of this bankrupt democracy. The  process, filing and trusteeship of this bankruptcy was as fictional as your corporate strawman identity. It is nothing more than a private coup and takeover of illegal international bankers who conspired to create a fictional currency printed on fiat paper and fraudulent laws granted by criminal agents for the purpose of enslaving you and having you working for an illegal consort of murderers, rapists and thieves many of which violated the oaths they took before assuming trusteeship.  Though appearing to protect and defend the constitution they have all committed treason based on consorting with enemies of the republic of a United States of America. Only by way of the District of Columbia are they able to commit these crimes without immediate arrest and execution due to the international laws governing the federal city of D.C.

So if Trump really has a plan to bankrupt the corporate United States, does he figure, the existing chapter 11 is completed? What a joke. Estimates of 60 trillion in negative red numbers should give pause to those who know bankruptcies. Donald knows.  Can we assume trustees have been selling assets to cover the interest on the restructured deal?   Is China, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia collecting on the debt? Some say there is no liquidation of Assets but maybe just payments in Flesh. Assuming the facts and some theory I would say they are both included.

Trump, my Jesuit arch enemy is the deal maker. Only Satan himself may be better. If what comes in September is a war chest approach to resolving the NWO reset or if it’s a formal chapter 7 can only be pondered, but the fact is clear that we have been defrauded for decades, the debt is not yours or mine, but the debt of the global bankers who have used the assets to finance other investments globally.  Not all those who perished in these sales and liquidations were assets of  the states but they died anyway.

The only two ways you can balance the books is to reduce the liability or increase assets. If you think there is a third way like I do then you may begin to see Zebranomics. There are those stakeholders who will willingly exchange barrels or dollars owed with human assets. Not only assets but liabilities as well.  This death and taxes or death or taxes. You will pay either or and both.

We will be educated on real Zebranomics this year. We have certainly seen small samples of what it looks like in microcosms of federal trustees and their psychotic acronym agency administrators.  How the macro event shapes up globally ought to be a real fire sale. Who will be servicing the debt?  A real good accountant knows how to make an asset a liability and vice versa.   We know they are working hard for the trustess and have seen their work at ENRON, GOLDMAN SACHS, DYNCORP, HALLIBURTON and other shareholder dens of iniquity.  The art of the deal is to cloud the identity of assets and liabilities and not to reveal the the third books to eyes.  Those are the real ledgers that reveal the value of the dollar and that of human life are two lines on the same flowchart and both red. One of the Rules of Law and one for which we battle everyday in the jungles of the New World Order.

IT’S A BIG LIE! Pronounced BIG-LY by the Joo-joo-bee!



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    Exclusive: Saudi Arabia, U.S. in talks on billions in arms sales – U.S. sources

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