Posted by: Mr. M | May 5, 2017

Alex Says He Wants To Hire Me!

Now I’m really in trouble.

Seriously I’ve been all over Infowars the past two-days. AJ has said more than once that he wants me on the show, and to start working for him.

Okay. We’ll see.


  1. I don’t normally hang out at InfoWars, but if you’re there, I’ll go check it out regularly.

  2. Nice article on Infowars! What I love about what you do, really talking to the public and getting a well documented idea of what they are thinking on an ongoing basis, would have wide appeal. In fact, I pointed your efforts out to AE911 when they asked for ideas for reaching out to the public. They didn’t go for it, I see, preferring infomercial sorts of ideas. They are still preaching away to the converted. Taking their case to the public like you do would be really risky. You are brave, M.

    Do you run across teachers or professors there who espouse a reasoning, amicable point of view? Or radical right wing, for that matter? I hear of so many examples of teachers/professors in the US who assume that any reasonable person would be shocked to the point of PTSD over Trump’s election and in need of a “safe space” away from the evil unthinking Nazis who managed to underhandedly pull it off. How prevalent is that sort of “teacher”? Should I tell my English students to study abroad in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, even England, for Heaven’s Sake, anywhere but America!?

  3. Oh indeed, I have many videos of educators from all ranks that have a good sense of what’s going on. My latest post is a perfect example. From kindergarten to Harvard professors. Prof. Iris Mack is a regular visitor.

    • Thank you for that reassurance. I’m aware the news focuses on problems and doesn’t give a balanced perspective of what’s really going on. I felt heartened by the election of Trump, not because I think he will do any good, but because it was a statement from the American people that “we would prefer a boffo to a known slick neoliberal/con.”

  4. Hi … I saw you on the show today. I’d really give that a Lot of thought and Prayer IF I were you I wonder about him sometimes !



  5. Mr. M … IF you do decide to go to work for A.J. I would make sure he pays you “WELL”. You are a Very Smart Entertaining guy and a potential “BIG DRAW”! Don’t you think AJ sees that ? Not “everything” goes into Info Wars I’m Sure. I would ask to see his house/houses and not just the studio “Before” you get into “ANY” type of contractual Agreement with him. This will give you an idea as to how much he keeps for himself out of earnings. The guy is Loaded, so I wouldn’t be “HIS” income/volume booster for less than $80,000 yr. or you could take less per year with a percentage of sales or something like that. Seriously! He would “own” you and you would no longer be “Free” to do your own thing as you choose. I know people who won’t watch him because he’s Annoying and Rude. For example, whenever he gets a great guest on like Dr. Steve Pieczenik .. he interrupts him mercilessly. But then when it comes to somebody annoying like Roger Stone .. He lets him rattle on and on because he’s a link to the President. I only watch him occasionally now, but, IF you were on there I would be much more inclined to watch a LOT more. As I’m “SURE” my friends would as well. I don”t blame him for wanting YOU. After all, he Is a Capitalist and wants to make money, as he “Originally” comes from money. BUT I wouldn’t be “HIS” Useful Idiot either! Does A.J. know Patrick here at COTO or “even” read COTO? Should you decide to work for him, at the very least have Your Attorney negotiate your contract. Trust Me on This ! YOU WILL Make “HIM” a Lot of Money which means More Viewers as well. A LOT More Viewers. I know because I would watch You “ANYTIME” !!! Talk to Patrick too for good solid advice.



    • Thanks for the advice. But for now I’m not getting my hopes to high. I’ve heard so many people promise me this and that and never come through. Let’s see if he even contacts me. Although he has mentioned 3-times that I have caught that he wants me on his show.

      But, with my luck the day I go to be hire the grid will go down.

  6. Mr. M …

    I’m sorry I should’ve been clearer when I said I wonder about “HIM” sometimes. I wasn’t referring to GOD, I was referring to A.J. !


  7. Alex Joners INFOWAR machine has the filters that keeps me from posting and getting through. Michael you are lucky to have access. You cannot miss the fact that his callers are heavily screened, commenters as well. I’d swear his negative commenters are chosen too.

    Nobody wonders about the STRATFOR-CIA-AUSTIN Al-CIA-da “Base” more than me. I have had fantasies about being a fly on the wall in that studio. There is no way he is not funded by outside sources and it’s crazy to see how his store funds the operation and security.

    Roger Stone-Reince Priebus_Paul Manafort, etc etc are as dangerous to me as Podesta, Huma and both Tony’s (Wiener and Podesta) The whole PSYOP stinks to high heaven and I have tried the “enemy of my enemy”

    Slick was a AJ fan as was I but finally you have to smell the Kochs, Soros, Tavistock stink that permeates through his broadcasts now. An apologist for Trump, he and Roger have excused the most transparent sightings of the Swamp People in this NWO regime.

    I have followed Jeff Rense as well and he too was defending Trump as being forced by threat after fully supporting him. But now he is turning. Paul J Watson said he was done with him. I wonder if someone can give me anything he’s done so far they consider anti-NWO business as usual.

    It’s like FOX NEWS now. A new line up of shills and the old real conspiracy people no longer come to the show. Where’s Max Keiser. Paul Craig Roberts, Webster Tarplay, Jim Fetzer, John B. Wells, James Tracy, and many others. He has burned his staff over the years but Joe Biggs is one for the books. He has been co-opted, coerced or paid to stop exposing the fake terror stagings, Sandy Hook, Pizzagate-Pedogate, the Jesuit CFR and Zionist White House coverage altogether. He rarely does shows on chemtrailing Weather Mod, HAARP and the other subjects he used to cover with real scientists and engineers.

    Now his show is based on his persecution, cult of personality and how he is targeted. So Michael Dibari’s great video was tailor made for his show. My contrarian conspiracy mind is extreme and I admit it. I see a twist and turn everywhere. My bizarre mind could almost believe that Alex sent that couple there to set this up. She almost seems to unreal to be true, Michael. Almost like she was on a mild acid trip. And who was the guy? Andreas, the Giant? Russian? German, Pole?

    Would Alex set you up Michael?

    Anyway, you cannot win when talking to a sociopath and that is a neo-lib extremist’s first requisite. All our friends died in Vietnam so neo-libs could exercise communism in all it’s democratic glory.

    • Mike Ruppert, may his soul rest in peace, called out Alex Jones as a disinformation artist. At one point in time, they were collaborating, but Ruppert, former LA cop and CIA inductee, saw him put something forward that he knew to be disinformation, and warned him abut that. No, I don’t know the details. But Jones went ahead with it anyway.
      Ruppert explained the art of disinformation is to put forth the truth 90% or so of the time with what you’re being paid to have the people believe mixed in. He says, once you see somebody doing that, never trust them again.
      If I were you I would listen to Patrick on this and be very careful.
      Nonetheless, I am really happy to see your efforts getting noticed.

      • I loved Mike even though I disagreed on Peak Oil. They did the same hatchet job on Ted Gunderson and I believe Jones was involved in Bill Coppers demise. Not saying he was a party to murder but involved in the takeover of the 911 prediction and spin. Jones proved it out to me when he took credit for the prediction and then hijacked it for his “SAUDI” spin, which deflected the Israeli-Vatican “Islamic” Spring that we have exposed here.

        So after sixteen years do we really see the triptych of the War on Terror as the Hegelian dialectic synthesis to ONE WORLD ORDER. If the global plan regarding the mass migration and dissolution of sovereign, independence and cultural identity as the prime goal then it’s even more obvious when the Alt Right (third realm) like INFOWARS continues to obfuscate the deep state of Jesuit and Joo power that controls this reality. He actually defends politicians who openly do the bidding of this Islamic Sharia farce.

  8. Sorry M, I hadn’t taken the time to watch your video till just now. Busy week.

    It is your passion and willingness to fight like a junkyard dog for the Truth, Personal Rights, and other novel and presently unpopular Human Rights, that puts the “ZING!” and ferociousness in your entertaining interludes.

    Its good. Its street. It has instant cred. You’re dealing “realism” journalism, moving conversations that might normally be behind walls, out into the street.

    That’s fresh.

    It comes to mind that if your stage gets bigger (Via Alex or some other “break”, which you deserve), a way to gauge things would be to stick to your guns, be you, no compromising, and do what you do. You aren’t afraid of sticky subjects (COTO Knows What They Are, and Who Stinks), and if you pursue the TABOO subjects like 9/11 Truth, Chemtrails, Flouride in our water, Rigged Markets, etc., and ohhh…name the absolutely corrupt cucks clotting up real Americans’ progress across the board. Well, you’ll either find doors open or slammed shut.

    Report it ALL here at COTO! Your ancestral home of Truth Seekers.

  9. You all have Valid points on AJ. Recently, he’s taken on a new direction of persecution by giving an interview to Megan Kelly. Surely, he isn’t as stupid as to think she would give him an honest interview. I see the whole thing as nothing more than Hype. For years he’s talked about what a Patriot he is and how he would Stand and Fight the NWO till the End. However, just look to youtube “Alex Jones Moving to Costa Rica?” There you will see in his own words how he’s been searching out places for his escape. Does a “True” Patriot run away from his beloved country “OR” does he stand and fight? I’m with Puddy 100% on Roger Stone. That man Is Dangerous! I adored Joe Biggs but he was just Gone one day as was Jakari Jackson.

    I caught INFOWARS this past week out of curiosity and all he talked about all week was Oh Poor Me and is now calling for a Live round table for Sunday Nights airing w Megan Kelly. I look at it as a ratings booster to sell more of his products that supposedly Funds his Entire Operation! Yeah, Right! The man has become “shameless”. It’s become clear his agenda is to become a Major News Source worldwide. AND, he intends to accomplish this by selling a few hundred products and T-Shirts?

    Do any of you remember the former LAPD officer by the name Christopher Dorner who “allegedly” shot 2 cops sitting in their car in 2013? There was a manhunt to rival ALL manhunts to get him. It ended up with him being killed at Lake Tahoe,I believe. My point is, they never showed ANY proof of the man’s guilt, yet, they sought him out as if he were Bin Laden himself. I tried to bring up that particular story on INFOWARS but was stopped dead in my tracks. Jones obviously didn’t want to touch that story. Which leads me to believe there was much more to that story than the public was allowed to know. He heavily screens his calls and if he doesn’t approve of what you’re saying or about to say .. he cuts you right off.

    When I first started watching INFOWARS I was a Believer. Mainly due to the videos he was putting out about 911 and other stories nobody else would touch. However, lately he’s done a total 180. Is it Greed, Ambition “OR” is it something more Sinister. I suspect the latter.

    I thirst for Real Knowledge and COTO is far superior to most. However, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box and have to admit that much of it goes over my head. Take Puddy for example. The man is nothing short of “BRILLIANT”. It seems these days it gets harder and harder to find any news sources other than Drudge. I like Lisa Haven but am searching for a totally new and fresh source. Can anybody recommend “ANY” to me? I would very much appreciate it. Alex Jones may wish to Conquer the World for his own selfish agenda, But, as he so often says .. People Are Waking Up! I contend that IF people aren’t Already Awake, it may just be too late in the day for them.

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