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Look Who’s Laughing!

Are the American People Laughing Right Now? About Anything???  The Germans?  The MANY suffering in countries around the world, from Policy-Making Frauds?

This photo tells US a lot:

Very Strange Photo Op


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly am enjoying living on Trump Farm, the George Orwell analogy of the community organized order making castes of people and enslaving them into classes, because I have resigned myself to being the last of my generation, the Western Genocide will take place, there will be not any relief or escape, and I will pass like those fabled Atlantians of ages ago to mythical proportions. Perhaps someone might find these words years later and as their scientists wonder of the great meteor which destroyed America, will instead find the reality that instead Atlantis like America did not succumb to extinction events, but instead elected a series of self absorbed and witless liars who destroyed their prosperous and advanced peoples.

Behold the new Reverse Thought in the Germans are now protecting the Jewess Ivanka Trump stating she was not booed, hissed at and ridiculed in Berlin.

No booing, but two old brothel owner fraus of the world order made a pretty whore of bottled blonde Ivanka.

This headline simply left me laughing, because reading madness always brings that reaction to me. There is no sense in being furious or depressed, because one now hears insanity which was once reserved coming from communist dictators.

UPTDATE TO POST — May 02, 2017


Merkel Hitlers Daughter

“The Stasi File According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany.


“She is said to be one of the most powerful human beings on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8. More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach”.

{NOW — Perhaps we can grasp better why Europe and the E.U. and their “policies” on immigration and such have been implemented against common sense and their people}

TRUMP: 'I'm a nationalist and a globalist. I'm both'...

Extraordinary, as next Donald will be white and black at the same time, male and female at the same time, and sinner and saint. Of course you can not protect your Nation while you are absorbing it into a global system, but things just do not mean anything any more, because anyone can say anything…….as long as the state media and police state judge this day’s insanity appropriate…….as only the rulers can utter things like, “I am making war in bombing Syria for Peace”, or “I am breaking the law by bombing Syria to keep the law”.

More extraordinary in the disaster of the Trump economy, that Donald Trump says we need more Obama, Clinton and Bush globalism. Was that beautiful chocolate cake spiked with scopalamine or was Donald Trump simply the child with both hands full and wanting his feet in his mouth too.

Le Pen closes gap with Macron in latest poll...

Perhaps Americans simply have to look outside of America and back to her French ancestry and progenitors in Donald Trump is now the Jeb Bush in Hillary Clinton’s granny thongs, so will Marine Le Pen be the American leader, that the last 80 million Americans will sell all they have and return to France……..or if Le Pen is the Christian savior of Europe, perhaps the President of France might carve out an American Safe Zone in Africa, where Americans will once again carve out a nation in a desert waste and make it bloom.

Where does an American go when their President Donald Trump abandons them so completely. Will France be the salvation of Americans again, until perhaps a time that spaceships can fly Americans to some planet far, far, far away, where they can be a free people not criminalized and betrayed again.


  1. Comment from a reader: Ann, your comments are “classless and offensive”

    She took issue with Ivanka, the “Expert”

    “I’m a nationalist and a globalist. ” Hmmmm? Didn’t Adolph say that too? I think Donald will have to call out the army reserve before too long. His refusal to execute the refugee ISIS smuggling is treason. Someone is going to take issue. His NRA second Amendmant speech tells me he is okay with the nationals and globalists going to war in our cities. He’s just schmoozing the ranks and stakeholders.

    His .07% GDP quarterly is only going to repeat for summer. When this one comes out he will be 200 days into NWO transformation. Time to step up the surveillance and rheoric and hope he can the NWO agenda moving before his emperor clothes fall off.

    Tick tock tick tock….. It will be September before you know it.

  2. Before the election I targeted Trump as Longshanks, William III (Orange) and compared to Napoleons Waterloo. As a Jesuit and a man I believe now to be insane, you can see and hear certain things that tell you he believes his royal lineage is some sort of reincarnation of the bloodline.

    I like to point to certain things as very important though many may just pass by them. Trumps recent use of the “Armada” was really a telling. Versus the Naval fleet or Armed Squadron or another term he used “Armada” This is too antiquated except for a king speaking to the serfs. He may be crazier than Hillary who thinks she is channeling the Spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt.

    “Be afraid be very afraid” Insect Diplomacy and Historical Biopolitics

  3. Rodrigo, you have just been MARKED for regime change!

    Donald Trump called Rodrigo Duterte to affirm alliance.

    As he does this the MICC is attacking him over his killing of ISIS and drug cartels. What a farce!


    Feds deceived us about billionaire sex offender’s ‘sweetheart deal,’ teen victims say

    Trump’s Labor nominee was involved in Epstein plea deal–law/trump-labor-nominee-was-involved-corruption-crackdown-epstein-deal/jMPFen2uTe5fAv3FITVIgK/

    State Attorney Barry Krischer was the reason I had to leave Florida. Corrupt drug running police and pedogate. The Trump Palm Beach connections to Epstein are a small part of the major crime running through the county.

    You die fast there.

  5. Israeli Defense Minister: ISIS “Apologized” To Israel For Attacking Israeli Soldiers via @AnonHQ

  6. Dutch Cradle or Pedophile Rothschild Banking Scum.

    Dutch banker Ronald Bernard blows the whistle on world’s satanic elite


  7. Joo-joo-bee George Doros and his minions

    REVEALED! Hundreds Of George Soros Owned Organizations

    “You will see (by) two Catholic organizations he formed that Soros has actually put the Vatican under his control. This will explain Pope Francis.”

    It’s the other way around, I believe.


    What else would government pedophiles call it?

    FBI Director Slams WikiLeaks, Calls It “Intelligence Porn,” Assange Fires Back

    Disclosure Jimmy, not porn. Fake News Jimmy, not Journalism!

    Comey: WikiLeaks is ‘intelligence porn,’ not journalism

    One of my first posts here onCOTO was a condensed version of a 80 page document I wrote back in 1999 about how the FBI was a reality the protection racket for the emerging Government Mafia. Their main purpose, “to mend fenced, protect the family, secure dossiers on the blackmailed operatives. THE COMEY SHOW is an orchestrated theatre with the ASSANGE CIA to implant and entrain the audience into INGSOC by playing out this scripted bullshit.

    We are in the final act of the show. Trump as a compromised and puppet, who appears likely to be a Jesuit coadjutor bishop, may indeed be a knight or possibly a mere pawn who is under the blackmai scheme and just another picket in the fence.

    Either way, the surveillance state is coming by way of the “national security” con and Assange will play out his role as the poster child for the SNOWJOB. Edward Snowden also may play a role as well. It would not surprise me to see the “Fake NEws” play out a death or some other severe plot to resume ‘extraordinary rendition.’

    It’s far too obvious how he wound up in the Ecuadorian consulate knowing the history of CIA involvement there from the 1940’s through the 1960’s.

    It’s a pretty good script so far and not too surprised how many are falling for the narrative. They have convinced most that Russia is the threat (to NWO) while the Chinese have the game well in hand. Putin’s role still has me stumped. He is by far the best actor nominee, in my opinion.

    My only criticism is the pace. It is a bit slow. We should see some action and some chase scenes soon. A bit of intrigue would help also. What I wonder is – does someone have some real hacked ‘dynamite?’ Like Kimmy Un?

    It appears they are already giving oscars and emmy’s

    Norwegian press advocacy group gives prize to Snowden in Moscow due to ban in Norway

    How about a little polonium guys? Let’s write Eddie out of the script.

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