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All Aboard the Crazy Train? “Just Say, No.”

David Icke’s surmisings on Trump 12/19/17.  Icke points out the World-Wide REJECTION by The People, of the “Ruling Elite’s” management and administration of OUR WORLD.

Elite’s Deserved Grade for Their Continuing “Destruction & Chaos” M.O. = FUBAR

Trump fires ICBM from California in response to N. Korea materiel display off their coast (4-27-17).

ESCALATION (Strategy of “Tension”):  Amazingly, just today, we see the initial mutterings of madmen contemplating reinstating “The Draft” .  By Stephen Lendman

“On Monday, he called on Security Council members to impose “stronger sanctions” on North Korea, heightening tensions by claiming the DPRK “is a real threat to the world …and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.”

Pyongyang called the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group deployed off the Korean peninsula “an extremely dangerous act by those who plan a nuclear war to invade.”

China’s President Xi Jinping called for all sides to show “restraint, and avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation on the peninsula.”

“…Trump’s rage for war heightens concerns. Waging it on the Korean peninsula risks possible nuclear confrontation – what all regional nations want avoided above all else”.



Dave Hodges guesses North Korea is a “distraction”, same as Russia is projecting (Supposedly):

“The Russian media is beginning to make a lot of noise, the kind of noise that says North Korea is nothing but a distraction.

Russian Insider publication vehemently supporting the belief that the real action will take place elsewhere when everyone is distracted. And I have the distraction. In the morning, you will see clear and convincing proof of UN combat helicopters on American soil and I have them on tape carrying out missions”.





  1. What we know is that either Hillary or Donald would have us right where we are now. Minus some personal touches, the MICC complex would be in charge. Congress would be blocking Hillarys pro immigration [18] and instead it’s [27] Trumps 7-11 versus Hillary’s 5-11.

    What false flag differences there would be is something to consider. It would likely reverse false flag SYRIA to North Korea where Hillary would just have bombed Syria and created a false flag for KJ Un.

    This is a Joo-joo op for sure. For those who are interested in the Chymical Wedding of Jesuit Masons and Fake Joo Khazar Kabbalists you should view this. Read the books if you can but at least watch this.

    These are some of the assassinated exposers of the game of thrones. How the Catholic church started all wars and how the Zionists assisted and derived their power and wealth (ala Rothschilds)

    The Pentagon and NATO are ripe with trained Jesuits, but the real science was how they invaded the Protestant US and infiltrated and co-opted all orders from Baptist (Billy Graham) to Seventh Day Adventist to the Mormon and Scientology .

    Where they really attack is in the FED EDUCATION program. This is where they have really done the damage and where they spearheaded the demise of prayer in school and the communist gay agenda. They were responsible for all wars, vietnam. Hiroshima and elsewhere where the worhip of Catholicism (Sun) was rejected. They created Islam and Communism and the nuclear Third Reich.

    Regarding DREAM #57, I have been thinking it’s coming to fruition on

    5/7/17 – The Paris Agreement which Climate change (Polar Bear) is subect to the election in France. The question is what happens? Le Pen, Macron, Trump assassinated? Or is it the false flag day for larger EU Brexit event. Since it is May and Theresa May is PM, it may be London. We will have to wait and see if that day goes without incident.

    • THE JESUITS – #57

      ‘Dreyfus Affair’ In The Age Of Le Pen via @NYJewishWeek

      [Now, “The Dreyfus Affair,” a new multimedia show about the episode, comes to the Brooklyn Academy of Music this week (through May 7.) It opens on the heels of the first round of presidential elections in France, as the second-place finisher, Marine Le Pen, has expressed views that many see as anti-Semitic, and as Muslim anti-Semitism continues to induce French Jews to leave the country.]

      • Why Paris? The next great deception coming. I am posting it soon.

  2. This just popped up on the radar. Don’t know what to think of it…

    • It fits the agenda though I do not prescribe to the Russia US WWIII as anything except a fake fear campaign. But the reset transition to a false flag or wag the dog bay of Pigs is completely possible.

      There is the event that will make the Paris Agreement, Currency and global authority come to fruition. The complexity of ways to get there are numerous. One truth and an infinite number of lies.

      Migration: It promotes the sense of overpopulation. It is a priority to dilute American Exceptionalism at any cost. It also has to be one where the migration goes to major centers STRONG CITIES (aka ICLEI) Get us all into District 9. (under control of the Trump teams new massive surveillance and governance)

      This has been the Jesuits goal since they created Islam, Communism, Nazism and the NWO. World War III is a global civil war in my opinion while the WMD are used in the background. I think it started and will climax under Trump’s term. Crazy is coming, that I bet on.

      The war is weather, climate, famine, flood, drought, pestilence and those who create it will profit. Putin will be banking as well as our leaders.

  3. Poll: Americans Support The Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else

    A new Morning Consult/POLITICO survey, published on 26 April, indicates that most American voters support the military-industrial complex more than they support any other recipient of U.S. federal government spending.

    The military-industrial complex includes almost all federal contractors, the top ten of which, in the ranking of the “Top 100 Contractors of the U.S. federal government”, are all military suppliers:


    1: Lockheed Martin.
    2: Boeing.
    3: General Dynamics.
    4: Raytheon.
    5: Northrop Grumman.
    6: McKesson.
    7: United Technologies.
    8: L-3.
    9: Bechtel.
    10: BAE.

    Those ten firms would be the likeliest main beneficiaries from today’s America’s extremely pro-military-industrial-complex public, which is clearly revealed in this poll.

    2,032 American voters were asked in the poll a list of objectives that might be so important as to justify “the government must shut down.” Only one single objective was close to being supported by an absolute majority of the respondents, so that the government’s going to shut-down would, in those respondents’ view, be justified for Congress to do in order to achieve that given objective, which was stated as:

    “Increase funding for defense and homeland security.” 47% of respondents (just shy of an absolute majority, which is 50+%) chose that goal as being so drastically important; 39% chose instead the answer, “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” 14% chose “Don’t Know / No Opinion.” In other words: 47% were in support of any member of Congress who refused to vote to fund the government unless the proposed legislation to keep the government going would “Increase funding for defense and homeland security” (increase funding that’s going mainly to those ten firms).

    Increased spending on the military-industrial complex (which is incontestably the most corrupt portion of the U.S. federal government) is so extremely important to 47% of America’s voters, according to this poll. Those 47% are like a huge cheering section for those ten corporate stocks: they’re willing to shut down the federal government if the taxpayer-money going to those ten firms isn’t increased.


    Hey, the Markets are doing great! Keep it up at all costs

  4. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

    Profiting off of the manufacture and sale of “products” used to “control” politically, whomever your country demonizes as “the enemy”.

    That’s a sordid business plan, but its as old as antiquity.

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