Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 25, 2017



You can’t miss the Nuclear family and Fallout in this extremely complex Illuminati offering by Katy Perry. The numbers, symbology, colors and references are intense and dense in this packaged mind-control A.D.D. mega scenic collage. They are almost subliminal they come so fast. But for the average hamster wheeling millennial lemmings, all seeing is unseen. I have to give this a A+ for massive clues to coming attractions while dumping it in a blisteringly rapid fire.

You could spend days pointing out the background players and objects that permeate throughout this mediocre melody and lyrical cut. The rhythm, though catchy is just overflowing with Trump Nuclear and flashback retro Russia Cuba missile crI$I$, alien and space and trans-formative human borg-like oblivion.

147 – 528= 666 Wildcard 7 in play (711) – It has UFO Bluebeam, Nuclear Event, Mind Control, ELF HAARP,  DNA, NASA, Pedophilia, Great Delusion tones and the color graphics are amazing. Extremely thick with the Illuminati messaging. This is the best to date production for what I believe is the imminent bluebeam project which will be complicated series of events “chained to the rhythm” of MSM and NASA, NAVY, NATO, NOAA and the rest of the covert science corp.

You will find more details in this 4 minute flat with 124 separate shots which is about 2 seconds average per shot. Premium quality Kabbalist production in which she changes form in over 2 dozens shots.

Enjoy the lemming beta mind meld and the clues to what comes from the Jesuit and Joo-joos in Holyrood. It does not get any better than this one. If the rhythm doesn’t get you the greatest ride in the world will.

Here is Tim Rifat’s PDF breakdown.   Please take note of the blue images and their meaning and the council of nine. Excellent work by the fabricators.



  1. 9/11 Memorial “Huge Toilet Bowl”

  2. A twisted “Disneyesque” romp with a flotilla of mind-scrambling, multi-colored ju ju be’s to be consumed a handful at a time.

    I think we should “Name These Tunes” shat out by the ILLuminatti illustrators. I would call this Perry tune, “Post Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Count Chocula Diarrhea”. A real porcelain spackling load of crap. Created for what? This is crap, not art. Crap art by demented enslavers.

    “We’re all chained to the ryhthym”? Hardly. Many, many don’t move to this beat, don’t succumb to the “rhythym” of the PC crowd.

    Consider the expense that went into this programming. Sit in the woods, in nature, and bring this poo poo up on your eye-phone, and consider the plastic fakeness and “unreality” of their theme park “reality”.

    Puddy, its diificult to relate to such plastisized rainbow guano. Perhaps millenial mall roving, Walmart shopping and entrained individuals would sing-along and be energized by such syrupy shtick put out by the Hollowood Zio Peds?

    Entertrainment of this type is a Sign-of-the-Times. Walk out of Their Theme Park, and immediately the Reality of Their greater Dark Vision for Us All becomes apparent.

    Blade Runner World is Their Goal.

    • It’s the ADD speed trials that really gets me. The continuity staff must have been out to lunch Boomer. The goal was to pack an entire lifetime into 4 minutes and deliver the NWO manifesto in a color coded collage of creepy backdrops for creepy Katy who was the perfect Donna Reed.

      Even down to the hamster on the iPads, the gifts of empty boxes were highlighted as the portals of CERN for a triple helix roller coaster ride. You gotta love the cotton candy shrooms as well. Not too much corn syrup but lots of fallout. You take note that it’s an asian (Korean) handing her the nuclear treat.

      Too much mental junk food here to cover. And I cannot bring myself to watch it again.


    Chained to the Zionists apparently, and we know what they are about.


      Trump installs former Cheney advisor. Look whom else the guy has served.


        See also, other Lame Cherry posts. He was a Trump pumper initially, but quickly got fed up with the Wall Street / Zionist cabinet installed around Trump, and the Obvious Reversals trending big time towards Neocon wish lists.

        • I appreciate when they just say they made a mistake. Not easy but it is more important to realize it will never be anything else but what is was before. A fountainhead statue animated and spewing colored water by the unseen pumps of globalist kabbalah. 300 years should be time enough to completely control it or destroy it. Figure they may just want to start over again.

    • When these tidbits come out I wait for the INFOWARS response. I just love their creativity and scripting. Russia trained someone there. The STRATFOR team and PRAVDA method?

      I wish Hilllary had won. Then we would not have to suffer the Trump lemmings which are worse than the Katy Perry and GaGa lemmings.

      Trump divided the sandwich in fours. Just like they do with the Club Sandwich at Trump Country Club, Palm Beach and Mar Lago.



  5. Your globalist scumbaggery of the day

    US should stay in Paris climate accord says energy secretary Rick Perry. Trump considers….


    A good insight into Schumer’s elitist attitude, and where he is coming from.

  7. He’s batting 1000, you gotta give him that.

    Trump Won’t Pull U.S. Out of NAFTA

    Trade changes and immigration changes won’t mean $1 to American Workers.

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