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ParadISIS: Triomphe de Trump

Battle for the Élysée Palace


How to manipulate an already rigged election:

1. Send a pig to ParadISIS  – 8e Arr_t

Paris: Gunman kills officer before being shot dead – AlJazeera

2. Telegraph the Terror

How terrorism in France is having a huge impact on presidential election -Telegraph

3. Sacrifice a hero for Le Pen  and do it THREE (3)  Days before the polls open (Champs-Élysées)

Paris terror attack: Police search home after officer’s death on Champs-Elysees – USA Today

But most importantly, remain in and maintain the VORTEX

+852 – 741 = 3    A Trump Triumph Thursday

3 days, 3 shot by (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39

Police have searched a home in the Paris suburb of Chelles after Thursday’s fatal terror attack that left one police officer dead and two others wounded.

Authorities believe the residence that is home to (3) Karim Cheurfi, 39, is linked to the shooting that took place on the Champs-Elysees, the Associated Press reported.

Cheurfi has a police record and is known to authorities, according to the Associated Press and CNN.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting in which the assailant died in the exchange of gunfire.

The assault in the popular tourist area came just  three days before a critical presidential election in which security has loomed as a major issue.

The Islamic State identified the attacker as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki through its Amaq news agency, according to SITE Intel Group, a U.S.-based organization that monitors terrorists’ activity online.

Hoax, Staged, MK-Ultra, fabricated event.  Remember SITE Intelligence is a Jewess Rita Katz sitting in an apartment creating fake ISIS videos. She is famed for the beheading hoaxes and disinfo.  When the MSM uses her BS, you know it’s a staged hoax.  Le Pen can win, and the momentum may be enough but either way, the goal is chaos and unrest until D-Day. We watch for September after all the elections and divide and conquer is done.




  1. Fatal attack in Paris, the sixth terror attack in the French capital in three years. Ninth total

  2. Paris shooting: Champs Elysees attack likely to boost Le Pen in French election she’s already dominating

  3. Sessions: Arresting Julian Assange Is Now a Priority for U.S. via @thedailybeast

    Watch the anti-whistleblower campaign. Fron Snowden to Assange. Watch the whole pretext before and after the fake news-fake government assault on the CIA operative Julian Assange.

    This ought to be quite a convincing performance by the state actors and the protagonist, Assange. Step by step this script has played out and sheeple are none the wiser.

    VAULT 7 – code for TRUMP’s NWO assassination of Assange and the anti-whistleblowers whether in MSM reporters, Federal employees, concerned citizens or any other “rogue” exposer.

    Trump is the surveillance king and he is the character for INGSOC’s big brother that Orwell could never have fully realized. While Vault 7 being code for “controlled disclosure” only a fiction is released.

    “C” ISIS Meeting____________________POMPEO___4/13/17

    “I am today surrounded by talented and committed patriots. These are men and women who signed up for a life of discretion and impact—for a career in service to their country.

    These officers have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. They have signed secrecy agreements. They quietly go about their work and try not to get too worked up over the headlines, including the fanciful notion that they spy on their fellow citizens via microwave ovens. But they are not at liberty to stand up to these false narratives and explain our mission to the American people.

    Fortunately, I am. In my first meeting with CIA’s workforce, I promised that I would serve them and the American people—both at home and abroad—with the same passion and vigor that I displayed as a tank platoon leader in the Army, a business owner in Kansas, and a Congressman representing my constituents back home.

    That is the reason I chose to speak here today.

    As a policy, we at CIA do not comment on the accuracy of purported intelligence documents posted online. In keeping with that policy, I will not specifically comment on the authenticity or provenance of recent disclosures.

    But the false narratives that increasingly define our public discourse cannot be ignored. There are fictions out there that demean and distort the work and achievements of CIA and of the broader Intelligence Community. And in the absence of a vocal rebuttal, these voices—ones that proclaim treason to be public advocacy—gain a gravity they do not deserve.

    It is time to call these voices out. The men and women of CIA deserve a real defense. And the American people deserve a clear explanation of what their Central Intelligence Agency does on their behalf.”


    So much Bullshit…so little time

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo tells a whopper

  4. CSIS Programs and Projects

    CSIS’s research programs are dedicated to the most pressing issues facing the United States and the world. Led by our world class experts, these programs are the intellectual foundation of CSIS.

    Aerospace Security Project
    Africa Program***AFRICOM
    Alliances and American Leadership Project
    Americas Program***Venezuela
    Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative***North Korea
    Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy***
    China Power Project***
    Defense Budget Analysis
    Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group
    Energy and National Security Program***Russia
    Europe Program***
    Executive Education
    Global Food Security Project
    Global Health Policy Center
    Human Rights Initiative
    International Security Program
    Lillan and Robert D. Stuart Jr. Center in Euro- Atlantic and Northern European Studies
    Middle East Program***crI$I$
    Missile Defense Project
    Pacific Forum CSIS***Indonesia
    Project on Nuclear Issues
    Project on Prosperity and Development
    Project on U.S. Leadership in Development
    Proliferation Prevention Program
    Russia and Eurasia Program
    Southeast Asia Program***
    Technology Policy Program
    Transnational Threats Project
    Turkey Project***

    Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and
    Burke Chair in Strategy
    Dracopoulos Chair in Creativity and Innovation
    Freeman Chair in China Studies
    Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies
    Henry A. Kissinger Chair

    James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and
    Japan Chair
    Korea Chair
    Scholl Chair in International Business
    Simon Chair in Political Economy
    Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies
    William A. Schreyer Chair in Global Analysis

    The members and chairs cover the spectrum of CFR, Trilateral, Club of Rome, Le Cercle, CIA, NSA, Bilderberg and Foundations. Their site is a who’s who for Global Governance and 666 Buy Sell Trade NWO studies and programs.

  5. Dyncorp, UN and State Human Smuggling: John Kelly can’t identify them but we know who they are. crI$I$-CIA

  6. ‘Brennan of Arabia’: Emerging truth on the Russia-Trump narrative stranger than fiction

    • We notice that NONE of those walking in the halls of power, or sitting on their fat arses in door-keeping positions, are doing squat to investigate and gold accountable the Obvious Criminals cavorting before us.

      “Drain the Swamp” is a marketing Slogan, not a war cry.


    That’s who they go after? For petty crimes versus the Clinton’s, Bush’s, CONgress, Bankers, etc.?

    Just great.

  8. Brother Nathaniel points out the Jews affecting our reality. Consideration of this accusation and the results seen on the scene, connect the dots of criminal Conspiracy. There is merit to the Obvious. On a war footing (such as we are kept in since the PNAC/Zionist FF 9/11), what should happen to individuals acting in such ways against The Republic?

    Whom is “taking” this country to War with insane provocations, media psyops, and stupid war rhetoric from warmongering military leaders, pundits, and punch drunk political vampires like McCain, Graham,

    We already see where the Trump Train with the Kurchner conductor is headed. The Surveillance State seems to be blooming here in The Spring, rather than having its petals pulled. Massive Chemtrails Operations are relentlessly ongoing. ALL of the criminal elite are still AT LARGE if nobody has been noticing. Hillary & Bill. Kissinger, Soros. Dimon, and that Goldman Sachs gold digger. They pass around “immunity” cards to each other while nobody takes a fall.

    Its an amazing spectacle of Sleaze!

    It is a FAIL across the board for justice and accountability, just as with ALL the former administrations. See the Trend folks?

    Drill off NY Monday-Wed for a Nuke scenario in the channel. False Flag set-up? That’s the M.O. That’s all we keep getting…raped and pillaged.

  9. “If truth be known, Americans are no more free than were Germans under Gestapo Germany. “Freedom and Democracy America” is the greatest lie in the world”.

    “Ruby Ridge and Waco established the precedents that the US government could murder large numbers of Americans, and at Waco some foreigners, without consequence. The “representatives of the people” accepted the executive branch’s lies in order to avoid having to hold the executive branch accountable for what were clearly without any doubt capital crimes against American citizens for which the federal perpetrators of these crimes should have been tried and executed.

    These two instances established the precedent that the US government could murder US citizens at will.

    The next step was to take away the constitutional and legal protections of citizens that are in the Bill of Rights, the amendments to the US Constitution, and are, or were, institutionalized in legal practices.”

    AN IMPORTANT READ — “If This Is Freedom and Democracy, What Is Tyranny?” by Paul Craig Roberts, John Whitehead

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