Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 24, 2017

Spectres In The Fog


Pope to receive EU Heads of State and Government at Vatican

There is something afoot with the recent meeting of EU heads at the Vatican. As the Black pope has said recently;

Pope warns EU ‘risks dying’ without new vision (NWO)

Pope Francis decried a “vacuum of values” and lack of solidarity among EU states ahead of the EU’s 60th anniversary. He urged European leaders not to resurrect walls, in a message likely also aimed at the US and Britain.

London Bridge is falling down: It comes as the Queen E2 is going to die. I predict May one of several things will happen and trigger a series of events. Queen Elizabeth dies, Theresa May and Brexit will fail. How it happens is not clear to me but as Trumpcare met it’s fate, the conspirators of the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg CFR are sabotaging all exits from the Agenda 21 goals.

I said Obamacare was here to stay and that the Wall, Obamacare and refugee/illegal campaign would never materialize. I also said Brexit will fail.  Watch the clues and see that 60 years ago, after  the Bilderberg meeting in 1954 they created and planned the Treaty of Rome and the formation of the EU.  On March 25 1957 it was signed in the criminal realm of Prince Bernhard,  where 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans and CIA representation in what would be called Atlanticism, in terms of NWO Western domination.

Three years later the EU was formed. Along with the Club of Rome, Vatican assassins and the Joo-joo-bees from the US, the NWO was formed. Since then all subsequent treaties amending the original have bee done to centralize power, eliminate unanimity and taking control for the committee core elite.

“London Bridge is falling down” on secure lines….”May Fair Lady”


‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Queen gives Royal Assent to Brexit bill, allowing PM Theresa May to trigger Article 50

There are several keys to what must happen in Article 50. Theresa May has finally revealed that she will trigger Article 50 on March 29. That means Britain should officially leave the EU no later than April 2019. This is a long process requiring agreement, ratification, re-negotiations and other parts. But the key to this is what comes from the Cabal during the process.


I suspect there to be a major meeting if it has not already happened to orchestrate this hoax and staged Brexit.  It has to include the original access of evil  London, City of, DC and Vatican as nations US, UK Russia.  Much like WWII the axis power players are back and the recent French Marine Le Pen’s meeting with Putin just adds to the intrigue of what happens after the French election. We saw Geert Wilders miss the target, but I predict Le Pen could easily give a good run in the election. What remains a mystery to me is Merkel’s grip on a failing Germany. Aha. it’s part of the plot. Merkel is a drone for NWO but I never trust the French. Le Pen could be another Trump in a dress.

What the Club of Rome has in store for EU and US political theatre is coming into view but the trigger for a war has to play much like WWI and WWII, where false flags can bring the dumbed-down populations to fight for the globalists who are controlling all media and political intrigue solely for the purpose of psychological operations, deception and power grabbing for their own purpose. Lisbon was done in order for Brexit. I think it’s part of the plan for real economic change. The reset may need a war but for sure some fireworks. Someone needs to be assassinated or at least in theater or hoax. Some Reichstag before Trump gets tax reforms done. As soon as May I predict we get this trigger. I’d look to EU event that focused on Parliament. Was it a staged warning for Theresa May and Brexiters?

I suspect the Jesuit Black Pope will not poison himself, only previous non-Jesuit Popes were targets. But I never discount a Russia made Polonium pudding for Ms. May or a nice attempt on another Joo-joo-bee.  No doubt we can look at the Trump clan and the Jewish influence that has taken over the oval office but what the Jesuits and Jews play on is your ignorance to their collusion. Putin loves to be in the spotlight and I think he’s will to play Magog in the lead up to WWIII. Prophesy says we need one more so why not the coldest of wars. The climate is chilly to say the least and the weather outlook makes for a prefect storm. Merkel makes another great villain in this story. How could she effect Brexit and Trump exits? Watch the headlines for subtle clues.


I am certain that Mossad is entrenched in the family marriages of the Trump children and Ivanka now has  as much clearance as anyone.  I wonder if she is an agent. Mind controlled? Certainly possible. She’s not the only one married to a Jew.  It shapes up so well for the Left-Right game.  I am watching the last week on May for something large. 29-31 is indicated in numerology. We will see. Beware the Ides of March.






    The loneliest woman on earth
    May not attending EU Spectre meeting – smart girl.

    Theresa May to miss EU’s 60th anniversary summit, sources say

    A politician from a founding EU member state told the Guardian recently that May should trigger article 50 at least a week before the Rome celebrations, as anything closer would appear “unfriendly”. Italian officials have also told their British counterparts not to spoil the Rome party with an ill-timed article 50 notice.

    • This is pretty good info —

      • You have to add some things here.

        The staged “open mic” when Obama was with Medvedev before re-election.

        Include the spying of massive proportions upon the Birther Expose’ and what was really hacked. The hard drives of Dennis Montgomery as a “SNOWDEN” Larry Klayman Judicial Watch and his client show Comey running cover. A con-game?

        Somewhere, someone got something we don’t know about. It tends to make me believe this is all a rouse, a deflection to muddy the waters of a real leak. It may even include Podestgate. Call in the Kagans. Yeah perfect. You can’t script this better than to make NSA and GCHQ the spotlight for MI6 – Mossad and CIA psychological operations.

        Theresa May is a great actress. Donald seems to be flubbing his lines a bit. He says it’s complicated. No shit! It’s a game worthy of the usual suspects. Question is, who is Kaiser Soze? Are we dumbed down now? I like the coup. It’s a soft one but it’s broad reaching. Any and all players are going to divide and conquer us to a transition trom here to hell.

  2. Horrific “public” displays put up in Brussels. Sanctioned by “authorities”?

    “The MSM very purposefully launched this anti-Pizzagate truth campaign the day before the Washington demonstration today, Saturday, March 25, 2017.[2] In other words, Alex Jones’s feet were held to the fire (perhaps by Podesta’s lawyers) in order to compel him to retract all of his previous statements about Comet Ping Pong Pizza and its owner James Alefantis. WOW ! ! !” —

    • Jones is a Jesuit and his handlers Joo-joo-bees. A spitting image of what Trump is. He’s shown it for years. The Stratfor Austin hub for handling Texas borders. Get a load of “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez and the game of thrones for Texas. Governor Abbott , another prince of psyops. Poor Texans are so screwed as they ramp up Fast & Furious.

    • Alex Jones apologizes for propagating ‘pizzagate’ conspiracy theory

      (WASHINGTON) — Radio host Alex Jones, who helped propagate the fictitious “pizzagate” conspiracy theory that Washington, D.C., pizzeria Comet Ping Pong was a front for a child sex trafficking ring led by John Podesta, apologized to the restaurant owner, James Alefantis, Friday night on “Info Wars.”

  3. Pope Francis is a very sick and delusional man in my opinion. For a so called holy man, his eyes are filled with so much hatred and evil. His fangs drip with the blood of the helpless children who he has turned his back on. This Black Pope shows us all just how much trouble the Catholic Church is really in. Have they ever impeached a Pope? If not, it’s about time they start with this one. Surely he is of the darkness !!!!


    • If you kill the Catholic faith you mortally wound Christianity based on sheer numbers. A top Malta adjudicator was needed to head the church to control the massive child exploitation. QE2 was complicit as many EU heads. He’s the most dangerous man in my view and he has the control of wealth we cannot imagine. There’s a reason why the congregation are referred as lambs.
      Ready for slaughter. Try to convince them to be as wise as a serpent is hopeless.

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