Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 21, 2017

Sanctuary: Secret Sharia Smuggling

Non-Vetted Refugees Arriving in the Middle of the Night

DISEASED REFUGEES Obtain SSN’s and Passports Upon Arrival in US – Gateway Pundit

Six Diseases Return To US as Migration Advocates Celebrate ‘World – Breitbart

Obama Effectively ‘Barred’ Christian Syrian Refugees | The Daily Caller

I posted in 2011 that the largest migration in human history was coming. Adding EU and US as the venues, I said larger than the slave trade triad from historical records.

I also predicted the rise of TB as the major epidemic that would come to the US. Whether they have weaponized it with non-treatable strains is uncertain.  What we know is the corrupt CDC is not giving us the facts.

We remember 2012 and all the white UN vans found on the Tarmacs of Airports from google maps. We saw the coffin liners in Georgia. We saw the train cars, the large ammo purchases, redi-meals in the millions and the rest of the government purchases. So what now?

It appears Obama has set up shop and his mentor George Soros is not waiting for a Trump travel ban.  The secret flights from private aircraft contractors. Dyncorp, CIA, and maybe even UPS. Regardless the flights are coming in daily to points like St. Louis or maybe Mena airport where Bill Clinton smuggled drugs for the Bush Crime Syndicate.  This is the case in Germany as well. Funny that Trump met with Merkel recently and we know what they talked about in private.

What Really Triggered the Laptop Ban?

It’s great cover and deception for the secret smuggling of what are predominately male refugees being flown it at early hours without transponders and quietly landing in Missouri where unmarked vans bus them to central processing stations.  I wrote about it in the Royal Scam because this is a Vatican-Soros effort and you know Obama is running ops in his new digs when not golfing.

Do not be fooled by Trumps fight with Sanctuary cities and travel bans as while this huge staged left right con and theater continues, the flights will be coming in on regular scheduled frequency.  I would guess at 100,000 or more based upon State numbers say 38,000 so far this year. You can always triple the number but be aware this is a secret program and the sanctuary cities are fighting for money as it becomes big business and huge waste. Social Security cards are the tip of the iceberg of money coming from the Obama team during the eight years he doubled the debt.

American Gladio

These militants, GLADIO C  scum will be more of a problem than the mexico issue when the time comes. They will be trained, funded and focused.  You might wonder if Trump is true in his efforts to stop what he knows is happening. It doesn’t really matter to me. The fact is they will come regardless of a southern wall.

In case you are not aware Canada’s Trudeau, a trained Jesuit nation assassin will tear Canada to shreds with his refugee program and this is the border we should be watching carefully.  As these Gladio mercenaries are spreading out over the nation, we can also tie fast and furious and other means to arm them and their training in recruiting the hopeless dumbed-down, millennials to  join the project Agenda 21 I call “Trance-formation”

Don’t ever let a refugee use your laptop.



    March 22 2017

    Tomb of Jesus Christ completes €3.7 million renovation
    Tomorrow, the renovated site will be inaugurated in the presence of senior political and religious leaders from Greece, as well as Holy Land clergy.

    Wheres the Black Pope Bergoglio?


    Westminster attack: woman killed and others left with ‘catastrophic’ injuries in ‘terrorist incident’ – live

    Major incident at parliament after alleged assailant shot by armed police and attack on Westminster Bridge in central London
    At least 10 people treated for injuries on Westminster Bridge
    Alleged assailant shot by police in attack
    Police officer stabbed and seriously injured
    Police confirm incident is being treated as terrorist attack
    House of Commons suspended
    What we know so far

    With all the 250 cameras in London, they should have real footage. We will wait to see what crap they offer.


    BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under “Systematic Illegal” Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It

    The Strategy of Tension ought to peak during the summer heat.


    March 22 2017

    At the heart of the matter. Everybody in FBI Government knew. Spying on everyone from
    Gabby Giffords 150 judges. Remember Judge Roll? Sheriff Arpaio Hawaiian Health Director Loretta Fuddy (they killed her) and hundreds of other officials who may have received the leaked info were under surveillance.

    It’s being played as a LIMITED HANGOUT with Russia but maybe there is more to this than what Montgomery has.

    Top Republican Says U.S. ‘Incidentally’ Spied on Trump Team, But Not Over Russia

    ‘Incidentally’ while spying on hundreds of other American citizens

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