Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 14, 2017

Five Eyes and Seven Ears


December 1 2016

As I surmised after Trump’s entrance into the election , I stated that he would advance the police state and surveillance grid like no other before him. Regardless of whether you believe that they are spying on each other, you are the most surveilled citizens in the world  with exception to Great Britain.

My belief is of course that all the left right paradigm and players are staging, scripting and fomenting the news as well as the leaks. Snowden to Russia and back to Wikileaks and Mother MI6, the Israeli-Vatican Joo-joos are collecting the largest mass of data in an enterprise that can only be for purposes beyond the FBI dossiers of the J. Edgar Hoover era. Like Hoover, these twisted freaks are playing the game of deflection to get you thinking that they are still adversarial.

Russia says Clinton had more contact with Russian officials than Trump. Hell, Trump and Clinton had more meeting than they did independently with Russian ambassadors or Putin himself.  Now we get the fake MI6 dossiers, Vault 7, Trump Obama-gate and the GCHQ.


Yes, Five Eyes and Seven Ears. The mother ship of all cointelpro is British Intelligence along with Tavistock and Chatham House (RIIA)  This is where ISIS and al-CIAda were created. The Israelis run the surveillance sure, to make sure there are no whistleblowers with the inside core group, but the Vatican and their assassins may be called in anytime to clean the mess.  Watch carefully as the Trump-Obamagate Wiretap BS plays out.  Did you catch the Judge Napolitano or CIA analyst offer Obama’s go around for the US Intelligence and going directly to GCHQ? Yes GCHQ, the Defence Signal Intelligence group for Great Britain and the Lords of Full Spectrum wiretapping and eavesdropping.

Managed by the Mossad, most of the EU is under surveillance but the operations personnel know they are under watch.  Not likely they will do anything wrong considering they all got their jobs and promotions based upon the dirt the Israelis gathered over the years from the days of  SHAMROCK, BLACK CHAMBER, ECHELON, 911-811, INSLAW, PROMIS software back doors, AMDOCS, PRISM massive Honeypots and setups and damning evidence to blackmail them into service. It was  how they got the Mafia into the CIA in the JFK years and since that time the Mafia has just moved into government.  Michael Corleone went legitimate too, remember? It was Phiple Troenix, the Carnivore project that placed the FBI’s role in covering up 911. It was instrumental along with ECHELON to monitor the internet VOIP and landlines post 911 to insure they would mend any fences if needed. And they did. Hundreds died mysteriously in the eight years under Bush-Cheney.

With the real leaks that came out prior to Edward Snowden, the Master of the Human Domain had to reassess how they would avoid this problem. This was the enterprise system.  How they would take SIGINT, Cellular, land based data, internet and dark web and encrypted systems and collect ALL the data in a way where only EYES would have access to the data beyond the Justice Department and warrant segment of law enforcement. This is where we are now.  All, 100% of the traffic is being intercepted, run through the algorithms and keyword gauntlets and the being diverted to deep state servers with just trickles going into law enforcement servers.  It’s the law enforcement and Justice Department that were the targets of PROMIS software and Israeli intelligence to monitor the key traitors involved with PNAC’s New American Century and Pearl Harbor program created somewhere around 1990.  This is the expose that costed Danny Casolaro and others their lives for attempting to expose it.

Now, the only enemy is GPS. When I got information from ex CIA NOC informant, they did not carry a cell phone.  Like Trump said, if you need security, write a letter and deliver it yourself, but leave your cellphone at home and take a taxi.

Mr. Wiretap and his Honeypot

Today the news has indicated Intel is buying MobileEye. This is the new millennial version of PROMIS and AMDOCS. The Israelis will have the keys to your car and the Intel chipsters will oblige in all the NWO corporate rules. Remember you pay  up and keep your mouth shut or they shut you down. Only the Bilderberg 500 are going to be employers for the New World Order.

Trump and Obama is entertaining yes, but it’s only fiction like the whole house of cards.  Netflix can  offer only slightly better entertainment because they can use pedophilia, assassination, blackmail, etc. while DC Holyrood can only offer conspiracy  and third person narratives on these themes.

You should have heard the laughs I got when I said China was putting surveillance into furniture. lamps. refrigerators and other appliances in 1999.  Now these folks call me and I get to laugh now.  I found a GPS, GSM signal emanating from a Chinese UHF-VHF Antenna I purchased. It pretends to be remote receiver for mechanical control but it’s frequency and data is nowhere near 433Mhz and has a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) signal that I will attempt to decode using my dark web wireless cracking tools.  The only thing I do not know is whether this was in the antenna at production or was it modified just for me.

My advise is the same as it was in 2013. It is time to dump your cell phone and disengage your cars GPS. If you have a  new TV, unplug it’s power when not in use. If it’s connected to internet and gaming, recording, modem boxes disconnect the cable, phone line or wireless.  My new advise is for entrepreneurs.  You should consider opening a junkyard and thrift store and buy old TV’s appliances and used cars pre 1999 and go into business. Or learn how to do counter-surveillance and soon you will be in big demand. Remember the IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, Justice Department are listening and every Googler and Telecom is getting rich on your most private and public information.  Trump is Twitter, Obama is Facebook and the now 14 Eyes is SPECTRE.


The reality in this case is real. All the information is cheap to get. It is sold for money, collected for government targeting of citizens and the real stuff is delivered to places like Space, Utah, and other places unknown. It is encrypted and Eyes only for the deep state committee and their agenda.  How many people have said information is power?  Government Gangstalking is based upon this information. They know your family, friends, medical history, financial information, political leanings, religious affiliations and sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is a recruitment tool as well.   Real ID and chipped cards are tracking tools and your habits are important.  There are reasons beyond this though. Somewhere in the deep dark rooms there is a master plan where all the data will be used to provide you a special program, tailor made just for you.  No secret that bio-metric data is being collected and DNA identity as well.  I can get yours by rummaging through your garbage. They can get it with a scanner.


We suspect the nanotechnology and buckyballs are are the basis for Morgellons disease. What we don’t know is whether the Morgellons fibers are indeed radio transmitters. They are currently testing nano injections of these little assassins to target specific cells based on frequencies so why not let us breathe in these little circuits and voila, instant connectivity!

Now the mesh networks can go to work to collect the information at an even deeper level.  Likely we are already bugged and if needed we can be sent a special frequency and have a heart event or a trigger for a rapid fake cancer.  It was my contention that Fukushima may have been staged for public consumption so that they could chemtrail us with radioactive nano-particles. I suspect they really do not want to damage earth, because they consider it their property but instead rid the surface of the virus and bacteria known as human beings.  Uranium and Plutonium is a terrific sterilization idea it is a better means for communication.  So what is the surveillance state really up to in the final equation? I have to believe it’s a massive database for genetic and socio-political extermination. Seems to be irrelevant whether Obama wiretapped Trump at this point. We should be way ahead of that now.





  1. So what’s it all about? This SIMS World of ours?

    Billions of years of evolution, all the noble thoughts. All the science. All the songs. All the love, the hate and the in-between. What is it that I can’t seem to shake that exists outside their nightmare? Is it a thought spurring a feeling that makes me imagine all this is even real?

    So, what is it Patrick?

    When I was a kid hanging-out with the WWII & Korean vets at Bay Pines I saw first hand what some of the experiments were producing. But no one wants to believe this shit.

    Now all the fools (me included) are hoping against hope that we’ll see some push-back against this insanity. But, as before, all we’re hearing is lip-service.

    There’s been some seeming store-front push-back. The TPP for now has been shelved. Some other things. But the big issues, the ones we know they have proof of, the treason, sex-slavery, pedophilia-rings, wanton genocide, 9/11, Obama’s forged B-C, the Clinton Foundation, and on and on … the things they already should have been hung for.

    Trump’s in. So is Sessions. Where is “Because you’d be in jail?” Why isn’t the B-C an issue now? Trump has the proof. We all do. What is the hold-up?

    So? What? Revolts? Because we’re at the end. The center will not hold. Even IF Trump was all that the most ardent supporters imagined and prosecutions were taking place, in a best case scenario we’re still be looking at major social upheavals that I don’t think anyone, not even “the planners,” can control.

    So this is it? After all these billions of years, for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, we just happened to be lucky, or unlucky enough, to be here at the possible end of humanity as we have known it?

    More and more I retreat into the spiritual realm. And I wonder, is it too just another scam? Am I a false convent only because I’ve retreated instead of gravitated? Will God notice?

    • I think you answered your own question Michael. I think that is exactly where we need to retreat to. It’s a messy journey this train from Hope to Faith. It’s the last train from perdition in my mind. What can you believe? All of it or none of it. Selecting some and rejecting others is a gamble at best. Questioning this faith is easier to resolve than the daily news. If there is no truth and the reality is not there we have to make our own. If you believe in GOD you are on track and if we question it as a scam, maybe we can create GOD. It may be more real as anything else we believe.

      Considering the cabal who say we own nothing here in 3D reality, we still own our spirit. Faith is something we cannot afford to lose. If we have nothing else we have nothing to lose by staying on track. But possibly much to gain. It’s a better bet than the runaway train of degenerates. They will never arrive and eventually the trip is nothing more than hell in perpetude.

      I may very well be completely wrong about Trump but agree and either way + or – the end will be the same. I agree with you on that point. If he’s neutral the vortex just passes through him.

      I heard the number 57 yesterday and looked at the number of Presidents assassinated. Four sitting presidents have been killed, all of them by gunshot: Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President), James A. Garfield (the 20th President), William McKinley (the 25th President) and John F. Kennedy (the 35th President). Trump is Seven and maybe the fifth assassinated president. That would assume that they don’t fake it and shoot his double.

      The universe and brain have no firewall. Therefore anything goes, anything possible. A quantum leap into many dimensions and many illusions. Somewhere there is the Matrix Man the origin point. A big D-Wave planet or Sun running this program. I have faith it’s GOD and not a Rabbi or Pope.

      • I believe because it’s the only thing left. Which to me is kind of cheating.

        Yeah, it’s comforting. And there are all these unexpected confirmations. And all the pieces of the puzzle I will probably never be able to figure-out, but it’s strange to be here now. Now at what seems to be the very end. No retirement home for us. No place to retire to. Just a ring-side seat at the edge of the abyss.

        I doubt 200-years ago not too many people were casually chatting about nano-bot electronic fungus’s terraforming our planet and rewiring our brains. Still probably not that many.

        Back then you could escape all this. Of course I would miss indoor plumbing and electricity. But not much else. Now we’re all trapped. And once they start turning off the lights, that’s when we’ll really see our faith tested.

  2. GCHQ – ‘Russia A Threat To UK Elections’

    We know there is already enough rigging in the frigging! Russia could only balance the trim.

  3. I’m a month behind in my editing. But about 2-weeks ago a young-man from LA-suburb, a small but rather wealthy one, told me he was on the Election Board of that area. He tabulated the votes as they came in. This is what he told me. “75% were for Trump.” Hopefully I’ll be posting it soon.

    The system is dying. In fact it’s already dead. If we can hold it together for the next 10-odd years without stepping on our own “Bouncing Betty” and blowing ourselves into the next dimension, who knows?

    Still I wonder. Was I born too late? Or too soon? And if I’m right on time, why do I feel so out of place?

    • It’s funny I felt out of place as a child and has returned in my second childhood. It made more sense in the middle. I count on the fact that it will all be resolved when we leave. Near death experiences twice have helped me to navigate the insanity and arrive at the conclusions I admit to here.

      • Near death experiences. When I think of how many times I should have died, I mean seriously million-to-one odds and here I still am.


        • Schrodinger aside many theorists say you cannot die until your time. The paradox is not provable but if you jumped off a cliff to kill yourself you will not die unless it is your time. If you died was it your time? If we knew the time, then we could walk into lions dens like Daniel without fear or peril. Accidents and near death experiences are the observable but we experience possible death with every breath we take and every motion you make.

          Schrodinger might say we are never dead until one observes us dead. If we die do we just move through the vortex to another state? So I have proposed that we pass through dimensions or possible alternate states all the time. What may be happening in this crazy world is a transition or transformation to one they have created in advance.

          It would explain a lot of what we all are feeling in physical and psychological terms. If you feel like a stranger in a strange land at this time, I think you are right where you are supposed to be. When the next shift occurs be ready to jump.

          _ _ _ _ _ – * – _ _ _ _ _

  4. Google’s DeepMind makes AI program that can learn like a human

    • This is how you keep administrators from becoming whistleblowers. You mange it all by AI and algorithms that adjust on the fly. Eventually all creation of society will be run on Quantum coherent system with ever evolving intelligence. If they screw up////,….it never happened.

  5. Good, thoughtful comments here. Yes, it is a “strange” time with no observable “security” against myriad Vectors assaulting humanity from every angle. Going with the Author of “Truth” instead of the demonized is the only answer that makes sense. A polarization is taking place, that was prophesied. I heard recently from a certain preacher, that the earth will end up with just 2 camps — those filled with the Holy Spirit, and those filled with demons. Choices are critical at this time.

    “Get out of the cities” would be one of the first things to do. Mayhem central, and “targets” they are for maximizing Chaos and heartbreak.

    From my 78 yr. old mom to many others, and you have posted here, people are definitely feeling out-of-time. It is my opinion that getting to know our Creator is “why?” we are here. The One and Only God, the “I Am” is He who “provides” for each of us. Why would I not align myself with the All-Powerful who is the Only One who can provide Salvation from this broken down place?

    It is only the supremely deceived, the colossally ignorant and incurious, and the insane that “choose” Evil and its ugly fruits.

    • It would seem that those have already met their god and remain in the flesh of it’s body. What I find so intriguing is their sufficient certainty of their commitment.

      The wailing and gnashing of teeth is soon to be coming. You can already see it in some media and pundits and even in Congress. Oh the humanity!

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