Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 24, 2017

“Its Poop!”…from the Mouth of Babes

Stumbled upon this video below…

Say it with conviction…”Its Poop!”

It is a terrific analogy for the visceral reaction so many are having to the Bull Shit thrown at us daily.  The poop purveying entities; the multiplex of modalities for selling shit to the masses have now become exposed to the light of day via the Alt-Net.  TPTB jiving is readily and immediately seen for what it IS — POOP!

As this young boy exhibits suspicion, honesty, and rebelliousness against something being sold to him as “food” from his “higher authority”, the lad makes a case-in-point for Truthers everywhere.  Just like this child, telling him its “good for him”, its “food”, a “Sloppy Joe”, does Zero to convince him this poop-resembling shit sandwich on his plate is edible.

The People have come to realize that most of what WE are served from the Matrix Vampires is Poop.  No matter what they tell us.  No matter what condiments are added for product

Cute video with a deeper meaning for Adults.  We are NOT accepting POOP in place of nourishment for our brains, bodies, or souls.  Bet on it.



  1. So, Sweden men especially, have shown they have no balls — according to most accounts (see ), and like France & Germany, their unforgivable “acceptance” of the raping of their women and children, and hence the destruction of their entire society, hangs in the balance.

    It is inexplicable, this PC syndrome emasculating the men of entire countries.

    If your women and children being raped by invading hordes is not reason enough to DEFEND your family members, your culture, your way of life, then a “good” reason will never manifest. Isn’t this Obvious?

  2. It’s a manwich!. The sloppy seconds are not on his menu. The example shows he knows more than Mom. There is fecal matter in hamburger. They cant get it all off at the slaughterhouse.. So they spray it with ammonia and add pink slime to keep it red. You can deflect it, omit to call it what it is, but a manwich one step above Taco Bell. It’s too bad the little genius is destined to be as dumbed down as we are.

    Sweden has a death wish. They also used to have the highest depression statistics at one time. That was before we got the call to be the test tube for world mind control. Seems feminism has come back to haunt women. Many countries, the men would just walk on by.

    The second amendment keeps a lot of this in check here, I suspect.

    So Jeff Bezos hires John Podesta. You have to have a nice contract with the CIA to make a move like this. Sad as the MSM is, I miss the old WAPO back during Watergate. At least the fake news was more interesting. Funny to watch Woodward defend Trump while Carl trashes him. Woodward can still call a spade a spade. He’s taken on Obama and been threatened. Maybe he does not want to tangle with the Jesuits, but he may be on their payroll.

  3. Fmr IMF Chief Sent to Jail As Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers in Enormous Corruption Scandal



    Why his surgery was scheduled on the date.

    He refers to Russerts death as a good reference/

    A young Bill Paxton wanted to see the president. He did — hours before John F. Kennedy was shot.
    2. Bill Was Raised as a Roman Catholic

    Keep the psyops and deflections coming…..

    February 26, 2017 — Annular Solar Eclipse – Time and Date – Vatican
    8th Sunday in 2017

  5. Oscars stage a coup: MOONLIGHT IN LA_LA_LAND!

    Everything We Know About the Oscars Best Picture Mistake and How It Happened

    [Everything We Know About the Oscars Best Picture Mistake and How It Happened
    Zamira Rahim
    6:43 AM Eastern
    For the first time in Oscars history, the wrong Best Picture winner was announced. La La Land was declared the winner and the acceptance speeches had already begun when the mixup became clear and the true victor, Moonlight, was announced. The chaotic — and awkward — moment is all anyone can talk about. Here’s what we know:
    What happened?

    The award was announced by Hollywood veterans Warren Beatty and Faye Duanway. Beatty opened up the envelope and in what was interpreted as an attempt to be funny, paused and looked at Dunaway. “”You’re awful!” Dunaway said, seemingly thinking her co-presenter was trying for a laugh. Beatty handed her the envelope and Dunaway promptly announced “La La Land!” It’s now emerged that Beatty was handed the wrong envelope — one that read “Emma Stone, La La Land.” Stone had just been announced as the “Actress in a Leading Role” winner.]

    Black Oscars turn white, then turn back to black. What a staged event! You cant miss Price Waterhouse Cooper’s role in this. A perfect attack on the Holyrood Horror that is Oscars.

    What a farce. Great to see the old guys like Dunaway (NETWORK) and Beatty (PARALLAX VIEW) get caught up in another conspiracy.

    I did not see the show but here is the setup

  6. As I predicted in January the assault has begun and the indicators are coming out now. Housing commercial sales down. Treasuries, Retail still sliding with Penny’s coming out and yet the Stocks are rising.

    Recession is here and it comes with the ides of March. As I predicted the convergence of Zebranomics will give us a tech bubble, real estate bubble and unbelievably the March rate hikes come. Those who think they may delay it are wrong. The question is how many hikes this year.

    DX Gas ans othercommodities will rise and the dollar dips show the recession is planned for the Donald as he gets ready to speak to the congress. I expect some real fireworks to aid the cabal in going crazy on the economy.

    The tax plan is the kicker…. Get ready for rock and roll in spring until a major false flag before an October Surprise. The next eight months.

    Really scary stuff coming to La-La Land. This should kill ACA changover and Obama & Co, (Soros) are busy with the deflections.

    Look at this staged orchestrated Joo-joo-bee event:

    Bomb Threats Made Against Jewish Community Centers In 11 States

    Watch the 7 wildcard and refresh yourself on 8-11 and knows what’s BELOW!!!!

  7. You’re as cold as ice

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