Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 6, 2017

Just like the Moonraker goes….coto knows


SpaceX will transport a deadly bacteria to the space station for study

A deadly Superbug that’s incredibly resistant to current antibiotics will be part of an upcoming SpaceX mission.

Sponsored by NASA and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), SpaceX will launch a lethal pathogen into space and deliver it to the International Space Station (ISS) in a near-zero gravity experiment to assess accelerated mutation rates of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Outer space offers an entirely different environment than earth, so the study can see if mutation patterns will occur in space that have not yet happened on earth. Of particular interest are gene expression and mutation patterns……read more

A deadly Superbug that’s incredibly resistant to current antibiotics will be part of an upcoming SpaceX mission.

Antibiotic resistance on the rise: Superbug infections found in Chinese hospital

This 2006 colorized scanning electron micrograph image made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the O157:H7 strain of the E. coli bacteria. New research suggests that a worrying number of people in China are infected with bacteria resistant to an antibiotic used as a last resort. Researchers examined more than 17,000 samples from patients with infections of common bacteria found in the gut, in two hospitals in China’s Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, over eight years. About 1 percent of those samples were resistant to colistin, often considered the last option in antibiotics. The study was published Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 in the journal, Lancet. (Janice Carr/CDC via AP)(Credit: AP)


(NaturalNews) It is only a matter of time before highly advanced biological weapons are unleashed upon humanity, if they haven’t been already. Former Soviet scientist Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov says genetically modified (GM) bioweapons made from super-virulent disease strains are par for the course when it comes to advanced weapons systems, and the use of such bioweapons is an ever-present threat.

Learn more:

The research involving Extremophiles is one thing but the  the human-borne bacterias and viruses are another. We must remember that ISIS and the ISS is one in the same. The  psychopaths in Science are working on the Earthraker program. It is in my opinion an agenda for depopulation and being fair minded psychopaths. the random release of atmospheric carbon nanotubes and bucky balls along with testing other transporters is only for defensive (offense) assaults on random populations. Bacteria’s and viral agents already exposed with the analysis of chemtrails from Clifford Carnicom and Sofia Smallstorm. Blood cells and fungi transporters and the new nanotechnology provides microdetonics and frequency based triggers.  Not too much news needs to be confirmed. The research this type is not science but warfare only.

The virus is human, the bacteria and pathogens are ours as well. Man-made GM versions created above ground in Ft. Detrick and Malaysia as well as underground in simulated environments. But it’s space where the  research, operations and weapons are based as it provides the best venue for Bluebeam and away from prying eyes or an attempted destruction.  But the Chinese government is working on satellite and missiles to reach these targets. Go figure.

Dr. Anita Goel, a Harvard globalist and TEDMED talk circuit mouthpice will head the research. She was involved with the beta-test on the eBola release in Africa and has awards and ties to the DoD, Darpa, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR); the US Department of Energy (DOE) the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Stanford Bioweapons consortium. There is no doubt here that the convergence of Physics, Nanotechnology and biological sciences, the ultimate transformation is death or such severe human changes that death looks good.  What the vortex has shown us is that good and evil are parallel sines that can be completed by the third angle and this angle is the ultimate synthesis of the problem and solution that is unrevealed.


According to whistleblower Corey Goode, who claims to have worked with one of the top government-ET space program alliances, a rival space program shot down the SpaceX rocket to prevent a space-based laser weapon, built and secretly incorporated into Facebook’s Amos-6 satellite, from being launched into space, Exopolitics reports.

So I have wondered about the 2016 Space X failure. When the MSM fake News comes out with this kind of crap I have to wonder why? I think I would suggest one of two scenarios.

Did China lose a spy satellite in a SpaceX-style launch failure?

Did China plant explosives knowing the cargo? Did the powers that be at NASA know the satellite was for counter attack purposes or surveillance?

Breaking: China Enraged After Obama Orders SpaceX Rocket Destroyed On Launch, Here’s Reason WHY!

This is more like it.

Federal Investigators Spot Flaws in SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets

The Government Accountability Office identified persistent cracking in turbofans that pump fuel to the rocket engines

The GAO? Please….the NTSB has more credibility. We can watch the launch on February 14th and wonder, and in my case hope this ones finds a similar fate. Nothing like deadly biologicals as a Valentine.  What we know is that they never wadte an opportunity and always benefit in multiple ways when these events are staged.  I’m certain the UFO and photos are photochopped. I can do better work than those. But I suspect the Fake News NWO folks love to push the coming Bluebeam event.  All signs are pointing to this.

My reasoning is research but even more simply, after a Trump Presidency we can no longer go any lower except for Hillary or even El Chapo who still runs in second place behind Hillary in murders.  But the NASA, NAVY and Science TechnoRats have killed more than all of them combined.  I expect their numbers will increase dramatically once this agenda is completed and on the launch pad.  I’d still like to know why Russia NASA cooperation is not on the sanctions table. I kid of course because I know it’s a  hollywood production and the whole of the fiction is just a diversion from the Global takeover by the real terrorists ISS.




  1. [GREEN COMET APPROACHES EARTH: This week, a small green comet named “45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova” (45P for short) is approaching Earth for one of the closest comet flybys of the Space Age. On the nights around Feb. 11th, Comet 45P will be an easy target for binoculars and small telescopes, revealing itself in eyepieces as an emerald colored fuzzball. Visit today’s edition of for sky maps and to find out what makes this little comet so green.]

    It’s the small money grubbing hands of the 45th P puppet in Chief. You cant make this stuff up.

    NASA’s Satanic Jet Propulsion Laboratory tweeted a video about Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková, which has been growing more prominent

  2. Extremely shallow and powerful Scalar ULF HAARP assault

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.3
    Date-Time 7 Feb 2017 22:03:54 UTC
    8 Feb 2017 03:03:54 near epicenter
    7 Feb 2017 16:03:54 standard time in your timezone

    Location 25.208N 63.245E
    Depth 10 km

    Deaths reported:

  3. The US should “levy costs” on Pakistan for perpetuating terrorism in India and Afghanistan+ and must quickly formulate a new approach toward the country to prevent it from using terror for foreign policy ends, top US think-tanks have recommended to the Donald Trump administration

  4. Damn, wish I would have seen you article before I meet the person in charge of coordinating the transfer of materials to the Space Station for SpaceX.

    I have the video, but had I known what’s in this article it would have been a hell of a lot more interesting.

    • Wow, I’d have given my left arm to speak to him and watch his body language. We know about the seed vaults in Norway Svalbard region Arxtic.

      You know they have pathogens there as well. The Bacterium viral wing must be really something. I also believe they have a duplicate facility in Antarctica as well. When the extinction protocol is executed, they have their COG nests but certain safeguards are ISS based on the secret space station, earthraker. That’s the failsafe for human extinction.

      Most people see this as criminal conspiracy for wealth power. but I believe people really miss the boat on this. All the money black holes, CIA drug running, Taxpayer theft, missing Trillions, etc. is funding this wide ranging COG and Nazi type selective breeding lottery for the NWO.

      You also may be able to accept that these psychopaths have managed to convince administrators and deep state operatives that they are doing something honorable and that the threat (?) is real, whatever vector they are using.

      I suspect Climate-gate is not the event, but it could be. I suspect the event horizon arrives soon and is based upon a cosmic cataclysm or even an anthropological mistake from which there is no return or reversal. Much like the idiot movies (2012) (Deep Impact) they have used the predictive programming very well over the Y2K period and Mayan extinction dates. What I have wondered about is more a major sterilization event that fits more with Moonraker. A more rapid slo-kill type of porogram. And in Nazi fashion a in vitro or ex vivo transformation.

      Again I ask why we believe anything regarding Iraq, Russia, China etc. when there is 100% cooperation with all space based activities. Really? Why if we do not trust these nations are we openly and actively cooperating on space base development? That is the epitome of precious knowledge and power. Yet they never sanction that area of trade, partnership and progess.

      From there you can formulate an ultimate design for total spectrum dominance and ultimate control over the world population. All the compartmentalized enablers must be thinking the same thing. So are they knowing conspirators with a reserved place in the ark? Or are they just bright scientists dumbed down to a hoax of all hoaxes?

      Earth Cancelled by the Joozians

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