Posted by: jerseyg | February 5, 2017

Just gonna leave this right here….

It’s as if this girl reads my mind.  She always says what I’ve been thinking.. and yes… saying.




  1. We have lived with Iran since Mosaddegh. Put them on notice? Wow. How much CIA BS have we suffered through? Coupd’tat, October surprise, Iraq and Saddam set up, and all the crap in between. I miss Ahmadinejad. He had a little charisma and was much more entertaining than the characters now.

    They have been the best antagonist in the OSS MI6 theater in my lifetime. Such a con. Let’s give Trump the Nobel. That’s the confirmation and anointment of NWO hatchetmen.

    Who didn’t know Haley Soros and SPLC? Poor Boomerang. He;s had to live with Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham. That’s TORTURE!

    The New Future is so draconian and all the left right bullshit and drama is just the vehicle to get there. She’s right on Deb. Good video. No war no troops just events and drones and mercenaries and assassins, GLADIO to kill off anyone with power who opposes the change and transformation. Eventually it will come down to the little people like us.

    You know they can target you from the ISS and Enterpise SAT system. The mandatory ID, Chip Mark Buy-Sell will include the technology that tracks you 24/7.
    You cant fart in a store dressing room without them knowing it and giving you a ticket. A carbon fine.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Deb!

    Continuity of agenda! Useful term. It is known that Obama drew up the list of countries for travel bans.

    Interesting how the “left” and the “right” have pretty much traded places over the years I’ve watched. We are being manipulated all right. Meanwhile, you can trace the uninterrupted path of the original agenda.

    Iran was always next on the list. Moreover everyone has been ignoring what’s going on currently in Donetsk, which is once again a direct provocation to Russia to respond out of humanitarian concerns if nothing else. Never mind they don’t take the bait! We condemn them anyway.

    Prob’ly hopeless.

    REAL busy over here, so I haven’t dropped by in a while. Moreover, I ignore the TV. (Husband’s job to keep an eye on it, in case it tries anything.)

    It’ll be quite a zoo when biometric identifiers start getting stolen.

  3. Patrick, yes the real and final coup is taking place. Everyone here knows it’s been leading up to the final nail in the coffin of the good ole USA (was it ever?) Each puppet did their part and now here is the Great Orange Cheeto savior to the truthers that forget it’s all a show and the racists who are always there to support their guy. Hillary was never their girl. At first I thought Trump was there to get her elected by being the candidate for the Idiocracy. But it soon became clear with her not going full blast out on the trail, her fainting and coughing spells and yes even her choice of outfits.(I swear she was wearing old timey housecoats at one point!) that it was her campaign that was there to get him “selected.” sigh… Yes if this were at all funny, we would be living the movie “Idiocracy” but there is nothing funny about what is going down now and the Tumpsters as the Obamabots before them, think their guy is just peachy keen… STILL.

    • So true Deb. Well said. They still believe. That hopey changey thing doesn’t wear off as we saw with Barry’s departure.

      You vane El Trumpo sycophants and Obama fanatics who refuse to believe he is not still president. Both being sucked into a vortex from either end. We know it’s an explosive ending. Just how long is the question.

      How did you like that Chucky (Pizza) Schumer’s little performance. Almost Shakespearean. He’s learned his craft but Donald is the “art of the deal” If we have another fake election in 20, what is left? What con can they possibly pull? I expect them to raise Lincoln from the dead or maybe run Valiant Thor.

      • Didn’t Trump already file to run again in 2020? If this country isn’t blow to bits by then! Imagine President Pence…. even worse.. Mr Dick Cheney wannabe ! Chucky Schumer makes me want to puke. I can’t stand to look at him let alone listen to his whiney voice.

  4. Hey Patricia, good to see you. Yes, the left and right died in the wool partisans never change their stripes. They just don’t see what everyone here have awakened to long ago. I’m still learning things I never realized before. I guess that means my brain hasn’t totally been taken over yet. Hallelujah.

    • You’re still the sharp tip of the spear of COTO and always will be.

      • Thanks Patrick.. but hell no, you’re much too kind… it’s you.. you are the fount of information, always have been, always will be. Speaking of tip of the spear… remember how enamored I was with Alex Jones? lol… you guys warned me.. I haven’t listened to him in years. I see he was there to push the Big Orange Cheeto Dictator with his listeners and now I’m told he’s all out in the open 100% for Israel… a total Islamaphone .. What happened to his don’t be hung up in the left/right paradigm mantra? What was I thinkin? lol Amazing to me how most of alt media went all out for Trump. Are they all shills or all just not paying attention to his background and what he actually said during the campaign and now… look at his cabinet selections. They are still saying give him a chance.. wth. Reminds me of the days of Oped News when we were the Legion of Doom warning about Obama. …some things never change.

  5. What did Trump and Malcolm Turnbull really talk about on that phone call?

    You can bet two Jesuits know the jig is up. Damage control?

    The Cult Revealed! ‘Shocking’ scale of Catholic Church sex crimes revealed @AJENews

    The to most powerful in Australia are trained Jesuits one converted. Like Trump the Presbyterian, Turnbull switched and Bill Shorten was always one. The demise of Christianity will be based on the Black Pope Bergoglio and the undermining army of George Soros. Donald Trump’s new crusades will be the dagger.

    This si the perfect Segue to Project Bluebeam and the global crISIS. The moral majority can’t stand in the pulpit with the state of this cult in order to bash Islam or Judaism for their human rights. The Joo-joo-bees are in full swing for the coming divide and conquer. Biblical prophesy will not be denied. The whole scheme was planned around it.

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