Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 4, 2017

Waiting for the Red Dawn Ратник

It’s here!


Conciliating the World to Order 3-3 Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 3, 2010

What can we expect for UN Peacekeepers (NWO mercenaries) A simple designed killing machine. Simple in the water that will fill the suit. Designed for IQ challenged killers, this technology is in the books and production.

From Head to toe:

Fully functioning Headgear with Carbon-Kevlar – titanium buckyball casing to include motor/sensory transmitter and receiving with instant directional command processing. No thinking required. Virtual reality hologram lenses with data readouts, GPS system provide for enemy positional tracking from drone and satellite systems. Outfitted with camera for exterior C-COM video recording.

Electrical, data and drug delivery included in the connector from Helmet to skull. Pharmacological super adrenaline, Resveratrol and steroidal compounds administered by C-COMMAND Center based upon situational requirements. Super endurance with PCP type reactions provide for mission success.

Voice activated command for platoon leaders to administer commands, programs, operational decisions as well as drone and troop movement. Audio translation for foreign language and coded data in real-time terabyte speed.

Bio-receptor identify immediate chemical or pathological bacterial weapons and substances. This is protection from the biological weapons they will be using. On you!

The carbon nano-tech multi weave forested body suit contains compounds for conductivity, pathogen protection, Kevlar strength protection from explosion or armour-piercing munitions. Substances include cobalt, carbon, titanium, fluidic armour with multi weave gold, copper yarn weave in cotton undergarment layered strata and polymer based pathogenic protective layer with sterile dressing. Full Faraday mesh protection from EM assault.

Voice activated signatured trigger XM-25 multi purpose laser guided rounds.  The soldier can set exactly where the 25-millimeter bullet will detonate by adding or subtracting 3 meters from that point. Then, the scope will send a radio signal to a chip inside the bullet telling it how far it should travel before exploding. Each bullet has a small magnetic transducer that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, generating a tiny alternating current every time it spins as it speeds toward the target. [Range: 3000′ – 1 kilometer]

Data command wrist module will enable a soldier to command air to ground drone attack, surveillance and GPS recon operations. It will also provide a  full systems, body suit and weapons check while maintaining contact with C-COM on all troop vital statistics and movement.

Smart Pad technology provides electrical and fluidic assistance in strength and endurance. With approx: 50 lbs additional weight the constant monitoring of stress and fatigue levels are adjusted with dopamine, lactic and corticosteroid infusions. Injuries are recorded and smart fibers apply immediate compression to injured area and smart pad technology compensates for mobility restrictions due to fatigue or damage to personnel.

RatNik Terminators

All Russian Land Force Soldiers to Become “Terminators” by 2020

By 2020 almost every Russian land force serviceman will be equipped with the Ratnik uniform kit. – read more

All Russian Marines Outfitted With Ratnik ‘Soldier of the Future’ Combat Gear

The first batch of Ratniks was shipped to the Armed Forces in 2015 following a series of field tests, with up to 70,000 kits expected to be supplied each year.

This ought to fit in well with the new Trump economy and foreign policy. I bet Gen. Mattis has some designs as well.  Conciliating the World to Order is a soft kill, slow moving process. Except for the technology which puts us useless eaters at the bottom of the totem pole.  I thought my body armor was cool. I sold it yesterday.



  1. As I stated last year. The connection of Juan Guzman and Donald Trump is yet to be confirmed. But the clues are coming fast & furiously.


    Florida heroin bust reveals something bizarre: Drugs covered in Donald Trump’s face

    stay tuned…….

  2. “All I want to say to this drug dealer is, ‘Big mistake by putting the president’s picture on this,’ ” Bondi said while holding up one of the little white squares. “Big mistake. Because he is going to be our most fierce advocate in taking this junk off of our streets. Can you believe this? Big mistake.”

    And all I want to say is, all that sniffing the Big Cheeto does isn’t caused by allergies …I’d say that his face on drugs is quite apropo in spite of what Bondi thinks 😀

    • Hi there gorgeous.

      What are you doing? Are you watching the game? I am not and not even the halftime show. I’m looking forward to reading others who could force themselves to watch in order to report.

      Can’t we just skip the preliminaries and attack Mexico this month? Let/s just get this show on the road. I am way too chemtrailed to wait months for this jerk to run through the dialogue and tweets.

      Please Don John, just end it now. If not I might have to break out El Chapo so he can end it. I had a dream that Trump died in India. There were girls dancing and Kali was there too along with other strangers. I ate too much chocolate that night. The man is beginning to invade my dreams. That’s way too much for men.

  3. As for the super soldier robotoids… ? the sci fi reality show continues and it’s not making me feel safe or secure… anyone?

  4. Iran would deflect the Syrianna project and make no mistake but Syria ia the key for PIPELINE DREAMS. You can see how TRUMP and Co. who are responsible for his billion’s dollar campaign wants to secure the Russia route from Iran to Russia and Syria is the last holdout.

    A good war in Iran would delay the inevitable loss of territory and vectors for the Petrodollar bonanza. Saudi Arabia is in it. US NATO, Trump, and the newly confirmed T-Rex Tillerson. He’s a smoothy and a real cutthroat.

    It’s not complex just diluted by so much fake news and deflection, but at the core it is simple E=MC squared (away) Control the energy control the nations, control the food and water control the population. Everything is focused on this agenda.

    If they have a target of 2030. Trump has to move fast as a player. And in my observation, he is moving at breakneck speed. The insider left wingers must be impressed on Trumps role playing and acting. He’s managed to keep his idiot supporters in the mix when clearly at this point you can see the CFR-Trilateral-Goldman gangsters throughout the regime. With the full support of the infiltrated Jesuit and Joo covered, it is down to details and perks. Red team may lose millions and Soros is spending large. He’s not cashing many checks right now.


    I think it’s time to review the CAFR again and when the crash comes how the local state, county and cty admins will be able to operate from these offshore accounts while defaulting on pensions, welfare and other entitlements. I have not heard from Walter Burien in some time. I wonder if he’s still alive?

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