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A riveting new book tells his disturbing story.

Masked by innocuous language like “pro-choice” and “reproductive care,” and protected by a media conspiracy of silence, the grim reality of abortion rarely surfaces in our cultural awareness, as it did with the recent undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s moral vacuum. But a new book about the chilling crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, America’s most prolific serial killer, highlights that ugly reality in an even more horrifying but compelling fashion.  read more

Why did the New York Times Omit ‘Gosnell’ from Best-Seller List?

This was all without any mainstream media attention—no reviews, no features, no author interviews.Gosnell’s meteoric success, and the New York Times’ denial of such success, is proof that the mainstream media has lost touch with the values of the American people—yet another extension of the “Trump Effect.” It is the media’s duty to report the facts, the whole truth…not merely the facts that align with their own biased agenda.

Suppression is the greatest form of fake news.




  1. The Masonic Order and Jesuits protected this clinic under the Ninth Circle. This story and book only covers the tip of the iceberg. You know there is a deeper story behind the tissue selling and satanic rituals that accompany the planned genocide of children and fetuses.

    Philadelphia is the home turf for the Vatican Jesuits and Masonic Cradle of Freemasonry

    The Pope and the Baby Killer

  2. Ex-Governor of PA, Tom Ridge

    Knight of Columbus and Freemason

    A Closer Look at Tom Ridge
    Or Should I say Heinrich Himmler?
    By Mary Louise


    According to the White House Biography of Homeland Security Czar Tom
    Ridge, Ridge is a practicing Roman Catholic. Ridge was educated at a prep
    school funded by the Jesuits and started by the Roman Catholic priest and
    Jesuit collaborator John M. Gannon. Gannon was one of the cogs in the
    Jesuits “education machine” that started over 35 colleges and
    universities in the United States and hundreds of preparatory schools and
    scholarship programs. Gannon was also the father Gannon University in
    Ridge’s home state of Pennsylvania. Gannon University is one of the
    central homes of the Jesuits JESUIT VOLUNTEER CORPS.

    He stopped the annual inspections of abortion clinics, which may have contributed to Kermit Gosnell being able to run a sub-standard clinic that the grand jury insisted met the definition of a racketeering operation. Human Trafficking? A ninth Circle Member?

  3. MICHAEL PFEIFER: Horror of the Gosnell verdict: He’s just the tip of the iceberg

    [“Sadly, the national media and the local media were very reluctant to give major coverage of this horrifying practice in the trial of Gosnell. We need to seriously ask why the trial of Gosnell for horrific actions were ignored by many media outlets and political leaders.

    The Gosnell trial should have been a front-page story in all of the newspapers in the country. If similar brutal acts were committed systematically against puppies, this would have been a front-page story.”]

  4. Get ready for Ukraine PART DEUX

    As predicted the GLADIO bees are heading North. Just in time for our Spring. After Berkeley you can see the left are getting armed thanks to Fast & Furious and George Soros. Meanwhile the “ORANGE” revolution ala TRUMP is on target.

    I keep reminding eveyone here to not forget JADE-HELM 15 and UWEX 16 and now 2017 brings another fear fake plot which just deflects the real core of the psychological operations.

    We are being programmed for a US regime change but how it goes down is not known. There are thousands of militants in this country and when the trigger is pulled, the game changes. Trump’s presidency is a farce. I admit a good one but this reckless speed and agenda is building into a crescendo that will most likely involve martial law. What event can bring about the call? Hmm?

    I like watching Trump and Co. operate. They are really on their game. McCain and Bush Clinton crime syndicate operatives are on their game to. If Soros is financing this event it ought to be good. Meanwhile they have plans for Russia too. Putin will play his part with precision as well.

    I still believe the financial event has to happen first but it will be the primer and deflection for the historical Fourth Reich and tyrannical agenda coming. Just when it seems like things are moving nicely, bang!

    RT: Approximately 3,500 American troops have been deployed to Poland marking the first time since World War II the US has sent soldiers there in such numbers. Why such a strong presence on Russia’s borders?

    Who says our military is depleted? Oh yeah the Donald said it. – If you are wondering why the liberals and minorities are now arming themselves, it may be due to their gut instincts. Mine say it is very possible that this may be the shift from Jade Helm to UWEX as the psychological operations and “fake news” begin to peak during the hundred days of the Trump presidency.

    I won’t commit myself to Trump dying on day 99 but tt certainly would suffice to bring the AmerCIAn spRING to fruition. So does he die on Friday April 28th 2017?
    You know it will be after tax day but maybe on MayDaym we see a gift for Putin as well.

    I await and expect it any day now.

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