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Hollywood Weird — MSM Tries to Defend Itself…Do Not Be Distracted! U.S. Troops Now in Poland, next to Ukraine, next to Russia…

BUSTING Big Pharma’s “Monopoly Pricing” on their drugs is a good Start.  Educating Americans on the Big Pharma poisons called “medicine or pharmaceuticals”, and revealing natural healthy alternatives would be the next vital step.

BUSTING “Crap News Network”, a poster child for the true “Fake News Networks” of the MSM, is also a good starting point.  Consider the below argumentation as entertainment, if you have the time for such.

Jim Stone: The Failure Of The CNN Fake News Golden Shower Gaffe Puts Trump In Extreme Danger..’They Are Out Of Options, Except For One’..”


Then, see:

Also germane to this subject matter, is it what people think? — 

IMPORTANT — John McCain is “Exposed”!  What does this mean?

What’s going on with the NATO “Exercise” in Europe?

Building upon the notably “Fake” Obama/Nuland war in the Ukraine (the destabilizing little “war” that has been Hell for the people of the former Ukraine).  Will Mr. Trump weigh in on these provocative U.S. & NATO troop and materiel movements?  Will he back or bust these operations?  Only time will tell…




  1. The point of this thread, if anyone is paying attention, is that there are weightier things going on than the constant flim flamming of the scamming MSM poseurs.

    Perhaps, even the non-sensical Euro moves, the China bashing, the offensive saga of the U.S. sElection, virtually everything we are “allowed” to see is a feint, a misdirection, a disinformation mine for our minds? No doubt, the “Shadow People” behind the scenes are pulling the strings, flipping the levers.

    Funny…that most Americans don’t know anything about what’s really going on around them or around the world, right here in the “Information Age”. But, more and more folks are finding out it has been the “Disinformation Age” for all ages.

    That realization can’t be backed up and turned around so easily once it hits home.

    What ain’t we seeing right now? The fog of the hub bub is very thick.

    I will post this link, because it belongs here on this thread —

    The things that stick out like a sore thumb are not oversights (in the military or in politics), but scripted. Most of the fog is Hollywood Cheese, so we must ignore the stupid. Acknowledging its velocity however is a good idea. We’re up pretty high here lately. Real — Important — Decisions — are being made, and the populace is served 101 varieties of Cheese. Its what is behind the Cheese we need to “see”.

    Update 1-13-17:

    If you go to down under the headline stories you will see headers titled WAR TALK. You could read around there to get a sighting.

  2. Weather Wars? Should knock out power to a large swath. Very inconvenient, expensive, and causes a lot of disruption.

    The deluge in the Sierra’s should also translate to flooding, then move east.

    • Stuxnet hacking or focused DEW’s, the targets will be large but directed at specific areas for plot reasons. As the Russians advanced the Tesla technology back during the early cold war (woodpecker) it is fitting for this to carry the weight of a another soviet scare. Thin plot line but we know all their plots are thinly veiled.

  3. On the WAR issue, I recommend PCR’s latest — . I also suggest reading back a few days, as Mr. Rogers is being quite prolific at this time prior to the inauguration, and his views and information are of value.

    Staying out of especially, a new war situation and one with Russia would be the common-sense thing to do right now. But, NOOoo!!! Some assholes are playing their “games” for money and control, not giving one shit about anybody else. These, are the individuals that need to be investigated and exposed. WHO is giving these orders, what is the chain of command, and who above Obama is driving this. By the way — Americans are funding it of course.

    • I wish PCR would accept the scam that was Reagan-Gorbachev. Gorby and Ronnie were complicit in the largest swindle to that date in the deal perpetrated on the Soviets. Many Russians suffered. Not like Stalin made them suffer, but a NWO style of pain. PCR ought to come to terms with the Joo-suits and what part he played in it. He’s almost a perfect whistleblower if he would come clean on the financial scam of Zebranomics and their terror that was present during his watch. Putin won;t forget who orchestrated their collapse.

  4. Whether MADDOG MATTIS or another CFR warmonger from the GLADIO group, the game remains the same since the first pipeline. The energy is the control.

    Over the water and food many can sustain themselves but energy is the critical factor in prepping. We here could not create a solar hub because we have no sun. The chemtrail and seeded cloud cover is more than water vapor as we know. It blocks -reflect solar energy back up to the atmosphere and wind is even more financially unavailable.

    Look at the gas prices and watch the pipeline wars. Look at the hotspots globally. Does it connect?

    Saudi-NATO – opec
    China Sea
    Black Sea Crimea to the “stans”

    Only Trump can move the domestic fossil fuels and renewables at home by eliminating all regulations. That’s where he gets killed if indeed he is not a fraud.

    But I believe him to be a fraud and therefore he will tow the line. Obamacare is a repeal for the rich. The price will remain the same and no border/selling of health insurance will not make it more affordable. It’s a con in a con in a con. Planned by the elites, Obamacare was a strategic plan (to fail) in order to create the real death panels.

    On the PHARMA fake news. Look at the Kennedy-Trump vaccine story and realize that waht Trump discusses and plans will NEVER be reported in truth. THIS IS JADE HELM and UWEX in psyops we can call “Masters of the Disinfo Domain”

    7 Days left. If the best they can do is SPECTRE MI6 ala “Pissgate” then they have no real plan to thwart Trump. I bet the ranch on what I have said already. He is a trained Jesuit, a Bilderberg attendee, fully vetted, a full fledged pedophile, compromised by the extrortionist Joo-joo-bees who honey-potted him in 2012-2013 when the Lolita Express was at it’s peak.

    Let’s look again at the cabinet: Reince, Mattis, Mnuchin and Ross (TPP) and the rest are not much better. If you heard the Paul Ryan town hall, you heard the code for “insider” and Wisconsin is way inside the NWO beltway just like Chicago and Obama.

    I hate the whole lot. These are the creepiest goons to date. They are so white, that they make Podesta look vanilla.


    THE WALL (to keep you in)
    THEIR WALL (to keep you out)
    THE INVISIBLE WALL (Fake News, INGSOC and thought control)

    Another Brick in the Wall, Part III
    I don’t need no walls around me.
    And I don’t need no drugs to calm me.
    I have seen the writing on the wall.
    Don’t think I need any thing at all.
    No. Don’t think I need anything at all.
    All in all it was all just the bricks in the wall.
    All in all it was all just the bricks in the wall.

    • Agreed on PCR & Reagan era actions.

      Folks “want to believe” that a man, a savior will appear to avenge them, to improve their lives, to punish the evil-doers, to “heal” the earth. That’s not a bad thing. However, Prophecy does tell them that one will be supplied, and the masses will be given a “strong delusion”.

      We continue to see this “person” supplied, but in the end he lies. Repeatedly and profoundly. Things are worse off than before. Wolves in Sheep’s clothing is the Trend. Ultimately, we are told the final great deception will be unveiled, promising “Peace & Safety”, but he which ascends that pinnacle of power will be the ultimate Deceiver (prior to the unveiling of the Creator). Myth? I think not as the dots get connected.

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