Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 4, 2017

The Tower Trump


If you look at today’s news you cannot believe the obvious tower they are constructing before Obama vacates the White House.  Watching the Markets is the best tip but everything is moving at a hyper-speed.  All the finishing touches are being manipulated to have Obama’s legacy created since November 9th.  When the DOW hits 20,000 everything else will be in place.

  1. How can the retail, jobs, wages and debt be where it is while Obamacare, deficits and monetary crisis’s worldwide choke the spending and yet the markets are perched for record levels?
  2. How can Obama send troops to Lithuania border over this bogus Russian hacking scheme?
  3. How can the Syria outcome be anything but a staged event for the Cold War false flag while Assad remains in power with Putin there to insure it’s completion?
  4. How can the Western Intelligence ever convince anyone that the biggest threat is not China and trade to nuclear threats?
  5. How can we not see Russia making strong moves to sell weapons at an unprecedented clip to countries like the Philippines and Iran while the US arms Saudi’s?
  6. How can we not see all the state actors playing the game and setting the stage for the controlled demolition of international global economy that triggers from the USD$?
  7. Why is our Naval and Air Support being returned to US Shores?

Watch the Pakistan moves, the China moves the BRICS carnage in India and currency wars and Brazil’s woes and then look at the hotspot in Israel and how that plays into the mix for a real barn-burner. It all begins January 20, 2017.  You cannot create a better illusion than that we see right now.  There are over a dozen prime time channels to get this triggered for a series of explosions. I can hear Larry Silverstein now saying “Pull it!”

Just look at the Fake News and see it all taking form.  And it’s like the Trump transition is looking at Obamacare and ethics bill like a priority while any smart eighth grader can see the coup taking place to create utter mayhem that can be initiated at anytime. This means any state player from the Jesuit troupe can move on any stage and play the role of a lifetime while the SPECTRE group pulls it

Normally I would look at this as all diffusion but it is just too much and too fast not to see some real possibility of an immediate event.  This is because they have already laid all the Primacord and Charges.  Only a Black Swan could change the date in what seems to be a perfect setup for the inaugural entry into a Holyrood Horror.

I looked at the Naval movements mentioned and documented info by Boomerang and it is not right that this would happen unless something is going to happen in the Pacific Rim. This is one of the spots and coordinates I laid out in my book and screenplay. War in North Korea as Kim Jong Un decides to take out his southern headache. South Korea via US western Gladio ISIS is ready to move? Not really.

Is there a good reason to watch Lithuania, North Korea. Pakistan India border, the Mediterranean coast of Libya, Algeria and Morocco or  California?  I remember Vigilant Guardian, do you?  I remember the stand down, do you?  I remember towers falling for no reason. No fake news could convince me otherwise.

If we have our Naval and air support home, is it for our needs? Or is it to fail to have assets at the crisis point? I wish I were psychic but I can say it sure is prime for one of these venues to give us a big show.  Since NATO and Navy, NASA are Jesuit controlled, I say the likelihood of Vatican assassins are always in play.  The fickle manipulated markets follow the same emotion of the people. Can the big trades and shorts tell us something? Yes they could if we had that info. But the controlled media no longer gives us this data because as Hillary said, they are losing the information war.

Tick tock-tick tock, the moving van has arrived at the White House. Barack and Michael are leaving. Ivanka has found her DC digs and the Donald is in the tower. Now we fade to white……

Moving Van outside White House. A moving truck was seen on Wednesday parked outside the White House, where President Obama will live and work for just two more

Primacord and Explosives Delivery


  1. Answer: Yes but only for show – Will California secede from the US? I hope so.… via @wordpressdotcom-COTO- 1 hour ago

    Macy’s to close stores and cut more than 10,000 jobs 1 hour ago

    Study: Christians Were The Most Persecuted Religious Group in 2016…-COTO- 1 hour ago

    The End of an Error: Moving trucks have arrived at White House!… via @DrEowyn-COTO- 1 hour ago

    007 SPECTRE * WILDCARD TRUMP – Donald Trump Was Born Exactly 700 Days Before Israel Became A Nation…-COTO- 1 hour ago

    Spot on! Trump-China…-COTO- 1 hour ago

    NWO INAUGURAL – Set the stage – US sends special forces to Russian border as NATO is poised to strike…-COTO- 1 hour ago

    US Special Forces deployed at Russian border to defend Baltic states ‘scared to death’ by Vladimir Putin
    The troops will help train local forces and add to intelligence gathering operations carried out by the CIA

    One day following the Russian Navy’s arrival in the Philippines to run regional threat-assessment drills, Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev expressed Moscow’s enthusiasm to equip the island nation with high-tech military hardware.

    Read more:

    Pakistan has officially begun construction of a missile warship that the country hopes will guarantee the integrity of its vital trade corridor with China.

    Read more:

    Days before the arrival of 2017, Iran’s air force was busy testing its homemade Talash air defense system as part of an exercise dubbed ‘Defenders of Velayat Skies 7,’ which some see as a military demonstration to warn potential adversaries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even the US, to stay away.

    Read more:

  2. 911 – 811 – 711
    714-825-936 before June. primetime. Watch the numbers. Jubilee is over when Trump takes the oath.

    71 comes 6/16/17 so I make this the last date for a major event.
    Shemitah ended September 2016. And Netanyahu is between a rock and hard place. He’s on his way out.

    Watch Pakistan-China and US-North Korea

    China Warns Donald Trump Not to ‘Escalate’ North Korea Situation by their veiled threat on US Treasuries.

    UN Security Council Sanctions watch for Korean Coal exports

    Donald Tweets and raises the tensions…

    You can’t script this better.


    Question? When is Obama and his associates NOT lying? (Ignore the esoterica of the site; the info on the Jesuits in America is of value). This is getting some reads at Beforeitsnews. A fair listing of the “progression” witnessed historically for brutal state takedowns. Perhaps even, Their Modus Operandi (M.O.). America is certainly in the thick of things with regards to a systematic “dismantling” of what once was termed a “Republic”. The Jesuits and other Secret Societies with particular Agendas falling under the NWO umbrella have made enormous inroads into eating the former Republic cheese into a barely standing scaffolding.

    The number of those willing to fight for their lives and futures is an unknown variable which is what scares the elite. The number is getting larger by the day.
    Could be a game-changer. Americans’ rejection of HRC and what she represents is not a small thing.

    The tension is thick. The People are pissed. TPTB are predictable. “Tricks” like what They have pulled before with False Flags will be rapidly filleted. The “blame game” of pointing the other way has become a scripted deception easily seen through. What a FUBAR we have allowed to progress so far beyond any reason.

  4. Check out the statistics in this piece:

    • Yeah, says it all. But also keep in mind that GB and Canada don’t fluoridate their water, they have GMO laws, they do not do many things that hurt themselves unlike America. We are the test tube of the planet.

  5. Would that not be a resounding False Flag to blow up the “White House”?! I see the comment under the moving van photo above, “Primacord and Explosives Delivery”. The White House was a “target” on 9/11 but escaped somehow, while the WTC towers, 1,2, & 7 were imploded and the Pentagon struck by a missle.

    Erasing the White House would emotionally devastate 10’s of millions of Americans who are living in denial about 9/11, and “believe” in the government “system”. Wow! I hadn’t considered this scenario. Immediate “Martial Law” would be invoked, at least in that quadrant.

    Would They Dare?! You Bet! Perhaps, the transfer of guv infrastructure really has already been transferred to Denver, CO.

    Funny thing is…a False Flag of this magnitude on such an iconic structure would be so Obviously an “inside job”.

    I think very few have imagined this scenario which you obviously have thought about as a possibility.

    • It would and I have thought often about it or the Statue of Liberty. America’s symbols are gone when the new world order takes over. They become United Nations landmarks and historical sites.

      Drastic measures bring drastic times and vice versa. Chicken or Egg?

  6. Upstate SC chemtrailed ahead of the “snow”. Ready for it in the mountains?

    “Don’t eat the Chem-Snow Kiddies!” That’s not something we heard as kids. It was, “Don’t eat the yellow snow”, which was an obviously wise warning. Yellow snow mighta been healthier than eating Chem-snow.

    • Had to scramble to get supplies. Even the weather channel cannot keep up with the ENMOD NASA team. This is an event in flux. It was minimal and now maximum.

      Take a look at this

      California Hires Eric Holder to Fight Trump via @thedailybeast

      He an Gerry will make a good team. CALEXIT is coming folks. Just for plot purposes mind you, this will gather the steam necessary to impeach him based upon several gactors in ethics and Obamacare. The House and Senate may not carry it though you do not know how they line up if all DEMS and some Insider GOP carry the program to completion.

      Just have a feeling it’s coming before Spring. Beware the ides of March.


  7. Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” against Russia: US Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia – Massive NATO Deployment Underway

    • Do you find it interesting that they listed publicly so many details about the materiel movement? That is like telegraphing that your parking all your carriers. Which makes even less sense when running such a large provocation on Russia’s doorstep.

  8. HAARP by the clock: Timely huh?

    M3.8 earthquake strikes Britain, the largest since 2008

  9. Keep it coming “Fake News”

    Nuclear, missile tests show ‘qualitative’ improvement in North Korea capabilities: U.S.

    • This link below is essentially a Jerry Brown Wikipedia listing. Doea anything jump out at you right off the bat?

  10. Rappaport delivers a succinct and accurate bullet point summary in the article below. A quick scan gives the reader enough thought-provoking facts about “Whom is Faking Whom?” to see the Truth through the politicized MSM “fog”.

    Ain’t it entertaining to watch Serial Liars try to Lie their way out of the corners they’ve painted themselves into? They’ll say anything, no matter how unbelievable. I guess they can’t just sit their in a vacuum — seen for what they are — so they layer it on even thicker and ever louder.

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