Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 19, 2016

Trump, Tryptophan and the Turkey Assassination: Go to sleep America!

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara – NYT

ISTANBUL — Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated at an Ankara art exhibit on Monday evening by a lone Turkish gunman shouting “God is great!” and “don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” in what Russia called a terrorist attack. …continued

Earlier this year I said Erdogan was a dead man walking. Seems this staged event may get us one step closer. There’s not much here to show this is not just another GLADIO staged event to bring the masses into a dumbed-down state much like they do after Thanksgiving dinner and an hour of ‘riggrd’ NFL tryptofanaticism.

Take a look at the photo. If he was shot from behind, why is he on his back? If he rolled to this position with the fatal wound before dying there would have to be some blood. What appears to be a 9mm or better (maybe Glock 357 or 45 caliber would send him forward if shot from the back and would have likely gone through him at close range.

The envoy, Andrey G. Karlov, was shot from behind and immediately fell to the floor while speaking at an exhibition, according to multiple accounts from the scene, the Contemporary Arts Center in the Cankaya area of Ankara.

I appreciate the MSM fake News giving us such a perfect clue to the staging and having it staged in an art center makes the theatre even more apparent. Of course the work of art is truly the ridiculous and “God is great! Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. God is great!” is perfect in English for the intended audience and narrative we are facing in the Trump Confirmation. You really get much better scripting on NETFLIX and the House of Cards, than you get from the New York Times but still you have to give them credit for continuing to attempt to carry the psyop to conclusion

Meet the Casting call crew – Colorful bunch huh?  All Jews.

I love the shitty art on the wall and his perfect location in the video surveillance camera you can see on image one.  John Hamm and MAD MEN could not do better than this starving actor. Look at the pistol. I could be a Glock 33 but look at election site on the slide. That would be black or silver but this appears almost white or very light gray. I have never seen that but maybe on a toy.

You can decide yourself but my dead reckoning says I think we have a scripted narrative following a pre-staged planned theatrical staging.



  1. Smith & Wesson 915 9mm replica?

  2. LA TIMES FAKE NEWS – Off-duty police officer identified in fatal shooting of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey

    Out of Work actor, they meant.

  3. They are still staging these Netherland fake beheading videos

    Jesuits doing business in Amsterdam. Cyberkut

  4. In the initial video I saw, the Ambassador’s front of his coat puffs outward to the front at the time he is supposedly shot in the back. But no hole was made in his suit coat with a through & through bullet exiting his coat? So, it went through him from the back, and made an air hole “puff” on his front side, but did not exit? No blood on his front side, none coming from his back onto that shiny marble floor?

    Puddy, I would think this “assassin” would have a non-western model hand gun. However, the S&W 915 pic looks awfully close.

    • Sig Sauer, SAR ST10 or HK USP maybe. It does resemble the HK USP and the Sarsilmaz, or SAR Arms, ST10 is made in Turkey.

  5. 12/19/2016 — Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects


    “A large wave of energy impacting the entire planet has UNINTENTIONALLY been detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. Currently ONGOING as of 12/19/2016 at 1:20am US central time)”

    • That’s very interesting considering the radio interference I had today. Thanks for this.

    • May be a CME or some dead star that arrived here after one to a hundred years ago. Or it could be what I fear the most and that satellite telemetry and Arctic and Antarctic testing of earthraker.

      The microwaves at X band or higher are penetrating O2 atmoshere and if they are 100 Ghz nonthermal tha amy play tricks on the Wisconsin equipment.. I wonder if it is plasma burst or pulsing, That might help determine source. No telling if we were looking at a loop video or livestream from MMIC.

      Whatever, it was huge and the whiteout was even more impressive. This would follow the earthraker’s ability to disrupt and assault the grid. If they use a thermal plasma and the magnetic field it generates. We will get clues that we have seen before.

      Birds flying into ground, microwaved cooked in midair, whale beaching dolphin kills and large animal migration and kills. They are testing on animals so call PETA. PETA prefers they test on humans.

      There’s a small xhance this was doppler failure or someone at Wisconsin wrote a data set and had some fun. I had radio false spectrum readings at 1 to 10 GHz and it was at the same plot on each frequency. I thought it was reflection and it may have been.

      The amateur radio DMR guys have been having fits with their repeaters. That’s not good. I suspect a lot of radar and SATCOM between the three axis of evil. US, China and Russia, attempting to track all ionospheric heaters. As Dutch said it’s interferometry and data extraction. I believe that’s a Russian specialty but now China and US are masters of the science as well.

      GOOD INFO and worth watching for natural anomalies over the next few days..

  6. Yeah, we’ll wait to see what you think of it…

    • Tuesday AM: Police Viper radio- Havoc

      Radio checks across the board. Analog and the digital system. Worse than yesterday. I have not heard the ATC Airport traffic yet this AM. Strange!

  7. Too active. I expect another 311 before April. Watch Indonesia.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.7
    Date-Time 20 Dec 2016 04:21:32 UTC
    20 Dec 2016 15:21:32 near epicenter
    19 Dec 2016 22:21:32 standard time in your timezone

    Location 10.201S 161.231E
    Depth 35 km

  8. Hows this for my system, just 40 minutes after I posted a warning for Indonesia

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.5
    Date-Time 21 Dec 2016 00:17:16 UTC
    21 Dec 2016 09:17:16 near epicenter
    20 Dec 2016 18:17:16 standard time in your timezone

    Location 7.527S 127.874E
    Depth 158 km

    Am I good or what?

    • Yes, you surpassed “coincidental” by a wide margin.

  9. PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING S.P.E.C.T.R.E – At least 29 people died and 50 others were injured after an explosion ripped through a popular fireworks market in Mexico City

  10. Nailed it Patrick! So obvious to those of us that can “see” that this was a staged event in *(how obvious) an “art” gallery. Your in depth analysis of it is spot on and much appreciated. Thank you for still doing what you do so well ❤

    • Good to see your face Deb. Thanks for your praise. I hope you are well. This event raises the tension for the Cold War agenda doesn’t it? What can we expect from Trump and Putin in 2017? I’ll bet it’s a doozy!

      So you think Putin would say it’s a fraud! Rules are rules. Putin is a key player to our demise. That people like him and Trump as Russia first and America first can wait for the reality. Are they evil? Maybe not but they are actors and true to their roles.

      I can’t wait for the new year and new episodes 🙂 Merry Xmas Deb.

  11. COTO — “Cutting on Through Obvious” Bullshit.

    My Very Best to Puddy, JG, M, Ms. D and the rest.

    • Ditto to everyone that reads this. Regardless of our beliefs we are all in this together. Love is the answer! I hope everyone has some this season.

  12. Puddy, see what you can dig up on NO GAS in large areas of Mexico, as reported by Jim Stone Freelance. He lives there. Suggesting the U.S. stopped selling them gas as a Prelude to War?

  13. I will Boom. I have expected an OPEC and Trade War coming. Mexico Gas Shortages, hmmm? If Mexico wanted to they could shut down a swath of electrical power to the US. Not too much but enough. Food Trade would be a major issue I think. I could not see the benefit of a gas war on first glance but will look at it and see what it’s about.

    Refined gas for cars is a possibility but they have options for Venezuela. Refineries are the key here along with pipelines. Mexico has the oil. Gas has been an issue for years with US and Mexico. I do not know much detail but I look at this little point. Trump, Gerry Brown, Enrique Nieto and Justin Trudeau are all Jesuit trained agents. They likely are all Pedophiles as well.

    It is or should be apparent to COTO and those who have followed out NWO teachings that the NORTH AMERICAN UNION is high priority before the Global World Order can happen. The NAU like the TPP was exposed and people rejected it for the most part. But the Jesuit Illuminati core rule is that before you can build it you must tear it down.

    That’s where the Jesuits come into the hegelian dialectic and the US, Canada and Mexico operation will include Gerry Brown in my opinion. Trump as the Wildcard with Putin will play against the other three. The trade wars will go into immediate operations upon Trumps inaugural. The groundwork is already l laid, the pipelines already buried and the energy sector is where the big damage come from. But beyond this is water and food as well.

    When we come to China, be aware that they will side with the left team. Trump, Russia and Brexit Fail UK may be the other side. In a shutdown, we here could never survive the standoff. While Mexico and China could sustain longer, the US would crater under the war. Embargo’s are an act of war when BLOCKADES are used. Not sanctions without blockades. How this will play out if it is indeed the agenda is likely to include currency as well.

    We could get the triple whammy if Canada, China and Mexico decide so. Trump is the wildcard 7. It is very serious to know that he plays the “Suicide King” and “One Eyed Jackr” in the Global Game. No doubt Putin is the other One Eyed Jack.

    If the NWO holds true, I believe that this will bring the TPP to frition under it’s real name Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

  14. Let us consider the “multiplying effect” of timed & dosed CHAOS. TPTB have the means to synchronize and amp up effects of “events”, scripted or not:

    > Political (We’ve been watching their “games” for too long now), Start a War, allow “refugees” in to disrupt societies and cultures
    > Economic (financial), Fiat money gives them total control, Sanctions, Supply of say…Gas for instance, Food stuffs, etc.
    > Weather modification (flocked the blue sky today in upstate SC into a white pall, Earthquake HAARPING and all the rest)
    > Social (divide & conquer/race baiting, Political Correctness BS Memes, Programming via MSM)
    > Main Street Media (MSM — Total Control for Psychological operations, Disinformation, herding the masses)
    > Religious — Pagan Rome, sowing confusion among Protestant religions, injecting Muslim and other beliefs that cannot be assimilated)
    > Soft Kill and hard kill biologicals. Let’s mention poisoned food (GMO & straight adulteration of foodstuffs, water (fluoride and whatever else they add at their whim to city water and bottled water)

    O.K. I’m tired of listing the means at their disposal. Perhaps Their disposal is the only way to protect humanity?

    My point is that very quickly, “events” can snowball into a complete CHAOTIC MESS, especially when timed, and scripted to create such an effect. Let us understand that.

    WHOM is protecting US? First response is look in the mirror. That’s where each of us must start.

  15. This is a COTO Guarantee!

    Theresa May: We’re drawing up plans for no Brexit deal

    The deal is killing the Queen. The EU will give UK “NO DEAL” Trump gail Bexit fail. By April the the end comes. The writing is on the wall,

  16. This is very good and belings on this particular thread. Many have no idea how “rigged” our realities really are twisted by the Swine:

    • Jim Stone has offered a correction on the no gas in Mexico situation. No U.S. involvement, nor war. Pemex and corruption are the culprits.

      • Boomer

        I does not make sense until Trump takes office. Once he sits the TRIAD, China Canada and Mexico can go to work.

        Gerry Brown 2018 relected
        In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote.

        After Brexit, Now #CalExit Supporters Start Their Own Embassy – In Russia!

        This is real. It will devastate the US in a trade war or hostile hotwar. The currencies are in the hands of the elite.

        Predictions from SPECTRE Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 6, 2016

        BEWARE THE NACIREMA Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 14, 2015

        Trump can’t fake it. The NACIREMA, the Jesuit Gestalt is clear. The Whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. The reality is not the perception of Trump as independent of the NWO agenda. He is the control and key to transition. What he created in the Chaos is the perception and that carries him thus far but if we are to deconstruct the relationship between Obama and Trump we can observe the same similarities that happened Bush-Obama and Clinton-Bush.

        But what is a quantum leap? While the masses are focused on the limited sets. ie Stock Market, Jobs, price of gas and food, false sense of security etc. and we are looking at the parts and components of Chaos which are all too many and complicated to draw a conclusion, the powers that be are using disinfo and staged /fake perceptions they have been entraining us with for decades while they focus on a far smaller set focusing on a much less complicated and specific goals that will finish the transformation

        “Doubt grows with knowledge” but “Death flourishes in ignorance” and quantum consciousness is required not to fall prey to the SPECTRES of all those things you mentioned previously. We have to take the basic information from their early writings and deconstruct the events and discard the whole. See the smallest of the true and where it takes us.

        Critical thinking has to be abstract now and see the whole menu of items you reviewed earlier in this post and see what effect on both, the ignorant and knowledgeable. Are we both equally as far from the truth? That would not surprise me. When the program is designed to take both sets and send messages. We may take the negative and the ignorant set takes the positive but the third set gets a neutral or perfect message. Encoded? Yes. But the information is equal to the receiver. Therefore they obtain the maximum power while we set A and B are getting obtuse data and set B is getting complete artifact.

        First know the Power of Myth
        Your healthy “gut,” a GODly open channel and a simple dialectical reasoning of the NWO will deliver us closer point to a perfect knowing.

  17. I’ll have to carefully consider your points to make sense out of what you are saying. It sounds like too many “variables” to manage. But distilling down to the Truth of what we do know, or “facts” which dispel the “artifacts” of error, is necessary. I often work off of the predictable pathology of these creatures. They cannot help themselves in choosing the Evil, in foisting the LIES, in game playing. Their Obvious Lies reveal the Truth is in some other direction than that in which they are pointing their propaganda.

    On another note, for those who don’t know:

    Short Videos:

    I still think they have all the information just in the background. Just because an individual selects a “button” position on their phone, and supposedly “turns off” the function, why wouldn’t they just run it “in the dark”?

    Anyways, why help them by leaving it “on”? If you have a cell phone.

  18. This is good, by Brandon Smith —

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